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As we move into the quieter semester, we say a farewell to four retiring and much-loved faculty members: Cheryl Crane, Hamar Foster, Hester Lessard* and Andrew Pirie. We would prefer that they stay forever, but are mollified (partially) by the fact that we will welcome three new members on July 1st. Pooja Parmar Pooja completed her PhD at UBC, and is currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Law & Legal Studies at Carleton University. Her book, Indigeneity and Legal Pluralism in India: Claims, Histories, Meanings (Cambridge University Press, 2015), is based on her dissertation. Pooja’s interests include legal history, international law, international business law, legal skills, regulation of the global economy, and the intersec-

tions of law and indigeneity in a global context. She holds an LLM from UBC and an LLB from Panjab University. Prior to beginning graduate studies, Pooja practiced law in New Delhi for several years. She will be teaching property law, international human rights and dispute resolution. Supriya Routh Supriya completed his PhD at UVic and is currently a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Interuniversity Research Centre on Globalization and Work, Université Laval. His book, Enhancing Capabilities through Labour Law: Informal Workers in India, (Routledge, 2014) is based on his dissertation. Supriya’s research interests include changing conceptions of work and labour law, atypical and informal workers, and human rights and human development. He holds an LLM from Vanderbilt University and another from West Bengal National

University of Juridical Sciences. He received his LLB from the University of North Bengal, and was an assistant professor at the West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences for a number of years. He will be teaching in the areas of labour and employment law and contracts. And as previously mentioned, we also welcome Carol Liao. Carol is completing a combined doctorate at the University of Toronto and UBC on The Role of Corporate Law in Advancing the Social Economy: An Analysis of the Effectiveness of Hybrid Corporate Legal Structures.She has a BA (Honours) in Political Studies and Economics from Queen’s University, an LLB from UBC, and an LLM also from UBC. Prior to her graduate studies, she was a senior associate in the Mergers & Acqui* Stay tuned for “next chapter” news from Hamar, Cheryl and Hester coming in Vistas, Winter 2015.


Spring 2015

Profile for UVic Law

UVic Faculty of Law - Vistas Alumni Magazine (Spring 2015)  

UVic Faculty of Law - Vistas Alumni Magazine (Spring 2015)