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Publications The Constitution of Canada. A Contextual Analysis By Jeremy Webber In his latest book Dean Webber seeks to put the Canadian constitution in its historical context, noting especially the complex interaction of national and regional societies that continues to shape the constitution of Canada. Perhaps best described by Professor James Tully as: “an outstanding and original study of the Canadian constitutional experience by one of Canada’s leading legal scholars. Webber explains the history, characteristics and resourcefulness of the living constitution in non-technical and illuminating language. He also shows how the constitution is shaped by the engagement and interaction of the diverse people of Canada, who are simultaneously subjects and active citizens of it — a dynamic he calls “agonistic constitutionalism”. You can purchase the book here.

Awards Congratulations to alumna Madeleine Redfern (‘05) for being named a 2015 Indspire Laureate. Ms. Redfern was also the first Inuit person to clerk at the Supreme Court of Canada.(link)

Not to be Overlooked In Vistas, Winter 2015 our list of Indigenous leaders should have included John Joe (’79), Indigenous graduate and retired BC provincial court judge. Our apologies John!

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sitions Group of Shearman & Sterling LLP in New York, served as a legal researcher on behalf of the firm at the UN International Criminal Tribunal of Rwanda in Arusha, Tanzania, and clerked with the BC Court of Appeal. She has been involved in many policy-related activities, including serving as a member of the Advisory Committee to the BC government on the establishment of a new hybrid corporate form, and as a member of the Sustainable Companies Project, which aims to improve the integration of environmental concerns into corporate decision-making. She will be teaching in the areas of corporate law, commercial and consumer law, and contracts.

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UVic Faculty of Law - Vistas Alumni Magazine (Spring 2015)  

UVic Faculty of Law - Vistas Alumni Magazine (Spring 2015)