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University programme (MSc)

Enterprise Risk Management ‘Increasing regulation means that organizations will be subject to growing demands in the field of risk management, the risk management process and in recognizing and evaluating risks. Our new specialization within our Master Insurance Studies offers a multidisciplinary programme with in-depth theoretical analysis and study of real-world situations and problems encountered in practice.’ Prof Arjen Ronner and Roel van der Voort (MA, MBA), ERM programme directors

University programme (MSc) Enterprise Risk Management Programme Supervisors, government and shareholders frequently require more insight into the possible risk-related consequences for institutions, businesses, the environment and business relations. Organizations are focusing their attention to the structuring and organization of the risk management process. The credit crisis and pandemic threats put an increased focus on risk management. Enterprise risk management provides an organization-wide approach to this issue. The insurance sector has hundreds of years of experience in the calculation and financing of risks. The (actuarial) methods developed for this purpose form the building blocks of extensive risk management analysis. Expertise in financial solutions is essential, if not crucial, while auditing, Basel II and COSO also play an important role. As a specialization within the Amsterdam Business School’s Master Insurance Studies, the Enterprise Risk Management university programme offers a multidis­ ciplinary approach incorporating a broad range of theoretical components and cases taken from real-world situations. This makes the programme especially suitable as a supplementary Master of Science for inquisitive candidates working in this sector: financial and risk managers with governmental or business organizations, real-estate agents, insurers and auditors. During our programme, your outlook on risk management will be expanded and further developed. The new expertise and the enhanced analytical insight will help you find the right solution for your organization or clients. The two-year part-time ERM programme begins each year in September. The study programme has been developed in cooperation with the Netherlands Association of Risk and Insurance Managers (NARIM), the Netherlands Insurance Market Association (VNAB) and the Dutch Association of Insurers. Cover image: Jean-Pierre Jans/Hollandse Hoogte

Why enroll in the Enterprise Risk Management Programme (MSc)? n By acquiring EQUIS accreditation, the University of Amsterdam’s Business School (ABS) enjoys worldwide recognition; n The Amsterdam Business School’s Master Insurance Studies is NVAO (Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders) accredited; n Participants who successfully complete the programme are conferred with the title Master in Science (MSc.); n Interactive education from prominent academics and risk experts from the business community; n Excellent study facilities; n Lectures on Tuesdays from 15.00 to 21.45; n Option for studying in modules is available.

Study programme First year Each participant acquires – using his/her professional background – state of the art expertise regarding Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) within the field of Insurance Studies. Some of the important modules include Financing, Enterprise Risk Management, Actuarial Sciences and Organisation Studies. A case study integrates the different modules. Participants analyse a current problem taken from ERM and focus on coming up with an effective solution. Second year Each participant follows three multidisciplinary specialization modules. Experiences from daily professional practice are used as a stimulus for the final research paper for each module. The specialization modules

For more information: University of Amsterdam Amsterdam Business School ERM Office Plantage Muidergracht 12 1018 TV Amsterdam

offered are Operational Risk Management, Enterprise Risk Management, Alternative Financing Solutions and Supervisor Requirements. Master’s thesis The ERM programme is concluded with a Master’s thesis. The thesis is based upon a practice-based management related problem in a specific field. With assistance from professional business research, the participant will present an academically substantiated solution and a plan with recommendations to management. Lecturers Education is provided by lecturers possessing extensive expertise and experience in the world of Enterprise Risk Management. These lecturers include names such as Mr E.V. Meyer (Eng.), Mr D. Oude Alink, Prof A.E. Ronner and Prof J. Sonnemans. Programme directors Prof A.E. Ronner, Professor Enterprise Risk Management, University of Amsterdam R.C.W. van der Voort (MA, MBA), Business Studies lecturer, director of the Business Research Atelier Admission Each candidate will be invited for an intake meeting in order to discuss your relevant work experience, education and ambitions. Additional information regarding admission requirements can be found at Costs n  First year: € 8,000 n  Second year: € 8,000 n  Preparatory Programme: maximum € 2,000 n  Module: € 1,500

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University programme (MSc) ‘Increasing regulation means that organizations will be subject to growing demands in the field of risk managemen...