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Women’s WeekEvents by Raquel David special to the Imprint


arch 6th was the official start date of International Women’s Week but many women’s organizations in Toronto, K-W and the surrounding area got an early start with rallies, marches, fests and fairs. The Womyn’s Centre launched International Women’s Week with a lunch time “anti-racism” workshop put on by WPIRG. People who attended discussed issues such as power that comes from privilege and making the necessary links between racism and other forms of oppression such as disablism and sexism. Monday night was the Chinese Medicine and Shiat-su talk and “hands on” workshop. The event was well attended and drew a diverse crowd of women from both the student population and the community. The night began with meditating, stretching and learning techniques that people can do on themselves to relieve stress induced ailments, and then a discussion about the philosophy and practice of Chinese Medicine. The evening ended with women practising what they learned from the Shiat-su demonstrations. I

On Wednesday, March Sth, International Women’s Day, the Womyn’s Centre had an Open House with wine & cheese to celebrate the opening of our new space. Everybody who did not get a chance to visit during that time is welcome to drop by to take a look at our resources. Other events of the week were a viewing and riicrilccinn


the traditional “Feminist Prof Night” , and the play “Les Belles Soeurs” directed by Darlene Spencer. Fabled Cloth was also in the Campus Centre, selling Indonesian batik as a fundraiser for the Womyn’s Centre.

Throughout the week we have displayed a clothesline made up of t-shirts that women around campus have created. After we have displayed the t-shirts here, we are going to send a few to the University of Rochester for their Clothesline Project. The Clothesline will be a visual display of shirts with graphic messages and illustrations that have been designed by female survivors of violence, their families and their friends. They have invited several campuses around the U.S. and Canada to participate. If you are interested in creating a t-shirt for this project please come to the Womyn’s Centre. We have paints and t-shirts. Tonight, Friday March 10th Sandra Butler, who is currently affiliated with the Institute for Feminist Training and the author of&n@racy uf Silence: The Trauma of Incest and Canem in Two Voices, will be speaking. The lecture, which is being held at Siegfried Hall at 7:30pm, is entitled “Feminism and the Politics of Hope” and it will be about the struggles and celebrations of activism and how to maintain a balance in one’s life. This event is being put on by various organizations in the K-W community and the Social Issues Board and Womyn’s Centre here at UW. 1


OH NO, IT’S ONE OF THOSE DARN FEMZNZSTS AGAIN! by Emily Arrowsmith special to Imprint


am so tired of listening to people complain about feminists because their view of feminism seems to be so narrow minded. From my observations, most of their assumptions about feminism and women are untrue. I’d just like to clarify a few things for those who are unaware, confused, or simply dimwitted. 1) Being a feminist does not mean you hate men. 2) Feminists do not think all women’s problems will be solved if all men were castrated. 3) Feminists do not gather at the Women’s Centre to gossip about men. They plan and organize events that will help eliminate discrimination against women through education and awareness. 4) Feminists are not simply exaggerating the issues. Problems do exist and denying the problem will not make it go away. 5) The Impotent was not, and never will be funny - enough said. 6) Just because you’ve never raped someone does not mean you don’t have to take any responsibility in trying to get rid of the inequality and injustice that exists in our society. It is everyone’s responsibility. A chick is 7) Women are not babes or chicks. A babe is an infant. a bird that lives in a barnyard. Obviously, a woman is neither of these two things. 8) All women are unique and each woman has her own specific talents. These talents may include making souffle or designing buildings, and each is equally as valuable 110 matter what the income is. 9) Don’t touch me probably means Don’t touch me. Personal translations of these words are unnecessary. 10) Women who wish to celebrate their womanhood are not freaks of nature and should not be treated as if they are. Being a woman is wonderful and women have every right to celebrate.


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