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Deaf,dumbandblitid and can \,. : act too ::, ::I still win out. That’s not to say that the orchestration possesses the same power as The Who. Obviously it doesn’t, but still, as Pete Townshend special to Ilrnprint ‘.I’,-’ “‘.:i,1:;. I,, ,:.:3,&a .. kidl@cQmes has pointed out, this is probably the deaf, dumb, blind ._. _, *’ :$. Qi..“~“‘~ndm~~.::ZS’snever reallyrevealed first stage musical with drums : t should be Mentioned straight $it.‘s aTiti DrumQ$kartype thing, throughout. These drums provide a off that I possess a~ ,aversion to ‘13;:$a ~~%4~ave -thti~@’ the pop psy-. : rhythm and pacing that deftly moves hype so cynical and paranoid t-fiat “~h&$&‘ts:To~y then &comes the whole enterprise forward. it pretty well borders on hatre& .Uri-‘:...,_:explVltcd se@&lljr by his wicked The technical merits are equally less you’ve been living in a cave for “‘Ud@jEmie (iii i.~ very delicate effective, sllowing the narrative to the past six months, you’re no dq@$, little $etie. of suggested “Fiddle ~ rnp~@ at a sort of accelerating Keith “. Moon pace. ,IQ the aforementioned aware as to the new stage production about, fiddle about” p$ophilia) of The Who’s Tommr; which opened and in a host of @ber,measures by ‘Qt.erture” ‘scene, fir instance, the at Toronto’s Elgin Thea&e last week,’ his’ thuggish Cousin Kevin. whole effect is that af an experiTommy becomes a Piriball WizI suppose it should also be men: menu1 film or, god forbid, a rock tioned that the people responsible for * ‘ard, gruws up, smashes a mirror, video, Unfortunately, sometimes the production, Honest Ed Mirvish s is miraculously cured, returns 6 the narrative becomes a bit of a and son David, were also the finanhis dysfunctional family, and life. slave to the special effects, such as ciets behind the production of Miss go&on. (The Messianic aspects the Pinball Machine/Bucking Stiigon, another over-exposed musifound in.. !he film are t~@lly Bronco thing that looked like nothcal that turned out to be so lame and played $wn.heE.) “‘. ‘:: ing less than a sorry cross between insipid that I fondly recall thea+-:‘: ,, 1 : Okay, so thenarrafiv’&conWvb%“&wboy and Siarlite Exgocrs actually swearing out loud dxqvoiuted and perhaps 3 little too p??XS . ing a performance that unarguably symbolic; Nevertheless, there As far as the acting and singing deserved it. Gutter-level pomposity ,‘I were things that impressed me, is concerned,’ it’s all perfectly effiwith shit songs, Miss Saigon aspired such as the fact that tl& perform;.. ‘-cient, which@ .to say it’s hard to to high art and failed miserably, ;~lce was dQ?c in “real tie’.‘&at muck tipmaterial that’s really simGiven all that and the, fact fhat.,-:,I’~~l~~~~~~. @‘origjpal album “VW ple in the &st place. Tyley Ross in I’ve been a big Whe Ean @m way’i;T::i‘ sion. Fo~instance;:,~~l’introduc-.,~~~,,~~e letid r&:.of Tommy is perhaps back, I can say that I was q&e pre-,. tpq ,ssggi.:: ihe alI%&~mental weaker thad’hoped, but forgivably “‘Q&&&;‘P’has no dialogue but pared to hate Tommy in a respect that so (he just can’t pull off a good few others could. To my dismay; the serves to estal$isk $$,$&+ari+e -English accent yet). all-Canadian production is actually time fr~~e;l:‘..~~.““‘Walker off to In the end, the production’s :,,.;’ ~ . war, T&&!$s pretty decent. ,.“‘;:1::::. ..l”,z& ~qncepti~~n, et+ -strengths are in the songs themAs a narrative, Totitiy, kas ‘&I;’ ‘%&ore selves. WithMiss Saigon, the sheer ii :::..:..:: the fir@itie (“Mr. W&er ways made for &pretty goo&‘~~~~#&$:~: dl&V&:.qorne l$me, E& : ynbQmidiocy ofthenarrative could’ve been comparatively’~ #ofi for the Who <:~~~‘, child -&~~~;~~$&M &w<~~i;ii~,‘m**)‘~~ lost in the event of some memoradelivered:& such, a lot of inforrock album. Which is to say,,the lofty ble songs, but there weren’t any to “r&k .. opera” narr&tie speak of so all the audience was left .A.. .,,<hti’ $~~~~:, .‘::..:.mation is revealed, l$& film, visubeen “one oz total +@&jqj$,. so” &~“‘“‘““’ ally .. $6. through editing during with were the marvellous technical best sd$&~%6$ .,~ener~;~~rt9.-~~~~..i,,, whi&&$ccomp@iing musical wizardries and set changes. T’.e ignore thg tale an41~~joy.:;he:-ro~~~~l”‘: lei~otif~~~:intro~~ced.,Most of Who’s Tornm), has all that in spades Ken RusgJJ’s sun&l film.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~l~~~~ save, -a few too, but goes a lot further by offer:,;j,s:...:p..I ‘&grt cr~~~~~tT~~~~~~~~~~~othe mid-T& fared no better; coning some really memorable, tightly versely, it made the narrative ‘.:“. ‘Clook wards the end bhich have ‘&en constructed songs. If it all seems :.::~,~. .:aI::..: :‘:: :~&$~~~~:$@&$& the just plain stupid. :-:;‘I,,,,. perhaps a bit too embarrassing, ,..1U( ...:. ;>u.3>.I,“‘j’:‘.:‘:,,.,? <.p original Who The stage p@$&ti~n o$&&&er @bum flawlessly, so fans who maybe you’d do best to take your k$@,@&,,.,a~~urn well can enjoy hand clarifies c@~ a l&t#$the st&$ mother or go incognito. As far as these musical Broadof a young boy (Torn&p: Walker&:.,:;, .$$ musical passages while conway extravagandas usually go, you who witnesses his father%illing hi~-~~~~~~~~~~~~g on:.:..the rather nebulous . . st~@i~&:“i~~t ‘worst, good songs could do a hell of a lot worse. mother’s lover after WW2. Mr. and

