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Rental fee doubles at Fed Hall Break-even points for campus businesses may require hard knocks for smaller UW clubs

In order to keep Fed Hall's doors open, a little more moolah will be requiredfrom parties wishing to throw affairs there, regardless of their size or stature within the university. rhiIF(: had bimlmund n m tr, i m d st,,,x,2,I l,,,,<lb from r1,c ',,C,,V mdi, r l ~ e c l ~ ~clwrg~ h m ~ h i ~ u l d it.~ccrou x~r '>ternsof.i tccurnng n:iturc.'It~\my l~clrcftt~arrhcongm:m$juiuficauonf~,r nnich&ftir alt).Forri~mplc,:~"LI~,~s thl\ wx&n,gwer th;itprcdictal,lc, rc:iid Glrli mght" would mnke just os col-nngevcn~\ \hould h ~ a i l d i dto thi p ~ r t y a p ~ n n y f r i , m t hs~lc\<,f c food, nlcohhc .mdnon :dci,hi,hclxvcragcs a\Fcd~ilr,fioinrcnrmgtli~pl;acour. 1Ir,wevcr,thr hgi:cstdownsidcofthc mcrearc I\ that nut .ill UW organvaIxmnm h n c rhc IkC can no\\ fund tmns maybe ahlc to bc equally subslnnyrecurnngivcnt. thzcd. So, as long as the event has thr ~~~~tc~~m"lofoccumngrnoretllan once, See FED HALL, page 6 and there IS aw-aynfbrmgngm sub-

Re-elected MPP promises to serve K-W students m d o r cc~mnrunratewtthme somc how and p t Icr mc knou how they percewe u m v c r q hfc to be and how could l,r madc bctrcr fix ihcm." The people a h n harc influcnccd \Vmncr burl, personally and palm call~a~rc"c.i~ir~~~pcople,"rt~esn~cl. "'l'hn,oghoiir ~ n l Ihte, ' tllerc hnri bcun~xoplc \\lii,lr,ire<irmi,ns~ra~id I I W Trontidi~rcii n t r x aml hnvi in courngcd rnc 10 hr. hi51 that I r n

p o \ h l y hi.."

41ew.~\clccticlmm\lcc ufrhi \ T m A w R o d oil:ducnlm~. Shiwm ttusrcc fur 10 )cars and ch;urpcr?on r,C thc \chrmI hmrd fixthe. Smci l1crtir~rrcrmasR11'1'm 1990. \YTfltnerha\ worhcd tow;rrd\ m.rhng the Unwersitg oiWr;uerl<x, a hcttcr scli~x,l,hclprng to secure operating funds.: wcU:~smuneyfornew hulkmg\ o n c m p u \ auch as thc Ccnrrc for I ~ n v ~ r ~ , n m e nand t a l Informatmo

\Titmcreupl,unc~lth:itbi.c.w.ri.ut the rnnficlincc t n m ortrcr propi? xs \\,ell as a destre t o h ~ l pothrt\, 4hc crrntidly came I,, the dcc~uimto W mrrersaiil she llasI~eenx~~<,rbit~g m r i r prhuts. Stlc SAKI she r c a l ~ ~ i d wlth h h rhc onn crslr) arlmlnlstra people h s v ~ bccniookmg tor change imn and Fcd5 ru cnsurc rlrc needs of for a v h k , w-hich cxplams whl the the srhoolwcrcmct andfudlng was Toncslmt thartnalc,nn.g<,vc1nmcnt made avahl,le for varmw p r o p r s Ucsp~tcthts,\Tilmcr~ c x ~ ~ t toget cd a r d resewrh. back to Qucen's Park mnd w o d w r h Onc thng W~tmertrtesto rmpha hcr fillou~ToryMPPs o n rel,u~lding s l m LO studcnts a she 1s rewlg and the parr). w~llmg~o commumcatcwith students aboui Issue, Impornrnt to them. See WITMER. page 6 "1 wish mnrc [smdcnts] would e-

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FRIDAY,O(:TOUTR 111,21103

K-W welcomes wireless communication Durshan Ganthan

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\ \ , k ,I,< ccrc,,,,,,,,.i <,,,l,,,L! ,211 ,,,L,~,?II ,vl,crc R , , \ < , ~ l \ " \Y,,ll t l w I tI t I I , . h h n t < , wt h~ i ~ r i i n ~ hi~rhath<mv c~ ! I l l I - r t l o n i ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ l ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ l l , ~ ~ ~ 11s o dlirbt ~ ~l<>r,n d ~ m utr&\\ o lhc lecls lI>.tI ~ ! u c I c nwho ~ ~ hvc I I K m t c ~ ~ 13,w ~ t ~~ l ~ . ~~ ~~ ~~ m.,~ ~ ~\id1 g l~i d ~ N ~lxwIic~,tl ~ l ~ 10, ~ IUV ~ ~ ~ ~ l diil, I.ii~lo.illtclillil _---_ FIIWC~ c c ~ I I L I ~ ~ L ~ , ~ ~ ,,I ttw 1<,p< A 13,,f .,\,I~L<I 1st' I S A "Instead of your T I , ~ ~ C V , , ~ C ~ , , ~ ~ \\ L\T,I JI>TL'I ~ ~ l 1 . d ISp telling you "lAM"R'"1 IOU CLLI!O~CI.C s p ~ c d o l1lhlly>\ T W T I I , XI '1111115111 where to work, I W I ~L I ~ I K ~ T ~




























Several dignitaries from Cambridge, Kitchener and Waterloo commemorate FibreTech's newest venture with a ceremonial cutting of wire. (What were you expecting, a ribbon?). m d ISThale bern~null~sfortl~cpastfce would hc $20, w ~ t ha n addioonal cuuplcofmonrlrs,anddtt~ereisioter- fee for exuausag. D;ul~rareswoold fcrence, they will vmrk togcthcr to be around $4. SOIVC It Currcnrl> rherc 15 no authennca Although m e planshave yet tobe uon, allmungusera to ~r?;thc armice fortrceuntlltheendofthcyear.I<un~ fmhzed, Kurtz hay\ t.'~bleTcchwll said therc wdl hc nu restnchons o n have monthly ratcb a\ well as d:uly rates. Ire estimate5 that thc montldy whatuscrscanaccess,:Illr~u~mgthem

to uir pecr-tr,-peer cl~enrssuch a\ Kwaa; hou-ever, all uscrs muit agrcc to I~~brcTcrh's acccptahlc use p o l ~ v , whch cxprcsslyforl$da the transmis~~orlofcopyngh~cdm.~teoalu,~~l~ou thc conscnt of thccopynght oowncr.

Liberals to freeze tuition youngpeople, inourfuturecconom~c educate their !ads." pmspenty, and in our sucngth as a The Canadian I'ederaaon has redvicaociety."heamculated.Jr~hnst~,n ce~vcdreports thatstudcnts wcre be~ a l t ' o nMcGmnty's Ontario 1.1heral mentioned that MIT has a student- mg dcmed the nghr to vote. They allege poll clerks told 5tudcnts that party has ended the Progressive Con- facultyrauoof4:l andoperahngsupthey must votc where t h e r parents senatives'eight years of Tory rule in port$IOO,OOO.UW,inconmast,hasa the province with a majonty govern- student-faculty of 2S1 and only lived. Reports have been filed form North Bay, Ottawa, Thunder Bay, ment. 'We will invest in those thing $11,000 in operating support. Hamilton and Toronto. "We heard that one smdent was told. Too bad. "We heard that you should've been proxied,"' said commentedonimpn~vementstothe Duff. He bellwe\ thcse ohstades are education and health systems. ncM ~ government G ~has ~ One ~ student ~ ~ Was ~Iam,ng,andsaidrhatmanyofthcsc promtred toproducc 50,000newunitold, bad, mdentwcxtir~tt"evo~~.G~~ that thcrc was a low voter turn out versqand collcgeplacesm anattempt tocrectNorthAmcnca'sfmestlab~,ur YOU should've among youth, he was dlsappornted Kimberly Mackhan




nt lemt two y e a n as wrll as reduce romunf~esbg.50percrnt for16,000uf On~ano'snrc&cst \~udcnts. L1 of T pl-cvdcnt Roll B~rgenem wclcumcs t l r ~ i r l ~ . i n ~ e n n d c o ~ n m m r a . "'l'bc clccu, ,ri of h c ncw L~bcrdguvcrnminl mOnt~moi,fteir<,ur~1n1icrsnles an oppotlumty fix ncw dlrec nons. I . ~ mcontident thar zncoming p x m m Uslton hlc(;u~otj under\tan& rl~crh.~llcngcif~aogOnt.m~~'s umwr\it~ct.mdIb d x ~ . c t h d t ~ v ~ i l ~ a r c rhc prxmw uf.inhu\ranJ . a c c ~ b l e p m ~i~cimd;ir)\\\rim." IJ\Y'~~rcxdcntUnv~dJ~,l~nsn,nrern'~ric<lrhal the qu,~Irtyo f Omnno's rr;icli~tiga~~rl rescach nerds to bc m ~ m n m l ,rrla~frt.10 i l hcst ~ Nimh iAt~rmc;ii~~n\t~ruta,ns. "I Irhe, c thrt


Ontario the CFS

No& Ray] wcrcrhreatcncdwth fmcs ;mdjad tt~neshould11 Ircrerealrdthar t1,wh:wi a&ff~rc.nradrltcs.onihc$r dnvir's l~rcnciand j i r o u p of a x or s e w n lcit niihout iollng,'' lit. bard Duft ~ O W C I C I m n m n m s that 11' ail1 cnci,ur.,gr rtudcnts to worl, coopcra mrily wllh tlic 0nt.nm R,vrnmcnt "IO d e \ - ~ l o p ~ ~ o m ~ ~ d ~tom ~ i ~ ~ e t l ~ ~umon ~ r c fcet. and nddrii. thc \tndern dcbr r ~ w s . " 'l'hr I'iilcranon I S callmg l o r a full mvisog,rtml mrorht~lirgnurm\Ihal itc~drixsm.q. tui r I~rend~\cr,uragrd from rimng. Thri ,ire contlnumg lo o ~ o r w n r tm l ~u~. ~ t ~ m m , ~d r c c ~ m d mnqlc~lacl~ui~.

o In last issue's article "Afirst-rate way of finding your flat," the name of's creator was misspelled. The creator of the Web site is Steven Ficko.

Mayor of New San Salvador brings his gratitude to UW

K~mberly Mackhan -


Christme Baker

EDITOR-IN-GiF A pvopw,~Ifin ;i p m n e r i l q ~w t h N W S,M brlv.iiioi, F.1 Sal\ador, mas prr\tntcd a , thc U'alil-loo (:i,unrll o n C)cn,hcrX. Vlsmtlg NLW hn Snl\ad<,rmayx, 0si.u Sxmucl (~Iruzand lhls n t h , c o m m u n i t ~c,,

~~r~l~~~,~tor~~tNc~vh~~~~S,~l~,~~l~~t,Eld~'~~~l~,~~,~~~U yxndo~~cwirccb~n( nnrd.iric.tungal,,~rmer\hp with thc \X alrrloo rcgaxl. 'I'hr p q x n ~ of hl\ \ ~ s na.i\ to th;lnk thc Reg~~,ni,f\Vatcl-loo forit\ riippon fi,ll,,anqghc 2001 car~hcluakismEl halxadoj m d tol-equest llh, the Rcg1m <,f\,%,crl,,,, u1,-,tc ,hc rc<lcr',p . ~ h u canmfor \ ixw ~ ~ f ( , . m . t d i ~ n M i ~ n ~ c ~t<,hf,id In.ilKm s c w i , n , , < I it', mlirnxll,,nal rrliltuclpal 50 thot I ~ C ~ I V COULICII T ~ d c i c L , p m ~ nprog~,un ~ ~ . m ~r:tlnxcrhc po\ilIxllli ot crt.ihl~\h~ng a partnirslup aithNrw, San b.dv.dor I h t z F I \ I I E < ~X ~ t hI n~~ . ~ y ,ot r\ IUIC~C~CT :m<l\Y'atcrkmi:~~licrIn tlir wicli:ind prcwrrtrd , t p r u p o d t ~ ~ r a [ ~ m f ~ cttw t ~K lc p~ m~ of ~ ~ w ~ ~ l ~

At a reception in the SLC onTuesday, October 7. New San Salvador mayor Osca~ Ortiz met with and answered questions from students and WPlRG members.

wlvrh is,iWPIR(; c~,mm~trc~,h;i\~cver;~l ,,rl~cr p,;lts. "Anothcr thmg that wc;m w ~ x l ~ i n g oISnm internalup program," sad G l h y SISAL, c o ordinatoroithe New San Saivadorprojcct."Wc arc twmgtoget a fcw studcnrs from this area to h godown to Nru, SanS.d\ a d w n, \ i d < s ~ t lhc c,,m<nim~rv,m .tvnncr! otprolc~tirh.~rthcyhsre alrendy st;u ted tu wrxkim " Tlus prqcct 15 ;umcd at upprr y'ar studenis m ;m\ ticld of rtudy who arc mtcrcstrd ~n corn-


University ofWestern Ontario P m i John

I'.~lmcr, fcalured ~n 11ngcr Elcren'\ musxc ~~dc~~"OneTh~ng"a~.m~~rche~tr~ronducn I r a ~ l ~ n g a n ~ m . i p m ~ ~ , r c l ~ e s bccr~mmga tr.i,is pop I C O x~ ~ t hstudcnts

wtth m ulir.~v~~,lctl~gl~t-l~lochngrc\in could helnrcduccd~mdau~,nofcoiourandmr;~mtn C by as much as half rta amount


Psst... cheating is wrong, pass it on


Julie Diener


DaltonRk(;wni! wII hcsworn ln ;'s 24thpremieronOct. 23.ThcL1bcral\wm72 sc:rtsm tl~eprov~ncialclccuona,reduangthe Torwa to 24and thcNUP to just seven seats ( o x shy ofoffiad pan) status).

