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ABOUT THE UVVISIONS TEAM ____________________________________________________

Blurps About UV -

Full name is Lluvia (you-vee-uhh) which is Spanish for rain LOVES soccer (sports in general) Adores her furbabies (Onyx- Lab Boxer mix, Sombra - Chihuahua) Handles all editing + correspondences with clients Obsessed with her nephew Santi Dreams of travelling the world LOVES I Love Lucy and Enjoys antique shopping Favorite color is Sapphire Blue Captures clients interacting with one another and their surroundings Her Birthday is 09/15/1989 while Jorge’s is 09/14/1990 (yes she’s older)

Blurps About Thee Jorge Lopez - UV’s 1st nickname for Jorge was J.Lo (Jorge Lopez) - UV + Jorge met playing soccer, a sport they both Love - Enjoys playing Frisbee with their LabBoxer Onyx and sleeping with their Chihuahua Sombra - Always wears his camera harness called The Moneymaker - Dreams of travelling to Spain to watch a Barcelona game - Hopes to one day have a 69 Camaro - Enjoys Kayaking, Hiking, Biking and working-out in the garage - Favorite all time TV Show is Drangon Ball Z - Shoots very artsy, candid moments

PORTRAIT PACKAGE DETAILS I_________________________________________________________________________________ t’s a rather long read, but extremely worth it We charge $150-$250 for portrait sessions. The session is either 30 mins to 1 hour at a location of your choice within a hour drive time (every hour pass is an additional $50). A $50 deposit is required to book any session. The remainder would then be due at the time of the shoot.

on). However, more than that many individuals within the one hour session can get difficult. We therefore charge more when groups are larger than 5-6 individuals. If that’s the case with your session, just let me know how many individuals total and I can provide a quote.

The 1 hour sessions can include the option of two outfits. One casual, one formal, one themed, one holiday related, etc.

The way we deliver your images is via a virtual gallery (dvds and cds are ancient forms of technology now). The gallery comes with a download pin that allows you to download all high-res images straight to your computer. You can then send them to print vendors for printing. (For more about our virtual gallery provider, read page 9 {Pixieset}).

Regarding image amount, Industry Standards are to deliver 50 images per hour, however we seem to always deliver more! We typically deliver around 80-100 images per hour session. I just love editing so I go a bit crazy :) With that said, Industry Standards are to delivery collections 1 week after the session, however I average at 3 days after. A hour session allows for us to capture a variety of poses and shots within multiple areas of your location-choice. However, if you just need one good family picture and several good solo shots, then the 30 minute session may accommodate you more. As for person count, the average family size is 5-6 people. I can easily shoot 5-6 people within a 30min-1hr session (which includes groupings of: just parents, just kids, entire family, just mom/dad with kids, and so 4

For local printing, we highly suggest Costco lustre prints OR you can order your prints directly from your gallery which would deliver your images from the best professional printing vendor out there! You can also order amazing canvases from your gallery! So you have the option of printing through whichever you prefer. To see sample Galleries, go to: In the Pixieset Gallery site, you will also find sample locations to consider for having your session at. Can’t wait to get you in front of out camera!!



children HS seniors

families announcements


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THE SIMPLE BEAUTY OF PIXIESET We live in an incredibly connected world. Calling a friend on the phone on another continent, talking on Skype with our college roommate or reading the Facebook wall of a friend we haven’t seen since high school is so normal that we’ve forgotten how just ten years ago we didn’t have iPhones, iPads or even Facebook. One of the major benefits of being so connected is that we can now share images of our lives with the ones we love... instantly. Pixieset is a photo sharing solution that was created for professional event and portrait photographers that “Shoot & Share”. When your event’s images have been fully-edited, a collection of your photos will be uploaded to the Pixieset cloud to your unique Pixieset gallery and you will receive a url where you can view, download, share and order prints on any computer, tablet, or smartphone device that has internet access. To share your images with family and friends you simply share your unique Pixieset url with them and they too can view, download, share and order prints of your images. Pixieset does allow for your unique url to be password protected at your request. In addition, downloading and printing can be turned off if you prefer... all you have to do is ask me. Your Pixieset gallery will be active for one year. You do have the option to renew your Pixieset gallery in order to keep your images safely stored on the cloud for a small fee that you can pay directly to Pixieset. Professional lab quality prints can be ordered directly within your Pixieset gallery and basic shipping is always a flat rate of $7. Pricing for Pixieset prints is as follows per print: 4 x 6 = $3 5 x 7 = $4 8 x 10 = $6 To see sample Galleries, go to: | 9


. . . any of these album options can be added to a package price on the next page . . . 10 | The Bride’s Guide

displays strong rigid pages

leather cover

metal cover

crystal cover linen with a cameo image cover


8 x 11 displays album binding


| The Bridal Guide


HIRING UVV ISIONS If you haven’t already booked us, and are interested in having us shoot your upcoming portrait session, please contact me (UV) to discuss the details of your session. We accept a limited number of sessions each year. We do this in order to maintain a balance between our personal and professional lives by keeping our focus on our faith, relationship, family and business; in that order. This also allows us to provide high-end service to all of our clients. We do not accept every portrait session we are asked to photograph as we believe it is important that we are a good match for each of our clients and vice versa. In addition to portrait photography we offer editorial, event and wedding photography services to a small selection of clients. Complete pricing is available by request.

C O N TA C T U V 916.320.1644

F O R S PA N I S H O N LY C O N TA C T J o r g e 916.949.2981

BOOKING + PRICING DETAILS BOOKING PROPOSAL + QUESTIONNAIRE After a date, time and location has been chosen, a Once you have comepleted the booking proposal, booking proposal email will be emailed out to you. you are booked, YAY!! Your portrait session date The proposal will ask for you to: and time is taken off of our availability list, and we’re enter your contact information, fill-in a portrait sesyours. sion questionnaire, pay the $50 booking deposit A reminder/confirmation email will be sent out 24hrs and to accept your session package. prior to your session to confirm we’re still on. PAYMENT OPTIONS + REQUIREMENTS In the booking proposal, your portrait package will be listed - depending upon what package you requested. The remainder of the package (-$50 booking deposit) is always due at the end of the portrait session.

We ask for this payment to be issued in either Cash (preferred) or Check to Lluvia Escobar. If you need to pay via Credit, such can be discussed prior to session date.


| The Portrait Guide 13

Jorge + UV Lopez 916.320.1644

uvVisions Portrait Guide  

The uvVisions Portrait Guide is an informative booklet that guides potential clients as to what uvVisions offers in regards to portrait sess...

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