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UVa In Shanghai 2014


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Petra Wagner Kelsi Gardner

Yingying Yang

Charity Emanuel




Chapter 1 Photo Wall Chapter 2 Learning at ECNU Chapter 3 Exploring in China Chapter 4 People I met in Shanghai Chapter 5 Tips for future students Chapter 6 Gifts from The Teachers




Our first trip around SH.

Our first meet with our Chinese buddy

6.9 Our first weekend: Interview GaoKao


We join the Shanghai traditional building trip with Kelly


UVa We went to the US Embassy and the UVa Shanghai Office

6.12~6.14 Our trip to Hangzhou

Chapter1 Photo Wall 4

6.23~6.29 Our trip to Beijing

7.4 Our July 4th Party

Our Cultural Lessons

Our Chinese Night

Our Chinese family visit

Chapter1 Photo Wall


Chapter 2 Learning at ECNU



Our Study Life

David Weitzel

Kelsi Gardner Weekdays were tight packed with work. I would get up around 5:30 am everyday to review vocabulary. After class I would grab lunch and review the material until my dan banke. After dan banke I would usually go back to my dorm or head to the local coffee shop to do homework. Jose Villa Torres

Shelbey Keegan

Joseph Kreiter

Danbanke. Karin Saengchawalit 7


New place for study – our “WALL”


New place for study – our “WALL”

Chapter 3 Exploring in China


David Weitzel Hangzhou gave me the deepest impression. I very much enjoyed the beautiful environment there. Jose Villa Torres

One of the best memories I have of the UVA in Shanghai excursions is performing with Charity, Victor, Jose, and David by the West Lake in Hangzhou. Erin Cao

When we were traveling in Hangzhou, my classmates and I did a musical performance by the West Lake. It was really fun! I still remember at least fifty people were surrounding us. They all loved us! Victor Zheng


Matthew Loman aking a boat out on the lake at the Summer Palace in Beijing, listening to music on our knock-off Beats Pills, and feeling like it was finally summer.

Russell Bogue

Winnie Yang I loved dancing at Modernista in a hutong in Beijing, and watching Scott win a dance off against some other pretty amazing dancers. Kelly Schantz

Karin Saengchawalit

Embarrassed Cultural Differences More than I can count. One of my personal favorites is when, on the overnight train to Luoyang, I pressed was I thought was the toilet flush button in the loo and instead summoned a who thought I was having a lifethreatening situation in the WC.

Julia Horowitz

tesco Tiger Waterfall a pack of bottled water, Karin Saengchawalit

Shelbey Keegan

Biggest Problem

Jasmine Chiu Adjusting to a new environment and the food during the first two weeks was tough, but after falling into a routine, everything got easier. Jose Villa Torres

I was very stressed out for much of the time because I place a lot of stress on myself. I spent time talking to my teachers and trying to let myself relax as well. I'm really proud of what I accomplished in the long run though.

Shelbey Keegan

Petra Wagner

Trying to teach Chinese folks the value of length. William Scott Warren

David Weitzel


Chapter4 We met in Shanghai

+ + +

UVA in Shanghai

The first person I met was a graduate student in East China Normal University. We were both studying at the physics building in the same study room and she asked me to help her do some translation homework.






I usually spent my time doing things with Kelsi. Together we ate (“foodies”), explored new places, and studied in the café. Kelsi is not only my dear roommate, but also my bestest friend!


relationship with

I felt that I formed a very special program. She was not only a teacher,

during the

but also a friend, and her ceaseless

passion, energy and laughter inspired me

to pour myself into my Chinese like no

language teacher ever has before. She knew when to push me to improve and when to remind me language is more than tomorrow's tingxie, striking a balance both in and out of class that was more valuable than she may have even realized. I feel extremely grateful for having had such a gifted teacher shape my Shanghai experience, and











I honestly can't choose a single teacher. All the teachers left me a deep impression and I will definitely miss all of them.






I would just like to thank all of the teachers in our program this summer, to each of the teachers that were with us in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th years, and of course to our program director, Liang laoshi. Special shout-out to 3rd year teachers; I thank each of you for dealing with me for the duration of the program. It was such a great opportunity to meet you here, and I’ll miss

How can I possibly choose one teacher?!?!

gave me the deepest impression. She is thoroughly invested in helping her students develop, both in their language skills and in their lives. She is very caring, devoted and knowledgeable.


