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The First President We play ‘Where are they now?’ and catch up with alumni movers, shakers and difference makers, student leaders past and present

Scott Knapp, at groundbreaking in 1967, and still a president today

Annual Report Issue NOVEMBER 2008

Notes from 2420 Nicolet…

Take it from a returning son: There’s something special here Greetings from the campus of the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay! It is a privilege and honor to serve as your interim chancellor, and to return to my roots. I took my first college classes at the old two-year center on Baird Street. A few years later, when I was a newly minted Ph.D. and UW-Green Bay a brand-new university, this institution gave me my first job as an assistant professor of business. In the decades since, I’ve held faculty or administrative positions in Green Bay, Oshkosh and Madison, and spent time in communities around the state. I’ve also worked as an economic development consultant and witnessed various models applied to regional collaboration, education and economic growth. Clearly, Green Bay has it right. I say that because of the level of commitment here, from friends throughout the region, from the Alumni and Founders Association boards, the Council of Trustees, elected officials, our retired employees, current students, faculty and staff. I have seen few universities so tightly connected with their communities and regions. The people of the New North region have a stake in the success of their University and its future growth. That’s why I am convinced that not only will UW-Green Bay move forward, it will do so at a pace that will be the envy of others. This institution has an exceptionally bright future. To community and campus, I say “thank you” for your warm reception. To alumni and friends far and wide, feel free to contact me by e-mail at or by phone at (920) 465-2207. My thanks to each and every one of you for all you do for our University and its efforts to connect learning to life.

David Ward Interim Chancellor

David J. Ward, a Green Bay native and former UW System senior vice president, became interim chancellor on July 1. He is expected to serve until early 2009 and the appointment of a permanent successor to Bruce Shepard, now president at Western Washington University. Shepard and his wife, Cyndie, thanked well-wishers (right) at a June reception marking the end of his seven-year tenure. Ward isn’t the only founding faculty member now serving in a leadership capacity at UW-Green Bay. William Laatsch (left), a professor of geography with UW service dating to 1966, is interim provost and vice chancellor for academic affairs. He takes over for Sue K. Hammersmith (below), now president of Metropolitan State University in Minnesota.


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Visit Inside on the web at Cover: Scott Knapp addresses the crowd on Nov. 3, 1967, at the groundbreaking for the first buildings on the Shorewood campus. Knapp was president of the combined student associations from the two-year UW centers in Green Bay, Manitowoc, Marinette and Menasha. The following year, in fall 1968, he and a few dozen others would be the first to take junior-senior level courses at the Deckner campus. The new buildings opened in fall 1969.


We’re UW-Green Bay… and we approve this message The message is this: In civic service, political leadership and neighborhood involvement, UWGreen Bay graduates are making a difference. This issue of the magazine turns the spotlight on just a few of those individuals. We touch base with 40 years of student leaders and find that many are community leaders, still today. We meet up with grads who weren’t active in politics and policy as students, but now are, holding elected office or positions in local or state government. It’s a source of pride for many, especially Jerry Olson. The longtime dean of students says credit is due students with strong work ethics and an academic plan that emphasizes problem solving and working together. “When you look at what’s happening in our nation, and the world… all of the problems… I feel as though I could take a cross-section of our student leadership over the years, take them and put them in a room, close the door, and they’d work it out. I feel confident they could address any problem put before them. There are so many outstanding people.” Enjoy this Inside.

The First, and Still, President ‘The institution ended up making a lot of good decisions as a result’ Scott Knapp remembers the conversation that started him thinking about a life in higher education. It was the close of the 1960s. He was in his young 20s and about to stop out of college for duty as a military intelligence agent. He met up with a favorite UW-Green Bay mentor, Prof. William Kuepper. They knew each other well. Kuepper had been interim dean in charge of the two-year Green Bay center as it ramped up to become a fouryear university. Knapp was president of student government. He and his fellow leaders enjoyed a fair amount of influence thanks to the way UWGB enlisted students in shaping its innovative approach. The two exchanged best wishes. Kuepper encouraged Knapp to return to finish his degree when his three-year tour was up, and also put in a plug for an eventual academic career. What’s more, he even predicted it. “Once you’ve tasted blood,” Kuepper said, in mock seriousness, “you’ll be back for more.”


November 2008

Even then it was an old joke, an inside crack on the supposed low-stakes nature of campus politics. Almost 40 years later, though, both men recall the exchange, and smile that it proved accurate. Knapp returned to finish his degree and he did enter higher education. Today he is president of Central Maine Community College. He continues to admire the governance model set by Kuepper and, particularly, Founding Chancellor Edward Weidner. “Weidner committed to student input. He told us, ‘I’m going to always ask you what you think. And if I ever forget, call me up and tell me,’” Knapp says. “The institution ended up making a lot of good decisions as a result.” Short-staffed, operating out of makeshift offices and scrambling to prepare for the fall 1969 opening of the Shorewood campus, the University delegated plenty of work to students like Knapp. He became an aide to the student affairs director, Donald Makuen, and helped write and edit early promotional material.

He still remembers his roots in student involvement. “It’s a little bit more difficult at a community college because by the time they get up and running, involved and informed, their two years are over,” Knapp says. “As president, I take it pretty seriously, though. And we do make better decisions.” Kuepper, who wasn’t all that much older than Knapp at the time he offered his counsel, went on to a long academic career that included service as UW-Green Bay’s vice chancellor for academic affairs. Now retired in Colorado, he says he’s not surprised by Knapp’s success. “Scott was a very talented individual,” he says, “and for a fledgling institution our student government was quite remarkable. There is also something to be said for taking advantage of what was a unique opportunity, for all of us, of being in on the ground floor of a brand-new institution making decisions and doing things with curriculum and governance and day-to-day operations. It was a tremendous experience.”

Four decades of student presidents Where are they now? 1967-68 Scott Knapp (see this page) Auburn, Maine President, Central Maine Community College ’74, Urban and Regional Analysis 1968-70 Donna (Scheller) Lipper West Hempstead, N.Y. Asst. to Provost for Academic Deans, Queens College ’71, Regional Analysis 1970-71 Sharman Sturchio 1971-72 Dennis Borkovec 1972-73 Wayne DuQuaine Sebastopol, Calif. Owner, Grandview Systems ’76, Individual Major 1973-74 Joe Smith

In the classroom, Knapp was energized, and in his favorite subject of political science he “lucked into something special.” (Since it was Weidner’s own field, Knapp suggests today, top talent and resources just naturally followed.) He remembers Richard Fontera, the institution’s first faculty hire, and Al Swinerton as standouts. Knapp received his bachelor’s in Urban and Regional Analysis in 1974. Not too many months later his old boss Makuen, since moved on, gave him a call. “Would you still be interested in college administration?” he asked, inviting Knapp to apply for a staff position at a community college in Pennsylvania. Knapp got the job, and others to follow. He earned a master’s, and then a doctorate from Temple University in higher education administration. His first presidency was at the two-year campus in Terra Haute, Indiana. He accepted the position with Central Maine 11 years ago.

1974-75 Rufus Surhke 1975-76 Robert Stevens (see pg. 4) North Miami Beach, Fla. Enrollment Services, Nova Southeastern University ’76, Growth and Development 1976-77 Patrick Hayes ’82 Deceased 1977-78 Deborah (Hutter) Menacher Wausau Executive Director of Aging & Disabilities Center, Marathon County ’79, Regional Analysis

When you walk the UWGB campus now, especially those first buildings in the Environmental Sciences complex, it’s impossible not to remember the early days and be proud to have been there.

1978-79 Richard Knodt Environmental Enforcement, Department of Justice Washington, D.C. ’82, M.S. in Environmental Arts and Sciences

– Scott Knapp, who spoke on behalf of students at the November 1967 groundbreaking (top). Today (far left, color photo) he is a college president in Maine. November 2008


1979-80 Debra (Twelmeyer) Han Escondido, Calif. Genetics Counselor, Genafacts ’81, Population Dynamics 1980-81 Donna (Cole) Roberts Oelwein, Iowa Freelance Writer/Semi-Retired ’82, Regional Analysis 1980-81 Andrew Hecht ’81, Urban and Regional Studies, Environmental Science and Policy 1981-82 Bonny Hawley (see pg. 8) Chief of Staff, Assembly Member John Laird Santa Cruz, Calif. ’83, Social Change and Development 1982-83 Scott Reinhard Phillips, Wis. Personal Injury Attorney, Slaby, Deda, Marshall, Reinhard & Fuhr LLP ’83, M.S. in Environmental Science and Policy 1983-84 Karl Boehler Oshkosh English Faculty, UW-Oshkosh ’84, Humanistic Studies 1984-85 D. Christopher Schulman Naples, Italy Commander, U.S. Navy ’87, Information and Computing Science 1985-86 Sue Premo (see pg. 6) Green Bay Community Relations Director, Volunteer Center, Brown County ’86, Human Development

The Student Advocate ‘Our sophomoric challenges to authority? I was a sophomore…’ Of all the SGA leaders, Robert Stevens is one who took his advocacy national. When he graduated in 1976 he headed to Madison for a master’s in higher ed administration and a paid position with the United Council of UW Student Governments. Two years later, it was off to Washington, D.C., for a staff position with the U.S. National Student Association. There, he was an advocate for student causes and a liaison to state student groups, congressional offices and major higher education associations.

By late 1979, all that experience earned him a political appointment as student liaison officer in the newly created U.S. Department of Education. That stint was short-lived — within 18 months the Carter Administration was history — but the former SGA president knew then he would return to college, this time on the inside. He has worked since as an instructor, staff member and administrator, mostly with Miami-Dade Community College in south Florida. He has been a

I am the most proud of having written and won passage of the original Student Association Constitution. Prior to that there was no overarching document that bound all five branches of the UWGB student government together. Each group had its own set of bylaws and there were frequently conflicts as one body tried to usurp or deny the powers of another. The constitution clearly defined the roles of each group. Don Hazaert ’90 Assistant Director for Governmental Relations, Eastern Michigan University


November 2008

Dear Inside U WGB:

financial aid counselor, student center director and assistant dean. Today he is a graduate student adviser for the Fischler School of Education and Human Services at Nova Southeastern University, Ft. Lauderdale.

When I starte d UWGB in th e Spring of 1 Deckner Aven 973, we were ue campus to still riding the the new Librar just recently re buses from th y Learning C tired, inspired e en ter. Dr. Fergus me to major in Olson, the no Hughes, who Human Grow w retired Dea th n of Students & Developmen affairs. , encouraged t, and Jerry me to become involved in ca mpus The sense of ex citement was pa lp able on campu up around us , and new prog s in those days . With new bu rams and new time to be ther ildings going students popp e. The 1971 in g up (m er every day, it w ger) of the Wis created an en as a fun vironment of re consin State U niversity and form in univer student partic UW systems sity governan ipation in univ ce. The merge ersity governan natured abou r statute requ ce. Chancello t our sophomor ired r Weidner was ic ch allenges to ad a sophomore, relatively good ministrative an after all.)… d faculty auth ority. (I was … The “stude nt unions” fo rmed, and I w Development… as part of the (At the time) Student Union UWGB campu ROTC on cam for Growth & s issues includ pus, the food ed allocation service, studen G&D and MG of student fees, t di sciplinary guid S, the daycar e center, grou elines, faculty posed I-43, po nd disputes in br ea t reform, and king for the un the kick-off of iversity comm th ons, proe 1 976 presiden … While wor tial campaign… king at Miam iDade Commun great fun to be ity College, I the student go was active on vernment advi campus. It w se r for several ye as … Through th ars… e years I have been less intere enjoyed the pe sted in politic rsonal contac s than in polic t with students lege environm y. I have alway , and advocate ent that I expe s d for their inte ri en ce growth and de d at UWGB nu rests. The co velopment, an rt ur led my academic d inculcated th community. H interests in hu e value of bein igher educatio man g an active pa n ha my early expe s been my hom rticipant in on riences in Gre e fo e’s r a long time, and en Bay. I hope of the thousand I am grateful I have made a s of students I fo r small contribu have encounte tion to the lives red since then . Robert Steven s North Miami Beach, Fla.

“College was so much fun when I started, in 1970,” he recalls, “that I just never left.” Earlier this year, taking time away from pursuing another degree (a doctorate with a dissertation on online advising), he responded to our request for SGA memories. Excerpts are above, right. A more complete remembrance can be found in Inside online.

The hair is a little shorter today for Rob Stevens and for his son Logan, a current college student (photo at right), compared to the vintage, mid1970s photo above (Rob is second from left). Recognize other members of that early student government team? Check for names on page 36.

November 2008


The Mobilizer ‘Volunteers ‘vote’ every day about the community they want to live in’ When Sue Premo came to UW-Green Bay as a college freshman, she found people willing to listen, and in the process, she also found her own voice. It was the perfect transition into a career in which she speaks on behalf of thousands of volunteers. Premo is the community relations director for the Volunteer Center of Brown County. She is responsible for special events that promote volunteerism and garner greater awareness of, and financial support for, the Volunteer Center. As elections draw near she reflects on her current career and the fact she once held elected office herself (SGA president,1986). “Especially in this political season, it occurs to me that volunteering is the ultimate exercise in democracy,” Premo says. “From the people delivering meals, to community stewards erecting buildings, volunteers ‘vote’ every day about the kind of community they want to live in.


November 2008

“It’s exciting to be a part of that. I am continually amazed and honored to be part of the powerful things that volunteers do for our community.”

for a group of students to participate in a ‘security walk’ to make sure areas of concern were addressed.

Premo wasn’t always so self-assured, but her University experience helped reassure her that her opinion mattered.

“I was really impressed with how seriously Dr. Weidner considered our suggestions, and many of them were enacted,” she recalls. “Later, when I became involved in Housing Council and Student Senate, I continued to be impressed that the faculty and administration listened to students and we were often able to come to agreement.”

“I remember thinking every once in a while, ‘Hey, I’m just a girl from small-town (AdamsFriendship) Wisconsin. What are these professors and other smart people doing listening to me?’ In the end, my experience at UW-Green Bay and student government taught me that everyone has a voice, and everyone can make a difference.” As a first-generation college student, Premo says she found UW-Green Bay to be “exciting, challenging, and a great environment for learning.” A rare campus attack involving her roommate showed Premo just how much campus personnel cared. The chancellor immediately arranged

Premo encourages all her fellow graduates of UW-Green Bay to get involved. For those living in Brown County, she’s got a great place to start: Volunteer opportunities throughout the state and country can be accessed at www.1-800-VOLUNTEER.

1986-87 Linda Lambert Meyer Olean, N.Y. Director of Marketing Solutions– Webgistics ’87, Business Administration and Communication Processes 1987-88 Don Hazaert (see pg. 4) Lansing, Mich. Assistant Director for Governmental Relations, Eastern Michigan University ’90, Political Science and History 1988-89 Jay Wadd (see this page) Madison Chief of Staff for State Sen. Dave Hansen ’89, Political Science and Public and Environmental Administration 1989-90 Timothy Kalies De Forest, Wis. ’90, Public and Environmental Administration 1990-91 Timothy Roellig Chicago Attorney and Partner, Novelle and Roellig ’91, Social Change and Development and Philosophy

The Capitol Insiders ‘Never shy away from an opportunity — you never know where it will lead’ A decade ago Jamie Kuhn ’95 and Tim Casper ’95 were a formidable one-two punch as president and vicepresident atop the Student Government Association at UW-Green Bay. They and their SGA colleagues went separate ways after graduation, of course, but years later Kuhn and Casper happened to find public service careers in the same state, city and building. Their offices are now just a few floors apart, beneath the white granite dome of the Wisconsin State Capitol. Kuhn is top aide to State Sen. Mark Miller, Monona. Casper is policy director for Wisconsin Gov. Jim Doyle. “The most important thing I took away from UW-Green Bay was the ability to prepare and deliver concise, effective oral presentations,” Kasper says. “The classes were small enough that there were numerous opportunities to stand in front of your classmates and provide an overview of your report, or lead discussion.” Nowadays, the audiences for his briefings are often the governor and cabinet officials. Kasper manages development of Doyle’s major policy and budget initiatives. His assignments have ranged from the Grow Wisconsin job creation and economic development plan, to BadgerCare Plus extending health care access, to Clean Energy Wisconsin, a plan promoting renewable energy and fuel production. Kasper also helps communicate these initiatives to the public.

Kuhn’s position, too, requires flexibility. Because Sen. Miller is co-chair of the influential, budget-writing Joint Finance Committee, and chair of the environmental committee, his staff addresses policy issues across state government. If that weren’t enough, Kuhn, a parent to three children, field supervises UW-Madison grad students in social policy, and finds time to contribute political commentary to “Here and Now” on public television. “The one thing I’d tell UW-Green Bay students today,” Kuhn says, “is never shy away from an opportunity. You never know where it will lead.”   For more on Kuhn and Kasper, see Inside online.

If it weren’t for my experience at UW-Green Bay, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Being involved in student government, with the education I got in the classroom, gave me the tools to become an effective problem solver and to understand the political process.

1991-92 Julie Laundrie (see pg. 8) Madison Media Relations Manager, Senator Jon Erpenbach, 27th Senate District ’94, Public and Environmental Administration 1992-93, 1993-94 Darin Allen Attorney Phoenix, Ariz. ’95, Psychology and Public Administration 1994-95 Jamie Kuhn (see this page) Madison Chief of Staff, Representative Mark Miller, State Legislature ’95, Environmental Sciences 1995-96 Jason Hellwig New York, N.Y. Attorney, Corporate Associate, Winston & Strawn LLP ’96, Social Change and Development and History 1996-97, 1997-98 Sean Linnan St. Paul, Minn. Attorney, Linnan & Associates LLC ’98, Philosophy and Social Change and Development

Jay Wadd ’89 Chief of Staff, State Sen. Dave Hansen November 2008


1998-99 Brian Gold West Bend Vice President–Commercial Banking, Harris Bank of Cedarburg ’99, Business Administration 1999-2000, 2000-2001 Kurt Kober Green Works Merchandising Manager, The Clorox Company San Francisco ’01, Business Administration 2001-02 Joanelle Jackson Milwaukee ’02, Social Change and Development 2002-03 Nick Kohn Brillion High School Social Studies Teacher ’03, History 2003-04, 2004-05 Jonathan Virant Stockton, Calif. Professor, Legal and Paralegal, Heald College, Hayward ’05, History

Pictured are (top row) Moore, Kristina Robinson, Kendra Petrashek, Erica Konkol, Nici Vaux and Kober; and (bottom row) Mary Baugher, Jackson and Anna Landenberger.

2005-06 Nathan Petrashek Madison Intern, Justice Gableman’s Chambers, Wisconsin Supreme Court; Member of the Marquette Law Review and research assistant ’06, Political Science and Public Administration

Looking Presidential This snapshot of UW-Green Bay student government leaders, dating to 2000-01, includes familiar faces, at least for recent grads. Two-term president Kurt Kober ’01, is at right in the top row. Kober rallied student support during his tenure for campus facilities including the remodeled University Union and what would become the Kress Events Center.

2006-07 Trista Seubert Fargo, N.D. Graduate student at North Dakota State University ’08, Public Administration

Joanelle Jackson ’02, front row center, succeeded Kober as president. She and running mate Priscilla Moore (back row) were elected with what was then among the best voter turnouts in campus history. The vote marked the first time African-American students held both offices.

2007-08 Sara Duginske (see pg. 9) Washington, D.C. Lobbyist and grassroots/community organizer for a large environmental non-profit organization ’08, Environmental Policy and Planning

Politics gets a bad rap because of election-time negative ads; broadening that image and helping people understand the Legislature and the Senator’s positions is my job. I work for the people of Wisconsin and I think public service is a great job. The state of Wisconsin touches the lives of every person in this state, every day. I am a part of that, and it makes me proud. My mantra is: The job is serious but don’t take yourself too seriously; the individual is not essential but the institution is.

Julie Laundrie ’94 Media Relations Manager, State Sen. Jon Erpenbach 8

November 2007

Green Bay to Santa Cruz to Sacramento Bonny Hawley, once the top elected official in student government at UW-Green Bay, is in her element again, this time as a key legislative staffer in the nation’s most populous state. She is chief of staff for California Assemblyman John Laird, representing Monterey, Santa Clara and Santa Cruz. Laird chaired his chamber’s powerful budget committee and has built a reputation for supporting education and environmental causes. Hawley was SGA president in 1981-82. She received her degree in Social Change and Development in 1983. “Just an outstanding person,” recalls Jerry Olson, longtime dean of students who helped mentor Hawley and her colleagues. “Our campus mission has always been problem solving and working together, and they followed that. They were good at what they did.” Hawley has been active with a variety of community and public policy organizations. She served on the board of directors for Save Our Shores, a marine conservation group based in Santa Cruz and dedicated to education and citizen action.

Paper Caper Yields Memories, But No ‘Double-secret probation’ ‘Good morning, dean!’ Jerry Olson was normally alone those days he’d arrive early. But turning the corner this morning, he fielded a sunny greeting from two students parked outside his office, in sunglasses and Hawaiian garb, reclining in beach chairs. SGA officers Karl Boehler ’84 and Steve Duchrow ’84 looked ready to catch a wave, and they were — a wave of wadded, crumpled paper about to spill out of the Dean of Students Office.

