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(L to R) Wayne S. Rawlins, MD, MBA, Aetna Inc.; Lyn G. Walker, Shipman & Goodwin LLP; and, Otto Eichmann, Pratt & Whitney



MESSAGE FROM THE 2013 UNITED WAY CAMPAIGN CHAIR Thank you for your generous support of our community at the leadership level giving through United Way in 2012. As the 2013 Chairman of the United Way Campaign, I hope to have the opportunity this year to meet many of you at your workplace and to thank you personally for your efforts. While I have contributed for many years, this is more than just participating in Webster Bank’s annual employee campaign; for me this is personal. Growing up as one of seven children in a working class family in Elizabeth, New Jersey, I learned early on about the importance of community. I experienced the power of the faith community when they afforded me the opportunity to attend a college prep school. From there, I was well-prepared to attend college which led to a successful career. That’s why we give. Through a gift to United Way Community Investment–at a leadership level– we know that we are making a measurable change in community conditions for children and families. No other organization is as well-positioned to do this, than United Way. Please let me close by saying thank you for your past support and I look forward to your continued generous support in 2013.

Joseph J. Savage Webster Bank

Our focus on education helps children enter school ready to learn and succeed academically. 2 United Way Campaign 2012-2013

Our focus on income assists families to become financially secure.

MESSAGE FROM THE 2013 UNITED WAY BOARD CHAIR By Living United, we join hands to work toward a shared community vision. Together, we create a brighter future for our children and generations to follow. Your contributions to United Way Community Investment and efforts make this positive change possible, and for this, we wholeheartedly thank you. Leaders in Giving is dedicated to you and the other outstanding leaders with whom we are fortunate to have as partners. It’s one small gesture of appreciation to you who invest so generously in our local community through the United Way Campaign. This listing recognizes the 5,228 members of United Way Tocqueville and Constitution Societies, along with those who are dedicated to strengthening children and families through United Way Women’s Leadership Council and Emerging Leaders Society. In this publication, you also will learn about the latest Community Investment results that we achieve together by focusing on the core issues that matter most to you and other community members. Together, we improve lives and change local conditions. Thank you for making such a significant difference and contributing to a better life for all.

Wayne S. Rawlins, MD, MBA Aetna Inc.

Our focus on health provides individuals with access to quality health care.

Our focus on basic needs ensures food, shelter and other essential services are available when needed. Leaders in Giving 3



Meghan Lacher, Travelers, and Michelle Stronz, PhD, Epiphany Enterprises, at the 2012 Women’s Leadership Council second anniversary event held at The Hartford in October. Bottom L to R Susan Christensen Stoner (middle), Fashion Consultant, Freelance Moderator, Media talent, and Janet Flagg-Rawlins (right), VA Connecticut Healthcare, presenting Lynn Sullivan, TD Bank Private Client Group, with an award of excellence for serving as the title sponsor of the event and a partner in helping families become financially secure. Susan B. Dunn, United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut; Roxanna Booth Miller, Hartford Youth Scholars; Susan Christensen Stoner, Fashion Consultant, Freelance Moderator, Media talent; Janet FlaggRawlins, VA Connecticut Healthcare; Noreen A. Randazzo, The Hartford; and, Meghan Lacher, Travelers, all founding members of our United Way’s Women’s Leadership Council, at the 2013 United Way Power of the Purse Luncheon and Silent Auction on June 3rd at the Hartford Convention Center. Rebecca J. Kuzma, The Hartford, and Karmela K. Malone, The Hartford, at the TD Bank Pre-Reception for the 2013 United Way Power of the Purse Luncheon and Silent Auction held on May 30.

United Way Women’s Leadership Council members who donated during the 2012 United Way Campaign Eileen Castolene Melanie Cecarellli Francine Christiansen Alison Colli Alicien Demonte Elizabeth Gagne Sue Ellen Kerr Rebecca Kuzma Meghan Lacher Peg Lesiak Mary Ann Lubeskie Bonnie Malley Karmela Malone Roxanna Booth Miller Noreen Randazzo Janet Flagg-Rawlins Noreen Shugrue Lynn Sullivan Michelle Stronz Susan Christensen Stoner Wendy Zacchio

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4 United Way Campaign 2012-2013

You are standing up. You are taking action. You are helping to provide women and families with the resources needed to work toward financial security. This is a welcome opportunity for us to express our sincere appreciation for your contribution to the Women’s Leadership Council and say “thank you.” We believe that when a network of caring, dedicated women get together to engage hands to drive change, anything is possible and you are proving this to be true.


Thanks to you, we were able to expand our outreach in 2012 to a second family financial center and help more women have access to financial literacy programs. With your help more than 800 guests attended our second annual Power of the Purse Luncheon and Silent Auction where together we raised over $180,000. These funds allow us to continue our work locally at Alfred E. Burr Elementary School and John C. Clark, Jr. Elementary and Middle School. You have ensured women and families in our community will continue to have the tools to financially succeed. Your ongoing support and participation will continue to build a stronger community for all. We look forward to working together in the coming year to continue demonstrating the powerful impact we can make as women and leaders in our community. Warm regards,

Meghan Lacher

Michelle Stronz, PhD

Travelers Co-chair

Epiphany Enterprises Co-chair

Energetic, enthusiastic, empowering–United Way’s Emerging Leaders possess all the traits needed to deliver long-lasting results for our community. The Emerging Leaders Society (ELS) focuses on cultivating a new generation of contributors. As a member you inspire leadership in advocacy and philanthropy by participating in volunteer, professional development and networking opportunities throughout the year.



Leading by example in our workplaces and communities, we positively change local conditions, specifically by helping children succeed academically. This is all possible because of your ongoing dedication to work together to improve lives. We have a lot to be proud of since our launch in April 2012, including when members of the Emerging Leaders Society volunteered at the United Way Family Book Festival at Hartford Public Library in June 2013. This event was funded by the nearly $5,000 raised at the first ever Emerging Leaders’ Brighten the Way For Our Youth fundraiser held at Farmington Gardens a month prior. More than 35 volunteers distributed nearly 150 donated books to local children and families! Thank you for your ongoing efforts to GIVE, ADVOCATE, VOLUNTEER with United Way. Your support, participation and energy contributes to a better life for all. I look forward to working with you to grow the scale and scope of the positive impact we strive to make in our community. Together, let’s continue to DO SOMETHING BIG! Sincerely,

Jack Soos

Leaders in Giving recognizes Gold Level Emerging Leaders Society members, those who contribute $500 or more annually to United Way Community Investment. Framers

Brian and Keri Engstrom Colleagues

John W. Laspada Jack Soos Meghan B. Sullivan Maia Brooks Michael M. Byrne Edward J. Ososki Victoria S. Richardson David M. Schwartz

Stacey D. Stewart, U.S. President, United Way Worldwide, and Jack Soos, Pratt & Whitney, Chair, United Way Emerging Leaders Society, on July 22 at The Society Room in Hartford for the 2013 Webster Bank Pre-Reception on the evening prior to the Rising Star Breakfast. Bottom L to R Michael M. Byrne, UBS Realty Investors LLC; Syrita McBride; and, Stanley Williams, Supreme Being Inc., at the first annual Emerging Leaders Society Brighten the Way for Our Youth fundraiser held at Farmington Gardens on May 22, 2013. The event proceeds went toward books that were donated to nearly 150 local families. Rebekah Castagno, The Village for Families and Children, and Kamarlia Reid, Lincoln Financial Group enjoyed an afternoon at the 2013 United Way Power of the Purse Luncheon and Silent Auction held at the Hartford Convention Center. Kristina Allen, Deloitte; Nick Conetta; Brianna Granatelli, ProHealth Physicians; Amy Casey, Connecticut Rivers Council Boy Scouts of America; E.J. Ososki, Travelers; and, James Moher, Howard, Kohn, Sprague & Fitzgerald, LLP, volunteering at Comcast Cares Day on April 27, 2013 at Burns Latino Academy in Hartford and helping with building upkeep and renovation projects.

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Pratt & Whitney Chair

Emerging Leaders Society 5

MEMBERSHIP MILESTONES The United Way Campaign gratefully recognizes the following committed contributors marking their 10th, 15th and 20th years as members of the United Way Constitution Society with their gift to the 2012 campaign. The Constitution Society was established in 1990. United Way Constitution Society members are recognized for their leadership and commitment at the following levels:

Tocqueville Society Annual gifts of $10,000 or more

Founders Annual gifts of $5,000 to $9,999

Framers Annual gifts of $2,500 to $4,999

Colleagues Annual gifts of $1,000 to $2,499

CONSTITUTION SOCIETY 20-YEAR MEMBERS Scott and Patty Belden Maxwell and Sally Belding Jay and Jeanne Benet Sara and David Carson Ed and Julie Charlebois Mrs. Robert J. Clark Chuck and Rosemarie Clarke Dave and Dianne Doot Timothy Fitch and Ann Sheldon Barbara and Jack Gillies David and Lori Hess Richard and Catherine Kaplan Anne and Karl Kuhn Bob and Betty-Lou Kullas Bill and Deana Leikin Worth Loomis The John G. Martin Foundation Paul McCary and Beth Pite Dave and Lauri Miller Roberta O’Brien and Alfred Stimpson Mr. and Mrs. Warren Packard Paul and Maureen Robert David and Betsy Sams Joan and Ken Stubenrauch Mr. and Mrs. George Turner Alex and Patricia Vance Mr. and Mrs. Pete Wertsching Janene and Rob Willsey Martin Wolman Robert K. Yass and Dr. Mary-Jane Eisen Barbara and Albert Zakarian One contributor who wishes to remain anonymous.

6 United Way Campaign 2012-2013

CONSTITUTION SOCIETY 15-YEAR MEMBERS Gary and Vicki Apanaschik Greg and Edna Bates Robert S. Benden and Catherine Sullivan Michelle and James Bowman William and Esther Boyes Len and Maureen Carlson Deborah and Wright Carreau Diane and David Carter Louie Chapman Jr. and Petra U. Lewis Gary and Kathleen Christman Thomas P. and Mary Ellen Cody Daniel and Amy Colasante Kacy Colston Mrs. Michael A. Connor Jr. Katherine and Kevin Conway Ken and Kathy D’Auria Jim and Nancy Davis Scott W. Davis Edith and Giuliano Di Francesco Leo and Rosemary Dionne Tom and Bobbi Dudeck Ken and Lucy Dwyer Grant and Mona Eckfeldt Doug and Sheila Elliot Ellen Erway Robert M. Garneau Paula S. Gilberto Mr. and Mrs. James C. Gorman Jr. Walter and Dianne Harrison Ed and Lisa Hood Lorraine Hritcko Dr. James F. and Mrs. Jan S. Jones Patty and Steve Kelley Judith and Richard Keppelman Dr. and Mrs. Lester D. Kochanowsky Patricia J. Lynch Bonnie and Ed Malley Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Mayes Michael G. and Laura S. McCaffrey Debbie McCleary Women’s Leadership Council member

Dave and Kate McDonald Patrick and Karen McKenna Dave and Beth Mercier Michael and Stacy Mike Scott and Cathy Murphy Nancy and Hugh Murray Vince and Karen Nardone John J. and Elizabeth A. Oleksiw Dottie and Ed Olson Pangretic Family Bill and Betty Pattison Mort Pearson John and Denise Phelan Anthony Pierson Mark and Donna Poirier Joe and Karen Presing Gregory and Karin Reinhardt Kristi and Brett Rhodes Michael and Ellen Rizzo William and Jane Rucci The Ruszala Family Cari and Frank Sataline Lucia and Steven Schiavone Ed and Susan Shaw Tutch and Early Shirane The Sisson Family Janet and Peter Smith Felix and Helene Springer Charles Thomas Edith and Jim Tresner Kathleen and Craig Waddington Stephen H. and Maria A. Ward Lee Warren Christopher and Brenda Wilkos Jeff and Lila Wittman Michelle and Mark Zelesky Lizabeth and Richard Zlatkus Five contributors who wish to remain anonymous.

CONSTITUTION SOCIETY 10-YEAR MEMBERS Ted Adams and Angela Montemagni Dottie Adams Dave Albrycht Joan and Raul Allegue Beth and Jeff Alquist Debra Anderson Lydia and Stephen Anderson Mark and Juleann Anderson Michael and Billie Anthony Allen and Jayne Apel Jim and Midge Apicello Vincent and Joyce Armentano Mr. and Mrs. James Arnold Esther and Stephen Aronson Diana and Dan Barlow Thomas and Patricia Barnes Aaron and Laurie Bayer Joseph A. Belisle Janet and Paul Belval Bob and Donna Benzinger William T. Bernhart Jim and Joan Betts Harold Blinderman and Wanda Schulman Dave and Susan Boudreau Jesse Boyer and Family Stew Brandt Cheryl and Brian Briggs Charlsa (Sandy) Broadus, Esq. Caroline T. Brown Henry Brown Jr. Tom and Amanda Buckingham Lori M. Budnick Mr. and Mrs. James Bullock Claire Marie Burchill Gary W. Burdick Lou and Pam Carpenter and Family Jane and Tom Casper Jim and Leslie Chapman Kevin and Lori Charette Michael Chelte Brad and Catherine Chhabra Paul and Mary-Ellen Chute Glen and Patti Cobb Robert and Jean Cohn The Colbree Family

Luis and Dawn Concepcion Nelson and Maria Correa Rick and Jane Costello Timothy F. Curran Sheila and John D’Agostino Renee deLassus and Sarah Marsh Theresa and David Demers Anthony and Betsy DePaolo Constance J. DiManno Joe and Janice Drescher Michael and Roberta DuBois Gary Edwards Paul and Maxine Fischer Geoff Fisher and Anna Turner Michael and Bendu Fitzgerald James J. Flynn Jr. Stanley Focht David and Tracy French Sandra Freudenstein Daniel and Carrie Frey Raymond Frick Gregory and Laura Garger Thomas and Cynthia Garten Patrick Gee Stephen Gemmell Anthony and Laura Giannone Myles and Tracy Gibbons William K. Gigantino Todd and Debra Gish Annette and Axel Glahn Justin and Donna Glenn Alan, Susan, and Madeline Goetschius D. Roy Goldsmith Ann and Richard Grabowski Austin and Anita Grote Jon and Tana Handwerk Barbara and Tony Hansen Richard and Andrea Hearn Doe Hentschel Kim Himmelfarb Briant and Terry Hoganson Deidre and James Horan Michael Hotaling and Kathleen Sullivan Charles L. Howard Keith and Natalie Hubert

