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a team. For those of you Engineers who have not had the opportunity to see the Warriors I would urge you to do so. They are not an extremely tall squad but what they lack in this respect they make up in good speed and accurate shooting. Come out and support the varsity team in the coming season. It’s well worth the effort. But Saturday also saw the J.V.‘s go down to defeat at the hands of Laurentian College of Sudbury by the relatively close score of 55 to 50. Leading scorers for the J.V.‘s were Niziol (14) and Whitey (IO). We wish the J.V.‘s better luck in their next game.

ntion Music A series of recorded musical programmes has been arranged for all students, faculty and others who are interested. They are held every other Sunday afternoon in the Students’ Common Room (Mathematics snd Physics Building), comnencing about 3.00 p.m.



To many people today, the primary cause for the present strife alive in the world is largely due to the workings of the, scientist -that comparatively new creed of individual who, in his own perhaps crude way, has risen into the ranks of the V.I.P. within the past century. Is he today, with his utmost of skills and reasoning, trying to erase all those accomplishments of past generations, merely by the pushing of a button or the pulling of a trigger? Man, with his superior intellect, had his beginning, according to Darwin, by evolution from the ape; and according to the Bible, by the grace of God. From these conflicting initiations, he has slowly advanced, perhaps

mainly by the method of trial and error, to that easily recognizable symbol as ruler of the earth and prober of the universe. However, having taken giant strides in overcoming many of the obstacles of Mother Nature, it seems that while doing so our ‘hero’ has neglected to overcome the obstacles of his own Human Nature. Perhaps that is where he has fallen gravely short.

Located at 193 Albert Street (directly across from Waterloo University College) Renison holds open house from 7.00 - 11.00 p.m. Monday through Friday for students from all campuses in the Twin Cities. Facilities are available for bridge, cribbage, and other card games. There is a good browsing library, and rooms are set aside for individual or group study. The chapel is always open.

Nevertheless, in the past few years those events that have been awe-inspiring and world-shaking, have been of scientific nature, and we, as future graduates into this field of scientific achievement, may be heavily criticised, and even despised, for it is we who shall represent this powerful force, which to the layman has infinite limits and similar possibilities.

“The wise man will hear, and will increase learning; and a man of understanding shall attain unto wise counsels.” T. A. ilZushton


The first programme, featuring THE JAZZ SOLOISTS, was held January 8th. Future programmes will feature music for Brass Instruments, Chamber Music, Folk Songs, Worker’s Songs, Recorded Plays, Jazz Composers. Watch for future announcements of these coming programmes.

Programmes sponsored by the Canterbury Association will be announced from time to time. The faculty of Renison College include : Rev. J. R. Horne, M.A., B.Th. Mr. Horne lectures in philosophy and is presently working on his Ph.D. thesis through Union Theological Seminary and Columbia University. Rev. J. T. McKibbon, B.A., L.Th. Rev. McKibbon is a lecturer in Religious Knowledge. Rev. A. J. Barker, M.A., B.Th. He is a geography lecturer and holds the position of chaplain of Renison College.

For the Anglican students on campus, the following services are held regularly in the Renison College Chapel:

Mr. E. J. Bounsall, M.A., chemistry lecturer, ‘is the proctor of the college and resides there permanently in this capacity.

Communion: 8.00 a.m. Sunday 7.30 a.m. Wednesday

Meeting space is provided for student organizations. Any student group wishing to take advantage of this may do so by contacting Mr. Bounsall at SH Z-0747 any day after 5.00 p.m.

Evensong: 5.15 p.m. Friday


A coffee hour is held every Monday at 4.15. Students and faculty are invited to attend.

A confirmation class is now in progress. It is held every Sunday evening under the direction of the chaplain.

The Canterbury Association, an Anglican students’ group, holds meetings there.

Renison College has something to offer everyone. Drop in often.

SWEENEY’SGROCERY 170 King St. North SH 2-1970 Groceries -- Meats Drugs


I therefore suggest that we, as Engineers, shall have more than just a degree after the date of graduation; for along with those initials, it seems to me we shall receive an obligation to others ---- an obligation of promoting trust and goodwill, of teaching others, and of trying to serve towards that end that is known as peace. For, why shouldn’t we pass on to others that learning and knowledge which has been given to us, plus that which we have discovered for ourselves, that they too might have the chance of living in a world of grace and understanding?


is Renison College?

Renison College is both a spiritual and a recreational centre. Its functions range from being the University of Waterloo’s Anglican seminary to being a friendly battleground for the campus bridge-playing population of Waterloo.



Sports In still another exhibition game the Warriors showed their consistent winning form which everybody hopes they will carry over into the regular league competition against Ryerson this Friday night. The Warriors were victorious over the K-W Seniors by the score of 76 to 47. Leading scorers for the Warriors were Jones (28), Palmer (lo), and Aldridge (9). With such a winning streak going for them, and scores as lop-sided as this one, there is always the danger of overconfidence. Perhaps in this regard I am being too pessimistic because every member of the team has a basketball mind and they play extremely well as


E. FELLNER BARBER SHOP Corner Columbia and Lester Streets



5:00 p.m. Annex



All Interested


Stucfen ts Invited




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