The most challenging issue was engaging students and keeping them motivated and informed about what was happening on campus. I always wanted to stay true to the “bottom up” approach of leadership. I thought it was essential to make sure that my initiatives came from the students and whatever project I took on, they bought in to it.

“From floor to ceiling, side to side, back to front, it was just stuffed with paper and newspapers,” recalls Olson, laughing. “National Lampoon’s Animal House” was popular then, and Olson says students were forever teasing about what it would take to draw his version of Dean Wormer’s “Double-Secret Probation.” The paper caper wasn’t it. With help, Olson simply shoveled out. His leniency was arguably rewarded when the pranksters later found great success in seriously creative careers: Boehler as an award-winning humanities professor, and Duchrow as an arts center administrator. Says Olson, “Maybe I felt lucky I didn’t wind up with a horse in my office.”

Sara Duginske ’08 Staff Member, environmental non-profit, Washington, D.C.

“Pep rallies aren’t for everyone. Neither are picket parades. But somewhere in between there’s a place for you to get involved — deeply — in a UWGB co-curricular activity that suits your style and satisfies your sense of purpose.” This 1969 pamphlet from the Department of Student Affairs credited student advisory committees with helping create the 4-1-4 calendar, adding options to the curriculum, and making students part of the interview process for faculty hiring.

November 2008


The Senators ‘UW-Green Bay was ahead of its time’ Pick any celebratory campus event over the last decade or two and go to the photo archive or online gallery. You’d be hard pressed to find a groundbreaking, ribbon cutting or open house at which Rob Cowles, Dave Hansen, or both, aren’t present in at least one snapshot. The two Wisconsin state senators are on opposite sides of the aisle, but share a common bond as early graduates of the thennew UW-Green Bay. Cowles, a 1975 grad (and at right in photo collage), represents the 2nd Senate District covering Green Bay’s southern suburbs and rural areas west and north of the city. He was first elected to the state Assembly in 1983, and to the Senate in 1987. “I think back to those early years,” Cowles says, “and UW-Green Bay was ahead of its time on sustainability. It remains wellpositioned to educate future leaders for a complex world.” Hansen received his degree in 1971 as a member of the second graduating class. He was first selected to the Senate in 2000 and is this fall seeking a third term representing

the 30th District, which encompasses Green Bay’s West Side and bayshore communities up to Marinette. “Ever since I graduated, I have felt a commitment, because it’s my university,” Hansen says. “I have been a schoolteacher, a truck driver and an elected official, and I have always valued that liberal arts education from UW-Green Bay.” A third state legislator with alumni ties is Rep. Frank Lasee, Class of 1986. He is seeking his eighth two-year term since 1994. The 2nd Assembly District covers Bellevue, Ledgeview and rural townships extending to Two Rivers.

It was my position as senate liaison to SUFAC that truly changed my life. While at meetings and checking on account balances at the Organizational Finance Office I met Sara Kraus (’92), who in part through many visits to OFO, I eventually convinced to become Sara Nick.

Stephen C. Nick ’92 City Attorney, City of Eau Claire (and proud father of Anna, 8, and Julia, 6)

The Student Candidate ‘I think the voters wanted change’ Adam Warpinski was a 22-year-old student at UW-Green Bay in April 2006 when he made the leap from Student Senate to Brown County Board. Warpinski pulled 86 percent of the vote to oust a controversial incumbent in Supervisory District 1, which includes the campus and adjacent neighborhoods. “I think the voters in the district wanted change,” he said, “and they supported my effort to bring change to the board.” The political science major graduated in 2006 and won re-election last spring. He serves on the Alumni Association Board (and is shown grilling burgers at a welcome picnic for students this fall.) The political science major is the youngest but by no means only alumnus in local politics. Both the County Board chairman (Guy Zima ’75, a 32-year veteran) and City Council president (Christopher Wery ’93) are UW-Green Bay grads. County Executive Tom Hintz has taken courses at the University. 10

November 2008

The Shopkeeper/Office Holder ‘Be part of the process’ The late Jarrell Yarbrough was one of UWGreen Bay’s most dynamic faculty members, an enthusiastic ambassador for his field of political science. Beth Sheedy ’88 is one of his former students who took those lessons to heart.

Sheedy has her own day job, as owner of Beth’s Boutique, a women’s clothing and accessory store located in a historic former inn at the Vickery Village shops. With retail by day and, often, village business by night, free time is scarce.

“He made it clear you shouldn’t complain about local and national management if you did nothing to change it,” she remembers. “He always stressed, ‘be part of the process.’ I have found that to be exactly the case.”

“I believe we all get to a point in life where we ask ourselves what it is we can do to make a difference,” says Sheedy, who grew up on a farm in Suamico. “I felt the need to give back to a community that has been so good to my family.”

Sheedy was reelected in April to a second term as village president of Suamico. The fastgrowing community (pop. 11,000) just north of Green Bay is a mix of development, farms, woodlands and wetlands along the bayshore. The president and six trustees guide policy, a full-time administrative staff handles day-today operations.

As village president, she pledges good services at a reasonable tax rate. She also remembers her former prof’s passion for civic involvement. “By being part of the process, you make a difference for the community, but you’re also more passionate and enthusiastic about life in general, and about living in Suamico. It’s rewarding.”

My sophomore year, I thought I would get more involved so I joined the “Protection and Welfare” Committee in the apartments. One night while sitting around brain-storming, somebody said ‘How can we beat Madison at something?’ and then suggested we be the first school to get condom machines. It was controversial, in the news, but the students (stressing health issues) made it happen. The next semester, I repented and joined InterVarsity Christian Fellowship and later became president of the Student Education Association. Amy (Perras) Cull ’89 Drama, English and American Studies teacher Oak Lawn, Ill.

Dean calls students, action a winning ticket Sue Keihn, who has worked with thousands of students and hundreds of student government leaders since her 1996 appointment as UW-Green Bay dean of students, sees a win-win. “Involvement does several things,” Keihn says. “It provides the University with student input on policies and fees. Most importantly, it gives students more opportunities to apply their learning to leadership, decision-making, teamwork and to serving the community.” Today’s students are building on a tradition. From the 1970s through the 1990s, when the UW System presented a President’s Award for Student Government, the Green Bay leadership was the first four-time winner. “They’ve had a phenomenal impact on the University landscape,” Keihn says. “They have also made life-long friendships and connections with the faculty, staff and University community. They represent us well.” November 2008



No fare: Buses offer green route to UW-Green Bay

War, Peace on center stage

The “U-Pass” partnership between UW-Green Bay and Green Bay Metro has taken off. On any given day, the Circle Entrance bus stop sees more passenger arrivals and departures than ever before. U-Pass is a pilot program offering students, faculty and staff

free bus rides anywhere in the city, just by showing a valid campus ID card. Student fees and campus parking proceeds help underwrite the initiative. Students, especially, have taken advantage of the U-Pass, says Prof. Marcelo Cruz, who sits on the Green Bay Transit Com-

Transfers lead fall enrollment gains UW-Green Bay grew by nearly 200 students this fall, with a total student population of 6,263. The total consists of 5,478 students taking classes on campus with 785 students enrolled in the mostly online Adult Degree and Credit Outreach programs. The 710 transfer students set a record. The student body includes individuals from 71 of Wisconsin’s 72 counties, 37 states and 30 countries.

‘U’-Tube Campus videos now online UW-Green Bay has a newly redesigned website for fall 2008. The site makes generous use of videos and photos to tell the institution’s story. Also new: The school’s Office of Marketing and University Communication has a significant YouTube presence. Dozens of news and feature videos are archived, among them: • ‘Clickers’ bring game-show flair to class • Speaking and saving the Oneida language • The amazing arrow-stopping power of medieval cloth • Students, children bond at grief camp • The energy of Phuture Phoenix Day Check it out at 12

November 2007

mission. More than 10,300 riders, including 5,600 in the first half of September, have used U-Pass. “Sometimes when I rode, it was just me and the bus driver. That was 10 years ago,” Cruz says. “Every seat is full now. That’s a significant increase, I think, especially given the realities of public transit in this part of the world.” “Incoming freshmen and parents ask about this all the time,” adds Crystal Osman, outgoing Student Government Association officer for environmental affairs. “With gas prices increasing, more students are interested in trying it out.”

UW-Green Bay’s first-ever Common Theme initiative is providing a yearlong focus for student seminars, book discussions and public events in the liberal arts tradition. This year’s theme, “Waging War, Waging Peace” is midway through its fall semester offerings. Among remaining events: • Nov. 7, Global Summit student simulation • Nov. 11, Private Soldiers presentation by National Guardsmen just back from Iraq • Nov. 14, War, Bereavement, and Resilience, a grief and human services workshop The Common Theme website has details and dialog at


Recipients of 2008 Founders Association Awards for Excellence were honored at the all-campus convocation this fall. From left are Prof. Andrew Kersten (scholarship), Prof. Lucy Arendt (teaching), library staffer Sandy Bohman (classified staff), Oneida Tribal Elder Maria Hinton and Prof. Cliff Abbott (collaborative achievement), Stephanie Cataldo-Pabich of Phuture Phoenix (accepting on behalf of Cyndie Shepard for community outreach), Mike Barry (institutional development), and Paul Pinkston (academic support).


Celebrating 25,000 ‘Degrees of Excellence’ More than 100,000 readers of the Green Bay Press-Gazette and Appleton Post-Crescent opened their newspapers in May to find a celebration of UW-Green Bay awarding degree No. 25,000. The special section, “Degrees of Excellence,” highlighted 25 notable alumni and drew community attention to the way UW-Green Bay contributes to our world, one graduate at a time. The content is available online at www.uwgb. edu/25000/

Students learn summer Pack fans are happy, free-spending bunch When the Green Bay Visitors and Convention Bureau wanted to know just how much of an economic impact the Packers training camp was having in the region, UW-Green Bay faculty member Don McCartney stepped in to help. McCartney and some business and marketing students ran surveys at training camps this summer. They reported an estimated $48 million economic impact, 115,000 visitors and a 98 percent satisfaction rating with the customer and fan experience.

AND STAFF Prof. Kim Nielsen, Social Change and Development, was awarded the A. Elizabeth Taylor Prize for “The Southern Ties of Helen Keller,” the year’s best article in the field of southern women’s history. Christina Trombley, director of the UWGreen Bay Small Business Development Center, was appointed liaison to the UWSystem’s Division of Entrepreneurship and Economic Development. Prof. Christine Style of Arts and Visual Design shared a $15,176 state grant for “Creating Engaging and Effective e-Learning Experiences for Art and Design Courses.” The 20th anniversary of the Wisconsin Main Street Program brought honors for UW-Green Bay students in the category of best design project. Their “The Broadway District Master Plan” was supervised by Prof. Marcelo Cruz, Urban and Regional Studies. Prof. David Dolan, a specialist in math and statistics, has received a $285,000 grant from the EPA to develop a model for tracing and assessing phosphorus entering the Great Lakes.

TRAFFIC HIGH FOR FLASHLIGHT GUY The UW System Regents approved the promotion to full professor of Regan A. R. Gurung, Human Development. Promoted from assistant to associate professor with tenure were Scott Ashmann, Education; Denise Bartell, Human Development; Stefan Hall, Humanistic Studies; Mark Kiehn, Education; and Kristin Vespia, Human Development. Appointed to the position of faculty coordinator for international education is Prof. Steve Kimball of the Education faculty. Prof. Heidi Fencl, Natural and Applied Sciences, was appointed to a three-year term as director of the new Faculty Development Center. Bruce La Plante ’80, who joined the Information and Computing Science faculty in 2001, died of cancer Sept. 2 at age 54. Boyd “Bish” Coleman, a former local business leader who lectured full time in Managerial Systems from 1973 to 1981, died Aug. 10 in Madison, at 83.

As a lead technician for the Weidner Center for the Performing Arts, Brock Neverman was tired of fumbling around backstage in the dark. Fifteen years later, he’s now in the spotlight, sort of, as a worldwide flashlight expert. Type “LED flashlights” into any search engine and you’ll likely see his page first. It’s the most-hit website on the heavily trafficked server www.uwgb. edu. Neverman created his public-service page when the modern-day internet was still in its infancy. What started as a place to freely trade technical expertise quickly found a mass audience. Manufacturers even began sending him flashlights — professional mod-

els, consumer grade and prototypes — to test and review. “I have between 300 and 400 flashlights,” he says. “Most of them, or at least half of them, were sent to me for reviews.” Now a father of four, and with different job responsibilities — he is the Weidner’s general manager — he spends less time in the dark, but still tests the occasional new model. To put them through their paces he’ll drop, throw and dunk them. He even runs them over with his car. The ones that survive, and the smallest and brightest, are the best. You can shine your interest in flashlights on his webpage at

November 2008



Students enjoy a more perfect Union Every few years, the University Union gets bigger to serve more on-campus residents, cater to changing tastes in programming and dining, and handle increasing traffic. The Union’s latest makeover and expansion was dedicated in September. “What I’ve heard from students is they really love the extra open space we have now,” says Sue Keihn, dean of students. “It gives them more recreational space, as well as extra, and more visible, space for programming.” A 20,000-square-foot addition is the new home of the Phoenix Bookstore and the UW Credit Union, previously located on the second floor of the Cofrin Library. The Leona Cloud Commons

— formerly the Nicolet Room and still the main dining area — was expanded to increase seating capacity from 275 to 400. There’s a new info and ticketing center just inside the main entrance, too. The remodeling opened space for additional dining options. Selections now include a Southwestern grill and pizza outlet in addition to a pasta bar, sub sandwiches, homestyle dinner entrées and salad bar. Downstairs, the Phoenix Club has been updated and expanded. Student Life and Student Government Association offices were relocated to more accommodating offices, and the American Intercultural Center was moved to the Union from a space in the Cofrin Library. The project cost $6.2 million and was funded primarily with student fees.


November 2008


At $23 million, Capital Campaign looks to the ‘green’ On the strength of recent gifts for student scholarships, The Campaign for UW-Green Bay stands at $23 million and is poised to go higher with a major new academic initiative. Steve Swan, assistant chancellor for university advancement, says the University is excited about potential community and alumni support for creation of a center for environmental management and business. The center is expected to debut in spring 2009. It will capitalize on UW-Green Bay’s historic strength in environmental studies and address rising interest in

the cost efficiencies and eco-friendly benefits of “going green.” Says Swan, “In the last year alone we’ve added more than a dozen new endowed scholarships and created many more opportunities for students. Now, with the (business and environment) institute, the goal is that these students and faculty across campus are going to give back to citizens and employers by making Green Bay a leader in sustainability.” The campaign’s $23 million raised to date includes $11 million for the Kress Events Center along with one-time and ongoing support since July 1, 2003.

Remembering Blair, Cofrin, Long and Miller In 2008 the University mourned the passing of four influential supporters whose names and generosity are prominent on the campus landscape.

Little Shop of Horrors, Foyer Full of Founders Reserve the date Thursday, Nov. 20, for a fun evening. The Founders Association will host a cocktail and hors d’oeuvres reception at 6 p.m. in the grand foyer of the Weidner Center for the Performing Arts. For those who order tickets with the group, the festivities later move across the street to the University Theatre. Curtain time is 7:30 for “Little Shop of Horrors” by the awardwinning UW-Green Bay theatre program. This format is a slight change from the fall dinner program of previous years. It reflects a new direction in stewardship for the Founders, an organization of more than 2,000 alumni, community friends and campus employees.

Location, location, location… and a ‘thank you’ Len Seidl helped secure the beautiful bayshore location where UW-Green Bay stands today. At May commencement, the University said “thank you” and presented the 88-year-old retired real estate executive its highest community honor, the Chancellor’s Award. Seidl in effect broke the deadlock when in 1966 Brown County and Fox Valley interests reached an impasse in siting the region’s new four-year university. Working independently, and familiar with property and land owners in the vicinity of the Shorewood County Club, he investigated and found that options on property could be obtained there at a comparative savings. Within months, state approval followed, and founding Chancellor Edward Weidner was soon leading tours and sketching out building locations. Also honored with Chancellor’s Award recognition in May was outgoing Green Bay school superintendent Dan Nerad.

Dorothy Blair died May 20 after a short illness, at age 87. Mrs. Blair and her late husband, John P. Blair, were devoted friends of the University. The bronze “Doe with Fawns” sculpture at the Nicolet Entrance was an early Blair gift, followed by $1.5 million to create this irst endowed chair, the John P. Blair Chair in Communication.. Friends and family gathered Oct. 4 on campus to remember Peter Cofrin, who passed away last summer at age 63. Gifts by Peter and family mambers created UW-Green Bay’s Cofrin Memorial Arboretum. An overlook deck on an arboretum hillside has been dedicated in Peter’s honor. Donald Long Hall is a fitting remembrance of the longtime campus advocate and business leader, who passed away in May at age 80. Long co-chaired the University’s first capital campaign, helping raise more than $2.5 million in the early 1980s for scholarships, professorships and seed money to construct residence halls. Norman Miller, a founding member of the UW-Green Bay Founders Association, died Jan. 1 in Green Bay at age 86. His family’s generosity extended communitywide, yielding scholarship funds for students, and resources to pursue initiatives in health care and social justice.

November 2008


Annual Report 2007-08 Photo by Mike Roemer ’86

The FOUNDERS ASSOCIATION THE GENEROSITY OF PRIVATE DONORS made 2007-08 another strong year for the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. At the center of this success is the Founders Association. With contributions from hundreds of community members, corporations and foundations, and from more than a thousand alumni, retirees and current employees, the Founders annual giving campaigns approached nearly one/half million dollars in philanthropic support. Proceeds benefit academics and student scholarships at UW-Green Bay.


November 2008

Founders Board of Directors

Current Officers

1968 Society

Diane N. Beinlich Bryan C. Boettcher* Brian D. Bar Beverly C. Carmichael Mona L. Christensen* Dawn M. Foeller Mary K. Frank Susan M. Frost* Jerry L. Ganoni Dr. Jeremy R. Green Noel S. Halvorsen* Kumar Kangayappan, Ph.D. Heather L. Karcz* Paul D. Kendle Jay M. Kramer* Benjamin W. Laird Dr. Christopher P. Laws William J. Malooly Joan B. Mills Nanette M. Nelson Michael D. Peterson Kathy L. Pletcher James R. Prast Helen K. Schaal Thomas L. Schober Robert O. Southard Stuart L. Stiles Donald J. Swette Joseph H. Thibaudeau* Julie G. Wall* Robert E. Zimonick

John C. Heugel*, President Scott Wochos, First Vice President Robert J. Cera*, Second Vice President

$5,000 - $9,999 Blair Foundation Cloud Family Foundation, Inc. Bernie and Alyce Dahlin Irene Daniell Kress Dr. Herbert and Crystal Sandmire*

Nicolet Society $25,000+ 1923 Fund Dr. David and Mary Ann Cofrin

Phoenix Society $10,000 - $24,999 Associated Trust Company John and Kathryn Corio Ms. Marjorie Buchanan Kiewit Betty Rose Meyer Janet E. Meyer Charitable Lead Trusts

Shorewood Society $2,500 - $4,999 Baylake Bank George A. Christiansen* Larry and Kay Ferguson Janice Witt Galt Green Bay Packers Inc. Humana Jim and Mary Lou Majewski Schreiber Foods, Inc. Scott and Cindy Wochos

* Asterisks denote UW-Green Bay alumni

A nn u a l R e por t Green Bay Society $1,000 - $2,499 American Foods Group, LLC Dr. Betty J. Amuzu* Daniel and Lois Beisel Rick and Susie Beverstein* The Boldt Company The Chernick Family Foundation Richard J. Chernick* Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Region, Inc. Concerned Hearts Club – Northeast Wisconsin John and Judy Crain Sharon R. Dhuey Diane and Patrick Ford* Terry and Kris Fulwiler Gannett Foundation, Inc. Georgia Pacific Foundation, Inc. Godfrey & Kahn S.C. Greater Green Bay Community Foundation, Inc. Tom and Linda Halloin* Fergus and Bonnie Hughes* James and Mary Kabacinski* KI William G. Laatsch Richard and Susan Lauf* Louis and Susan LeCalsey Tom and Bev Lisle M&I Marshall & Ilsley Bank James and Doris Madigan* Tom and Jewele Maki Mike and Kate Meeuwsen* Timothy P. Meyer Norman Miller Family Foundation, Inc. Northeastern Wisconsin Oncology Nursing Society Tom and Joan Olson Kathy Pletcher and Charles Matter Kramer and Carolyn Rock Bob and Jolyce Rupp* John and Diane Salentine* Schott Family* Daniel T. Segersin Bruce and Cyndie Shepard Roy and Hallie Stumpf Steve and Karen Swan Tax Executives Institute, Inc. Northeast Wisconsin Chapter Jan and Dennis Thornton Carol Vendt Wells Fargo Foundation Weyers Family Foundation, Inc. Judith S. Wochos

Founders Partner $500 - $999 Anonymous (3) John and Lucy Arendt* Bank Mutual Corporation Rick and Barbara Barker* Bryan and Mary Beth Boettcher* John and Gisela Brogan