AnOntnr~oCoiirtofAppcalmLt~grelnstated the law agamst cvcryonc posxsalng ?mall xnwmts o f c u u ~ a h for ~ \ ricrc~uonat,a~lvle encouraging ''med~cxlmanluma users" to saielyget a good supply of the drug. theCDN Accocd~ngto the C710iiiaiiiiA~f~~il,w~tlr <iollarbrrakingtt~rough rhc lIS7Sccntmarli ycstcrday~~~anugl~t~enrl~~gh,~ncr~asingthr chancer thxt ttrr R m k u f ( I ~ n a d w i d cut Interest ldtCS.

International t h e t r a s s ~ ~ n scat. id Derccor~grithirrl~e;it~ngnrtcinpt~,~ncI~rdii~g rh,~,c<,i~a\iignmenis,~,n rhcp.irtr,fondcrqm~ls hccn v c q \uccc+tul. In a m thc pa\t hna ,XISO ripe" k,rthr20011-2001 \thi,r,lrierthiITn~\erWT (',,mmttrr ~m Str~dinrrlppinl\ irposcd 1 4 3 imlnnrcs of chi.iong It 1s apparrni l h t chmlfng seId,mr g o o onnourid, n,w iinpuilt\hecI Rut rlicx 15 . m m h ~ p<,lenti;tl r t b t m of frar~d.~trchool that s t u d r n t s ~ n a v ~ a , t h ~ r i ~ n \ ~ ~ l cr~ngassuct~andr1i;irtcachcr~r~~ul~lbe ta>hrigtr~ rc'hzc. ~hileeuccss~~cc~~il;ib~~r~u~~~~~~~~I~mpcrson~~tlon dunng c~:un\appear most freqrrmtly ~n rnatt~cm~uc\ ;ind mences, c h e a i q MI a\ugn mcntr cancrxneupln almostany sublicl. And

gettmg abused. I'llaginnsrn can take on a ncw form wlth thc usc of such sewices. Kcccntly there have becn advcniscments p~~sredinImpnn/foro&ccssayseru~ces.These clam to help e&t yourcssay sndprov~dean"mdepth evalution ofits content, structure, tone,

Clunrsc mc&i cl;utn a mid October launcll d;m I., rmirgmg a\ the most hkdy rldtr for (:hma to I h \ l flc iirst astmnaut into space.

whin Ihei 1 l h l d i tile! ran act .m.q wlrh lt. On, of honest\ srtnrmcdir oorucclv: '"l'h< odxor:~~e


I'chcc In bpwn and Francc habc arrcstcd 31 p e o p l c s u s p ~ c t c d ~ ~tof uthi c ~anncdUaque \'p"'aU\t g m u p

are a threaf HlV/AIUS among ad<~lcsccnts to dcvdoomcnt and must be addressed as part of thc war onpoverty

Waterloo Roots on display at CECS

Last Friday the CECS building received a pleasant new addition t o its decor as a sculpture designed by a UW student was unveiled in its lobby. The artist, 38 Architecture student Jonathan Wong, calls his creation Waterloo Roots; it is composed of three intertwined branches, which are meantto representthecontinual relationship between co-op students, businesses and UW. Thus, it finds a perfect home in the co-op building, where it rests after Wong won a competition thatasked its participantstodesign a pieceof art forthe building.

Kimberly Mackhan IMPRFSTAFF L,,,\L,,<C ,,,mlcr<t,,<i,, ll.,dl~,~l,,#!~~,l .rtcicic-up 10 dpct c i n - t < r r h i Are \ O L w m ~ a,l h ~ r,qxll\ t r ~ n g str<mdconsvwtwi i e , ~ .()ucl,cc, In turcion tceii\ w ' t c rlglrr, chi ;iriraqc cimll-nst, h.ii t n m n twu<,n Ircs fut C a n d u n undirgr;rdii.~tctuillon f i c ll~tsucci~s~rr!carnt$I,675,Tla\hcn~ has nscll h m Q.i,74U 1,) $4,025 tnl- cfit 15 onl) av.iilahle to Qucbcr restXI01 04 G~vi~ithiiin~~~c~.~l(.u~d~~tt~~t~) drnts. StatKan has smci cimtirnmcd h e i ~ e f i t s o f p ~ ~ \ ~ - i e c o n d ; i ~ r ~ Ithat ~ ~ ccduca~mn ~ ~ u ~ ~ na , fdhng I,cshould srudents not he evprcrcd 10 yond tl~ereacl~ofaverageL;maJinns. pay hghcr fees? Iiigher tumon fees IJn~versitx\argue tharh~ghherfees alsomean hgl~clicrstudcntdcbt,wll~ch a r e n e c e s s q ~ o f i m dthc demand h ~ r tends to dctcr aludents from t a h g new slyaces end cnhure q u d q m the teruary cducatmnmntoconsidcmuon. facc~isl~onfd~mgovemrncntfundOnly 55 per cent of students whose ~ n Commencinglasr g spnng, turnon families cam an mcomc of less thm feesfi,rCNvundcrgaduatesm~e~tIar $55,000 attend unwersity w h k sruprogmswcrewell undcrwayat$2,097 dentswhosc famil~esc:m$80,000pcr per tcrm. This did not include stuyearormc,rehaveap;uncipatlonratcof dents in cngmccnng, archmcture or 80pcrcent. <,ptomcq,whereonc-termfces cbcaMany Onearm f a n h e \ cannot late co $1,491,82,276 and 54,349 remanage to p q For a p m t - s e c o n d q spccuxlr Onthiother hand,fces for cclucanon hecausc~,ffri~entR,rcm- mtcmnttonalstudentscanrangeffru~n mrnr under-fundinq and skymclict- $8,100 to$8,860a tennand In exccai

Fed Hall: fee and funding issues Continued from page 3

1 Witmer: wins Continued from page 3

Meteorological status unknown

Waterloo -for the squirrels A Toronto's eye view of the 'loo James McMartin - - COMMUNITY EDITORIAL

HI, I'm




from, duwn

r r m n T t r o n r m I ' m 51111g c r t m g x I p \ ~ e dr u l ~ i ~n c \V,mrlm,, : m d ~ t ' \ b c r n t,,ugl~ N,,t that Idon't l~le B o u r c t d e t t s or y u ~ r r e l sOh, . Tlove rhcm Sq~unil\nregri;ii Tor tc\idcncc, smne c o i n p u l e r ~ > I a c ~me c l irr the C,,luml,~n I .,kc l ' c ~ ~ - n l ~ ~l ~~ ~~c~h w ~~ s -, :~~,s , ~ ~ f c ~ , t ~ r ~ c , m y l a x c h r n r e I).imn compotcr. r\s .r trc\Rrn.m, l'm q q x , i c < l to

I went t o Phils' and

qnln l S p o ~ ~ r ~ ~ l ~ , j l ~ ~ t1 0I ' ~ c I ~ ~ t l ~ h e the Rev. Listen, I'm .drc,d\ due t o thc l o n g rrcLt<,<-,,n~~ from Toronto. I'm p,,,. Olh, l ~ c t c ' \ z \ t < > r , ~,ncl~,rc,,lgl,l not going t o any I w c u t I , m c , ,.I\, <,,l,l', , , , I thc t l w , . I > , > \ < \ I,, ,I,< h ~ l l l ,s1,,,\5-cr place called Philthy iunnlnp- m \ l ~ ~ u ~' A I L~u pn ~ ~ t t ~ ~ McNastys, Nasty !ii r,>xn,~l~\n?,1 open OIV &,o'i ,1nd ~ I I ~ ,g,,l T,,I '~ I,,, S LO<),,, \,,d McPhilthys, or <IIc'\,cur< i <b,,l 51,' \I,,,, ,tt thc Ronald's \ < , I , stmtt ,111 ~ ~ r n p u.tml t ~ 11,~rc r ,,V'C ,I,< ] p l m O h , ,I,e , , , I t , , I?c McNuggets t i ) < R c \ n c t i c p am1 \Ill tin.illtcoiim l C 3 n l r " ,,u tl,' 1mc,,,cr ,,lAl,,, \ < > \ b ~ I l!,mmn 1,w h ~ I > < >tl>'tt'\ <,l c o m p u w r \ c $ i n c r Shr i m l r i l ' 1111" HI "\Y'list'\ up*" "I 11, nc,t I,><> ,,I,, cl, " I l,ml><<l ,,<>,,,,,I \ \ I .I,< \v.,\ lllpl , . ,:ma\ \I,, I .L', > w e 5'11,e S~,C'\ 111 IWT p ~ , t , v . ~.,I$ hrr i r m p u r c r , i n hi~ , M ~ , I , , !>?, IlW,' I I,,I\c , u \ t \ \ . , l l \ ~ ~,,,to l rl,' \XT<,,,~\ l h < > l , \ ~ . \-i'l,,~t, c\pla,n<.,l t l , ~ I,<,\?s, ~ l > ~ ~ \ v ~ , , ~ l c . ' r l > , ~l q~ml <k ><,~I r< , < l < > t 11,cm IEt<,8< tl,' ,,2I~<d g r l < > t l x \In,ncr AMI I \ \ a l L u I ,>UI ~ O pI ~ : i ; ~ d A, IIIC rrcL1, w l ~ o ' < l ,,,>!,I<,, !,, ,t,c IILW t,',,.,\\,,,< l~<?~l,l><>~,rt~<~<>~l I UCIlt lh',<l\ 41,e ,n<,t <I,,\ ',,,<I ~ ~ ~ < ~ I , , ~ I 1, L0 <tlcr.l>,,l I I l l < <lor, l,l,t c < > L < I < >IIIOK u h a , i,x I , i i l i c ~.ti l~,l<l, IL,k,\ 1,m , , I <:,I L.X,,'l l i d ,I,L. <,I 1 !,>',><I<,,>t l , ~1, ,,,I. I,UTI,,% lX<,,'I,,,,~l~,,~,< ,r<,,,c< IC<,!I l U < ) I \\LC,, I><X!, ~ALUI,, '>ml r L , ~ !





Japanese food at the best prices in town!

Yummyaki Japanese Restaurant

C is for cookie, that's good enough for me


it's worth the 10 minute drive!


show student



EATlN ORTAKEOUT HOURS: Monday to Saturday 11:OO a.m. to 8:30 p.m. 55 NorthfieldDr~ve,E.,Waterloo (Davenport&Northfield,besideTimHortons)


not valid with other prornatlons - expires Od.31103


That big gay dog T R E A T Y 6 u R S E l - F 7 6 SAVLNGS AND ? E L E C ~ ~ I V in L a m b r d g e at-52 M a i n S t r e e t , 620-9719 In Kitchener at-1348 Weber S t r e e t E 894-0628


to~ndul~ml~zal~-gec:en~l;ilit~~riul,~t~r~n wnh malt\ and female\ alikc H o m o s e r u a l ~ t y I S commotr

amongstostnclri\ a5 wcll. T w o p i l ~ ccnt ~ , l m a l c o s m c h e ~ ~ female\ g~~~cc and mstead omrt othcr rnnlesw~th.r l~velydancr.~\sofyet,tn:ilcosmches havc not heen \icn to actually h a w A g m d fncnd ~ ,mmc f uwd to homf sex, u n l ~ hmalr ~ fl,~mtngcpar\who to me, tfme a i d agam, that hcr dog m : ~hutld , nert\andsometfmc\rc.rr wa\m~rcrnl~omo~exuili. Oh,howwr fnsicrclucks. used I<, laugh at tire deal 'l'hat po,,r T n h 441 sipeae5 of amn~als41siluff>-whlt~ dog was the butt of our ~layingprrfcrcncesforthe \am< sex, pkcs for many ycnrs, be was always onr wonder, why homosexual~ty spo~lc\d)clean. usually had a h~tchv among animals 15 rarcly taken sen temperamcnt;ud often could bcspol,,ralv VC"ll,oftcn ur~ldl~ii i,bacr\crs tctl "frol~ciung"w~th othermalcpops. mrstakewhairhcy ar(~seemg1fm.ilcs E>cn lhs namc war ~ r ) Bear. : andfemale~l~x,k:hkr,researchrrrns. I s ~ttorn', out, w c may nni h a w sume that when thcy Are reemg :zmbccn tarofifn<,uraccusntlonsofUcar. m'ila mat~ng,ihry ;rescemg a mak Sc~cnusrsthe world ovcr have I,een 2nd s fcmalc. studymglhc thcory ofgyammals for Such was the case when z,m pen&cadi\ From pengum to ch~mps, g ~ m Ikma s m d llric x c r c , h e w e d ix,tncl~cs to,lolphm~,sc~enreconiims 10 bc nmmg o n a fiequent Iv.\l\. tlldl 110m0\c~lidllti1 ~ 1 1 slampant ln ,\ssumlq thar the) weri not uniikc ~~~st,xllout allofthcammnl I~xogdr,ms. thcorherprnp~rn\,u~~iig~r~ethr \hock In tact, accorihng to rcscarch,sp~ + ~ . l i c''hnc" i~ endcdup lay~nganc& pcox~m.~tcl!450 spiclc\ have been Pcrheps armtlw rc;i\rxr rim c c l ~ found ~ i , ~ x ~ ~ \ c s ~ q ~ r e forttw f r r c n c c c i r e I ~ A S< , f ~ c n ~ p w r ihc e r l phcn<uns,rnncseusndiucnprrterto torm hfic ~ ~ ooi t lg,ir omm:ds IS srrnpli th:n .I 1<,ng~clatl,,n\h,p\. J,l\t Ih>"l, a1 ,hc numbcri,fl the ri\~:irrhcrswlx,\iud) l x , ~ t l i n iil<,Ipivn. ~ ihl\ q x c m 01 tllcmarc h . d \ m o r ~ i l ~ . ~ n b ~ In :~,ts. d,,lplhn doc\ m,r f i m m rnd-finlalr Fact, o n e unu\uiilv c;lnhd b m h g ~ s t i,,uplii, boi r.irhcr male, t r n m I l k wcsticd s l l h i h c ~ r , h , x ~ ,~h:iirhr n Ion: p r \ WIIIuthci mnIc\. Some I,igh,ml ram\ h i 1i.dbren \tuil~ing 1 ' l l l l l Ihoplli w i r i m hct zngxglnx 111 c+ss S C \ . '1'0


" SWAP anangeswork visas and offers onentation. aceammadatlon.and support sewlces overseas .Available ior many muntrics mriudln UK, lieland,Aucral~a, and moi M a n y progmmmesare also

available lo "on-students m

and summer programmes availnble Y e a round

o In the October 3 issue

of lmprint, the guest comic was incorrectly attributed to only Matthew Campbell. The comic should also have been attributed to Sean Murray.

