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Dr Ramin Amali

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Prof. Paul Olomolaiye

Dr Ramin Amali

Faculty of Enviroment and Technology

Product Design Technology Creative Product Design

Executive Dean

Course Leader

The products and service presented by UWE graduates in this catalogue demonstrate their outstanding knowledge of design, sustainability, ergonomics, product engineering and human centred design. Our final year Product Design students have combined their creativity with leading-edge technology and enterprise to present you the products at this exhibition. I am most delighted at their achievements and confident that you’ll agree that they are the type of graduates that our economy need and will, through their passion for innovation and enterprise, enable the well-being of our society for years to come. ‘Real live Application’ is core to our Product Design Course at UWE and we are proud that some of the products at this exhibition have already won awards with significant prizes or successfully sold and put into production. The students have worked on several live projects with several companies and it is not surprising that our students easily find employment or start their own companies on graduation. We are proud of their passion to approach living from new perspectives and fully commend each project at this exhibition to you.

This academic year has been a great success for UWE Product Design, students have been working on live projects with; Bisley, Mark Wilkinson Furniture and Bloodhound SSC. The Bisley Bite, which started as a CPD student project was awarded an “Honorable mention” in the prestigious red dot design awards 2010. An ergonomic test rig, created by PDT students for Bloodhound SSC, was displayed in the Design Museum in London and over the summer we will be moving both courses to brand new, purpose built, design studios. On behalf of our graduates, I would like to thank all my colleagues for their endless passion, patience, understanding and guidance. Congratulations to all our graduates for their great work, the skills they have developed through years of dedication, concentration and hard work will serve them well throughout their professional careers.

Creative Product Design BSc (hons) Creative Product Design puts people at the heart of product and service design. The Creative Product Design (CPD) programme prepares graduates for a career in product design, incorporating the wide array of design skills necessary for product development. These skills range from Design Research and Communication, Service Design, Marketing, Graphic Design, Packaging Design, all contributing to Consumer Product Design and Product Development centred on our society and human needs.

The Creative Product Design projects you see in this catalogue all started with complex, real world, humancentred problems. By using a process of intensive user research the graduates have developed innovative design solutions that create joinedup human experiences.

Product Design Technology BSc (hons) Product Design Technology graduates use both creative and technical skills to turn their concepts into innovative products. Ideal for students who are both creative designers and technical problem solvers Product Design Technology bridges between Product Design and Design Engineering. The PDT design process unites human factors, aesthetics and technology. A complete design process, starting with real world problems, through user research, concept sketching, design development, engineering analysis, on to manufacture and beyond.

Product Design Technology produces innovative and exciting designers, as confident with sketching and styling as they are with finite element analysis. Able to apply their understanding of technology, sustainable design, materials and manufacturing to solve human-centred design problems. Product Design Technology is accredited by the Institute of Engineering Designers.

Jamayel Ahmed

Creative Product Design +44 (0) 7956 232 336

RP promotional torch for Honda.

The Pop-up Pharmacy Encouraging males to engage with their health, by breaking down the barriers of conventional health services.

Samuel Attwell

Product Design Technology +44 (0) 7904 877 353

Children’s kick scooter designed to fit the Vespa brand. Tested to meet current British Standards by finite element analysis.

Integrated laptop bag and seat To provide an ergonomic seating position for laptop users in outdoor environments.

Charlotte Baker

Creative Product Design +44 (0) 7891 977 271

Left Ribena point of sale. Right Concepts for final year project.

Above Promotional torch for Singapore Airlines.

Sam Beedon

Product Design Technology +44 (0) 7881 783 859

Toilet which reduces the amount of water used per flush by using a more reliable system.

Soap dispenser which alters students perceptions of the state of bathrooms in universities by indicating that it has been cleaned.

Natalie Benwell

Creative Product Design +44 (0) 7812 755 589

Grace A 1m3 micro kitchen group project for the Mark Wilkinson brand. Situated within a micro dwelling & tailored specifically for baby boomers.