Frances A. Bubolz Bob and Carol Bush Robert and Carrie Cera* Eleanor J. Crandall Bruce and Sandy Deadman* Fritz and Jan Erickson Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Max and Susan Frost* Scott and Debbie Furlong Gochnauer Family Foundation Dan and Nancy Gulling Don and Phyl Harden Phil and Betsy Hendrickson* Mike and Kathy Herrity Melissa Jackson, Esq. Bernard O. and Sally J. Killoran Shane and Sheila Kohl* Richard and Jaime Leick* Jane A. Maier Paula L. Marcec Steven C. Karbon* Joni and Ed Meyer, Jr. David and Debra Muench* Reg and Jane Muhl Jeffrey W. Netols* PDQ Manufacturing Inc. Donna Ritch Drs. Paul and Thea Sager Marilyn and Mick Sagrillo Richard and Helen Schaal Schenck SC Paul and Carol Schierl Shopko Stores, Inc. Stuart and Nancy Stiles David and Barbara Strom Michael Tarris and Mary Mollay* Christopher J. Tolan* Sherri Underwood* Russell P. Vogel* Rick and Heidi Warpinski* Rolfe and Judith White Wipfli LLP Wisconsin Public Service Corp. Gregory Zickuhr*

Founders Associate $250 - $499 Anonymous (5)* Dick and Lora Anderson* Associated Banc-Corp. Mark L. Backman* John S. Bain* Michael and Karen R. Barry Diane and Jeff Beinlich Berners-Schober Associates, Inc. Wallace and Elaine Blomquist Ken and Carrie Bothof Dr. and Mrs. Christopher Laws Randy and Ann Christopherson Jeffery T. Cordry* Julie Londo Davenport* Arie and Sandy DeWaal* Craig S. Dickman* Yarvelle Draper-King Curt Dworak and Debra Christensen-Dworak* Easter Foundation

Ralph and Betty Engebos David and Beverly Feldhausen Susan Finco and Ed Kralovec Dawn and Robert Foeller Kelly J. Franz Kimberly A. Garner* Mark and Carrie Gerke* Suzanne Goral* Walter P. Gould* Dr. Jeremy and Elizabeth Green Jay and Nancy Hamann Therese K. Hathway Thomas and Jill Herlache Curt Heuer John and Nancy Heugel* Cecilia M. Hintz* Bob Howe and Amy Wolf* Jim and Jan Hurd* Norbert and Joan Jadin Michael H. Johnson* Greg and Sue Johnson* Jonathan and Terri Johnson Kathleen L. Kasten* Dennis and Sue Keihn David and Peggy Kieper* Tom and Stacey Klimek* Leonard & Finco Public Relations, Inc. Al and Maurine Loomer Dan McIver and Debbie Kirch* Patrick and Ann Murphy David L. Outcalt James and Kelli Prast Jerrold Rodesch and Sidney Bremer Christopher and Carolyn Sampson Bill and Adrienne Schmitz Tom Schober and Suzan Schober-Murray* Timothy and Laurie Sewall* Norbert and Mary Ann Siolka* Bob and Martha Southard Daniel and Elizabeth Spielmann Sandra Staszak* Robert A. Stevens* Stan and Dawn Sutherland* Donald and Marilyn Swette Tosca Limited Pete and Kassie Van Remortel Joanne F. Vomastic Muka* Ellen R. Weidner* Karen Weidner and Kurt Klotzbuecher*

Founders Member $100 - $249 Anonymous (37)* Clifford Abbott Cindy J. Allcox* Gerald E. Anderson* Jim and Jane Anderson Ruth D. Anderson Jennifer Oshita Archer* Scott and Lori Ashmann* Errico and Patrizia Auricchio Mary Lou and Zeke Backes Betty L. Baer Robert and Barbara Bartholomew

Dean and Kim Basten* Paula Kuehn, C.P.A. Terry A. Becker* Patrick J. Beimborn* Bob Blakesley* Andrew D. Bottoni* Pam Bramschreiber Susan C. Bressler* Hilda R. Brovold* Martha L. Brown* Charles D. Brummer* Jane and Richard Brunette* Mark and Teri Brunette* Ronald and Lois Brzezinski* Gary and Debbie Burden* Lori Beth Bury* Rich and Fran Carman Marla J. Carr* Eileen M. Charles* Trinidad and Billie Chavez* Bob Cisler* Craig T. Cobane II* Arthur and Nancy Cohrs Juliet Cole* Lisa (Lemma) and James Conard* Robert and Anna Cook Susan C. Costello* David N. Coury Karen Cowan Joan J. Crane Andrea Cuene Herbert J. Cuene, Jr.* Mary L. Cuene* Margaret M. Czachor* Thomas J. Dallman and Cheryl L. Long* Edna Damkoehler Sandra J. Davel* Carol R. De Groot* Keith and Carol Decker* Leo H. DeGreef* Debra T. Dhein* Shawn A. Dimmer* Mark and Luann Dorvinen* Mike Dorvinen* Joanie Dovekas William B. Downey* Micky Doyle William J. Duffy Rev. Ben C. Eder* Ken Eggen* Kevin Ellis* James F. Else* Scott E. Endries* Ronald W. Erdmann* John C. Evans* Kirby J. Falkenberg* Family Insurance Center Barbara A. Feeney* Kevin and Jill Fermanich Joe and Elaine Ferris Jean M. Fiedler Roberta A. Filicky-Peneski and Thomas Peneski* Patricia A. Finder-Stone* Lynn M. Fisher*

November 2008


A nn u a l R e por t Dr. Kenneth and Paula Fleurant* William Forrest* Dr. Jack and Rachel Frisch* William A. Gaddis* Robert and Carmen Gallagher* Jerry and Sandy Ganoni Clifton and Paula Ganyard Susan Garot* Lisa J. Gast* James R. Gill* Robert and Margaret Gilling* Brian and Heidi Gold* Norma R. Graf* Kenneth J. Graves* Ginny Gribble* Regan A.R. Gurung and Martha Ahrendt Gurung Daniel W. Haefs* Noel and Mardi Halvorsen* Sue Hammersmith and Al Uniacke William F. Haney* James C. Hansen* James N. Hansen* Glenn M. Hanson III* Robert G. Hanson* Dr. Loren and Marian Hart Todd M. Hartman* Lee A. Hartzheim* Jean Gagan-Hatcher* Kay E. Hawksford* Bill and Pat Hearden* Richard and Cindy Heath* Thomas G. Heinrich* Walter and Marjorie Herrscher* Mary J. Higley Scott and Lisa Hildebrand Hilgenberg & Associates, Inc. Steven H. Hill* Dean Hoegger* James and Joan Hogan Ann M. Holden* Wayne and Karen Hollister* Barbara L. Holly-Fox* Debra A. Hoops* Roger C. Huben* Jerry Huncosky* Chuck and Carol Ihrke Sarah E. Inman* Traci Seidl Janisch* Richard and Peg Jansen Connie L. Jensen* Drs. Kumar and Sivu Kangayappan Heather Karcz and Richard Zuehlke* Timothy Katers John and Linda Katers* Peter J. Kellogg Paul and Colleen Kendle Veerachai Kitibutr* Walter and Joyce Klunk Kevin H. Kohrman* Anne Kok Craig and Meg M. Kolb* Dr. Paul and Cyndi Kollath*


November 2008

Carole A. Kortenhof* Debra K. Koval* Tod and Julie Kowalczyk* Lola Krebsbach* Leigh E. Krueger* Richard G. Kusch* Richard J. Kvitek* James and Karen Lacey Benjamin Laird and Mary Jane Rintelman Mark A. Lancelle* Jeffrey J. Lax* Paul M. LeBlanc* Robert and Myra LeMieux Janet J. Lieb* John and Ronda Liebmann* Yu-Wai Peter Lin* Laurie Lindborg Parsons* Rory J. Lindgren* Donna J. Lipper* Luxemburg Physicians, LLP Melanie R. Maas* Neal J. Maccoux* Frank Madzarevic* Jill and John Mahlik* Peggy and Kenneth Maier* Marsha L. Malak* Scott and Mary Pat Mallien* Lee and Sally Mancoske Steven and Janelle Maricque* Michael and Maryanne Marinetti* Margaret A. Mayer* Don and Gail Mc Cartney Marilyn and Pat McCarey Barbara McClure-Lukens Arthur and Susan McGuan Thomas McIntosh John D. Mefford* Jack and Engrid Meng Amy J. Meyer* Gordon Haugan and Mary Meyer Steve Meyer Miezin Foundation Steven T. Miller* John and Joan Mills Elaine Milson Karen L. Mitchell Mittag* Michael and Cheryl Murphy* Dr. Ganga and Elizabeth Nair The National Christian Foundation Lisa J. Neal* Jeff and Janice Neddo* Jeffrey R. Nelson and Jill L. Braser* Lisa M. Nelson* Nan Nelson and Doug Landwehr* Thomas and Hang Nesslein Donald E. Newton* Dr. and Mrs. Charles Nordell Paul J. Northway* Anthony J. Novello* Robert and Elizabeth Obenberger Catherine E. O’Connor Steele* Terence J. O’Grady and Judith A. O’Grady* Dr. George T. and Ann M. O’Hearn*

Catherine V. O’Leary* Dr. David L. Olsen* Katharine Olski* Peter H. Olson* John J. Opsteen* Jeffrey and Barvara Ottum* David and Susan Pamperin* Honorable and Mrs. Robert J. Parins Pamela Parins-Fisher* David and Susan Parsons Stephen E. Pasowicz* Linda Peacock-Landrum and John Landrum Jim and Tina Pech* Mary and David Pelton Susan J. Peters* Mike and Koreen Peterson Robert Petri* Ron and Suzy Pfeifer Jennifer Pfundtner* Peter D. and Vicki L. Porter* James Potter* Michael A. Powers* Karen Prevetti Kersten Pat Przybelski Gregory A. Quigley* Wayne A. Raether* Jane Rank Daniel R. Rathbun* John S. Rathman* Beth Regenmorter* Julie Reisinger Alan G. Rheinschmidt Charles and Lenora Rhyner Aaron M. Richardson* Charles P. and Kathleen T. Riley Jack and Ginny Riopelle Joan Robb and Tom Davis Katherine Rodon* Gary Rosenberg and Bridgit Maile Chris Rosera* Ellen Rosewall Bruce Ross* S & K Accounting & Tax Service Inc. Tod and Debbie Sanders Mary Kay (Peters) and Jim Sanders* Todd and Kristie Sanders Sherry Lynn Sanderson* Scott and Theresa Savage* Bruce and Barbara Schaepe* Gary L. Schinke* Schlosser Chiropractic Health Care Center, S.C. Scholarships Inc. Amy M. Schommer* Sherry A. Schrank* Daniel Patrick Schreiber* Leander and Helen Schwartz* Todd Seabury-Kolod* Donna M. Sheedy* Catherine O. Small Greg and Sue Smith*

Janis and Gil Snyder Dr. and Mrs. Arthur Sonneland Pam and Rich Spangenberg* Spin Of Door County LLC Squareone, Inc. Jeanne and Joe Stangel* Jeanine Ste. Marie* Stephen and Lorry Stiles James L. Stillman* Laura and Roger Stillman* Penny and Gus Swoboda Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Taphorn* Avinash G. Thadani* Ed and Sally Thompson Christina Trombley Dixie and Jim Tubbs* Zeta K. Turriff Union Pacific Corporation Becky A. Urban* Gary D. Urban* UW-Green Bay Alumni Association Dale and Louise Van Beek* Myron and Carol Van De Ven Sheryl Van Gruensven Patrick and Dolores Van Lanen Karl T. Van Roy Randy and Julie Van Straten* David Verhagen and Sher Brandl* Michael and Hope Voigt* Wayne and Sue Vorpahl Clifford C. Wall Jim and Julie Wall* Edwin and Nancy Watts Marjorie Weidner William Weidner* David B. Weiss* Kenneth and Margaret Wentker* Deb Wesolowski* Tim and Maryanne Weyenberg Mike and Terry Wickman* James and Ruth Wiersma Jan Wilkey* Jim and Kathy Wochinske* Steven and Vanessa Wowzynski* Ann E. Wuerger* Patricia A. Zager* Laura J. Zakowski* Dr. David C. Zawieja* Paula J. Zeilon* Bill and Mary Ziemendorf Mrs. Harriet Ziemer Jay R. Zimmerman* Mr. and Mrs. Robert Zimonick Michael and Diana Zorn* Steven Zywicki

Friend Up to $99 Anonymous (115)* Sarah M. Adams* Ms. Rachel Ahlers* Dr. Janel Alberts Underwood* Craig R. Allen* Shari A. Alloway* Brenda Amenson-Hill Jim Anderson* Pamela H. Anderson* Karen Andrew-Miles*

A nn u a l R e por t Amy J. Angeli* Mark E. Annoye (Bugsy)* Renee A. Aprill* Harvey and Julia Arnold* Trudi A. Arnold* Kelly R. Aschebrook* Diane M. Austin, CPA/CFP* Edward G. Autio* Jean M. Bachmann* Ramona Back* Marjorie A. Bader* Joseph C. Baker* Beth A. Baligrosky* Bruce P. Ballenger* Florence Banaszak* Nicholas R. Bandoch* Chan & Gail (Gospodarek) Barden* David L. Bardon* Kevin J. Barnett* Sandy Barnick* Joseph and Lynn Barrett* Jean Barrett-Terry* Cindy Bartel* John P. Basel* Kevin R. Bassett* Joel and Kristine Bastian* Nancy E. Bastjan* Carl A. Battaglia Robert and Janice Baumgart Timothy M. Baye* Monette Bebow-Reinhard* Allan J. Bedora* Jean Belke* Lori Belongia* Corey A. Bender* Victoria Bennett Veum* Tom and Nancy Bennett* Sally A. Berben* Bruce D. Berens* Jeanne Berg* Sherry L. Berg, C.P.A.* Robert and Ardyth Bergstrom* Thomas P. Bertrand* Gene W. Bethel* Jerome F. Bever* Paul Beyer* Stacy E. Beyer* Janyse L. Bice-Allen* Tom and Gay Bieberitz* Derryl Block and Steve Greenfield Robert G. Bloedorn* James F. Blumreich* Ronald L. Bodart* Sue Bodilly* Mary Seering Bodmer* Adelaide L. Boettcher* Tony and Cathy Bogolin* Steve and Kelly Bohman* Laurie A. Boivin* James and Joan Bond* Nancy E. Boone* William S. Bosiacki* Michael and Kris Bostedt* Kristin Van Epern and Dave Bouchard* Terri A. Bouressa* Lisa A. Bowen* Carol Brabant

Ann A. Brantmeier* Germaine L. Bravick* Gerard M. Bredael* Gregory J. Bredael* Joel and Traci Breitrick* Jodi L. Brennan* Maria N. Breu* Karl G. Breuer* Robert W. Brey* Kate Brickley* The Bridge to Health, LLC Patricia Mayer Bries ’73 and Norbert Bries ’71* Colonel Debra A. Broadwater USAR Ret.* Jill and Jason Brooks* Betty D. Brown Bethany Bruce* Michele Brunner* LaRae J. Bruno* Marlys Brunsting Ann K. Buck* Michelle L. Budysz* Ken Burda James D. Burkel* Ann Grinde Burton* Jean A. Busker* Randal and Anne Buttke Pat and Karen Callahan Daniel F. Carew* Lois A. Carlson* Susan J. Carlson* Dorothea Carson* Chris J. Carstens* Joseph G. Cataldo* Kevin J. Chambers* Brian and Tammy Charlier* Todd W. Charnetski* Susan G. Cherry* Catherine M. Chevalier* Rev. Carl A. Christensen* Anna J. Christian* Timothy J. Christiansen* Randal J. Christl* Debra J. Christopherson* Tina Cigelnik* Ericka J. Claflin* James and Karie Clement* Kathryn R. Clusen* Karren and Jaremy J. Cobble* Laura A. Cole* Candyce R. Conard* Paul and Mary Connolly* Eileen M. Connolly-Keesler* Janalee J. Conradt* Jane Stewart Cook* Michael W. Couillard* Sue N. Cox* Eric and Sue Craver David C. Crevcoure* Lisa M. Cribben* Kristin and Patrick Crooks* Thomas C. Crowley* Vicki Berchem Csida* Lynne M. Cunningham* Julie R. Dalebroux* Nancy McNulty Daleiden* JoLynn Damitz*

Founders Association questions (frequently asked) Why does a public university need private support? UW-Green Bay gets less than 30 percent of its funding from the state of Wisconsin. It relies increasingly on tuition, gifts and grant revenue. It is more accurate to describe the University as “tax-assisted” rather than “tax-supported.”

Engaged constituents, alumni and Founders Association members are valuable advocates. Community leaders and elected officials view the donor honor roll as a relative gauge of support. U.S. News and World Report factors alumni participation rates into its much-anticipated college rankings.

Why consider an endowment when an immediate contribution has such instant impact? Endowments take the long view. The principle remains intact, and the University then awards a portion of the annual investment earnings (historically, about 5 percent of principle) to scholarships, research, programming— whatever is specified by the individual donor. Remaining proceeds and new contributions are reinvested so inflation won’t diminish the fund’s overall value. UW-Green Bay has numerous funds whose accumulated payouts now greatly exceed the original contribution.

I’m a recent graduate, just starting out…how much is $20 or $25 a year from me really going to help? UW-Green Bay has over 25,000 alumni and is seeing steady gains in their participation rate…collectively, you can make a difference.

How do I join the Founders Association? Direct an immediate contribution to the University through the Advancement Office by phone (920) 465-2074 or via the web at giving/ and you’re enrolled as a member for that fiscal year. Members receive special notice of University activities, invitations to Founders Association events and the satisfaction of supporting UW-Green Bay.

Where does my gift go? Unrestricted gifts to the Founders Association support the University’s academic mission, including merit scholarships, student recruitment, international programs, faculty and staff development and academic program enhancement. November 2008


A nn u a l R e por t

Todd and Anne Danen* Dolores B. Dargan* Nicole M. Dashek* Ellen M. Dauplaise* Rick Davidson* Peter and Heidi Davis Debra K. De Muri* Dr. Thomas M. De Paoli* Patrick G. De Wane* Michele G. DeBaker* Margaret W. DeBruine* Jennifer Deets-Bartz* Cindy A. Defnet* Cate Deicher and Clark Kaufmann* Ronald G. Delforge* Leon J. Delveaux* Jayne M. DeMeuse* Rodney W. Dequaine* Neil T. Derkowski* Renee B. Destache* SuAnn and Doug Detampel Damon W. Detry* Christina M. Deutschmann* Dean and Marilee DeVillers* Lola DeVillers* Theresa L. Dexter Ellis* Diamondback Chiropractic Judy A. Dickinson* Myrna M. Dickinson* Rachel A. Dickman* Stephanie S. Diedrich* Lavonne Dietrich* Gretchen Dingman* Joyce A. Dirschl* Tracy Dombeck* William and Michelle Donart* Susan M. Dondlinger* Matt Doran* John Dorney* Ruth A. Douthitt*


November 2008

Julia Drobeck* Wanda E. DuChateau* John and Angela Duckart* Susan M. Duke* Betty J. Dunne Marcia and Tim Duquaine* Greg Durand and Shannon Dooley Durand* Susan R. Durant* Nancy A. Dworak* John Dwyer* James and Sharon Ehlers* Thomas J. Eigenberger* Karen Ek* Michael D. Ellefson* Randy S. Ellerman* James and Mary Elmer* Carol A. Emmons Thomas L. Englebert* Deborah A. Ericson* Patrick Evans* The Fairwinds Group, LTD. Jennifer Green Fais* Mrs. Sally Faucett* Nancy J. Feld* Ruth A. Feldhaus* Jayne E. Feldhausen* Katherine B. Fettig* Randy Field* Kathryn Filipiak* Steven D. Fischer* Georgia R. Fleming* Beth A. Flynn* Andrew and Amanda Fondow* Randall and Barbara Fondow* Jean M. Fontaine* Cindy Ford* William J. Fosick* Paul R. Francar* Amy J. Frassetto Frane*

Brad Frank* David L. Freedman* Nancy L. Friebel* Stephen J. Froelich* Vicki S. Furlow* Mary E. Gagan* Wayne and Sharon Gajeski* Mary Gallagher* Susan Gallagher-Lepak Michelle M. Gamache* Eric T. Gass* Katie N. Gassenhuber* David C. Gehrke* Joyce S. Gelderman* Mark W. Genke* Mary Gerend Boll* Bill E. Gerl, Jr.* Carol A. Gibson* Ralph G. Giese* Ellen and Ross Gilbert* Victoria O. Gilbert* Lisa A. Gilligan* Joseph A. Gillis* Pamela J. Gilson* Ronald G. Girard* Michael J. Glime* Gregory F. Gloe* Paul H. Gobster* Dale and Mary (Brzezinski) Goodner* Kay A. Goswitz* Damon and Allison Grabow* Kari Jo Grant* Poppy Grant* Dinah A. Grassel* Kenneth F. Grasso* Daniel A. Green* Frank and Lynette Green* James R. Green* Joyce Doerfler Green* Kathryn M. Green* Richard E. Green* David M. Griffin and Laura M. Griffin* Thomas J. Griggs* Andrew M. Gurka* Kirk P. Guthrie* James R. Gutstadt* Julianne Gyarmaty* H. J. Martin & Son, Inc. Barbara A. Haen* Joan E. Haen* Mary B. Hagedorn* Darlene R. Hallet Wendy J. Halverson* Deborah A. Hamilton* Peter R. Hanaway* Robin Hansen Hartel* Leanne Hansen Susan A. Hansen* James and Rebecca Harrill Victoria A. Harris* Ileen M. Hart* Rhonda Hartline-Knoespel and Wes Knoespel* Virginia Haske* Chris and Linda Hatfield Gwendolyn Hatfield* Aeron Haynie Dennis L. Heart*