Michael and Norma Ignatowicz The Foster Jarvis Family Dave and Joyce Jenkins Eric and Wendy Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Frank D. Judice, Jr. Ed and Denise Kokoszka Paul and Stacey Konopaske Paul N. Kuehn Michelle Kunzman and Steve Szafman Nora and Kevin LaFreniere Edward and Catherine Lamoureux Eugene R. Gaddis and Alison Lane-Reticker MD Kurt K. Larsen Timothy F. Laskowski Stephen and Gail Lataille Daniel and Carolyn Lee John and Sue Legier Janet And Charlie Lenore Thomas and Martha Leonard Peg Lesiak Jim and Rebecca Loree Rich Maguire Robert E. Mahoney Greg and Maria Mascoli Mark A. Mastrianni Wendy and Jim Maus Gloria J. McAdam Michael and Suzanne McDonald Bob McFadden and Brenda Woodward Earl McMahon and Dina Plapler Pam and Steve McNary Omar and Pat Meguid Bob and Lynn Merry Jeff Michelson John Miletti and Kathleen Tierney Mary Beth Miller Kate and Rick Milton Karl Missal Jeff Moores Peg L. Morton Sherri and Rick Murray Vera M. Myers Craig Niehaus and Susan Spring

Connie Noiva Jay and Lil Nolan Hank O’Brien Peter and Marianne Owens Debra A. Palermino Deborah A. Palmer Tammy and John Papadopoulos Jerry Passman and April Haskell Vasudha and Mahesh Patel Mardelle and David Peña George and Silvia Petrini Emily Poriss Jacqueline Porter Renato L. and Maria P. Quiterio Noreen Randazzo and Michael Zacchio Joseph Reed Thomas S. Reed David and Louise Reilly Karin and Tom Rhoads William Roche David M. Romano Tyrus and Mary Therese Royal Christine Rua Meg Sakellarides Mary and Emil Sapere Jr. Marcia and Robert Scalise Peter Schenck Richard and Terry Schug Paul J. Sellier Laurance A. Selnick Paul Shadic and Family Steve and Kim Shimmel James and Rebecca Shinkoff Rick and Brenda Silva Larry and Ellen Siuta Joseph and Mary Smoolca Kurt and Tove Sobanski Stan and Jackie St. John Leigh A. Newman and Gary S. Starr Edward and Kathryn Sullivan Sheryl Sullivan Susan M. Sullivan Richard C. Surette Martin and Susan Swanson

Jerry and Lori Tarnacki Richard and Dawn Tavolieri Jeff and Julie Thomas The Tiano Family Greg Toczydlowski The Treacy Family Tobin and Sheri Treichel Pam and Bruce Truncali Charles T. Verfurth James and Kristine Vitelli Joseph and Cathleen Voelker Mr. and Mrs. G. Philip Waldeck Jr. Richard and Diane Waskiewicz David and Stephanie Watkins Jeannette and Martin Weichhardt John and Nancy Whiton Sandra Williams Dave and Amelia Wood Jean and Skip Wright Ellen L. Young The Youngstrom Family Bernie and Nola Zimmerman Melinda Zwecker Twenty one contributors who wish to remain anonymous.

Membership Milestones 7

TOCQUEVILLE SOCIETY “I must say that I have seen Americans make great and real sacrifices to the public welfare; and I have noticed a hundred instances in which they hardly ever failed to lend faithful support to one another.� Alexis de Tocqueville

Thank you, United Way Tocqueville Society members, for your leadership and continued dedication to improving lives and, additionally, thank you to those who specifically contribute to United Way Community Investment. The United Way Tocqueville Society is a national, philanthropic society, named after Alexis de Tocqueville, a French political thinker and historian. He toured the United States in the 19th century witnessing and praising the voluntary spirit of American society. Perhaps his most important observation was that Americans helped one another in times of need. From his observations traveling through our new nation, he wrote the 1835 work Democracy in America, a detailed study of American society, culture and politics. Nationally, there are approximately 430 United Way Tocqueville Society programs recognized by United Way Worldwide. The Leaders in Giving publication recognizes individual members of the Tocqueville Society and Constitution Society for their generous contributions and commitment to create change in our community.

Bennett M. Croswell, Pratt & Whitney, and Vincent Nardone, United Technologies Research Center, enjoy the evening at the 2013 United Way Best Of Awards held at the Hartford Marriott-Downtown on February 1.

8 United Way Campaign 2012-2013

(L to R) Eric Daniels, Robinson & Cole LLP, and James Sicilian, Day Pitney LLP, co-chairs of the United Way Tocqueville Society.

Natalie B. Morris, United Technologies Corporation; Wayne S. Rawlins, M.D., MBA, Aetna Inc.; and, Susan B. Dunn, United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut at the 2013 United Way Annual Meeting held at The Hartford on April 3. James C. Smith, Webster Bank; Susan Sappington of Bloomfield; and, Kevin E. Flaherty, Webster Bank, recipient of 2012 United Way Community Service Award, at the 2013 United Way Annual Meeting.

MESSAGES FROM THE CO-CHAIRS OF UNITED WAY TOCQUEVILLE SOCIETY “Our passion and dedication contributes to a better life for our families, friends and neighbors. As a proud leader of the Tocqueville Society, I am motivated by the fact that one in five families in our region can’t make ends meet. We have the ability to positively influence local children and families through United Way Community Investment. And in doing so, we build a measurably stronger future by providing everyone with the means to be successful at school, work and home. Thank you for helping us to create lasting change and happier lives.”

Eric Daniels Robinson & Cole LLP

“I am honored to be a co-chair of the Tocqueville Society. United Way embodies what it means to come together as one to build a community in which every individual has the opportunity to lead a satisfying life. Through Community Investment, we ensure all children have access to quality education, all families have the ability to provide for themselves and all of us have the support we need to maintain healthy lifestyles. Thank you for being a partner in this commitment to drive continuous, positive change in our community.”

James Sicilian Day Pitney LLP


# Members

Aetna Inc. 66 Blum Shapiro & Company P.C. 1 Chase Enterprises 3 CIGNA Corporation 1 Connecticut Children’s Medical Center 1 Conning 1 Day Pitney LLP 2 Deloitte LLP 4 Ernst & Young LLP 2 Evolution 1 1 ING Americas 1 KPMG LLP 1 Mass Mutual Financial Group 1 Northeast Utilities and its companies: Connecticut Light & Power, Public Service of New Hampshire, Western Massachusetts Electric and Yankee Gas 5 OKAY Industries, Inc 1 PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP 1 Robinson & Cole LLP 1 Stanley Black & Decker, Inc. 1 The Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc. 13 The Phoenix Companies, Inc. 38 Travelers 11 United Technologies Family of Companies 120 United Technologies Aerospace Systems 22 United Technologies Corporation 39 United Technologies Research Center (UTRC) 4 Otis Elevator Company 12 Pratt & Whitney 30 UTC Sikorsky Aircraft 1 UTC Climate, Controls and Security 12 United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut 1 Virtus 1 Webster Bank 3 Women’s Health 3

Tocqueville Society 9





Annual Gifts of $75,000 to $99,999

Annual gifts of $50,000 to $74,999

Annual gifts of $25,000 to $49,999

Annual Gifts of $20,000 to $24,999

Chris and Chuck Shivery** Robert C. Vance Foundation****

Dave Albrycht** Louis and Debra Chênevert*** The Beatrice Fox Auerbach Foundation**** The Mathews Family*** Liam and Lori McGee Jim and Cathy Smith**** Nancy and Bill Trachsel****

Tom and Amanda Buckingham** Mary and Ed Budd**** Jeff and DeeAnn Bullard Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Caporaso* Howard and Sue Carver**** Edward and Diana Cassidy* Francine and Stephan Christiansen* Chuck and Rosemarie Clarke**** Kevin and Jenny Collins* Tom and Kristen Culbertson* Dr. Ann M. Curran* Donna and Geraud Darnis** Vincent J. Dowling Jr.** Susan and Ned Dunn, Jr.**** Mary and Nelson Evans* David and Lori Hess****

United Way Tocqueville Society members are recognized for their leadership and commitment at the following levels: LA TABLE RONDE D’UN MILLION DE DOLLARS

Annual gifts of one million dollars or more


Annual gifts of $750,000 to $999,999

Three contributors who wish to remain anonymous.

Kevin and Kathleen Kimbrough* Karl J. Krapek**** Joan and John LaGrasse* Bob and Jeanne Leduc*** Brian and Kathy MacLean*** Bonnie and Ed Malley*** David and Shannon McHale** Gina and Steve O’Connell** Lee and Bernadette Olivier** Cheryl and Jerry Plush Mr. and Mrs. David Porter** Mrs. Millard H. Pryor Jr.**** Jothi and Kokila Purushotaman*** Christopher and Mary Swift John M. and Carol A. Trani*** Jim and Tammy Wehr*** Palmer and Betsy Williams*


Elizabeth and Michael Amato* Pamela and Paul Beach*** Nancy and Greg Butler** Diane and David Carter*** Paul and Mary-Ellen Chute** Rick and Jane Costello** Todd and Sarah Kallman** Thomas and Letha Kunkel** Jean and Richard LaVecchia**** Thomas and Nancy Lofredo** Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Monts*** Timothy and Natalie Morris** David and Teri Parekh* Steve Peery* Jose A. Santos and Madonna M. Santos** John P. Sullivan* One contributor who wishes to remain anonymous.

Annual gifts of $500,000 to $749,999

ORDRE D’INDÉPENDANCE Annual gifts of $250,000 to $499,999


Annual gifts of $100,000 to $249,999


Annual gifts of $75,000 to $99,999


Annual gifts of $50,000 to $74,999


Annual gifts of $25,000 to $49,999

MEMBRES DE LA SOCIÉTÉ Annual gifts of $10,000 to $24,999

“Quite simply, we have found United Way to be one of the most effective ways to help others by giving back locally. We also enjoy partnering with our friends and colleagues to help the community through Year of Caring and other activities sponsored by United Way. Seeing lives changed is its own reward.” David Parekh

United Technologies Research Center Tocqueville Society members

10 United Way Campaign 2012-2013

Women’s Leadership Council member

Teri Parekh Retired

MEMBRES DE LA SOCIÉTÉ Annual gifts of $10,000 to $19,999 Janette Sanchez-Alamo Jill Albertelli and Nick Tomassetti** Karen and Greg Alcorn** Marilyn and Eric Amis Michael Ausere Bob and Heidi Bailey*** Jeanne and Chuck Balawajder** Kevin and Donna Barcza** Bob and Susan Barnhart* Xuan-Mai and Richard Basiaga* Alain M. Bellemare* Jay and Jeanne Benet**** Nancy Bernstein** Andy and Cheryl Bessette* Doreen Bonner-Midder* Jacques Bories and Diana Morales* Terry and Julianne Boucher** Steve Bouley The Boxer Family John and Deb Brady** Nancy Brakers-Gadd Kathleen Bromage*** Matthew and Christine Bromberg** Benoit Brossoit Joyce and Harold Buckingham**** Richard J. and Karen A. Burness** Christopher Calio* Mary Anne Cannon* John and Kelly Cantillon* Sara and David Carson**** Rick Caswell** Kathy and Don Cawley*** The Cheryl Chase and Stuart Bear Family Foundation*** The Sandra and Arnold Chase Family Foundation*** The Rhoda and David Chase Family Foundation**** Peter C. Christman** Jim and Leigh Clark*

Nelson and Maria Correa** Bennett and Stephanie Croswell** Benito Joel and Guia Cuevo* William and Sandra Cunningham** John and Barbara Curran**** Eric and Pat Daniels** Jim and Kristen Davey* George David**** Jim and Nancy Davis*** The deCastro Family** Ed and Eileen Dempsey**** Joseph M. DeSantis Edith and Giuliano Di Francesco*** Danny and Molly Di Perna William and Jilline Dolan** Diane and Mike Dumais** Ken and Lucy Dwyer*** Otto and Krissy Eichmann* Doug and Sheila Elliot*** Stephen and Sharon Finger*** Geoff Fisher and Anna Turner** Michael and Christine Ford* Carrie and Paul Fraipont Robert and Maxine Francis Byron and Amy Frank** Gregory and Laura Garger** Peter and Marianne Gerali* Jon and Debra Gice* Charles Gill and Linda Goddard* Lynda Godkin and Ken Hickey*** Blanche and Steven Goldenberg*** The Graber-Lipperman Family* Peter and Cynthia Gutermann** Coretta Harris Gregory and Renata Hayes** Richard and Andrea Hearn** Randy and Lisa Henley** Robert and Darlene V. Hermann**** Joe and Carol Herron*

Charles F. and Dr. Judith Hildebrand*** Tom and Joanne Howe* Gregory and Barbara Howey*** Ebad Jahangir and Family* Michael and Joanne Johnson* Shashi and Akhil Johri** Mary Ellen and Steve Jones** Tom and Sara Jones* Richard and Catherine Kaplan**** Tom and Jessie Karpf Paula and Greg Kern* Michael and Cindy Klein* Joel M. and Naomi Baline Kleinman*** Kris and Meera Krishnan** Anne and Karl Kuhn**** Bob and Betty-Lou Kullas**** Nora and Kevin LaFreniere** Marc Laverdiere Bill and Deana Leikin**** Bob and Bonnie Lombardi* Christine and Peter Longo**** Worth Loomis**** Costas and Athena Loukellis** John and Tamara Lundgren* Susan Mackiewicz** Maria Estrella Cibreiro-Couce and Christopher A. Macklem** Dennis and Bernadette Mayer*** Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Mayes*** Kathleen McGah* J. Michael and Sharon Page McQuade* Laurie Medlin Omar and Pat Meguid** Christian and Stacy Meisner* Angelo and Patty Messina*** Debbie and Jim Moravecek*** Vince and Karen Nardone*** Raymond and Mary Necci**

*Constitution Society member for 5 or more years, **10 or more years, ***15 or more years, ****20 or more years. † Deceased

Dennis Oakes and Debra Rahn-Oakes** Louis and Rhoda Obermeier**** Robert and Rosanne O’Hara** Christopher and Brenda Opie* Michael A. O’Toole** Robert and Margaret Patricelli Family Foundation**** Jim and Lisa Patrick* David Pellerin and Catherine Marx** Nyema R. Pinkney Frank Preli** Katarina and Patrick Preux* Wayne Rawlins M.D. and Janet Flagg-Rawlins *** Carol and George Reider* E. Ridge* Keith and Carolyn Rivers*** Jim Robb**** Paul and Maureen Robert**** Joseph and Deanne Rokowski* Dan and Julie Rush** Mr. and Mrs. Peter Russell**** David and Betsy Sams**** Martin and Holly Schafer* Ramla and Naseem Shaikh* Tutch and Early Shirane*** Carol and Jim Sicilian**** Lon and Susan Smith*** Janet and Peter Smith*** Doreen Spadorcia and Richard Cavo*** Roger and Marcy Stamm** William and Donna Striebe** Dickson and Imelda Suit* Lisa and David Szewczul*** Greg Toczydlowski** Robert and Eileen Touger*** Tobin and Sheri Treichel** Alex and Patricia Vance**** Leon and Chris Veretto *** Barbara Walden and Bill Veronesi**

John Vilja Larry and Lillia Volz*** Rick and Kristi Warters*** Jeannette and Martin Weichhardt** L. Renee Welsh and Michael DeGasperi*** Eric White* Randy and Sandy Wilcox* Christopher and Brenda Wilkos*** Dr. and Mrs. Ralph T. Wood*** The Wu Family*** Cindy and Ron Zabinski** The Zachs Family Foundation*** Deb and Peter Zawisza*** Eighteen contributors who wish to remain anonymous.