+ Chapter 5 Tips for living in China 1.Don't be afraid to engage strangers in conversation. The exchanges which followed were, for me, some of my fondest memories. 2.Eat weird food. In Beijing, be sure to find a

, where you can get anything from

squid tentacles to crickets on a stick. Do not eat pig brain, however, because after the fact we learned that is apparently "wildly dangerous" and in fact "doesn't make you smarter."

In China, don't be scared to try new things. Be careful about what food you order depending on what restaurant you go to, but people in our program have tried things ranging from sheep intestines to duck tongues and some of it has turned out to be delicious. As for transportation, Shanghai has heavy traffic flow during the evening rush hour, so allot some extra time if you need to go somewhere.


A lot of beggars are mutilated. Most of these mutilations are done to them by beggar gangs that force them to beg. The money that you give the beggars goes to their "owners," not to the beggars. If you want to help the beggars, give them food. Or even just smile at them, at least the injured ones. A lot of people walking by ignore or are rude to beggars, but many of them are forced to beg, so it's not their fault they are a nuisance.

If you like a place, such as a restaurant or store, get its business card so you can easily go back in a taxi or look it up on your GPS/laptop. It's also good to always have the ECNU hotel's business card in your wallet to show cab drivers as it has a map.

Be assertive when standing in line, or you will get passed by someone else. Don't be afraid to speak up and even talk over people when dealing with them.

Insist on speaking Chinese with locals, even when they speak English to


+ It Is Important!!! 1 Buy a transportation card your first week here. If you're exploring Shanghai right, you'll be riding the a lot, and the convenience will be well worth your while. 2 If a cab stops for you, tell them you have an address and jump in before they can give you an answer. Don't give them a chance to drive away. 3 Pay attention to safety! Don't go exploring alone at night. 4 If you want to save time, remember to take a few takeout menus from nearby restaurants. You can order from your dorm while you continue studying‌ 5 Don't flush your toilet paper; put it in the waste basket. 6 Ladies, always carry toilet paper with you! It is often not available at public restrooms. 7 Soap is often not available either, so bring hand sanitizer, if you want clean hands. 8

Exercising outside can be dangerous, if the pollution is high. You can download an app that will tell you the pollution count for the day.



The Pleco, Chinese converter app is a download must!

+ Nice Places to Eat At ECNU 1.

2 Gourmet section at the 2nd floor of Hexi canteen


2 &MIMI Korean restaurant and MIMI rice burger at the 2nd floor of Liwa canteen

Near ECNU 1.

(Laoma Koushui)

2. Pizza Cut


Dakasi (bubble milk tea, taro milk tea, matcha red bean milk tea)

Nice Places to Study

Near ECNU 1.

Dongbei Dumpling Restaurant

2. Korean Restaurant

Magodo's 520 Near ECNU Front Gate. Most popular choice.



In Global Harbor 1.

Yang’s Dumpling

2. Food Court 3.

Bi Feng Tang

4. TSUJIRI (matcha soft icecream, matcha brownie)

Building 2nd floor library Gloria Jean's Coffee Also in Global Harbor. “When I first came to ECNU, I was a little intimidated by the mall here. But there are so many good study spots there, over 10 coffee shops! B1 and 4th floor have quite a few.”



I really like “Magodo’s 520 Coffee.” Not only is it close to ECNU, but also has a relatively quiet environment.

Don't wait until the second to last week to discover the Hexi Gourmet at low prices will be prime before your dan banke.

What is your favorite restaurant

Street Vendors Surprisingly, street food is fairly safe. You'll soon realize their health standards and the restaurants' standards are about the same... the only difference is one has a roof. That said tread carefully! Outside the front gate there's a lady who comes out after 8 or 9 pm and she makes the best

in Shanghai. You should also definitely try street

(great for breakfast), there's a street vendor near the front gate who cooks up something delicious. Local street vendors: cheap and yummy! Definitely try the chuan- aka meat on a stick. 10

+ Gifts From The Teachers “ ”

! !

” Pocky


~ ”


Gifts From The Teachers






Gifts From The Teachers



~ “ ……”


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