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The joint-meeting of the old and new student councils, held on March 2, was a refreshing study in contrast. Rick Page’s incumbent government showed only eight members present to transfer power to their successors. Terry



On sunday march 5, an informal meeting of federation council media members, campus representatives, and assorted interested parties met at Shantz Station on highway 7. . The purpose of this meeting was, as council president Terry Moore stated, “to get our heads together, find out where the federationis at, and where it should go.” A bus left the university at eleven thirty in the morning (believe it or not) and the meeting started by general consent at noon. There was no leader (though in effect Terry Moore proved to be) and the only agenda was a printout called “Where do we go from here? ” It dealt with the nominal aims of different departments in the federation and called, for discussion. Topics of conversation ranged from a proposed ecological conference to the suggestion of publishing a literary magazine to appear perhaps twice a year. Of particular interest to many was the idea for a student directory,

Moore’s enthusiastic new council showed up in full force with the one exception being George Greene who is off campus for work term. The meeting was held in the administration’s luxurious board and senate room, doubtless the very place where a decision to fire seven technicians from the biology-chemistry workshop took place. So it goes.

at retreat listing points of interest inthe twincities for frosh and visitors. It has been suggested that the directory appear in a book set together with Professor Kemp’s new publication, “downer and bitchin”. All plans are still tentative and depend heavily on an Opportunities for Youth grant from the government. The rap-retreat eventually disintegrated into many subgroups with a wide variety of subjects. This retreat was not a policy-making meeting, as was pointed out by Terry Moore, but rather a chance for the federation to become internally oriented and provide anyone interested with the opportunity to put forth their ideas and suggestions as to what the priorities of the student government should be. Mr. Moore was gratified at the number of people who turned out and the fresh ideas submitted. The federation has opened the doors wide to student interest and participation. The meeting on ,thursday march 9 was open to the public with an invitation to attend, as will be all future sessions.

Kirk on science morality ‘ Professor David Kirk, in his bomb, when dropped lecture last friday, declared that he had no answers to the questions of morality in science. In fact, he stated that there are probably no good answers to these questions. The social and political aspects of science interest Kirk primarily. He stated that science is not well organized and that statements to this effect are outright lies. Ac’ cidental discoveries account for a greater knowledge increase rather careful, preplanned than methodical work. His feelings contrast sharply with those of Libby who said that one should develop weapons for the sake of having weapons. The atom





on Japan, was a political and a military decision, and ’ apparently, there were possible alternatives that were not taken. At this time, a survey of Americans showed that only about one-fifth had any moral conscience about the mass killings. Twenty-three per cent of the people wanted Japan to be destroyed totally before she had a chance to surrender. Today,. there will be further discussions on morality in science. The discussion will be led by professor Fred Kemp of the psychology department. This will be held in physics 150, 10 : 30 am, today.

Professor David Kirk lectures on morality week’s lecture is by professor Fred Kemp. 267 course, everyone is invited.

in science last Friday. This Although part of the them

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After an introduction of the new councillors the prime business of the meeting was the appointment of Terry Moore’s new executive and ratification of the appointments by the new council. Speaker for the Moore government is John Hooker. He stated that his duties would be to arrange and co-ordinate all meetings; acting as policeman if things got “hairy”. He expressed the desire to do as little actual speaking as possible, hoping rather that things would go smoothly. representative Dave Arts Robertson was selected as vicepresident. Though he has no experience at this type of job he has progressive ideas. He wants to open up the federation workings to the general student population, get more people involved in more activities, and sponsor greater cooperation between faculty societies and the federation. The treasurer appointed was Doug Austrom who will also be an ex officio member of the executive board. Bernie Mohr, president of the psychology society, will head the board of external relations. Caught up in a psychology meeting, mister Mohr brought a peace offering of doughnuts as retribution for his tardiness. Dave Peltz, director for the board of education; ours, announced dissatisfaction with the educational system, claimed that we have student power; finally proposing the use of campus media as an instrument of education .for the student mass.




The board of student activities This new mechanism will be a will be under the control of Paul continuing critical review of Dube. With four years of council federation policy and actions as experience and two years on the well as a neutral liason officer student activities board it was between various organizations and pointed out by Rick Page that the federation. It was emphasized Dube was the only person on by critic Ron Wardell that the campus who could handle the job. position would provide a two-way Due to the availability of talent, feedback between residences, the board of communications and societies, faculty, etcetera and the publications was split into two council. boards. Former respective There was no last meeting of the chevron management. consultant old federation as there was no and staffer Al Lukachko will head quorum. Rick Page ended his term publications, and liason officer Pat as president with a short Kelly from radio Waterloo will look statement, mentioning that there after communications. had been no council meeting since Co-operative services is a new november. He expressed thanks to board, formerly a part of student the members who had shown up activities, , that will co-ordinate faithfully and ended with “luck to such services as the record and the new council.” He said that he food co-ops. Appointee Gerry was impressed with the energy the Hayes assured the council that this new council radiated. new organ will. not affect the The only motion of the evening budget adversely. * was put forth by Luke Aujame. He Head of the new board of student deplored the series of non-quorum grievences is George Greene, a meetings experienced by the late man with vast experience in many council and made a motion’ to the areas of public life. As he is on J effect that, after missing two work term till spring it was ex- meetings without sufficient explained by Terry Moore that cuse, a council member should Greene would give audience and automatically receive a warning act in behalf of individual student message informing him or her complaints, as well as aiding in that, upon missing another liason with faculty, societies, the meeting without excuse, their seat administration, and anyone else in would be forfeit and up for contact with the federation. byelection. The motion was passed There is no nominee for the unanimously. creative arts board as yet. Dave The last item of discussion was Blaney will run the board until the appointment of orientation such time as someone can gain chairman, Phil Rustige. experience in the job and is willing The only announcement of the to take the responsibihty therein. evening stated that the executive The last appointment to be made were sending representatives to was again a new office; federation the Ontario federation of students critic at large. . conference to gather information.

