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Fall 2011

Michael G. Foster School of Business, University of Washington

University of Washington


Former UW Professor Bill Felix, Emeritus Professor Gary Sundem and current Lecturer Joe Paperman

“I enjoyed the chance to go back to Seattle and reconnect with UW people. I also appreciated the chance to show some gratitude for what the UW has done for me over the years. The new building is great!” Dr. Ilia Dichev, Emory University


Emory Professor Ilia Dichev (PhD ‘95) with Professor Dave Burgstahler

Foster School’s Paccar Hall hosted the annual UBCOW (University of British Columbia, Oregon, and Washington) Accounting Conference. Our beautiful new building was the perfect backdrop for the weekend, as we combined the conference with a reunion of former PhD students and faculty from across the country. Attendees took tours of the new building, enjoyed visiting during breaks and meals, and participated in presentations of cutting-edge research by peers across the nation.

UBCOW has been the Northwest’s premier academic accounting conference for over 35 years. The conference brings together leading accounting researchers and faculty to discuss six manuscripts over two days. Terry Shevlin, Accounting Department Chair, called the discussions “invigorating.” The combination of the Accounting PhD alumni and former faculty reunion with the UBCOW conference highlighted

Professors Dawn Matsumoto, D. Shores and Jane Jollineau

Index UBCOW. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 Chair’s Report. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Zoe-Vonna Palmrose. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 Faculty Updates. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Student Updates . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 Alumni News . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 Beta Alpha Psi . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 Research. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 PhD Program Placement. . . . . . . . . . 14 Fritzky Chair Guest Speakers . . . . . . 16 Financial Reporting Conference. . . . 17 2010-11 Accounting Department Contributions. . . . . . . . 18 PG. 2

Michael G. Foster School of Business

“The UW is truly a special place and we PhD alums owe a lot to it and its fabulous accounting faculty.” Dr. Urooj Khan, Columbia University

Columbia Professors Trevor Harris (PhD ‘83) and Urooj Khan (PhD ‘09)

Papers presented at the 2011 UBCOW conference • “How Do Investors’ Affective Reactions To Corporate Social Responsibility Performance Influence Their Estimates of Fundamental Value?” presented by Mark Peecher, University of Illinois • “The Deterrence Effects Of SEC Enforcement And Class Action Litigation,” presented by Shivaram Rajgopal, Emory University • “Evaluating Proposed Remedies For Credit Rating Agency Failures: Improving Independence And Justifying Departures From Quantitative Credit Rating Models,” presented by Lloyd Tanlu, University of Washington • “Where In The World Are ‘Permanently Reinvested’ Foreign Earnings?” presented by Linda Krull, University of Oregon • “Hush Money: The Impact Of Rank And File Stock Options On Employee Whistle-Blowing,” presented by Andrew Call, University of Georgia • “The Effect Of Managerial ‘Style’ On The Tone Of Earnings Conference Calls,” presented by Jenny Li Zhang, University of British Columbia

how Foster’s Accounting Department is such a positive research environment. “Our PhD’s are scattered across the country and are incredibly productive in quality research and publication,” said Shevlin. One PhD attendee, Michelle Hanlon, Professor at MIT, commented on the opportunity to make connections with alumni from years besides her own — she appreciated how the common bond of graduating from Foster was greatly reinforced by the reunion aspect of the conference. Foster PhD alumni shared memories of the program. Ilia Dichev, Professor at Emory University, remembers hard work on many levels — psychological as well as intellectual. He will never forget the support he received from the department when his young family found themselves in a tight spot financially. Zoe-Vonna Palmrose, Professor at UW Foster School of Business, appreciated the flexibility she found

Professor Bob Bowen and Indiana University Professor Max Hewitt (PhD ‘07)

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“I enjoyed the entire conference. It was great to see the faculty, many of whom were there when I was a student. It was great to see the vast number of PhD students who graduated from UW between 1983-2010. It was also fun to be back on the UW campus!” Dr. Michelle Hanlon, MIT Professor Terry Shevlin and MIT Professor Michelle Hanlon (PhD ‘03)

University of Washington

PG. 3

The Chair’s Report As we put together our annual newsletter, I am reminded of the quality of the Foster School — from the people that make up our community to the campus with our excellent physical facilities, Paccar Hall at the center. I am amazed and pleased to present some of the accomplishments of our outstanding Accounting alumni, faculty and students. We are proud to announce the return of a former PhD student, Zoe-Vonna Palmrose. She joins us as our newest Professor of Accounting. As you will read inside, she brings not only her skills as a long-serving tenured professor at USC, but also her knowledge and facility with governmental regulaThank You to our Supporters! • ADF donations on the rise • Internships consistently offered to our students • Alumni and professionals visit classrooms, attend BAP, share experience and knowledge.

terry shevlin tions as a public policy researcher and resource for governmental regulatory bodies in Washington, DC.

further evidence of the outstanding support we receive from alumni and local business organizations I wish to thank Clark Nuber in providing sponsorship of our Newsletter to help defray the costs of preparation and distribution.

Other faculty news includes the promotion of Weili Ge to associate professor with tenure and the election of emeritus Professor Gary Sundem as President of the International Association for Accounting Education and Research. We sponsored two significant conferences this year. Our annual Financial Reporting Conference was well attended, and we hosted the UBCOW research conference here at Paccar Hall. Visiting with former Foster Accounting PhD students at the UBCOW research conference was a highlight, and many of the attendees found the level of research in presented papers to be exceptional — making this conference extremely rigorous and useful for UBCOW members. I have just completed my fifth year as Chair of the Accounting Department. I wish to thank everyone for their time, effort and financial support, and I invite you to come and visit Paccar Hall. As

If you have any comments on articles in this newsletter or any other comments about the Accounting Department please contact me at Foster School’s Accounting Department increased in US News school rankings over the past three years. Foster now ranks 6th among all public school accounting departments and 10th overall. 0 Public Schools Overall



2010 2011 2012

Former UW Professor Shiva Rajgopal, Emory University, and University of Texas-Dallas Professor Todd Kravet (PhD ‘09)

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in our PhD program. “I was able to minor in law and economics, when capital markets research dominated most PhD programs. I also found that with Bill Felix and Jim Jiambalvo, the UW was one of the few universities with faculty interested in auditing research.” Memories and catching up with peers made this conference extraordinary. The opportunity to discuss intellectually stimulating work in a beautiful setting ensured that the conference will remain the top accounting conference in the area.


Michael G. Foster School of Business

Professor Frank Hodge with former UW Professor Jamie Pratt, Indiana University

Zoe-Vonna Palmrose – Professor of Accounting Zoe-Vonna Palmrose believes having a “true north” on one’s compass helps contribute to the public policy dialogue on accounting and auditing issues of the day. Foster Business School’s Accounting Department is honored to have this illustrious researcher and teacher join the faculty. Zoe-Vonna’s experience with the Washington, DC, scene deepens the range and reach of our curriculum. Her understanding of issues related to the quality of financial reporting and auditing expands the horizons for our students and fellow researchers. She comes to us highly decorated – she twice received the American Accounting Association’s Wildman Medal and was the AAA’s Presidential Scholar in 2008, and she has been named one of the 100 most influential people in finance. Zoe-Vonna’s work from 2006 to 2008 at the Securities and Exchange Commission as Deputy Chief Accountant for Professional Practice in the Office of the Chief Accountant involved helping lead and coordinate the Commission’s oversight of the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board, which was created by the Sarbanes Oxley Act of 2002 to regulate public company audits. She and her staff also received the SEC’s Law and Policy Award for their efforts in helping rationalize the implementation of SOX Section 404 for reporting on the effectiveness of internal control over financial reporting. Zoe-Vonna joined the Accounting Department this fall, and is already deep into collaborative research projects related to audit quality with Jane Jollineau and Amanda Winn. She teaches financial statement analysis to graduate students (both MBA and MPAcc), focusing on increasing their critical thinking abilities in using and interpreting financial reports, including the usefulness and limitations of the GAAP financials and the SECrequired disclosures.

