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It's MAGIC! UUCE Service Auction Saturday February 9, 2013


Reserved Parking Space 01


Right out front for church services. Good for one year starting 3/01/12 Membership Committee 2

Reserved Name Tag Space 02

Priceless In Fellowship Hall at the top of the Name Tags. Easy to find ‌

Membership Committee 3

Flounder's Day Celebration 18

$25 x 10

It's Founder's Days weekend in Algonquin but we like fish so prefer to celebrate the Flounder on this last weekend in July. This event is for Sunday evening appetizers and dessert at Anne and Bob's cabin on the Fox. At nightfall we'll head to the dock to watch fireworks. Sunday July 28th.

Anne Ward & Bob Sandidge 4

Trivial Pursuit Party # 20 06

6 x $25 Includes hors d'oeuvres, beverages and dessert. We find out which gender knows the most trivia. The women won last year for the first time in seven years. The winning team may be interviewed by Oprah

Tim and Chris Davis 5


Another Night of Tapas 8 x $25 Join us for our second-annual Night of Tapas as La Casa de las Dias where Stephen and Jennifer will tantalize your tastebuds with a variety of Spanish Tapas. Last year's courses included Salmorejo, Spanish cheeses and hams, fried eggplant with a honey and balsamic reduction, garlic chicken thighs, sangria, and more!

Stephen & Jennifer Day 6

A Night of Monty Python and the Holy Grail 30 x $25 00 Join King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table (and Roger the Shrubber) for a group viewing of "Monty Python and the Holy Grail". We'll start with a small feast of lambs, sloths, carp, anchovies, orangutans, breakfast cereals, and fruit bats, and then watch the film on the giant projector in Fellowship Hall. Saturday evening Sept. 21

Sir Stephen and Lady Jennifer Day 7

Bike Tune Up & Flat Tire Help 00

1 x $60 Spring is just around the corner and here's your opportunity to have UUCE's own bike pro give your two wheeler a spring tune up! BONUS! A lesson on fixing a flat!

Todd Underwood 8


Kindle Paperwhite $160 This remarkable Kindle e-reader includes a storage case and a power adapter. World's most advanced e-reader high resolution touchscreen with patented built-in light. Read in bright sunlight with no glare. New hand tuned fronts – 6 styles, 8 adjustable sizes, 8 week battery. Holds up to 1,100 books. Wi-Fi lets you download books in under 60 seconds. Over a million titles for less than $9.99

Chris & Tim Davis




7 Annual Winemaker’s Tasting Party! 8 x $25 Come enjoy another fabulous afternoon of great wine and food and conversation! We'll be sampling 3 white wines, 3 red wines, 2 dessert wines, and a couple of Kerry's homemade wines. This event will be held on Saturday, September 7th at 2:00 p.m. .


Holiday Road Rally 00

Max 20 adults x $20

Gather your friends and get ready to challenge your collective abilities to interpret clues while taking a self-guided tour of breathtaking holiday lights. The fun happens on Saturday December, 14th 2013. Includes dinner beforehand, dessert afterward, goodies and a prize for the winning group. Kathy and Todd Underwood


A Midsummer Night’s Dinner $20 x 6


Join Mila & Karl Brinker for a relaxing summer evening in our screened in porch. We will serve appetizers, drinks (summer sangria), salad (fresh from our garden), dinner (Karl’s awesome home smoked salmon), dessert, conversation and laughter. Event Date: Sat. Aug. 3rd

Mila & Karl Brinker


Brunch and Drive to “Ginger Blossoms” $10 x 10 52

Mila and Karl Brinker

A healthy brunch will be served at Mila’s followed by a spring road trip to Ginger Blossom’s Fair Trade Store in Richmond, Illinois. We will wander the beautiful barn, out buildings and farm house full of fair trade items from Tibet, Turkey, Afghanistan, Russia, and the America’s including Zapotec and Navajo. You’ll find everything from handmade home furnishing to jewelry. All hand crafted. 9:30am to approximately 3:00pm – Saturday, June 8th 2013. 13


Fox Valley Folk Festival 8 x $20

A day at the 36th Annual Fox Valley Folk Festival – Island Park in Geneva on Labor Day Weekend. All-day passes for adults. Children are welcome – supervision is provided so adults can be in one place, children in another. Music, dancing, lessons, instruments, storytelling – Children's tent, vendors galore! Delicious picnic lunch included Labor Day weekend. Doug Pratt & Elizabeth Olson -

Shari Smagatz & Dan Kalkbrenner 14

Birding Brunch & Wildflower Walk 6 x $25


Enjoy a hearty brunch followed by a late morning hike in Burnidge Forest Preserve where we’ll see more than a dozen spring wildflower species. A knowledgeable birder will accompany us. Saturday morning April 20th.