Love: bringing sex to new heights

Cruelly, madly, cheaply Mq mgry pursuit to figure out Fed Hall's marketing budget


M o r e Finkelstein

Shape up, Imprint To

/ti,' ?,/,lot,

I n h l a a r kl-l(h.mb's

lettcr Ids1 \veil,

rhlng\ urorig, bur thr learllon 0 1 Ihc iew w-hi, \ t r d u p .ud nr.& theili~,,~cesIrcanl\r~;~\\r,mctl~~~~g\-i.~n~hr. A t < i u i r c l m , l there u r r c w, m i p r suppreasinl: l h i J i \ v ~ \ orpiuz.muns h Inlk ~ 1 x ihcrc 1 wmc no hchnd-tlrrscc~rcrl~reats.l'herr\icr~\~rnpl~ ;ifin \ludcnt\ who s . w~ n c t h \ n g w v m g 2nd refused t o d c f ~ t .I aln l i r ~ ~ ~ c l t h : ~ t t h c ttrmu m t h thal day dl ring\ A l l 1 fiarl\ d c n ~ cS. ~ l a , mm<l 4ialom

tnc ~nrlielr ndmng. 11 fir& days I:~rer, w h i l r ~ t r u ~ l ~ n g t I ~ rthc o ucrr,wd;ir &

rld,~'dav,lw;aapipproaclir~lI~y(:l~ri~ Pde) o f t h e FEDS IIc m h n n r d m e rh,it all I hnd 10 d c was c<mplcrz a f~~rmngl~ttl~enand~l~ere,andI\x~~,u he x&lcd to thc voters' I~st.1 wx\ corrfi~seii.Don't I havc to r v m in m y hotncnnm? Nopc. A r longs, Il~ri hcrr ~n Vi'xterloo, 1 cr,uld v , m Ilrrr. boondcd hke a good ~ d r a1 lcft c<,nl c n t m thc kr~owlrrlgethafIwi,uldbc ablc to vorc hassle Free on Elccurm Day ()nOctobcr2, IprrsenteilmyIl)

attl~ep~,ll~ngb~,c,th;u~dl~~.rsrclected. I mas n o t on the list. S o , 1had to t u n b a d t o m y suilc t o p n n t mv a d d x s s

Fishing lessons

I don't knmx- aalmu~anvonc clsc our there r e a h g tlm, llut I'm s ~ c kand t~rcdofxllil~eop~ni~,na~id;i~\l~~,lc\m n c w s p p w s t i \ ~ ~tro~tell g me h o w to BK m y h f i Thspastwcek, I read two articlesm iqb,nn/lhal rinllyhrnhcrrd l mc. Hoth ucrc s o c l ~rommenlani\ ~,nLxicd:mdl~~~n~clcssncss;tlrr~lomntn,diicn In thctir\r.atale, therradcr i\dlrccdya~oichiil;\ii arc~nll~dgrcril! xnd c,~xvardl~-, m d ~5 ~t that m ~ r m t

V o t i n g day.,.or m o n t h ?


/AScreri~eand Huimrr

A l l l e t t e r s m u s t include a p h o n e n u m b e r f o r verification, a n d s h o u l d n o t exceed 300 w o r d s Letters s h o u l d m c l u d e t h e author's name, year, a n d program, o r faculty p o s l t l o n w h e r e appltcable A l l m a t e n a l is subject t o edlting f o r brewty and clarity T h e optntons expressed are s t r i c t l y t h o s e o f t h e authors, n o t t h e oplnlons o f lmprrnt

Little Caesars" APRIL AND MAY






Thanksgiving essentials Kourtney Short IMPRINTSTAFF

Sack the Macs Computer troubles at UW Sarah Lau C ~ M U N ~ T Y ~ R ~ A L

\r,mi~htngrh.trilre~u crcmorr i,,rlr~l~ n wth, r .ml nor A hlac 'I',,t h m u r p v q hfnrr v,zrr \im& to rhiir p l n l ~ T h c v ' r c & w , ~~mdmhk-, thm'5 r m ,md I I ~ Wn a b no a i t e ~ t ~ ~ t nBung -c. \*.,I.;m,r brldt-in dfrl, dllvc atxi nubi,cl) c ~ r n untamdnrwtha ne\b s ) i t ~ m u\c\ h c m,rr," tl~c~lrn.r!~l cimrern, I x m c r c l - rlic) ;i\ \ ; t i \ n frusa;llc,l CS 100 ilu<lmt. sumcilrh;il s i n r c r L l . ~ c \ n r t ~ ~ ' t ~ ~ i i ~ ~ I \ r i l ~ T ~ \'emid P ri, be Ilirri..ictmn of pn,mjnmr .AS. \.n.o PC, nl tml;i!'s ht ~ ~ c l ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ l ~ ~ ~ r ~ ~ , ~ tlx rnymt! <,i~ l u d r m ,w l ~ wcri , 'he 10:10 .i.m lal~s c i \ i i m c,wr\c v.~wId help httl~< H xmme l ~ i r t t ~ r ~ : ~ ~ gmrerrs ~ l ~ e Sowln ~rf~~t~,~~ I,iit W c h d i ! rni,nrqg dvl,cn thi cla\\~,F.ippn~s~~~~~itrli iOli,undrI~im ~ l ~ ~ t l ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ l ~ c s 5c~,c-q ~ , , , A I I , ,C,I~I L , ~ I I , L , , ~ ~,VMC I~~ ,,XI,~ , I < - s I; I,'IX.C tc~c't. ,,,,,t,ng for tt,<,x.,llra<~t,,'-l<,<,l\!,,~ I I L , ~ ~'~?\vI,KI, ~ ~ ~ [' s,I IJII ~ ~ ' ~ ~ ~ ~ - r ~ d ~ ~~~ ~ ~l t ~~ i, l ~x l ~e ~~A Il ,~i ~t hu ~l .~t In c ~td r~1,~) - wt-!t< .md t h t r u



Warm pumpkin pie.


I'm, \,', I, t11c c<,m~,,,r'r~,I < > T st,,v ,l~llt,\\I,o\VT.CIC lucl\!-cnor~ghta, < \ e n I,,< om,,


Pumpkin pie

,tlrll .,ccc,unrs.


y > r , , c , K ~ I,<,,,,>L d Will 1Iwn ,AI.,c,. 'StK, l,'d I < > 'Ic',~ WIIII ~ r c c z cu p , rnlhcli r ~ m l l i dxi, it consensus at rfst,,lt<,t1 1 ,cc>,l, ~~

I plccrus! 2 cups pnniphn p u r e 1 1 / 2 LUPI ~ I I 07I s i ~ ynd1,

2 C!%\

Mashed sweet potatoes

1/2 t s p silt 1 / 4 cup bnnvn sugar 2 T l x p p u m p k ~p ~~ ~\plcr., c or a mlrlurr ofc~ml;iiiion.rloies, nuimcg N L ~g q e r P d ~ a t r <>\en h ~ t,,42Yb. ( < m bmr .ill thi~ngredlcnt\(cxrcpt t h e p c n ~ ~ ~ ) ~ r ~ ~ l ~ ~l ~ h k, tor t~ ~ r ~ ~ ~ ~ o ~ l ~ ~ c r ~ ~ s t IS n u n u \ e ~ IIWI , I ~ W L the w c u ~ c m p e r , n tn,, ~350 r a n d h.dw f<,r;in ~ , l c l t t ~ < > ~ ~ , ~ l ,\ l ~t< ~ > ~~f i ~~. ~ r h ~ ~ ~ c l ~ ~ c ~ ~ e r t ~ ~ l IT, thr t ~ l l ~ n g s t ~ ~ ~ r ~ ldu~mi~~ui clian \Ilou rhclxc 1 0 rmA ,md w i i c W,,h iitllppdcrmll

''THIS ONE CS JUST PW#FRILLIANT!" - Roger Eliert, Chicago Sun-Times

cinematic boundaries!",



P e k r irararr.





p(~ r ~ r ~ ~ vOet 10-23 TWO WEEKS

Larry Smith give a lecture entitled "Impressing Employers - How to Find their Hot Buttons."

Waterloo Kinsmen present


Larrv Smith: allocator of talent J

Kevin Kane


at Seagram Haus October 17 & 18 WLU Stadium in the auditorium

For tickets call:

GRADUATE PROGRAM ON LEASING OR FINANCIN( Get the car you want before you graduate! NO $$ DOWN WHEN YOU BUY



$229. per month

I h,w to Fmd thc~r1IOL Button\." After this event and numerous obscmanccs ofSmith's pcrfrxtnuncc\,it furthcr occurred to tni that hr and U&narcallocaturslnlund:~fliuffctt 15 the "~@~Ialallocator,"then Smith 1s the ' ' L d m t allocator." Just as Buffct labours to cnsurc

You may vcry wcll havc heard thc name I.ary Smxh, burpwhaprxonly conluresvaguereferences tounparallcled enthusiasm or to someone who lust 'cannot kccp h s mouth shut, dcpend~ngo n your persprcuve. Yet there's a srnking analugy behueen Smnh and thc man who > \poss~bly the world's most mfluentd ChO, Smith allocates huWarren 13uffett. k t ' s *?art ~ i t Uuffctt. h You m;q man capital, our vcyvcllh;lvc hcard t h c n a m ~ Warr~n knowledge, skills, Buffell, lmt perhaps i t only ronlurcs i. ~ u i r c f i t et~ ~ ~p ~ ~ ~s r ~ i n d u , c i i l t ideas, I~. innovation, At t h hilm ~ r,fronglr,miratc Hrrli"animal spirits," by shvcHadi.~w.iv,lich;~s ;apcr\ori;rl~m v o r i h n n m n d 640hillmn IJS,rnaliing presenting strategies Il~mtl,eu.orld's secmd rnostwcalrh~ and inspiring stories md~vidwl. Uutictt qamcd 1115 rcputnzmn aml of human accomr,,nuneasoneofl~~slory'smr,stspecplishment through t,iculnr wrcstms. HE unparallclcd ;ihhty t~,ii~vc\tmi,ncjmt~,pt~,tilahlr the vehicle of eco~ c n t u r cto \ achieve c x i r n o n l ~ n a ~ r e tii~nshas m;& Irm wdel) regarded nomics. nsoncofrtlc bcsranal) srs ufbris~ncss rnd p c r h q s 11%gtc.rrcst .iU<,c.itor of nlonc). hlorro\cr, ti~sIctri.rsr~,sh;n~holdu \ r r i cilhum to b i a suprcmrly lucd and ur~1tyrnnter,m~th a g f t fnrusmg tmmcl) anrcdorcs tu makc co~nplci I,o\inr\s nml linancd lssuca rcndil) g~fip~ldc,r\~ci~rntcrr\tmng, to normal txoplc. R o m avrwvr,imgage,Hufief I \eerneC ~le\t~nril tonswmr tlirroleof "rqmtl .,Ill ,cmx ." ~Ilth~,ugh it I\ 5% r:dl rrdcr ti, :i\k : i n j o n c wr.1II~o~1l lhi la\! namc <;ale\ lo inotch Bufteit In pin\-rr orw*.ealth, but Sm~thrn,~trhrsHuifettin smccrit).rlumiand\b~t.hlureoicr,o~rScptcnibcr 21, Snuth p r w ~ d c d:i p a t irctllrc fix thc IJmr~crsiqof LY'atrc loo'\ Businc\s and Investmem Club enutled, "Impressfng T h p l o ~ r r s-

tal,~~urlin~~~~~l.icdgc,rl.~llr,idca\,iii vation, ''aolmal spmrs," by present-

vcluclcofcconomc Indomngm,he provicles the motivat~onand d m c tion to help ensure that our talent e not wasted o n u ~ m s p x e dvcnturcs ihatpmdocelow retuins,hoth forthe economy andourownpersonalsatlsfacum At tl~e~lawnofouiarnvalatE'aater loo, I bebevewcall haveanoblcvlsmn cxphc~tor~ml~hc~r-~~f~~~~r ual m d fumrc. But planmng for that futiire%ndrr?lf?fngthaI polrnlfnl fs a rh.ilicngmg cntcrpmc. I hrlrcvr that 5t~i~ll~'srcpulnl~~~npriccdi~ hltnpred r d y hcc.iiisc h r c l , ~ r \ c s~ n pctson arc ~nrredd,lcriv,urcc\ in tlw indcnv tur, and 811 11W stwlents <,ught to takc ;ads ;mr.iqc. Ergo, a wggc\lcil rr, clo hit for ,011