But this is not Zoe-Vonna’s first experience at the Foster School. She is an alum, having graduated in 1982, earning her PhD with a dissertation on quality differentiated audits and the pricing of audit services. She left for California, working first at Berkeley before settling in for a long tenure at USC. We welcome her home with great joy and respect. Zoe-Vonna has always called the Pacific Northwest home. She hasn’t been yearning for the cool air and beautiful vistas of Puget Sound all these years. She and her husband, John Carson, made their home here and she commuted from Washington State to both California and Washington, DC, for thirty years. “It was our way to manage a dual-career household,” she says. John, now retired, was a Seattle Police Department lieutenant. Zoe-Vonna has pronounced the Paccar Building both stunning and functional. She finds both the physical building and the spirit of the community exhilarating. “The students are so keen, so engaged and interested!” she says. Coming back has confirmed her connection and deep roots here. Welcome home, Dr. Palmrose!

In 2005, Zoe-Vonna collaborated with former Microsoft CFO and Nasdaq chair Mike Brown (BA 1969) on “Thog’s Guide to Quantum Economics: 50,000 Years of Accounting Basics for the Future,” a work of “scientific fiction” that follows an immortal family of huntergatherer-bookkeepers through the ages as they invent arithmetic and writing, and sensibly adapt their recordkeeping to simplify the complexity of their increasingly modern economic lives.

Zoe-Vonna and her husband, John, on their boat, Thogey (named after the main character in her book)

University of Washington

PG. 5

Getting to Know Professor Dawn Matsumoto…

faculty updates

My favorite…

Dawn and John with their sons Daniel and Joseph

The person… FAMILY: John, husband of 20+ years, and my two sons, Daniel (10) and Joseph (7) EDUCATION: Undergraduate – University of Hawaii Graduate – University of Washington

HEROES: Those who exhibit grace in the midst of suffering HOBBIES: Baking! And (because of the former hobby) jogging and swimming, but my main hobby is running my kids around to their various activities

RECENT TRAVEL: Hiking trip in the Alps with my friend and colleague, Jane Jollineau BEST KNOWN FOR: Matsumoto’s House of GAAP Planning parties INFLUENTIAL PEOPLE IN MY LIFE: Bob Bowen – my dissertation chairman and the reason I was hired back at the UW My husband John – he’s the most optimistic person I know AN OUT-OF-THE-BOX IDEA: Giving ten percent of your income to charity A TIMELESS IDEA: Treating others the way you would want them to treat your children (my version of the Golden Rule) AN INSIGHT: Having more options only increases the chance you will regret the choice you make


Michael G. Foster School of Business

TIME OF YEAR: Summer in Hawaii MOVIES: The Shawshank Redemption, Sense and Sensibility TV SHOWS: Modern Family, Friday Night Lights BOOKS: Pride and Prejudice, The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane FOOD: Scallop and Pomelo salad at Long’s Provincial DESSERT: Lavender cupcakes from Cake Envy in Greenlake MORNING DRINK: Tall, no-room, Americano PLACE ON EARTH: A beach on O’ahu known to locals as Sherwoods QUOTE: “Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also” – Matthew 6:21 BRAND: “Happiness in a Box” – Zappos TREND: Urban gardening EDUCATIONAL TREND: Studying abroad INNOVATION: Double-entry bookkeeping TiVo PART OF MY JOB: Watching students transform into young professionals Concocting killer exams

My least favorite… TIME OF YEAR: June in Seattle FOOD: Cantaloupe DESSERT: Crème Brule TREND: Reality television INNOVATION: Video games

What I’ d like to… Learn: How to grow vegetables See: Machu Picchu See more of: My family in Hawaii

Weili Ge Promoted Congratulations are due to Weili Ge on two fronts. After five years in the Foster School, she has been promoted to Associate Professor, and this summer she was promoted to parenthood with the arrival of baby Anya. Weili and her husband Lixin Lin are thrilled with both events. Weili started at the Foster School as an assistant professor in 2006, after earning her PhD at the University of Michigan. Her research focus is on earnings quality, internal control over financial reporting, and accounting fraud. Weili appreciates all the mentoring she received from other Foster accounting faculty. “This is a great department for new

faculty. There is a lot of support through reading working papers and critiquing research development.” Since arriving at Foster, Weili has excelled both at teaching and at research. She was honored as “Undergraduate Accounting Faculty Member of the Year for 2011, while her co-authored paper, “Why do CFOs Become Involved in Material Accounting Manipulations?” won the Glen McLaughlin Prize for Research in Accounting Ethics. Acctg 440, a senior-level course focusing on financial statement analysis, is great fun for Weili to teach. Students follow a single company throughout the quarter and finish by writing an analyst report on the company. The course is designed to cap their undergraduate degree and help students think critically and polish writing skills. Weili is focusing on research this quarter and trying to get a full night of sleep. She returns to teaching Accounting 440 Winter Quarter.

Weili and Lixin with their daughter Anya

International News: Sundem Elected President of IAAER Foster Business School Emeritus Professor Gary Sundem was recently elected President of the International Association for Accounting Education and Research (IAAER). He previously served on the IAAER executive committee and has been the IAAER representative to the International Accounting Education Standards Board (IAESB), a standard-setting body of the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC). In addition, he has been in charge of the IAESB academic research projects for the past four years. Professor Sundem will head an executive committee consisting of 20 accounting academics and professionals from 15 different countries.

IAAER’s activities • Sponsor of the World Congress of Accounting Educators and Researchers • Co-sponsor of several annual global conferences • Organizer of faculty consortia in developing countries • Administrator of academic research programs for projects that have a direct impact on practice.

Dukes Is New Faculty Athletics Representative In September, Professor Pete Dukes was appointed Faculty Athletics Representative for the University, a half-time position reporting directly to UW President Pete Dukes, avid cyclist and Husky fan Young. Pete will look out for the welfare of our student athletes, making sure they are treated appropriately and have appropriate support for academic success. He will also verify the eligibility of student athletes, assist students with petitions for medical “redshirt” years, and ensure the University complies with NCAA regulations. The position includes representing Washington at the PAC-12 Council, and drafting and voting on legislation of the NCAA. Being close to athletics comes naturally to Pete. Pete coached girl’s basketball at Roosevelt High and played basketball when he was in the Navy. At the UW, he served for six years on the President’s Advisory Committee on Intercollegiate Athletics. He was a faculty mentor for the Men’s Basketball team in the early 2000s, and has been a fan of UW sports since his arrival thirty years ago. He is a passionate cyclist and enjoys exploring the Pacific Northwest on lengthy riding trips. Pete says he is enjoying his new assignment, although at the moment he is on the very steep part of the learning curve and feels like he is “drinking from a fire hose.” University of Washington


UW Foster Students at KPMG ALPFA Competition

student updates

A team of Foster accounting students participated in the national KPMG-sponsored Association of Latino Professionals in Finance & Accounting (ALPFA) competition in California this August. The UW was one of only 28 schools invited to participate in KPMG’s prestigious national competition. The Foster team, Nicolas Colmenero, Sonia Gorski, Chris Guimaraes, Abril Lopez and Felicia Montoya, received a case study about McDonald’s Corporation in January 2011. For six months, the students worked on an indepth analysis of McDonald’s strategic risks, business processes, and accounting issues. They made recommendations to McDonald’s audit committee, and suggested ways the company could manage strategic risks.

