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Guest Column: You have permission to be lazy when sick By Shaun Young,


Founder of Ardina

ollege is a time for independence and new experiences, but those experiences aren’t always positive. There are tow trucks, lost cell phones, the morning after your first pitcher of Liquid Dope and the illness you come down with right in the middle of finals week, on the coldest day of the semester. Whether it’s a UTI, sinus infection or a mysterious rash from the dorm showers, getting sick or having a medical concern when you’re away from home can be hard to deal with. Motivating yourself to leave your warm bed to trudge across campus to the Wexner Medical Center when you’re feeling miserable isn’t easy. Once you get there, you’re stuck sitting in a waiting room, texting your parents to try to figure out your insurance information. Going to the walk-in clinic is a little more convenient, but it also involves the risk of having to make small talk with a cute neighbor, or a professor, when you’re feeling (and looking) your worst.With all the technology we have, there has to be an easier way right? Now there is, thanks to Ardina, a Columbus startup touting itself as “healthcare without the BS.” Ardina provides 24/7 telemedicine or access to doctors and nurses on the phone and online, for only $10 permonth. For the membership fee, members can reach doctors via the phone and Internet as often as they want for no additional fees. The doctors can write many common prescriptions like antibiotics and will call them in to the pharmacy of your choice, and they can even diagnosis dermatological issues with a convenient photo upload app. Consultations are confidential, and for $10 each month you don’t need to worry about figuring out how to use your insurance or dipping into your spring break fund to get a professional opinion or prescription when needed. OSU students can sign up for Ardina today at www.myardina.com and, when they sign up with their “.edu” e-mail address, will receive a free Ardina graphic tee along with their membership.


August 26, 2015 • UWEEKLY


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