Jeffrey Hebert* Scott D. Hedding* Frederick Heide, Ph.D.* Mike Heidger* Dan Heim, Desert Dweller* Catherine T. Heimbecher* Mike Heine* Marilyn Wiegand Heinemann* Kurt K. Heling* Chris and Candee Hendricks* Arthur H. Hendrix, Jr.* Michele Henry* Faith C. Hensrud* Lawrence J. Herlache, Jr.* Colleen and Neil Hermus* Al and Lynn Herrman* Marjorie E. Herrscher* Robert C. Herubin* Alan E. Hettiger* Dylan D. Hilbert* Pat Hilger* Signe S. Hill* Charles J. Hilla* Gerald and Patricia Hock Terri Hodges Nichols* George L. Hodgson* Keri L. Holder* Mark G. Holliday* Mary Beth Holloway* Deborah A. Holmes* Robert A. Holmes, Jr.* Michael T. Hoppa* Pamela S. Hopps* David and Jean Horst* Katrina R. Hrivnak L. Frank and Barbara Huntington* Kasha J. Huntowski* Sara M. Hurley* Thomas H. Irwin* Mary S. Jackson* David and Linda Jacobini* Denise A. Jacobs* Kathryn A. Jagemann* Kelly Jahnke* Mary L. Jameson* Mark E. Janiak* Pat Jansky* Daniel R. Janssen* Sharon A. Jehle* Cyndean Jennings* Carol M. Jens* Jacqueline Jensen* Kathy Jeske* Brenda L. Jicha* Brian and Kathy Jicinsky* Robert and Kristine Johanek and Family* Nancy Beitzel Johnsen* Barbara G. Johnson* Dorothy L. Johnson* Eileen Vanderwegen Johnson* Jon L. Johnson* Kimberly M. Johnson* Dr. Matthew and Laurie Johnson* Mary J. Johnson Merry Noel Ott Johnson*

A nn u a l R e por t R. J. Johnson* Suzanne M. Johnson* Dr. Victoria R. Johnson* Carol A. Johnson-Hohol* Suzanne Jones* Chris Junget* Robert and Marilyn Kahl* Rebecca J. Kaiser* Cory J. Kaisler* George J. Kamps* Deborah Karow* Antoinette M. Kasmarek* John H. Kaye* Cailin M. Kearns* Joan S. Keberlein Gail Hermsen Keeley* Pamela L. Kelly* Diane M. Kelnhofer* Stacy Scott Kemps* Linda Kennedy* Andrew and Victoria Kersten Elaine M. Ketola* Ken M. Kiefer* James R. Kirk* Chris and Kathy Kirschling* Michael and Joan Klinkner* David R. Kliss* Jeffrey D. and Dianne L. Kluever* Mildred Jane Knack* Mark Knaus* Richard P. Knodt* Jeanne M. Koch* Sue and Ray Koch* Bart D. Koenig and Julie A. Koenig* Jerry Koeppel* Dan and Faith Kornowski* Linda Kortbein* Curtis Kowaleski* David & Janice (Wochos) Kozlovsky* Adam J. Kozlowski* Jon M. Krapfl* Shari A. Krejcarek* Larry M. Kropp* Joseph G. Krzewina, Jr.* Diane Podolan Kulin* Scott and Sandra E. Kunesh* Carol J. Kuznacic* Galen La Duke* Bruce R. La Plante* Paula S. La Plante* Kristin L. Laabs* Sherry Lacenski Jennifer L. LaCount* James Lacy* Lisa A. Langenberg* Joseph and Lynn Langer* David L. Langholff* Kathleen R. Lankey* Loretta M. Larkey* Janice K. Larson* John J. Latz* Judy A. Laude* John Laughrin* Jackie J. Laurent* James N. Lax* Cynthia L. Le Clair* Susan Brandenberg Lebergen* Bert J. Lehman*

Rhoda H. Lehrke* Laure L. Lesperance* Shirene L. Lesperance* Carmen and Lloyd Leuthner* Gail Lichte* Lifestyle Health Systems Inc. Jason and Becky Litwaitis* Kenneth and Nancy Loehlein* Tom and Mary Lohuis* Barbara Ballo Lowinger* Anne E. Lubbers* Danielle M. Luer* Mark and Pam Luther* Terrence and Margaret Lychwick* Starr L. Lyon* Lisa Meadows Lyss* Carrie VandeVen Maccoux* John L. Majewski* Scott R. Majewski* Robert and Sandra Maki* Jan and Lynn Malchow* Ben and Deanna Malcore* Michele A. Malcore* Donald W. Mallow II* Ruth A. Manders* Brian and Kathleen Markwardt* Lucinda J. Marquardt* William E. Marsh* Mark Martell and Kathleen Peters-Martell* Angel J. Mashl* Brian C. Massey* William and Kathleen Matchefts* Brian and Karen Mathews* Joan M. Mathews* Kathleen A. Matthaidess* Matthew Mattila Nancy E. Mattke* Marjorie M. Mau* Margaret Maule* Helga L. McCann* Karen S. McCorkle* Joseph R. McGauran* Janet K. McKee* Joan L. McLester* Joseph B. McMahon* Rosanne M. McSherry* Meadowsview Counseling Center, Inc. Dennis R. Mehlberg* Constance G. Meisinger* Charlene M. Messenger* Mark and Jen Metcalf* Mark and Kim Mettelmann* Randy and Jan Meunier* James W. Meyer* Mark R. Meyer* Victoria A. Meyers* Janine and Joseph Micke* Kenneth C. Mickle, M.D.* Steve Mickle* Craig and Janel Mielke* Janis A. Mielke* Sheryl Mielke* Robert C. Mileski* John D. Millerd* Cindy A. Mischler*

Mark A. Moeller* Paul and Jennifer Molchany* Joyce Eileen Monfort* Frank and Sherry Moon* Jerry and Susan Moran* Chad H. Moritz* Katheryn A. Mottl* Marilyn M. Mouritsen* Beth W. Mueller* Jennifer L. Mueller* Trisha Baker Mueller* Jim and Helen Murray* Sharon K. Nagy* Mary Lou C. Nast* Bruce Y. Neeno* Joe and Jeanne Neidenbach* Mr. and Mrs. William E. Nell* Vicki Nellis Neil F. Nelson* Tom Nelson* Dan and Jeannie Nerad Kim Nielsen and Nathan Tuff Tim and Lynn Niemi Judy L. Nighorn* Joan Niquette Betty A. Noe* Illene and Lloyd Noppe Northern Trust Company Donald A. Novak* Maxine Novitski Thomas F. Novitski* Gary M. Now* Rick and Barbara Nuetzel Gary P. Nuthals* Pamela A. Nuthals* Robert C. Nuthals* Jodi L. Nuthals-Mikulsky* Kelly K. Oakley* Stacy H. Oatman* Michael J. O’Connor* Daniel P. O’Donnell* Stacey D. Oelrich* Kevin and Mary T. Officer* Cindy B. Olli* Joan A. Osthelder* Steven R. Ott* Nancy L. Pagel* Rebecca Gille Pagel* Karen F. Palmer* Michael and Susan Pankratz* Jack W. Paris* Michael F. Parmentier* Carol J. Paska* Tom and Sue Paulson* Ray Pavelko* Sherie M. Payne* Randy R. Pecard* Patricia Nelson Perry* Shirley Petasek* John and Lynn Peters* Charlene M. Peterson* Judie Peterson* Kenneth R. Peterson* Lynn and Paul Petrasko* Judy A. Phillip* Carol Pichette* Daniel J. Piekarz* Kristie L. Piencikowski*

Judith A. Pietsch Timothy and Sarah Pigo* Todd G. Piontek* Bobette Nelson Plendl* Ann L. Ploor* Terrie A. Pohjola* Constance R. Polasik* Barbara K. Polich* Gregory B. Powers* Karen E. Powers* Mark and Theresa Powless* William E. Preboski* Sue E. Premo* Stanley L. Presley* Joe Pribanich* Kathi M. Pritzl* Richard W. Propsom* Joseph R. Prosser* Abby L. Pubusky* John and Christine Quinlan* Teresa E. Quinn, M.D.* Vickie E. Quinn* Linda Reimer Rabe* Rachelle L. Rachubinski* Michelle M. Radke* David K. Raether* Megan Raether* Brian and Jenny Rammer* Anthony and Peggy Rasberry* Carl Albert Rasmussen, ’75* Kevin and Amanda Rasmussen* Red Cord Graphics Amy Redig* Edward Reed* Nicole M. Reetz* Ann M. Reiser* Colleen C. Remley Darrel and Sarah Renier* Charles A. Renner, Jr.* Nora J. Revoir* Kay H. Rich* Donald J. Richardson Brian J. Riel* Douglas and Sara Rifleman* Johanna Gray Ann Sipiorski Risgaard* Pamela Younk Roberts* Susan R. Roberts* Mark and Jilayne Robinson Family Susan M. Robinson* Caroljean Kores Rodesch* Ann Rodrian Kevin R. Roeder* William Roggow* James P. Rohan Jane W. Ronsman* Deborah A. Rose* Patricia J. Rosin* Kurt B. Rothe Holly and Ryan Rottier* Tina Rozum* Diane L. Rusch* Ryan Photography Shirley A. Ryan* Lacey M. Samz* Roger W. Sarow*

November 2008


A nn u a l R e por t Vincent and Michelle Schamber* Elizabeth A. Schauer* Joan and Robert Schaupp* Susanne Scheider* Sheila Scheu Fugate* Jamel S. Schiller* Mary S. Schimberg* Jon and Amy Schlicht* Adam and Kris Schmidt* Fritz and Beth Schmidt Patricia A. Schmidt* Arthur R. Schmitt* Bonnie M. Schmitt* Christopher A. Schmitz* Eli Schmukler and Deborah Durcan Antoinette M. Schneeberger* Christopher J. Schneider* Steven P. Schoch* April J. Schreiber* Aaron and Jennifer Schuette* Schuettpelz Agency, Ltd. Daniel W. Schuh* D. Christopher Schulman* Mildred A. Schultz* Darin Schumacher* Nancy J. Schumitsch* Carol B. Schuster* John Schuurmans Construction Tracy L. Schwartz* Patricia A. Scieszinski* Brenda L. Sedmak* Michael E. Segersin* Ann and Paul Selk Jeff Senglaub* Rick A. Seppa* Judy Shaw* William and Judith Shay Traci and Jim Shefka* Carrie and Peter Sherrill* Mary C. Sherwin* Carol A. Shield* John and Theresa Shuck Nancy Mary Siebers* Gary M. and Kathrin L. Sikich* Colleen T. Sipiorski* John F. Skvarce* Matthew R. Slattery* Karen S. Slote* Dianne Smith* Gary J. Smith* Leah M. Smith Mark J. Smith* Mike J. Smith* Staci L. Smith* Rose M. Smits*


November 2008

Leanne Snell* Lloyd J. Sobeck* Tanya L. Brachmann Soeldner* Theresa N. Soik* Tim and Addie Sorbo* Adam and Mary Sowatzka* Amy E. Spencer* Dwayne and Yvonne Splan Arthur W. Spurlock* Patricia A. Stackman* Shirley D. Kitzmann Sonja M. Stefaniw* Deborah D. Stellmacher* Mary M. Stephany Trimmier* Helen Stephens Howlett* Marie Stephenson Colleen A. Sternitzky* Sandra K. Stoddard* Tyra Olson Stoehr* John and Pam Stoll* Frank and Donna Straka* Mike Streckenbach* Jim and Kathy Strickler* Brian J. Strnad* George Sullivan* Kathleen F. Sullivan* Pam Suster Brian Sutton Margaret Swan Shulman* Jean A. Sweetland* Steven W. Swenson* Tina Tackmier* Penny and Alan Tank* Sally S. Tarvid* Susan M. Tengowski* Dennis E. Tesnow* Rita L. Thackeray* John Andrew Thomas* Jo Ellen M. Thompson* Bette J. Thorgersen* Sarah M. Tidball* Cynthia L. Tiesling* Glen and Kathleen Tilot* Carol Timmers* Martin and Breanne Tirado* Carlyn L. Tochterman* Rebekah L. Tollard* Thomas F. Triatik* Joel Trick* Patricia A. Trudell* Tufco Technologies, Inc. Wendy J. Turek* Chris A. Tursky* Susanne Tuttle* Beth Uek* Michael J. Urbancic* Kirk R. Uslabar* Steven and Lisa Utecht* Lee and Pam Utke* Patricia A. Valentyn* Mary Valitchka*

Luke and Sherri Valitchka* Marianne Van Drisse Alison A. Van Duyse* Ed and Linda VanCampenhout* Mark and Mary Vandenbusch* Peggy L. Vandenheuvel* James C. Vandenhouten* Susan M. Vander Heiden* Jeffrey J. Vander Zanden* Sally A. Vanderveren* Patrick Vandervest* Roger Vandervest* Veronica Verkuilen* Glen A. Verstegen* John B. Verwiel* Lindsey B. Verwiel* Kristin Vespia Janice K. Vinopal* Visions Upholstery & Canvas, LLC Kimberly D. Vlies David Voelker and Ruth Homrighaus Marsha and Brad Vollbrecht* John D. Wacker* Mary K. Wagner Michelle A. Wagner* Linda J. Wagner-Erdmann* David R. Walters* Stanley J. Waslowski* Gretchen A. Waters* Patricia Binkowski Wawiorka* Deb Wearne-Neurohr* Martin A. Webber* Kristine L. Wech*

Annette E. Weissbach* Kristine K. Weisser* Terry Weller* John E. Wells* Karen L. Welter* Michael and Jean Wentz* Mary and Michael Wescott* Kerstin A. Westcott* Wayne R. Whiting* Wayne A. Wichlacz* Stacie N. Wichman* Colleen E. Wilde Claire H. Williams* Kathy Buxbaum Williams* Carol M. Witchey Molly Witt* Nancy J. Wittman* Barth and Mary Jo Wolf* Carol Wolske Larry Woods* Margaret A. York* Kenneth E. Young* April S. Youngs* Vincent Zehren Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Zeise* Paul and Connie Zeman* Kyle J. Zimonick* James and Joanne Zipperer* Jo Ann Zuberbier* Theresa A. Zuege-Halvorsen*

A nn u a l R e por t Matching Gift Companies Abbott Laboratories Fund The Aon Foundation AptarGroup Charitable Foundation Bemis Company Foundation The Boeing Company Cargill CUNA Mutual Group Foundation GannettMatch GlaxoSmithKline Foundation The Hartford IBM Kimberly Clark Foundation, Inc. McKesson Foundation MeadWestvaco Foundation Merrill Lynch & Co. Foundation, Inc. MidAmerican Energy Foundation Nationwide Foundation Pfizer Foundation The Procter & Gamble Fund R.J. Reynolds Foundation SC Johnson Fund, Inc. Schering-Plough Foundation Sentry Insurance Foundation, Inc. Supervalu Inc. The Takeda Matching Gift Program Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Foundation UBS Foundation U.S.A. Unilever United States Foundation, Inc. Union Pacific Corporation Wells Fargo Foundation Whirlpool Foundation Xtra Corporation Charitable Foundation

Deceased Friends Charles Alpert Thomas J. Barnard* Don Berendsen Harry Bergner Patt Birling Dorothy R. Blair Nancy A. Bougie George N. Burridge Roger W. Cameron* Paula A. Craig* Paul D. Davis Rodney W. De Spirito John DeMille Dennis M. Destino Nicole D. Fisette* Ruth E. Fountain* Bette J. Gilson* Merrill Guerin Ruth S. Hartman Bruce Haskin Peter E. Hassler* Patricia C. Hennick Phyllis E. Holz Richard R. Jandrain Kimleigh A. Kaiser* Dolores M. Killins Barbara A. Knutson*

Anne C. Kok Sandra A. Kolar* Lisa A. Langenberg* Cal Larsen Howard W. Lehman Kenneth Leiterman Mary A. Liedeka Donald J. Long Selma Maas John H. Mahoney George Mancosky Joan M. Marold Mary Ellen Martin Thomas H. McIntosh Frank A. McLellan* Betty Rose Meyer Neoma J. Michalski* Kathleen R. Miller* Norman Miller Craig A. Mueller* Ned V. Nicholson Lorraine M. Noll Nancy A. Nundahl* Carol A. Oshefsky* William Otto Ruth G. Peacock John Pfeifer Don Poh Sanger B. Powers Alan E. Pristelski* William J. Quigley* Eugene Rameker Gerald T. Schaetz Al Schafrik Patricia D. Schlueter* Gloria E. Schott Catherine A. Schuler-Kollath* Richard A. Seibert Cecil P. Seidler* Irene M. Shewalter Susan Sipes Ruth W. Somerville Robert L. Sweetland* Bernice H. Tanz Tina L. Vanlaanen* Patricia A. Vickman* Mary Wangerin Duane R. Warner Louis Weinstein David H. Weydt James A. Williams* John Zadrazil

Professorships Provide

Margin of Excellence NAMED PROFESSORSHIPS are donor-funded endowments that direct supplemental resources to our finest faculty members. These prestigious appointments encourage professors to pursue the advanced research, learning breakthroughs and community service that enrich Clampitt the student experience and make a strong university even stronger. To find out how named professorships are established, call the UW-Green Bay Advancement Office at (920) 465-2074.

The Philip J. and Elizabeth B. Hendrickson Professorship for Business Howe Holder: Prof. Philip Clampitt (through 2008) The Barbara Hauxhurst Cofrin Professorship of Natural Sciences Holder: Prof. Robert Howe (through 2011) The Herbert Fisk Johnson Professorship in Nair Environmental Studies

Holder: Prof. V.M. Ganga Nair (through 2008) The Frankenthal Professorship Holder: Music Prof. Cheryl Grosso (through 2009) The Ben J. and Joyce Rosenberg Professorship Grosso Holder: Anthropology/Women’s Studies


Frederick E. Baer Professorship in Management Patricia W. Baer Professorship in Education Walter Austin E. Cofrin Professorship in Management ENDOWED CHAIR The fully endowed chair brings prestige, new academic opportunities and an additional senior faculty position to a well-regarded program in communications. Made Meyer possible by a $1.5 million gift from Dorothy Blair and the Blair Foundation it honors the late John P. Blair, a broadcast-advertising pioneer with ties to Wisconsin’s public universities and Green Bay.

The John P. Blair Endowed Chair in Communication Holder: Prof. Timothy Meyer (since 2005)

November 2008


A nn u a l R e por t The Campaign for UW-Green Bay

A MAJOR INCREASE in the number of donors to endowed named scholarships, the launch of Phase II academic initiatives and the wrap-up of fundraising for the new Kress Events Center all contributed to an impressive, lengthy list of Capital Campaign donors for fiscal year 2007-08. For the latest on the campaign, see the news story on page 15.

