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Blurps About Thee Jorge Lopez - UV’s 1st nickname for Jorge was J.Lo (Jorge Lopez) - UV + Jorge met playing soccer, a sport they both Love - Enjoys playing Frisbee with their LabBoxer Onyx and sleeping with their Chihuahua Sombra - Always wears his camera harness called The Moneymaker - Dreams of travelling to Spain to watch a Barcelona game - Hopes to one day have a 69 Camaro - Enjoys Kayaking, Hiking, Biking and working-out in the garage - Favorite all time TV Show is Drangon Ball Z - Shoots very artsy, candid moments - Strong passion for travel, cars, and of course, photography

We love to travel! Blurps About UV -

Full name is Lluvia (you-vee-uhh) which is Spanish for rain LOVES soccer (sports in general) Adores her furbabies (Onyx- Lab Boxer mix, Sombra - Chihuahua) Handles all editing + correspondences with clients Obsessed with her nephew Santi Dreams of travelling the world LOVES I Love Lucy and Enjoys antique shopping Favorite color is Sapphire Blue Captures clients interacting with one another and their surroundings Her Birthday is 09/15/1989 while Jorge’s is 09/14/1990 (yes she’s older) and considers herself the most blessed person she knows...


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BABY SESSION DETAILS I_________________________________________________________________________________ t’s a rather long read, but extremely worth it Thank you for choosing uvVisions for your photography needs. Basically we offer several infant session options: Hospital Sessions, In-Home Lifestyle Sessions, OR Destination Sessions. The differences between the above sessions, package options, and other details, can be found on the next several pages. OKAY, now, prior to proceeding, please know that Jorge and UV consider themselves not to be newborn photographers. That is different art form that they have yet to venture into. All of the newborns in this guide have been captured in a portrait style called, Newborn Lifestyle photography. What’s the difference between Newborn and Infant Sessions? Newborns need to be captured 7days or younger. Reason being, they’re still extremely flexible, always sleeping and not cranky. At this young age they can be posed into those “pinterest-y” type positions. Instead, UV will lay them, and capture them as they are, new in the hospital, or resting in their home, your arms, their nursery, etc. Regarding image amount, Industry Standards are to deliver 30-50 images per hour. We typically deliver double that amount for in-home lifestyle and hospital sessions! We typi6

cally deliver around 100-150 images We just love what we do, so we go a bit crazy :) More for you to enjoy and cherish! The way we deliver your images is via a virtual gallery (dvds and cds are ancient forms of technology now). The gallery comes with a download pin that allows you to download all high-res images straight to your computer. You can then send them to print vendors for printing. (For more about our virtual gallery provider, read page 19 {Pixieset}). About a week after the session, we will upload + deliver the entire Collection. To see sample Galleries, go to: HOW TO BOOK: After a date, time and location has been chosen, a booking proposal will be emailed out to you. The proposal will ask for you to: enter your contact information, fillin a portrait session questionnaire, pay a $50 booking deposit and to accept your chosen package. **The deposit is non-refundable in the case of a date change.** A reminder/confirmation email will be sent out 24hrs prior to your session to confirm we’re still on.