I . Kr,rdSt~~itli'sg~oilritnesIi,l-!<,or carcir dcrcli,pmcnr at rconomfc\ umatcrl~~~~.c:i/~tn~t1iiIat

rareel-.t~tiiil.Hrpro~~~ies~crpsprr~ii ~tcrnstl~,~t~oucanacrornpl~sI~~,nlrxl >unrac.&m,i udr<,-optc!ms 2. Takc h c o n 1 0 1 .mil I,ron 102 \v,tt, Smth. \Yrhmcium t1~cpri.~cnccofSiiilti~, I nlwais reel lhal I'm r m thrvirge o i wmc px msight -of a I r \ rlatlon nhoutlmw tobetter;~lloro~emv~alent. 'Ti, p : ~ t . q h r : ~Stmth, \~ 0111 CHPCII enrexl Vi';liel-lo~,?r,mellrnescl-fei.<,ut, 'W n~~~~rr~.u,rrn~ng!l)angcr,~l,~nqcr Ibcc.iucc ~rr.rm jci,pmily i,fh,riicta~g o n thcui~im.tgnauvi.u~~~n\plrcil,:ii~d unplanned It'\ liotd lo e t p c n c n r c Smrh anC to not quenl<,n where v,,u're hradcd and Irou you're plarnmg t,) get thcrc, hh,rrovcr. ~f )<,u hccr,mi aciju:untcd w t h Snurh, 1hct ~ ~ u u ; l l l ~ n c r c a i e y ~ ~ ~ ~ r for ~x~~c >ourself,and draft a smaner strategy toobtam success.

Peter North: king of kings Cociiun r l r Uli,cli"pl.iqoc licwrm 15 .,gc Somc ~nayarmdcrh<m amdrlia\ .dl that l o ~ m g 10 g m ~ Accmdtng to,Nr,rtt>Ivelxfisse\rr.~ Irard bcfill-e c,ict>cr\ sccnr. ,\ppar cnily,atter\r;trsc,!ng~~~rthi. nght fimnul.i, .i i q p . m . ~ t chit i cou plcd a l t h glut c<,n\umpuon, IS North's srcrct to I w dcptlr di.t)$ng I"/ hr,\~ngs.Ihchcbc h r u u o t t i c ~ . d y hold\ ( h i mdustrv rer<,ni tor m w t ciin~~iiuoure~puls~oi~\;~t,,n;~~n;~zit~g 20 seronds. 'l'hnk . h u t that f r ~ .i rcronrlgoyshifixc!ou &rptlh mcar. l i d , )ou n q h t wdl IK: ~ I ~ ~ I ~ O L I S i~~hi.hcnyr,utn;isiu~I~i~ti (;ofor ~cronls \c;o,

hirnngl-yycll~ngicll,,n clc,~fenr\. Anywa!, l'irct Northls a lcgciiiiln thc pomc ~nclu\rr! hur l.rcli\ m.w ~ttc.iniacci~~inncc.AfieraIt porn~,d l conudel-ed~.d~ooarni,nqh~ t~glit-aw tnnjont!. Ti,n\,rier, e\.inrining Nurth'\ ; i c c ~ ~ r n p h h m i i ~ t ~ ~ , b l i c u r r l ~ hls gcnetlr mfornvmon shor~ldlic m x r d md u d clmc an . m n uf furunit fc tkliglmr\. F.lnnmaleall h e hvclr'm,\. Apprmti! North'sixhrrd~dnot approve dim son's c,trervand 11012blctnletits.Hr~\dy~ngr,f\I~arnc.rsur spc.tli Shame I S in fict ntcrmtnxl 111 w s s ~ns u m r culrurir. App:irmtl!, ~ r r . h gl m i \ t n m ' ' l l ~ ~ cIbl ~ h c r \ Gudc tu ~ h cGdary" to concludi wlunmr Ir alw ;an ~llnc\\m wmc culturi\

The truth behind spam stories Elizabeth Rogers



Friday October 10 -The rlung "lus ~n ra\i " Hrwirit, 111~ qui\l to Tlclp S<,mz,mc," \ ' l r u s tapping of the keg at 1vpcof"luuk nr.iiY clog\ up ay\tems, \Y-nrnqs," "Trur Lcgcndh," .md 11:30 a.m. in Civic Square ovcrlo.~I\~ n h o r e smnd #rnernlh . ~ n - "Hacl,cd Histor)." A m h e r \,LC, at Kitchener City Hall. The nor\pcopie M<,\ myth\<x mvw sttllir com/I~r,a\,~.l~~tn, row Willkomen Platz and Bier hoa\es, !ct s o m c n n w w-r lhcl~vc t a m \ a n ;+lr.ihct~ral hrmg r,frhn>q Garten open for business people Il;,~llrnC,ro\erthc ?cars. thm,. ( )ftcntheyu\c"tcd,iuc.d~<~~~t~cl and remain open until the rnglanguagc" .md contam contact InYouma! he \urpnsed .rr drat fooled 18th. fomauun from "real people" suchns you and your fncnds ovcr the )cars pohccmen,I;ru~ycrs,doct~,rs and even m d a n e-ma1 may not hml you, Saturday October 11 Interpol They clun tohc~red~ldeand sumel$mesthc ~n{onn,moncreeps Family pancake breakfast ~ ~ ~ t ~ ~ l ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ r c b c l ~ c ~ - , ~ l ~ l c ~ ~ ~ l ~in ~Waterloo ~ ~ f ~ Town ~ ~ ~Square t1icv t<,dm;m) pc<,plc,m fact,rhatWcbsl~e,are rylny convtrsatmn starts at 7:30 a.m. and Don't gct duped and rlorr't pass poppmgup all overmord~rtocoungoes until 11:30 a.m. The teract lhrse \ccmingly "l~armlos" alongl~es.Some rccommcndauuns: pancakes are free and prmks. Ho;~xbuster\ and 'Truth of It's likcresearchmgfixa rcpnrtoran canned food donations will C\VI)-: be accepted at the door. 1. Alwqs check vourwurccs Check cornpan! \Vchsf~t\tr,\rcr~tj.thc~nh,r Monday October 13 Iloarl~utrri~ndu~li~c~~niprihcnu~~c tr~anc,n<,fthescn<ler. W~ltco~call thal Oktoberfest Parade begins 1,cr\<,n (jf't'b ~<l,~d>,,,g ,<>,,'R \Lr0r~ aruclesontlwthMor! ,,tsp;nn,Ix~atn at 8:45 a.m. at the corner r,ed :,lmut), r c c u p w i hi,a\r\, and u l w I,, d0 of King and Erb streets. 2. LTar , o u r iwnmrm sm\r \ ' ~ ~ i i i .~houli h r m L3<>1h havi ;irchnc\ i,f The parade will travel a lho.~\csrl.~ss~ticd h, t!pe,surk a\"Rc alirt'. .ire puitid ,,n ~cput;lbircornfull five kilometres



Thirty Hour Famine coming to UW


through Waterloo


Tuesday October 14 The Oktoberfest Citizenship Court is being held at Westvale Public School, starting at 9:30 a.m. 20 t o 25 new Canadians will be welcomed t o KitchenerWaterloo. Wednesday October 15 Rogers Women of the Year will be held at 7:30 p.m. in the Regent Room of Waterloo Inn. Tickets are $15 in advance, call 570-HANS for more information.


Since May 1,2003, several dedicated UW students have been preparingfor one of the most well-known charity events. The 30 Hour Famine encourages people to take as many donations as possible and fast for a full 30 hours. The Famine will take over the Great Hall in the SLC on October 16 and 17. There will be events organized by various clubs, and a Famine Relief concert is being held onOctober 16from 8:00 until 12:00.Theconcertis open and freetoall, butdonations are accepted and encouraged. The entirecost ofthe event is covered by previous donations,soall pledgeswill godirectly to World Vision. To sign up, go to the 30 Hour Famine desk in the Great Hall between 11:30 and 2:OO.


Thursday October 16 The biggest student event of Oktoberfest. The Sigma Kai's will be holding a party at the Kitchener Memorial Auditorium. Tickets are on sale in the SLCfor $15 including bus fare there and back. Full listings at oktoberfestca.

Lvon brings alt-country to Bombshelter Erin L. Gilmer IMPRINTSTAFF

So \\hat's alt-counrr)? I ha\e n,, ~dc.~,.uid rhi rrius~c~.mimth_l~c;itcgi,m would pnhahlv tcll vnu the same rlrmg. Rut from h ~ shorn s m fmnr of .i c r u d <,f : h o t 50 pioplr at tlir Br,mlxr o n October 3, I know- that Ly<,n'\\<,undrr,cli\ Theatmocphere wasrel;iucdandhnandT Indyeopge~l mydf I.yonappenredalongw,tt>mothcr alt-country hand, Bmtlmrch.Hottlenccl, mas an unexpected surpnsc; 1

R~~bu~K~rn~mncvcnhrr,kcoutasa~~ snakc-pnni accordmn for one song. The crowd, though small, really got a luck out of them. Q u t c a fcw pcopk also xcmcd tu b e acquantcd w t h drummer and K~tchenernative Dave MacDonald. Kerriganwzs super sweetwhenwe chatted with hcr aftcr thc show. Thc Houlenecks are definitely a fnendh down-to-carrh bmd. Thcy'rr s d l In- Ile'll be lemlng Kmhrner tn a few dcpcndcnt, but ~t wouldn't surpnse weeks en route to Australia, where meifrecord companleswerescoutlng he'll stay for four months. Lyon told them outrigl~tnow,j~~dgngfrorn the us rhdr he prrfers nor tu stay m thc pohshed sound of thur ncw rccord. Ton,nto arm bcc;msc hc mmea thc Whcn I fir\t \aw Shmnrm Lvun travclhng h f ~ q l 1~Ie. a1w plans o n rfsmng Belg~unrnIn the near future, wdhmgarouncl ihr Bomber, I sad to myself, "now there's n mustrmn mil then back to Holland. with somcatntude." L,dm~,srcouldn't 1 w a s ~urpn\idn,hi:nthatL~on'\ musical q l c chacigc\ depenclmg o n b d ~ c v c h c whonr ; ~ ~ IGtchmcr. ShaW Ihecountr! lhepla)s~n."Tdon't vexll) hslrcd Txon was nranng a Imnm Ieaillerjacket,leans and polnth b u r s . pln! j o c k and r<dl .myahctc bur

Urll, Iadmftthat countrymuslcls company pel ks,notrhclcasrofwh~ch usu,dly farthest from my mind when hrs bcen the use ofsurfingge;umda 1 gu scnrchmg fur a ncu albunr to mp tu thc Aumm~ancua~t tucnpythc w-ax\ "l'vcodybccnoncc Does that hatcn to. m&me asurfer?'Tp,nurhisperedac Bui if Lhe new w l e of counlw hc Icancd mro me, gggl~ng. \Y'hdc wc huddlcd ;away from rhr r a n Lvun \ p u k t<,us about thc ncn cllrccunn m xrluch cr,untrj m u x 15 g m g '''I'he upurge o f countn, 1, a Ik.~r~nfii r l i q Tirere's someth~ng icalliilnciri .~b<,utci,untwmuuc."

Tribute to a photography legend Robyn Steele SPECIALTO IMPRINT

rakin undunng thi thrci mmutc cxpmurc umi.'l'hcmu\lc1\ plavcdrew


the Irntauni:mriall~cm u m Found m

someof many photo tributes to william H~~~~F~~ ~

. . ... . . .

~ l b ~ t ,

Craig Cardiff gets super-intimate aloond rhc "itagr" .arid a berutrtul barl,rln,nnrnhi,li,\rul oul of.\lircini

,it1cr ,l,c c<,,,c~rl,(:.,~&ft\\~'~~ \<lIL mglus('Da,l~utuniol-lunnlilr Iddn't h 0 ~l lil l l ' IOqCtoni II'501u11 t11011gt1, hrcaurc tlrq ,xi s ~ m I , d ~ 011l1~ 1111 ll cb qltc, h r o i ~ g h h15 wnu crnupmlfil r i m O n lhc W i h <~IC\,,,,<,,,, t k l ,,,It ,,,,,~?SI,,>L,I hu,g r<>om,h<,,, ,,,>tlK,s I W , , ~ :and I>o"l<mgoni o t w n r own. I dctin~tr!)rcci~tnmind~r~fvr~r~hkcp~~~il~nr~ \ n n i ~~,~lr,\~,mi~h~nqaI~tilcchtfir with your nldit.

