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Curriculum Review Underway —By Professors Andrew Newcombe (‘95) and Gillian Calder

Committee has prepared a short survey and hopes that you will tells us what shape you think legal education should take at UVic in the years to come. The survey is available here and is open until 30 June 2015. Please feel free to contact the Committee co-chairs Gillian Calder and Andrew Newcombe (‘95), if you would like to speak with us directly.

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In its most recent strategic plan, the Faculty of Law identified the need for a comprehensive curriculum review of the JD program and, in parallel, an initiative on teaching innovation. Although the Faculty has always prided itself on an innovative approach to legal education, there is a widespread feeling that, with the Faculty celebrating its 40th year and the fundamental challenges to and opportunities for innovation in legal education in the 21st century, the time is ripe for a comprehensive assessment of the Faculty’s approach to legal education. Last fall, an Ad Hoc Committee on Curriculum and Pedagogy (the Committee) was established consisting of faculty members John Borrows, Deborah Curran (‘95), Gillian Calder (co-chair) and Andrew Newcombe (‘95) (co-chair), staff representative, Yvonne Lawson, and two student representatives, David Gill (‘16) and Katie Peardon (‘15). The Committee met throughout fall 2014 and spring 2015 taking stock of trends and best practices in legal education and the education of other professionals, aided by the research assistance of second year law student, James Parker (‘16). Over the summer, the Committee co-chairs developing various curriculum reform proposals, which will be discussed by the Faculty in fall 2015. The current plan is for any proposed changes to the curriculum to be approved by Faculty Council in Spring 2016. The Committee is seeking the input of alumni on curriculum change. What should UVic’s law school curriculum for the 21st century look like? What should stay the same? What should change? The

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UVic Faculty of Law - Vistas Alumni Magazine (Spring 2015)  

UVic Faculty of Law - Vistas Alumni Magazine (Spring 2015)