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HOSPITAL VISITS DETAILS These sessions are always heavily cherished! (They also receive some of the most “Likes” around because it’s just such an exciting moment that everyone wants to be apart of)! So what do hospital visit session consist of? Well allow me break it down... First off, it’s always only one photographer. The rooms are tiny, TINY! So the fewer the people, the better. But trust me one photog capturing moments in this instance is enough. Now, there is the option of capturing the birth or arriving after the birth by several hours and capturing all that jazz. Visiting hours effect which option is for you. Who knows when you’re going to give birth - what day, what time? If you pop in the middle of the night, when visitors aren’t allowed, then Birth Photos aren’t an option, obvi. BUT that is totally okay! The After-Birth Photos are just as impactful and memorable as capturing the birth itself. So here’s the dealio for Hospital Visit Sessions: I will get notified when Mama’s at about 8cm dilated IF it is during visiting hours. If it isn’t, notify me that Mama’s going into labor, what hospital you’re at, and the earliest of visiting hours. I will then show up first thing in the morning to capture the After-Birth Photos. If labor occurs during visiting hours, once you tell me the hospital, I will show up ready to rumble. I will then be designated a corner where I must stand and not move from during the birth. I stand in a corner aligned with your head. This makes it so you have complete privacy and I can’t see anything except for everyone’s reactions. Once the baby is out, I will follow the nurse whom will weigh, measure, and clean your little one. After that, I just capture the bonding moments with the baby. NOW, actually.. let me first say I am an overly honest, open-book of a person. Okay, NOW let me get into the not so fun stuff. I actually prefer capturing After-Birth photos. Let me tell you why: births are unpredictable. At this point in life, I have seen it all; it takes A LOT to gross or freak me out. However, if something happens, I don’t want to make my clients feel uncomfortable. So, there are instances where Mama pees/poops while pushing, tears and requires stitches, there is always an interesting smell and so on. I AM AWARE OF ALL THIS AND DON’T MIND IT, but I know that some don’t consider it and then regret me being a witness when it happens. Also, there are some emergency cases where the umbilical cord is wrapped around the neck, or there are signs of an infection and the newbie is rushed to NICU, etc. So, please consider all this when considering Birth Hospital Sessions. Okay, back to the fun stuff. Hospital Visits consist of many different poses and groupings: Mommy, Daddy and Baby poses, Mommy and Baby, Daddy and Baby, and a lot of solo baby images. I will also capture your lil’newbie with any family or friends that visit while I’m there. WITH THIS SAID you don’t want to ask people to arrive right when I get there. You want people to show up towards the later end of me being there. Or if they arrive early without knowing about the session, totally fine! However, it’s best to ask them to hang-tight outside while we capture the images you want first. Then I will gladly invite people in for photos with your lil’angel :) Phewww, think I covered most of it. Feel free to ask my any questions that arise that weren’t answered.


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Newborn Lifestyle


Time to discuss Newborn Lifestyle Sessions. Before discussing the process, the packages, the details, I want to nip a few things in the butt... PROPS! Everyone asks about props! I will gladly admit that Jorge and I are not big into props. We have attended so many photography classes, workshops and other educational outlets and all photogs agree, we can’t wait for props to be a thing of the past. YES! So staged images are cute and cherishable. However, it definetly does not Make an image what it is, but it certainly can Break an image. With props, the baby most times needs to be asleep in order for things to hold in place, and so on. That’s a lot of stress, especially if the baby is wide awake enjoying the shoot with us. With that said, to the right is a page of some subtle props that I have and don’t mind bringing. Also, feel free to provide your own props for me to dig through during the session. The baby’s staged, solo shots will only consist of about 15mins of the session. 12 | The Bride’s Guide

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LIFESTYLE SESSION DETAILS For Newborn Lifestyle sessions, I (or we) capture your little angel in your home, in his/her nursery, in your arms, with his/her siblings and/or your furbabies, around your house, etc. It’s a more realistic depiction of your babies lifestyle. The typical stylized newborn photography is not what this is. Stylized newbie photography is done in a studio setting with a photographer that typically ONLY CAPTURES newborns and/or maternity. Don’t get me wrong, we think that stylized newborn photography is absolutely beautiful! It is simply not our art of choice. If you’re interested in having your baby bundled up into coily poses, we may not be the right fit. That type of photography ranges from 3-4hrs for $500 to $1,000 and like I mentioned, are taken in-studio. When taking solo shots of your newbie, I will wrap him/her up, surround him/ her with subtle props, and shoot away! But my process allows them to be their uncontrollabe newbie selves and even be awake! I do photoshop out baby acne and fingernail cuts upon request for no extra charge. Why do I only do it upon request? Because I don’t want to adjust any lil thing about your precious baby unless you want me to do so. Also note that this session will be exhausting! This I can promise you. You will be stressed out because the baby isn’t sleeping, won’t hold a pose, the older sibling(s) won’t smile, the dog is acting all crazy, you feel fat, your significant other is loosing patience, so on and so forth. JUST KNOW IT ALWAYS TURNS OUT! I roll with punches and now exactly what to do and say in multiple circumstances. All in all, I promise this session will be fun, full of laughs, and beyond cherishable.