-. Craig Cardiff in front of the wall o' girls.

"Big Brass" as good as gold Arda Ocal SPECIALTO IMPRINT

togcthir ;ill rhc umr, ;md whcn wc I,r;imslmm me gcl Ingelher a\ on'. A o k S o ,,,ugu)s~llstgotlifrtoulOw t t m ~ g r h . ~ r ~hc\,i~d . m I r l > o i ~ t ' L ~w ~ t h S n w p Lh,,gg, vr,o u ) i plqcd nmn,hiphop gn,upllr,ia\ h h n k - (:<>pp. (:~,h,'un, ["I 1 lam,ll<m]W,ll, Snoop and Chodelr. TrU me abour Lhrymo\illrecro~-dw~ll~tiime~ierg~ and flua, wrrhonr cvcr rcsorung 10 that cr\m used tacnr,. Inrcgurv~hblgwxh Agtli: T o u t ~ n gwtli Snoop w,is rh15 f c d c \ \ f o u w m ~a\, h g z \ ~ h a r r r w y ,uklwa ,wc wcrcdonrg.acn~lati51 (:nnadmn tour atti, hq-hup 51zcd crcnr, likc <:opp\ ( : d ~ \ e u m , bigwg Snoop Lhgg and m V;incou.rer \\r d ~ d rhc GunI hadrhcchaiicc tr,\pealiur~~l~"Rtgrnodorc a d in S.~ik.mmn\vc&d club Bra\~"abou~ thrtr name,ttrorhchch, big hotkrvarin:~. and thctr t m l of m r s v (and hazy) Ad<. Saslhoon has a big hncke! arm$ dressmg morns. A ~ l e<I,aughs>Yeai~,rhcy : hiiica AM(:I Iowdld Brass M u d come double Aortnplc Atcan, thcrc,ao)iw al,ow? h m v thrv'rc IAc rhc Ixg Ideal] in the ~ m mYou ! lknow, Brass, Snoop, wc ~ \ g ~ lCouplc e: of frirnd~man, 1u.t cam? throughmdwc hlrwnup, turc


a d Ithe rest met] ~n h@ school through rhc IC,\.C c , ~ , , ~ u ~ c



,t.m icv~t.iungand ~ h c n



"chrmx,"zsheysay Aglc <laughs> music." . . . r.,thcr Brass Munk "smokcy" .. "Up In Smokc," ~n thc Norrh llut 11 w;n rcally c o d 1bccau.r~ Smmp 15 .m ic<m~nh p hop and a c wcri rrallv humhlril that trr let us p ~ p g h a c k w ~hnn:indcxposcns th I<, Ihal lligmarlkt. Smwp hlcs n r c l i v ~ o n410w, car, cl,,thngl~i~c,adr,ll, wSnoopDo,g~s a branil name .in4 he put us on wth h m ;inC lei us start hrandmg Rrasr hlmik. It lmrrc.iIh t.ioght u \ e L,Lo n,hlihr,w ~ i , l , c h x iandhnu to m c l lxg s h m z ~ AnI<:Ynuguysphyed Seneca College:ereatenlrv;udI.a~~nertiid:~s . .[Scp. tember 2 q . VI hat kind ofd~ffcrmccs

,,,, ,,,

S - R x : b z r mattcr\l

Wc don'l likc I < , water down our


reaches forthe high 6ve,I'd beat h m S Roc. 11's smallcr cn,wd\, more pcrwmal, rcally"upmyi,ur faci," lkc ~lownandshowh~myeah,lhst'swhat's . r " l ~ r ~ m c l y " f c r h n g ~ ~ ~ hpcrt<,nn ~nvi~u up! In lion1 of 10 pc,,ple as oppnsed to andcrgmunil.or t ~ ! ~ n g t o g a a p ~ ~ p , u r Clip: h i 1 just yell yeah!" Rghr 10,1100.S.rslirrchi\~~.o~cr~q~t~\i~~glvw.~r t r y q to h r umcwhcrc m Ixlwccn, afiir xll~ggel-showm~ihSnoopDo,q,wnh as you'rcwdk~ t ' s ~ m t ~ ,,d~lhyu n t d o i ~ l g g o o d n r i ~ ~ ~S-ROC:Ycah,nght ~ h k c 8 , 0 0 0 p q ~ Sr,gmnghmlhctc I~ andmal,ing~larrewl,lc ~orvervlxxly ing %way,'yeah! T-Dot!" 1 0 a vnnll morn nwh 20 peoplr, you \~~tliourconlpn,rrrisu~g<,urInrrgr:riry. May Onc-O:T-Dr,tnwv, how you st111lraw I,, do tt tlw wrlc w.g. \Vc o m r o, bc ;rhk to lump up on hhr thnt! Ad<. I'vr rc.d .r kn ot mtcnxwr \t.tgcw1th thr s:unc:mountot i n c r ~ ~ 401C I1 vou hnd one a o n l lo bout how you guy\ t q to \hv rtw:~y w i b c zlway\ h:d,w~lhwng\ ihal a e ,lescrhr Hrnss hlunl, froti? erc!, of fiom IIKc r d l i cntlcr 1nrrnul.i nnd lrulv In\ e. We're mppers, uf'rr nor )CU, ~ I I A C\~ould r h ~ OLLC r wmi bc; acrors,anil ~r'sgomgrobc h.nd hx us ) O U guys 111 to hring 11 I C , LHon ~. l;hp I I'at. wuuld \nue\plam t l k m u s ~ n~sorrrc- ru go un stzqc m d act .r rung. A q k : F~,,ll. one wh,, hasn't heard ofIlr;rs\ Mnnk hl(: You kwyr arc vcq hlg o n hIayOni~9:finct.~qbrfixc? S-ROC:Powrr. Chp: Otirmuuci\ ba\~callyfix ihc To check our rile uned~tedm e i p c o p l ~who Iorc hlp hop muvc. I< vmv, iisn ,\,A O d m c at hrrp:// pm lore h p h n p muvc, m,u'll love tion IS, ~fsomeone were to d m Torad~o2,tzds.c.~/:~okmdch~kon"ilrHmssMunk.Wesrmd f o r ~ n t e g n~n t ~ rontoandsay "Toronto sucks,"whar cluvc5.''

The Laundromat 'I 465 Phillip Street Parkdale Plaza II WATERLOO


(corner o f Phillip & A l b e r t )

W e Ofieec coin operated laundrdmat with attendants STUDENTS: 20% discount on drycleaning only wash & fold service shoe repair alterations


We offer a clean B friendly atmosphere. Come B visit us!



The cast and crew of The Strong Breast Revolution with Imprinter Crystal Montgomery. Back row (left to right): Meagan, Laurel, Crystal Montgomery, Melanie and Sue. Front row: Vicky, Christine and Jessica.

Busting out of the wire Crystal M o n t g o m e r y IMPRINTSTAFF

EVOLUTION WEDNESDAYS I d ) I\. h r u ~ ~ t ~ L ~ ~ ~ c , ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ h ~TWIJRSDAYS ~ ~ - ~ ~ with l ~ ~ MS. c ~ DREW ~ ~ l 6~ CREW c r ~ ~ ~ l ~ ~ ~ n , ~ ~ r ~ c ~ ~ ~ l l ~ FRIDAY DANCE PARTY w i t h D J MA LN n x m I x r \ ~ c l k ~ l ~ ~ p c dr w ISn , , ~ l l ~ ~I,,, r~< PARTY FAVOR L O U I E L A VELWI k w h n g ' a t < ~ IxL~\I\, n ~ ~ m ~ - i ~ c ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ l ~ ~ ~ r e , ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ l ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ l F~R ~ ~ r c , " , ~ s ~ ~ ~ t ~ ~ ~ ~ c ~ t o Io,A nl I l w r n t " T l m \ ~ ~ t t , \ \ l ~~ ~ ~t > ~ ~ ~ ~ C t < ~~ d ~~n u ~f ! . ~ ~ I C S ~I Z Z~L I N ~ G ~ SATURDAYS ~ I U I with ~ C DJ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ S . I . N . SUNDAYS with D J ,-N ~ r rofd Tht&mq l h m i ( ) ~ I C I I I ~m ~IIX~IWI~WIWI ~~I~~L I UIO~ C A~ ~I ~~S~I ~


tn<>r~,,'dl!'L, c v c n <,~IIcL 1p.rt ,,f tl,'

"\\ r I h ~ t ul ~ )ou t h i n q o O ~ I , W C w d n i !OLI h m IIX ~ ~ - < d l o 1I I I 1 I h miml~ercrx~~lr~r~aa~tr~at~~,~~,rla~iztgirl~~~,u~i~~ K t ~ ~ ~ i ~ U~~ I V~L ~~V I Tt - O (~m I d~p l l> , f~ l~ m ~y ~u p ~O ~ m ~~ pt l l~ ~LILX~KK~ ~~ t l x ~~~A~IOIIILI m d 111~ u-~ll~il~c~r~l~rcrl~~r.V~~l~~Elamlilc~,~~rdp~~~ii~~~it ~~il~itpla~~~l~i~laugl~~rr.'l'l~rm~~mlrarlrrsil~r SucR~rl~anl~,sl~i~nc~ltIrin~id~o~ici~~l~.~tl~~~.r~t~ d.tud11ir1l1a1a\\I~egn,i~\u11.~I,c1cI~rro~~v~1~~ nrevedi n l m u i .i rrunq mvmnn TI>I\tne,~n\ llh rlre 1s TI,, 71%\/mi?: I h i i R c , o k l i n n ~ i.a g l o ~ w iu~~r c - lm~gctI<>run , ~ r w n dlh,df mid a h k w m MUNICIPW ELECTIONS W L L BE HELD ON M O N D I I . tar the following otf,ccs: acl pin\ ~ l h g : n i m ai i l c n l ~ t c l lieu i p r r i p m tlic nmu; ,tt ,i1 x x J J t w $ W ( I > t c l k IKTt l ~ t htr t r m l i r e a i l r T h e p l z ! l a u g h mc flrat Ircasts .r!t ''IMM\'' .ircm,t wpposid 10 hi \ ~ O W ~ I Im I ~ h OFFICE FOR WHICH VOTE TO BE HELD 117otcttiiir) J U Y ~PIC.IIIITC o~>JLc~\. ;i taih~onanyrn~,rc1 l ~ i \ I , r ~ n g \ u p a n i , ~ h c&~iri:ii t Mayor, city 0, Waterloo Councblior. Cifv of Waterloo - Ward t -Soufhwert ' I h i r a i i 4~r,aeclllr;u Ilk! r l - e n o t ~ h c l - e t o h c p u n t : "I?! d,, \\C,OW? II,WC t o l d c o l ~ a tt l ~ r ! cuunsi~ior,city of watertoo -ward z - Nonnwest \inl-ccl at ,md drooled obrr - thrl .irc rhcrc i:.:\c? Councillor,Cify of Wilterlna - Ward 3 -East Couns!llor.Cltv ot Waterloo- Ward 4 -Central ,LIL ,L l p r t u t o u r 4 m , l h i r cr:unpli o t ! h i l h u ~ thc) c I&


I h d > a ~ w d l . t ~ :o ~t dp ~~ o~w~ c~

c,,, I,,,I,~~,II~~III

"We know that

NOVEMBER 10.2003


,s T ~ , C CI,C,,C

,,t I,~c,Is~-

1 1 I 1 1


p I x ~ ~ ' s c ~ p l ~ , r a i ~ i , n i , ~ l ~~n reo\ts ,L,I,I,c


2 Memher. Waterloo Calhollc District School Board to represent the Ciy of Walerloo and the Townships of Wllmot Wellerley and Wmlnch ernh her, watedoo ~ e g i o no i s ~ i cst c h w ~ Board to representtho cty of wa!erlw and the ~ormshipol wllmot



REGULAR VOTING DAY - MONDAY, NOVEMBER 10,2003 10-Wa.m. to8:00 p.m.

Students living in on-campus res~denceswill vote at

University of Waterloo Great Hall, Village I Residence 200 University Avenue Waterloo, Ontario note: T h i s v o t i n q l o c a t i o n i s f o r o n - c a m p u s r e s i d e n t s o n l y Students livmg in on~campusaccomrnadationsshould contact the ClerKs Otflce at 747-8703 or 747-8743 to flnd out where they vote

ADVANCE VOTING DAYS 10:w a.m. lo 6-W p.m.


Bill still not killed -yet David Atos


one alsocomes tocapcclalittlr b s o f good d d ultra-v~ulcnce. ICNH~lldoesnc,td~sappomt There areenoughc\reredlinlbs andgougcdontcy~hallsto filladumpstcr. h r i h e mef~n,thercarcalsofountuns(litcrallr)ofblood.l'hehuman body holds tiveandahalfl~tresofbL,odand a h c n y o u hack off a body part, all of t h a blood comcs out w ~ t hthe hrce of a

I akc hla n i h e r m o v ~ e s ihr , sound trackto Kd/Hdhsboth rclecttc nndap. 'Ihc\ongs th.~t'l'ar.intiooch~~\cmarclr rhcs~lcandmnud~,fcvc~pom~~n~~f rhc movle. From rhc m r d h g nnsacre's "Bang Umg" (nl) D:~hy Shot hlc Down) to the flm~mcr,m u s ~ cr n thc snow garden ~huwdnwn bcnvcen 'l%nrmm and I.m, each song blends firehose. perfectlyw~lhthemomr. Tarant~nopays homage to hs faAnd yes, thc \ounduack CD will vnuntemomr stylesmfillIlzli, buthc have thosc charactensuc excerpts of also honours some of his f ~ v o u n t r dinlope that we all love so much. actors,Sonny Ovcrall, thls mome was fun C h h , a 40-year vctcrm ofJapancse towxtch. Ifyougu,bc mreto loukfrx the suhtlcpkes (two wcrrda-cereal f h andtelcnsio~aremvedas Hatton Hanzo, the mnja dctectwe from the box). Ifthemov~chaaanyshortcomwmS'hadow WlyirnlicOtherscm from q s , x's that Volume 2 won't bc ]apancsemd I I o n g K ~ ~ u n e m a w t h released unulcarly 2004.1 p c \ s [ h a Thurmunwon'tbchhngB~IlI" 2001 rob ~ncludeJ u n Kunirnura and I<avukl fit;mura. .~ftcrall.

