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Robert (Bob) R. Kessler has been on the faculty of the University of Utah since 1983 and is currently a professor and associate director of the School of Computing. He earned his B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. in 1974, 1977, and 1981 respectively, all from the University of Utah. His early work was centered on the portable implementation of the Lisp programming language and then distributed and parallel implementations of Lisp. In the early 90’s, he founded the Center for Software Science, a state of Utah Center of Excellence, which was a research group working in nearly all aspects of system software for sequential and parallel/ distributed computers. In the late 90’s Professor Kessler served as chairman of the Department of Computer Science. At about that same time, his research interests expanded into software engineering and he also dabbled in agent technologies. His most recent interests are in undergraduate education and tackling the challenges of declining computer science enrollment by the introduction of computer gaming into early CS classes. He has authored two books and over fifty journal and conference publications. Professor Kessler has received over $6.5M in external research funding from government and industrial sources and $10M in equipment grants. He has founded two startup companies and has been on the board of directors of several others. Professionally he served several years as an officer of the ACM SIGPLAN organization and was the co-editor-in-chief of the International Journal of Lisp and Symbolic Computation for seven years. He is an award winning teacher having received the College of Engineering Outstanding Teaching Award in 2000 and the University of Utah’s highest teaching honor, the Distinguished Teaching Award in 2001. In 2007, he lead the founding of the undergraduate Entertainment Arts and Engineering emphasis and in 2010 the Entertainment Arts and Engineering: Master Games Studio master’s program.

Publications M. van Langeveld and R. Kessler, “Two in the Middle: Digital Character Production and Machinima Courses,” SIGCSE 2009, pp. 463-467. R. Kessler, M. van Langeveld, and R. Altizer ,”Entertainment Arts and Engineering (or How to Fast Track A New Interdisciplinary Program),” SIGCSE 2009, pp. 534-538. M. van Langeveld and R. Kessler, “Educational Impact of Digital Visualization and Auditing Tools On a Digital Character Production Course,” ICFDG 2009, pp. 316-323. G. Draper, R. Kessler and R. Riesenfeld, “A History of Computing Course with a Technical Focus,” SIGCSE 2009, pp. 67-71. M. van Langeveld and R. Kessler, “Digital Visualization Tools Improve Teaching 3D Character Modeling,” SIGCSE 2010, pp. 82-86.

Robert M. (“Mike”) Kirby received his B.S. in Applied Mathematics and Computer and Information Sciences from Florida State University in 1997, his M.S. in Applied Mathematics from Brown University in 1999 and his M.S. in Computer Science from Brown University in 2001, his Doctor of Philosophy in Applied Mathematics from Brown University in 2003. Professor Kirby’s research focus is on large-scale scientific computing and visualization, with an emphasis on the scientific cycle of mathematical modeling, computation, visualization, evaluation, and understanding. His primary research interests are: Computational Science and Engineering, High-Order Methods: Algorithm Development and Applications, Scientific Visualization, Concurrent Programming: Verification and Applications, and High Performance Computing.

Publications Refereed Journals I. Melatti, R. Palmer, G. Sawaya, Y. Yang, R.M. Kirby and G. Gopalakrishnan, “Parallel and distributed model checking in Eddy”, International Journal for Software Tools for Technology Transfer, Vol. 11, Number 1, pages 13-25, 2009. A. R. Sanderson, M. D. Meyer, R. M. Kirby and C. R. Johnson, “A Framework for Exploring Numerical Solutions of Advection-Reaction-Diffusion Equations Using a GPU-Based Approach”,  Computing and Visualization in Science, Vol. 12, pages 155-170, 2009.  D. Walfisch, J. K. Ryan, R. M. Kirby and R. Haimes, “One-Sided Smoothness-Increasing Accuracy-Conserving Filtering for Enhanced Streamline Integration through Discontinuous Fields”, Journal of Scientific Computing , Vol. 38, Number 2, pages 164-184, 2009.  T. Martin, E. Cohen and R. M. Kirby, “Volumetric Parameterization and Trivariate B-spline Fitting using Harmonic Functions”, Computer Aided Geometric Design, Vol. 26, Issue 6, pages 648-664, 2009.   J. S. Preston, T. Tasdizen, C. M. Terry, A. K. Cheung and R. M. Kirby, “Using the Stochastic Collocation Method for the Uncertainty Quantification of Drug Concentration Due to Depot Shape Variability”, IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering, Vol. 56, Number 3, pages 609-619, 2009.  T. Etiene, C. Scheidegger, L.G. Nonato, R.M. Kirby and C.T. Silva, “Verifiable Visualization for Isosurface Extraction”, IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (IEEE Visualization Issue), Vol 15., Number 6, pages 1227-1234, 2009.   J. D. Frazier, P. K. Jimack and R. M. Kirby, “On the Use of Adjoint-Based Sensitivity

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