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“Image Processing of Large Data Sets” (co-PI), Exxon Mobil, $1,895,855 (12/2004-12/2011)

“End to End High Performance Visualization and Data Analysis” (PI), DOE,  $7,500,000 (03/08/10 – 02/28/13)

“Institute for Applied Mathematics and Computational Science” (co-PI), KAUST (subcontract from TAMU), $1.67M (6/2008-6/2013)

Sneha Kasera

“CRI: A Hierarchical Data Storage System for Large Data Simulation, Comparison” (co-PI), NSF, $430K (3/2006-2/2010)

“CPS: Medium: Collaborative Research: Enabling and Advancing Human and Probabilistic Awareness for Smart Facilities and Elder Care” (co-PI), NSF, $749,998 (9/15/2010-9/14/2013)

“Center for Simulation of Fires and Explosions” (Senior Investigator) DOE LLNL, $2,982,650 (10/2002-9/2010)

“An Infrastructure for Robust Authentication Systems Research” (PI), DURIP, $150K (9/2010-9/2011)

“Advanced Volume Visualization” (PI), NSF, $250K (2/2006-1/2010)

“Development of Self-Adapting Resource Management and DDoS Prevention Techniques for Computing Clouds” (PI), NTT/Verio Inc., $32,603 (7/15/200912/31/2010)

“An Advanced Interactive Multifield, Multisource Atmospheric Visual Analysis Environment” (PI), NSF, $178K (7/2005-6/2009) “Visualization Research for Multicore Processors” (co-PI), Sandia, $250K (6/2009-6/2010) Tom Henderson “Innate Theories in Cognitive Robotics” NSF, $36,000 (2010-2011) “IPA Agreement,” NSF, $203,000 (2010-1011)

“II-NEW: An Infrastructure for Researching Wireless Link Signatures” (PI), NSF, $224,326 (8/1/2009-7/31/2012) “CT-ISG: Opportunistic Secret Key Exchange Using Wireless Link Characteristics and Device Mobility” (PI), NSF, $349,995 (9/1/2008-8/31/2011) “Next Generation Communication Networks Using Multi-carrier Filter Bank” (coPI), NSF, $299,991 (5/15/2008-5/14/2011)

John Hollerbach

“ARSENAL: A Cross Layer Architecture for Secure Resilient Tactical Mobile Networks” (PI), ONR/ARO, $400K (6/17/2007-8/31/2011)

“CPS: Medium: Safety-Oriented Hybrid Verification for Medical Robotics” (co-PI), NSF, $500K (1/2010-9/2013)

“Utah’s Engineers: A Statewide Initiative for Growth” (Computer Science Lead), NSF, $1,998,013 (9/1/2007-8/31/2011)

“Evaluation of a Robotics Virtual Reality Treadmill for Advanced Spinal Cord Injury Gait Rehabilitation” (PI), UofU Seed Grant, $25K (1/2010-12/2011)

“NeTS- ProWin: Software Radio Testbeds: One Large, Many Small” (PI – original PI – Jay Lepreau), NSF, $1M (9/1/2005-8/31/2011)

“IGERT: Interdisciplinary Research Training in Biocentric Robotics” (PI), NSF, $2,399,331 (7/2007-6/2010)

“NeTS-ProWin: An Open, Low Cost, High Quality Software Radio Platform and Testbed” (PI – original PI – Jay Lepreau), NSF, $1,999,998 (9/1/2004-8/31/2010)

“ITR-(ASE+NHS+ECS)-(int+dmc+sim): Generation of Complex Environmental Flow Patterns for Virtual Environments” (PI), NSF, $1,119,215 (10/2004-9/2010)

“Robust Location Distinction Using Temporal Link Signatures” (co-PI), University of Utah, $70K (8/1/2007-7/31/2009)

“Measuring Finger Forces by Imaging the Fingernail” (PI), NIH, $392,677 (7/20066/2010)

Mike Kirby

“Center for Integrated Biomedical Computing” (PI), NIH/NCRR, $11,205,029 (09/29/05–07/31/15) “Visualization and Analytics Center for Enabling Technologies” (PI), DOE,  $2,628,230 (09/15/06–09/14/11) “CRI: A Hierarchical Data Storage System for Large Data Simulation, Comparison, and Visualization” (co-PI), NSF, $506,243 (03/16/06-02/28/11) “Institute for Mathematics and Computational Science” (Visualization Subcontract) (PI), KAUST, $1,675,830 (06/01/08-05/31/12) “Open Wildland Fire Modeling” (PI), NSF CDI, $641,588 (11/01/08-10/31/12)

“Vascular Assess” (co-PI), NIH, $27,241 (9/2008-8/2009)

“SIAC Methods” (PI), Air Force Office, $151,662 (3/2008-2/2010) “Message Passing Software” (co-PI), NSF, $199,998 (7/2005-6/2010) “Computational Inverse Problems” (PI), NSF, $406,262 (1/2004-12/2009) REU Supplement (PI), NSF, $24K (10/2003-12/2009) Matthew Might “Safety-Oriented Hybrid Verification for Medical Robotics” (PI), NSF, $500K (10/2010-10/2013)

2009 & 2010 REPORT


Chris Johnson

“High-Finite Order Element” (PI), ARO, $154,284 (9/2008-9/2011)


School of Computing 2009 & 2010 Report  

SoC 09 & 10 report

School of Computing 2009 & 2010 Report  

SoC 09 & 10 report