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ssistant Professor of Biology Jackie Wisinski knew that with continued COVID-19 curriculum complexities, she had an opportunity to change her cell biology course. Instead of a traditional final exam, she offered a final project. Rather than answering exam questions, students explained a rare disease using information presented in class and through primary literature searches. And they chose the format: posters, brochures, newsletters, websites, narrated PowerPoints, narrated Prezi/animations, or even podcasts. For students, the assignment was a cure for ongoing COVID tension.

“I liked being able to choose whatever format we wanted,” says Haley Flood, a junior from Waukesha majoring in biology.

Flood, who graduates in May 2022, expects the project to be more helpful in her career than another test.

She wanted to make a professionallooking website with information conveyed in an easy-to-read manner. She says it was much better than a final exam because it allowed students to demonstrate their learning in a measured, low stress environment.

“This project required dedication, extensive outside research, and exceptional time management skills in preparing for a defined deadline,” she notes. “Continued utilization of these skills will be essential as I work toward and into my career of occupational therapy because, as a tenet, helping patients gain independence is a long-term goal that requires resilience and dedication as a joint effort from the therapist and patient.”

“Having an entire semester to plan, develop and deliver a project in a format individually chosen allows a student to creatively share their passion for what they are learning and how they are learning it,” she explains.

Cell creativity See Emily Mauch’s animated presentation:


Junior Emily Mauch, a biochemistry major from Maple Grove, Minnesota, expects the final project, instead of an exam, will help her in her career when she graduates in 2022.

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