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the university of western Australia The University of Western Australia is WA’s oldest and most prestigious university. It ranks among the world’s top 100 universities and is the only West Australian university in the Group of Eight. UWA is renowned for attracting the State’s top school leavers and for producing outstanding graduates across 8 faculties, with over 25,00 students enrolled. In 2013, the University has been celebrating its centenary year and looking back on its proud history, while also looking to the future with its innovative New Courses 2012 designed to produce more well-rounded graduates and the exciting New Century campaign recently announced to cement UWA as a global leader in education and research. The University operates across several campuses, including the beautiful riverside Crawley campus just minutes from Perth city. Its students come from over 100 different countries.


FACULTY: Science faculty: 25% Business faculty: 18% Engineering, Computing & Maths faculty: 16% Arts, Humanities & Social sceinces fauclty: 15% Medicine, Dentistry & Health Science faculty: 12% Law faculty: 7% Architecture, Landscape & Vis Arts faculty: 4% Education faculty: 2% Other: 1% DEGREE TYPE: Undergrad: 78.5% Postgrad: 21.5% CITIZENSHIP: Domestic: 80.0% International: 20.0% GENDER: Female: 50.2% Male: 49.8% LOAD: Full-time: 60.5% Part-time: 39.5% AGE: Under 18: 10.7% 18 - 20: 27.0% 21 - 24: 29.3% 25 and over: 23.0%

UWA Student Guild 2014 Diary Ad Kit  
UWA Student Guild 2014 Diary Ad Kit