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UW-La Crosse University Centers 2013-14 Annual Report

Director’s Message…… The University Centers staff and students accomplished many great things in 2013-14. We welcomed two new full time staff members, Alex Brown, Fraternity & Sorority Life Adviser; and Andrea (Drea) Higgins, Campus Activities Board Adviser. Preparing for the transition to the new student center and the changes in staffing needs, it was time to move two graduate assistant positions into one additional full time position. The final bid documents have been developed for the new student center. The Student Planning committee was active in making decisions this year, including the process of picking finishes for much of the facility. The groundbreaking for the new student center will occur this fall. This will signal a new chapter for University Centers at UW-La Crosse. The events and programs will continue as we put the final touches on the new “living room” for the campus. The year also included some new programs. A new emphasis on leadership is being developed. One of the first steps was to explore the LeaderShape program and to host our first UW-La Crosse LeaderShape Institute session, partnering with LeaderShape, Inc., from Champaign, Illinois. Sixty-two students met during spring break at Sugar Creek Camp in Ferryville, WI. Students explored being authentic leaders.

The Campus Activities Board (CAB) had a successful year. Approximately 10,250 people attended CAB events during 2013-14. Some significant programs included Soledad O’Brien (Distinguished Lecture Series), the University of Wisconsin-MadHatters, Winona LaDuke, and the Polynesian Paradise Dancers. Our dining program continued to provide some challenges. A change of leadership occurred during spring semester. Participation averaged 71%. Some other highlights of the year included: • • • • • • • •

Emily O’Connor, Event Support, was named Student Employee of the Year A total of 11,527 event reservations were made in Cartwright Center and 8,453 reservations in academic facilities with a total of 33,709.97 hours of service by the Event Services staff. The Pride Center reached over 7,000 people with programming, panels, and trainings. A Sustainability Mission and Vision statement was created. A Farmers Market was held weekly in the fall as an initiative by the Students for Sustainability. A Green Fund allocation for LED lights in the new student center was approved. 187 student organizations continued to be active on campus, with 11 organizations gaining official university recognition throughout the year. A Trafsys people counting/customer tracking system was installed on the north west doors of Cartwright Center. 313,536 people entered Cartwright Center through this entrance throughout the year.

First Floor – Service Desk and Stairway Leading to Lower Level

Second Floor – Student Organizations Suite

Entertainment Café

Second Floor – Student Senate Chambers

St udent s Fa cult y/S Outs ide g

- 3942

ta ff - 2219

roups - 99

N on-Acad em De partm e ic nts -1203

UW-La Crosse Student Employee of the Year

Emily O’Connor

When I first applied for a job at University Centers as a freshman, I did not know what I was getting myself into. I expected to find a job similar to the ones that I have had in the past: I go in, do my work, and leave, nothing special, nothing extraordinary. However, working for University Event Support has been anything but that. After just a short time with Event Support, I have grown in ways that I never thought possible, learned things that I never thought I would, and met countless extraordinary people. Coming to college, I was fairly shy and reserved. I often kept to myself and was definitely not one to take charge, especially in new situations. Working with Event Support has changed this drastically. Each event that I work brings new challenges to face and problems to overcome. I’ve learned to communicate more effectively to those in charge, to customers, and to my coworkers.

Improving my public speaking and communication skills is invaluable both during college and life after college, and I can honestly say I would not be at the point that I am if it had not been for working with Event Support. One of my favorite things about working with Event Support is the amount of things that I get to learn each and every time that I come to work. Whether the event set-up is for a five-piece band or a single speaker with a PowerPoint, there is something that I learn with every event. My favorite thing about learning all of this knowledge, however, is the ability to share it with my coworkers. After I learn something new, it doesn’t help many people if I am the only person that knows it. By sharing what I know with the people that I work with, they then share what they know with me, ultimately creating a stronger staff team and better overall work on events. It is the people that make this job truly one-of-a-kind and I am honored to be a part of such an amazing aspect of the UW-L campus.