The 2011 team had three mentors: UW faculty member Patricia Angell, KPMG audit manager Mark Turley and senior associate Christian Ellis. Students reported great satisfaction with the overall experience, enjoying the challenge of the case and the collegiality of the competition in Florida. Nicolas Colmenero, Felicia Montoya, Abril Lopez, Sonia Gorski and Chris Guimaraes

Case questions included complex probing on financial derivatives, hedging activities, share-based compensation as well as corporate governance. In August, the team traveled to the ALPFA convention at Disneyland and presented their case findings to a panel of KPMG judges.

The ALPFA convention provided the students an opportunity to network with accounting professionals and attend Microsoft Excel learning sessions. They also explored potential career paths at a national job fair.

WSCPA Scholarship Winners

Boeing Writing Competition Benefits Accounting Students! In the spring, Boeing sponsors a yearly writing competition for students studying cost accounting. Unlike many competitions which stress presentation skills, this event focuses on writing. Students were given a case on whether Boeing should develop their own metal or outsource the development. They were given cash flow analysis and variable cost information. Lecturer Larry DuCharme did the initial grading and the top twelve papers were sent to Boeing executives for analysis. First place winner, Caitlin Rindal, liked working on a real world example and appreciated the opportunity to practice her professional research writing skills. Zac Copeland and Bethany Friesen won second and third place in the competition.

Scholarship Winners: Amy Rufener, Monica Ittes, Eliza Nesvog and Aymeric Prieur

Boeing Capital Controller Kevin Murphy, Caitlin Rindal (First), Zac Copeland (Second Place) and Bethany Friesen (Third Place)


Michael G. Foster School of Business

Most Outstanding Accounting Graduate THE WINNER OF THE 2011 MOST OUTSTANDING Accounting Graduate is Pitichoke Chulapamornsri, who graduated in June of 2011 and is currently employed in a major financial services firm.

Pitichoke Chulapamornsri, 2011 Outstanding Accounting Graduate Award Winner

Originally from Thailand, Pitichoke moved to the United States in his teens. He was an enthusiastic student at the Foster School, participating in leadership roles on the Undergraduate Business Council, volunteer positions with the Undergraduate Program Office and assisting with the organization of the Global Business Case Competition. During his junior year, he studied abroad at Peking University, studying the Chinese economy and Chinese taxation. He also participated in the Princeton in Beijing Intensive Chinese Language program in Beijing, China. The Most Outstanding Accounting Graduate award is based on leadership, strategic thinking, contribution to the community, grades and classroom performance. The accounting faculty reviewed the accomplishments of seven nominated students and chose Pitichoke based on his service to the school and his passion for excellence. His accomplishments at the Foster School include representing the school at multiple case competitions in Seattle, Utah and Asia, tutoring fellow students in managerial and financial accounting, and graduating cum laude in Business Administration with concentrations in both Accounting and Finance, and a Certificate of International Studies in Business (Chinese Track).

MPAcc Annual Tax Competition

Team Lybrand Winners: Jonny Lu, Daniel Beasley, Caitlin Snaring, Patrick Butler and Nash Springberry

Eighth PwC xACT Winners Off to NYC Finals! PricewaterhouseCoopers sponsored the eighth UW Foster xACT competition, offering an opportunity for students to work together in a competition. Upper level accounting majors mentored sophomores, and for the first time, freshmen, in this unique competition, which exposes students to the world of professional accounting.

KPMG sponsored Foster School’s MPAcc Taxation Program’s annual competition, a case study designed to stimulate student interest in tax and tax law. Five Northwest schools came to Paccar Hall to compete in the two-day event. Students were given four hours to provide a solution to a comprehensive individual tax situation during the first round of the competition. Three finalists were chosen from the written responses and invited to the finals on the following day. They were given additional facts and asked to present recommendations to their clients. Foster School’s team won first place in the competition. Congratulations to Lucie Goodwin, Erika Marquez, Eliza Nesvog and Maria Onojchenko, as well as to all the students who tried on the mantle of tax advisor for the first time.

Foster students formed 16 teams for the two-week competition. PricewaterhouseCoopers judges evaluated each team on their presentation, research, and response to a Q & A session. They were mentored by PwC Senior Associate Eric Liang. MPAcc tax graduate Michael Grohman, PwC associate, coordinated the Foster xACT competition. This year’s winning team was Team Lybrand, which included UW sophomores Jonny Lu, Caitlin Snaring and Nash Springberry, and juniors Patrick Butler and Daniel Beasley. The Foster team was selected as one of five finalists from 850 teams across the country and will travel to New York City in early 2012 for the finals!

Foster Tax Competition Winners: Lucie Goodwin, Erika Marquez, Eliza Nesvog and Maria Onojchenko

University of Washington


Don Heisler, Deloitte Partner Don Heisler, UW Foster School alum, is a partner with Deloitte & Touche LLP and leads its Technology, Media and Telecommunications industry practice in Seattle. He also serves as the audit lead for the Pacific Northwest Venture Capital practice and as the partner in charge of audit recruiting in Seattle.

alumni news

Don was born and raised in Eastern Washington, and began his education at Walla Walla University, where his father was Dean of the School of Engineering. He had always been independent minded, and came to Western Washington for an internship at a young, up and coming technology company — Microsoft. Enjoying life in the big city, he enrolled in the University of Washington to complete his business degree.

“I was not admitted to the Business School on my first go around. It was the first door that had ever been shut on me,” he laughs. This pivotal moment taught him the value of persistence, aggressiveness, and diligence. Once here, he explored his passion for accounting. Coming from a small agriculturally-based community, he had no idea what a public company was, nor did he understand the purpose of the Big 6 in the marketplace. Foster School’s Beta Alpha Psi (BAP) allowed him to integrate into the professional world and helped him understand the relationship of accountants to large public companies.

“The substance of Paccar Hall has really upped the game and mental confidence of the Foster School graduates.” Don Heisler

He believes the Foster faculty have a deep passion for education and cutting-edge research that makes them skilled and keen educators. “My biggest misconception of the UW was that I would be in huge classes with professors who didn’t care about teaching or want to get to know me. I left feeling completely opposite of that.” Among the teachers he remembers, Jim Gillick and Lloyd Heath helped him discover the real substance behind the accounting profession, and Bill Resler deepened his understanding of tax. “While Bill did his best to make tax exciting, auditing was in my blood.” Don started at Deloitte & Touche 18 years ago. Working at Deloitte has been an “amazing” experience. He feels strongly that the accounting profession is not only about personal success, but also about lifting others upward with your successes. He has found the collegiality and support extremely meaningful.


