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The School of Computing offers the only nationally ranked B.S. computer science degree program in Utah and is consistently rated in the top 50 computer science departments in the country. The undergraduate program provides a firm grounding in programming skills, followed by a study of more advanced topics such as algorithm analysis, software engineering, computer architecture, and systems programming. Beyond this level, students have complete flexibility in selecting from a wide selection of elective classes in areas of interest to them. Popular options are graphics, scientific visualization, operating systems, networks, compilers, artificial intelligence, programming languages, databases, robotics, natural language processing, and many others. The program culminates in a capstone experience, in which students work in groups to produce a significant software product of their choice.

The School of Computing’s B.S./M.S. program was created to allow students the opportunity to earn both a bachelor and a master’s degree in five years. Students typically apply for admission in their junior year and begin to take graduatelevel courses during their senior year. The B.S./M.S. program primarily benefits local students who otherwise would have been unlikely to pursue an advanced degree.

COMPUTER ENGINEERING The primary technical objective of the Computer Engineering program at the University of Utah is to provide an in-depth study of hardware for both information-processing systems and digital control systems. To help meet this objective, we bring problems of current relevance in industry and research into the classroom. Virtually every faculty member is involved in research or other scholarly activity, and most spend part of their time consulting in the private sector. Faculty members teach classes in the areas of their research and consulting activities, thereby bringing to the students an up-to-date knowledge of the material.

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ENTERTAINMENT ARTS & ENGINEERING The School of Computing provides a specialty track through the Computer Science (CS) program with an emphasis on Entertainment Arts and Engineering (EAE). The EAE track is a joint program between the School of Computing and the College of Fine Arts (currently the fine arts side is housed in the Division of Film Studies). The purpose of this program is to provide an undergraduate, interdisciplinary academic path for those students who wish to have careers in the digital entertainment industry (video games, digital animation, computer generated special effects, etc.). There are currently two specified tracks: video games and animation, differing by the junior year Game/Animation series of classes. The key feature of this program is its interdisciplinary nature. Students from both CS and Fine Arts will take common classes throughout their undergraduate years, culminating in a yearlong senior project in which students build a video game or animation from the ground up. Students in the program can choose either a bachelor’s degree in Film Studies or Computer Science.

School of Computing 2009 & 2010 Report  

SoC 09 & 10 report

School of Computing 2009 & 2010 Report  

SoC 09 & 10 report