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The Need For Pet First Aid Kits - Pet First Aid Kit _____________________________________________________________________________________

By Rini Sajho -

Even if you have the perfect first aid kit for you and your family, it might not help when Fiddo or Fluffy gets hurt. To help pets in an emergency, assemble a pet first aid kit.

What Is Pet First Aid Kit

Just like a human first aid kit, a portable, durable watertight container is needed to hold all the supplies. Assemble all of your supplies first so that you know how big of a container you need. Plastic food containers or tackle boxes make excellent first aid kits. A pet's needs in an emergency are similar to your own, so make sure to include gauze pads, adhesive tape, scissors and tweezers, and have a blanket handy. Be sure to ask the pet's veterinarian of specific supplies the animal might need like anti-diarrhea medicine, syrup of ipecac to induce vomiting in case of poisoning, and activated charcoal to ease

stomach upsets. Include some eyedroppers in the pet first aid kit to give pet medicine. Also make sure the current contact information of the pet's veterinarian is included in the kit. If you are taking your pet with you while you travel, be sure to modify the pet's first aid kit. Do research on the area's environment. Call a veterinarian or the hotel or friends you will be staying with there to ask if the area has any poisonous plants, snakes, or extreme temperatures.

If a cat or dog is injured, remember that it is an injured animal, not a person. You may need to muzzle your dog so that it doesn't bite you while you are giving first aid. Never give your cat or dog people medicine like aspirin or acetaminophen. Check with your pet's veterinarian about what medicines are appropriate in emergencies and what dosages are safe for your pet. Also check with your local American Red Cross chapter for information pet first aid advice on approaching a sick or injured animal and performing CPR. Other pet first aid kits guides and guides are available for sale online.

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Pet first aid kit  
Pet first aid kit  

A pet first aid kit is the first step in being prepared should an animal emergency happen. It is also a hard question to answer because I do...