Bianca Li Wei Brand Creative Product Design

Left Origami lily, product photography. Right Final year project - incorporating perceived risk in playgrounds.

NetJets promotional torch Sketch development, Solid Edge model & Rapid-prototyped model.

Arthur Chan

Creative Product Design +44 (0) 7717 764 865

Left Micro kitchen group project. Right RP promotional torch for Abarth 500.

e•FIT Final year project, design against drug driving, a roadside drug impairment test device.

William Clement-Jones Product Design Technology +44 (0) 7775 906 737

Right Mark Wilkinson concept Micro Kitchen group project. Left Concept for FInal Year Project.

Muji hole punch Adding a splash of colour to the office.

Final Major Project Design developent for a comunications device to improve safety of lone paramedics.

Ian Dallimore

Creative Product Design +44 (0) 7920 402 092

Left Mark Wilkinson urban kitchen design for baby boomers group project. Right RSA Design against bicycle theft.

Thomas Debnam

Creative Product Design - +44 (0) 7866 453 477

Left Singapore Airlines Promotional Torch. Above Heinz Beanz “Point of Sale”. Below Starbucks coffee cup re-design. Right Bisley Build “Touch-Down” storage unit.

Alistair Donald

Creative Product Design +44 (0) 7804 142 428

Above Cocept backpack BBQ with cooling box. Left & Right Final Year Project, Flight Path; SMS service. Below Famous Grouse point of sale.

Thomas Fearis

Creative Product Design +44 (0) 7807 166 138

Netjets promotional torch Sketches and RP model.

Clothing rail semantically representing the form of recycling and differentiating ‘branded’ clothing within charity stores.

Edmund Fry

Product Design Technology +44 (0) 7986 986 676

Development sketches and a final rendering for a folding child’s kick scooter.

Self powered warning sign for un-manned beaches.

Holly Gamble

Creative Product Design +44 (0) 7515 020 001

Left Promotional Torch for the Honda Civic brand. Right Final major project - HoneyHouse, a modern, functional beehive.

Group project designing a micro-kitchen in association with the Mark Wilkinson brand.

Liam Gregory

Creative Product Design

Promotional torch for the Fiat 500.

Final Year Project Entertaining in small homes. This compact coffee table houses four additional chairs and two side tables saving valuable space when not in use.

Elliot Hamilton

Creative Product Design +44 (0) 7792 840 622

Left Mark Wilkinson automated larder unit, group project. Centre RP promotional torch for Fiat 500. Right Development for final year project.

Helene Hamon

Product Design Technology +44 (0) 7762 234 567

Doroko Dai The kitchen that fits into a footprint of 1m2 .Mark Wilkinson micro kitchen group project.

The 2 dimensional fridge Final year project - Reducing food waste by improving access and visibility to the contents of the fridge.

Katie Hooper

Creative Product Design +44 (0) 7834 039 086

Grace micro kitchen designed for the Mark Wilkinson brand, for aging baby boomers. With rotating music dock and extending worktop, group project.

Above Service designed for M&S, to increase resourcefulness in the community. Below Singapore Airlines Torch. Right Creating public awareness of working age dementia.

Vespa inspired folding child’s kick scooter, a practical transportation solution, incorporating classic Italian design.

Nicholas Horan

Product Design Technology +44 (0) 7709 307 322

An all in one solution to the NHS’s £8 million per year needle stick injury problem for travelling clinicians. Including all generic equipment and a permanent point of disposal.

Ashley Hribar-Green

Product Design Technology +44 (0) 7872 325 971


Computer speaker innovation

Left ‘Aiding the transfer between wheelchair and stairlift for people with disabilities. Above AHGberries concept development.

AHGberries Featured by Coroflot (portfolio website) Awarded ‘Design of the Month’ (Monkey Design)

Gary Hunt

Creative Product Design

Final year project A haemoglobin test kit to reduce blood donor deferral rates and increasing the number of young generation blood donors.