Tocqueville Society 11


Annual Gifts of $5,000 to $9,999

Paul and Linda Adams** Arija and Anthony Agostino* Ajay Agrawal and Rashi Khanna* Donald Allan Jr. The William H. and Rosanna T. Andrulat Charitable Foundation Mauro and Adriana Atalla* Ramani and Louise Ayer*** Gail S. Baker* Jim and Kristine Bankowski Jeff Bartholomay* Scott and Patty Belden**** Carol and Jonathan Bennett** Katherine Bertini Graham and Rhonda Bird Eric and Lynn Bisighini III*** Lisa Bongiovi* Ed and Linda Bouchie** Michelle and James Bowman*** Susan and Brian Brattebo* A. Lisa Burgarella* Kim and Chris Byrd**** Bill and Lucy Carlson** Lou and Pam Carpenter and Family** Deborah and Wright Carreau*** David and Julie Carter Eileen Castolene * Peter and Victoria Chenard** Katherine and Louis Chiappetta** Francis and Joyce Cichowski* Mrs. Robert J. Clark**** Paula and Dave Cloud*** Jamie and Isaac Cohen Cherice M. Colebrook Michael and Susan Concannon** Katherine and Kevin Conway*** Audrey Courtney* Linda Cunha*

12 United Way Campaign 2012-2013

Tricia and Brendan Curran** Paolo and Michele Dal Cin John R. Danielsen Paul and Bev Deachin*** Theresa and David Demers** Anthony and Betsy DePaolo** Lily and Bill Derwin* John and Julie Dillman* David and Christine Dixon* Edward and Mary Jo Dunn** Joseph Eck* Grant and Mona Eckfeldt*** Paul Eddy and Elizabeth Normen*** Lori and Mark Esposito* Kevin and Rose Farrell** Dr. Christoph and Robin Feddersen* Fisher Foundation*** James J. Flynn Jr.** Shelly Folsom** Mark and Lynda Fredette*** Daniel and Carrie Frey** James E. Fritz* Jeff and Lisa Futtner* Joe and Susan Garrich** Alice and Greg Gernhardt** Paula S. Gilberto *** Todd and Debra Gish** Catherine F. Godin** Michael Goldbas** Michael and Kathy Gorman** Peter and Ellen Gundersen* Brian and Marni Hamilla* Walter and Dianne Harrison*** Bill Herdegen Christine and Thomas Hoffman* Bruce and Karen Hoopes* Harold Horwich*** Jason Howey Lorraine Hritcko*** Keith and Natalie Hubert**

Stephen and JoAnn Ippolito and Family* Mr. and Mrs. Steven Jackson** Ken and Lenora James* Mark A. Johnson Rod and Patty Kalblfeisch* Brian E. Kelleher** Jeffrey R. Kotkin** Alan J. Kreczko* Jeff Kridler Elio Lagana*** Madelyn Lankton* Shannon Lapierre* Rocky and Bonnie LaPorte** Stacy and Jay Laszewski Amanda and Mike Layden* Alexandra Lee* Daniel and Carolyn Lee** Samuel and Anna Lee* Christopher and Karen Lewis* Michele and Tom Lewis** Robert and Carol Lindberg*** Michael and Laurie Londergan** Jim and Rebecca Loree** Alan and Sharon Machuga** Jack and Chery Maher* Robert and Stacy Malecki**** Bill Malugen and Nancy Martin* Sherry Manetta and Brian Harvey** Greg and Maria Mascoli** Tara McCormick* Ray McGrane** The Katharine K. McLane and Henry R. McLane Charitable Trust*** Raj and Gita Melkote* John and Mary Merchant* Brian and Anne Merry* John and Holly Milton-Benoit* Peg L. Morton** Al and Sharon Mulvey*** Maureen Shaw and Robert Mumford*

Sherri and Rick Murray** Mike Nadolski* John Nealon and Pamela Lucas*** Rick and Joanne Newell** Jayne and James Nye* Ed and Jayne O’Donnell** Tammy and John Papadopoulos** Steven and Linda Paquette** Kurt and Heather Percy* Brewster and Judith Perkins**** Paul and Brenda Perron** Todd Picken Anthony Pierson*** The Pinkes Family* Joan E. Pixton** Colleen and Richard Porth* Rodney Powell** Noreen Randazzo and Michael Zacchio** David and Louise Reilly** Kurt Roggendorf* Betsy Rudden** Cari and Frank Sataline*** Joe and Jane Savage** Paula Schlotfeldt Marc E. Schmittlein* Bill and Cindy Schueler* Cliff Schuman* David Scott-Walton* Laurance A. Selnick** The Seminara Family* Ed and Susan Shaw*** Frank and Terri Siver*** Cathy Smith** Michael D. Smith*** Sorenson-Pearson Family Foundation*** Cliff and D’lynn Stone* Jerry and Lori Tarnacki** Richard and Dawn Tavolieri** J&K Thomas Foundation**** Ian and Jeana Thomas*

Women’s Leadership Council member

The Tiano Family** Steven J. Tommet*** Lisa Valentovish* Kathleen and Craig Waddington*** Craig and Trish Walker** Cindy and Rich Wasserman**** Maureen and Doug Waterston* Graham and Teresa Webb* Jim Wellman** Mr. and Mrs. Pete Wertsching**** Jean and Don Wilson**** Katherine and Raymond Wilson*** Jennifer and Steven Wolfberg* Dorothea and Alex Wong** Michelle Zettergren Nineteen contributors who wish to remain anonymous.

Emerging Leaders Society member


Annual Gifts of $2,500 to $4,999

The Robert M. Aaron Family* Edward and Darlene Able** Ted Adams and Angela Montemagni** Dan and Sally Adamski Steve and Jane Agnelli** Kristina Alexander* Kwatsi Alibaruho Beth and Jeff Alquist** William and Kristyn Ampofo Wayne and Jackie Andersen* Debra Anderson** Elaine C. Anderson*** Mary and Greg Andries** Diana and Bob Annon Carrie Berman and Ronald Apter* Raymond and Paula Archacki Jr.** Katherine and David Avery** Chuck and Claudia Ayer** Dave and Jill Bachiochi*** Steven and Elaine Baisden* Jessica and David Baker* Douglas and Michelle Balsbough* Andrzej Banaszuk* Ralph J. Barham Diana and Dan Barlow** Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Barnes II* Marguerite T. Barrett* Steve and Brenda Basson*** Robert and Donna Batch**** Greg and Edna Bates*** Jon and Robin Beatty** Patrick A. Belanger* Marvin P. Bellis Janet and Paul Belval** Robert S. Benden and Catherine Sullivan*** Debbie and Doug Bendix* Pashea Benton Curtis and Jodi Berger* Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bertheaud

Eric and Lisa Besman*** David and Susan Biederman* Johan Bill*** Amanda Billiot Alex and Nikki Bingham* JR and Rita Bissonnette** JoAnn and Joe Bittner** Harold Blinderman and Wanda Schulman** Kayrnne A. Bochicchio Thomas and Mary Bode* Dave and Jane Boguslawski** Craig and Annette Bolt** Beth Bombara* Katherine and Paul Bourdon** Kenneth and Marie Bowes* Mr. and Mrs. J. Thomas Bowler Jr.** Wallis and Laurie Boyd*** C. Timothy Branner II* Charlsa (Sandy) Broadus, Esq.** Kathy and Al Brockett** Corey and Jennifer Brown* David A. Brown*** Greg and Jami Brown** Nicolai-Ajahni St. Christopher Brown Michael and Leslie Brunnschweiler* Lori M. Budnick** David M. Bueker* David and Kimberly Bulin* Susan M. Bullock* Alun and Megan Buttermore** Patrice and Robert Calnen* Mike and Terri Camilleri* Rich Campbell David E. Canuel* Eleanor N. Caplan**** Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Caplan** Len and Maureen Carlson*** Ted and Jane Carroll*** Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Casciani*

John and Marci Casey* Andrew and Nathalie Caso Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Cavanaugh Louis and Lori Celiberti* Mr. and Mrs. Edward Chanda** Howie Chandler Jim and Leslie Chapman** Michael Chesman Winston Chico Ben and Colleen Chowaniec*** Gary and Kathleen Christman*** Brian and Sue Clancy** Douglas and Diane Cleary** Glen and Patti Cobb** Robert and Jean Cohn** Daniel and Amy Colasante*** Douglas and Cynthia Cole* Michael and Nicole Collins** David and Karen M. Condren** Ellen Conlin* Stuart Montgomery and Christine Cooley* Allison Corne Rick and Nancy Cramblet* Mrs. J. Noyes Crary**** Sue and Phil Crombie, Jr.** Margaret Crone** Linda K. Crookshanks*** Rene Crowder* Alexia Cruz* Grisel A. Cuascut* Kevin and Cheryl Cunningham** Jinty Darragh Ken and Kathy D’Auria*** Smitesh Dave Joanne Denver Dino DePellegrini** Jean and Greg DeSantis*** Alisha M. Desilva Kevin Deyo Robin Diamonte* Constance J. DiManno** Chris and Pam DiMartino*

*Constitution Society member for 5 or more years, **10 or more years, ***15 or more years, ****20 or more years. †Deceased

David Dirgins Tommy B. Dixon* Gregory Dolansky** Richard and Mary Dombrowski* Ashley and Allison Donald Leslie Doody* Dave and Dianne Doot**** Craig and Marilyn Douglas*** Alan and Michelle Dubois* Michael and Roberta DuBois** Thomas Duclos Tom and Bobbi Dudeck*** Amy Dunbar* Andrew B. Duncan Kevin S. Dupre* Sharon A. Eberman* Mr. and Mrs. Robert Eccles** James Eckerle Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Elias* Tahnay El-Wardany* Todd B. Emery* Shane K. Emoto* Douglas Endorf** Brian and Keri Engstrom * John and Janet Esposito** Scott and Stephanie Esposito* Chris and Kristine Ewing* Patrick and Anne Fagan Richard and Wendy Fair*** James and Martha Fanelli**** Ruben and Becky Fechner Matthew and Zonda Feulner** Grace Figueredo** Susanne Figueredo** Vaughan Finn and Steve Nightingale**** Paul and Maxine Fischer** Timothy Fitch and Ann Sheldon**** Gena Fitzgerald* Ellen C. Flynn* Laurie and Daniel Foley

Robert J. Foster Rick and Kathy Fournier* Michael S. Francis Mr. and Mrs. Jason Freedman Sandra Freudenstein** David and Pam Frew Janet and Chris Fuller** Tammy and William Gaghan Elizabeth Gagne * Rosemary Gaidos* Don and Roberta Galler* Mark and Leslie Gallop Susan Garrett** Thomas and Cynthia Garten** Daniel R. Garza Michael H. Gately* Dejshona E. George Sergei and Jennifer Gerasimov* Martha and Michael Gervasi Joe and Susan Gest*** Anthony and Laura Giannone** Mark Giarratana* Myles and Tracy Gibbons** Barbara and Jack Gillies**** Stephanie and David Gitlin* Michael and Donna Giuffrida*** Victor and Ann Marie Giuliano* Sara and Steve Glad* Justin and Donna Glenn** Thomas Glynn Kent and Penny Goetjen**** Cheryl and Patrick Gorman Mr. and Mrs. James C. Gorman Jr.*** Bill and Elena Gostic** Jonathan Gould Stephen and Jane Granato*** John W. Green** Steven and EJ Greenspan Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Gribbons**

Framers 13

FRAMERS Continued


Timothy and Christine Griffin* Mr. and Mrs. Griffiths* Gary Grogg* Ann and Walter Grote* Jeffrey Groux The Grubka Family* Mr. and Mrs. Pierre H. Guertin**** John and Thea Guidone*** Neil Gundel** John and Paula Guy Megin and Michael Haeflich* Richard and Jennifer Halbert** Sandy and Sam Hamilton*** Ellen M. Hancock* Steve Harris* Mr. and Mrs. Karl Hasel*


Bill and Joanne Hastings*** Michael Hawman** Paula and Stuart Hay and Family Greg and Meghan Hayden* Alice Herrmann**** Terri Herubin Linda Hibbert* Kim Himmelfarb** Marcia and John Hincks**** George Hirko Jr.* Adam Thomas Histed Christopher and Suzanna Hocevar Dan and Sandy Hogan** Peter and Kristine Holland* Mark and Lynn Homan** Kelly Horan*

14 United Way Campaign 2012-2013

Michael Hotaling and Kathleen Sullivan** Steven M. Houghtaling* Brad Huskinson Alan and Maryanne Innes*** Dan and Fabienne Jackson*** Douglas J. Jangraw* Dave and Joyce Jenkins** Ty and Ann Marie Jennings Ted and Jane Jenny**** Nathan Johnson Eric and Wendy Johnson** Bruce Jones and Debora Sokolski*** The Joseph Family Mr. and Mrs. Frank D. Judice, Jr.**

The number of youth who improved skills needed for academic success

Colin and Patricia Karsten** Brian and Patricia Kearney* Katie and Ross Kearney* Dan and Donna Kelly** Debra Kelsey* Stewart T. Kennedy*** Justin R. Keppy Ginny O. Kim Ed and Phyllis Kindelan** John and Ashley Kirkgasser** Monique Aduddell and Dennis Klapperich* Arthur W. Klausen Chris and Jeannie Kmetz* David and Leslie Knightly** Robin and Andrew Kohnke*** John and Bridget Komidar* Michael Kooken*

Hamdi and Gjyl Kozlu* Roy and Julie Krause* Candace and Justin Kronholm* Thaddeus Kruse* Paul Kudra and Family** Paul N. Kuehn** Robert Kuhlberg** Craig and Elke Kulas* Lorraine Kunz Rebecca and Joe Kuzma** Donald H. Labelle* Lisa Labenski* Tracy Labonte and Scot Riley* Meghan Lacher Jorge Laires and Family** Carroll K. Lane

could fill

230 classrooms

Mark S. Lang* Mr. and Mrs. John C. Langenus** David and Gloria Laroche** Kurt K. Larsen** Mike and Pam Lawler** Dave Ledger Phyllis Lemell** Bradley P. Lemire Tim and Deb Lenihan* Thomas and Martha Leonard** Alan and Christine Levesque Brenda Levine* Betty J. Lewis* Kevin T. Lewis Su Liebert** Chris and Jeanne Lindgren**

John and Julie Livingstone* John and Mary Lombardo** James and Pamela Lonsdale**** Mr. and Mrs. Gordon P. Lunsford* David Lybass and Family** James J. Lyman Jr** John B. Lynch* Duncan Ross MacKay* Theresa MacKinnon Gregory Madar Rich Maguire** Diana and Matthew Mahoney* Michael and Joanne Mahonski* Roy and Nancy Mainelli** Karmela Malone * John and Jackie Mandyck** Carla and Tom Mangiafico* Bea and Chris Mango* Kenneth S. Mantha Dean Marchessault* Karen L. Marchetti* Mr. and Mrs. Guy Marszalek Kevin and Yvonne Martin** Ernie and Mickey Mattei** Todd and Glenna Mattiello* Dan and Mary Matyas** Mark and Paula Mayes** Paul McCary and Beth Pite**** Charlie McColgan Steve and Sue McConnell* Katherine A. McCue Michael and Suzanne McDonald** Andrew and Elizabeth McDonald Sandra and Thomas McGee*** Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McIntyre Adam and Laura McLaughlin* John McMahon** Philip and Susan McMann Sean and Susan McMurray**