HIS SIWIT LIVBS ON An evening to support the launch of an W n a l youth edvration fund in memovy of

Toronto goes back to the Stone Age




MC: Actress Tantoo Cardinal W i t h Guests: luno Award Winner D e Comedian Charlie Hill Guitar Ace D o n Ros A Cappella Singers The Old Mush Sing

David George-Cosh



Tickets $18.5 Available at: women's ~ookstor Native Canadian Centre Roy Thomron Hall Box 0


Charge by phone: lkkefmarter: (416) 870-8000 Marrey Hall. (416) 872 4255

Sponsored by:

Order on-line: www ticketmaster ca

F o r more info call: 416537-6100 ext. 53

Queens of the Stone Age bassist/vocalist Nick Olivieri (right) is all about the fans. P r m to t l i ~heailhmng toor, (>ueensoprncdf~,riheRedth,t(:h,l~ Peppers on ;acontmeotal tour b l o w tngl'lc;~:mdheresrofthch;ualoffthc stagcmghtafter nlght. Somm know, you just know Quccns were here n, ruck,and rock t h e y d d

lJla\mg .i barr.1g.g~of hlls such :as " G o \XT!th rhc Flow" 2nd r h i Grammy-nomm;urd " N u O n i I<nows," (&Yl?iA provided a show that saosticd old-school h a . See QOTSA, page 19

Idle: Former Pvthon charms I<-W Continued from cover

ofthcapl~car.mccr,Ethcrhcnakcda\\caof thc hvmg Python member\ lo the Ileevcnpcrfi,medthesong"il~ke recently rrlense<l mowe trtbute to (:hlnese2' from P>thon's CmhizcL~d (korgeH~rnson. Obh,gdw~Alburn,("I hkc (:hmcsc / I H a t;dk t h c n m w i d to thc fururr IAc (:hmesr / They only come up to ofMon~yPvthon-aHroadwny-musiyour krms /Yerthiy'ir nlwapfncndly ral \crs~onofT/,t HdyCnii1,wnttcnby :u~dthcy'rcrcadv~<,ple;lse,');undPeter ldic and (:lcc\c entitlei1 .Ipon& and lenturmg such nem songs as "I Part in (:ralhelaunched mto an awkward 8rade ~nsultmgAmencan toumtr a i d Your General Dwect~on!" lilk had French-Cmadms ("Get thc words spoken carlmofthc out, rrog-head!"). A sing-akq vcre f t k t I'vthon's rucslonufthcofiil-rcn\pcctacular"61 o n beattngs from "I offen wonder C C \ . I I ~ . 11.d 0. his My b a c and'l'cll ~ hfeThnt You I .uve pw?earstudcnt\md hie: "Notadav~nmy Me" r n u n h l out the raucous first l p . ~ s c~~ I ~ I I O nustmst o r g x n u e ~ ~ why my songs half. The an&cncc, r,f cow\', \ang rehgion (leading ru are so filthy. wmeonc \ayng along drcfully. They clapped and "AllTlxngsDulmd 'Monty Pytlion,"'he Then I b o k at ..n,d,d l,kcn,,w chrcrrd rhmugil ex en theleast scrlslurc of hl\ w n g s and jokes, boomg onlywhen askctch's Ausn;danchar m r r s del-ldedCanadran hccr. Idle h~msclflokrd: "1 oftin randct why my wng\ atc filthy. Then I IkvAnl youlot."H>simrracnunwth a u d l ~ ~mcmhcr\ m WB\ t~i~\te~Cul, fiom hl\ good natured plang u ~ r ! ~ latc romerc to hrs rolermcc of con^tnwm srrc.rmcd h v ,iui?lmcr mcm



QOTSA: the killer show in Toronto continued from page 18

L ~

~ G A W S Eawmmnw@a


A N ~ N caw E wnw.

Just ask t h i ~~tarplayw.Or the magical fairies duncinx around his head 0

For more infamaCon call 1-800-387-0098 pour renrem@rmentr en hanqair. The ~ n t a t i oPmblem GamblingHelpline 1-888-230-3505


Multi-Tasking makes you Mo:r stupid

- ....



Clockwise from bottom left: SCRUBS executive members Jessica Pleating Jigna Shah, Joanna Chan, Priya Patel and Diana Low get ready for the conference.

SCRUBS exec have got it down to a science Science and Business initiative brines bie names to UW

x l l ~ l e l ( ~ ~ ~ r I i i~i *~~gt i l>.t ~ c l ~ l ~ I I h I t hmnc,ni~ Ila\.citri c h n c t rlurrr.d ~~~nil~ccnr?. Conversationswith plants Whcn iindcr mack bj iixects o r mfectcd bv fungus or powder> (rr& dew,apl;mtwll relrascwun~ngrtrm+ C . I ~hI< 9CCIII 10 IUliip 5CIIT ill^ d t fcnccs of und:unngetI pI.inls nrarhy, even those of ;r different gum\.

t loc~g~v ~ t l ~ ,~n i~.r~, Ji11hn l~ ~ l c m g r h c n ~ m ~ ,x .I a m .ind mai Ic.tic you a x h riduri~lI~rai~qx~air~i,~,erf~~n~~r:~ch ~ d . " Ihi5 I. t s p ~ ~ . d Itme y u-l,a>rhc r r r p ~ r r task, i u x ~ h satnc r p.m\ oi !he brain, such a\ wllen cnrqmgon ;I phonr ronrcr\slion m d rrymnglc 11sVCll 1 0 C t l l l l C O n C ~ l l / l l l g f i ~ fl l/ il I1CX1 ~


A \ d l , uc'vc probably nU h a r d

Andrew Dilts

~MPRINT~~AFF I n w o a e e l , ~ srudin!\ , ~nt t x Llmrcr a m d\Y',rrrrloi,'\ m e n r c . i d bu+ neb3 Im++mmll be hmongniiinlor ~ I O ~ C T I ? cunfircnce ,,n III~IIJCCIUI <lgl,t\ 'I'lrcSc~inci(onrirllrticr,IR~~ol~~t,,>,,'rv 1~mlcrgr','l~LMcHUS,,~',, SIU clcnl\,orS('Kl l i S , ~ s r i m i . n ~ a li~r L w y ti) o r p ~ n w.~n r .ill dar rm,iirr.nci 0illii Ii~li//<il,i,,l I1,i,piri)l I3iini \ a i m t"h7,,< \ , '1 hc ~ - < , ntc*~"\\,lllrt,<~I<l r~ , n t l ~ IcI m r ~ r w sof\\ . A I U I O O , ~ S,tt I8 S,>'&,S ,bdI ,&I Ud.,>, ( 1<-1<>1,rr

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"The program is perceived as being a little bit of everything, but it's not. It's really not. We're very specialized."




little plants may be less defenseless than you thought.

Computer graphics not just for garners UW prof calls for changes in computer graphics courses Bianca Tong IMPRINTSTAFF bourtlr-)c.ircomputcrsr~er~ci~iuclcnls m.m ;irtuallv q c ~ti, go I,, t l ~ c Bomber IF prolessor (;laii~mlr Uaranosh + I \ Ins ua\ Thc rompurcr wrncc prolrswr, I ~ . i d o Itlii (.omputct (;raplr~ciL.~I~ dn~iing Ilcrial I)\! ,I$ .~nacli<,c.&tcoi rhc ih,urrl~!LLI C O I I I ~ I I L I I p t . q h c \ u,ur\e Inn, nvc reparati ri,ursc\. In unncLw$cc, c,,mpulft ,<l-:tph~ciI \ t.ruqh~ os mw r o u i s i i Lliuallr , , n c LOLL IS^ ~ < ) C U W S011 WCII ~ ~ c l h Irk< x ~0 pl d ~ ; L ~. X~ ~ ~L I~I ~ n u d d hc u r d I" ~ t 1110\1e h md c t k i t \ incIr~\tni\,andt h ~ nlt,c s i i l m l marc ~ , < I , ' , , ~ C ~ <<,,,I, ~ \ c ,,<>k,ldt,,'~,, ,,x>re<rth< r'\r~,~ll~~,,~>ll~,3t,<~,,~,<lc. BdrriiiiAi~ ~mltl~.ti ~hcdifficdi!of t l i c ~ i ~ a r \ e ~ s p n , l ~ a t , l ~ ~lhi i , ~t.r icr,i tor\ lhni d m ci[i<,trnm.ilgr;\ I U dents .iwii r o m a larnlr! lix,limg r o arrrm S L srrxdcnts. ~ Berausi ol ~t~ehtr,.~~lsc,,pcr,l ilrc malen.11< < n e r dm h e c,nlr\i, stm i h l s d<>nl,lgcr much of.r chancr I,e c\pmeC to rhi wcnlth of r~sc.oih arid ~ndiisrry:q>pI~~xxfifi I I LLW ~ Professor Baranoski is interested in the dynamic simulation of the Aurora Borealis. li/atiim, 11 \ \ o d d h r nut onlv fur thc cluilr tlrc umulmon of hglrt mtcmccfticis ~ndu\t;l,t~t.~I\<,ibrlts appllml~,,tr\inrngmccnng,dr~~gnondsc~ as t h c d ~ n a m c 11or1 \ilthpl,n~rs..i~~~~ell elxi. s~~n~~l.~uirni~fthcAurotn,l~~tt~~ ILnown Inhl\ rwrcnt r r s z . ~ r c l ~ , B a ~ . m ~ ~ ~ k ~ as thc N o r t l ~ r ~ i ~ ; i i ~ ~ l S o iI.tghrr. irhirn t ~ l io usr d.iln from I~iok,~?, One of I~nnmosla'~ currempn,jccrs n rcm~~rr\rns~ng,:,chrm~srry,.tn~l ply, tlii.c~cain\~~ofnl~il~ilrlt sro&~n? ~ c to r namc .& fiw. phcn<,mco;i :md thclt imwlat~cm, d ~ c in h n v l f ts\clpllBarauo\k~I d l e i i., Ihntma ot Ihe m n p r fxi,,rs f , ~ r c h ; u n g c h . ~ \ ~ o a ~ ~ r r c n.q Currcnr~,n~,,ir~yprr,jects~iicludr f i r m Ihr students. "lh ~ntcrchtfrom \nalrotii,td~sc~phnc~otI~i.rthanr,,mstudpng l ~ & i m r ~ m ~ t mwnt h Aln n ~ d l ~ gmrcr;icimn ht b~th chi lhurnnn p t c r w e n c c 15 vllal, .md \ervrs n,

The epitome of stupid science Tim Alamenciak IMPRINTSTAFF


TlicQN~,l~elpnivs,uc.i\v.irilc~lc~rr) \ ~ ~ m o w e n t ?m t i c~ k 1b1 ~ t~ m 1 l ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ w , "l;lugtl, thin mxbc y o u I I ~ L ' ' . I,xnIl Tnlirtrirl .mcllhi w c n c c Ilurninv m i f i ~ z m i ,,liiiidr o/ Im/,,ob~ ,iM K e ~ n c l\ponsnr , t l t<mrc\r. ~ hr ni;ilNol~elP n ~ u n m c r \ ; i w m lp n ~ s Medicine Ii,Ilicn~linlngrciiarcl~er~. I'nlcs .ac g,\m In tc*, ',tKg<me\: engmcrm,g, p h \ ~ s~ncdarnc,p\ycliolo~i,ihnii, i\lr), I ~ ~ ~ ~ A ~ ~ ~ c . c c o ~ I o ~ I I c s , I ~ I ~ ~ ~ ~ I ~ c I plmar! rc\i:~rcl~,pe~cc,~r~dl~a~li,~v I'~r,c\l~ni~i~ce~~;~\i:ird~dfr~rstud1'5 o n rlrt comp.muvi p;datablx) i,t somc dry \iason t , ~ I p ~ Ifmm c s (.O\IJ h c a , Icvilntq trogq m d iumo wresdcr\ and l ~ m dcvator muvc sttnruIwcs ~mmunohulmprodimion t h a ~ helps prmcm rhr common cold. Psychology Hrre's n rundown ot t h s !car'\ awards .md rhi p w e i\.mnet\



This year's lg Nobel award for biology was given for documenting the first case of homosexual necrophilia in mallard ducks. Literature Ditawasmcoculc~ualyrr~llecrci1k~r more Ihrn 80 dcr;ulcd scademlc rrporb dmur spcc~ficannoyances and nnon~.ilrcsofd;ulv Icfe, such as: what per~cnt;igc~~t~-~~ongpeoplcwc;lrplcw h:nc hdlrapswah thipc;~hbungtorl~erc,ir Economics r,~tlwrh;ma,thc Sront;wlr;itpciccm agi uf l p d c \ ~ r w , sw a r sport s h r u mhlli. 1-21hrrtlurl some olhcr percc,,r'Lgc <,fs\",t,ltncr\ < < h \vI,zI , *mmlInns IT) rhc ih;~llowcndofancwl