Michael G. Foster School of Business

Don and Lorelei with their children

Deloitte has expanded his horizons in just about every way possible. From opportunities to serve industry-leading world class companies, opportunities to travel for work to over 15 different countries, and most importantly the opportunity to meet his wife (who is a Deloitte alum), Deloitte has influenced just about every aspect of his life. Don has not lost his enthusiasm for the Foster School, returning to campus to lecture in the MPAcc program and host the annual Deloitte Accounting Case Competition, among other activities. He finds it an honor to give back to the community of staff, faculty and students, calling the experience he has here “absolutely contagious.” The level of energy, enthusiasm and freshness among Foster students energizes him whether he is lecturing, recruiting, or participating in BAP activities. He is a proud alum when he walks into the new Paccar Hall. “The substance of Paccar Hall has really upped the game and the mental confidence of the Foster School graduates, and I am immensely proud that Deloitte contributed to the new building.” Don is a big supporter of the Accounting Development Fund (ADF). He is a member of the executive board and finds involvement through ADF helps him understand the measures by which the Foster School is evaluated against peer institutions, as well as the qualities the Foster School is looking for in candidates applying for enrollment. He enjoys ADF’s focus and support of faculty and believes that helping to attract and retain the committed and engaged teachers and researchers is an extremely important commitment from ADF to the school. Don’s greatest joy is watching his two children grow up. His wife, Lorelei, is a Global Client Service Director with Resources Global Professionals and has as successful and demanding a career as his. He calls it an “art form” to maintain a good work/ life balance, and he has committed to be at the dinner table with his family most evenings. He is passionate about his family, and brings home the same commitment to support and excellence as he has given to his colleagues at Deloitte and the Foster School.

Foster School Building Project – Phase II Paccar Hall opened in August of 2010 — but that was not the end of our Foster School makeover. Balmer Hall, the building housing the old classrooms, was razed last fall and a second building has begun to rise.

Accounting Development Fund Board of Trustees Robert W. Ash The Benaroya Capital Company Ana Bowman Certified Public Accountant Joe Brotherton The Brotherton Companies David A. Brown Plum Creek Timber Co. *Larry D. Calkins Holland America LineWestours, Inc. Roland (Pete) E. Dukes University of Washington Luke Fewell Microsoft

Scott D. Murphy Goldfinch Bros., Inc. *Charles Pancerzewski Certified Public Accountant Brandon Pedersen Alaska Air Group Rodney A. Pierson Physicians Insurance Ronald G. Rauch Clark Nuber Gary Rigsby Attachmate Corp. *Lori Russell Sweeney Conrad

Saul Gates Coinstar

The new building will house needed classrooms on the first two floors, and administrative offices and a reception area on the two upper floors. According to Accounting Professor Pete Dukes, who has shepherded both buildings as Chair of the Foster School Building Committee, LMN Architects created a fantastic design. The new building will complement Paccar Hall in materials, look, and feel. Pete is pleased with the efficiency and expertise Sellen Construction brought to the job.

*Kevin J. Murphy Boeing Capital Corp.

Suzanne Schiffler McGladrey

*Gary P. Grimstad Moss Adams

Dave Schilling Moss Adams

*Donald Heisler Deloitte **Kelly Keller PricewaterhouseCoopers Karissa Lackey KPMG

Steve Sefcik University of Washington Kathy Smith Ernst & Young *Walter R. Smith Bader Martin Ross & Smith

David Lewis Novinium Stephen E. Marsh Certified Public Accountant Thomas E. Melang Melang, Hopps & Company Gerhard G. Mueller UW Professor Emeritus

Trevor A. Stuart Intellectual Ventures Jeff Wise Deloitte David Yonce WCP Solutions

* Executive Committee Members **Chair of the Executive Committee

The Phase II project, as the new building is called, will be completed in April of 2012. It will house the Dean’s office, ITT services, the Undergraduate and Graduate Program offices, the MBA career center, and a new Ernst & Young Undergraduate Career Center. On the top floor, Anthony’s Home Port Executive Meeting Room will be a high-capacity meeting and reception space.

Support Accounting! You can make a world of difference for the faculty & students in the Department of Accounting by making a donation to the Accounting Development Fund. Just visit our Accounting homepage and click on “Support Accounting.” Thank You.

University of Washington


Beta Alpha Psi News

beta alpha psi

REGIONAL NEWS The entire leadership team of 52 students (incoming leaders as well as outgoing officers) attended Regionals in Oregon last spring, along with faculty advisor Deborah Medlar and incoming faculty advisor Joe Paperman. At the Deloitte Best Practices Competition, students from the Delta Chapter presented the new programs chapter leaders initiated during the year. The incoming leadership team also participated in team dynamics workshops and attended professional and alumni sessions on topics ranging from work-life balance to careers in forensic accounting.

The 2012 Regionals will be co-hosted by the Delta chapter and the new UW-Bothell chapter.

LOCAL NEWS Service Activities The chapter continues to maintain a variety of diverse service projects, including VITA, Accounting Tutoring for Foster undergrads, and assisting at the University District Food Bank, as well as the BEDC, Ethics and Integrity, and Junior Achievement programs. This fall, Beta Alpha Psi members will be serving at events like the Northwest Harvest’s Annual Food Auction, the Big Brothers Big Sisters Seahawks game, and the KZOK Radiothon. Professional Activities The Delta Chapter creates multiple networking opportunities through professional meetings, mentorship programs, “Meet the Firms” events and personal enrichment workshops for students to meet professionals.

New BAP faculty advisor Joe Paperman


Michael G. Foster School of Business

This autumn meeting schedule includes speakers from accounting firms like McGladrey and BDO Seidman LLP, and corporations such as Chevron. Professionals speak on topics like IFRS, ethics in accounting, and also inform the students using personal insights from their careers. BAP members also have a chance to ask questions and speak with the professionals after the meeting adjourns. Annual Awards and Alumni Banquet The UW BAP annual banquet was held at the Seattle Design Center this past May. There were over 200 faculty, students and professionals in attendance to celebrate the end of the academic year and commemorate outstanding individuals. An award was given in honor of Dean Jiambalvo — the recipient was the Accounting Department’s executive secretary, JoAnn Kocha. Be sure to save the date for next year’s banquet — it will be in May 2012 at the Burke Museum.

What is Beta Alpha Psi? BETA ALPHA PSI is an honorary organization for Financial Information students and professionals. The primary objective of Beta Alpha Psi is to encourage and give recognition to scholastic and professional excellence in the business information field. This includes promoting the study and practice of accounting, finance and information systems; providing opportunities for self-development, service and association among members and practicing professionals, and encouraging a sense of ethical, social, and public responsibility.

BAP president Nathan Bannick with officers Caitlin Rindal and Joel Carsley

CPA Exam Superstars! National Awards Ernst & Young Diversity Initiative Award Delta chapter won one of ten awards given to schools with special programs on Diversity. The chapter continues to support its program in which students serve as accounting consultants to minority-owned small businesses. Outstanding Faculty Advisor Delta Chapter’s Faculty Director Deborah Medlar was named an Outstanding Faculty Advisor. BAP Nationals – Project Run With It This year at Nationals in Denver, Brian Nguyen, a member of the Delta Chapter, was part of the team that won the ‘Project Run With It’ competition. He won a cash award that will go toward future service events within the BAP Delta Chapter. Foster Alum Wins AICPA Award!

Did you know? The University of Washington’s BAP chapter was the fourth in the nation, formed in 1921 with 12 student

Foster grad, Maria Goto, won the AICPA 2009 Elijah Watt Sells Award presented to the top national CPA exam candidates for the best scores on the exam that year. The awards are presented annually to candidates who have earned the ten highest cumulative scores. She is currently earning her MBA at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Congratulations for this extraordinary achievement, Maria!

members, and carries the fourth Greek letter as its name — Delta chapter. In 2011, the Delta chapter had over 200 student members.