Women’s Leadership Council member

Lisa Banatoski Mehta and Samir Mehta* Dave and Beth Mercier*** David and Maryellen Mercik*** Robert K. Merrill*** Jeff Michelson** Melissa Millan** Dave and Lauri Miller**** Mary Beth Miller** Dennis and Judith Mills* Meagan Mirkovich* Mirock Family Kim A. Mitchell* Joan Mocarski** Bobi Molchan and Wayne Holcombe Kevin and Lori Monahan* Sally Monson* Bill and Heather Montanile*** Thomas and Cynthia J. Moran The Morgan Family Fund Tom and Lisa Morgan* David Morrison* F. Tyler Morrison** Christopher J. Motl* John and Patricia Mulrain* Todd Munson* Patrick and Karen Murphy*** Nancy and Hugh Murray*** Craig and Nancy Musson** Jeff and Debi Muzio* Heather and Bobby Myrick* Robert and Diane Nadeau* Aki and Ipei Nakano** Kimberly and David Nardone** Brian Neary* Wilfredo Nieves Alex Norman Steve and Maria Oakley* Roberta O’Brien and Alfred Stimpson**** Joseph O’Connell* Nancy O’Connor*

Emerging Leaders Society member

Paul Oechsli*** John J. O’Gorman*** Mark and Tammy O’Malley** Dr. Wally and Ronke Orisamolu** Zack Osborne* John and Cheryl Paddock Doug and Dorry Palmer*** Randy and Christine Parsley* Mark A. Parsons* Bill and Betty Pattison*** Ronald T. Paul** Sue and Mike Pcholinski** Ann and Maxime Péan* Mort Pearson*** Tom and Natalie Pelland** Tom and Diane Peloquin** James and Noreen Pfadenhauer Christopher T. Phelan and Mary D. Phelan*** Denise Martino Phelan Anthony Phifer* Derk S. Philippona** Tom Phillips* Amy and Glen Pitruzzello** Bryan and Alice Pollard** David and Jill Powilatis* Roger Putnam Awo A. Quaison-Sackey and Steven P. Hurley William and Kimberlee Quinlan* Michele and Joe Quinn** George Rathbun II* David and Noelle Raymond* John Redding - In Honor of Cheryl A. Chase** Thomas S. Reed** Ben S. Reinert** Gregory and Karin Reinhardt*** John Relation* Harold And Donna Reynolds** Chris and Monique Rhemer* Karin and Tom Rhoads**

Victoria Ricciuti Rory Richardson Chris and Cindy Rising* Bryan Rivard Michael and Ellen Rizzo*** Mr. and Mrs. M.W. Robertson** David Robinson* Lori Rodden* Beatrice Rodgers*** Galo and Moraima Rodriguez*** Dick Rogers* Robert and Susan Rose** Robert L. Rosensweig** William and Jane Rucci*** Kathleen and Stephen Rudolph** Mead and Julia Rusert* Sara and Doug Russell** The Ruszala Family*** Donna and William Ryan* Lynn M. Ryan Michael and Tamra Ryan* Michael C. Ryan* Ellen S. Ryczek** Eric and Cheryl Sabetta** George Alan Salisbury** David and Iris Sasportas** Doug Saxton** Marcia and Robert Scalise** Susan E. Schechter*** Karen and David Scheinerman* Richard Scheuch Charles and Ellen Seaback* Ted and Ellen See**** The Seebauer Family* Paul J. Sellier** Om and Prabha Sharma** Ronald S. Sherer Paul and Susan Shook** Rick and Brenda Silva** John T. Simoneau** Robert J. Sinnema* Susan Siroky*

Larry and Ellen Siuta** Donna and Clayton Small* Kirk Sneddon Rita and Dave Sobel* William and Cheryl Socquet** Jerome J. Speltz* Linda and Ray Sprague*** Felix and Helene Springer*** Stan and Jackie St. John** Paul Stafford Donald Stanavage* Sally and Jim Stapleton** Leonard Steele Greg and Rebecca Stephenson* Mr. and Mrs. Stokes** Diane Christensen and Robert Stone** Sam Stuart** Joan and Ken Stubenrauch**** The Suffredini Family Stephen D. Sullivan* Sheryl Sullivan** Margery and Steve Swigert*** Lisa and Norman Sylvia Jr.* Linda and Andrew Tanner Allan and Sally Taylor**** Peter E. Teti Mike Tetreault* Brian and Gail Tevnan** Sue Theden and Sandy Falconer Stephen and Laura Thomas* Gary and Kathy Thompson** Jim Tibble Larry Timmons** Helio and Marcia Tinone Yan and Gabrielle Tougas* Rachel Tressy* Debra and Ralph Triompo* Tony and Sue Trivella** Paul and Lynn Trotochaud* Ted Tucci and Nancy Hronek***

*Constitution Society member for 5 or more years, **10 or more years, ***15 or more years, ****20 or more years. † Deceased

Mr. and Mrs. George Turner**** Deborah and Carl Ullman*** Jim and Jane Vallee** Charles T. Verfurth** Paul and Kathy Vitello Jack and Karen Volinski** Al Volponi* Darryl Wagner** John M. Wagner Jr.* Jim and Sandi Wahl Mr. and Mrs. G. Philip Waldeck Jr.** Lyn G. Walker**** Mr. and Mrs. Terrence Walker* Kevin and Stacy Walsh Kevin Ward Stephen H. and Maria A. Ward*** David and Stephanie Watkins** Mark and Sue Watson* Jeff and Berri Wayand** Tizz and Dana Weber** Cheryl D. White-Mink Andy and Debbie Wiacek* Patricia and Thomas Wildman**** Chris and Jay Williams* Scott and Holly Wilson*** Jeff and Lila Wittman*** William and Kathleen Witz* Wayne Wnuck* Jane P. Wolak* Donald and Joan Wolff** Bill and Heidi Wrang III**** Patricia Wu-Murad Andrea P. Yalof* Robert K. Yass and Dr. Mary-Jane Eisen**** Brian and Maria Yeich* Gregory M. Yost Linda L. Youmatz* Michael and Kathy Young** Barbara and Albert Zakarian****

Michael Zammitti** Michelle and Mark Zelesky*** Allan and Jennifer Zimmerman* Bernie and Nola Zimmerman** Deborah and Michael Zimmerman Ninety nine contributors who wish to remain anonymous.

Framers 15

COLLEAGUES Annual Gifts of $1,000 to $2,499

Rob and Mary Abel** Christopher Abreu Wystan and Janet Ackerman* Jim Adams and Sylvia Ounpuu*** Dottie Adams** Jennifer and Walter Adamy* Michael C. Ahearn** Craig and Sue Ahrens*** Justin and McKinley Albert Thomas Albrecht George and Maureen Aliprandi* Joan and Raul Allegue** Eric Alletzhauser and Heather Crawford* David and Stephanie Allinson* Valerie Almada Joseph and Karen Anastasio* David and Christine Anderson** Jeff Anderson* Lydia and Stephen Anderson** Mark and Juleann Anderson** Padruig P. Anderson Peter L. Anderson Sharon Andersson* Bruce and Diane Andrews* Constantine and Cheryl Andrews* Drew and Corina Andrews* Mark and Kathy Angelucci* Michael and Billie Anthony** Renee L. Anthony Turkessa Antrum Ricardo Anzaldua* Gary and Vicki Apanaschik*** Allen and Jayne Apel** Jim and Midge Apicello** Jennifer Arcari Lourdes Ardel* Chris Argiropoulos Vincent and Joyce Armentano** Mr. and Mrs. James Arnold** Esther and Stephen Aronson** Marie Joanne Arre* Anthony J. and Kerry Arsenault Peter and Patty Askham* Peter B. Atherton*** Charles Atwater Jackie Aube* Peter Auger Angie and Ted Augustinos** Sim and Marlys Austin** Lourdes E. Avellana* Peter and Rossella Avery* Timothy Ayer** Bradford and Janet Babbitt* Bernadette and Orville Bailey Genevieve and Trevor Bailey* Sarah Bailey Carol S. Baker* John Baker, Avon, CT Patricia Baker Jane Bancroft** William and Carla Bania* Scott Bannell Justin Banulski Veronica Kuzara and Robert Baranoff** Ania and Stan Baranski Greg and Denise Barats Linda Barbero* Michael Barbieri Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Bardes**** Melissa Baribault Thomas and Patricia Barnes** Thomas R. Barnes* Richard P. Barnhart Dennis and Sheri Barnicle* Matthew and Susan Barrett* Jerome Barrillon 16 United Way Campaign 2012-2013

Jay Barriss* Tina Barsaleau Bruce Barth and Pam Yeomans Barth* Beth Barton* Fred Baruffi Brian Basiaga Dwayne and Maureen Basler* Judy and Chris Batchelor** Todd Bateson* Elizabeth Bauer and Marty Milkovic** Aaron and Laurie Bayer** James Beals* Melissa A. Bearth Robert and Donna Beaudoin* Joanie Beaulieu* Michelle Beauregard Jennifer Beck Herrera Chandra Stich and Jim Becker* Dr. Stephen Becker**** Joe and Maria Bednarz* R. Beebe John P. and Sarah A. Begina* Debra Belancik John and Paula Beland* Maxwell and Sally Belding**** Joseph A. Belisle** Ellen Below Kimberly Batza-Belval Howard and Tracy Benden* Tim and Diane Bengston** Carl Benker and Elizabeth Wegner* Peter and Catherine Benner* Ken Bennett Cheryl Benson* Bob and Donna Benzinger** Stephen J. Berardi Marjorie Berger and David Rowe* Maury and Nancy Berger* Carolyn and Andrew Bergh Keith Bergquist Toni Berlandy Michelle Berlinghoff Wendy Berndt William T. Bernhart** Bruce Bernier* Berry Family* Lauren C. Berry Richard Berry* Andrew P. Berryann* Jim and Joan Betts** Rakesh Bhardwaj* Gayatri Malik and Amit Bhargava Frank and Mary Biancardi* Anthony R. Bifulco Todd M. Biondo Michael and Lucia Birnkrant The Birrell Family Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Bishop Jr Jean Bisio William and Patte Bisson Chuck and Carol Bittner* Kevin J. Bittner Alan L. Blais* Tim Blaisdell and Family* Tom and Frances Blamey Kenneth R. Blaschke Jr.*** Russell Blatt* Steve Blau Dave Blickenstaff* David and Lita Blitz* Todd M. Blosser Betsy Boatman James R. Bober** Chris and Jeannie Boccaccio* Michael and Suzanne Bocchini* Richard P. Bock Jeff Bogoian Gerald and Gail Boisvert***

Bruce and Theresa Bolger William Boll and Ginger Crawford** Bryan and Colleen Bonadies Thomas Bonarrigo* Michael, Christine Bonchick and Family** John Boneparth and Gail Harris Elaine and Robert Brooks* Jerry Bonini* Kerry E. Bonnville Dave Bonsall* Michael and Karen Booth John and Elizabeth Borajkiewicz* Fred and Marsha Boratynski* Shirley Boron and Eileen M. Furey* John and Carol Borowski* Brett Boskiewicz David Guadliana and Marguerite Boslaugh*** Brian Botelho Craig and Mary Boucher* Michael P. Boucher Dave and Susan Boudreau** Corinne Bourgeois Anne Chezmar Bourne* Robert and Christine Bourne Patrick L. Bourne The Bouthillers Edward and Lily Bowen* Jim Bowers and Becky Swanson-Bowers*** Melanie Bowers* Jeffrey Bowne* Jesse Boyer and Family** William and Esther Boyes*** Lisa M. Boyle* Peter and Kathy Bradley*** Mr. and Mrs. John Brady** Kathy Brady* Michael Brandt Stew Brandt** Tony Braz* Tim Brennan Greg Brenner* Amy L. Brewer* Jeffrey and Maureen Bridgman* Cheryl and Brian Briggs** Dan Brini Joe Brock* Amy E. Brodeur** James M. Brooks J. Alicia Brophy Caroline T. Brown** Christopher and Sarah Brown Henry Brown Jr.** John A. And Kathleen R. Brown** Mr. and Mrs. Neill and Amanda Brown Patrick and Colleen Brown* Paul and Judy Brown Rana Brown** Ricardo Brown Richard B. Brown Robert E. Brown* Stuart Browning Laura Brubaker Crisco Teri and Sanford Brumley Rick and Ann Bucchi** Carol Buchanan* Bradford and Joanne Buck Maria Buckley and John Reilly* Stan and Anna Budarz Deena Buddle* Daniel J. Budnik* Bobby Buey Paul Bukowski Angela F. Bull Mr. and Mrs. James Bullock** Beth Bunko* Mr. and Mrs. D. Buono* Claire Marie Burchill** Steven Burd* Gary W. Burdick** James J. Burke* Alexis Burkevics Patti L. Burmahl Michele Burnat*

Catherine M. Burns Jennifer Burrill* Kathy and Lori Burroughs* The Bushmans* Brett Bushnell* Lisa Butcher Jay and Alissa Buth Michael and Linda Byam** Mike Byler* Ellen Byrne John and Marla Byrnes**** Bystrak Family* Bryan Bystricky James S. and Heidi L. Bzdyra* John Cafasso** Stewart W. Caffrey* Jeff Cahoon* Jessica Brahaney Cain Catherine E. Cain** Rita and Steve Calabrese** Fred and Sarah Calatayud* Jane Callanan and Vinny Cervoni* Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Callen** Vinny Camire David M. Campbell McKee and Treese Campbell Robert Campbell Mr. and Mrs. Scott Campbell* Thomas A. and Lynn M. Campbell** Sharon T. Cannon Diane and Roger Cantello* Eugene Cantor Mary Canty and Bob Linden** Tom and Debi Cap* Annetta K. Caplinger* Lois and Paul Cappellano* Thomas P. Caraher* James and Lucie Carangelo* Robert Carbone Mary Cardin and Michael Taft John D. Carey Tim and Julie Carling Dave and Lori Carlson* Lorean June Carlson* Richard and Carmen Carlton** Ken and Bonnie Carman* Ray and Jacky Carmicheal** Dan Carmody* Robert Carney Ron and Brenda Caron* Elizabeth Carpenter Richard Carpenter Michael D. Carroll Laura and Michael Carrubba**** Claudia Carter* Eddie L. Carter* Russell Carter* Susan Smith Casagrande* In Memory of Dorothy Casey* Robert M. and Barbara L. Casey* Donna Cashman* Jane and Tom Casper** Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Cass Thomas J. Cassidy Patti Castagne Susan Castaneda* Lourdes and Joaquin Castro* Samuel Caswell Jr. Carl and Mary Cavaliere* Dennis and JoAnne Cavanaugh Lisa Cavanaugh* Michael and Doreen Cenci* Eric Centola Mr. and Mrs. Carl T. Centore** Martha Finkel Ceppetelli* Elizabeth “Betsy” Ceriello** Angela S. Cerini Bill Cermignani The Cerrato Family Charles B. Chamberlain Karen A. Chamberlain Jeff and Sue Chanin* Louie Chapman Jr. and Petra U. Lewis*** Mark A. Chapman* Kevin and Lori Charette** Women’s Leadership Council member