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R,I-ilorumn>nrlgthc fir\! wen~lticall!rccordrili.~\i01 t~omi,scx~~al nccn,phho in flrr tm.rIl.ird dock. ~ h c l>,,,l<,gl I$< \,,l>l' <<k\I,, (:U hloil~hvr~~~C\:~~LIII~~IILLSCCCI~ IRi,tti.rdun,, rht N ~ I h c ~ i r n . 1 ~ . (.,,ngrrtulati~,i~~n,.illlI~i\vinniiil

Spring 2004 We are looking for a diverse group of people interested in, and dedicated to, helping other students. Benefits: meet new people * acquire leadership skills and training * develop communication and conflict mediation skills * good compensation package Don applications are now available on-line at: and in the Residence Life Office in Village 1. APPLICATION DEADLINE: Wednesday, October 29, 2003 Have questions? Looking for more information? Come to an Information Session on Wednesday, October 22 at 5 0 0 p.m. in the Multipurpose Room of Village 1


The Shops & Restaurants at 140 -170 University Ave. are now a


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DOOR T O LX>Oll COK L)LAl(trES. 1lhc Canadmn L)nbrrea Assocmmn 17 l o o h g lor o ~ ~ c g o ~\elf n p , niorlvatcd v o untucr, roianvsar n ~ ~ ~ h b u o r h u uSome da. rrammg, 2 ~ 4hours of your rrnie. ('all Shellry 11 7 4 2 ~ 1 4 8 1cxr 226 tor murc




ARTllRlTlS \ O C L t l Y luuhmg fur pcuplr t o canvass l o r ihc upcoming .~warene\ecampalgo, o f f ~ urcceptwnist, wcckday ~noinmg\,a lradershlp role as V L LC~ h a r of Clmu SCWICSS. Call Mary a! 743-2820. UNICtC "FXMILY FUN D A Y scslst m wagon nder, the haunccd ham. pcttmg farm. crc. Evcnr wdl he held nt J. Steckle Heritage llornesrcad on Ocrohur 27, 10:00 a m ro 3:UO p.m rrd Ocroher 26, 12:30 p.m to4:30 p.m Tra~nmgprovldcd. Call Kohm at 570-1794,

or www.rcg~on.watrrluo.on.ca1pI~.

K I T C H E N t K DOWN'I'OWN C O M MUNITY HEALTH CENTRE - lookmg for comtnirtee rnemher5. Tralnlng and wpporr arc pruv~dcd. Call Peggy at 7454404 exr. 209 or crnarl pn~klc\@kdihi.urg.

Sunday. Octohcr 2 6 Lynn Milc* pcrfumming ar Lbr Church Thcnrrc, 1376 KmgSrrrrr,N.,St.J.tcohs, O n r a r ~ u. ~ t8:00 p.m. For m f o l t ~ k e t s call 664-1114 or ~mny(i, Monday, Octohcr 27 Central Ontario OrchidSoarty mornhiy rmecr8ng from 7 00 m 9-00 p.m. ar Sr. \u,cpll'r C hulch, luwri hall. C o u r h n d l Madrwn, K m h ~ n r r .Cumair Dawn at 6 3 4 ~ 5 5 4 0for more ~ n f o .All are w e l ~ '"IC. Friday, Octoher 10, 2003 C h ~ t t r r r dA~cuuntmg:tmployur l n i c r ~ wews End. Workahupa: l n i u r r m v Skdla. Sellmg Your Skrila: Don't arup ar rhe fitndrmnmls; you moat ~ l a upruvc your . 15 your 5kdls ~n the ~ n w r ~ c w Tiire Power Play tor lirstet Serl ktda - vulun~ npportorvry to p r r c w c m d m p r o w . 2:30pn.-4 i 0 p . n ~(T(: R < m n 1208). Monday, October 1 3 , 2 0 0 3 Ilnwerslty Closed (I'halisgtvmg). T U W I ~ YOcmbcr , 14, i n 0 3 Chnrcered Accouimng: Rmkmg F o r m avadahlc afrcr 10 s.m and duc hack hy 4p.m. Arihrccrurc: I'OSIINL AVAILM L L hy I 2 nuon. 'lrachmg: I'OS'IINL # I availahlc by 12 noon, hand ~n I iopy rraumc paiksgc to C t C S drop-off \lor by 8p.m. Wcdncsday, Ocroher 15, 2003

gram, t m n a vulunrccrs and mar~hcsrhcm wlth a f m l l v zn K-KT or surroundmg .IF cab tu ~ ~ O V lIn ~A m C l i ~m p p ~ r ffo t a m Ilea wall ~nfaer\for rhrcu to four hour\ a week. Conuct lab a t 7 4 3 ~ 1 4 6 0 ,rxr.

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4 i~ Nmc8nbcr 11, I8 <:?I1 lill a! '41~1422 ,~r cma~l lI,1il'l'l~O l i ~ l l l l l ll l~C l Volunlrcr Aclrvn Crotrc, 741~86IO.IS w ~ k r n ~ i d ~ i m i c hc (hc ~ \ lolli,~riig pi,^ lhil


4-001, oi -7:00p.n1. (TC 2218). Ihurrday, October 23, 2001 Lhalrcrcd Aicountmg: POSTING #1 ~onnnuuuspl~.~scerp~rer8:00p.m.Work\hop\: Iuh Scarch S t r ~ t e g m :Learn the "how ro" of pblwork search, networkmg, andumpluyrr r r s e ~ r c h .Creativeand rradltlonal rncrhodr arc explored. 10:30a.m.-12:lKJp.m. ('K Room 1208). Lcrtcr Wnnng: Lrarn how to use letters ro your advanragc m rhr lob search. 3 301' m.-4 30p.m. (TC Room 1208) Resume Wntme: D8scover tcchnnaucr Jabot Barrendmg School - ccrtmflcd fur wrmng an effectwe resume 430p.m.four week c o u r x rncludmg Smsrr 5:30p.m. (TC Room 1208). Scwu and local lob placcmeru asslnrFriday, October 24, 2003 ance. Please call 3-877-329-6873 or Employcr lnrervmw End. Archaecture: vmt our wch rstc at lnrcrvmva m 'Toronto only today. Monday, October 27, 2003 Arch~rccrurcand Tcachmg: Employer ~ n t c w ~ whrgm. a 'Tuesday, October 28, 2003 Ranktng forma avail~bleafter I0a.m. and Room for rent - aparlou5, hrrght, abovc gradc room wrrh iclrphone end5 nr 4p.m.). hookup wtrhm s p r r w h g three bed^ Wednesday, Octoher 29, 2003 room townhouse zr 80 Church~ll. Workshop: Intcrv~rwSkills: The Bancs: Short rcrm l c a r avallablc. C o d r o o m Learn rhc fundsmrnral so successful inmares. $375 plus. \)?*?~.HancyPM.'om for murc ~ n hur , r c i n r w m g . 3:30p.m.-4.30p.m. (TC csll 746~1411. Room 1208) l n r c r v ~ wSkdlr- Preparing Room fur rrnt h,r .I q,,,rt ,nd,v,d,,d for qocriwn\ DI\LII\\ and l e x n from m a dcwchnl home hut11 u n w i r ~ airual rxirrpr, uf . m u d mtrrvlcwa. nnce. Parktngand all amcnmc\. Plcaw 4.30p.m.-5:30p.m. (TC Room (208). call 725-5348. Thar\day, Octubrr 30, 2003 4 monfh lcasc- 141 MacGregor (.rc\POSTING # I (conrn~uouephase) availcent. One room m thrrc brdroum able by 1 2 noon. Workshops: Informt m r to share W I I ~LWO 01he19. Renr tmn Srssmn: UotT Ronnm School of pcr month 6277 all ~ncluswu1'11: 747M',nagement: Fled our about the do7276. plorm ln mvcsttgxlvc and Forenstc. Room for Rcnt - M m c r hcdroom of a 5 brdruum arudcnr h u u x 10 mm walk from UW, % ~ m n o t cfrom ~ h u n e r Laundry faidlnca and pa& ing. mcl - $375 utdmes. A v ~ h b l r now Call 580-6441. EQ Technology Yard Salt, contnnuc thms ball Oarca wrll be posted ~n Campus Bulletm, upcommg sectton, or v m t our webste ar Join rhc Fitnc*, R m m , a frcc on-lmcdrrcimlon board dedtcrted ro fmcss. num~ (ton ,and tratmng. 1.09 011 today at wwwmo\clcbym~ll\.c~,m. Coffee House performers needed for Novcmhcr I show ~nthc Srudcnt Llfc Ccntre from Y:00 p.m. to 1 2 a.m. If interertcd contact Nancy O'Ncd ar 888-4048, cxi 6283 or nuncrl@urvarcrluu.~a Backgammon - ~t is 'not lust a game." It la "rhc gamcln Eary to lcam ro play and excnmmng to play well? a from rhc Guro. Contact bnmbnlaodsympa~~co.oa Nrrd f w d or ahvrr of caah' 'lhr PEDS Rmd Rank 85 a ionhdcorlal \tudenr-run food bank chat provtdes non~penshable goods LO I N studems an need. V t s ~as t s fhc Sfudcnf l.#f~Lcnrrc, n x m 2108 or VOLI can c-mall u, at:

.4rchxectorr and Icachmg: I'OSIING # I cxplrca 8 p.m. I'rofcaamml and Post O r p e r Day. Lrarn fmat hand frumachoul represcrxsrwrs about p o x degree p r u ~ gr.~msrxcollegcsmdunwcrsmrsmNorth A r n c r ~ aand around (he world. I I a,"!. - 2 p.m. SLC. Work\hop\ ( arcrr L k c l S ~ U ~Makmg. I Sdf-Abcbsmcnf. OLLIIPIimnrl Kescrich, lnformrtmn Intrntrwa & Carcer Drclrlon Makrng. Alter rim seasmn you wdl bc rn J befrer postmn to assessyourselfnnd your " l i r " m ~ h rworld of work. 2 3 0 p.m.~4.00p.m. (I'C Room 1208). Thursday, October 16, 2003 r \ r i h l i c i m ~ cand Tcaihmg- VOST IN<; f w Monday cvcnmga Conracr Jcff at #2 a v a d d ~ l chy I2 noon Work\hopi 744J486. Soiica~folly Nugorlamg Inh Otfcr, Lnirra,r thc udda of grrriilg whar r o o wanr when ncqonanng ralary a d orhcr ilri.ul, rrl.nted to the p b o t f r ~3:30pm 4 - I0p.m. ( T ( Room 1108). An mvltation to rmgerr. rhc llnlvrrsrry of fir~rcrloo( l h r 1nr8tc5 wigcr\ (iopraoo, Frrday, Octohc, 17, 2 0 0 % ('h~rcered A c c , w ~ w ~ I ~h. l d , ~ h r ~ s t ~ l ! & .<lro. rcnoi and h a * i ) t o wng ~n \~l o~l r~ , I ~ IXMC~ 1 no p.,Tl. A ~ ~ I alld~ ~M L ~ ~~ ~~ rlllail ~~ ~, TITC ~I c ~ luc*il.~r e r c n i n p a r Conriil Grchcl Tr.ichc~g POSTIN2 #L rqvri.\ 8 . W Chaprl lrom h - 10L9:OO p r n Thc coscen clarr. i i S.irurJ~i.Nuicmhcr 2 2 ar 8:00 1'rm h r I~hlllcrln10 cimaci lhc Mcmc I k ~ p r m ~ ai c xmuilr(,ru\\,arciI,,<,.ia.

Rrblc study hy ~orrc\pmilcnic. I'lcaw wed name and addrraa ro. Btblr Study, Lmn Unmd Retomled Church, 1238 M a n Street, Shetf~cld,ON, LOR 1 7 0 or emall h M c @ ~ u r i h . o n . ~ aSee w c h l r c : Click on Lmka, ask for book, sxgn up roday, rt'\








TYPING Typm%Pmofccading Srrvicr - bxcrllrnt and accurate word processmg, c y p q and proofreadrng. Your manormpr, rrpom. csraya, rhcrca rtc. wdl be perfect. Work a 100% guaranteed. (:all o r lcavc mua\age for Bcv 747-1382.

TRAVEL Sun travel deals -Rerdmg Week (I'ebrurry) ro Cancon, Acapulco, ('uha, O w ~ n m i a nmi. , ur Monrrcsi sr New Years. Book now and save! Scudenr travc! spcriall\r\. Earn frcc rllpa u r csah! \.,wwm<>oli2pariyc<,m ; Thamca Travcl (Todd) I-800-962-8262 .-


Hunnry for some intellectual stimulation?

Chew on this.