187 Recognized Student Organizations 332 events uploaded to MyOrgs 167 Fundraisers 285 efforts to promote Inclusivity 273 slides were displayed on the Whitney Digital signs

Student Learning in Organizations Student Comments - Learned as a result of being a leader in a student organization: How to be a leader and to lead by example. The power to delegate and motivate. What it means to be a team player. Gained deep understanding of racial/ethnic oppression.

Graduation 96 organizations had 1-5 students graduate. 26 organizations had 6-10 students graduate. 10 organizations had 11-15 students graduate.

Resolutions For the first time in years, every senate and executive seat was contested and filled during the election!


percent of Student Association Members believe that they have developed new leadership skills and abilities. percent of Student Association Members believe that they have learned to look at a situation from many perspectives percent of Student Association Members believe that they a better understanding for the differences in people. percent of Student Association Members understand their part in the community because of Student Association.

Student Association Fall 2013

“I have learned that it is possible for more than one person to be right about something.” “I have learned that I need to put myself in other people’s shoes to be able to understand where they are coming from.”

Student Voting Participation

Recreational Eagle Center Expansion: 87% Student Approval “Too often we surround ourselves with people who are just like us, this does not allow us to grow. By communicating with others (even just in the Senate) I was able to start seeing issues from different Student Association perspectives, ones I had not considered before.” Constitution Changes: 92% Student Approval “Instead of vilifying those that I disagree with, I have learned to seek the ways in which we agree versus Responsible Action Policy: 95% how we disagree.” Student Approval “Everyone has a different past and that affects how they see things and problem solve”

“I have really tried to focus on how students affect the community and how the community affects us.”

Bonding: Senate Style Student Senators take an leap and try out the sport Curling - some for the very first time! Led by former curling star, Senator Bennett, the group had a great time learning, competing, laughing and having a great time!

Faculty & Staff Appreciation Day Organized by Student Association’s Public Relations Director, Samantha Finley, students spent a lunch hour this spring semester making Root Beer Floats for those professors who “Float our Boat!”

City Parking Engagement Student Senators encouraged students to turn out and give their opinion on the new parking changes proposed by the city. Many Student Senators, Student Association members and students spoke their opinion in front of City Council and community members and local media!


Student Senators and Directors stood out by the Clock tower on a wintry day asking students what changes they would like to see on campus! Senators took these ideas and are working on turning those ideas into realities.

Finals Coffee Run

Student Senate spent a lot of time reaching out to constituents this year and one time even ran around coffee on the electric truck during those long finals days!

The Transition

between incoming Student Association President Kaylee Otterbacher and outgoing President Nick Bezier.

2013-14 Leadership

(L to R): Adviser Tarra Bourgeois, President Nick Bezier, Adviser Larry Ringgenberg, Vice President Riley Karlstrand and Adviser Alex Brown.

Pride Center Mission

Pride Center Collaborations

The Pride Center shall foster a safe environment for LGBTIQQAA students, faculty, and staff, educate the campus and community on issues and advocate for student success and inclusivity. (Draft Fall 2012)

Rainbow Unity The Pride Center works closely with Rainbow Unity and Transform. Together they worked with several other & Transform campus members. Campus Activities Board

Highlights & Points of Pride 7,000 Students were reached by the Pride Center in 2013-14 through programming, panels, trainings, one-on-one meetings and events.

26 27

LGBTQA+ panels that students spoke in during the fall semester. LGBTQA+ panels that students spoke in during the spring semester.

We partnered with the Campus Activities Board (CAB) in fall to bring the I <3 Female Orgasm Program to campus. Every December we partner with Black Student Unity (BSU) to provide the campus community with a World AIDS Program and free HIV/AIDS testing. In spring we worked with many campus members

WGS Dept., including: Womenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Gender and Sexuality Studies, OMSS, English, Office of Multicultural Student Services, English Campus Climate Department and Campus Climate & Diversity to bring author and activist Kate Bornstein to campus. and Diversity Unfortunately, Ms. Bornsteinâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s cancer returned and she had to cancel.

