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The Charm of a Fireplace To own a fireplace means much more than just having it for heat purposes. In today’s world fireplaces are also a design factor in your home. Uunisepät fireplaces add the style and coziness in addition to the soft heat they produce. Everyone probably knows what a difference a fireplace adds to a home. It is the heat, the smell of forest when the wood is burning, the crackling sound and, of course, the hypnotizing flames dancing. All these things make a fireplace a perfect addition to your home, not forgetting about the prestige and allure a Uunisepät fireplace gives your home. Uunisepät is the Finnish expert on quality fireplaces that make home really feel like home and gather family members around the fireplace to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate. However, when investing in a fireplace, it is utterly important to choose a fireplace that is made of durable quality materials which won’t decay or wear out. Uunisepät uses only the best of materials that will serve you and your family for years to come showing off the natural beauty of the stone. Also the design of the flue, or the throat of the fireplace, has been given a serious thought and it has been designed to be not only safe but also heat preserving. The best thing is that you can design the fireplace to your liking. There are several options for stones, tiles and clinkers that you can choose from, not forgetting about the details like fireplace doors. Uunisepät cares about their customers, which means that you will be helped from the very beginning of having the idea of a fireplace until the fireplace is installed in your home. All you have to know is what type of a fireplace pleases your eyes. So, once you got the idea of having a fireplace in your home, you can either visit a Uunisepät store or reserve a time through the internet in order to have a Uunisepät specialist come and visit your home and see about your options to have a fireplace installed. It really is that easy!

The Element That Makes the Home I have visited quite many homes, as probably most us have. In some homes you really feel like at home, in some not so much. What is it that makes this difference in atmosphere? Some of it can be assigned to the owners and how they greet and welcome you to their home. Then of course there is the factor of cleanliness, orderliness and interior design. Some homes make you awe. The most impressive homes I have been to are located in Switzerland. One home that made a great impression on me was this 800square-meter house which was located on the Geneva lake. It had an inside pool that continued outside, its own recording studio, a gym and probably 10 bedrooms. However, the room I personally liked the most was the lounge room where the family often spend time together reading, playing board games and enjoying each other’s company. The element that made the room so attractive was the fireplace which was located in such a way that the whole room and interior design was built around it. The fireplace was built to be the heart and soul of the room and no matter how big the rest of the house was, this was the place where you wanted to spend your time doing miscellaneous things. About a week ago I went to a house-warming party. It was a 40-square-meter apartment in Helsinki, so a small one bedroom home with a kitchen and a living room. I stepped in and experienced the same kind of warmth and coziness I felt when visiting the 20 times bigger home near Geneva. Alike, all of the guests celebrating the new home were gathered around a fireplace chatting casually and laughing together. Yet, the fireplace was not only the heating element in the room, it was also a part of the interior design. I truly hope the next home I will be living in will have a fire place so I can have the same kind of warmth and coziness that I have experienced in these two homes. And I am so pleased that I have found so many lovely options on the Uunisepät website so that I can design my very own fireplace with my touch in design.

From the Idea to the Realization The winter is knocking on our doors and we tend to seek for warmth and comfort. How about spending a Friday night relaxing with your family members in front of a fireplace having a cup of hot chocolate and maybe even grilling some marshmallows in the fireplace? If you enjoy these kinds of moments and the relaxing touch that a fireplace brings, don’t deny yourself the pleasure.

Uunisepät fireplaces are easy to realize and install once you get inspired with the idea of having a fireplace in your home. If you are not sure whether your home is suitable for a fireplace check if you have a fireplace flue, or a throat, which makes it possible for the smoke to exit. Once you have established that you have the flue, you can either visit a Uunisepät store or schedule a Uunisepät expert to come to your home and see what type of a fireplace would suit your home. The visit can easily be scheduled through the internet site ( and it is free of charge. Some of the concerns when getting a fireplace might concern the design and whether or not there is a fireplace that will suit the current wallpaper, floor and the interior design in general. Uunisepät has given this a good thought and offer a wide selection of different materials and designs. Whether you have a bright and minimalistic interior design or a luscious and cozy country-style home, you will find a suitable fireplace. The great thing is that you can design the fireplace from the scratch and have exactly the kind of a fireplace that you and your family want. You can decide on the stone, the surface material, the fireplace doors – you can even choose 24 carat gold-plated doors if you like. Even when it comes to the fireplace flue, you have two options to choose from. If you are not sure what you should choose or what design to go for, the experts at Uunisepät will guide you through every step making sure every aspect of the project is planned well and the result is the best it can be. So, do not hesitate to contact the experts at Uunisepät and make sure that you and your family spend this winter in the comfort and warmth of your own fireplace.

Buying an Apartment, Buying a Home For the last six months, I have been looking for an apartment to buy. The main reason for this is that it does pay off and in the end you are investing in yourself, not just pointlessly paying the rent money to someone else. However, finding a suitable property to buy is definitely not easy. After surviving the jungle of tens and tens of apartments, I found the one. It actually was my cousin’s apartment that he and his wife wanted to sell in order to buy a bigger one. The apartment is in no way big – it is a one bedroom with an open concept kitchen combined with the living room in need of some renovations. Before getting into any serious apartment buying, I decided to figure out things with the bank and take a look at different options of how I could raise the value of the apartment with some minor changes. So, when I was in the bank discussing the loan, we also covered the possible renovation expenses. I’m on a budget so I wasn’t looking for any big changes such as redoing the kitchen or the bathroom. We decided on a fresh coat of paint, some feature walls, a new cooker hood, a modular wardrobe and then on redoing the fireplace which at the moment was a very simple Swedish stove. I was first a bit dubious about the costs of installing a new fireplace. I went to different stores but got the best service at Uunisepät and after going through some facts about installing a fireplace, I was surprised to find out that the cost and quality ratio of fireplaces is more than attractive. By paying a bit more for my renovation, I would get a heart to my home and at the same time raise the value of the apartment. Now I’m discussing the mortgage with my bank and deciding whether or not I’m ready to commit myself to buying my own apartment. The idea of it is so appealing but I do realize that it is a huge thing to buy your first apartment. However, I’m happy to know that if I do decide on buying the apartment, I have the right tools and elements to make it my home – thanks to Uunisepät .

The Charm of a Fireplace  

I have visited quite many homes, as probably most us have. In some homes you really feel like at home, in some not so much. What is it that...