The Who’s Tommy : : 1 Mr&‘“Walkcr then brainwash directed by Des McAnuff .::.;:;:;Ii.i’;Tommy’~~toa~~rtofSgt. $chu!tz” y;Ou Playing at the Elgin T&@z”” esque %4x.. saw @&tlg, : ,r;,,be;ard nothing, ,iou know nothby Mchael Jones. ‘: .< ,:i’;...:*,.>a irig” mind-set so trtimatising that







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Cranes Cranes w/ Idaho Lee k Palace, Toronto Friday, March 3

to life when the lights dimmed for the Cranes entrance. After a few minutes of haunting violin music and the required buildup of stage smoke, the band took the stage and by Tim Lemieux launched into “Shining Road,” the Imprint staff first song on Loved. , The most striking feature of r-he appealing thing about the Cranes is the way in which gothic bands is their creation singer Allison Shaw’s child-like of a larger than life image. voice contrasts with the heavy guiThe music is sweeping and epic. tars and strings, to create a dark and Unfortunately the trend in most eerie atmosphere. music today is to celebrate the more Performing live, there was the mundane aspects of life (everything possibility that she would be from grange to “Cigarettes and Aldrowned out. This did not happen cohol.“) though. During quieter songs like Not so with the Cranes, who “Cloudless” and “Far Away,” first gained widespread attention Allison’s delicate vocals heId the opening for The Cure on their North audience spellbound, and at other American tour a few times she would step years ago. Last Friback and let the music day they played a dominate. soldout show at Lee’s The band played the Palace in support of had Allisorr best of Loved and the their new album previous albums ForLoved. Crying Out everandWingsofc/oy. Opening the Two of the more memorable songs show were Idaho, one of a batch of Ameriwere “Paris and can bands who’ve had Rome” and “Adrift” the “new which began quietly depressives” label at= and built up to thuntached to them. How can I describe dering crescendos. Also very good Well, let me see... was “Lillies,” which had Allison them? zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.. . .oh, sorry, I crying out like a lost child “where dozed off thinking about it. Imagam I?” against a background of ine a shoegazing Pearl Jam. A few crashing guitars and drums. songs were OK, with slow After two encores, the show Catherine Wheel-like guitars, howended with “Adoration,” dedicated by Allison to her brother Jim for his ever after forty minutes it became birthday. It was a very good perextremely monotonous. Every song formance, with the only problem sounded exactly the same. being thevenue itself. Lee’s Palace The many technical problems (such as a bass guitar that died in the is very cramped, with many pillars and a low ceiling. A more spacious middle ofthe set) didn’t help either. The crowd quickly became very place like the O&a House would have improved the atmosphere and restless and a few shouts of “go away!” were heard. In Idaho’s sound quality, but that’s a minor complaint. defence, they did the best they could It, was a very good show by in front an audience that had paid to see someone else. one of the more fascinating and innova,tive bands today. The crowd quickly came back



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