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sitting there and just smiling to myself and thinking, nobody knows that's me -that's me singing." Along with touring the new album, Michel is also doing the festiial circuit this summer, something he admits is more satisfying than playing the same clubs over and over. "Festivals are great. I much prefer playing for people who have never seen me play. Playing K-W is fun, but it's like telling a joke to the same person 100 times. It'sstill nice to play new songs for those people and have those- people hear yougetting - better, butitstilldoesn't beat the great feeling of winning someone over who has never seen you play." Live shows are great, but Michel admits that it's weird to hear people singing along to his songs at shows. "InToronto, I did a few nights at the Rivoli that were sold out -they were packed, it was weird. People were singing along. There was this one part, something happened and I was turning around fixing my amp or something, and everybody was singing along. I stopped singing, but I could hear everyone singing and I was like, oh God, that's so weird. It was like a giant campfire." Although it's weird, he does admit that to hear other people singing along is incredibly flattering: "It's the most flattering thing in the world."

And if people singing along to his songs isn't weird enough, having his parents at shows is. "I think I shduldn't swearand I shouldn't sing this tragic love song because my mother will worry," Michel laughs. "It's funny, I played this weird new song called 'Fireworks,' and my mom had thiscrazilookon her face like, 'What the hell is this,' and I thought she must be hating it, but she told me that she thought it was amazing." He admits that his parents have always been very supportive, but when it comes to his songs, "they don't ask. I don't think they want to know the answers." Plans for the summer include touring In theBelly ofaWhaleand trav-

in the Belly of a m a l e


will be released on May 3 1 at The Jane Bond. Michel will be joined by stars" Luke Doucet, Emm Gryner

.lling Canada and parts of the US. Michel also admits he has a "de~rokctthathe started a few days ago. "I started re. cording the other day, but I can't tell you what it is. It's not my music. It's a tribute record of someone else'ssongs." Despite the fact that he just got out of the studio and is already recording again, Michel denies that he is married to his music. "It's a big part of my life, but1 can't do it 24 hours aday." As for In the Belly of a Whale and his current solo career, Michel says, "This has been the best year of my lifeso far. I make music for a living. I make my own music at my own standards. I own all my own music; I'm not signed with a record label and nobody tells you what to do. It's great."

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Fear Factory




Road Runner Records

Road Runner Records

Are you ready to rock? I said, are you ready to rock?Digmortal has arrived. This is Fear Factory's latest creation, and they have definitely put out a quality album. The CD changes tempo quite a few times, and really showcases their ability to alternate their style. You won't find any repetitive guitar riffs that seem to bestandard issue in many other heavy albums here. You know the ones I'm talking about -the albums that seem like one song separated only by the odd vocals every three minutes. Digimortal provides incredibly thick sound that doesn't overpower the lyrics. The drum work is especially good. The album is cool, the cover art is cool, and the CD itself even looks cool. This is an album worth buying. If you are a Fear Factory fanatic, then you probably already own it. If you aren't, then you might become one if yougive it a listen.

When it came time to write a new review, I searched for a band that I had never heard of, and Downer was the result. I now know why this band is obscure. I've listened to this CD quite a few times in order to find something redeeming in it. Unfortunately, Downer hasn't given me much to work with. The only positive thing I can say about their album is that the cover art is interesting. Instrumentally and vocally, it is weak. The songs seem repetitive and, to some extent, tedious. Maybe there is some hidden message buried within the lyrics that I'm just not getting. I'm grasping at straws here, because I cannot comprehend why a band would put out an album like this. Downer is a total downer and you should leave this CD on the shelves.


ployees who worked there. Included among the layoffswere 17 UW co-op students. Since then, Lumsden says that all but two of the students hav...


ployees who worked there. Included among the layoffswere 17 UW co-op students. Since then, Lumsden says that all but two of the students hav...