ISATALK: Language of limbo the recommendations, and to reconsider when we receive further information.” (Getting information into a closed meeting++ pretty hard.) Understanding acid freaks and schizophrenics “Oh, well. . .in that ease. . .um. r. ” Except for those bureacrats directly involved, necessitates learning the symbolism of their language; it isn’t plain englishIn the same way, a Integrated Studies is an administrator’s dream. It’s grasp of the normal language does not allow one a. their way of dealing with the madness of university ready understanding of the symbolism of a structures. Drop the “radicals” and “discontents”, the angry-mad and the crazy-mad into a vat of honey: bureaucratic tongue. Of course academic and bureaucratic language is give them a few sweets like a farmhouse, and electronic equipment and a semblance of democracy and obscure : it’s to the advantage of those who use it. they can struggle all they want; they’re out of the For three years the students of Integrated Studies ‘have bounced about in their struggle for power and way and can’t cause trouble in the rest of the university. academic self-determination; rebounding time and again off the marshmallowy words of promise and Integrated Studies could never become a program completely controlled by students without becoming responsibility of the administrative bureaucrats. Each time a foothold of security is reached for, the very dangerous to the administration. Students in the last three years have continually come into conflict steppingstone changes form and sucks limbs and body downwards. with the policies of the university administration and with the society which it serves to perpetuate. The Examples: struggles for the first two years to achieve hiring and firing powers over resource more councils and committees there are that exist are the people ; gaining control of admissions procedures ; between these two poles, the less clearly handling the program’s money ;setting up procedures conflicts seen. It’s the administration that benefits for the granting of degrees: all these items were from the buffer. promised to the students in some or another form of And madness exists on the level of mediation: the schizophrenic position of those who try to deal on one language even before the beginning of the program in 1969. hand with the administration which supports the An attempt is being made to solidify the present structures within which the mediators exist, and, on confusion through the issue of degree-granting. The the other hand, with the students: their friends with senate Council for Integrated Studies, the adwhom they work and learn. The student reps on the ministrative structure closest (?) to the students, has council have been sincerely trying, to do this without refused to recommend to the senate that degrees be mystifying either group, and have consistently failed. granted to Mike Corbett and Roscoe Bell. This has Of course: it’s a humanly impossible thing to acbeen done despite the fact that there was only one complish. , dissenting vote among the board of examiners which The greatest problem in I.S. is that the students spent two to three hours with each candidate. And don’t see through the mystifications to grasp a more enjoyable hours at that. complete view,of Integrated Studies as a department But it is the ambiguity of the motions passed by the of the university which, in turn, is a crucial part of senate council that allows the bureaucracy, in the western society and its contradictions. It is naive to end, to maintain confusion. The ’ senate council the point of impotence to think that bureaucrats, decided that “due to procedural irregularities (they) whose reality is that system,,whose jobs are paid for will not forward (the degree recommendations) to by that structure, will not defend that position against senate at this time.” And that “Corbett and Bell will the changes that are brewing in I.S. be approached to consider re-examination.” The In dealing with structure, you create structure, students looked through the language and interpreted whether you want to or not. The added structure can the motion as meaning that the senate council did not very easily add to the alienation. However, if the want to grant the degrees because they felt that the students are going to develop I.S. into the progressive examination procedures were worthless. They and independent program of learning that was protested that the desires of the council were in originally intended, they must have control of any conflict with those of the rest of the program and was structure between themselves and their adthus deemed unrepresentative. Complicating things ’ ministrators. Shifting the load onto the shoulders of a was the fact that the meeting of the council was held few students is suicidal. Building such a program in camera and closed to the students who were not necessitates the cohesive collective efforts of all reps. Integrated Studies participants. . It’s just as one member rhetorically asked: “Do we But the senate council, when confronted could easily respond : “Our intention is merely to pospone really want to get to know each other?” by steve izma the chevron

friday 10 march 1972 ‘( 12:47)

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recommending an investigation into the feasability of im- plementing a liberal arts and science programme. Sub- sequently, he served on a se...

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