Haptect A kitchen designed for Stockholm furniture fair to showcase Dupont’s material capabilities. Developed for manufacture while on work placement at Studio John Sebastian in Copenhagen.

Maxwell Irving

Creative Product Design +44 (0) 7814 992 061

Left Torch branded for Singapore Airlines. Right Cradle concept for UK Councils to makes urban tree planting easier and cheaper.

RSA competition “Design Out Shoplifting� for Charity Shops. This freestanding unit increases the shoppers experience whilst providing easy surveillance of items.

Sandeep Jassal

Creative Product Design

Left Netjets torch. Above RSA project helping people with Arthritis. Right Kitchen design for the Mark Wilkinson Brand group project.

Oliver Jones

Creative Product Design +44 (0) 7759 147 578

Left IAMAWARE iPhone App, final year project. Above and right Mark Wilkinson Micro Kitchen design with iPod dock, group project. Below Honda Civic torch concept.

Richard Jones

Product Design Technology +44(0) 7940 743 600

Remote controlled adapter To enable the elderly to replace ceiling luminaires. Right Desktop speaker influenced by the natural form of a starfish.

Child’s compact folding scooter Designed and tested to British Standards using Finite Element Analysis software. Design portrays the iconic Vespa brand.

Alexandra Lehser

Creative Product Design +44 (0) 7909 221 318

Promotional torch for ‘Mini’ - sleek, cheeky and playful.

Above Contemporary Urban kitchen for baby boomers. Left ’Unite’ - RSA concept helping mitigate the threat of terrorism.

Rebecca Liddle

Creative Product Design +44 (0) 7769 312 025

Magnetic sketching mat To help ADHD children focus while eating. Provides a subtle distraction as well as promoting interaction with food.

Above Knife designed for rock climbers. Right Bisley office storage and workspace system. Below Mark Wilkinson kitchen design for baby boomers, group project

Daniel Mann

Creative Product Design +44 (0) 7503 113 110

Fiat 500 Branded Torch Concept sketches and Rapid Prototyped model.

Tea making device For the visually impaired. Mark Wilkinson Micro kitchen Group project.

Samuel Maples

Creative Product Design +44 (0) 7969 604 436

RSA Project A service for the elderly, providing shopping and nutritional advice and Integrating a supermarket into the community.

Mark Wilkinson Micro Kitchen With a 1m2 footprint first place prize group project. Promotional Tourch For the Honda Civic brand.

Christine McFadden Creative Product Design +44 (0) 7985 225 440

Foster Life ‘Our Home, Our Family’. Board game for potential foster families, to aid with bonding and understanding.

Promotional Torch For Singapore Airlines. Mark Wilkinson Micro Kitchen Award winning student kitchen design group project.

Sasha Monaghan

Creative Product Design +44(0) 7837 602 254

Bisley Portable working and storage unit for nomidic office workers. Runner up prize.

Healthy Me Final year project teaches children healthy behaviour in a fun and engaging way.

Edmond O’Driscoll

Product Design Technology +44 (0) 7593 153 563 +35 3877 511 950

Concept smart kitchen with media hub.

AirWedge Improving inflight comfort. Each of four internal air bags can be manipulated to mould into the shape desired by the passenger.

Matthew Ă–hman

Product Design Technology

Above Concept generation for final major project. Left Vespa inspired folding kick scooter.

Final Major Project Agricultural GPS emergency vehicle locator, vastly improving chance of survival in a life threatening incident.

James Palmer

Product Design Technology +44 (0) 7881 881 293 Get up and go Helping people with physical disabilities access their personal vehicles. Sense Natural form computer speakers.

GT concept Automotive Inspiration.

Jonathan Pheasant Creative Product Design +44 (0) 7912 572 204

Above Mark Wilkinson micro kitchen, group project. Left Concepts for Major Project. Right Promotional Torch.

