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Planting daffodils for the future This is the time of year when gardeners plant their bulbs in the hope that beautiful flowers will herald spring and the coming of a glorious summer. I am still sore from planting my daffodils in the hard glacial till of my North Everett yard, and every time my muscles complain, I am reminded of what I am hoping for come spring. I know that what I am planting now will benefit me later on. Sure, the squirrels are going to dig up some of the bulbs, some of them will die over the winter, and I may have even planted the whole bunch in the wrong location. At the very least, I gave up the opportunity to relax in the porch swing on the last nice Sunday of the year. Nevertheless, I will have gained something from that experience, even if it was only a good workout and some learning about where not to plant bulbs in the future. Graduate school is like that, too. Every class, every assignment, every exam gives you the opportunity to plant something for the future. Usually, your hard effort pays off with something good, but sometimes, you may feel like you’ve failed. Maybe a grade is not what you hoped for or a project didn’t turn out like you expected. When you look back at what you learned from the situation, you will likely find a valuable lesson of some kind, even if that lesson was a little painful.

I tend to be an optimist and think long-term, so I’m expecting to see 50 daffodils blooming in the spring. Are you thinking long-term about what you’re planting now through your MBA program? Even when you’re in the middle of the quarter, buried under homework and projects just like my bulbs are buried under the soil, think about what will bloom in your “spring” because of what you are doing now. One of my favorite stories about long-term planning is about a field of daffodils. You can read it here:



School of Business Recognitions Thank you Gowri!

MBA Students and Alumni,

After 4 years as Associate Director of Graduate Programs, Gowri Shankar has decided to return to teaching. Gowri led the MBA team at a very difficult time undergoing major change. As a leader of the MBA program, Gowri has both experienced the excitements and challenges of leading a graduate program. During the four years, the MBA program has launched a second MBA cohort in 2009, saw the total MBA enrollment grow by 60%, revamped the MBA curriculum, and substantially increased the number of elective offerings. Along with the increase from one to four retreats per year, he helped create a career management series. There are many new exiting graduate and undergraduate education opportunities ahead for our School, starting with our MS in Accounting Program. Gowri is looking forward to contributing to the growth of these ventures in his role as a faculty member, returning to teaching full-time and pursuing his own scholarship. Gowri passes his position on to the new Associate Dean of Graduate Programs, Steve Holland. Thank you Gowri for all you have done for the MBA Programs!

-The MBA team


I am very excited to be the new Associate Dean for Graduate Programs in the School of Business. I love meeting all of the students and working with the MBA staff: Jana, Vicki, Kathryn, and Melissa. Jana is relatively new in the role of MBA Program Manager, having just come aboard in March. In terms of her dedication to students, however, she has already shown herself to be a worthy successor to the late Don Whitney. The job started in September with new-student orientation and retreats in Leavenworth for new and continuing students on successive weekends. The energy coming from each cohort was exhilarating, and I look forward to attending the retreats every year. Who needs football anyway? Most of the past five weeks have been taken up with short-term planning: elective offerings for winter and spring, global study tour for spring, and career services. Elective offerings will include consulting, entrepreneurship, negotiations, enterprise IT management, marketing research, and management control systems. This year’s study tour will spend two weeks during March in Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Career services will include a series of workshops as well as one-on-one career coaching. It’s now time to turn to long-term planning, knowing that the stronger we can make our MBA program the more valuable your degree will become. We’ll need to hear your perspectives, so contact me any time at 425-352-5232 or, and let’s meet for coffee (or other suitable beverage).