Michael Charland* Ed and Julie Charlebois**** Janet Charpilloz* Stanley Chartoff MD William D. Checkosky* Michael Chelte** Richard D. Chenail Michael and Martha Cheshire*** Brad and Catherine Chhabra** Chris Childers* Katie and Allan Chipps* Miriam Chirico Timothy E. Choiniere Anne-Marie and Greg Choquette Vivian Chow and Randy Smith** Nicola Chrzanowski* William H. Church Kathleen M. and Gary C. Ciampoli Mr. and Mrs. Peter Cianfaglione* Walt Cieslak Linda Cimma Richard G. Civitella Belinda Clark-Stewart Nancy Clark* Jerry, Cheryl and Jerilynn Clarke* Robin M. Clarke* J. Michael and Valerie Cleghorn* Christopher and Linda Clements* Brian and Susan Clemow** Bruce Cliff* Judith A. Coblentz* Paul and Joan Coddington** Thomas P. and Mary Ellen Cody*** Sherry Ann Coelho and Keith E. Merritt* Irene Coffey* Jeff and Jackie Coghan* Ann and Richard Cohen Ann Marie Colapietro The Colbree Family** Edward K. Colechia* Scott Coleman Jared Colenback John Colflesh* M. Alison and Paul Colli** Delma and Danny Collins* John J. Collins* Patrick Collins* Wilfredo Colon* Kacy Colston*** Cameron Comstock* The Conant Family* Luis and Dawn Concepcion** Joseph A. Conklin* Paula and Rodney Conlogue* Mr. and Mrs. William H. Connelly**** Jim Connolly* Sean M. Connolly Herschel W. Connor* James and Jacqueline Connor* Mrs. Michael A. Connor Jr.*** Erik J. Connors Shaun and Lisa Conroy* Daniel J. Contaldi and Family* Carroll Conway** Kenneth Cook* Michael Coonan* Joseph A. Coray* Timothy R. Corbeil Thomas Corbin* Patrick and Karen Corcoran* Steve Corcoran* Paul Cordeau Gary and Carol Corliss**** Michelle and Peter Corliss* Dawn Cormier* Razilya Todor and Craig Cornell* Robert and Phyllis Cornell* Andrew M. Corson Patty Cosentino Joan Cosgrove* Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Cosgrove** Cherie Costa John and Carol Costello** Mr. and Mrs. John R. Cote* Linda Y. Cote Emerging Leaders Society member

Mike Devaney** Harriet A. DeVerry* Bill Devine Jim Devoe and Maryanne Krajcik* Stephen and Georgeanne DiCenso* Mark Dickerson Shirley G. Dickes** Kenneth Dickie* Chris Dickinson and Donna Haghighat* Robert S. Dicks*** Paul DiDomenico* Raymond and Lawren DiDonna** Brent Dietz Lyn Dimare Janna DiMartino Kelly DiMeo Ray and JoAnne Dimmock*** Mark Dinan* Jobeth DiNapoli* Vivian Ding Rebecca Y. Huang and David L. Dinh Anthony and Eileen DiNicola, Burlington, CT Behram Dinshaw* Kenneth G. Dion Mark Dion Mark A. Dion* A. Dionne* Leo and Rosemary Dionne*** Paul Dionne* Barbara Diorio* Michael and Karen DiPietro* Jane and Larry DiSciacca*** Greg and Christina DiVincenzo Emil and Kathy Docimo* Robert J. Doffek* Michael C. Dolan* Ellen Donadio** Yuan Dong and Jun Su** Michael J. Donnelly* Mr. and Mrs. Fred R. Donner Tracy and John Donofrio* Ed Donoghue** Michael A. Donovan Michael and Genevieve Doody*** Patrick Dooling Kimberly Dornisch* Priya Morganstern and Thomas Dorsey** Victor and Deborah dos Santos** Bernard J. Dowd* Michael and Terri Downey** The Downie/Housum Family Tom Downie Ed and Chris Downs** David Doyle Peter and Sherry Dragich Thayer and Judy Drake**** Joe and Janice Drescher** Diane G. Drew Jane Driscoll and Jack Hale** Nuala E. Droney Rosanne Druckman and Larry Scherzer**** Charles E. Drummey** Eugene J. Duarte Alain and Sally Dube** Bruce DuBois Daniel Dubois* Mr. Joshua Dubois Ronald R. Dubois Dane and Susan Dudley* John and Deb Duffy* Frank Duggan Michael and AnneMarie Duncan Michael Dunn Maryann Dupont* Meredith Durham Lisa D’Urso* Dussault Family of Burlington Barbara Dutram Paul and Sheila Dworkin* Brian Dwyer Kip and Gale Dwyer Gerry Dyer*

Ray and Brenda Dyson** Bruce and Mary Earwaker*** Scott A. Eastman Luke and Melanie Ebersold* Gary and Jodi Ebersole* Edwin and Francia Echevarria Milton M. Edmonds* Gary Edwards** Anne Eisenman* The Elliott Family* Diane Ellsworth Janet Ellsworth Tim and Tracy Elsass and Family* Gary J. Emery* John D. Enderle Jane English Betsy Enloe* Catherine Ennis Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Enright Charles Epp John Epprecht and Denise Tonzola** Heather and Matt Epright Diane L. Erling* Frank and Mary Errato** Ellen Erway*** John and Sherri Erwin* John and Kathy Evans* Kathryn and Gregory Even* Marc J. Fafard Eric Fairchild Ralph R. Falcone** Richard L. Fancher**


Steven and Johnna Cote*** Tracey Cournoyer and Peter Madore Sharon Coville Juliet Cox Thomas Coyne* Michael Craig* Joan Crandall and Peter Doucette* John and Joy Crane* Keith and Ange Crawford* Edward B. Creamer Diane Cristelli* Eugene Cronin* Richard and Donna Cronin* Pamela and James Cropley** Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey R. Cross Peter Cross* Robert Crowe* Robert F. Crowley Carl Cruff Keith W. Crumb Jr. Juan A. Cruz Jr. Jeffrey Cullen* Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Culos Cheryl Cundall and Kevin Farmer* Beth and Glenn Cunningham* David Cunningham Gregg Cunningham* Timothy F. Curran** Scott Currier Suzie and Ed Curti* Timothy B. Curtin* Linda E. Cyr* Martha Schall and Murray Czaczkes* Dennis DaDalt* Wyatt Daentl* Grady and Jamie Dagenais George Dagon and Trisha Beatty** Sheila and John D’Agostino** D.J. Dalal and Heena Dalal Rosemary and James Daley*** Matt and Monica Dallahan* Juliana Dalton** Gina D’Ambruoso Alicia Dana Anne and John Danaher* Danburg Family* Ms. Barbara M Dancy Dennis D. D’Angelo Mark D’Angelo Jill Danielson Gene Danko** Gregory and Tracy Dardick* Peter Dart James and Sue Davenport* Juliann Davidson The Davidson Family* James and Debra Davis Family** Jeff Davis Scott W. Davis*** Vernice B. Davis* Chris Day* Diane and Greg Dearden* Betsy and Michael DeBlieux Teri Deehan* Elizabeth DeForest* Greg DeFrancesco Dr. and Mrs. Mark S. DeFrancesco**** Jay DeFrank* Charles and Beverly DeGeorge** Cedric DeLaCruz* Renee deLassus and Sarah Marsh** Lou DeLoreto Thomas Deloy* Catherine A. Demers Kimberly and Robert DeMorro DePalma Family* Joyce DePastino Maryann dePreaux* Tom and Andrea Desaulniers** Stephen E. Desiderio* Arleen Desmond* Steve DesRoches* John A. Desrosiers Alice E. DeTora* Rick and Kate Deurloo**


James E. Fantus* Theresa and John Farmer Glen Farney* Cara Farrell Thomas O. Farrish* Carol and Robert Faulkner* Joy Fausey and Peter McHugh* Roland and Irene Fawthrop* Joseph Fazzino* Mark W. Fecteau Elizabeth B. Feery* Christopher Fehl Richard and Georgia Feigel*** Mark W. Feist Meg Felice Thomas Fenderson Jr.** Kevin D. and Melissa M. Fenner Colin P. Fenton* Jonathan Fenton Thomas F. Fenton and Nancy K. Fenton* John and Patty Ferrantino** Wanda and Darius Ferreira* Amy Ferrero Peter and Gail Ferris* Ken and Celeste Fersch** Martha E. Fetter Kevin and Robin Fiala* Joy T. Fiasconaro* Salvatore and Marie Fiasconaro Michael G. Figulski Lisa and Paul Finklestein* Kevin and Lynne Finn* Mike and Pam Fish* Tim and Dina Fisher** Kathie Fisher Shawn Fisher** Michael and Bendu Fitzgerald**

*Constitution Society member for 5 or more years, **10 or more years, ***15 or more years, ****20 or more years. † Deceased

Nancy Fitzgibbon Martha and Dan FitzMaurice** Diane Fitzpatrick Mr. and Mrs. Kevin E. Flaherty** Mel Flaherty Jeffrey A. Flaks Barbara Flanagan Mary Fleischli* David P. Fleming* Ronald Fleming* Robert and Melody Fletcher** Madelyn and Edward Fleury* Barbara L. Flynn**** Linda Flynn The Flynn Family* Stanley Focht** Peter and Lee Foley Jack and Debbie Foley*** Marilyn and John Foley**** Jan Fontana Michael and Laura Foran Bob Forgue Steve Forino Thomas D. Forma* Mr. and Mrs. John R. Formica Jr.**** David Fothergill Gretchen and Rick Fountain* Anita Fowler Michael and Carleen Fox Michael Fraley Don and Amy Franco* Jerry and Ida Franklin*

The number of taxpayers assisted at free, volunteer tax sites resulting in $26.4 million in refunds and credits

Jeff Franson Ronald and Barbara Franzluebbers** Peter Q. Fraser Joe and Sue Frask** Robert J. Fraulino and Family Beth Frechette Christine Frederick* Susan and Joel Freedman**** Doreen Freeman Douglas Freiberg* David and Tracy French** Allison H. Fresher* Fresher Family Raymond Frick** Ed Friderici Alexandra Frisbie Bruce Frisbie Ron Frost* Michael and Agnes Fusselbaugh** Kim L. Gabler** Mr. and Mrs. John J. Gaffney**** Marlyss J. Gage Stephen Gage Michelle M. Gagne Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Gagnon* Ernest and Fay Gagnon** Ron and Shannon Gagnon* Arthur and Alfreda Gaither** Ida Gall* John Gall Jr.* David and Randi Gallagher* Dan Gallimore Michael Gallo Brian and Kristin Galovich* Johnny Gamalo Lynn and Joe Gambill** William Gamble Michael Gancarz

Theresa Gancarz Joyce and Gary Ganci Thomas W. Gannon** Mark and Cheryl Ganser** Michelle C. Ganzer* Joel Garcia* Cheryl M. Gardow Michael and Marcia Garfinkel* Walter and Michele Garger Robert M. Garneau*** Joe and Kathy Gartland for Kelli Karen Gaul* Brian and Betsy Gauthier** Augusto and Nancy Gautier*** Eric Gaylord* Susan Harpin Gaylord* Patrick Gee** John and Stacy Geist Dana Gelinas* Stephen Gemmell** Joseph Gentile* The George Family*** Cecelia Gerber Abdul Ghafur and Abida Ghafur* Stephen and Patricia Gibeley** Bruce and Ranee Gifford*** Jennifer and Michael Gifford** William K. Gigantino** Susan Gilbert* Chuck GIll Peter and Kristin Gillespie** Douglas W. and Elizabeth E. Gillette*

could fill the Bushnell more than


Virginia Gilmour** James and Lisa Girard Jeffrey Gitlin* David and Julie Gladstone** Annette and Axel Glahn** Jaime Glanovsky* James and Linda Glick* Stephen Glinn** Hector R. Glynn Sarah and Jim Gobes**** Gregory and Diane Goddu Alan, Susan, and Madeline Goetschius** John Golan* Ethan and Julie Goldman* Ira and Linda Goldman* Stephen E. Goldman* D. Roy Goldsmith** James Gonsalves* Luis A. Gonzalez* Kelly and Ronald Gonzalez* Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Goode*** Chuck Goodwin Bill Gordon*** Sadie R. Gordon John and Tracy Gorecki* Raymond J. Gorman and Family Cathy Gouin Kathleen and William Gourlie Debby and Jack Gove* Diane and Rusty Gower*** Ann and Richard Grabowski** Amy Grace Scott and Marcella Grady* Michael and Susan Grandpre Jonathan Gray Samuel S. Gray Jr.* Margaret A. Green* Michael and Paula P. Greenberg Colleagues 17


Tim and Lisa Greene Jim and Paula Greenfield** A. Greenwalt* Jim Gregory* Robert C. and Christine M. Greif* Christian and Laura Grenier Kirsten and Oz Griebel*** David Griffin L. E. Griffin Roseanne Grindle Lynne Grinsell* William G. Griswold John and Carmen Groholski** Ralph Grondin* Kimberly Grose Rich Gross* Arnold and Nancy Grot Austin and Anita Grote** Glenn and Barbara Gruber** Kimberly Grunert* Kurt and Sheila Gschwind* Matthew J. Guanci Jr. and M. Catherine Healy* Joseph C. Guarino Nancy Guay Cynthia Guendert** Guerrera Family Paul Guggina and Amy Flores Bob Gulino Yanhu Guo Debra Guss and Stephen Angle Ann and Dave Gutkowski* A. Evan and Moira E. Haag* Marcia W. Haas* Edward E. Hackett* Susan Hacking Gary and Susan Hafner** Chris and Tracy Hagger* Yosi and Gretchen Haimes Denise Berard Hall* Stan Halliday and Family* Patrick E. and Nancy J. Hamilton* Rob Hanawalt Matthew Handi Jon and Tana Handwerk** Kim Hannon Mary-Catherine Hannon Ed and Joan Hanrahan* Barbara and Tony Hansen** Kevin C. Hanson Karen Haraghey* Marty and Mary-Beth Harrigan* Regina and Robert Harris Rich Harris Richard and Alison Harris* David and Linda Harrold***


Barbara A. Hart Paul and Mary Ann Hartman** Stephen Hatzis** Neale and Carol Hauss* Dorie Havens Martin J. Hawkins and Linda F. Hawkins*** Devin Hawthorne Carol Haye* Dwight Hayes* Joelle Murchison Hayes* Susie Hays*** Marcia Haytaian Jennifer Healy Jennifer and John Healy** 18 United Way Campaign 2012-2013

