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Vanishing Brother (character) Junior- leader and founder of the Naraka Racing team. Around 5’ 8” tall bulked. Wears a black tank top to display his tattoo on his right shoulder of his Racing team’s logo. On his left forehand has a Chinese tattoo saying “once a naraka always a naraka”. He has a scar on below his right eye from a previous fight. His hair is spiked up with hard gel on it. Involved in underground gangs selling drugs. Knows number of gangs with various connection and network.

Matt- the number one racer of the Krajui Racing team. Stands around 6’0”. Slim body and likes to wear skinny jeans. He has a tattoo on his left shoulder with the “KJ” logo for his racing team. He looks like as if a quiet guy. The Krajui Racing team has various networks from traffic cops to the high ranks of mafias.

Miller- the founder of the race. Stands around 5’6”. A 50 years old fat guy. Wears black suit. He own the biggest Trading company in the company. He acturally doing durg selling obscurely and he promote the game for his business.

Jackson- team member of Naraka racing team. Around 5’8”. 28 years old. Gold hair. Jackson usually don’t race, his job is helping their team to regulate the cars. He joined the team since 19.

Ruddy- assistant of Miller. Around 5’7”. 35 years old. Wears glass. Ruddy is operating Miller’s company.

Alex- Matt’s friend. 5’7” talls. Black hair. He has a black 370Z and Matt usually drag racing with him. Alex has a girl friend name Penny.

Penny- Alex’s girl friend. Around 5’6”. Penny is the model for the racing game. She meet Alex when they were in high school. Penny, Alex and Matt have very close relationship.

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