Fall Quarter Newsletter 2013

UW Bothell Events Nintex™ Leadership Breakfast The Nintex™ Leadership Breakfast Series assembles influential business leaders in the Puget Sound region to share their lessons in leadership with MBA students. Students learn from the actual experiences of visionary leaders such as Brett Campbell, Co-founder and Global Vice President of Alliances of the Nintex Group, Mark Mader, CEO of SmartSheet and Phyllis Campbell, CEO of JPMorgan Chase, Pacific Northwest

Watch your email for location and speakers! The Nintex leadership breakfast series will take place on the following Friday dates: November 15, December 13, January 17, February 21, March 14, April 18 & May 16

Career Skills Stay tuned for details about our 2013-2014 Career Management Program   

Workshops Expanded Individual Coaching Sessions Career headed Self- Assessment

Information Sessions & Open House If you know someone interested in the UW Bothell MBA programs, invite them to an information session or open house! Information Sessions dates: November 7, November 14, December 5, and December 12. Our Open House will be held on January 15.

Graduate Events at UW Seattle Writing Consultations for Graduate Students Mondays, 9 a.m.-noon and Wednesdays, noon-3 p.m., Allen Library, Research Commons The Odegaard Writing and Research Center (OWRC) offers drop-in consultations for graduate students only. Tutors staffing these consulting hours are experienced in supporting graduate level research and writing at all stages for a wide range of academic and professional purposes (e.g., conference proposals, seminar papers, articles for publication, thesis or dissertation work). Unlike traditional OWRC sessions, these consultations may last up to 1.5 hours to better accommodate larger projects.

Staying Connected Friday Socials November 22 | 5-8pm | Lucid Jazz Lounge Join us one Friday evening of every month for a night of relaxed conversation, music, networking, and fun with fellow UW students from all disciplines.


Fall Quarter Faculty Pete Nye- BBUS 502 Business Statistics Dr. Nye earned an MBA from Cornell University (1982) and a Ph.D in Business Administration from Duke (1992). He was among those faculty members who founded the original Business Program at the University of Washington Bothell, in 1993. He now teaches marketing research, statistics, negotiations and business ethics in the UWB School of Business. His research in economic psychology and managerial decision-making is published in Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, The Journal of Business Research, The International Journal of Conflict Management, and Psychology & Marketing. He is particularly interested in biases in judgment, conflict management, and the resolution of ethical dilemmas. Dr. Nye consults on management development, ethics and conflict management for industry and government.

Deanna Kennedy- BBUS 502 Business Statistics Deanna M. Kennedy is an Assistant Professor in the School of Business at the University of Washington Bothell. She received her Ph.D. in Management Science from the Isenberg School of Management, University of Massachusetts Amherst. Her research has been published in Production Planning and Control, Journal of Engineering and Technology Management, and Decision Sciences.

Brandon Fleming - BBUS 507 Global Business Brandon Fleming is a full-time lecturer in Strategic Management at the University of Washington, Bothell. At the University of Washington, Seattle, he received his PhD in Strategic Management, and he holds two degrees from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. He has presented his research on networks and earnings manipulation at the Academy of Management annual meetings. Before embarking on his academic career, Dr. Fleming worked in research at the William Davidson Institute, which is the leading think tank on transition and development.

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Fall Quarter Newsletter 2013

Surya Pathak – BBUS 509 Operations Management Dr. Pathak is an Assistant Professor of Operations Management in the UWB School of Business. He received his PhD in interdisciplinary management of technology from Vanderbilt University in 2005. Prior to joining University of Washington, Bothell he has served as a research and technical lead at the Advanced Computing Center for Research and Education developing next generation network based data storage technologies, and as a Senior Research Associate in the Engineering Management Program and Systems and Decision Making group at Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee. While Supply chain management is his primary focal area of research, Dr. Pathak is very interested in using the Complexity theory and Network theory lens to understand diffusion of lean manufacturing practices in a supply chain, project management in large organizations, and understanding the interface between marketing, finance and operations. His methodological orientations include agent-based simulations and cellular automaton models on grid computing infrastructure along with mathematical modeling, robust and reliability-based design optimization, archival data analysis, and game theoretic modeling techniques. Recently Dr. Pathak has also used qualitative research methods and secondary data based empirical techniques to enhance the richness of his research investigations. He is a founding member of the Center for Supply Network Science at Arizona State University, at Tempe, Arizona. Dr. Pathak’s work has been published in the Decision Support Systems, Journal of Supply Chain Management, Decision Sciences and IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management. He frequently reviews research papers for the Journal of Operations Management, Decision Sciences, Journal of Supply Chain Management as well as the IEEE Transactions on Engineering. In 2012 and 2013 he was named by his MBA students as Leadership MBA Professor of the Year.

