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Taste of Place A Vermont Agency of Agriculture Initiative in partnership with the University of Vermont

Understanding Vermont’s food

traditions and how they continue today

Developing products that represent these traditions through unique taste, unique history and unique quality

Fostering an appreciation of the Taste of Place for consumers

Telling the story of Vermont food

Place-based marketing for Vermont products

Taste of Place

is a concept that captures many of the things that define our state’s character: farming communities, strong rural traditions, and the belief that it does matter where your food comes from. Taste of Place is an idea that values the ways foods can reflect the natural environment in which they are raised, the intersection of nature with human production practices, and the cultural context in which production decisions are made. The Agency of Agriculture is working with partners around the state to review and evaluate how other states, regions, and countries use “terroir� and designation systems to promote and protect agricultural products and the working landscape. You can be part of the discussion!

VERMONT’s TAKE ON “terroir”

Why now?

The energy of the local food movement and national recognition of Vermont quality make it the perfect time to embrace our opportunity to stand apart.

How YOU can get involved

A series of working meetings is being convened this fall to develop recommendations for place-based designations in Vermont. We welcome farmers, producer groups, researchers, and policy makers to join the discussion. For more information, contact Jessica Hyman at the University of Vermont Center for Rural Studies,, 802.656.9897.

What Taste of Place can do for Vermont

Pursuing a Vermont version of terroir adds another strategy to Vermont’s efforts to support economically viable farming models outside of the commodity system. Primary goals of this initiative are to: • Create producer-driven tools to protect and market unique food products, including establishing a recognized premium value for these products. • Create new ways to promote and preserve Vermont’s working landscape. • Identify and strengthen a cultural identity around food that is deeper than a brand, but that, like a brand, returns an economic value to our local products.

How Taste of Place can help producers The Taste of Place framework allows producers to identify specific, unique characteristics of their products and authenticate those characteristics by making connections to the place the product was grown or produced, the natural environment, production practices, and culture. This concept is different from other standards because it focuses on: • Product quality • Uniqueness • Collective action by producers

• Develop a system for creating elective standards that are producer-initiated with assistance from the Vermont Agency of Agriculture. • Build Vermont’s reputation within the international discussion of taste of place and within the global marketplace of highly regarded, protected origin foods.


For more information

about the Taste of Place Initiative, contact Koi Boynton, Agricultural Development Coordinator, Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food & Markets, at 802.828.2084 or koi.

On the Web: buylocal/marketing/taste/index.html

• Department of Nutrition & Food Sciences • Center for Rural Studies

Taste of Place brochure  

nformational brochure about the Vermont Agency of Agriculture's Taste of Place initiative.

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