Peter A. Heard Paul Hebert and Leslie McDonnell* Paul Hebert** W. MacKay Heckles**** Maura Heffernan Deb Heikkinen* Chris Heiss** Rochelle and Stefan Heline* Houston Hemp* Paul Henault* James Henderson Gavin Hendricks* Donna Hentnick* Doe Hentschel** Peter G. Herron Christopher Hertel* Gary Hess* Mike Hession* Brian Heynes Cynthia W. Hibert* Torsha L. Hicks David Hietapelto Sr. James M. Higgins and Family* Ms. Meghan A. Sloan and Mr. Brian M. Hill* Christine L. Hill Arnel Hines Bruce and Anne Hinton* Ken and Karen Hodge* Michelle Hoehn* Cheryl Hoey Richard H. Hoff** Brian and Christy Hoffman Briant and Terry Hoganson** Todd Hoivik* Traci A. Holcombe Brian Holland Rita and Steven Holland* Mark Hollertz Heidi Hollick** Betsy and Bill Holm* Elliott and Victoria Holmes and Family Fred Holybee Mary Ann and Marc Holyfield** Ed and Lisa Hood*** The Hoople Family Michael and Marie Hopkins** Theresa Hopkins-Staten, Esq.* Deidre and James Horan** Kenneth Horenstein John Horr Jr. Elizabeth A. Horvath John and Mindy Hotchkiss* Amanda and Chris Houghton Charles L. Howard** Lisa Howat

The number of people with medical illness or physical disability demonstrated knowledge of techniques to manage their own care

James and Pamela Hoyt* Sheila A. Huddleston and Stephen F. Frazzini**** David and Pamela Hudson* Don and Joanne Huelsman* Frederick and Virginia Hughes* Kevin and Kimberly Hughes* Lindsay and Andrew Hughes Joan Hultquist** James H. Hunter and Diane M. Hunter Wayne and Bonnie Huot** Karen Hurley** Stephen T. Hussey* Lois and Allan Hutensky*** Jill and Brad Hutensky*

Kevin Hutt Jim and Ann Hutton* Yvette Huyghue-Pannell* Bob and Annette Hyland** The Robert E. Hyland Family*** Beth Iacampo Jim and Marlene Ibsen* Marvin and Jennifer Ide*** Michael and Norma Ignatowicz** Calvin and Angie Inabinett Ivana Indruh Lisa and Jim Irish** Brian Ives Mikel H. Ivey Brenda Ivory-Jones* Deborah Izzo Carrie Jackson* David Jackson Gail Jackson Steven Jacobs* David and Amanda Jacobsen* Dr. and Mrs. Wells C. Jacobson* Rachel Jaeggi* Patricia Jagoe and James Hartung Lenora W. James Waldemar Janowski David C. Jarmon* The Foster Jarvis Family** James Jeffers Christopher Jelks Bob and Lisa Jenkins** Abigail A. Jewett* Mr. and Mrs. Scott Jezierny Angela Jimenez Michael A. Joakim* Anthony W. Johnson III Beth E. Johnson Carl and Debbie Johnson* Craig Johnson Donald W. Johnson Jr. Dorothy D. Johnson**** Pamela J. Johnson* Amy Johnston and Mark Hughes** Johnston Family* Christopher W. Jones* David M. Jones* Dr. James F. and Mrs. Jan S. Jones*** Ken and Carolyn Jones* Rufus and Laraine Jones* Tyrone and Sherri Jordan Jerry and Gail Josef** Douglas and Kathie Joseph* Elliot and Carolyn Joseph* Michael R. Joyce* Russell and Tammy Joyner* Annette and David Jussaume**

thanks to *


*Community Investment

Thurman R. Justice* Edwin Jutila Michelle Kackman* Frederick J. Kaplan* Ron and Barbra Kaplan* Barb and Ted Kapustka** Edna and Ralph Karanian Jay Karp* Joseph and Lou-Ann Kask* Michael and Erin Kasperski* John M. Kassel Braden and Kathleen Kattman Allan Kauders** Valerie Kaufman* Peter and Linda Kaverud* Heather and Timothy Keane*

Rob Keane Tom and Jodi Keane Maureen and Kevin Kearney** John J. Kearns** Maureen C. Keating* Susan and Daniel Keating* Rick and Kathleen Keegan* John and Cynthia Keenan*** Ed Kefor Glenda and Roy Keiper Patty and Steve Kelley*** Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Kelley* Diane Kellsey* David M. Kelly** James Kelly* Tom and Heather Kelly William Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Alan T. Keney Barbara Kennedy* James R. Kennedy* Mary Kennedy Mike and Lori Kennedy* Cliff Kenyon Joseph and Janet Keown* Judith and Richard Keppelman*** Raymond K. Kersey* Robert Kerzner and Family** Stephen Kidd* Carol Rae King*** Albert R. Kingan* William and Susan Kingston* William Kinsley* Howard K. Kinsman* Robert Kirchberg Orlando C. Kirton MD* Dr. Christina M. Kishimoto Caren Kittredge Kim and Bill Kivela*** Janice and David Klein*** Waldo and Lin Klein*** Walter and Maria Klimczak Jr.* Richard Kloepfer* Ted and Joanille Kmiecik** Chie A. Knapp* Jill Adams and Bill Knight* Dr. Rolf W. Knoll* John and Mary Knox Dr. and Mrs. Lester D. Kochanowsky*** Peter Kocot* Jim and Paula Kodman** Mr. and Mrs. David Kohlun* Ed and Denise Kokoszka** Michael and Kerrie Kolesnik** John and Carolyn Koloseus*** Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Kolosky Kevin and Lisa Kolstad* Robin Komara Paul and Stacey Konopaske** Mark Kopera** Mark and Carolyn Korber**** Steven Kornfeld and Laura Kolk* Mary L. Koseian* Darwin and Susan Kovacs** Ken Kovaleski Gary and Sharon Kozak* Sandra M. Kradas* Dennis Kraemer* Christopher and Deborah Kraenzle* Damon T. Krane* Dean H. Kremidas* Marilyn and Mark Kritzman** Bob and Linda Kroll* Paula and Jay Krompinger David and Jodi Kryzanski and Family* Jim Kucharczyk Ken Kulesza Laurie Kumnick Les Kurz* Phyllis L. Kurz Aggie Kurzyna Renee Kuwahara Kevin M. Kuzia* Stuart Kwassman* Tom Kyzivat Bob and Mary LaBarre* Susan J. Laberge* Adrian Laboy Women’s Leadership Council member

Douglas LaBrecque Mark D. Lacedonia* Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. LaChance* Donald LaCoy* Emma Ladd* Eileen Lagasse* Judith B. LaGrange* Frank and Kathy Lamagna** Mark and Katie LaManna Mr. and Mrs. Michael Lambert Timothy Lambert William and Christine Lamberti* Edward and Catherine Lamoureux** Karen Landor* Eugene R. Gaddis and Alison Lane-Reticker MD** Shelley T. and Robert M. Langer** Kenneth Langevin* Linda Lankowski* Stephen Larcen and Susan Graham** Carol Larco-Murzyn** John and Corky Larew**** Melanie Larocco Howard and Patricia Larson Eric Lasater Donna Lasher Rutola*** Timothy F. Laskowski** John and Carrie LaSpada * Stephen and Gail Lataille** Andrew and Genevieve Lattimer Joe Latulippe Martin P. Lavelle John and Cynthia Laverty* Chris Laxton John and Hilda Layok* Mr. David and Dr. Lynn LeBlanc Matthew LeDoux* Todd Lee Bryan Lees Tom and Millie Legenhausen** Ronald Leger** John and Sue Legier** Robert T. Legore Christopher and Louisa Leigh* Rosemary and Jeffrey Leitz* Kevin and Kristin Lemke Jim and Karen Lendvay** Janet And Charlie Lenore** Erica Leonard* Bruce and Pamela Lerario* Peg Lesiak ** Roman A. Leskiw Stephen Leslie* Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Letendre* Martin A. Letitia* Tina Larocque Levesque* Linda and Alan Levin** Mark M. Levine* Edward and Lois F. Lewis Jonathan Lewis* Scott and Ruth Lewis* Stephen Lewis Tod A. Lewis** Brian and Linda Libby** Kate Liburdi Chadwick M. Licht* Alan and Judy Lieberman* Steve Liebert Robert and Stephanie Lightfoot*** Dr. Ray-Sing Lin Charles S. Linn*** Kevin and Kristen Linskey Robert and Andrea Linz*** Paul and Beth Litrico Brandy Little* Anne and Prescott Littlefield* Christopher and Maria Fernanda Lloyd Cheryl Lobo* Jane and Roger Loeb*** Rich and Beth Loftis* Cathy and Lucian Lombardi Jason and Kathleen Lombardi Alison M. Long* Michael and Barbara Long* Kent and Jean Longenecker* Jeffrey Longo Michael R. Longo** Emerging Leaders Society member

John Lonski Vince and Lisa LoPresti Janice Lord* Wesley K. Lord** Richard A. Loretz* Dave Loscher* Dana C. Loucks* Ellen L. Louie Sergio Loureiro* Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lubenstein**** Mary Ann Lubeskie * Albert Lucas* John and Meghan Lucker Russell and Nancy Luke Lourdes Lundquist* Venus Lusk* Elaine Lutjens* Jack Lutz** Joseph and Ruth Lux** Kevin and Susan Lybeck* David and Leslie Lyders** Bret and Gloria Lynch** Brian Lynch and Kathleen Tonry Kathleen Lynch* Patricia J. Lynch*** James B. Lyon**** Chris Lyons Richard and Diane MacDonald** Michael F. Machinchick* The MacInnis Family* Richard Mackay Tricia M. Mackechnie* Patrick and Sharon Macken* Bruce and Barbara MacLean** Jaime L. Macsata* Richard A. Madej* Rich Magda* Neal Magdefrau Chris and Kristin Magendantz* Wendy Mager* Michael and Salli Maglio** Dr. Johnny D. Magwood*** Thomas M. Mahar** David J. and Mary E. Maher* Anne Mahoney Robert E. Mahoney** Dale and Sandy Maine Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Malarney*** Jay and Janine Malave* Diane and Glenn Mallory** Jeffrey W. Malnick Tony and Shauna Malta* John and Pat Mangino* Robert Manley Ned Mann and Mary Art** Justin Manning Mark Manser CJ Manuel Brian L. Marburger and Family* Peter Marchessault** Nancy Marchetti Thomas Marchozzi Juan Marcos** Mr. and Mrs. Gary Marcotte* Joe and Whitney Margaitis Gene Marinelli Dr. and Mrs. Stuart Markowitz Paul and Susan Marks Linda Marr* Luis J. Marrero The John G. Martin Foundation**** Joshua and Sarah Martin* Mr. and Mrs. Matthew T. Martin* Tomeka Johnson-Martin Gonzalo Martinez Daryl and Shuer Marvin Tom and Peggy Masek* Arthur R. Masi Mark A. Mastrianni** Mark Mathieu*** Rita Mathieu Marilyn Haretuku-Mathis Narcissa Matte Bob Mattern* Barbara Matthews John C. Matthews Phil and Cari Matthews

Dr. and Mrs. F. Taylor Mauck* Wendy and Jim Maus** Shawn J. Maynard**** Leo and Kim Mazotas** Bob Mazurkivich* Gloria J. McAdam** Elizabeth McAuliffe* Peter J. McBrien Jr.* Dan McCabe Kelly A. McCabe* Michael G. and Laura S. McCaffrey*** William S. McCaffrey* Andrew L. McCarthy* Holly and Kevin McCarthy* Debbie McCleary*** Shelagh McClure* Christopher McConnell* James and Sheilah McConnell* Mary F. McConville Douglas and Dorothy McCormack Duane McCormick* Mr. and Mrs. Daniel McCrudden* Lynne and Mike McCune** Kevin and Karen McCusker* Bruce A. McDavid Chris and Michelle McDavid David and Tammy McDermott* Kevin T. McDermott and Family** Dave and Kate McDonald*** Kevin and Loreta McDonnell*** Linda J. McDowell and A. Michael Lussier* Bob McFadden and Brenda Woodward** Craig McGarrah** Sheila McGinley-Graziosi Timothy McGovern Pam and Jim McGraw** Nancy McGraw** Robert E. McGuinness** Tana McHale Edward and Trina McHugh** Joe and Barbara McIlrath* Randy and Lisa McKee* Patrick and Karen McKenna*** Debra McKenney* Pamela McKoin* Robin McLain* Charlie McLaughlin* Earl McMahon and Dina Plapler** Daniel McMenamin Sue McMullen Mike and Leah McMurray James L. McNally** Glenn and Susan McNamara** Pam and Steve McNary** Sigrid McNeill Brown M. Christopher McPadden* Greg and Denise McRae Elizabeth McSherry* William J. McVey** William and Roberta Meaney* Judi Meese Ruth A. Melander* Yvette Meléndez Toni and Mike Meleshenko** Lisa Melillo and Brian Wynne* Nancy and John Melly** Liz and Bob Melvin** Peter and Diane Menard** Brittany Marie Menefield Russell Menze** Susan N. and Dwight Merriam** Bob and Lynn Merry** Natale A. and Elizabeth A. Messina** Karen A. Michaud** Charles Michet Marianne C. Midura* Mark and Laura Midura Michael and Stacy Mike*** Edward and Donna Mikolaitis** Mr. and Mrs. Frank Milano* Rick and Kendel Milbourn** Milbrandt Family John Miletti and Kathleen Tierney** Christine Miller

“Helping others...isn’t that what life is about? Through United Way we have the unique ability to improve current conditions within our community by offering a year-round commitment to open your hearts and be a part of positive, lasting change for everyone. You can give, advocate, volunteer and inspire others to do the same! That’s what it means to LIVE UNITED.” Paula K. Kern

The Phoenix Companies, Inc. Tocqueville Society member

Roxanna Booth Miller Steven M. Miller* Ken Millerd Mills Family Patricia Mills Richard A. Mills* Mary Milmoe Rogers Theresa Milone Robert H. Miltenberger III Kate and Rick Milton** Heather L. Minietti John A. Mirisola Karl Missal** Neil and Tricia Mitchill* Robert and Ann Moehlenkamp** The Mohrman Family* Jason L. Mokhiber* Randall and Sheila Molony** Donato and Juliet Moanco Rick Montero The Montross Family** Margaret O. Moody* Thomas and Marlee Mooney** Dan and Donna Moore Dennis Moore Holly N. Moore* Mr. and Mrs. John D. Moore** Thais G. Moore Jeff Moores** Rosemary Moors Jean A. Moran* Joanne A. Moran** John and Ellen Moran* Anna Graham Morast* Claude and Dawn Moreau* Vito and Maria Moreno*** Stephen A. Morford* Terry and Deborah Morgan** Bruce L. Morin** Michael J. Morin Daniel A. Mosher* Scott F. Moss* Mike and Patty Motley* Mark Moulin Lisa and Stephen Mouthaan* Morgan Mowry Thomas and Carol Mowry** Kevin and Joanne Moynihan* Brady and April Mozhdehi* Phillip J. Mucha* Patti and Joe Muldoon*** Rachel Muli Sean and Delene Mulready*

*Constitution Society member for 5 or more years, **10 or more years, ***15 or more years, ****20 or more years. † Deceased

