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Uunisepät CE mark Uunisepät is a Finnish fireplace manufacturer. In Finland fireplaces got their own ENstandard at 2007 and this enabled them to be CE certified since the start of 2008. From the start of 2012 it is mandatory for all fireplaces to have the CE mark in Finland. Biggest hurdle in gaining the CE mark approval is to lower the carbon monoxide residue when using the fireplace. Even the older models of Uunisepät fireplaces will easily fill the requirements.

The standard measures also how quickly the fireplaces cool down. In Finland the limit of gaining the CE-certification requires that the fireplace retains 50 % of the maximum surface heat after 6 hours. Uunisepät uses olivine stone which is known for its excellent heat storing capabilities. That is the reason why Uunisepät fireplaces stay warm even up to two days after the initial heating. Thus the fireplaces also surpass the criteria for the CE mark without any trouble, the Uunisepät fireplaces stay over 50 % of maximum surface heat for over 12 hours.

Uunisepät also has its own testing laboratory. It is kitted with the most modern equipment to sample and analyze smoke from the fireplaces. With the specialized laboratory equipment Uunisepät is able to analyze the factors that affect clean burning in the long-term tests on their fireplaces. Continuous testing will help to lower the carbon monoxide emissions and

increase the eco-friendliness of the fireplaces in now and in the future. Low emissions help the eco friendliness and provide cleaner indoor air for the fireplace owners. Uunisepät fireplaces with the CE mark are tested to have low emissions, they store and distribute evenly the warmth after the fire has burned out, and they are overall a good solution for heating your home without increased risk in fire safety. But the users themselves can dramatically change the emissions based on the substance they burn in the fireplaces. Most important is that the wood used in the fireplace is dry and they are placed correctly to the fireplace without overfilling the oven. The fuel needs to be added in small doses so that the wood will burn evenly. You can easily find more information about the Uunisepät fireplaces at

Economical and Ecological Uunisepät A well-build fireplace from Uunisepät can ensure a warm home even at the middle of the winter. Many new homes will have fireplaces fitted already at the building stage to provide more economical and ecological method of heating the house.

At the start of year 2012 CE marking of fireplaces will become mandatory in Finland. Originally fireplaces could be CE tested since the start of 2008, and Uunisepät fireplaces have had the mark since. To pass the CE certificate the fireplace needs to emit less than 0,3 % carbon monoxide from 13 % oxygen. Also the fireplace needs to retain at least 50 % of its top heat for over 6 hours. The better the figures are the more ecological and economical the fireplace is. Even the older Uunisepät fireplaces fill the requirements with a good margin. The new testing laboratory and co-operation with VTT ensures that the development of the fireplaces will continue in the future.

Uunisepät fireplaces are, besides of being beautiful decoration pieces, excellent as a reserve heating system. A good fireplace raises the value of the property significantly. It can provide safety in case of an electric shortage to provide additional warmth as the modern house heating is often based solely on the electricity. Besides of additional heat the fireplaces can be used for cooking. Even without an emergency electric shortage the fireplace evens out the electric consumption and lowers the spikes in the overall electric usage. The goal of Uunisepät is to have every home fitted with a fireplace to work as a reserve heating system.

Most fireplaces are fitted to new homes, but it is possible to install a fireplace to your old house. All you need to do is to pick a fireplace you like the most from Uunisepät selection of fireplaces, the model designs raging from traditional to trendy. All the chimneys on the selection fit any Uunisepät fireplace. As a customer you do not need to worry about fitting the fireplace and the chimney. The experts of Uunisepät will do the necessary adjustments taking fire safety and energy efficiency into account.

Economical and Ecological Uunisepät  

A well-build fireplace from Uunisepät can ensure a warm home even at the middle of the winter. Many new homes will have fireplaces fitted al...