1923 Fund Gerald and Althea Abitz Lynnette M. Adamany Patricia A. Albers Amerhart Ltd. Ameriprise Auto & Home Insurance Lyle and Victoria Amundson Patricia A. Anderson Douglas K. Anderson Roger and Sandra Anderson Thomas and Laurie Anderson Paul and Kelly Anderson Anonymous Sunny L. Archambault Arendt Trust Thomas and Tracy Arndt Bob and Carrie Arnold Associated Banc-Corp. Associated Bank Green Bay Associated Trust Company Gladys R. Austgen Pamela and Paul Backus Leland and Inge Bacon Tom and Jean Badciong Betty L. Baer Patricia W. Baer Bank Mutual Corporation Robert and Jeanne Barnard Robert and Joanne Bauer Paul D. Baumgart Bay Bank Bay Heating Service, Inc. BayCare Clinic Foundation Baylake Bank Gary P. Beckman Diane and Jeff Beinlich Dan and Lois Beisel Bellin Health The Belson Company Jane A. Berg Mr. and Mrs. Ralph J. Berg Jeanne M. Berg Thomas and Rebecca Berger Lisa A. Bergner Avi Berk Bernard O. and Sally J. Killoran Revocable Trust DTD Berniece Veldman Revocable Trust Alice Billing Dudley and Mary Birder Madge F. Bishop Dorothy R. Blair Blair Foundation Steve and Kari Blake


November 2008

John and Pamela Bloor Kenneth and Ann Boettcher Ketty Boilesen Dan and Penny Bollom Ryan Borowicz Jennifer Borup Patricia L. Bosacker Sidney Bremer and Jerrold Rodesch Dennis and Marjory Brinkman Barbara Brown Betty D. Brown Brad and Heather Buchanan Jim and Mary Busch Pamela M. Busch Carol and Bob Bush John I. Cahill Karen Callahan Joseph and Margaret Callan R. David and La Vonne Callsen Calson Group, LLC Mary S. Carlsen Opal L. Carlson Audre E. Carlson Terry L. Carlson Dr. Paul and Mary Cederberg William and Cheryl Chaudoir Gary and Kay Christens Kathleen V. Christianson Christopher P. Laws, D.D.S. Citizens Banking Corporation Charitable Foundation Clinical and Consulting Psychology David R. Clowers David A. and Mary Ann P. Cofrin David H. Cofrin Edith D. Cofrin Gladys G. Cofrin Mary Ann P. Cofrin Paige W. Cofrin Arthur and Nancy Cohrs Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Region, Inc. Patrick J. Condon Thomas W. Conner Eileen Connolly-Keesler and Patrick Keesler Mark Conway Daniel F. Conway Robert and Anna Cook Cornerstone Foundation of NE Wisconsin Thomas E. Corts Dan and Jan Cram Thomas D. Cuene

Susan M. Curoe Andrew J. Dahle Nancy L. Daleiden Harold and Janis Day De Pere Foundry, Inc. Keith Decker Dr. David and Jane DeCock Joyce F. DeKeyser Virginia C. Dell Don and Gail DeMeuse Denmark State Bank Mary L. Dettman Robert and Durell DeVos Sharon R. Dhuey Sara Diehlmann Patrick J. Distefano Jeremy G. Docken J. Walter and Frances Donovan Joan K. Downey Thomas Duke and Jean Hammink Elaine M. DuPlessis Dennis and Kathryn Dybowski East Shore Industries, Inc. James and Karen Ebbeson Elizabeth B. & Philip J. Hendrickson Foundation Ltd. Daniel and Melissa Emery Allyn and Jean Ensign Ben and Evelyn Erdmann Federated Insurance Michael and Tonya Felhofer Patricia A. Felton Larry and Kay Ferguson Festival Foods Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Earl and Ann Finder Emil and Gail Fischer Mike and Virginia Fleck Donald J. Flesia Dr. Kenneth and Paula Fleurant Diane Ford Jennifer Free Dave and Colleen Fridlund Max and Susan Frost Gagnon Clay Products Co. Jerry and Janet Gallagher Susan Gallagher-Lepak and Steven W. Lepak Keith Garot E. Paul and Darlene Gast William and Maria Gerl Rebecca M. Gibbs Goodwill Industries of North Central Wisconsin, Inc. Barbara S. Gould

Thomas and Christine Grannis Barbara and Tim Graul Greater Green Bay Community Foundation, Inc. Dr. Jeremy and Elizabeth Green Green Bay Converting Green Bay Packaging, Inc. Greenleaf Wayside Bank Jacob Greenstein Thomas R. Gresenz Thomas and Lucy Groth Jim and Sheila Growt Hayden D. Groy Gary and Liz Grzesk William and Josephine Guenzel Melinda K. Gushwa David E. and Nancy M. Hager Susan M. Hager Thomas R. Hall Dr. Christopher and Tricia Hall Otto and Jan Hamm Kathleen Hammink Gerard L. Hammink Terry and Patricia Hammink Lori Hammink Alfred and Vicky Hannemann Louise M. Hansen Sharon Hanzalik Don and Phyl Harden Wm. Nelson and Janet Hardin Bonnie R. Hartmann Hattiesburg Paper Corp. Donald E. Heeringa Hudson and Heather Hellmich Lori Helms Philip and Elizabeth Hendrickson Ruth and Melvin Henrichs Nell Herlache Thomas and Jill Herlache Tamara L. Hernke Peter Herrell Dawn M. Herzig John and Patricia Hickey Steven H. Hillier Karen Hintz Cecilia M. Hintz Vicki S. Hoell De Anne R. Hoffmann Stephen Hokonson and Nancy Parker Hokonson Mark and Michaela Holey Sam D. Holmes Pete and Jelaine Horton Arpad and Patricia Horvath Christine and David Howland

A nn u a l R e por t George F. Howlett, Jr. Chuck and Carol Ihrke Infinity Machine & Engineering Corp. Rachel M. Jackson Stanley and Janet Jacobson Janet E. Meyer Charitable Lead Trusts Richard and Peg Jansen Chuck and Debra Johnson Johnson Bank Adeline Jolink Mary M. Kabacinski Mike and Kathy Karisny Stephen and Wendy Kase Robert Kastenschmidt June Kellogg Paul and Kathleen Kelnberger Fred and Karen Kersten Tom Kilkenny Bernard and Sally Killoran Lucille Kirkegaard Timothy Klessig Tom and Stacey Klimek D. Eileen Klonglan Walter and Joyce Klunk Ken and Gayle Knauf Judith A. Knudsen Jeffery and Amy Kohnle Kristen T. Kok Paul R. Kok Mr. Scott Koke Gregory V. Konz-Krzyminski KPMG Foundation Joseph A. Kraft Ed Kralovec and Susan Finco Gerald and Nancy Krause Irene Daniell Kress KI Paul and Carla Krueger Kenneth D. Krueger Carl and Mary Ellen Kuehne William G. Laatsch Mac LaForce LaForce, Inc. Martha J. Lambiotte Loretta and John Larkey Donald and Judy Larmouth Bill and Pat Larsen Dennis and Janice Larsen Dr. Nancy W. Larson Dirk and Julie Larson Dr. and Mrs. Christopher Laws Louis and Susan LeCalsey Mary T. LeMere Philip and Bonnie Lemmens Thomas S. Lemorande Leon H. & Clymene M. Bond Foundation, Inc. Charles and Janet Lieb A. Carmencity Lim-Thomas Mr. Mark John Linzmeier, C.P.A., C.M.A. David and Eileen Littig D.J. and Julie Long Long Family Foundation Lord’s Dental Studio, Inc. M&I Marshall & Ilsley Bank James and Doris Madigan Barbara Maenpaa Barnum Jane A. Maier

Jan and Lynn Malchow Marianna Manton Richard, Grace and Luanna Marko Mari C. Martin Lynn and Everett Mattke Harold and Pat Matzke Christine Mayer Henry F. Mayland Don and Gail Mc Cartney Douglas and Pam McGee H. Weldon McGee Ernst & Young LLP Dorothy McIntosh Philip G. McIntosh Elaine N. McIntosh Deborah McIntosh Flaherty J. D. and Deanna McKay Mike and Kate Meeuwsen James F. Meisner Rebecca J. Melby Marilou Melcher Robert and Sandra Mendelsohn Patricia L. Meyer Robert & Betty Meyer Family Foundation Wayne and Ginger Micksch Margaret E. Miller C. J. and Nancy Miller Robert and Carol Moellenberndt Mike and Gloria Morgan Morley-Murphy Foundation Craig A. Mueller Family Trust Fred Mueller Reginald and Jane Muhl Patrick and Ann Murphy Frank Nardi John and Crystal Natzke Gerald and Verla Nelson Nelson Trust NEW Financial Executives International NEW Partnership for Children and Families Hung V. Nguyen Nicolet National Bank David and Joyce Nielsen Joan M. Niquette Jeff Nordgaard Carol B. Norman Peter and Laurel Northouse George T. O’Hearn, D.D.S. Dr. George and Ann O’Hearn Gerald and Patricia Olson Jendean N. Olson Virginia K. Olson Tom and Joan Olson Joan M. Osip Keri L. Paris Linda I. Patton Lisa Paulsen Sally A. Peck Gary and Pamela Peterson Marcia M. Peterson Mary E. Peterson Ron and Suzy Pfeifer Louis and Lois Philipp Jared and Stacy Phillips Pinkert Law Firm LLP Pioneer Credit Union

Sara Wallace Pitcher Kathy Pletcher and Chuck Matter Mike Powers Gustman Pontiac-GMC Richard and Sandra Presnell Prevea Clinic Gerald D. Prindiville Bob and Jan Pum Mary Jane Quass Julie A. Radosavljevic Sherry Rasmussen Michael and Kathleen Reese Rehabilitation For Wisconsin, Inc. Peter and Tracy Reinhart Bernice L. Rentmeester Charles and Lenora Rhyner Nicole L. Rice Donald and Frances Richter Jack and Ginny Riopelle Roger and Jeni Ripley Robert W. Baird & Co. Foundation Kramer and Carolyn Rock Willard E. Rohde Elisa K. Rosenick Carl J. Rudolph Drs. Paul and Thea Sager Marilyn and Mick Sagrillo Kimberly Sais Jolanda M. Sallmann Christopher and Carolyn Sampson Vincent and Michelle Schamber Schenck SC Marian Schlise Philip and Ann Schmitz Schneider National Foundation Tom Schober and Suzan Schober-Murray Billie Schoenfeld Schreiber Foods, Inc. Edward and Barbara Schriner-Schmitt Terry Schott Leander and Helen Schwartz Patricia and Robert Scieszinski Ann and Paul Selk Selvick Insurance Agency, LLC Rudolph and Shirley Senarighi John Shaline Bruce and Cyndie Shepard Estate of Irene M. Shewalter Donald A. Sillers Catherine O. Small Anthony and Bonnie Smith Patricia A. Snow Robert L. Sorenson Dennis and Ann Starr Jennifer A. Starr Dr. Marsha J. Sternard and Mr. Lester Sternard Ron and Bev Stieglitz K. C. Stock Foundation Stoneman-Schopf Agency, Inc. Tom and Maggie Stover Charles and Pamela Stratton Barbara K. Stricker Steve and Karen Swan Pat and Lisa Taphorn Ralph D. Taylor Roger and Judith Tepe

The Byron L. Walter Family Trust The George Kress Foundation, Inc. The Procter & Gamble Fund Heidi G. Thomas Debbie Thompson Ed and Sally Thompson Thompson Management Associates Jan and Dennis Thornton Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Foundation Mike and Joan Thron Sue A. Tong-Fredrickson Tosca Limited Marlys Trunkhill Stephanie L. Tust U.S. Agency for International Development John and Gail Underwood United Way of Brown County United Way of Door County UW-Oshkosh Social Work Staff Roger and Karen Utnehmer Stephanie L. Valentine Sandra C. Valentine Bridget and Matt Van Laanen Mary B. Vandenbusch Rick and Sarah Vanderstoep Curtis and Priscilla Vanderstoep Ver Halen, Inc. Robert and Arlys Verdoorn Shirley A. Verdoorn Veronica M. Virgili-Behme Diane Vliem Edward and Cynthia Vopal Anneliese Waggoner John and Laurie Walsh Randy and Diane Watermolen Robert and Delores Weber Shawn and Jodi Weber Webster Funshine Club Ellen R. Weidner James Weidner Karen Weidner and Kurtis Klotzbuecher Marjorie M. Weidner Peter Weidner Karen Westenberger Mark and Angela Westfall Tim and Maryanne Weyenberg Weyers Family Foundation, Inc. Rolfe and Judith White Michael and Harriet Wichowski Stanley and Helen Wiersma James and Ruth Wiersma George R. Wiesner Ruthann N. Wilson Wipfli LLP Wisconsin Council on Social Work Education Wisconsin Garden Railway Society Wisconsin Public Service Foundation, Inc. Chuck and Roberta Wiseman James and Kathryn Wochinske Susan M. Wurzer David J. Yankee John and Erleen Zellner Lawrence A. Zordan

November 2008


A nn u a l R e por t ENDOWED FUNDS AND SCHOLARSHIPS Endowed Faculty Development Fund The Joseph LaForce Fund in Business

Hagemeister Family Art Scholarship

William F. Prevetti Scholarship

UW-Green Bay Alumni Scholarship

Philip J. Hendrickson Business Scholarship

Retirees Scholarship

Van’s Lumber Student-Athlete Scholarship

Hugh C. and Mary J. Higley Scholarship

Named Endowed Scholarships Lois Beisel Phuture Phoenix Scholarship Fund Bollom Family Scholarship Julie Brickley Memorial Scholarship

Patricia L. Hoppe Memorial Scholarship Mildred T. Jorgenson Scholarship for Women’s Basketball Michael Kazar Scholarship

Margaret Nelson Bubolz Scholarship

Sally and Bernie Killoran Education Scholarship

Frank Byrne Memorial Scholarship

Anne Kok Scholarship for Social Work

James E. Casperson Memorial Award

Lucy M. Krchma Education Scholarship

Chancellor’s Achievement Scholarship

Billie Kress Phuture Phoenix Scholarship

Chancellor’s Scholarship for Musical Excellence

Joseph and Mac LaForce Business Scholarship

Mercedes Cisneros Memorial Scholarship

Steven and Maureen Lapacz Scholarship

Barbara Hauxhurst Cofrin Graduate Assistantship in Environmental Science and Policy Bradford L. Cook Memorial Scholarship Coryl Crandall Memorial Scholarship David L. Damkoehler Art Scholarship Thomas E. Daniels Scholarship Margo Delahaut Memorial Scholarship Jerry Dell Memorial Fund Ronald A. Dhuey Memorial Scholarship Albert Einstein/Mahatma Gandhi Scholarship Louis O. Erdmann Memorial Scholarship for Theatre Bidwell K. Gage Scholarship

Althea Steele Lederer Scholarship Janet and Charles Lieb Phuture Phoenix Scholarship Madigan Family Scholarship Robert H. Maier Memorial Scholarship Kathy Majewski Memorial Scholarship Jack and Engrid Meng Scholarship

Joseph J. and Gloria E. Schott Memorial Scholarship

John and Anne M. Rose Scholarship

Byron L. Walter Family Scholarship

Meredith B. and John M. Rose Scholarship

Weidner Family Endowment

Paul and Thea Sager Scholarship in Memory of Edward W. Weidner Herbert F. and Crystal J. Sandmire Scholarship

Gary R. Weidner Memorial Scholarship Jean B. Weidner Scholarship in Social Work

Walter and Gertrude Scherf Scholarship

Loretta A. Wells Nursing Scholarship

Second Gear of the University League Scholarship

Rolfe E. White Scholarship for Social Work

Nancy Sell Memorial Scholarship

Elizabeth E. Wyngaard Memorial Scholarship

Cyndie Shepard Phuture Phoenix Scholarship

Karl Zehms Accounting Scholarship

Cyndie and Bruce Shepard Phuture Phoenix Scholarship Irene M. Shewalter Scholarship in Theatre Students in Free Enterprise Scholarship Ralph R. Stein Memorial Scholarship Dr. Donel Sullivan Scholarship Oliver and Margaret Trampe Scholarship

Paul D. Ziemer Scholarship University Academic Excellence Award University Memorial Scholarship - Arthur Atkisson - Nancy Datan - Dennis Girard - Abe Shepard - Alvin Swinerton - Hans Van Beek * Established through bequests.

Craig A. Mueller Scholarship for Arts and Visual Design and Communication Craig A. Mueller Phuture Phoenix Scholarship Music Faculty Scholarship Northeast Wisconsin Engineering Scholarship

Tony Galt Student International Travel Scholarship

Jim and Kelli Prast Scholarship

November 2008

Ginny and Jack Riopelle Phuture Phoenix Scholarship

Sidney and Ruth Morris Scholarship

Phuture Phoenix Philanthropists Scholarship

Jeremy Green Family Scholarship

Veterans Scholarship

Robert T. and Betty Rose Meyer Scholarship

Henrietta Gallagher Scholarship

Green Bay Photojournalism Scholarship


Alvina A. Hintz Scholarship

Charles Richardson Memorial Jazz Scholarship

Ralph C. Pratt Memorial Scholarship Carlton and Geraldine Pressey Memorial Award

Billie Kress

A nn u a l R e por t Phuture Phoenix

P hilanthropists

LOCAL, STATE AND NATIONAL recognition in the form of donations, awards and outside grants made 2008 a banner year for Phuture Phoenix. Community supporters achieved not only another big year of annual giving, they also established the program’s first college scholarship funds (see facing page). Wisconsin’s educational leadership bestowed “Program of Distinction” honors. And a grant from the Great Lakes Higher Education Guaranty Corporation provided not only financial support but highprofile recognition of the program’s success in motivating fifth-graders in Northeastern Wisconsin to commit to education, graduate from high school and plan ahead for university and college careers.

Phenominal Philanthropists – Platinum

Phuture Phoenix Philanthropists

Weyers Family Foundation

Jane L. Anderson Steve and Marcia Bischel Dorothy Blair Suzanne Brault Judith A. Brehm John and Gisela Brogan Tina and Jeff Carr Charles L. & Debra M. Johnson Fund * Judith Crain Heidi D. Davis Kerry Destino Susan Finco John and Claire Frey Candy Gilmore Elizabeth P. Green George and Sharon Hartmann Ceci Kiefer John and Jacque Kress Mrs. Joe LaForce Lou and Sue LeCalsey Diane V. Liebmann Austin and Susan McGuan Michael and Ingrid Merkatoris Sue Murphy Carla Nicks Jeffrey and Barbara Ottum Lee Prange and Neil Van Dyke Jessica Raymaker Romo Inc. Thea Sager Dr. Herbert and Crystal Sandmire Paul Schierl Beth Schmidt

Phenominal Philanthropists – Silver Bob and Carol Bush

Phenominal Philanthropists – Bronze American Foods Group Bernie and Alyce Dahlin Jere and Sheri Dhein Elizabeth B. & Philip J. Hendrickson Foundation Ltd. Kayleen and Larry Ferguson Gochnauer Family Foundation Irene Kress Jon LeDuc

Phaithful Philanthropists Ellsworth & Carla Peterson Foundation Diane and Pat Ford Terry and Kris Fulwiler John and Patricia Hickey Jane and Bob Laird Pat Larsen Michael & Kate Meeuwsen Family Fund* Jack and Ginny Riopelle Bob and Jolyce Rupp

Adrienne Schmitz Katie Small Kay and Art Sonneland Barbara Strom Larry and Rosie Sur Steve and Karen Swan Gail Underwood Ellen Weidner Marjorie Weidner Mrs. Harriet Ziemer * fund of the Greater Green Bay Community Foundation, Inc. NOTE: Phuture Phoenix Philanthropists listed here cover gifts received from 11/1/2007 to 6/30/2008. Gifts received from 7/1/07 to 10/31/07 were acknowledged in the December 2007 annual report.

November 2008


A nn u a l R e por t Theatre

First Nighters THE THEATRE FIRST NIGHTERS organization provides behind-the-scenes support to UW-Green Bay’s highly regarded theatre program. Dedicated to the memories of founders Louis O. Erdmann and Edward W. Weidner, the group provides resources for guest artists, student scholarships and program affiliation with the prestigious Kennedy Center/American College Theatre Festival.