New Chapter Advocate Deborah Medlar, former faculty advisor for the Delta Chapter of Beta Alpha Psi, was recently appointed Chapter Advocate for the Northwest Region of BAP. Deborah has been involved with the Delta Chapter at the University of Washington for the past five years. Deborah is a member of the Washington Society of CPAs and she is admitted to practice law in the State of Washington. As Chapter Advocate(CA), she will attend and coordinate regional meetings as well as all Board and CA meetings. The regional CA offers assistance and encouragement to chapters as needed, nurtures Faculty Advisors, and ensures the regional voice is heard. Congratulations, Deborah!

Top Washington CPA Exam Winners!x Four Foster accounting students were among the top ten performers in Washington State on the 2010 CPA exam. Congratulations to Shelby Yarnell and Michael Dean (pictured) as well as Bobby Stoumbos and Scott Feldman. We still await the announcement of the AICPA national awards as we go to press. Congratulations for making us proud!

University of Washington


Accounting Department Publications: 2010-11 (Those listed as forthcoming were all accepted in 2011) BOB BOWEN “Financial Whistle Blowing: Target Firm Characteristics and Economic Consequences,” with Andy Call and Shiva Ragjopal, The Accounting Review, 2010. DAVID BURGSTAHLER Introduction to Management Accounting, 15th Ed., with Charles Horngren, Gary Sundem, William Stratton, and Jeff Schatzberg, Prentice Hall, 2010.


WEILI GE “Do CFOs Have Style? An Empirical Investigation of the Effect of Individual CFOs on Financial Reporting Practices,” with Dawn Matsumoto and Li Zhang, Contemporary Accounting Research, 2011.

“Why do CFOs Become Involved in Material Accounting Manipulations?” with Mei Feng, Shuqing Luo and Terry Shevlin, Journal of Accounting and Economics, 2011.

“Predicting Material Accounting Misstatements,” with Patricia Dechow, Chad Larson, and Richard Sloan, Contemporary Accounting Research, 2011. “Understanding Earnings Quality: A Review of the Proxies, Their Determinants and Their Consequences,” with Patricia Dechow and Catherine Schrand, Journal of Accounting and Economics, 2010.

FRANK HODGE “Using Online Video to Announce a Restatement: Influences on Investment Decisions and the Mediating Role of Trust,” with Brooke Elliott and Lisa Sedor, The Accounting Review, forthcoming.

“The Effects of Financial Statement Information Proximity and Feedback on Cash Flow Forecasts,” with Pat Hopkins and David Wood, Contemporary Accounting Research, 2010. “Does the Location and Organization of Disaggregated Information Improve Financial Statement Transparency?” with Rob Bloomfield, Pat Hopkins and Kristi Rennekamp, accepted for presentation at the 2011 Contemporary Accounting Research Conference. JANE JOLLINEAU “Subordinates as the First Line of Defense against Biased Financial Reporting,” with Tom Vance and Alan Webb, conditionally accepted at Journal of Management Accounting Research. DAWN MATSUMOTO “Is Silence Golden? An Empirical Analysis of Firms that Stop Giving Quarterly Earnings Guidance in the post Reg-FD period” with Shuping Chen and Shiva Rajgopal, Journal of Accounting and Economics, 2010.

“Do CFOs Have Style? An Empirical Investigation of the Effect of Individual CFOs on Financial Reporting Practices,” with Weili Ge and Li Zhang, Contemporary Accounting Research, 2011. “What Makes Conference Calls Useful? The Information Content of Managers’ Presentations and Analysts’ Discussion Sessions,” with Maarten Pronk and Erik Roelofsen, The Accounting Review, 2011. ZOE-VONNA PALMROSE “CEO Involvement in Selecting Board Members, Audit Committee Effectiveness, and Restatements,” with Joe Carcello, Terry Neal, and Susan Scholz, Contemporary Accounting Research, 2011.

Accounting PhD Program Placement

The accounting doctoral program admits 2-4 students from more than 100 applicants per year. Listed below are recent graduates with placement information. Nearly all have published papers with faculty in the top accounting journals.

2011 Brad Blaylock, Oklahoma State University Alex Edwards, University of Toronto Allison Koester, Georgetown University

2007 Andrew Call, University of Georgia Max Hewitt, Indiana University Whee Ling Kevin Koh, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Christine Mashruwala, Baruch College Shamin Mashruwala, Baruch College Tom Vance, University of Waterloo, Canada Ryan Wilson, University of Iowa Winner 2008 ATA Dissertation Award

2010 Liz Chuk, University of Southern California Valerie Li, University of Washington-Bothell 2009 Urooj Khan, Columbia University, L. Jenny Zhang, University of British Columbia Todd Kravet, University of Texas-Dallas 2008 Richard Mergenthaler, University of Iowa PG.14

Michael G. Foster School of Business

2006 Kathleen Hertz Rupley, Portland State University Mitchell Oler, Virginia Tech University University of Southern California Professor Liz Chuk (PhD ‘10) and Columbia Professor Urooj Khan (PhD ‘09)

2005 Stacie Kelley Laplante, University of Georgia

STEVE RICE Tax Accounting, Matthew Bender, 2011. TERRY SHEVLIN “Tax Avoidance, Large Positive Temporary Book-Tax Differences, and Earnings Persistence,” with Brad Blaylock and Ryan Wilson, The Accounting Review, forthcoming.

“The Value of a Flow-Through Entity in an Integrated Corporate Tax System,” with Alex Edwards, Journal of Financial Economics, forthcoming. “Domestic Income Shifting by Chinese Listed Firms,” with Tanya Tang and Ryan Wilson, Journal of the American Taxation Association, forthcoming. “Real effects of Accounting Rules: Evidence Form Multinational Firms’ Investment and Profit Repatriation Decisions,” with John Graham and Michelle Hanlon, Journal of Accounting Research, 2011. “Why do CFOs Become Involved in Material Accounting Manipulations?” with Mei Feng, Weili Ge and Shuqing Luo. Journal of Accounting and Economics, 2011. “Barriers to Mobility: The Lockout Effect of US Taxation of Worldwide Corporate Profits,” with John Graham and Michelle Hanlon, National Tax Journal, 2010. “Accounting Restatements and Information Risk,” with Todd Kravet, Review of Accounting Studies, 2010. “Examining Investor Reaction to IRS Announcement 2010-09,” with Alex Edwards and Allison Koester. Tax Notes, 2010.

“Are Family Firms More Tax Aggressive than Non-Family Firms?” with Shuping Chen, Xia Chen and Qiang Cheng, Journal of Financial Economics, 2010. MARK SOLIMAN “Non-GAAP Earnings and Board Independence,” with Richard Frankel and Sarah McVay, Review of Accounting Studies, 2011.

“Going, Going, Gone? The Demise of the Accruals Anomaly,” with John Hand and Jeremiah Green, Management Science, 2011. GARY SUNDEM “Integrity in Financial Reporting: Why and How”, in Business and Financial Crises: Some Urgent Priorities for Accounting and Accountants, Daniel Zeghal, Ed. (CGA Accounting Research Center, University of Ottawa), 2010.

Introduction to Management Accounting, 15th Ed., with Charles Horngren, William Stratton, Dave Burgstahler, and Jeff Schatzberg, Prentice Hall, 2010. Introduction to Financial Accounting, 10th Ed., with Charles Horngren, John Elliott, and Donna Philbrick, Prentice Hall, 2010. LLOYD TANLU “Conflict of Interest and the Intrusion of Bias,” with Don Moore and Max Bazerman, Judgment and Decision Making, 2010. JAKE THORNOCK “The Information Content of Annual Earnings Announcements and Mandatory adoption of IFRS,” with Wayne Landsman and Ed Maydew, Journal of Accounting and Economics, forthcoming.

