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I have this grand vision that my mother gave me. She was a classics and latin scholar and taught me Latin in high school, which came in handy when I went to law school. She retired from teaching at about the same age I’m retiring. It felt like she had a whole, full, and rich lifetime after that. She did a lot of volunteer work in the community, she traveled quite a bit, and she definitely took some time to “smell the roses.” My major plan is to look ahead at another whole, rich life. In addition to LOST, I’ve got some other ideas about volunteer work that I would like to do and I probably

wouldn’t say no if someone approached me about helping others solve problems. I also have two final articles I’m writing that I would like to see published in the next while—one on the crisis in the courts and the other on legal education. And there are always places in the world that I would like to see. I am just about to go to a mediation conference in Romania with side trips to Turkey and Vienna. I am really looking forward to that. Professor Bob Howell has been a great inspiration for travel—he has been to so many amazing places on the planet and travel is his hobby. So I will try and see a few places that Bob has been.

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Q: What’s next for Andrew Pirie?

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