Grasp A multi use cross-curricular learning aid to encourage exploration, learning and play.

George Pickup

Product Design Technology +44 (0) 7880 838 777

Bud Speaker A visual exploration of natural form.

H.A Table and chairs designed to compliment and extend an existing kitchen into an outdoor space, Iroko and painted Plywood.

Russel Pollock

Product Design Technology +44 (0) 7851 784 098

Doroko Dai Micro Kitchen group project.

Glide Computer Final year project, improving gliding safety.

Matthew Popek

Creative Product Design +44 (0) 7590 983 025

Netjets promotional torch CAD render and prototype.

Above Service Design concept improving a supermarket’s image in the community. Below Sketch work for final major project. Right Mark Wilkinson micro kitchen, group project.

Caryn Roberts

Creative Product Design +44(0) 7969 607 889

Fiat 500 promotional torch Lively, functional, cosy and protective.

Social Bubble Final major project.

Joseph Sargeant

Creative Product Design +44 (0) 7854 574 032

Torch design based on forms of a Honda Civic.

Retail Security Device Small handheld device visually communicating information about potential shoplifter’s locations.

Chris Weston

Creative Product Design +44 (0) 7879 441 575

Major Project Reducing accidents caused by water sports and increasing the success rate of RNLI rescues.

Rapid prototype torch model for the Honda Civic. Micro Kitchen Group project

Katherine White

Product Design Technology +44 (0) 7833 292 586

A folding scooter designed with a Vespa theme, with FEA analysis showing stess and displacement.

Major project An aid to help juvenile arthritis patients to wash their hair independently.

Tanya Wigley

Creative Product Design +44(0) 7891 857 768

Fiat 500 branded pocket torch Development sketches and final design.

Mittys allow a child to independently wipe their own bottoms from potty training onwards, Mittys are 100% biodegradable, kind on the skin and reduce tissue consumption by one third.

Charlotte Wood

Creative Product Design +44 (0)7875 089 369

Retractable furniture For students living in halls accommodation, where space is limited.

Together An exhibition that helps senior citizens to overcome psychological barriers regarding technology. Promotional Tourch Netjets brand.

Daniel Wright

Creative Product Design +44 (0) 7941 721 557

Mark Wilkinson micro-kitchen Designed for the baby boomer generation. Group project awarded first prize.

SheepGuard Detects the loss of sheep from fields or moorland areas, alerting farmers of theft or loss of their livestock.

Mark Wilkinson Kitchen design for a studio flat in a renovated Georgian building, group project.

Alexander Zimmer

Creative Product Design +44 (0) 7540 344 924

Promotional torch for Fiat 500 Concepts, CAD model and engineering drawing.

Bisley Office Furniture

Bloodhound SSC In 2010, Product Design Technology second year students worked with the Bloodhound SSC team to produce concept designs which solve the complex problem of lifting and moving Bloodhound SSC between runs. The ergonomic test rig for the cockpit of Bloodhound SSC, which was designed and made by PDT students in 2008, was exhibited in the Ergonomics - Real Design Exhbition at the Design Museum London in 2010.

In 2007, a UWE student ‘live’project in collaboration with Bisley lead to the manufacture of the highly sucessful Bisley Bite. In 2010 the Bisley Bite, was awarded a ‘Honourable Mention’ in the Red dot design awards. In 2010, Creative Product Design second year students worked on a live project with Bisley to design another innovative new office furniture concept.

Mark Wilkinson Kitchens Concept micro kitchens for baby boomers, designed by this years graduating students and presented to Mark Wilkinson OBE, in the studios of Mark Wilkinson Kitchens.

Unmistakably Mark Wilkinson

New Product Design Studios From September 2010, UWE Product Design programmes will be housed in a state of the art, purpose built facility, reflecting a 21st century approach to design education.

Battery Chargers • Switch Trippers • UPS Central Battery Systems • Emergency Lighting Inverter Systems

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