Yen Hee Tong, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

2004 Koji Kojima, Kwansei Gakuin University, Japan 2003 W. Brooke Elliot, University of Illinois-Champaign Michelle Hanlon, MIT Winner 2004 ATA Dissertation Award Winner 2004 Financial Reporting Section Dissertation Award Tina Zamora, Seattle University University of Georgia Professor Stacie Kelley Laplante (PhD ‘05), Loyola Marymount Professor Laurel Franzen (PhD ‘00) and University of Oregon Professor Angie Davis (PhD ‘01)

Thank you to Clark Nuber for sponsoring this edition of the newsletter

University of Washington


Fritzky Chair Guest Speakers, Fall 2011





The current holders of the Fritzky chair of leadership, Paula and Stephen Reynolds, brought two high profile speakers to the Accounting Department this fall.


2008 -09


AMBALVO JAMES “J IM ” JI ation Dean in Business Administr Kirby L. Cramer Chair University PhD, The Ohio State Foster: Since 1978 HIG HL IGH TS

n $181 million, gn raising more tha Led a capital campai es and doubling faculty iliti fac resulting in new dent scholarships endowments and stu Award to Auditing Literature Notable Contribution ounting Association (2006) Acc an eric Am from the ting Review, Editor of The Accoun ry Served as Associate ora mp nte Co of rds boa and on the editorial and the Journal of Management Accounting Research ch ear Accounting Res Edition) l Accounting (Third Author of Manageria ? DID YO U KN OW

Jim plays a mean

Tim Ryan, PricewaterhouseCooper’s United States Assurance Leader and Vice President, arrived in early November to talk and visit with students and faculty of the Accounting Department. Undergraduate students in Intermediate Accounting classes participated in his presentation on recent developments on the liability side of the balance sheet. The presentation was timely, considering how global current events are currently centered on long-term debt issues. His focus on the responsibilities of auditors sharpened student understanding of the role of an auditor in today’s financial markets. He is fond of saying “it’s the auditor’s job to call balls and strikes.” Students and faculty were fascinated by anecdotes he shared from his years of experience auditing some of the world’s largest corporations, including the time he had to issue a material weakness on AIG. In the afternoon, Ryan discussed career issues with students in the MPAcc Auditing and Assurance Program. These students, seven months away from full-time work in the accounting world, were treated to an insider’s view of a successful career path. They unanimously found the conversation to be meaningful and insightful. The Fritzky guest brought to campus a few days later was Henry Keizer, VP of KPMG. He spoke to students and faculty

about the changes in the accounting profession and the role of an auditor in today’s business environment. Keizer told students to always look beyond what facts clients give them, evaluating how those things relate to other information in the environment. Even with current regulatory pressure, there will be business failures among the successes, so maintaining professional integrity is critical. “Guard your integrity with your life,” he said. The biggest change he has seen during his 34 years is the advent of post-Enron regulations and the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board. He indicated that, as with all change, opportunity emerges. The role of an auditor transforms as the information demanded by the investing community changes. The Accounting Department has been enriched with the visit of such compelling speakers. Students and faculty were extremely grateful to the Reynolds for bringing these two visitors to campus.

Fritzky Chair in Leadership, 2011-2012 Stephen and Paula Reynolds bring a wealth of business experience and connections to the Foster School. Paula is on several large corporate boards, headed the restructuring of AIG and was the former President and CEO of Safeco. Stephen is the former President, CEO and Chairman of Puget Sound Energy. Currently they head the business advisory group, Prefer West LLC.

blues guitar.

edu foster.washington.

KPMG VP Henry Keizer speaking with faculty


Michael G. Foster School of Business

Fritzky Chair Paula Reynolds, PwC VP Tim Ryan and Accounting Department Chair Terry Shevlin

Seventh Annual Financial Reporting Conference The 7th annual Financial Reporting Conference was held May 13, 2011 at the Bell Harbor International Conference Center on the Seattle waterfront. The Foster School of Business and the Milgard School of Business jointly organize the conference to provide a forum for the Pacific Northwest business community to interact with standard setters and regulators and hear the opinions of experts on current topics in accounting. Approximately 300 individuals attended this year’s conference and earned CPE credit for the all-day event.

The 8th annual Financial Reporting Conference is scheduled for Friday, May 11, 2012 in Seattle. Mark your calendars. Please check our website for further information as the date approaches:

In the morning, Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) member Tom Linsmeier discussed current topics under FASB consideration. He discussed pressures to complete convergence and joint projects with IASB including revenue recognition, leases and treatment of financial instruments. He was followed by a presentation by the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) Chief Accountant James Kroeker who shared with the attendees the topics currently on the SEC’s agenda.

standard is on the horizon that would essentially eliminate the concepts of operating and capital leases. Companies would be required to capitalize their future lease payments. The proposed new standards may require significant estimates for contingent payments among other things. The second afternoon session was a lively panel discussion on disclosure overload, “Disclosure: Is More Always Better?” The session was motivated by a growing frustration of all financial reporting stakeholders, including investors, that there is too much disclosure and that disclosures have become too complex and not informative. Foster Accounting Professor Zoe-Vonna Palmrose moderated the session with John Lacey, Professor and Ernst & Young Research Fellow, California State University, Long Beach; Brandon Pedersen, VP & CFO, Alaska Air Group; and Matt Dmytryszyn, Research Analyst, LaSalle Capital Management. The panelists discussed the growth in required GAAP and MD&A disclosures over the last few decades and provided their insights and perspectives on what’s useful and what’s not. We would like to thank our Keynote Sponsor, Microsoft and our Major Sponsors, Clark Nuber, Columbia Bank, DaVita, KPMG, Port of Tacoma, PwC, Propel Insurance, Resources Global Professionals, and Russell Investments for their generous support of the 2011 Financial Reporting Conference.

The lunch keynote speaker, Jeffrey S. Lyon, Chairman and CEO of Kidder Matthews, described the status and future outlook for commercial leasing in the Pacific Northwest and how it impacts the regions’ economy. In the first afternoon session, Foster Accounting Professor Jane Kennedy moderated a panel titled “Lease Accounting ChangesMountain or Molehill?“ Panel members included Michael Zanoni, Corporate Controller, Amazon; Kevin Murphy, Controller, Boeing Capital; and Jim Howell, VP of Finance & Chief Accounting Officer, Nordstrom. This topic is timely because a new leasing

Accounting Department Chair Terry Shevlin, SEC Chief Accountant James Kroeker and Professor Zoe-Vonna Palmrose

Conference participants

Amazon Corporate Controller Michael Zanoni speaking on Lease Accounting Panel

University of Washington


2010-11 Accounting Department Contributions Listed on the following pages are those individuals, corporations, and foundations whose gifts were received by the Accounting Department in Fiscal Year 2011 (July 1, 2010 through June 30, 2011). We sincerely apologize for misspellings or inadvertently omitting any listing, and we appreciate the opportunity to correct our records. Please contact us at 206.543.4368 to advise us of any errors.

thank you!