Riding the slopes in a winter-wonderland Waterloo snowboarding team defends their championship title Brian Santos

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SPECIALTOINT ~pa\wmu d other\ ~ 'I'hq srartcddf Snr~\ihnl-~llng rs bccomfng mmi and more p~pu1,um d lhs bcc<,mi JUSI a\accrptcd.~\lwng. Tlus thollIng sport r>ffcr\, :lbo\c all freedom. h!Lul?nrcm~eresti-d rnmowlx,xnlmg. but don't h o w whcrc to l,rgn. Forlunatcll, at thc Untrcrslty of Waterloo a p u p of studentr have fonnrd thermtvoum snowbonr&ng team. ( YNcdFord andJanrliStnmg crcdtedthis)~~ungnndupcr~tiutiglam

alth t r r ~ p c ~ ~ p l i a n d w e r c z \ i n i t i ~ ~ v n e ~ l rh,unpam 111 thew tirst year o t itlstPIICC.

Thc leonr cwnpctcs m a recrcauon.11 league that I\ nrn 1,) tRc A\w c m m n of Ontaoo Snowboarder\ (AOS). UI~IVLMIY and collcgc SIUdents from ail around cr,tnpete In preniirt hcatttfful loc.ruon\, w c h as Moonstone,Rea\cr V;Jlrv,Manstield and Cedar Iiighlatidi. 'lheteam compcrcs~ntbehoardcr-



Tel 886-7565




(519) 893-9000

"They represented the school with a lot of class. In a very short time the girls bonded into a very cohesive unit," - UW fastball coach

Garnett Rooney

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earl) on r, a r~sultof comc h-st rrte

1 h,m~alau5bykMeI~1eISTt,nllil( how 1 wholtneda\m~~andV,ck>rerAw\on 1 who h't an RBI double 1 However W.ZU &ally camealm, I d~fouundmnbandadct1nf

Remember Dan Snyder S m c i ~iri ~ i . l he\<,r\ airi,~nrt.thc .il> ~ l t i . t nI~Ir . l,.,,l<l~<l,~,~<l~\~r,tl,l,,~,,!<,,,~ll ,m,,,d l><N 171,,vr ,,L\ , ~ , p p , \ uI,, c,, <!,,,L \\,I I,,,r,l ,\<>,l~,>,<,,,l,-~>l't,',, \!t,,l'r ,nc,<,~ , , l I > i X < Ilk l l,,.tdlm\ h,N \<,,,I,, ,\ rik <>,,I, t',l,,I,l, 11, ll<>,,,tl< .A, <,,I<,,, ,,,,,I I , < ,~~/l,\,,'l;~,'~l, Ih,W I?<- lKlll,K\ I ) , t ~ ~ S n ~I it.(\ rlc l ~ i ~ ~ i i ~ , i ~ l ~ i l ~ ~ ~ ~ , ~ l i 2 % I0 H I , , l,i!,,,,,,,( lot,,I,,, \<<<,,<I ~ l ~ ~ l , ~ l ,\l,<d\ll< l l ~ > , ~\\ l,,,,, ,,,,l<,L,,,?, .,;:L,\W <Ic t \\',<,,C\ < > 1Ix l ~ , ~ ~ : < \ 1 l \ l d , O L ,I,< I tht<<lI h l , < >,I,< r ,,,,,\c ,l\,ll<?<l Ih! i m h i I L T O ~ ,11111 ihr t:titlt 0 1 1 1 5 vr'4rL I I r p m , ~ m ~ ~ , l d . c h nr ~ d ~ ~ ~ IW ~ >dI > . , \ c I > ~ l~, l~I l <~~,Ih t~ > tl,,,,, ,,\' A \ ~ - , i l l ~ ~ > y I,, ~ \ , Icm, ,,,,<I ~ < > L , ~ I I heal-t f c x .L ulwili lean) Ilc pla!cd hlid\\c\trrn J o n l o r 'ti' hi,rkc\ for lhnlilm's Sugal<ln-\ .md h i ~.nplamed t h ()nrmo ~ Tiorkry I,e;lgiic'\ Owen UW rugby player hurdling forward valiantly for a much needed goal. bound LJl.rtir\clutmgs four-rinrmn~ o r j ~ ~ career. m o r I I c had stmt\ In thc tnfn,,raumh ttrc Orlando Solar B a r s (not rxadly thc w n e dtmi,\phcrc as a smmgcr srcmxl half lllir In rhur Ryan Chen-Wing hltnm) :mdumh thc('hxqpVC'r,l\ cs, ci,tueh,~ck;t~mrunstTr~i~tlng:~nlr tvm, IMPR~NT~TAFF w m ~ n lcaguc g championrhqx wxh I,ut It Idn't happen. Imth clulx Srxm aitcr, Snydcr a a \ AftcrreprhngWIarr~or:t~tarks thi \X'ith Saturdq's liomcma~ch.~gun\t callrduptorhc'l'l~eisli~r~an~litlor,bc~l K.rrms I>rought,I hack to lllc o t k r Carlet,m, mco's rugby would tin!\li as though h i was thmc u, stay. Ncm, cndond scorcd ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ L I U I I C O I I \ ~ C ~ I C halfof the se,iwn At ,,nc ~ h eaurr r both hls c;~rccratdl~feareuvcr. t r . Onl) unc kick wm~klgo thnmgh w~rrrnd<,nrlora, ~lmgnincuv,uldbc Now theTlma\hersandthr entlrc the post, all windy day. as thcy Ihok ahrad a r u d p ~ w t a l hockcy world wdl haw to m,wr on. Aftman onslanght off~xmatdrum pmes ,qqmu w~bc?tcnMac and P Dmy TTleatky will haw to f . ~ 111s c to the Carlcton h e , I l a n Koscoe tough Queen's s ~ d cbeforc closmg charges ns well as dcmons, and the thescasr,nwithahc,megamca~inst blasteddown thebhnds~demscorem ThrashrrsmUmakcon-iccchanges m thc corner. That would be the last top-ranked Westcm. accornmodatc thelr losses. Hut bescore forWatcrloo. Garth Crcsaman croased the hne yond IIeatley'a legal b a d e and the Dciknwc lapse5 allowed C,uletcm 'lh~shea'placemrhcst;u~drn~,therr mdscorcd f i e hrmamors tu open to run through three more tnes to the sconng. Carleton came back tsonemorenspectofthis tragcdythat double their score for a two-point matchcd and doubled unconverted WIN bc the toughest to get past. conveni<,nforafindscore32-10. tries tolead 10-5at hdf-rime. Remcmher,thcrewas apassengcr The mgby men go on the mad for afive-potntdeficitttlooked W ~ t h inDany Heatley's car. thc next rwc weekcnds and mth a like the Warriors could pull together L I ~ I I O ~mW f 111i (




Rugby expects difficult matches


Warriors lose

Warriors baseballmakes playoffs Br~anSantos b Rod McLachlan

OnOitrhcr l , d ~ ~LII \ l men's Ir.l\cball tiam w m i w h p i n u of n

~ E C I A L IMP=T& ~ O I M ~ N T S ~ dFc ~ n l ~ l ~ h v;~gslo\thlrhl.i\til.Tt~~\ ~dct

s c t u p ~tit^ US, n c t o ~ l l i c ~ c r n n ~ n ~ i ~ g nvo pl,noll yxx\. \t ~ m d w ,p, r t oi Iht ti\r. t m n dc.t,llo~h,Iml rhi uil~n..ihgrul~~ o i ngrl?c!ri.i~~,ur,m~l wdcd up m thml $KC I '(51 S~xurcla \Y:,rm>r\ l k g w l l ~ c r l >l,,,~~<,"l ~ ~ t <,f-tll"~~~L!l~'\cn,I i ~ ~ ~ t I ~ ~ r !,\lchh\~ct c s ~ i ~ . ~'l'lbetit\t !~~~t ~,u>IL,, I<XA phcr n\ I lmdron. \lnci lilt 8Ll.~t.mclzri fin~\hcdrhcreg^^ Im <C'i\<>I? ? , I \'<,,,7d ~pl'm ,lt,",<I ,,i \!.,,L~I,>~,I * I ~ . , ~ , I < , , ' 1 ~ . \ ~ ~ t c , ' ~ , 1 ~ > , 1 < t , ~ >ng,,<~<~'l,kr\\ ,i\<m,,,,A tl,< 117, >,,,d ., ,<I illl'lill I,, ., i,,ll<lp'rI,,1nldl1<' rut>\ ~ ~ l l c ~d \ ~t nn< >~ ~ <,XI ~ ti!' g lw\ l i < ~ \ v ~ \ c'\!',<,iF<~,K r,l l'l,l~~dt~,,lr,,,>~ t ~ t ~\ o ~ c r l ,,I x t$ 1 r~ ~ g ht m ~ \ . T t w \\ ,,r,,<>c\ I<,\, ? l l < q,,,,>c2-11. (,a,,,< 2, Ialcrnr thi < I 1 5 . tcalund mim i>flht \ante


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ l t l ~ ~ \ Y , ~ r ~ ~ ~ ~ r ~ ~ ~ ~ , ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ r h c r ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ l ~ i ~ ~ ' ~ i i i ~ I

. ~

Pre-season excitement not an oxymoron


~nrrcnsrFromh~30-p~~inl\c:iii~nw~lh the St. Luul\ U l u ~la\t \ year 4.hIarlu\, G r r k a w s k ~shuuld lmunre h . d from I.iir ?car'\ ernhrr a s s m g \ r . ~ ~ i ~ n ~ ~ ~ I h cSentto n I ~ ethc a,~s m m x \ I,y the llonrrcrl Cnn.xbin\ (:,erLa\~ski slgncd o n wrh thi New York Islandcr~,m t h whom hc had


c: let us >

l ~ r i t e it ~ i ~ h t ! l

greatsucccsiprcv~r~u\l~~~dlia~apo~nt a ga'nc .rftcr tivc p m c s .

5.AlrLselhlonuovh;~daturnd25 po~nts1 0 27 p m C b in ~ I I Cs l u t of last sc:rmn h c f k lmngtnjurcd. Lookhx hfonvovand teanrmatcIC1:trunSlraLa t o bght ~t up w t h the P~ttshuri:l~ I'cngu~n\ by p h r ~ n gwrrh h h n o Lcmcux

(,.P,wi\.rlD;mynkhnisgxat ~nthe pcrencon with c ~ g h t p < i ~~nnl \i e v e n g m m . Datsyuh wlll m1a41last vr,~r's 12-gm sr.%wn;r\ 1hc Ilrtroit Kcd \\~ng\ril>o n l m;irled ~ Serge I'cdo~<>i'>r,ftii~cc.

Friday, October 1 0 , 2003, ( W ) 1 : 0 0 pm, (M) 3:00 pm vs Wilfrid Laurier Golden Hawks UW Columbia Field #2

Warrior Football Saturday, October 11, 2003 vs Guelph Gryphons, 7:00 prn, University Stadium

Warrior Field Hockey Wednesday, October 15, 2003 vs Guelph Gryphons, 6:00 pm, University Stadium RYAN LHtN WINO

The women celebrate after a goal by Tory Westbrook.

Women hunger for post-season Plavoffswit~n the reach for\vomcn's soccer Ryan Chen-Wing IMPRINTSTAFF Two m i q w n s o n rhc wcchcnd lrclpcd \Varr~c,rwomcn'r soccer get LIO\CC LO il playoff spot. Coach I'cter hlacli~r says that though tlrc rcam ha\ two losscs and two ties m seven games thc iccorcl docsn'tahc~u~thc~rstrongplq. "We've played s m and a hrifpodgames," he sad. 'Ve'rethconhtcatn that has cvcn


S""" ""'I" "LC" "L"""" 1mII allcad a d \Y uxlwt imli t u o ~pmnt\I x d numhcr oni in ~ h muntry." e Two of Su, .ithc,ugh \U (;iterioostand\ 111 thi thl-ecgcdrW c\tcmh.isgtien L I L C O ~ ~ W I ~I ~ / I) I C C ~ . I ~ I~1I \ plw, two up this scaion came irom U ntcrkx,. li~wt~-tcam~.iriw~~h~nrencl~ ~> ~ n l olnsr w c ~ h i n d ' \ >rigchi V'srnors t i , fourth, \vlxch ~~~i~t~h~s,hlachiern~iItharrhrw~~mcn n ~ c a nri n i ~ m gthe playoff\. ncid t~~~mcrunconfrdcnccmfii~d~ngthe h a d or the net. This wrci, after SIX p a l s in twog;~mcs,he said, "We fccl good.rbr,otthefact thatwe'restarung to Fuush.We'reconfidcnrw~can finu Ncxt home game vs Launer ~ s on h Frtdag agamst Launer." Faday, Ocuher 10,2003 Laurier womcn h;wc an ldenttcal 1:00 p.m Colurnb:~held\ record to Waterloo. cxcent Waterloo "(1""

A Laurentian Voyageur strikes a free-kick over the wall and into the top corner for the winning goal on Saturday.

Warriors drop it

on Saturday,

Sunday Men raise their game against NipissingJ,alms after poor start against LaurentianVoygcurs Ryan Chen-Wing

- - -


Mackie: "You guys were asleep the first 30 minutes. Take your hands out of your sleeves." up,"hfache urged h15 playcn to grt buck I$, thcgamc. Payman Charhhzann went o n tu

wm hark from hockey and t h e tram srason w r h a ~ v a y ~ ~ r n c s a g . i l l n s t \ V c ~ t w a s b , ~ c b o n n . ~ c l a n d h a c h ~ n p ~ , s ~e~m ~ onnd n. W m h r . Warriors g,t nu<,go.d out of


~U!I!JM aznosa, pue leumwuomua yc leuo!ssa#old pue o!lo%aqlread pl&amp; laalunlon DWM sa!pw ,

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