Lucille A. Mulroy*** Andy and Amy Munzer* Stewart and Leah Murchie* Mark Lindquist and Alison Murdock* Stephen Phillip Muron*** Donna J. Murphy John and Patricia Murphy Pat and Peter Murphy* Scott and Cathy Murphy*** T.C. Murphy* Debbi and Frank Murray James S. Murray* Zaher Mutasim John Mutchek* Vera M. Myers** Jeffrey and Erin Nadeau Gregory and Suzanne Narajka* Tim Nardi* Richard and Kathleen Narowski*** James J. Nascimento Jim Nason and Pan Riley* Megan Naughton and Jason Krajc* Vibha and Sarfraz Nawaz* Peter and Cathy Neag* Dennis M. Neault Scott and Sharon Negus* Tim Nelligan Barbara Nelson Eric Nelson* Mark Nelson* Steve Nelson* Lois M. Nesci** Scott and Ginny Newbury* Michael Newsky* Edward G. Newton Mr. and Mrs. Brian Nichols* Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Nichols** John Nicoll-Senft* Matthew D. Nicolson Pete and Debbie Niedermeyer* Craig Niehaus and Susan Spring** Vivek Nigam Ronald Nightingale Grace B. Niland* Michael Nisbet David M. and Gail H. Nissley** Christopher Nixon* Connie Noiva** Jay and Lil Nolan** Richard T. Nolan* Robert and Mary-Beth Nolan S. Noonan* Lee Nordstrom

Sharon R. Norfleet*** Joan and Harry Norman Roy and Nancy Normen** Innocent Obi Bob O’Brien* Donna O’Brien Hank O’Brien** Marget M. O’Brien Robin O’Brien Karen O’Connell Jim and Lori O’Connor Michael and Christine O’Connor* Rick and Karyn O’Donnell** Bernie and Teresa Odoy Steve and Linda O’Flarity William P. Ogden Rob Oldman James and Marylee Oleksiw*** John J. and Elizabeth A. Oleksiw*** Terri Olesen Catherine L. Olinski** Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Oliveira Jeffrey and Gwen Olmstead** Dottie and Ed Olson*** Jim and Georgia O’Meara Kathryn O’Neill James O’Regan* Helena O’Reilly* Mr. and Mrs. Dean Orton* Keith Orzechowski Daniel Orzell The Osborn Family* Tom and Jill Osborn** James O’Shaughnessy Denis and Candace O’Shea* Edward Ososki Michael and Susan Osterberg Tom Ostergren Daniel C. Oswald* Paul H. Ouellette* Wade and Anita Overgaard*** Peter and Marianne Owens** Andrew Ozmun Sue Ozmun Andrew A. Pace Andy and Jennifer Pace* Mr. and Mrs. Warren Packard**** Kathleen A. Padgett Charles N. Paine, II Debra A. Palermino** John R. Palitsch* Daria J. Palladino Sean Palleschi Danny P. Palmer Deborah A. Palmer** Rae Ann Palmer Marc and Yaffa Palter* Michael and Shanna Palumbo Pangretic Family*** David and Barbara Panico* Dalia and Mary Panke Michael Papp* Christine and Mark Paquette Gerald and Marian Paradis* Vincent and Shari Parillo* Emily and Robert Parker Erin Parkinson Amy K.B. Paros Jerry Passman and April Haskell** Thea Pastore and George Hoffman** Ellen and Darrell Pataska**** Vasudha and Mahesh Patel** Michael and Anna Patrizzi* Ben Patterson Anthony L. Paul* Jeff and Sue Payton**** William and Meredith Pearse Dana Pedersen* Max D. Pelkey* Alice A. Pellegrino* Mr. Michael Pellerin and Ms. Linda Afonso Patricia Pellettier* Mardelle and David Peña** Timothy H. Penn* Elmer Penton* Kristin and Timothy Perra Colleagues 19

Cecile Perraud Ted and Alicia Perrault Ted Perrault Gloria Russo Perrotta Peter Perrotti* Art Perry Pamela Perry* Gary and Joyce Perschy* Brace and Leanne Peters Lee and Becky Peters* Karen Petersen Mr. and Mrs. Sigurd T. Peterson* Richard and Cheryl Pethybridge Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Petig** George and Silvia Petrini** Stacy Petrosky* Juergen and Kathleen Pfaff** Donald J. Phelan Jr. John and Denise Phelan*** Jean Philbrick Jennifer and William V.N. Philip Clemoterik E. Phillips John D. Phillips* Kathy Phillips*** Teresa J. Phillips Alyssa and Ava Piccoli* Gary Piccolo Timothy J. Pickard David P. Pieluszczak* Richard and Beth Pierpont* Madelynn and Scott Pierson** Kristan Pierz and Brian Molinari Fran and Lynn Pijar*** Jonathan and Deborah Pine Mr. and Mrs. Willard F. Pinney Jr.*** Rui Pires Donald H. Pitkin II** Alan Plough Family** Joseph Podvarney Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Podziewski James C. Poirier** Mark and Donna Poirier*** Robert F. Polito Jr.* Allen and Karen Pollock* David and Susan Porcello* Emily Poriss** Porter Family* Jacqueline Porter** Cheryl Poryanda Daniel J. Pouliot Don and Terry Povak** Kevin C. Powell* Scott Powell Chris and Betty Poythress*** Eric Prause Moe Precourt* Todd and Laurie Prentice* Scott Prentiss Brian and Debbie Presbie* Joe and Karen Presing*** Thomas Prete Camryn and Ashley Prevost Tom and Janie Prevost** Barry L. Priest Ron Prihar Allen M. Procko* Paul T. Proko** Martin Proulx and Mary Coleman** Maryellen and Al Prud’homme* Brian Pskowski Joe and Alicyn Pulcini* Sarma Pullela* Richard and Kathy Pulling* Tom and Regan Purcell** Bill Pursell* Michael D. Pych Kyran Quackenbush* Christine Quinn K. Quinn** Tim and Erin Quirk Renato L. and Maria P. Quiterio** Craig A. Raabe* Edward and Karen Rado Kay and Buddy Rahardjo* Rai Family Douglas and Stephanie Ramsey Brian and Susan Kay Rancourt** 20 United Way Campaign 2012-2013

“We strengthen our community when we carry on the great tradition of giving and support to our local non-profit organizations. United Way’s ability to invest funds where it will make the most impact on children and families in our community, allows us to pave the way for a brighter future for all of us. After all, to LIVE UNITED means that we all are in this together! That’s why Community Investment is the best choice for everyone.” Lynda Godkin

Evolution1, Inc. Tocqueville Society member

Priscilla and Joe Rancourt* Mike Randall Cheryl and Keith Randino Sonu and Dilip Rangnekar Jo-Anne Rankin** Bob and Marilyn Rath*** Robert A. Raus James and Ann Ray* Betsy and Mark Reale Pamela and Andrew Reale*** Kevin and Sue Reardon* Jimmy and Jan Reed** Joseph Reed** Mark and Mary Jo Regan*** Patrick and Tricia Regan* Dr. Pamela Reid Brian and Anne Reilly** Helena Reilly* Mark Reilly John L. Reizian** Pam and Corey Rekow Timothy M. Remmers** Roger Retana* Justin A. Reyes Jessie and Jim Reynolds* Barbara Rezner*** Kristi and Brett Rhodes*** Frederick D. Rice* The Richard Family** Donna C. Richards*** Thomas C. Richardson* The Richardson Family The Richmond Family Jesse Richter* Scott G. Riddle Charlene Ridgeway Neil and Betsy Ridgeway* Kimberly Riggs Jen and Mark Ring* Ezra and Christina Ripple*** Pat Riso Reed W. Risteen* Gregory and Angela Ritter* Melody Rivas Jim and Sharon Rivera** Nitza M. Rivera* Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Rizzo Jr.***

R. David Roach* Mr. and Mrs. Vaughn Robbins* Gary and Laura Roberge** Kristi S. Roberge* Cathy L. Roberson* Deborah A. Roberts Judy A. Roberts* Kristen L. Roberts* Nancy and Stephen Roberts* Roberts Family Leslie Robertson and Eliza Sherlock*** Ronald Robinson Mr. and Mrs. R.J. Robinson** Daniel and Glendena Robles Joni D. Roblyer Jamie and Cristina Roche* William Roche** Carolyn and Bill Rock Bryan Rockwell* Linda Roderick Wilfred Rodriguez* William H. Roell*** Erik A. Roen Andy Rogers** Diana and James Rogers* Steven and Sharon Rogers* Tim Rogers Timothy J. Rogers* Rich and Sue Rogozinski Peter and Karen Rohde* Eric Rojas* Bob Roland* David M. Romano** Paul and Lisa Romano** Jennifer J. Romanosky David and Amy Rooney Kim Root and Lisa McNellis* Stephen and Margit Rosenberger*** Bob and Cindy Rosenthal* Judy and David Rosenthal* Laura and Gerard Ross** Rick and Tricia Ross* Ripley Ross Vanessa Rossitto* Ellen D. Rothberg** Cindy Roth Jim and Anne Rotondo***

Christopher B. Roy Michael and Deborah Roy* Joseph M. and Pamela Roy** Mr. and Mrs. Raymond G. Roy Jr.*** Tyrus and Mary Therese Royal** Roger and Denise Royer** Christine Rua** Andrew and Jennifer Rubino** Jan and Tom Ruderman** Mark and Karen Ruegg*** Christine Ruman Richard and Dianne Rumsey*** Jack and Kathy Rup** Lynn Rusczyk* Rich Rusich* David and Margaret Rusnock* Mr. and Mrs. Gerald B. Russell* Rob and Wendy Russell** Nicholas P. and Susan Russo Anne L. Ruwet Bill and Doreen Ryan** Cynthia A. Ryan Joan and David Ryan** Richard E. Ryan The Sabatino Family Jayant Sabnis** Jonathan and Paula Sacks Asker A. Saeed and Family* William Sage Christian and Jennifer Sager* John and Debbie Sahm* Meg Sakellarides** Ann and Paul Sakitis Carlos Salguero and Susan Moore* Ann Marie Salmon* Costante and Sarah Salvador Lisa Maria Salvatore* Lawrence Samplatsky* Kevin and Penelope Sanborn* Duane and Maureen Sanders Paul Sanderson Kathy Sandin and Zack Duzan** Paul and Laurie Sangeloty Joseph J. Sangiovanni* Frank and Michelle Sansevero Kathy Hanaway and Paul Sanson** Frank Santa-Donato and Janet Castricum*** Mary and Emil Sapere Jr.** Susan and Joseph Sappington MD**** Jay M. Sattler* David Savage Michael F. Savage Mr. and Mrs. David Savino* Vance Sawamura* Darlene E. Sawczysyn* William Sawyer Craig and Cristina Sayre*** Nadine M. Schaber* Karl and Laura Schachtner*** Ann Schaefer-Reid Debra Schaffer Bill and Wendy Schaffner* Jacqueline Pennino Scheib* Peter Schenck** Lucia and Steven Schiavone*** John J. Schirra Phil and Bobbi Schmidt*** Mr. and Mrs. P. Schmitt Carolyn L. and J. David Schnatz MD*** Jennifer Schober Earl Schofield*** The Schroeter Family* Robert J. Schueler* Richard and Terry Schug** John and Kathleen Schuster Stephen W. Schuth* Todd Schutte John and Peggy Schuyler Deborah Schwartz* Alan and Marilyn Schwedel* Michael Schweighoffer Gary and Cathy Scott* Dennis and Alohalani Scott* Sandra L. Sears and Scott J. Sante* Tanya Sears Women’s Leadership Council member

Mel and Kris Seifert* Matthew and Christina Semenza* Susan Settembrino* Alice M. Sexton Peter Sexton** Paul Shadic and Family** Ned Shanahan and Deirdre Redden** Rick and Vanessa Shanks* Jill and Scott Shapiro** Margaret B. Shapiro* Carmen Sharp Juanita D. Shavers* Richard Shaw Kathy Shea Gretchen Shea*** Gregory Shedeck* Richard J. Sheehan Jr. Elizabeth Shelley** Kevin Sheridan** Mark A. Sherwood** Steve and Kim Shimmel** James and Rebecca Shinkoff** The Shirk Family* Steve and Dianne Shobe* Loren and Donna Shoemaker* Mr. and Mrs. Michael Shook Sushmita Shukla The Shulansky Foundation, Inc.*** Saif Siddiqui Francine M. Sider Elaine and Robert Siegel** Ava and Jason Siegel** Katherine Siino* Don C. Sikes* The Simboski Family Dave Simmons Nicholas M. Simonetti Elise Sinha and Claudio Capone* David W. Sink MD Gregg M. Sireci Carol Sisco The Sisson Family*** James Sitro** Nada K. Sizemore Jeff and Brenda Sizer** Charlotte Skawski Christopher Skorcz David and Anne-Marie Sladewski* Thomas M. Sliney Stuart and Arline Small Brian R. Smith and Kim K.V. McClain*** Chris and Dana Smith** David A. and Claire O. Smith*** Doug Smith Douglas Smith Jeff Smith Kenneth J. Smith Paul and Mona Smith* Robert J. Smith* Ronald Smith Steven and Jami Smith Roger Smith Jr.* Joseph and Mary Smoolca** Bob Snediker** Amy E. Snow* Kurt and Tove Sobanski** Thomas E. Soisson Dr. Susan R. Sokoloski* Leslie Soler* Jason B. Solomonides** John G. Somerville Tedd and Cindy Somes* Jack Soos Diana Sousa Michael Sowka* Joseph and Karen Spagna*** John D. and Janet M. Spatcher* Bill and Gail Speers Kwanzaa G. Spells Roz and Alan Spier**** Pamela Spinazola** Steven W. Sprowson Samir Srivastava Bruce and Karen St. Amand* Andrea St. George** Emerging Leaders Society member


John W. St. Jacques* Christopher St. James Mark St. James Patricia Stack Willard and Kathryn Stackpole* Tim and Vivian Stanley** John Stantial* Leigh A. Newman and Gary S. Starr** Cheryl A. Statz Sharon Stockwell-Steers* Erik Steirer Dennis and Anne-Marie Stempel* Michele Stephens Matt Sternat* Gary Stetson** Jonathan Stevens* Dana and Esther Stewart* Craig Stickler** Mr. and Mrs. Duane A. Stimson* Rodney and Bonny Stoecklin* Mr. and Mrs. William J. Stolba II** Peter and Nancy Storms*** Joanne Lewis and David Stowe* Joel Strillacci* Deborah Strong Bob and Pat Stubbs*** Edward and Kathryn Sullivan** John P. Sullivan Kimberley and Scott Sullivan** Lynn Sullivan Meghan Sullivan


Mia Sullivan* Peter and Susan Sullivan** Susan M. Sullivan** Tim and Gerri Sullivan*** Scott and Heather Summerer** Richard C. Surette** Martin and Susan Swanson** Suzan and Larry Sweeney Sharon Sweet* John D. Sweitzer* Jeffery Swenson* Diane and Ken Sylvester** Joseph and Lauri Sylvestro** Cindy Szabo Walt and Peg Szymanski* Gregory Taft* Lori Tafuto Sam and Amy Talbot* Brian Tamms* Richard and Janet Tanner Diane and Bill Tatelman* Charleen D. Taylor* Keith and Kimberly Taylor* Robert and Ann Taylor*** Joe and Kathy Tedone* Bill Teed William and ELizabeth Teich** Eileen M. Templeton* Charles and Donna-Marie Tennyson Jonathan and Cynthia Terry Trevor and Erin Terry Gary Tewksbury