FY11 Donors Organizations $25,000 or More Moss Adams PricewaterhouseCoopers $10,000 - $24,999 Chevron Corporation Ishiyama Foundation KPMG Microsoft Corporation $5,000 - $9,999 Clark Nuber, PS Deloitte & Touche Foundation Fidelity Investments Charitable Gift Fund Resources Global Professionals $2,000 - $4,999 Accenture Foundation Amgen Amgen Foundation, Inc. Bader Martin, PS The Boeing Company Ernst & Young

Grant Thornton Foundation Mirikitani Foundation The Ash Family Foundation The H & R Block Foundation Schwab Fund for Charitable Giving The Seattle Foundation

FY11 Donors Individuals $10,000 - $24,999 Aurora (‘93) and Brian (‘94, ‘04) Nugent Gary and Elizabeth Sundem $5,000 - $9,999 Robert and Clodagh Ash Donald (‘58) De Mers Richard (‘74) and Jeannie Greaves Gary (‘75) and Marcia (‘77) Grimstad Anne (‘85) McGonigle and Gregory Witter Laurie (‘75) and John (‘76) Tangney

FY11 Donors Organizations $1,000 - $1,999 Deloitte Services Delta Chapter Beta Alpha Psi Glaser Foundation, Inc. Rigos Prof. Education Programs Ltd. State of Washington Sweeney Conrad, PS United Way of King County Vanguard Charitable Endowment Prog. $500 - $999 Attachmate Corporation GE Foundation $100 - $499 Flow International Corporation Frank J. Kuntz, CPA, PS Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Porter & Company, PS Roman L. Weil Associates Saltchuk Resources, Inc. Shell Oil Company Foundation The Attorney-CPA Tax Clinic Union Pacific Corporation Other gifts Mellon Bank Corporation


Michael G. Foster School of Business

David (‘82) and Michelle Yonce $2,000 - $4,999 Marybeth (‘59, ‘72) Austin Christie and Bryan Bakker Robert (‘82) and Kelly Best Kristianne (‘75) and John Blake Robert Bowen and Jane Kennedy David (‘76, ‘83) and Leslie Brown Jeffrey (‘95) Brown Gerald (‘64) and Susan Christensen Lenore and Shane Drollinger Dorothy Eggan Hugh (‘56) Eggan Elaine Ervin Alexis Fowler Darin Goehner Gerald (‘47) Gorans Glenn (‘78, ‘80) and Renee Graham

FY11 Donors Individuals $1,000 - $1,999 Richard Askew Gregg (‘76) and Jane Blodgett Craig (‘00, ‘01) Brimmer and Ellen (‘01) Sims Craig (‘80) and Susan (‘81) Bruya Andrew (‘94) Cates Daniel Cheyney Michael (‘96, ‘97) Chinn Aaron (‘96) Faulk William (‘66) and Helen (‘00) Fowler Dan Gaffney Rob Grannum Michele (‘83) and Trevor (‘83) Harris Max (‘07) Hewitt Leon (‘50) and Ruby (‘50) Holman Renuka Kathpal Beverly (‘73) and Charles (‘74) Keeslar Taft Kortus Jane (‘78) and Peter Lamb David (‘77) and Dana Lewis Kurt Lippman James (‘95) Madias Stephen (‘77) and Ann (‘79) Marsh Dawn (‘98) and John Matsumoto Jeffrey (‘73, ‘76) and Ethel (‘74) Maxwell Thomas (‘61, ‘71) and Brenda (‘61) Melang

Mark (‘81) Hall and Patricia (‘80, ‘99) Angell Louise Hanson Leigh (‘80) and James (‘80) Hill Christopher (‘92, ‘93) Hugo and Julie (‘92, ‘93) Blum Cathleen (‘79) and Kevin Hylton Carleen (‘90, ‘98) Janson Snyder Judith (‘63, ‘66) and Wilbur (‘62, ‘68) Jurden Kelly Keller and Troy Tidwell Douglas (‘68) and Willeen (‘68) Klan Matt and Shirley Kosmicki Glenn (‘49) Light Ronald (‘57) and Shirley Luhman Anthony (‘76) and Janice Maki Clifford Mirikitani Gerhard and Coralie Mueller Kevin (‘78 ‘97) Murphy and Karen Freeman Eric (‘88) Nicholson

Rodney (‘70, ‘72) and Nancy Pierson Mark Reis James (‘65) and Doreen Rigos John (‘48, ‘08) and Ruth Sato Kenneth (‘81,’84, ‘86) and Suzanne (‘82) Schiffler Terry and Susan Shevlin Isabella (‘80) and Louis (‘79) Snyder Cathy Sorensen Mary (‘95, ‘96) Tang Sid Tobiason Randy and Aleta Wells Bart (‘73) and Cynthia (‘73) Wilson Lorin (‘40) Wilson $500 - $999 Jeffrey (‘81) and Mabel Bialik Robert (‘85) and Elizabeth Block Frederick (‘72) Choi Janice (‘68) and Dennis (‘68) Conrad Donald Corbett Luke (‘97) Fewel Mark Fitzpatrick David Follett Rodney (‘84) Fujita Brian (‘83), (‘94) and Maureen Guenther Michael Hall Frank and Abigail Hodge Karen (‘84) Ikeda

Charles (‘61) and Gayle Pancerzewski Diana (‘96) Peterson and Joseph (‘89,’92, ‘97) Limacher Ronald (‘77) and Jacquelyn Rauch Gary (‘89) Rigsby Lori (‘82) and Michael Russell Tom (‘94) Sanger David (‘90) Schilling Laurel (‘80) and Peter (‘84) Shimer Walter (‘70) and Andrea (‘72, ‘09) Smith Trevor (‘89) and Martsi (‘90) Stuart Bradley (‘97) and Danielle Tilden Laurie (‘82) and Mickey Tish Tamara (‘90, ‘91) and Glenn Wattum Robert (‘58) and Judith Wilson

Amy (‘93) Jackson Joann (‘05) Jen Linda Kress Lixin (‘07) Lin and Weili Ge H. (‘78) Lowber Martin (‘67, ‘70) and Andrea (‘70) Lybecker Andrea Monroe Jeffrey (‘04, ‘05) Mustonen Brandon (‘01) and Serena Nett Dianne Nicholson Richard (‘69, ‘70) and Dorothy Pacholski Bruce (‘85) and Cynthia Parks John (‘77) and Dorcy Seethoff Kurt (‘96) and Kylee (‘97) Shintaffer Mark and Lois Soliman Joan (‘86) and Scott St. Marie Allan Steinman and Diane SigelSteinman David (‘78) and Joy Stiefel Peter (‘86) Stirling Chris (‘80) and Colleen Strand Jeffrey (‘85) Stuart Norman (‘76) and M. Swick Lloyd Tanlu Terry (‘78) and Virginia Tranter Edward (‘87) Vanderwel Walter (‘73) and Kelly (‘74, ‘77) Wallace Jeffrey (‘00, ‘01) and Jodie Wise Thomas and Purita Yamakawa