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THE SIMPLE BEAUTY OF PIXIESET We live in an incredibly connected world. Calling a friend on the phone on another continent, talking on Skype with our college roommate or reading the Facebook wall of a friend we haven’t seen since high school is so normal that we’ve forgotten how just ten years ago we didn’t have iPhones, iPads or even Facebook. One of the major benefits of being so connected is that we can now share images of our lives with the ones we love... instantly. Pixieset is a photo sharing solution that was created for professional event and portrait photographers that “Shoot & Share”. When your event’s images have been fully-edited, a collection of your photos will be uploaded to the Pixieset cloud to your unique Pixieset gallery and you will receive a url where you can view, download, share and order prints on any computer, tablet, or smartphone device that has internet access. To share your images with family and friends you simply share your unique Pixieset url with them and they too can view, download, share and order prints of your images. Pixieset does allow for your unique url to be password protected at your request. In addition, downloading and printing can be turned off if you prefer... all you have to do is ask me. Your Pixieset gallery will be active for one year. You do have the option to renew your Pixieset gallery in order to keep your images safely stored on the cloud for a small fee that you can pay directly to Pixieset. Professional lab quality prints can be ordered directly within your Pixieset gallery and basic shipping is always a flat rate of $7. Pricing for Pixieset prints is as follows per print: 4 x 6 = $3 5 x 7 = $4 8 x 10 = $6 To see sample Galleries, go to: | 19


is to make it into your home

PRINT YOUR IMAGES! I cannot emphasize this enough.

We live in a world where everything is digital. Everything digital is important and expensive - phones, TVs, tablets, laptops, computers, cameras, etc. Technology is forever evolving and these devices are forever upgrading. Things you can watch, read, “Like,” virtually on these devices send endorphins throughout your system instantly making you feel good. However, when it’s virtual, it’s a sensation that can occur for just that moment . After it’s gone from your screen, it’s gone. So how can we make this sensation last? How can we share these moments with our kids, friends, family forever? BY PRINTING IT. Turn it into an album or canvas, or frame it and put it by your bed. That way, throughout the day, whenever you glance at it, you can fill with the memories, smells, emotions and of course, the endorphins that the image provides. OF COURSE we love that printing our work and displaying it in your home is like Free Advertising. I mean, duh! But that is in all honesty just a plus. There are so many other reasons why you should print your images. And not just print them, but print them through us. Allow me to explain why in a gist: • Where are your images from your first camera-capable cellphone? Or even your 2nd cell? Uh huh. Digital storage is hard to maintain (trust me I know). You paid your hard earned cash-money for these images, keeping them should be high priority! To help you save your memories, you can purchase a personalized USB case with a 16g USB that contains all your images from your session on the USB. 16g’s is wayyyy more than you will need for your session. It allows for you to upload images from future sessions to this same USB. It is packaged in a case that is the size of a CD case - now that’s easy to maintain and hard to lose. • Albums are life! They are gorgeous, luxurious and look stunning on any coffee table. Best part about designing and album is: all images chosen for the album get Photoshopped (PS). Clients for some reason assume that PS is included with session bookings. That is not the industry standard and only lower-end photographers freely PS. PSing is quoted upon request at a per image basis. HOWEVER when ANY PRODUCT is purchased, those images are PSed and perfected. Even in a 30+ multi-image album. Why? Well you must love these images and your doing your part as a client by investing in maintaining the memory for life. So, PSing it to your liking is the least we can do. • Wall collages are amazing! They really make a house feel like a home. Again, any images printed for a wall collage or any wall art is PSed so that it’s ready to be blown up and displayed proudly. • Here’s some photog logic... Okay there are a ton of photog’s out there for cheaper, yet you chose us at our price point to capture your session. We are definitely not cheap and land just above average. Why take our work, the art that you paid for, and take it to Walmart, Target, Costco...? They’re not printing vendors. They’re not specialist. They are the cheapest way to purchase prints, yes. And for a reason - their printers aren’t perfectly calibrated, their prints aren’t reviewed by pros before delivery, their images aren’t cropped or realigned to be just so. Our printing vendors do all that and more! Yes, it is at a greater cost. But if we were worth the greater costs, wouldn’t a PSed image by us be worth just as much? I will leave you will that much food for thought. It is my duty as a pro-photog to offer pro-photog advice.

“ photography is about capturing memories and souls, not smiles �

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take pictures

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leather cover

metal cover

crystal cover linen with a cameo image cover


8 x 11 displays album binding


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