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Survival 101


Are you a survivor? What does this question mean? In this class you learn about some essential life lessons, games and skills. You gain age-appropriate lessons of skills to help you survive in emergencies, outdoor skills and how to create your own outdoor survival kit.

You won’t believe all the interesting little things you’ll find using a microscope. You learn how very small animals live, breathe and function. And you get to practice dissection on food! $154 Instructor: TBA 8410-0013 July 8-19, 9-11am Gr. 9-12, Session II

$99 Peter Couto 8410-0160 Aug 5-9, 11:30am-1:30pm Gr. 6-8, Discovery Camp 4


Design Squad Engineers In this class we use project-based curriculum as the design to present you with challenges that you solve using a creative approach to engineering solutions. Experience engineering through hands-on creative investigation and building activities using everyday materials found at your local convenience store. Envision, design and test your hypothesis. The knowledge gained and the skills built create a strong foundation and curiosity toward further Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) learning in high school and beyond.

The Science of Aviation

Many of us board a plane without understanding what a truly extraordinary experience flight is: suspended 30,000 feet or more in the air, propelled to our destination at close to the speed of sound, and protected from extreme cold and low pressure by the thin skin of the aircraft. We realize it’s complicated, and few of us know how it works. In this class you learn the truly amazing science of flight. $99 Instructor: TBA 8410-0170 Aug 5-9, 2-4pm Gr. 6-8, Discovery Camp 4

The Science of Sports

Sports such as football, soccer, baseball, and golf take a great deal of athleticism, balance, focus and talent. Another important element in sport is science. In many ways sports are reliant on science. A pitcher can throw a curveball based off of the angle or release and how he/she grips the ball. In soccer a kick can be bent on a curve to make it by the goalie. How a kicker kicks the ball directly affects if it gets through the uprights. Golf is all about force, angle and sight. In this class you learn about the physics and science of sport. $99 Instructor: TBA 8410-0150 Aug 5-9, 9-11am Gr. 9-12, Discovery Camp 4

$154 Instructor: TBA 8410-0446 June 17-28, 9-11am Gr. 9-12, Session I

Urban Farming

It’s Electric!

No matter where we live in the city, we can find a place to grow our own food. Learn how community spaces, patio gardening, composting and honey bees play important roles in a city garden.

Get hands-on experience building safe circuits and motors. Learn all about the electrical currents all around you – in your house, your computer and your school.

$154 Peter Couto 8410-0032 July 8-19, 2-4pm Gr. 6-8, Session II

$99 Instructor: TBA 8410-0491 June 24-28, 11:30am-1:30pm Gr. 9-12, Discovery Camp 1


Medical Camp Ready to find out what medical science is really all about? Medical Campers get clinical by learning the basics of CPR and first aid (you will not be certified). You also focus on biotechnology by exploring some possible projects such as your blood type, solving crimes using DNA, dissecting real animal specimens, creating bacterial slides to examine under microscopes, using various medical equipment and implements, and so much more! Explore the many career opportunities available in the medical field through hands-on activities, indepth experiments and possible guest speakers.

Advanced Chemistry Open your eyes to endless possibilities of chemistry in the world around you. If you have taken our chemistry classes in the past, this is the chance to expand upon your knowledge of chemical reactions. $154 Instructor: TBA 8410-0057 July 22-Aug 2, 11:30am-1:30pm Gr. 9-12, Session III

$154 Amanda Nickel 8410-0469 June 17-28, 2-4pm Gr. 9-12, Session I





GRADES 11-12 Scientific Glass Blowing The objective of this course is to learn basic scientific glassblowing hand operations and techniques in a "hands-on" fashion to learn how scientific glassware is made for use in the lab by scientists, researchers and students. Each class period begins with a demonstration by the instructor on how to perform a glassblowing seal and then you practice that seal for the remainder of the class period. Dress Code (will be enforced): Safety glasses must be worn at all times; long hair should be tied back when working around open flame; avoid wearing synthetic clothing that could burn and melt when exposed to flames or hot glass; roll up long sleeves to avoid catching fire; wear cut-resistant gloves to protect you when cutting glass; and wear shoes that cover the entire foot up to the ankle (no sandals allowed). $154 Neal Korflage 8410-0103 July 15-19, 2-4pm Gr. 11-12, Discovery Camp 2 Limit 4 students

All classes held on UWM campus unless otherwise noted.

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School of Continuing Education | College for Kids & Teens Catalog | 2019  

CFK/CFT offers a variety of classes to keep young minds (K5-12) active all summer, including creative arts, humanities/social sciences, lang...

School of Continuing Education | College for Kids & Teens Catalog | 2019  

CFK/CFT offers a variety of classes to keep young minds (K5-12) active all summer, including creative arts, humanities/social sciences, lang...