Manuela Hoehn-Weiss – BBUS 512 Strategic Management Dr. Hoehn-Weiss earned her doctorate at Boston University in Strategy and Policy, and she holds a B.S.C. degree (magna cum laude) in Marketing from Santa Clara University. Prior to pursuing her doctorate, Dr. Hoehn-Weiss worked in industry in Silicon Valley, California. She held program management and product marketing positions at Cisco Systems, as well as international marketing management and product marketing management positions at Livingston Enterprises and Lucent Technologies. Her research has been published or is forthcoming in The Strategic Management Journal, The Journal of Private Equity, and Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Research. Dr. Hoehn-Weiss teaches strategic management at both the graduate and undergraduate level. In 2012 and in 2013 she was named by her MBA students as Technology MBA Professor of the Year.

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Fall Retreats The second-year retreat was a great way to reconnect with our cohort and ease back into the swing of things. Our class really valued the leadership training taught by Alan Boss and Ben Galvin. By the end of the retreat, I think we all started to realize how closely we’ve bonded over the last year, and how quickly this last year is going to fly by! -Aaron Vandyke LMBA Class of 2014

Even though it's only been a month since the start of the LMBA program, the cohorts have already begun working collaboratively on assignments. Other cohorts in my year and second year cohorts have been a great resource for the class assignments and to brainstorm with. I feel that there is a great support network that I can go to if I feel stuck with school work. -An Nguyen TMBA Class of 2015 This year's retreat laid a great foundation for the new school year. The cohort really reconnected and reset for the rigors ahead. Of course, we had fun as well. Aside from a few highlyquestionable wardrobe malfunctions, the retreat was an absolute blast! -Zhiji

Huang TMBA Class of 2014

In a western movie, the heroes ride into the sunset after they endure a challenging and rewarding adventure. To date, we have disarmed ethical dilemmas in Leavenworth, saved Robert Mondavi Estates from the Big Bad Aussies with superior strategy, and started unlocking the mystery of the world by gazing into the Milky Way of descriptive statistics. Dusty and excited, we have a frontier to roam and adventures to wrangle with. Saddle up cohort, it’s time to ride! -Mitch

Droz LMBA Class of 2015



Fall Quarter Newsletter 2013

Don Whitney Scholarship Fund In September, 2012 the UW Bothell Office of Advancement partnered with MBA Alumni and began reaching out to faculty, staff, alumni and friends of Don Whitney to try and create a scholarship to honor Don and the impact he had on us all, but most importantly, the UW Bothell MBA students over the years. Through these efforts we were able to raise enough money to endow this scholarship, which will allow it to live in perpetuity and help to benefit countless MBA students here at UW Bothell. To date, we have received over $25,000 in gifts and pledges, with more coming in every week. This would not have been possible without all of you and we want to thank you all for your generous support in honor of Don. This Fall we will announce our first Don Whitney Scholarship th recipient and on November 15 we will have a celebration to honor the recipient. In addition, we are continuing to raise money for this scholarship so that it may benefit even more MBA students in future years while again honoring Don Whitney for all that he has meant to this program. For more information on how to contribute or questions about anything related to this scholarship, please contact Associate Director of Advancement, Sean Marsh at or 425-352-5269. Thank you everyone for your generous donations! 7|Page

Meet the MBA Association 2013-2014 MBAA Executive Members

Justin Warren

Aaron VanDyke

Ken Huang


Senior VP

VP of Networking

Tiffany Defarbus

Joel Lentz

Kate Jester-Brod

Carolina Cartier

VP of Professional Development

VP of Community Relations

VP of Marketing

VP of Events/Treasurer

If you are interested in receiving the MBAA email newsletter for information about networking events and other exciting things the MBAA is doing, please contact Kate Brod:



Fall Quarter Newsletter 2013

Mentorship Program The MBAA is excited to announce a new group mentorship program. If you are interested in participating in the program please contact Ken Huang at for details. Staff and alumni are welcome to join!