$100 - $499 Maryanne (‘81) and Monti (‘81) Ackerman Walter (‘71) Alexander Leonard (‘74) and Penny Almo Russell (‘63) and Jean Amick Erick (‘05, ‘06) Anderson Mark (‘84) Anderson and Deborah Smith Brandon (‘08) Ardillo Jonathan (‘92) and Dana Avedovech Louis (‘50) and Leah Baroh Brad Berg David (‘82) Bergsvik Jonathan (‘01, ‘08) and Denette (‘01, ‘02) Blustein Elizabeth (‘04, ‘06) Bolla Richard (‘50, ‘58, ‘63) Bradish Jared (‘04, ‘05) Brigham June (‘56, ‘83) Bright Justin (‘01) and Marni (‘05) Broom Lynne (‘80, ‘82) Brown Grace (‘02) Bunnya William (‘67, ‘72) and Margaret Burg Jeremy (‘00) Burroughs Ralph (‘57) Byron Katherine (‘96) Campbell and Duane (‘98) Helleloid James (‘69) and Lynn (‘71) Carlsen Mary (‘76, ‘09) Carlson Carrie (‘86) and Robert Casanas Kathleen (‘95) Clark Gatton Daniel (‘91) and Christan Connors Annette (‘78) and Gregory (‘78) Cox Joseph (‘07), (‘08) DeVleming Mary (‘87) Dickinson Fawzi (‘64, ‘68) Dimian Julie (‘05, ‘06) Do Phil (‘83) and Deb Dormaier James Dubeck Larry (‘79, ‘89, ‘94) and Patricia DuCharme Steven (‘68) and Sylvia (‘70) Engel Mark (‘78) and Sally (‘81, ‘85) Esser Jeff Fay Thomas (‘74) and Lisa Ferguson Kurt (‘83) and Jill (‘87) Frost Betti (‘77) Fujikado Glen (‘85) and Kathleen Furuta Jennifer (‘90) Galbreath Carolyn (‘90) and Saul (‘91) Gates Dean (‘88) and Kelley (‘88) Gaylor John (‘82) and Hildagard Gess Diane (‘89) and Stephen Getsiv Stephen (‘97) Gillin Steven (‘87, ‘94) and Tina Glover Bonnie (‘69) Godfred Preston (‘03, ‘04) Graham Harumi (‘79) and Douglas Guiberson Steven (‘81, ‘91, ‘92) and Amy Gustafson Joseph (‘99, ‘00) Haberzetle and Katherine Gardner Kirstin (‘93) and Kurt (‘88) Havnaer Wayne (‘74) Hays Loyd Heath Erica Heinrich Joanne (‘73) and Gerald Herber Arlen (‘82) Horst and Katherine (‘89, ‘06) Macdonald Lisa (‘97) Horwich and Joseph Paperman Hunter (‘07) Hughes Matthew (‘04, ‘06) and Lori Hurl

Ward (‘93, ‘94) and B. Jones Andrew (‘72, ‘76) Judd and Ann (‘99) Crusius Dan (‘72, ‘73) and Janice Kawamoto David (‘77) Keefe Richard (‘02) Kemmling Allison (‘09, ‘11) and Eric Koester Keith (‘82) and Diane Komoto Frank (‘85) Kuntz Theresa (‘84) and Aaron Lafrombois Frank (‘50) and Verlee Larner Lai (‘80) Lee and Edgardo Gariando Richard (‘59) and Hanna LeMaster Ho (‘97) Leung and Kit So Ka (‘97, ‘98) Leung Ross (‘00) Linderman Denise (‘86) and Hung (‘86, ‘98) Mach Satoshi (‘90) Matsui RoAnne (‘86) Matsuura Bruce (‘84) and D’Anne McFarlane Gary (‘68, ‘78) McNeil Deborah (‘78) Medlar and Quentin Hoth Gary (‘80) Meek Frank (‘66) and Mary (‘65) Montgomery Nadine (‘73) Morgan Jeffrey (‘06, ‘08) Neste Karla (‘94) North Nicolas (‘00) and April (‘00) Pacholski Mustafa (‘91, ‘93) Patwa Brandon (‘88) and Janet (‘88) Pedersen Judith (‘76) Peterick Gregory (‘73) and Zandra Peters Jeffrey (‘01, ‘02) and Elysa (‘03) Piha William (‘68) and Carla Porter Susan Queary Brian (‘88) and Lori Reeder Margaret (‘75) Rieder Lawrence (‘59) Ross Diane (‘73, ‘75) Rubin Carlen (‘00) Ruelos Andrea (‘07, ‘08) Ruud Shahbaz (‘89) and Shahla Saudagaran James (‘76) Schneidmiller and Gina (‘80) Vangelos George (‘68) Scott William (‘65) and Linda Scott Heather (‘95, ‘96) Secrest Wendy (‘88) and Stephan Sefcik Michael Senf Alane (‘87) Senyohl Alena (‘04, ‘05) Shafer George (‘69) and Susan Shanafelt Grant (‘10) Shaver D. Shores Karen (‘79) Smarr Amy (‘02, ‘03) Steele Bradley (‘81) Stern John (‘82) and Monica (‘82) Suryan Norman (‘57) and Phyllis Swenson Ruby and Lance Tatsuno Wayne (‘57) Tavis Michael (‘88) and Gayle Teramoto Douglas Thorn Jacob Thornock Norma (‘83) Tollman Jeffrey (‘80) Totusek James (‘82) Wahlen Richard (‘78, ‘81, ‘83) and Catherine (‘81) Wakefield Robert (‘62) and Betty Wales

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Rebecca (‘88) and Bruce (‘88) Jones Douglas (‘68) and Barbara Kanaya Donald (‘54) Kane Valerie (‘82) Kendall Allison (‘98) Kollack Vildana (‘08, ‘09) Kunduklija Anthony (‘74) and Cecilia Kwan Lisa (‘07) Kwok Karissa (‘99) Lackey James (‘69) and Barbara (‘66, ‘80) Larson Tracy Lawson Diane (‘07) Lin Michael Liranzo Jennifer (‘08) Livesay Anne (‘04) Lund Anthony (‘07, ‘08) Mai Timothy (‘85) and Julie (‘86) McCann Colin (‘06, ‘07) McKendry Amir (‘87) and Deborah (‘87) Medawar Christina (‘95) Merritt Darany (‘72) Mingmaninakin and Paul Palotas Liting (‘02, ‘03) Mitchell Peter (‘69, ‘71) and Jo Moerbeek James Monroe Jeffrey and Kari Mueller Connie (‘77) Munekiyo and Neal Cohen Jon (‘87) and Corinna Munson Nicholas (‘08) Nageli Bruce (‘75, ‘76, ‘77) and Bea (‘74) Nahon Barbara (‘80) Nason Cindy (‘85) Nelson Scott (‘07, ‘08) Neste Eliza (‘11) Nesvog Mark (‘97) Okinaka Jill (‘95) Orth Aymeric (‘11) Prieur Carol-Jean (‘85) Puvogel Jonathan (‘11) Qu Carolyn Read Stephen (‘92) Reddaway Margo (‘87) Reich Amanda (‘06, ‘07) Rich Edward (‘58) and Carole Rich Gail (‘76, ‘86) Round Kevin (‘98) and Reenie Rowe Stephen (‘75) and Kim Sakai Jana (‘97) and Trevor (‘97) Schneider Maximilian (‘05, ‘06) Schroedl Gary (‘78) Schulze Allyn (‘87, ‘93) and Christine (‘87) Seymour Francine and Kent Shafer Erin (‘99) Shen Christopher (‘67, ‘78) and Karen Sherfey Diane (‘95) Shey Sara (‘92, ‘97) Stayte and David Rosenberg Kendall (‘87) and Carrie (‘90) Stever Hiroshi (‘52) Suzuki Amy (‘97) Thielman Kimberly (‘91) and Michael (‘93) Thomson Michael (‘09) Upton Deborah (‘81) Ward Roman Weil Kristina (‘89, ‘95) Wetzel and Daren Salstrom Cindy (‘84) Weyers Bradley (‘08, ‘09) Williams James (‘88) Wong Rae Woods

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