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United World Capital

T: +357 2575 0555 E: F: +357 25722 377 W: A: 22, Georgiou Griva Digheni Street, Serghides Court, 1-4 Floors, 3106 Limassol, Cyprus


SWAP FREE ACCOUNT REQUEST To: United World Capital Limited Date:

SWAP FREE ACCOUNT REQUEST I, _____________________________________________ account number __________________, kindly request my account to be transferred to a SWAP FREE group due to religious beliefs. I hereby confirm that I fully understand and accept swap free account provision conditions, which are as follows: 1. Swap free (or Islamic) accounts are provided only to those clients for whom it is forbidden to conduct interest based transactions due to religious beliefs and whose client profile is fully verified. 2. Accounts are not aimed to receive profit from swap free trading. 3. The Company may unilaterally define the regular conducting of transactions with principally negative swap as an abuse. 4. In case of identification of this abuse, the Company has the right to transfer client’s account (or accounts) into a group with charge of swap and to calculate swaps for all history of the trading without prior notice. 5. Swap free can not be provided to the account with open position(-s). 6. If open positions are not closed within 15 calendar days since a request for swap free account, such request becomes invalid. 7. Trading option will be disabled for already opened accounts that are not eligible or requested for transfer to a swap free (“read-only” mode). 8. Swap free provision considered as confirmed only upon company’s email received. Signature: ___________________________ Full Name: ___________________________ BLOCK CAPITAL LETTERS Ver. 06/10/2012

United World Capital Limited


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