First Nighter Producers

First Nighters

Anonymous Lucy and John Arendt Laura Riddle and John Mariano Kathy Pletcher and Charles Matter Stuart and Nancy Stiles In memory of Edward W. Weidner  

Cliff and Joyce Abbott Todd and Karen Adams Allon Bostwick Betty Brown John and Julie Burmesch David and Catherine Burrows Tom Cuene and Carol Cassell James and Susan Davie David and April Deming Jean O’Hora and Kate Duffy Jack and Rachel Frisch Max and Susan Frost Scott and Debbie Furlong Sally Greenwood Sue Hammersmith and Al Uniacke Stewart and Linda Hoar Fergus and Bonnie Hughes

First Nighter Directors Judith Russell and Howard Bornstein Diane and Charles Nordell Dr. Sandra M. Stokes In memory of Carol and Craig LoCascio

Mike and Jane Ingraham William and Mary Kaminski William G. Laatsch Jeff and Cathy LeCaptain Let Me Be Frank Productions Paul and Donna Madary Vicki Medland and Michael Draney Miller Financial / Insurance Services Tim and Ellen Montour Brock and Heidi Neverman David and Susan Parsons Jon and Judi Pietsch Pat and Reb Przybelski Bruce and Cyndie Shepard

Richard and Pamela Spangenberg Joan and Michael Thron Ed and Nancy Watts Giles and Kathleen Woolf In memory of Gary Weidner In memory of Sue Kline Heim In memory of Louis Erdmann

Theatre Angels

Barbara and Paul Boehler Steve and Brenda Buffington Virginia C. Dell Sally and Bernie Killoran Kathryn Lindner In memory of Dr. Stuart Milson

A lumni


ALL GRADUATES of UW-Green Bay automatically become members of the Alumni Association. The Association’s board of directors — two dozen volunteers representing a range of class years and majors — takes an active role in promoting the University and its 25,000 alumni. 2007-08 Officers


Kelly Ruh ’01 President

Jennifer Baker-Johnson ’01 Shannon Chronister ’03 Angela (Stangel) Duckart ’03 Bill Gaddis ’00 James Genrich ’71 Angela (Laux) Hoisington ’00 Sarah (Osterberg) Inman ’92 Ryan Kauth ’96 Elaina Koltz ’06 Joe Pieper ’99 Danny Schulz ’05 James Schwartz ’83 Colleen Sheahan ’86 Rich Spangenberg ’71 Susan Vander Heiden ’02 Adam Warpinski ’06 Jay Wille ’93

Joel Hansen ’01 Vice President of Alumni Operations Brian Gold ’99 Vice President of Alumni Services Vince Schamber ’00 Treasurer Donna Sheedy ’94 Secretary


November 2008

A nn u a l R e por t The Niagara Society THE NIAGARA SOCIETY recognizes those who invest in the future through a deferred or planned gift. This September, friends, family and campus gathered to commemorate a $1 million bequest from the late Craig A. Mueller. His sister, Marcia (left), said the family was proud his gift, the largest ever for a UW-Green Bay scholarship fund and the largest by an alumnus, will provide aid to students enrolled in the Arts and Visual Design and Communication academic units. Members Sidney Bremer Richard Chernick Sue N. Cox Richard L. Dudkiewicz William L. Forrest Ismael A. Godoy Tom and Judy Haevers Phillip and Betsy Hendrickson Donald and Patricia Kelly

Steven and Maureen Lapacz Louis and Susan LeCalsey H. Weldon McGee Michael and Gloria Morgan Keith and Karen Peterson Barbara Phillips Russell R. Roseman Bonnie Thomas Marjorie M. Weidner Rolfe E. White

F riends of

The Cofrin Library THE FRIENDS OF THE COFRIN LIBRARY organization exists to extend the educational reach of the University library, raising money through annual giving, special events and fundraisers. Helping out at a spring 2008 fundraiser with a book signing after a local comedy show was comedian Paula Poundstone. The national spokeswoman for Friends of Libraries U.S.A. is flanked here by Friends members Debbie Burden and Sherry Lacenski. Charter Members

Benefactor Members

Individual Members

Debra Anderson George Burridge Carol Emmons William Laatsch Doris and Jim Madigan Diana Margotto Charles Matter Barbara McClure-Lukens Elaine and Tom McIntosh Kathy Pletcher Jerrold Rodesch Paul and Thea Sager Edward Weidner

Joyce Hannemann Leanne Hansen Shane and Sheila Kohl Mark Koplien Deb and Paul Strelka Robert and Lena Wenger

Life Members

Household Members

Virginia Dell Fort James Foundation Cecilia Hintz Lenny Pearce Marjorie Weidner

Debbie and Gary Burden John Ellis and Zoryana Dmytryshya Paula and Clifton Ganyard Curt and Jeanne Heuer Stewart and Linda Hoar Bruce and Janet LaPlante Jerry and Nancy McCaffery Christine Style and Tony Rajer Peggy Vandeveer

Paul Baumgart Henry Czachor David Daniels Carol DeGroot Lynn Doudna Jack Dukes Sara DuQuaine Ginnie Erdmann Michael Everage Tina Geromini Juliana Gerrits Judy Glueckstein Sue Hammersmith Jim Jacques Jacqulyn Jahnke Andrew Kersten Judith Kubiak Sherry Lacenski Judith Leanna Daniel Linssen Kris Matthies Janice McCarthy Daniel Moran

Patron Members Terri and Jon Johnson Bill Meindl Pamela Roberts Chris Sampson David Voelker and Ruth Homrighaus

Mary Naumann Dennis Nichols Kim Nielsen Jerrel K. Ralph Jane Rasmussen Gina Stella Rollins Donna Schneeberg Dixie Tubbs Zeta Turriff Shirley Vandermuss Jean Wentz Judith Westerfeld Steve A. Woods Doris Ziesemer

Student Members Jennifer Becher Eric Mims Laura Mullins

November 2008


A nn u a l R e por t The

Phoenix Fund FRIENDS OF UW-GREEN BAY ATHLETICS enjoyed a special year in 2007-08. Phoenix teams continued their winning ways on the field of play, and Phoenix studentathletes exhibited exemplary achievement in the classroom. A visiting NCAA review team awarded high marks to campus and community with regard to program operation and academic and fiscal integrity. The future looks brighter still with the opening of the state-of-the-art Kress Events Center, the unveiling of a new athletics logo, new fundraisers (including a Sergio Garcia outing, left) and the advent of a new commercial licensing program.

All American


Bob and Carol Bush The George Kress Foundation – Green Bay Packaging Dr. David and Renee Kim Van’s Lumber and Custom Builders

Paul and Kelly Anderson Bay Lakes Commercial Realtors Bill and Carolyn Beaudin Jeff and Diane Beinlich Bellin Health Sports Medicine Belmark, Inc. Steve Bischel Matt and Kari Bollant Ken and Carrie Bothof Rod Czerwonka Dental City Pat and Jim Duescher Feeco International Inc. Festival Foods Royce Finne and Sue Bischel Gannett Foundation/ Green Bay Press Gazette Godfrey & Kahn SC Green & Gold Concrete Jim Growt and Sheila Brady-Growt Steve and Kristin Harty Robert J. Hermsen & Associates Howard Immel Inc. Hurckman Mechanical Rick and Amy Johnson Johnson Bank/Johnson Insurance Bernie and Sally Killoran Paul and Linda Koch Karen and Craig Kodanko Kurt and Connie Koeppel Tod and Julie Kowalczyk Paul and Carla Krueger LaForce, Inc. Lee Anderson Engineering Dr. Dan Linehan Rolf and Ann Lulloff Neal and Julie Maccoux

Athletic Director Bob and Sue Antolec Bernie and Alyce Dahlin Freedom Fund – Ron Weyers Andy and Julie Hetzel HJ Martin & Son – Ed Martin Dr. James and Patricia Hinckley Imaginasium KI – Dick Resch Kroll’s West – Mike Wier Leon & Clymene Bond Foundation Mike Reese Schreiber Foods

Coach Associated Bank Dr. Jerry Blackwell Century Drill & Tool Co., Inc. Cornerstone Foundation Dean Distributing Green Bay Orthopedics Ltd. Phil and Betsy Hendrickson K & K Material Handling Dr. Frank Mattia and Dr. Shelley Boehm-Mattia Jack and Inky Meng Erich and Tara Quidzinski Chris and Julie Van Saders


November 2008

Manitowoc Tool & Machining Larry McCarren Dr. Pat McKenzie MCL Industries, Inc. Mike and Kate Meeuwsen Jess and Patti Miller Paul and Mary Mongin Nicolet National Bank Tom and Joan Olson Dr. Michael O’Reilly Vijay and Jen Parmar Peterson Ford Mercury Ron and Suzy Pfeifer Pioneer Metal Finishing PMI Pomp’s Tire Peter and Tracy Reinhart Thomas Remondini Donna Ritch Paul Schierl Paul C. and Brenda Schneider Bruce and Cyndie Shepard Dr. James Spears Dr. Ian Sproat William and Diane Stevens Tom and Cindy Sullivan Stock Building Supply Steve and Karen Swan Michael Thomson Toonen Companies Tosca Limited Dean and Mary Vander Plas Sharky and Claire Vander Woude Marge Weidner Wells Fargo Bank Wipfli LLC Paul and Jeanne Wojta

A nn u a l R e por t Letterwinner


Rich and Kathleen Aicher Amerhart Ltd. Tom and Laurie Anderson Bob and Carrie Arnold Aon Corporation – Steve Ferris Charles and Cheryl Aslakson The Bar – Appleton Bay Title & Abstract, Inc Bay Towel Dan and Bev Bergsma Avi and Laurie Berk Bryan and Mary Beth Boettcher Tom Cuene and Carol Cassell Michael Demchenko Bob and Durell DeVos Don and Linda Eckes Kirk and Terri Etten John and Vicki Fabry Forest Construction Company, Inc. Brad Frank Greenleaf Wayside Bank Don and Phyllis Harden Dr. Nezih and Debra Hasanoglu John and Nancy Heugel Mary Hiltunen Joe and Kate Hoffmeyer Martin and Sandra Holden Home Acres Building Supply Jonas Service & Supply Jones Sign Company K.C. Stock Foundation Debbie Kirch and Dan McIver Ken Klemm Rod Kowalczyk and Carolyn Jahns Lamers Bus Lines Margaritas Marling Distributing Le Roy and Mary Ellen Matuszak Gail and Richard McNutt Morley Murphy Foundation Frank and Liz Nardi Jeff and Alexis Nordgaard Tom and Dawn Olejniczak Performa, Inc. Kramer and Carolyn Rock Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Roup Paul and Dorothea Sager Schenck Business Solutions Martin and Nancy Schweiner Steve Seidl Mark and Wendy Skogen Skyline Technologies Slinger Electric, Inc. Joe and Jeanne Stangel Steve and Christine Taylor Total Service Development Co. Ed and Sue Van Boxtel Dr. James and Carolyn Van Miller Noreen and Robert Wenninger Bob White and Toby Cohen James and Ginny Winston Witt’s Food Inc. – Jack Witt

Albany International Chuck and Patti Albers Daniel and Jane Alesch Eric and Stella Algrem Dr. John Amuzu Rich and Lois Anderson Anduzzi’s Sports Club Lori Antolec Karl Appleton Ariens Co. Tom and Tracy Arndt Dick Aucutt Auto Haus J. Thomas and Pat Aziere Hans Bachmeier and Andrea Pasqualucci The Bar – Lime Kiln & Holmgren Way Todd and Julie Bartels Larry and Jane Barton Dean and Kim Basten Steve and Nancy Batterman Jim and Gail Becker Dr. Tim and Tracy Belleau Bill and Mary Benson Michael and Paula Bergner Sharon Bergsma Greg and Linda Bins Dan and Cathy Boettcher Gary and Cindy Boie Sara Boyer Mark Brandt and Mike Redig Randy and Sandy Brockington Todd and Julie Bruss Cole Buergi Pepper and Nancy Burruss The Business Bank Dr. and Mrs. William T. Carlisle James and Gladys Carviou Renny Challoner Chase Bank Michele Christiansen Jeremy and Katie Cleven Clifton Gunderson, LLP Coca-Cola Enterprises Cornerstone Business Services Robert Crowley, DDS, SC Czachor & Pollack, LLP Chuck and Linda Cyra Dart Insurance Agency Scott Daul Don and Gail De Meuse Jerry and Jayne DeMeuse Denmark Insurance Center Steven and Tamara Demrow Dennis Detrie William and Tara Eberle Wendell and Shanna Ellsworth Fabio Perini North America Larry and Kayleen Ferguson John Fitzgerald James D. Fox Insurance and Investments Russ Fox Fox View Dental SC Kelly Franz Frito Lay

Jay Fulkerson Terry and Kris Fulwiler Jim Gagnon Jim and Nancy Gapinski John and Cate Gard Mike and Cathy Golden Green Bay Converting Green Bay Insurance Center Green Bay Packers Inc. Green Bay Seven-Up Bottling Co. Thomas Gresenz Gryboski Builders, Inc. Gustman Pontiac-GMC Thomas and Carole Guyette Carol Hammerle Sue Hammersmith and Al Uniacke Senator David and Jane Hansen Stephen and Robyn Helland Mary Jane and Jim Hemmy Richard and Katherine Herrema Larry and Arlene Hill Jim Horn Michael and Courtney Hubert Mike and Penny Hucovski IEI General Contractors, Inc. Chuck and Carol Ihrke Infinity Machine & Engineering Jim and Kelli Jacobi Chuck Johnson and Gail Kinney Kris and Dave Johnson Peter and Miriam Johnson Robert and Louise Judge The Karma Group James and Gina Kauer Kay Distributing, Inc. Paul and Colleen Kendle Jim Kiekhaefer Mike and Ronda Kincheloe Steve and Cindy King Scott and Gail King Kiwanis Club of Greater Green Bay Doug and Kim Kohlbeck Mike and Nancy Konecny

Julian La Mue John Landrum and Linda Peacock-Landrum Dennis and Karen Langenberg Doug Larson Dr. Christopher and Margaret Laws Steve and Lynn Lazzari Lou and Sue LeCalsey Legends – Swan Club De Pere Glen and Joyce Leischow Lemkuil Architecture & Design Tom Lemorande Leonard & Finco Public Relations Gerald and Ruth Lewis Janet and Charlie Lieb John and Ronda Liebmann Bill and Pat Lindmark Dave Linz John Lochner Tom Lopina Charlie Lorenzi Dan and Karen Loy M & I Bank Macco’s Floor Covering Wayne and Kathleen Maccoux Frank Madzarevic Mail Haus Inc. Lee and Sally Mancoske Martin Security Systems Jim and Nancy Mc Ginnity Marilyn and Pat McCarey Fred and Sandy McIver J.D. and Deanna McKay Javier Mendiburu Traci Mentz Merck Company Jim and Marcy Merner Merrill Lynch & Co. Foundation Wayne and Virginia Micksch John and Clare Miller Jerry and Susan Moran Sean and Jennifer Moran Mike Moroni

November 2008


A nn u a l R e por t Jerry Mortell III Kelly Murphy Mary Naumann Navigator Planning Group – Scot Madson Joe and Jeanne Neidenbach Bill and Michelle Nelson Terry Nelson Steve and Robyn Noel Calvin O’Harrow Patrickus and Jones SC Tom and Alison Poitras Mark and Sue Porath Kent and Shelley Preston Print and Promo Prophit Marketing Pump Room, The Rabitz, Inc. Dale and Margaret Race Les and Barb Raduenz Mary Rass Peter Reines Jack and Ginny Riopelle Dick Ritchie Doug Ritchie Josh and Shelley Robinson Howard Roscoe Steve Ryskoski Tod and Debbie Sanders Brian Schaefer, DDS, SC Mark Schiefelbein Fritz Schmidt, MD - NEWENT Paul and Nicole Schneider Kurt Schoenberger Schuette Insulators, Inc. John and Marianne Schwartje Dr. John and Michelle Seccombe Bob and Maureen Seering Tim and Laurie Sewall Sherwin-Williams Co. Simon Insurance & Investments John Slatkey SMET Construction Services Robert and Martha Southard Pam and Rich Spangenberg Spensa Development Group, LLC Dan and Elizabeth Spielman Randy and Carrie Stary Todd Steffen Kyle and Penny Stevenson Streblow Family Foundation Pat Taphorn Patty Templin David and Janet Tetschlag Kathleen and James Thiel Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Foundation Dan Timmers Richard and Elizabeth Timmons Ken and Barb Treml Tweet Garot Mechanical. Inc. John and Gail Underwood Union State Bank Robert Van Drisse Randy and Julie Van Straten Kurt and Marci VandenHouten Bruce and Becci VandenPlas


November 2008

Thomas Vandersteen Jeff and Mary Jo Walch Wanezek, Umentum & Jaekels Dave Wanner Greg Wanner Phil and Le Ann Weist Lon Wendt Robert and Lena Wenger Maryanne and Tim Weyenberg Tom and Kate Wiers Larry Wierschke Steve and Gail Wilcox Steve and Sharon Wilmet Wisconsin Public Service Foundation Eric and Kelly Witczak Chris and Joe Woleske Dan Wotruba Gail and Hal Yelton

Phoenix Fan Keith & Karel Abts Allouez Animal Hospital Todd & Amy Anderson Dale Antoine Jeanette Barta Maurice and Lois Berner Gary Birr Sheila and Seth Blackman Donald and Gayle Boldt Daniel and Penny Bollom Patti and Kevin Bostad Ken and Grace Bouschart Sarah Bronk David and Cathy Burrows Cameron’s Coffee Dist. Al Carlotto John Carlson Computer Works Gerald Condon Mike and Tina Coniff Randall Conradt Senator Robert Cowles Herb Cuene Dale and Linda Darmody Ces Dawson DeGrave Dental Care Michael and Karen Derdzinski Tom and Christina Diener Sean and Kay Dwyer Event USA FASTSIGNS of Green Bay Fay Dental Care Bill Finger Megan and Brian Flanagan Foth & Van Dyke Freis Distributing Co., LLC Michael and Kathleen Frohna Scott and Debbie Furlong Paul and Darlene Gast Mike and Susan Graume Ground Round Grill & Bar Michael and Leanne Haddad Happy Joe’s Pizza Drew and Rachel Harris Jon and Heidi Harris James Hayes and Debra Rose Jeff Hayes

Bill and Lorena Heinrich Tim and Julie Helein Bob and Margaret Hendricks Tom and Jill Herlache Robert Hoekstra John Hoffman Brad and Shelly Jorgensen Pat and Patty Joyce Zoly and Kathy Kadar Kahler Slater Steven Kassner Construction Inc. Sue and Dennis Keihn Keitel Group, Inc. Mike King Nikki and John Kiss Zac, Lexie and Mike Kline Shane and Sheila Kohl The Konop Companies Pete Krambs Jeff and Heidi Krueger Steve and Beth Kulenkamp Doug and Barb LaFrombois Brian Liddy Dr. Ed and Siri Lin Dave Loritz Elaine and Tim Maney Barry and Cheryl Martzahl Chuck Matter and Kathy Pletcher Don and Gail McCartney Mike and Becky McGraw Chuck Nelson McIntosh Scott and Regina McIntosh Melissa Meyer Nationwide Foundation Lisa and Bruce Neal Charles and Sue Nickel John and Eleanor Nordgaard Kara Olson Michael and Lu Ellen Oskey PDS Contracting Jane Pamperin Paradise Heating, Inc. Paul Urmann State Farm Insurance T. Allan and Betty Pearson Wayne and Barb Porath Vicki and Peter Porter Lisa Prunty Bob and Jan Pum Autumn Rademacher Dennis and Joan Raisleger Chris Ramussen Richard’s Heating, Cooling & Roofing Roger and Jeni Ripley James Ritchay, Jr. Robert and Yvonne Rivett Jean Rivett Robert W. Baird & Company Joe Roberts Family Ed and Kathy Roeder Roemer Photography Rol-Tech Royal Scot Golf Course Chris and Carolyn Sampson Kevin Sandmire Marc and Holly Schmidt Bud Schmitz Charles and Liz Schrock

Tim and Beth Schultz Stephen and Kris Seeholzer Jamie Seidl Dick Sieg John and Amy Skolaski Stadium View Horst and Lora Stemke Darryl and Christine Stich Tom and Maggie Stover Holly and Glenn Stuebs Bob and Gwen Szelc Rob Taylor Ralph Tease, Jr. and Susan Lambert-Tease Justin Thayse Steve and Cheryl Thompson Bob and Pat Thut Christine Tilque Eric and Debbie Urben Helena VanDenElzen Bruce and Jeanne Vogel Vogel & Associates - Mike Vogel Vos Electric Inc. Rudy and Julie Wade Linda Warner Denise and Randy Warzon Dennis Watermolen Kim Wedige Jo and Tiffany Wiebel Matt and Sara Wiebel Wild Blue Technologies Les and Peg Williams Dennis Woelffer Lee and Stacy Wolcanski

Booster Dr. Chris and Gladys Akiwowo Al & Linda’s Pour Haus Greg and Ana Babcock Cyril and Mary Lou Backes Michelle Bartley Clem and Julie Bauer John and Cathy Baumgart Rick and Kathy Beaumier Nicole Benson Karl and Joji Berglin Sarah and Aaron Berken Pat Bertrand Beverly Berzinski Rick Beverstein Bilotti’s Pizza Garden Bob & Mary Bins Jane & Tim Birr Jon & Jennifer Biskner Sue & William Bodilly Larry Boll & Mary Gerend-Boll Dale Boreen Dan Boreen David Boreen Ryan & Melissa Borowicz Bill & Sally Bourbonnais Leanne Bowers Carl Buergi Beth Burns John Butrymowicz Dan & Sandy Christopherson Citizens Banking Corp – c/o Kathy Knuth

A nn u a l R e por t Citizens Banking Corp – c/o Randy Peterson Mike & Cheryl Churchill Kim Covert Timothy & Jill Cox David & Amy Curran Frank & Geri Czarnecki Daniel R. Balch CW Assoc. LTD Tim & Cathie Day Joni Dean Dave & Bonnie Defnet Ivan & Kristal Delbecchi Gary Delveaux Kyle & Tori Destree Dino Shell Marcy Dixon Julie and Marc Dosogne Cathy & Gary Dworak Mike Dymond Doug & Sally Elfering Jacqui & Rick Engebose Les & Bonnie Etters Wendy Evans Amy Fieck First Place Trophy & Engraving – Jodi Brennan Logan Flora Randy Fondow John Forcey Jim & Pat French Brian & Lori Frerk Byron Froelich Eric and Amy Gajeski Mike & Melissa Gallagher Tom Galloway Al Gehrke Dave Gehrke Brad Gerondale Dave Geyer Brian Giovinazzi Becky Glover David & Tracy Gorzek Edward & Cathy Groh Grohing Holsteins Donna Gunville Lucas Hana Bob & Paula Hann Mary Heilmann David & Joan Hintze Mike Hoppa Rita Houston Andy and Tiffany Huck Kevin Hughes Brad Hutjens Dick Ibsen Scott and Desiree Jacobsen Randy and Tricia Janssen Diane and Phil Jeanquart J. Michael Jerry Chandra Johnson Tom and Barb Jones Fran and Gloria Jonet Tim and Ragan Jorgensen