Hank Thayer* Naoko N. Thayer Mike Thibeault Norm and Debbie Thibodeau** William Thim Charles Thomas*** Jeff and Julie Thomas** Jennifer Thomas Melanie Thomas* Brad and Maria Thompson* Craig G. Thompson* Earl and Sylvia Thompson** James and Kerry Thompson Mark and Lori Thompson** Jim and Sue Thoresen Goncalves/Tiberio Family Terry Tice Mark Tierney Gintare Tijunelis Grenier Anne and Dave Timbrell* Peter and Adriana Tippner* George and Suzanne Titterton*** Charles J. Tobin** Rhonda Tobin and Jeff Smith* Robert and Cheryl Tomastik** Stanley Tompkins Jr.* Ted N. Tompkins* Erik Toohey* Mark and Ava Torello** Tony and Pam Torsiello*** Thomas R. Tosatti

The number of people who received basic food assistance

Andrew and Linda Ruth Tosetti* Kimberly and Jamin Townsan* Joseph and Karen Tracy* David and Mary Ann Tralka* Tina and Dick Trask* Susan and William Traver* Helen and Greg Treacy** The Treacy Family** William K. Tredway David D. Tremaglio* Guy J. Trepanier* Edith and Jim Tresner*** Brian Trinkle Pam and Bruce Truncali** Wayne Tryon Catherine and Mark Tully* Elaine Tumicki and Daniel Surkis** Michael and Karen Turner Nancy Turner Rob and Patty Tykal* Lori Allen Unger Randall V Upton Steven and Diana Ursitti** Paula-Marie Uscilla Frank A. Vaccaro Jim and Terry Valentine Liz Valigorsky Robert Van Giessen and Cassandra Nordenbrock* Christopher Van Proyen Rick Van Steenbergen* Ronald and Ruth Van Winkle*

Jim Vancho Martin VanHaltern Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Vann* Greg and Tara Varga* Armando Vargas David Vargas Edwin and Sylvia Vargas** Sameer Vasandani Cecily Vasington** Andrea Vaughan* Daphne Vayos Carmen Vazquez Jodi and Phil Vecchiarelli*** Venkat Vedula* Charles R. and Pamela L. Veley** Kim and Gino Veneroni* Ron and Lori Vernier*** Paul and Joan Veronneau*** Sheila McMahon and Mark Verre* Jessica A. Villardi Patricia Villeneuve James and Kristine Vitelli** Richard and Lisa Vitorelli Fernando Vivero Alexandria and Gary Voccio Joseph R. Voelker** Joseph and Cathleen Voelker** Randolph W. Vogel* Katherine A. Voght* JV and MT Volpe** Andy and Lorraine Votta**

could fill

620 buses

Dr. John J. Votto** Jon and Beth Vrabel Pat and Frank Wachter** Janet Wade-Utay** Jean and Michael Wagner* Aline and Wayne Walch Edward C. Walford* Robert B. Wallace Ann Waller** Janice Walsh* Art and Chris Wanderlingh** Dan and Leah Ward Derek Warren* Lee Warren*** Richard and Diane Waskiewicz** Robert Waterman Melinda Waters* Braxton and Sara Watson Kevin and Gina Watson* Louis Watterson Cynthia Watts Elder* Kevin and Michelle Weathers* Mary Weaver* Eric Weber* Susan and Keith Weber** Thomas and Jennifer Wedeles Derek and Alyssa Weiss Neil and Elizabeth Welles Linda J. Welles** Lindsley Wellman**** Marcia Wellman Chuck and Cindy Welsh**

Craig and Mary Welsh* John and Gina Welsh John P. Wesson* Guy and Marilyn West* Peter and Ruth Weston** Scott Westphal Glenn Westrick David Wharmby* James P. and Kathleen C. Wheeler* Robert Wheeler Chris Whelan C. Michael and Laura White Lomont and Temeka White* Mary K. White** Michele M. White Robert and Mary Ellen White Mr. and Mrs. Kirk A. Whiteman IV* Stuart Whitney John and Nancy Whiton** Edward M. Widness Jr.*** Darrell Wilcox Sr. and Cathy Wilcox* James M. Wilcox* Marc Wilcoxen** James and Catherine Wiley Christopher and Stacy Willey* Andrew C. Williams* David and Joanne Williams* Joseph and Tracy Williams* Laura Williams Lauren E. and Ernest C. Williams** Matthew H. Williams Paul and Denise Williams*** Sandra Williams** Sarah Williams Susan and Eliot Williams**** Jim and Amy Williamson* Nicholas A. Willis Janene and Rob Willsey**** Lynn and Bev Willsey**** Joann Windecker Michael Winter Michael and Cindy Wise* David Wishart Jennifer and Ted Wislocki Larry and Victoria Witherup* Mark and Linda Witkowski* Christopher Witzky*** Joel I. Wolfe** Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Wolff** Martin Wolman**** Dave and Amelia Wood** Tony Wood Jack and Donna Woodin* Victor Woolridge Stephen Worthington** James Wozniak Madeleine Wozniak Sharon Wrabel The Alexander M. and Catherine Maus Wright Charitable Trust* Christopher G. Wright* Jean and Skip Wright** Joanne and Dick Wright* Susan M. Wright Mellissa Wrinn Zhen Wu* Jim Wucherpfennig* Brian Wylie* Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Yanavich* Chyrl Yeatts Alison Yering Mark and Carol Yingling** John Finn and Linda Yoder* Jeremy and Michelle Youker Elizabeth G. Young** Ellen L. Young** James and Jennifer Young*

Ken and Beth Young* Lawrence J. Young William Young and Martha Page*** The Youngstrom Family** Zeping Yu David Yudichak and Family* Gary and Wendy Zacchio Bernard J. Zahren**** Sean, Wendy, and Ella Zamora* Michael A. and Brenda R. Zanta Gary and Irene Zdrojowy Mike and Vickie Zebedeo* John T. Zebrowski*** Christopher R. Zell and Beverly J. Zell** John L. Zepp* Phyllis and Michael Zerbini* Mark and Penelope Ziarnik*** William Zielinski Barbara and Paul Zimmerman* Jill and Jeffrey Ziplow* Lizabeth and Richard Zlatkus*** Joseph Zmudzinski* Carolyn and Jonathan Zolty Rafael Zornosa* Melinda Zwecker** Kenneth Zygiel* Steve Zysman* One thousand one hundred twenty contributors who wish to remain anonymous.

The United Way Campaign would like to thank the individuals who remain anonymous and those Constitution Society members who pledged after the printing of this publication. Learn more about the Constitution Society and Tocqueville Society at If any of the published information is not accurate, please accept our apologies and notify the Donor Relations Department at United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut at (860) 493-6830 or We will be happy to correct the error. If you would like to make a gift at the Constitution Society level and be included in next year’s Leaders in Giving publication, please contact the Donor Relations Department at United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut at (860) 493-6830. *Constitution Society member for 5 or more years, **10 or more years, ***15 or more years, ****20 or more years. †Deceased

Colleagues 21


# Contributors

3M Purification, Inc. 2 AAA Allied Group 3 Accenture 4 Adams & Knight 1 Aerodyne Alloys 1 Aetna Inc. 874 Alcohol & Drug Recovery Centers, Inc. 2 ALSTOM, Inc. 6 American Eagle Federal Credit Union 4 American Nuclear Insurers 14 AT&T 4 Avon Board of Education 1 Bank of America 35 Barnes Aerospace 3 Berkshire Bank 2 Bingham McCutchen LLP 3 Bloomfield Town Departments 3 Blum Shapiro & Company P.C. 20 Boy Scouts of America, Connecticut Rivers Council 1 Boys & Girls Clubs of Hartford, Inc. 1 Brown Rudnick LLP 1 C & S Wholesale Grocers 4 Capital Workforce Partners 1 Catholic Charities, Inc., Archdiocese of Hartford 1 CBS Radio Hartford 1 CCARC, Inc. 1 Chase Enterprises 4 Chubb Specialty Insurance 6 CIGNA Corporation 99 Clinical Laboratory Partners 1 CohnReznick 6 Comcast Corporation 8 Community Health Charities of New England 1 Community Mental Health Affiliates, Inc. 1 Community Solutions, Inc. 1 ConnectiCare, Inc. 17 Connecticut Association for Human Services 1 Connecticut Behavioral Health Partners 1 Connecticut Children’s Medical Center 15 Connecticut Fair Plan 1 Connecticut Legal Services 1 Connecticut Public Broadcasting 5

22 United Way Campaign 2012-2013

Connecticut State Employees’ Campaign Capital Community College 1 CT Lottery Corporation 1 Department of Environmental Protection 1 Department of Insurance 1 Department of Public Health 1 Department of Labor 1 Department of Transporation 1 Division of Criminal Justice 1 Eastern Connecticut State University 2 Judicial Department 1 Office of Policy & Management 1 Office of the Attorney General 1 Office of the State Comptroller 1 Office of the State Treasurer 1 University of Connecticut 5 University of Connecticut Health Center 1 Conning 11 Constellation Energy 1 Conval, Inc. 2 CREC 1 Cronin & Company, LLC 1 Daly Insurance Brokerage Services 1 Day Pitney LLP 32 Dechert 2 Deloitte LLP 35 DST Output 1 DYNO NOBEL 1 Edwards Wildman Palmer LLP 4 Ellington Town Departments 1 Ensign Bickford Industries, Inc. 3 Enterprise Holdings 47 EquiPower Resources Corporation 8 Ernst & Young LLP 2 Evolution 1 8 Farmington Bank 8 FedEx Ground 1 First Niagara Bank 4 Foodshare, Inc. 1 GE Aviation 2 Gerber Scientific, Inc. 4 Girl Scouts of Connecticut 1 Glastonbury Board of Education 1 Greater Hartford Legal Aid 1 Grove Hill Medical Center 1

H. P. Hood, LLC 1 Hallmark Cards, Inc. 10 HARC, Inc. 2 Hartford Economic Development Corp. 1 Hartford Hospital 36 Hartford Neighborhood Development Support Collaborative/LISC 1 Hartford Public Schools 2 Hedberg Data Systems, Inc. 1 Hinckley Allen Snyder LLP 1 Hooker & Holcombe Consulting 1 Hospital for Special Care 1 IBM Corporation 1 ING Americas 2 InsurBanc 3 ITW Foils 2 ITW Graphics 2 Jacobs Vehicle Systems 1 jcpenney Logistics/District Warehouse 1 Jefferson Radiology P.C. 3 Jewish Family Services of Greater Hartford 1 KPMG LLP 20 Leadership Greater Hartford 3 Liberty Bank 1 LIMRA 13 Lincoln Financial Group 21 Lindberg & Ripple, Inc. 3 Literacy Volunteers of Greater Hartford 1 Lockton Companies 2 Loomis Chaffee School 1 Macy’s 2 Manchester Board of Education 1 Manchester Town Departments 1 Marcum 1 Mass Mutual Financial Group 89 McCarter & English 3 McCue Mortgage 3 MetLife 3 MetroHartford Alliance 1 Milliman 3 Murtha Cullina LLP 10

Nationwide Insurance 2 New Britain Consolidated Schools 2 Northeast Utilities and its companies: Connecticut Light & Power, Public Service of New Hampshire, Western Massachusetts Electric and Yankee Gas 145 Nurtur 1 OBGYN Group of Eastern CT, P.C. 1 O’Brien, Tanski & Young 1 OKAY Industries, Inc 5 One Beacon 2 Our Piece of The Pie (OPP) 1 Paychex Inc 2 People’s United Bank 3 Permatex 9 Phonon Corporation 2 PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP 29 ProHealth Physicians 2 Prudential Financial 2 QuEST 2 Regional School District #19 1 Reid and Riege PC 2 RICOH 4 Robinson & Cole LLP 34 Saint Francis Hospital & Medical Center 9 Salvation Army 1 Shipman & Goodwin LLP 25 Simsbury Bank 1 Sovereign Bank 2 Stanley Black & Decker, Inc. 24 State Farm Insurance 1 TD Bank 3 The Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc. 481 The Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection & Insurance Company 58 The Herald 1 The Hutensky Group 5 The Phoenix Companies, Inc. 73 The Village for Families & Children, Inc. 8 Towers Watson Inc. 2 Town of Coventry 1 Town of Simsbury 1 Town of Wethersfield 1 Travelers 736 Trinity College 3

United Healthcare 13 The United Illuminating Company 1 United Technologies Family of Companies 1640 United Technologies Aerospace Systems 212 United Technologies Corporation 159 United Technologies Research Center (UTRC) 68 Otis Elevator Company 84 Pratt & Whitney 1017 UTC Sikorsky Aircraft 2 UTC Climate, Controls and Security 83 UTC Power 15 United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut 8 United Way of Connecticut, Inc./2-1-1 2 University of Hartford 6 University of Saint Joseph 1 Unum Insurance 1 Updike, Kelly & Spellacy PC 2 UPS 11 UPS Freight Forwarding 1 UPS Capital Business Credit 7 Urban League of Greater Hartford, Inc. 1 US Bank National Association 2 Vantis Life Insurance Company 7 Virtus 11 VNA HealthCare 3 Webster Bank 59 Wells Fargo Advisors 1 Wells Fargo Bank 2 West Hartford Board of Education 1 West Hartford Town Departments 1 Westinghouse Electric Company (WEC) 10 Westminster School 1 Whittlesey & Hadley 5 Wiggin & Dana, LLC 2 Willis of CT 3 Windham Community Memorial Hospital 1 Windsor Town Departments 1 Women’s Health 11 YWCA Hartford Region 2 YWCA of New Britain 1

Leadership Giving in Corporations and Organizations 23

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30 Laurel Street Hartford, CT 06106-1374 (860) 493-6000

1924 Society: Legacy Giving The 1924 Society honors those who have made a bequest or planned gift to United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut. These gifts allow their legacy to live on while ensuring our region will continue to grow and prosper as we meet the challenges of tomorrow. We are deeply grateful to our 1924 Society members, and we appreciate their commitment to the 40-town region we call home. Members of the 1924 Society as of July 1, 2013

Estate of Adrienne Allen Margot & Lee† Allison Fredrick K. Bailey Henry T.J. Becker† Harold C. Buckingham, Jr. Howard & Sue Carver Dr. Ann M. Curran† Ray† & Ronnie Deck Janice E. DeDominicis Susan & Ned Dunn, Jr. Estate of Isidore S. Geeter, M.D.

Estate of Elizabeth & Virginia Hicks Estate of Richard & Marie McCabe Claire & Millard† Pryor Lew & Amy Robinson Mr. & Mrs. Peter Russell The Wellman Family Fund Don & Jean Wilson Henry M. Zachs Two contributors who wish to remain anonymous. † Deceased

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2012 2013 United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut Leaders in Giving