Pride Center Highlights The Pride Center collaborated with Career Services and sent eight students to the OUT for Work Conference in Chicago again this year. 30 students went to the Midwest BLGTA College Conference in St. Louis, MO. This is the largest delegation UW‐L had sent thus far. This was a collaborative experience with the Office of Residence Life!

The 2014 Drag Show had more than 500 people in attendance. Student’s raised $1,300 in tips for the AIDS Resource Center Wisconsin and $155.00 for Transform.

2014 was the first year the Sara Sullivan LGBTQ Study Abroad Scholarship was given out. This year’s recipient is Jessica Furrer. Nic Johnson received the Eagle Pride Scholarship for a returning student and Kaitlyn Rago (not pictured,) for incoming first year student.

FRATERNITY & SORORITY LIFE (FSL) Collaborations The FSL Strategic Planning committee was formed. Members includes Fraternity & Sorority Life students, unaffiliated students, faculty, staff, organization advisers, and alumni representatives.

FSL Members at LeaderShape

Frater & Sorority Life hosted a series of focus groups on campus to gain a broader perspective, promoting heavily to residence hall councils to encourage students to participate.

Year-End Reviews Foundâ&#x20AC;Ś.. 92% of students felt they developed and are more confident in their leadership abilities 89% shared that they have learned to look at things from multiple perspectives 93% of students recognize the importance of service to their communities 92% better understand and appreciate the differences between people 93% of students appreciate the importance of my education and lifelong learning

The Panhellenic Council volunteering at Self Appreciation Week hosted by Broadening Horizons


Members of Chi Phi at their Sara’s Softball philanthropic fundraiser.

The “Meet the Greeks” ice cream social and information presentation brought in over 100 non-affiliated students. Service and philanthropic giving continued to be a focus for the community, participating in over 3,000 hours of service and raising over $13,500 for various charities!

Members were recognized for The governing councils brought together roughly 20 new members from the community to participate in a their service at Delta Sigma Phi’s founders’ Day Celebration 3-4 hour long low & high ropes course to build community and strengthen relationships with the participants.

A new bylaw was created that requires organizations to host a minimum of one program on inclusive excellence, diversity, or social justice. The Panhellenic sororities hosted an open house which brought in over 70 non-affiliated women to learn about how to join a sorority and what to expect when going through recruitment. The Hoeschler Clock Tower at Alpha Xi Delta’s “Light it up Blue”

Our mission is to provide events and programs to students that will support qualities of volunteerism, leadership, and integrity. These efforts, in collaboration with UW-L and the La Crosse community, will encourage both diversity of experience and empowerment within the student body and each individual.

The Involvement Fest encourages everyone to find a place to belong at UW-La Crosse and the La Crosse community!

New Location this year! 82 registered users. 698 door swipes (number of times student(s) entered the pantry).

Resource for any and all

students who are in need of food itemsno questions asked!

Collaboration with the Hunger Task Force in La Crosse.

Co-hosted a program called â&#x20AC;&#x153;A Place at the Table,â&#x20AC;? a documentary addressing issues of hunger in the United States.

Food collection

program with Residence Life May 2014


collected four vanloads of food. . two Share-A-Meal programs with the UW-La Crosse Dining

Services/Sodexo and generous UW-La Crosse students on meal plans

Quick Facts:

Make a Difference Day is a nationally recognized event. UW-La Crosse students volunteered in the La Crosse community for the day in Collaboration with Friends and Family Weekend.


MARCH 2014

To transform the Leadership Culture at UW-La Crosse and the world by increasing the number of people who lead with integrity. This institute strives to create “a just, caring, thriving world” where all lead with integrity and a “healthy disregard for the impossible.”

This was our first UW-La Crosse LeaderShape Institute session, partnering with LeaderShape, Inc., from Champaign, Illinois. LeaderShape is a six day immersion program that inspires students to “live and lead with integrity and have a healthy disregard for the impossible.” 62 students participated in the session which took place at Sugar Creek Bible Camp in Ferryville, Wisconsin, during Spring Break from March 14-19, 2014. All 62 students created a vision for action along with action steps to start the process of accomplishing their vision.