David and Jennifer Kapic Ben Kaquatosh Joe and Pat Kind Tony and Janet Kirch Luke Kiss Wally and Joyce Klunk Jim and Georgia Kneeland Don and Deb Knutson April Kocken Daniel and Diane Kopplin Tim and Stacy Kotnour Michael and Debra Koval Aaron Kramer Tricia and Justin Krenke Michael Kriofsky Mary Kulenkamp Karen and Bryan Lampereur Luke and Karen Lancelle Beth Lax Amanda Leonhard Mike Lepak Dave Liethan Jeff Linsmeyer Steve Lowery Ann and Kent Lundstrom Adam and Carrie Madson Patrick and Carrie Madson Mangless Insurance Agency Mike and Denise Maedke Paul and Stacy Manske Paula Marcec Joe and Katie Mathes Joe Mauel Craig Maxwell Kimberly Mayer Dave and Heather McCarthy Michael and Dawn McCole Tammy McIver-Gay and Dennis Gay Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Mickle Jamie Mueller and Chris Goller Brick Murphy Jenny and Chris Neils Paul and Kristin Northway Lori Ohland Laurie and Tim Olson Oneida Seven Generations Corp. Darrell and Carol Patterson Tim Pedretti Ted and Mary Penn Candy and Tom Pickert Eric Pigo Sarah and Tim Pigo Sue Pitroski Dan and Jan Porath Phil and Sharon Priebe Prime Time Printing Mike and Lisa Pritzl Paul Prokash Don and Candy Prystaloski Darrin Purcell James and Linda Queoff Red’s Excavating Butch and Jill Reimer Jill and John Renier Riverside Ballroom Ann Rodrian

Steve and Cynthia Roh Dan Rohrer Tom and Kathy Rolling Paul and Doreen Rosen Quinn and Stacy Ross Sue and Bill Sagal Paul and Judi Salmon Dr. Herb and Crystal Sandmire Kim Sandstrom Chuck and Joy Scadden Mike Schanhofer Larry Scharlow Jon and Rhonda Schneider Ray and Tami Schneider III Tom Schubbe and Maggie Arzdorf John and Nancy Selinsky Glen and Vicki Slaats Jessica Smith Adeline Sopa Tammy Springer Sue and Scott Steeno David and Susan Stenberg Krista Strenski Tyler Strenski Nancy and James Strong Tim and Kathy Sullivan Adam Taylor Amy Thomas Gary Tilot Dan Timm Michael and Louisa Tomrell Bud and Jeanne Treml Rod and Marilyn Truttman United Building Centers–Hoida Lumber Van Boxel’s Bar Mariann VanDenElzen April VandenPlas Dave and Patti Vander Ploeg Les Van Vonderen Ron Venci Kim Viduski Ron and Gwen Voelker Mike Vogel Mark and Mary Kay Wagner Kerry and Bruce Walker Lora Warner Mark Warpinski Weber Homes of Green Bay Mike Wehking John and Amy Weiss Julie Wesa – Lexington Homes Mike and Elaine Whiting Jason and Melissa Wied Dan Wilhelm John Willadsen and Lisa Wenger-Willadsen Steve Williams and Claire Hogan-Williams Jack and Peggy Willeson Chuck and Robbie Wiseman Mark Witte Woldt Construction Jerry and Helen Yudt Natalie Yudt Casey and Mary Zakowski

about this report These



the philanthropic support received by the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay during the fiscal year that closed June 30, 2008. Summaries are provided for the Founders Association, the Campaign for UW-Green Bay, Friends of the Cofrin Library, Phoenix Fund, Phuture Phoenix Philanthropists and Theatre First Nighters membership groups. Each donor is important to the University. We strive to be accurate and complete. Still, errors may occur. If your name is not listed and you believe it should be, or if your name is listed incorrectly or in the wrong category, please bring it to our attention. Corrections may be mailed to the University Advancement Office, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, 2420 Nicolet Drive, Green Bay WI 543117001, or conveyed to an Advancement Office staff member at (920) 4652074.

November 2008



Historic track:

Civil rights exhibit draws on family memories For years, Steve Taylor ’79, a business administration grad, shared the stories of his Pullman porter grandfather mainly with family and close friends. Occasionally, a visitor to Taylor’s office at Northwestern Mutual in De Pere would ask about the keepsakes there — his grandfather’s uniform, manual and union pin. That changed when UW-Green Bay Prof. Andy Kersten met with the National Railroad Museum’s Michael Telzrow. Kersten had just completed a book on A. Philip Randolph, the man who organized the porters to create the first African-American labor union. Kersten thought an exhibit using the museum’s Pullman sleeper would have mass appeal. Telzrow agreed.

visitors through the car using Hurst’s own words (as related by Taylor). He shares stories about the struggles and triumphs of the black porters, and the importance of the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters to the U.S. civil rights movement.

The Pullman cars — essentially “hotels on wheels,” were made for luxury and overnight travel. Those who served had well-paying jobs by Jim Crow standards but were subject to long hours, demanding duty and painstaking work rules. When Taylor learned of the museum’s plans for an exhibit, “Pullman Porters: From Service to Civil

Rights,” he felt compelled to share both his keepsakes and an oral history of his late grandfather, Emmanual Hurst. The museum worked with Balance Studios of Green Bay to create an avatar — a computer-generated three-dimensional image — based on the likeness of Hurst. Through video monitors, the avatar guides

“Our grandfather much preferred to tell us about the good things and the good people,” Taylor remembers. “But he shared the hardships, too, and taught us not to put up with disrespect, and he gave us ways to cope with adversity. He was a great believer in education, and told us ‘I have a great job, but you can do better.’” For more, visit Inside online.

1970s Arie DeWaal ’72 regional analysis, celebrated 30 years with Mead & Hunt, a top 500 engineering and design company located in Madison. He specializes in licensing hydroelectric developments. Cindy Becker ’72 humanism and cultural change, was named director of pastoral care for St. Mary’s Hospital Medical Center and St. Vincent Hospital of Green Bay. She previously worked for local parishes and the Catholic Diocese of Green Bay. Patricia Finder-Stone ’73 growth and development, has been reappointed by Gov. Doyle to the Wisconsin Board on Aging and Long Term Care. She is immediate past president of AARPWisconsin. It’s an alumni meeting of sorts when the Rotary Club of Downtown Green Bay convenes. The 2008-2009 board of directors includes Peter Mader ’76 population dynamics, as presidentnominee; Bob Hieronimczak ’76 managerial systems, as past president; and Don Brungraber ’73 managerial systems, as secretary.


November 2007

Terry Machut ’74 managerial systems, is an investment accountant for Morgan Stanley in Milwaukee.

Rathbun Dan Rathbun ’73 urban analysis, is director of a U.S.-funded project in Vietnam called Support for Trade Acceleration. Assistant Secretary of State Christopher Hill says STAR helped boost trade between the countries to $12.5 billion last year, an increase of 29 percent since Rathbun was appointed in 2006. U.S. exports to Vietnam are up nearly 75 percent. One goal is to help transform the Vietnamese economy by promoting a level playing field for the private sector, both foreign and domestic. Funding of STAR has been extended and increased. (Photo: Rathbun, center, poses with his STAR team and visiting U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Henrietta Fore.) Mike Hoffman ’74 ecosystems analysis, is a professor of entomology for Cornell University, Ithaca, N.Y., and a widely published authority on pest management. He serves as director of Cornell’s Agricultural Experiment Station.

Wayne Micksch ’74 managerial systems, was named to the St. Mary’s Hospital Medical Center and St. Vincent Hospital’s board of directors and is chair of the St. Vincent board for the upcoming year. Bill Fonferek ’76 science and environmental change, is the chief of special projects for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in Morrow, Ga. His team handles permitting in accordance with the Clear Water Act. In addition, he oversees the mitigation banking program for the area. Crandon Gustafson ’76 urban analysis, director of the Center for Professional Development at Harrington College of Design, Chicago, is president-elect for the Illinois chapter of the International Interior Design Association. Gordon Hempton ’76 population dynamics, was featured on ABC’s “Nightline” program earlier this year. The subject was his “Sound Tracker” campaign promoting preservation of the world’s quiet and undisturbed wilderness areas. A Simon and Schuster book is due out in 2009.

Wayne Campbell ’77 managerial systems, is the owner of Edible Arrangements, De Pere, featuring flower-like arrangements made entirely of fresh and chocolate-covered fruit. Bruce Mommaerts ’77 regional analysis, is executive director of the Oconto County Economic Development Corporation, responsible for attracting and retaining new business. Michael Cerkas ’78 business administration, is a technical team manager for GeoAnalytics, Inc. in Madison. Robert Rupp ’78 communication and the arts, is a TEC facilitator and president of The Renewal Group in Denmark, Wis. Deborah (Hutter) Menacher ’79 regional analysis, was named deputy county administrator for Marathon County. Menacher was previously director of the Disability Resource Center of Central Wisconsin, which provides services to both Marathon and Wood counties. Howard Mooers ’79 science and environmental change, received the 2008 scholar/teacher award at the University of Minnesota-Duluth, where he is the R.L. Heller Professor of Geology. In 2004 he received the University of Minnesota Alumni Association’s highest award for outstanding contributions to undergraduate education.


1980s Anne (Martyn) Alexander ’80 social change and development, focuses on clients’ strategies, systems and profits as president of Authentic Alternatives, Inc., a business consulting and coaching company Alexander in Fort Collins, Colo. Daniel Katers ’80 social change and development, had his second and third e-novels, Angel and Diana, published under a pen name by Forbidden Publications. Brian Charlier ’81 and ’97 business administration and a master’s in administrative science, was named Prevea’s vice president of clinical operations in Green Bay. Craig Dickman ’82 business administration, is CEO & Chief Innovation Officer for Breakthrough Fuels of Green Bay. The company arranges fuel packages with nearly one thousand trucking companies in the United States. Jay M. Kramer ’82 managerial accounting, has joined the Hawkins, Ash, Baptie & Company, LLP accounting firm as a partner. His practice focuses on tax services for small business including S corporations, partnerships, limited liabilities companies (LLCs) and individuals. He was formerly with Virchow Krause & Company, LLP in Green Bay. He serves on UW-Green Bay Founders Association, as well as the Estate Planning Council of N. E. W. and Pioneer Credit Union. The company has offices in De Pere, Manitowoc, Marshfield, Medford, and La Crosse, and Kramer Winona, Minn. Caryn (Sroka) Eron ’83 human development, is now retired and living in Arkansas. Following careers in teaching in Shawano County and counseling in Juneau and Portage counties, she later provided training regarding rights for disabled clients. Dave Willems ’83 communication and the arts, was named vice president for the Business Resource Center of the Fox Cities for the upcoming year. He is president and founder of Willems Marketing, Appleton. When David Hergert ’85 human development, died of cancer in late 2006, he left a lasting legacy — higher education to those in need. Hergert left nearly $1 million from his estate to be used for college scholarships and other financial assistance to help foster children through the Milwaukee-area Lad Lake Connection Program for at-risk children and families. A high school dropout, Hergert earned his GED, then graduated from UW-Green Bay and committed his life to social services, serving as deputy director for the Bureau of Milwaukee Child Welfare.

Tony Litwinchuk ’85 business administration, was promoted from vice president, Northern Division, to national sales manager for Airgas, the nation’s largest supplier of industrial, medical and specialty gases. Correction: Michael Donald Petersen ’85 communication and the arts and business administration, is a selfemployed executive search consultant. Allen Buch ’86 human development, is co-owner of the The Gift Itself, Green Bay, a store specializing in jewelry, metal sculpture, pottery, paintings and textiles. Larry Woods ’86 regional analysis, received the Exemplary Customer Service Award from the EPA for his work on a team that took action to address federal facilities’ new responsibilities under the Energy Woods Policy Act of 2005 to report on and inspect underground storage tanks. Ahmad Faisal Alia ’87 urban studies and environmental planning, is an associate professor at University Teknologi MARA-Perak, Malaysia. He is writing a book on the history of modern town planning while working on his Ph.D. Tim Nixon ’87 public administration, featured in the May 2008 issue of this magazine, is the new chairman of the board of directors for the Green Bay Area Chamber of Commerce. Nixon is a partner in the Green Bay law firm Godfrey & Kahn, S.C. He teaches on an ad hoc basis at UW-Green Bay. Martin Webber ’87 communication processes, is self-employed as a commodities trader in Chicago. Norbert Rozek ’88 art, is an associate producer for Frozen Codebase, a video game development company in Green Bay. Jo (Bates) Norman ’89 business administration and psychology, is a senior project management consultant in the Fox Valley for New Resources Consulting, Milwaukee. Maria Fisher ’89 psychology and human development, is operations manager for the NEW Zoo near Green Bay. The facility won a $30,000 technology makeover from The Camera Corner/ Connecting Point at the Green Bay Business Expo in March. Jane (Washatka) Frantz ’89 communication processes, is the marketing director for Community Living Solutions, LLC in Neenah, specializing in senior care living environments. Linda (Schuchart) Reum ’89 nursing, is a registered nurse with Urgent Care in Green Bay.

1990s Craig T. Cobane ’90 political science, received the newly created Jarve Endowed Professorship in Honors at Western Kentucky University, where he is executive director of the Honors College. He is a past Cobane recipient of UW-Green Bay Alumni Association Distinguished Alumni Award. Dennis Lorrig ’90 economics, is senior vice president for operations for the Struans Media Group, a “virtual” studio and independent film financier based in Carlsbad, Calif. Dace (Zarins) Cooke ’91 social work, who recently retired, writes that her daughter, Dr. Anne (Cooke) Houff ’97, human biology, is doing her residency in internal medicine at Oregon Health and Science University Hospital Cooke-Houff in Portland. David Grignon ’91 communication and the arts, is director of the Menominee tribe’s Historic Preservation Office. A key project today involves extending the success of language-preservation efforts. Patrick T. Harrigan ’91 political science and business administration, was appointed senior vice president of M&I Exchange Services in Minneapolis. He has written and lectured extensively on real estate and tax-deferred exchanges. Shari Kangas ’91 art and communication and the arts, was promoted to account manager for Arketype, a Green Bay advertising firm. Terry Madoka ’91 human development, is a program manager with the new Richard Reid TV operations Nairobi, Kenya. Reid TV is known for educational programming. Dr. Tricia (Kottwitz) Lorenz ’91 human biology and chemistry, is a family medical physician with Affinity Medical Group in Chilton. Her special interests are in women’s health, pediatrics, endocrinology and athletics. Jim Meyer ’92 business administration and economics,  was named president of the M&I Bank in Shawano. He has been with M&I for 21 years. David Neyer ’92 economics and political science, is a mine engineer at Kinross Gold in Round Mountain, Nev. Kinross is the third-largest primary gold producer in North America by reserves. They also have mines in Chile, Brazil and Russia.

Laurie Resch ’92 psychology and human development, is executive director of the Community Adoption Center, Green Bay. She previously worked for Family Services as crises services director for Brown, Shawano, and Sheboygan counties. Isaac Stephenson ’92 history and social change and development, is a paramedic with Rockford (Mich.) Ambulance. Terrie Pohjola ’93 and ’02 managerial accounting and a master’s in environmental science and policy, was named to the Thrivent Financial Bank board of directors. She is regional vice president of sales at SECURA Insurance, a property/casualty insurance company in Appleton. Wesley Johnson ’93 human development and psychology, is an outpatient counselor for the New London-based Rawhide Youth and Family Counseling Services for at-risk youth. Mark Smullen ’93 history, was named athletics director at Beloit Memorial High School. Claire (Hogan) Williams ’93 communication and the arts, is a business operations assistant with Cerebral Palsy Inc. of Green Bay. Amy Cisar ’94 psychology and human development, is a psychotherapist with Aurora Health Center, De Pere. She specializes in family communication issues, marital difficulties, self-esteem issues and grief counseling. Matthew Giese ’94 environmental science, founded MidWest Chemical and Equipment four years ago. The De Pere business helps companies with wastewater issues such as odor complaints, high sewer surcharges, high chemical costs, poor sludge quality and inadequate pH control. Samantha Andrews ’95 communication processes, is a public relations associate with Froedtert Hospital, Milwaukee. She has successfully completed the Examination for Accreditation in Public Relations, entitling her to use the APR professional Andrews designation. Michael Jansen ’95 business administration, is vice president, supply chain management for SCA Tissue. SCA has $1 billion in annual sales headquartered in Philadelphia with corporate offices in Neenah. Anthony Rasberry ’95 human development, recently relocated to Mesa, Ariz., to accept a customer care supervisor position with Humana, Inc. Ron Rasmussen ’95 history and political science, began in fall as principal at Mauston High School.

November 2008


ALUMNI NOTES Robert Saari ’95 associate of arts degree, was appointed vice president of business development for Contract Converting LLC., Greenville, Wis. Formerly a plant manager, Saari will direct all sales strategy and development, and pursue new growth opportunities. Shelly (Wozniak) Rosenquist ’95 art, is a senior communications specialist for UW-Milwaukee. She creates graphics for the university and leads design workshops for faculty and staff. She also participates in many juried fine art exhibits throughout the Midwest. Her website is Paula (Grusznski) Cloute ’96 business administration, is a financial accountant for Schneider National, Green Bay. Josh Hinch ’96 business administration, is a mortgage loan originator with Edgewater Bank, Bridgeman, Mich. Dan Holl ’96 German, recently opened his own firm, Wiltzius & Holl, in Green Bay, offering financial and retirement planning through Raymond James Financial Services, Inc. He specializes Holl in retirement income and distribution planning. Ryan Kauth ’96 human biology, a business banker with Investors Community Bank, Manitowoc, recently completed the Wisconsin Bankers Association Commercial Lending School. Tammy (Beyer) McHugh ’96 social work, is a social worker and mentor coordinator for Outagamie County Youth and Family Services in Appleton. Adam Raschka ’96 political science and public administration, is director of regulatory and external affairs for the Wisconsin Cable Communications Association. Sandra (Baker) Renick ’96 communication and the arts, is a sales representative for Boelter Company in Waukesha. Boelter is one of the nation’s largest contractors of foodservice equipment and supply solutions. Margaret (Suemnick) Tomashek ’96 elementary education, is a teacher for the Denmark School District. She completed her master’s of education at Viterbo University in 2007. Steven Botic ’97 environmental science, is an environmental engineer with Applied Materials, Santa Clara, Calif.

Answer to page 5: Peter Beth (‘Student Union’ for Managerial Systems), Rob Stevens (SU Growth & Development), Joanie Zawikowski (Segregated University Fee Allocation Committee), Dave Thaldorf (SU Performing Arts Music), Cheryl Aden (SU Performing Arts Theater), Mark Owens,(SUPAT). Photos and IDs courtesy of Robert Stevens. 36

November 2007

Paul Chapman ’97 public administration, lives in Black Mountain, N.C., and is a paralegal for Ingle Markets, Inc. — a grocery chain operating 200 stores across the Southeast. Michele (Klatt) Malcore ’97 environmental science, is a vice president of credit policy with Wells Fargo Home Mortgage in Sun Prairie. Lori Ritter ’97 English, was re-elected secretary of the Wisconsin Business Incubation Association. She is the incubator program manager for Advance Business Development Center, Green Bay. Stacie Thuma ’97 mathematics, is a senior actuarial analyst for Humana Insurance Company, De Pere. Amy Ebert ‘98 communication processes, works in the Twin Cities area as an assistant manager for visual merchandise with Aveda — a manufacturer of professional plant-based hair care, skin care and other lifestyle products. Erin Hunsader ’98 theatre, the Fox Cities Performing Art Center’s education and community program coordinator, put her playwright skills to the test during a 24-hour festival at Shake Rag Alley Theater in Mineral Point. She and five playwrights met on the night of Aug. 29, each writing a short play. The following day the play was taken over by actors and directors, who performed the works in front of a live audience that evening. Hunsader credits her early beginnings as a playwright to a college creative writing professor who noticed her ability to write dialog and supported her effort to turn the story into a play. Tanya (Brachmann) Soeldner ’98 psychology and human development, has started the master’s of counseling program at Lakeland College. Addie (Johnson) Sorbo ’98 communication and the arts, is now a part-time lecturer in graphic design for the Arts and Visual Design academic program on campus. She owns her own graphic design firm, Strawberry Fields, in Green Bay. Wayne Walker ’98 business administration, is the customer service manager with UW-Green Bay Ticketing and Information Services. Julie Abraham-Gifford ’99 biology and environmental sciences, is a quality associate at American Red Cross, Madison. Andrew Cantrall ’99 public administration and political science, is the senior assistant golf professional at The Legend at Brandybrook Golf — a private country club located in Wales, Wis., northwest of Milwaukee. He recently completed the Level 3 PGA/ PGM Program and earned “Class A Golf Professional” status. Mark Couillard ’99 accounting, is the regional sales associate for retirement plans for CUNA Mutual Group, Madison.

