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Mary Hall Associate Professor

Mary Hall is an associate professor. Her research focuses on compiler technology for exploiting performance-enhancing features of a variety of computer architectures, with a recent emphasis on many-core graphics processors and multi-core nodes in supercomputers. Prior to joining University of Utah, Professor Hall held positions at University of Southern California, Caltech, Stanford and Rice University. Professor Hall’s current research involves developing compiler-based autotuning technology, and applying it to application domains that include molecular dynamics, biomedical imaging, signal processing and social networks. Autotuners experiment with a set of alternative application mapping strategies to select the mapping that best exploits architectural features such as deep memory hierarchies, specialized compute engines and multiple cores. Professor Hall is an ACM Distinguished Scientist. She has published over 70 refereed articles and given more than 50 invited presentations.  She has led a total of 30 projects funded by NSF, DARPA, DOE, NSA  and Intel Corporation. She has served on over 45 program committees in compilers and their interaction with architecture, parallel computing, and embedded and reconfigurable computing, including 2009 program chair of the Code Generation and Optimization Conference, and 2010 program chair of the ACM Symposium on Principles and Practice of Parallel Programming. She serves as chair of the ACM History Committee, and as a member of the IEEE Computer Society Awards Committee.  She also participates in outreach programs to encourage the participation of women in computer science.

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