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east asia center events

Spring 2012

China Moves in Africa

Sponsored by the Carter G. Woodson Institute and co-sponsored by the East Asia Center

Ambassador David Shinn, Wednesday, February 22, 3:30 pm, 227 Rouss Hall

Chinese Lunar New Year Festival

Sponsored by the Piedmont Chinese Association, the Asia Institute, and the East Asia Center

Saturday, February 26, 6-9:00 pm, Fashion Square Mall

Lovesick Japan

Sponsored by the East Asia Center and co-sponsored by the Anthropology Department

Mark West, University of Michigan, Friday, March 23, 1:00 pm, Brooks Hall, 2nd Floor

China and East Asian Regionalism Sponsored by the East Asia Center

Xiao Ren, Fudan University, Friday, March 30, 3:15 pm, 125 Minor Hall

Patching a Broken Sky: China, Manifest Destiny and Literature Sponsored by the East Asia Center

Sabina Knight, Smith College, Friday, April 6, 3:15 pm, 301 Wilson Hall

Sculpture and Painting from Hozanji

Weedon Lectures for the Arts in Asia, sponsored by the Univeristy of Virginia Art Museum

John Rosenfield, Harvard University, Emeritus, Tuesday, April 10, 5:30 pm, Campbell Hall

Uno Kozo’s Theory of Capitalist Crises Sponsored by the East Asia Center

Ken Kawashima, University of Toronto, Friday, April 13, 3:15 pm, 125 Minor Hall

Tibetan Medicine and Meditation Symposium

Sponsored by Arura Medicine of Tibet UVa Tibet Center, UVa Contemplative, Sciences Center, UVa School of Nursing, East Asia Center, Page-Barbour, Lecture Series at UVa, South Asia Center, UVa Center for International Studies, Featheridge and Sacred Plant Traditions

April 13-15, UVa School of Nursing, more info:

Leisure and Chinese Culture

Sponsored by the East Asia Center, the Center for International Studies, and the US Department of Education

Newcomb Hall Board Room Saturday, April 21st, 8:00am-6:00pm

Leisure and Chinese Culture gathers eight Chinese studies scholars across disciplinary and historical boundaries to explore the place of leisure in both ancient and modern China. Topics include literary writing, travel, the appreciation of the performing arts, material culture, landscaping and the arrangement of living space, as well as cuisine, tea and incense. Chinese leisure culture has implications for intellectual history and debates about the individual, subjectivity, the interpretation of the classics, as well as the relationship between pleasure, politics, and spiritual enlightenment. Open to the public.

EAC Events Spring 2012  

List of East Asia Center UVa Events for Spring 2012

EAC Events Spring 2012  

List of East Asia Center UVa Events for Spring 2012