Save the Date!

MBAA Events- Leadership meets Technology The MBAA's Leadership Meets Technology panel discussion was a huge success. Professor Manuela Hoehn-Weiss led a powerful discussion that gave attendees a unique perspective on what it means to lead in a technology setting. The event was not possible without our three panelists - Aman Bhutani, Travis Muhlestein, and Ed Sarausad - who provided great insight and exceeded everyone's expectations.


Chandru It’s a Girl!

Kate Gallaway

TMBA 2014

It’s a Boy!

Chandru and his wife welcomed baby girl Jeevika in September!

LMBA 2014

Kate Gallaway and husband welcome a baby boy, Noah Patrick in June. He was lucky enough to attend his mom’s second year retreat and even made an appearance at dinner time. Noah Patrick is almost 4 months and is constantly giving away smiles!

Rose Becerra New Job! Alumni- LMBA Class of 2013

Rose Becerra has started as a Product Manager at Outerwall. She is working in the Enterprise Platform and Service Department and loves what she is doing! After starting in May as a contractor, they extended this position to her.

We want to know what’s new with you! Let us know about your new job, promotion, or new additions to the family! Update Us! 10 | P a g e


Fall Quarter Newsletter 2013

About the UW Bothell MBA Programs: The UW Bothell MBA programs emphasize experiential learning through interactions with business leaders and entrepreneurs. Corporate executives share real-life insights, coach and mentor our students to advance in their careers. As a result of the interactions inside and outside class, students are able to view the world through the lens of a business leader, learn from the experiences of businesses and create a practical path to success. A decade ago, UW Bothell became the first school to offer an MBA program focused on technology management in the Puget Sound region. In 2009, we started offering a Leadership MBA program in Bellevue, at the Eastside Leadership Center, to meet the needs of professionals and businesses in the Bellevue-Redmond and adjoining areas.

The Leadership MBA

The Technology MBA

The UW Bothell Leadership MBA is a oneof-a-kind dynamic program that attracts a diverse student population eager to develop as leaders. The students are passionate about their goals and like to challenge one another to achieve ever greater heights.

The UW Bothell Technology MBA is a rigorous program attracting students who are passionate about technology. Many of these students are engineers and scientists. Others are nontechnical, but have a great enthusiasm for managing technology-driven corporations.

The Leadership MBA is built on these ideas:

The Technology MBA is built on these ideas:

1. Leadership is a central challenge in today’s corporation.

1. Technological innovation is at the heart of the modern economic structure.

2. Leadership matters in every functional area and every career stage.

2. Technologies are changing every aspect of the corporation- functions, products, processes, roles, strategies, and structures.

3. Leaders come from diverse backgrounds- young and old, men and women, all ethnicities and cultural heritages. 4. There is no one formula for leadership. What is important is that you develop and practice a clear, coherent and thoughtful leadership philosophy. 5. Communicating effectively across different cultures is vital. 6. Mentoring and being mentored are vital leadership elements.

3. Understanding the intersection of innovation and entrepreneurship/intrapreneurship is crucial. 4. Simply being a super-engineer is insufficient. What is needed is a holistic technology management perspective. 5. Engineers and scientists need to learn to work in cross-functional global teams. 6. Communication is central to a technology manager’s success.

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Let us know about upcoming events, learning opportunities, job postings, and more and we will post it in next quarter’s newsletter. Please contact Kathryn Chester or Melissa Brockett ( or; we will post the newsletter online quarterly.

If you know someone who would be a good candidate for the UW Bothell MBA Program:

Vicki Tolbert MBA Recruiting Specialist 425-352-3277 If you are a current applicant:

Kathryn Chester Graduate Admissions & Student Services Coordinator 425-352-3275 If you are a current student or alum:

Jana Hyde Manager, MBA Programs 425-352-3646

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