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Campus left over to worry about saving the planet. It seems we are doomed to a deteriorating economy, community, and environment. When we complain about these problems we are told this is the price WC must pay to create jobs and a healthy economy. In the midst of all the doom and gloom, many people are beginning to take back control of their communities. They see that local environmental and economic problems can be traced to economic decisions made outside the community. They realize thata healthy economy and environment are not mutually exclusive andmust become the goal ofeconomic development. And they know no one is better suited to understand the environmental and economic needs of their community than themselves. Throughout Ontario, various community members have begun initiatives that create jobs and help repair damaged ecosystems. These initiatives follow the approach of sustainable community economic development (SCED). SCED is about developing our communities from within by becoming self-sufficient through selfreliance. Economic decisions are made by community members and are based on meetingpeople’s needs and promoting environmental sustainability. Future columns will explain how to do SCED and give examples from the people who are doing

Our communities are in rough economic shape. Small businesses are going under, while large multi-national companies move capital and jobs to areas where they can maximize profit and undercut local producerswithcheaperconsumerproduct pricing. As businesses shut down and move to Mexico and other lowwage high-repression countries, more of our friends and family are without work. Those with jobs often face wage cutbacks. Thatmeans many of us are struggling to just meet our basic needs. Greater numbers of people in our communities are becomingimpoverishcd. As well, our governments seem to ignore the wishes of the people who elect them. We ask for jobs and healthy communities and we get economic policies that result in higher unemployment, lower wages, and the slow destruction of social services. We end up losing community control for the sake of global competition. As our communities and our economy decline, our environment is steadily deteriorating. Global climate change, the depletion of the ozone layer, and species extinction are just some of themany problems facing all citizens of the world. Here in Ontario, we pollute the lakes that supply our drinking water with industrial waste, We put toxic chemicals on the food we eat. We dump garbage and other waste on our precious agricultural land. And in our cities we breathe air full of smog. Put simply, the ecosystems we rely on are increasingly compromiscd. Back in the 1980s when the economy appeared healthy, people had lots of energy to try to stop the destruction of our planet. But times have changed. The tough economic realities of the 1990s mean we must spenda lot more time making ends meet. For most people that meanslittle time is

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WPIRG’s 1995 Annual General Meeting (to vote on constitutional amendments and other business) at the Weaver’s Arms, Waterloo Cooperative Residences Inc., 268 Phillip St., Waterloo on Monday, 13 March 1995. At 5:30pmadinner will be served ($2 tickets available in the office) and ACM business and elections will commence at 6:30pm. Proposed constitutional amendments are available in the office. To vote, you’re membership must be paid-up.

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by Stacey Harris special to Imprint


he end of term is coming and chances are you may bc feeling a little stressed and a littie worried about final exams or finding the time to finish all those end of term reports and assignments. Well, if you are searching for advice to help you finish off the term smoothly, why not stop in and see a PASS volunteer counsclior. Pass (Peer Academic Support Scrvicc) is a peer support service offered by the Federation of Students which provides infomlation to help students who are experiencing difficulty with study skills and learning class information. This service does not provide

one-to-one tutoring on course matcrial, but examines learning stratcgies and provides support and referral services to other campus programs. Volunteers can provide study skills information on a variety of areas such as time management, learning and remembering, notetaking, and preparing for exams. Volunteers can also provide important information on how to go about researching academic decisions such as adding or dropping courses. PASS volunteers can be found in room 150A (a temporary location) in the Campus Ccntre and are available on Mondays 1:30 to 3:30 p.m., Tuesdays 1 to 3 p.m., and on Wednesdays from 2:30 to 4:30 p.m.

Friday, March 10,1995

Question No, because after viewing pornographic literature, men tend to view their girlfriends/wives as less atractive. -Sam Howell, 1B Arts Yes, they shouldn’t restrict anyone from their own interests. -Priya Math-CS


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Yes, certain students rcquire alternative forms of entertainment. -Edward Richards, 2nd year, Arts No, I don’t think it should be available on campus. -Marlene Sutton, 3rd year Political Science

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