ONE SUCCESS STORY IN ACTION: Peter Molnar’s vision: “My vision is to end the starvation and poor living standards of families in all European Countries”

HOW I AM MAKING THIS A REALITY: “I realized that there is great potential and I could continue doing missions in this Romanian gypsy ghetto and in the long run I might be able to help more than just one or two families. This became my vision through LeaderShape and I know and I believe that potentially we might be able to change the lives of not just one or two families but the living standards could rise up and the ghetto could transform into a normal European village. This summer I will to continue the mission in Szekelyhid, Romania. La Crosse Christian Church was able to raise enough funds again to provide the necessary money for building a full house. I will be travelling down to Romania with friends on July 20th to build another house. I look forward to serving the gypsy community of Szekelyhid, Romania again.”

“Until this experience, I had the mindset that I would not make a big difference in the world….No one has ever pushed me so hard and asked me to dig deep to find out what my passions are. Even I have never been so hard on myself.”

“Living a life of integrity presents a big reward. It allows you to pursue your dreams because integrity is essential to what you are passionate about.”

“Vision planning…made me identify my core values and question my practice of those values, but this taught me the valuable lesson of monitoring my integrity and “walking my talk.” “I was vulnerable in opening up my heart and telling people my vision. I was mentally stretched in a positive way and it made me confident in telling others my true passions in life.”

“I learned that we are not only capable, but responsible for making the world a better place.”

“The meaning of integrity, doing what you say you will, and the great emphasis on this idea forced me to evaluate myself, my values, and my passions.”

“LeaderShape…has given me a purpose and the fuel to cause positive change in the world and communities I reside in.” “I am not the same person as I was when I started all of this; and with more knowledgeable and inspired people in this world, I believe we can make this a better place.” “LeaderShape has given me a…vision that I have the capability of reaching, a possibility of making a change in this world, through challenging what is and looking to what could be.”


The University Centers Leadership and Involvement Center is proud to have collaborated with the campus organizations and departments listed below to make the first UW-La Crosse LeaderShape Institute Session possible. Additionally, nine UW-La Crosse faculty and staff served as Family Cluster Facilitators or On-Site Coordinators and four community members served as Guest Leaders. Office of Residence Life Student Association Campus Activities Board The College of Business The School of Education Athletics International Education Career Services Veteran Student Association

Campus Climate and Diversity Office of Multicultural Student Services The Colleges of Health and Science The College of Liberal Studies The Division of Student Affairs Rec Sports Womenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Studies Students Advocating Potential Ability


Cartwright Center Traffic Report Northwest door equipped with a person counter. Installation , September 2013 (9/29/13 actual counting began) Average counts- over 12,000 per academic week. Fall semester- 135,718 Spring semester- 177,818 Primary traffic is MondayFriday

Anderson, Rita Aleckson, Tricia Alt, Jamie Arentz, Sam Barton, Mark Borgen, Jon Bourgeois, Tarra Brown, Alex Curran, Cindy Daniel, Karen Dobson, Leeann Falch, Stephanie Goede, Tina

Hamann, Rob Hedge, Whitney Hetzel, Carmen Higgins, Drea Holm, Heather Jorstad, Brian Langteau, Dave Lee, Tev Marshall, Bill Miller, Ken Montilino, Gina Neitzel, Rebecah Novak, Karen

Richter, Jaralee Ringgenberg, Larry Schmitz, Jeff Slevin, Michael Spivey, Shaundel Swanson, Cindi Thorson, Libby Turonie, Jason Vahala, Mary Beth Van Roosenbeek, Will Wilson, Bob Yang, Tou

University Centers also employed approximately 100 student employees during 2013-14.

UW-La Crosse University Centers 2013-14 Annual Report  

University of Wisconsin-La Crosse University Centers 2013-14 Annual Report

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