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-The world-@ous Chevron and “Who pushed me?”






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yell of “Ya-*oo”




Excerpts from the soon-to-be:piblished .I - ,




’ . : ,.-. I_i-

‘- . ‘Waterba’bies Tubing-Manual’ -- \L , -’ \

Once in the tube, thelower back should be resting, on the tube’ proper somewhere around the fourth or fifth lumbar vertebrae.The legs dangle over the other side of the tube {with the- middle hamstring ’ muscles in contact with the tube. The tricep surae also gently rests on the tube. During cold-water action, small discreet releaseof inner pressures (through flatulence) keeps the dangling buttocks warm and prevents cramps in the medial aspect of the gluteus maximus. Uncouth players sometimes try other ways of keeping warm, but in those cases a simple-rule-of-thumb is “never tube close to a participant surrounded by , yellow water”. ’ Indoor tubing should see these warming methods k.ept to a minimum, but when the I game is played on the. open seas, everythinggoes.










With athletics rapidly coming to an end for another season, one sport deserves honorable mention and possibly avote as ‘sport-of-the-yea?. The activity, of course, -is inner-tube ‘waterpolo. ~ After a slow start on the Waterloo campus last fall, the game has caught the attention of. all fun-loving-types. Every Wednesday, the jock natatorium pooi is full of inner-tubes with a lot of weird people paddling around on the, water in search of a single, e,lusive ball. The game is very similar to the standard variety of waterpolo except swimming skill is not a prerequisite and participants are ha-mpered in the rapidity of their movements by a big, black innertube. As is the case with many-activities, the game began in California but quickly spread to Canada. McMaster univesity has a full.;fledged league ,in the sport and it is enjoying avid participationInitially at Mat, the most effective defensive manoeuver was to deflate the opponents tube with a hidden ‘pin, but thatsoon became illegal as the intramural departmt spent half their. ‘waking hours repairing tubes. At the univesity of Waterloo, there are usually fiftyor so participants on Wednesday - night, which is “waterpolo evening” to the involved. ’ Unlike it’s count,erpart-sports like basketball and volleyball, innertube waterpolo is a new and. vibrant activity with no set rules and plays which make the game tedious and frustrating to the uninitiated. In inner-tubing, the participants get into a tube (itself a weird experience) and attempt to get their hands on a ball by paddling around with flailing feet. in a frenzy of churned water. Exerpts from the L waterbaby tubing manual . : . . . . * ,

m _

. H .




ON, MOU-NTIN-G +-tiE TUBE \ 1. -,I_ The actual ‘mounting’ of the tube requires very little skill, but a certain traditional method must be followed to keep in the style of the game. Initially, one does not refer to this action as ‘getting in the tube’ because of the implication the term implies. ‘Mounting’ is the terminology used worldwide. The tube is swished around in the water to ensure that it is lubricated and does not chafe the skin. Thencthe body parts which will be in direct contact with the tube are also lubricated (using the water from the pool, .of course). The ‘doughnut’” -(as the tube is _ sometimescalled by experienced tubers) is placed five’ to six feet away from the‘ edge of the pool-deck,(or ‘ramp’ in outdoor play) and the participant takes a \

The old “back-stabbing”p/oy...veteran to infamous--“ass-to-the-ceiling”

zqeaks posit&.



frying. ‘yah-po’ leap into the tube-hole. Again tradition plays a role here,. ‘yah-oo’ is the necessary shout before leaving the deck or ramp: With .a flying, screaming jump,the legs are raised upward leaving the lower back and buttocks pointing downward for proper insertion. For beginning females, , a more conservative approach may be used. The tube is @aced in the w-aterand a ma\le assistant places his hand under, and ,boosts the feminine participant into the hole. A small thrill is usually experienced by- both but the cold temperatures and, the rapidity of action limits the elatcon to one or two seconds. This mounting action should not l be repeated too much >during the action of. a game ‘but can be -extended during practice. II I

up behindwnsuspecting “* ‘. _

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wraps inner-tube .<

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around his torso, ,. _ e


The approved “ball:under-the-bun hidden ball method”jor carrying the ball, down-pool while fool@ the,tipponents.


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