2000s Krista (Kallenbach) Johnson ’00 social change and development and political science, was recently promoted to senior analyst with the state of Michigan’s Department of Labor and Economic Growth, Lansing. Her spouse, Larry Johnson ’01 master’s degree in environmental science and policy, was promoted to director of the Environmental Health Division, Shiawassee County Health Department. Kristina Koyen ’00 human biology, works for Door County Memorial Hospital as an athletic trainer and facilitator. Melissa (Strauss) Schamburek ’00 communication processes, is a public relations associate for Holy Family Memorial Hospital in Manitowoc. She is also an instructor with the Manitowoc County Figure Skating Club. Molly (Frank) Setzer ’00 elementary education is a copywriter and producer for Insight Creative Services Company, a Green Bay-based advertising agency. Tabitha (Schreiber) Bartels ’01 business administration, is an e-mail marketing specialist for Cision in Chicago, a provider of media monitoring, research, distribution and evaluation services. Kurt Biese ’01 business administration, was promoted to assistant vice president, commercial banking portfolio manager for Associated Bank. He has nine years of experience with Associated Bank, most recently as a corporate loan review officer. Jennifer (Hunter) Rymer ’01 art, is a district manager for Starbucks Coffee Company in Green Bay. James Scharfenberg ’01 environmental science, is an approval manager with PCI, East Chicago, Ind. Sharin (Landry) Tebo ’01 Spanish, works for the Green Bay Public School District as an instructional technology support teacher. Beth (Wanninger) Foss ’02 communication processes, is a home equity specialist with Guaranty Mortgage in the Madison area. Troy Graverson ’02 business administration, is a partner/owner and resort manager for Village Inn Resort in Two Rivers. Kristy (Knoblock) Knipple ’02 math, is a financial analyst for Northern Trust. She splits her time between the Chicago and Milwaukee offices. Eric Lindahl ’02 theatre, is in a production of Noel Coward’s Hay Fever at Circle Theatre (greater Chicago). Andrew Martin ’02 music, is an assistant professor at Inver Hills College. His spouse, Andrea (Meyer) Martin ’02 music and public administration, is a prosecuting attorney with Hennepin County, Minneapolis.

Ryan Mueller ’02 business administration, has joined TSB Bank in Lomira as assistant vice president of lending. Megan (Pichette) Anderson ’03 communication processes, is celebrating five years as an account manager with Arketype, Inc., an advertising and design firm in downtown Green Bay. Aaron Dubinski ’03 communication processes, is a personal banker with M&I Bank, Brookfield. Samuel Huber ’03 environmental policy and planning, is an accomplished distance runner and a dedicated environmentalist. Combining both, he’s the creator and founder of Eco-Runner, a new movement dedicated to running, fitness, and environmental sustainability. He recently made some important allies with the non-profit Keep California Beautiful organization and the 2008 Carlsbad Marathon in Carlsbad, California, which agreed to embrace an Eco-Runner theme. The event attracted some 10,000 runners, and many helped pick up litter along the way. Huber led the course cleanup corps, running the 26 miles in 3 hours and 37 minutes while filling 28 bags of trash between way stations. You can read more at He is an elementary grade school teacher in the Milwaukee School District. Shaun Johnson ’03 humanistic studies, was named campus minister at St. Norbert College, De Pere. Steve Marzolf ’03 theatre, completed a run in the play Fair Use last fall at the famed Steppenwolf Theatre Company, Chicago. He is one of just a few students selected for the master’s of fine arts graduate theatre program (out of about 1,500 applications) at the Old Globe/University of San Diego graduate acting program. Marcus Reitz ’03 communication processes, was recently promoted to operations and distribution manager with Fulfillnet of Northeast Wisconsin. Anne Rowe ’03 English and communication processes, was recently selected as a 2008 Kappa Phi Award of Excellence. She is one of 100 students nationwide to receive the award, and is pursuing a doctor of physical therapy at Rowe Duke University. Anita Resch ’03 interdisciplinary studies with an emphasis in business administration, is a vice president and trust officer for Nicolet National Bank in Green Bay. Sunam (Kara) Ellis ’04 theatre and human development, is expecting her second child. She is pursuing graduate study in human development and psychology at Penn State University. Michelle (Stark) Fetherston ’04 communication processes, is an account coordinator with Scott Advertising, Milwaukee.



From Iraq to Walter Reed, Lt. Col. Goymerac makes difference With administrative responsibilities for 1,500 medical military staff, U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel Paul Goymerac ’89 is accustomed to a brisk pace. He serves as his soldiers’ human resource manager and troop commander for Madigan Army Medical Center in Fort Lewis, Wash., and its six-state region. He has had two overseas tours in his 20-year military career — in 1991 Desert Shield/Storm, where he served on a Forward Airborne Surgical Team from Fort Bragg, and again in Iraq in 2003, where he was the medical brigade’s “S1,” coordinating all medical personnel support in Northern Iraq. “To tell you the truth, tours of duty are very rewarding and less stressful than day-to-day operations in the states,” Goymerac says. “We have been trained for a specific job, and that is what we do. (Stateside), we deal with all the politics, staff shortages, et cetera.”

Hilgemann Joshua Hilgemann ’04 political science, is a claim case manager for Wausau Insurance (Liberty Mutual). His spouse, Kristen (Leonhardt) Hilgemann ’05 human development and psychology, is a recovery assistant for Meridian Resource Company (Wellpoint). Jennifer Lathrop ’04 art, who also has a master’s of art in teaching, works as an elementary teacher at the American International School in Barranquilla, Colombia.


Greg Pitel ’04 accounting and business administration, is a staff accountant with Schenck Business Solutions, Green Bay.

Ricardo Vogt and Leala Cyr were UW-Green Bay jazz stars from 2002-04. Vogt is a Brazilian-born singer, songwriter and guitarist and Cyr, from Pulaski, is a jazz singer and trumpeter. The couple has performed with the Esperanza Spalding group including spots on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and on “The Late Show with David Letterman” this past summer. The two left the Green Bay area for scholarships to the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston. Cyr was voted “Best Jazz Vocalist” in the college division by Down Beat Magazine’s student music awards in 2005. Jesse Vieau ’04 psychology and human development, earned a master’s of library and information studies at UNC-Greensboro. He works as the teen librarian at “ImaginOn,” a public library devoted to people under the age of 19 in Charlotte. Julie (Reinemann) Wyss ’04 human biology, graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa in June 2008. Last September she and her husband opened their own chiropractic office, Wyss Clinic of Chiropractic, LLC, in Green Bay.

Lisa Berzowski ’05 elementary education, has been a kindergarten teacher in the Clintonville School District for the past three years. Brandon Cacek ’05 social change and development, is an advertising and marketing consultant for Beckett Media in Dallas — an Apprise Media company and publisher of sports and specialty market collectible products. Brian Gnadt ’05 business administration, is a reporting specialist with Schneider National, Green Bay. His spouse, Katie (Schmidt) Gnadt ’06 human development, is an administrative assistant at PDQ Manufacturing, De Pere. Shawn (Schoenfeld) Jensen ’05 Spanish, is a workforce development coordinator with Literacy Green Bay. She is also a Spanish/ELL instructor. Rebecca Pasterski ’05 and ’07 human development and social change and development, and master’s in social work, is a substance abuse counselor with the Jackie Nitschke Center in Green Bay. Justin Pearson ’05 communication processes, is an associate editor for SparkNET Interactive in De Pere.

When Walter Reed Army Medical Center drew national headlines for its run-down condition. Goymerac’s commanding officer, Brigadier General Sheila Baxter, appointed him commander for the center’s “Warrior in Transition” battalion. The battalion — doctors, nurses, administrative personnel, and patients — has since made dramatic improvements in the delivery of healthcare to wounded soldiers returning from deployments. Goymerac enrolled at UW-Green Bay after Premontre High School (now Notre Dame Academy) Profs. Robert Wenger and James Wiersma encouraged him toward his chemistry degree. He later earned a master’s in health care administration. For more on Lt. Col. Goymerac, visit Inside online.

Correction: Michael David Petersen ’05 communication processes and political science, is co-author of a law review article detailing past problems in legal education and proposing strategies for improvement. The article, “A Legal Education Renaissance: A Practical Approach for the Twenty-First Century,” can be accessed at Leslie Schroeder ’05 communication processes, is a unit sales manager with Bankers Life and Casualty of Green Bay. Sarah (Rampanelli) Wroblewski ’05 elementary education, is a seventh-grade teacher at West De Pere Middle School. Jeffrey Casalina ’06 master’s in science and environmental change, is a physical scientist with the U.S. Department of Energy at Los Alamos National Laboratory. He participates in hazardous waste monitoring and cleanup activities and is the federal representative to the Northern New Mexico Citizens Advisory Board. Jerome Christel ’06 math, is an airframe and powerplant mechanic for Gulfstream Aerospace Corp.’s Appleton location.

November 2008



Union a launch pad for campus-based careers It must be the strong Student Life and University Union offerings. UW-Green Bay alumni — most of whom worked jobs and internships here during their own college days and went on to achieve graduate degrees — are filling key student-services slots here and nationwide. A sampling:







Kelly (Smith) Czypinski ’06 business administration, is the new executive director of On Broadway Inc., Green Bay. Jessica Ehr ’06 human biology, is pursuing her doctorate in physical therapy at Des Moines University, with plans to graduate in May 2009. Jamie Gassner ’06 business administration, is the human resources coordinator for Markel American Insurance Company in Waukesha. Jessica Halvorson ’06 humanistic studies, is a resident director for the University of Nevada-Reno. She completed her master’s degree in educational administration with an emphasis in adult and higher education in May 2008. Brian Jicinsky ’06 psychology, pursued his master’s degree in educational leadership at Minnesota State University, Mankato, and is now employed as an admissions counselor with Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. Jicinsky Kathy (Mlaker) Jicinsky ’06 human development and psychology, is assistant director for New Student Programs at Miami. She holds a master’s in counseling and student personnel at Mankato.


November 2007

Dale Mahloch ’06 business administration, is an advertising account executive for the Gannett Corporation in Manitowoc. Aimee McGeen ’06 social change and development, is the visitor services coordinator with the Waukesha & Pewaukee Visitors Bureau. Jolie Smith ’06 communication, is a sales and promotions coordinator with Cumulus Broadcasting in Green Bay. Quinn White ’06 theatre, is in a production of Harvey Fierstein’s Torch Song Trilogy at the Victory Gardens Theatre, Chicago. Jenny Zoellner ’06 Spanish, is a high school Spanish teacher for the Howard Suamico School District and a freshman volleyball coach.

Poppy Grant ’74 nutritional sciences, is the building service manager for her alma mater’s University Union. She oversees operational aspects of the facility and is also the key administrator for campus scheduling software… Rick Warpinski ’91 business and psychology, is director for both the Union and the Shorewood Golf Course. He’s a strong believer in student life, student activities, health and wellness, and student employment… Kelly (Loasching) Kramp ’00 communication processes and political science, is manager of For more on their careers and programs, promotions and marketing for the University Union… degrees, see Inside online. Melissa Duquaine ’07 elementary education, is an elementary ESL teacher with the Green Bay public schools. Victoria Gilbert ’07 communication, is a recruiter for Manpower Inc. in Pewaukee. Kelley Green ’07 interdisciplinary studies, is the personal lines underwriting manager for Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company, Neenah. Heather (Wochinski) Hagen ’07 social work, has been nominated for Peace Corps service in Africa beginning in February of 2009. She is currently a skills specialist for ChristieCare — a provider of mental health treatment for children and families — in Oregon City, Ore.

Judson Anderson ’07 computer science, joined Cellcom in De Pere as a software engineer. Jennifer (Cutts) Aquino ’07 business administration, is the international parts sales administrator for the Airport/Municipal Products Group of the Oshkosh Corporation in Oshkosh. Jennifer Brown ’07 master’s in management, is the executive director of the Kewaunee County Economic Development Corp.

Sara Ann Kleinhans Suwalski ’99 human development, works as the leadership development program manager at Reeve Memorial Union, UW-Oshkosh, and takes leadership roles in the Association of College Unions International… Carey O’ Kelley ’01 communication and the arts, is a student development specialist for Student Activities and University Center Operations at the University of Texas at Tyler… Shannon Chronister ’03 communication processes, coordinates volunteer/ service programs in the Office of Student Involvement and Employment at UW-Stevens Point… Andy Williams ’04 history and humanistic studies, is the program services manager and adviser of Centertainment Production at UW-Stevens Point… Dana Hartzheim ’05 communication processes, works in student services for the University of Illinois.


Doug Heiar ’07 theatre, played a bank teller and a hobo in the recently filmed Johnny Depp movie Public Enemy – a portion of it fimed in Oshkosh this past spring.

Erin Kempf ’07 business administration, is a senior project assistant with United BioSource Corporation, Wayne, Penn.

Beth Kneisler ’07 communication, and Angela Walschinski ’07 business administration, have been hired as account assistants with Leonard & Finco Public Relations, Green Bay. Vanessa (Sobeck) Moran ’07 elementary education is a first-grade teacher with the Tigerton Area School District. Amanda Scholz ’07 theatre, has been working for the past year for Ruehling and Associates, a theatrical lighting company in Minneapolis. Ashley Seipel ’07 elementary education and human development, teaches fifthgrade language arts for the Chilton Area School District. Kristopher Sharpe ’07 business administration, is a business case manager with integrated Financial Solutions, LLC., Delafield. David Stefl ’07 business administration, is a branch office administrator for Edward Jones, Shawano. Alyssa VanderHeyden ’07 business administration, is an Internet researcher/project coordinator with the Employment Resource Group of Appleton.


Career blooms in Green Bay’s top garden

Marriages & Unions Stefanie Broe ’99 to Brian Kontny

Susan E. Garot ’81 is at home — and at work — in the New North region’s most spectacular garden.

Bevan Dobberpuhl ’00 to Anne Conry Tim Kading ’00 to Amie Kading

Garot is executive director of the Green Bay Botanical Garden. She oversees day-to-aday operations and also takes leadership in increasing the center’s regional visibility, boosting membership and attendance, and securing private donations. “This is a dream job,” she says. “I have the privilege of working amid truly beautiful surroundings with a talented staff and incredibly dedicated volunteers.” Located at 2600 Larsen Road, the facility consists of about 50 acres of gardens and natural areas. Paths wind among the scenic cottages, gazebos, trellises and bridges, taking visitors past perennials, roses, trees, shrubs and annuals. Gardening classes and events emphasize education.

Sharin Landry ’01 to Joshua Tebo Carrie Richter ’04 to Casey Helke ’04 Amanda Bowman ’05 to Ames Molsberry Brian Gnadt ’05 to Katie Schmidt ’06

Garot has extensive experience in both private industry and management of nonprofits. Previously a real estate developer, CEO of Garot Hospitality and general manager of Tundra Lodge, she also held senior positions with the chambers of commerce in Green Bay and Denver. She studied nonprofit management at UW-Green Bay. “I think the one thing I’ve carried with me from UWGB is how intertwined all organizations are

within the community,” she says. “Also, the environmental focus is so relevant to what I’m doing today.”

Danny Schulz ’05 to Casie Rindfleisch-Schulz ’06

She’s proud of continuing those UW-Green Bay ties. The Botanical Garden had two student interns this past summer, working on GPS mapping and a control plan for invasive species. Plans for a marketing student internship and a future Alumni Association gathering are in the works.

Brian Jicinsky ’06 to Kathy Mlaker ’06

Paul Wilson ’07 theatre, is an entertainment technician for Carnival Cruise Lines in San Diego. Renee Dodge ’08 social work, is an ongoing case manager with La Causa, Inc., Milwaukee. Megan Gustafson ’08 communication, former intern in the Alumni Relations office, is a publications coordinator with the Kohler Company, Kohler. She makes SheboyGustafson gan her home.

O’Neil and Thimke

Foley & Lardner LLP is the largest and among the most prestigious law firms in Wisconsin. Both Mark Thimke ’76 modernization processes, and Tanya Thresher O’Neil ’95 political science, are attorneys at the Milwaukee office, each specializing in environmental law. Christine Korth ’92 interdisciplinary studies, is an adult degree graduate who works as a paralegal in the Madison office. The three share memories of their UW-Green Bay training, a story Korth or two from campus, thoughts about their work today and more, in Inside online.

Ivan Jones ’08 theatre, is a lighting technician for Design Lab of Chicago for their concert/production business. Five-year plan? Ha! Ashley Marsh ’08 psychology and human development, didn’t even like the four-year plan. She earned her double major in three years and was the youngest grad at 2008 spring Marsh commencement at age 20. (Youngest-ever was Tina Sauerhammer, who graduated at 18 in spring 1999.) She’s seeking additional creden-

Andrew Fondow ’06 to Amanda Aamodt ’08

Megan Wetzel ’07 to Jesse Bruckschen Amanda Crump ’08 to Bradley Schwartz Mai Sing Ho ’08 to Douglas Follett Shawn Niemann ’08 to Ellen Schaffer ’08

tials in nursing, and holds a job helping people with disabilities. Her interesting story as well as a few time-management tips can be found in Inside online. Lynette Miller ’08 accounting and business administration, is a cost accountant with Walker Forge, Clintonville. Neil Montour ’08 theatre, received his contract in early spring 2008 to begin working for Reed Rigging in Chicago. This company does concert, theatre and event rigging. Shane Moseng ’08 accounting and business administration, is a staff accountant with Schenck Business Solutions, Green Bay. Shawn Niemann ’08 history, is completing his first scholarly book. He also maintains a blog historical website, Molly Waldschmidt ’08 communication, is a personal banker at Associated Bank in Neenah. Mathew Weiss ’08 business administration, is a financial adviser with Strategic Wealth Management in Appleton.

November 2008



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That’s right, retired music professor Lovell Ives is turning 80. Help celebrate at Jazz Fest XXXIX, Saturday, Jan. 31 at the Weidner Center. The event will feature Jazz and Vocal Ensembles and a special alumni jazz band directed by Ives and featuring Mark Israel ’82 on trumpet, Mark Burditt ’81 on trombone, and many others. (Warming up for the event at a recent campus reception were, left, jazz faculty members Adam Gaines and John Salerno ’73 and ’76, and student Brian Kopfhammer.)

You’re invited to Networking Nights “Networking Nights” debuted this fall, and you’re invited! The nights provide a forum for professionals to, well, network with fellow alumni, faculty, staff and current students. Drop in any time, with no RSVP required. Networking Nights are 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. every other Monday in Room 103 of the University Union. Upcoming programs: November 3 - Nsight/Cellcom November 17 - Sherwin Williams February 9 - Schenck Business Solutions February 23 - Area human service organizations

Nominate a Colleague for an Alumni Award Your Alumni Association is calling for nominations (by Dec. 1) for the Distinguished Alumni Award and Outstanding Recent Alumni Award. View criteria at

25,000 Degrees of Excellence That was the theme at May commencement when Nancy Ably joined Jennifer Schanen on stage to commemorate a milestone. Schanen, a senior from Port Washington, received her bachelor’s in Social Work summa cum laude to become UWGreen Bay’s 25,000th graduate. Deprey, a longtime local teacher, was Nancy Ably and first in line alphabetically at the first commencement on June 1, 1970. Deprey presented congratulations and a gift package on behalf of the Alumni Association.

UW-Green Bay had a mouse in its house in September when Interim Provost Bill Laatsch once again donned the mouse suit for one of UW-Green Bay’s oldest and most singular fall traditions: the Bill Laatsch Wine and Cheese Classic. The event drew a big crowd to the Shorewood Golf Course clubhouse, including Profs. Kumar Kangayappan and Ganga Nair.

Alumni Calendar OCTOBER Thursday, 30 – Madison Area, Music Educator’s Reception, Overture Center for the Arts NOVEMBER Saturday, 8 – Twin Cities Reception, held in conjunction with Packers/Vikings game, venue and time TBD Thursday, 13 – UW Systemwide reception, Healthcare in the Coulee Region, Health Science Center, UW-La Crosse campus Tuesday, 18 – Alumni Association Board of Directors meeting Thursday, 20 – Downtown Third Thursdays, Baylake Bank Center, “The Impact of the 2008 Elections” with Prof. Dan Spielmann DECEMBER Thursday 18 – Downtown Third Thursdays, Baylake Bank Center, “Best Toys for Toddler Development, A guide for Parents and Grandparents,” Prof. Jennifer Zapf Friday, 19 – Commencement Reception, Titletown Brewing, Green Bay JANUARY Friday 9 – Milwaukee Area Alumni Reception, held in conjunction with UW-Green Bay vs. UW Milwaukee men’s basketball game, venue and time TBD Saturday, 31 – Jazz Fest XXXIX in celebration of Lovell Ives’ 80th birthday JUNE Friday 12 – 29th Annual Scholarship Golf Outing, Royal Scot Golf Course, New Franken


November 2007

Jennifer Goyette is a graduate student from Milwaukee who cares deeply about the world in which she lives.

“I have a background in avian field biology, avian rescue and rehabilitation, and science illustration. The funding I received helped acquire high-tech recording equipment that was critical for my research. Ultimately I hope to show that digital recordings can provide valuable information for surveying and monitoring bird populations, many of which are endangered or seriously declining.� Jennifer Goyette

Your gift to UW-Green Bay helps fund opportunities for Jennifer and other students with similar passion, to work with faculty in collaboration with prestigious research institutions such as Cornell University and the Smithsonian.

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The First President  

We play ‘Where are they now?’and catch up with alumni movers, shakers and difference makers, student leaders past and present.

The First President  

We play ‘Where are they now?’and catch up with alumni movers, shakers and difference makers, student leaders past and present.