Mary Alice and Joe Masonick 15


Frog Hike & Dinner

6 x $25

Enjoy an enchilada dinner followed by an evening hike in Burnidge Forest Preserve where we’ll identify the mating calls of various frog and toad species. The date is set for Saturday evening May 25th.

Mary Alice and Joe Masonick 16


4 Hours of Handyman Work 1 x $50 I will do four hours of basic handyman work around your house – painting, fixing, repairing, etc.

Joe Masonick


Dr. Evermor's Forevertron 00

4 x $50

An all-day trip departing at 8am from UUCE or other convenient meeting place. We'll visit Dr. Evermor's Forevertron, which is described as "the largest scrap metal sculpture in the world, standing 50 ft. high and 120 ft. wide, and weighing 300 tons". The creator of this sculpture and its surrounding park "also created much of the installation art for the House on the Rock, including the world's largest carousel.". Then a ride on the historic Colsac III ferry at Merrimac, which carries traffic across Lake Wisconsin and is one of the few remaining ferries on Wisconsin's state highway network. A picnic lunch at Devil's Lake State Park, and then back home. Transportation provided from our meeting place. Date negotiable with participants. participants

Kevin & Michelle Sweeney



Trip to Northwind Perennial Farm with lunch at Simple Cafe.

This is a very special place close to Lake Geneva, WI on a 10 acre 19th Century dairy farm. The original barns house garden art and intriguing treasures. There are lush gardens landscaped with small frog ponds and streams to delight gardeners and nature lovers alike. The gardens specialize in native plants with natural stone paths and stone built sculptures interwoven among the plant communities. Geese, chickens, donkeys, pigs and goats to visit and cats greet your arrival. One of the owners will introduce us to the design ideas and philosophy of how this beautiful place continues to evolve. We will stroll through Northwind in the morning and have a late lunch at Simple CafÊ in Lake Geneva (included). Simple Cafe specializes in locally grown seasonal produce. August 10, rain – August 11. Approx. Value for Tax - $25

8 x $25

Sheena John 19


Children's Book Collection 11

zygote through age four

Minimum $50

An ideal gift of classic children's books for any child zygote to age four. years. Approx. Tax Value - $100 Giving a child a love of books – priceless!

Chris & Tim Davis


SafeNow Safe-Green Cleaning Supplies SafeNow is a line of human and pet safe cleaning products developed for use in homes for people with disabilities. Safe & Green, EPA certified. The winning bid gets a starter supply of all products: All Purpose, Floor, Window, Bath, Dish, Hand and Laundry. PLUS a full year supply of 170oz Green cubes of laundry. That's one a month! Bob Sandidge & Anne Ward



Beat the Heat with an Antarctic Evening

6 X $25

Chill out with a cold one—or another icy drink—along with appetizers on the deck. Then enjoy a picnic dinner of homemade grilled turkey burgers (or veggie burgers) and a variety of salads, with ice cream pie for dessert. Continue to cool off by taking a onehour photographic journey to the stark icy beauty of Antarctica, as Barb and Ron guide you through their latest adventure by small ship from the southern tip of Argentina to the Antarctic Circle. Bring your imagination, and the photos of icebergs and penguins and seals in a frosty white terrain will make you shiver! Saturday, August 3, 6:00 p.m.

Barbara Sugden & Ron Vargason


Dinner at Cafe Roma 00

4 X $25

Exceptionally food quality guarantees Cafe Roma is not just another pizza and pasta place. Italian sea salt, 00' pizza flour, artichokes, DeCecco pastas and imported and housemade desserts are just a few of the highest quality ingredients used everyday. Extensive side by side comparison of each raw ingredient ensures peak flavor and simple perfection in every meal.

Chris & Tim Davis 24


Fox Trail Bike Ride & Lunch

4 X $20

Summer or early autumn. Bike on the beautiful Fox River Trail heading to St. Charles. A stop for lunch at the Townhouse Cafe. Date to be determined. Approx. Value for Tax - $20.00 Chris & Tim Davis 25


Overnight Fishing Camp 3 X $25 Overnight Fishing Camp--space for three, Friday June 7 to June 8. Leave 9AM and return the following evening. Bring your own fishing gear. Food, transportation, lodging, and bait provided. You need an IL fishing license.

Dan Brosier 26

McQueen Station Farm Dinner 00

6 X $25

Enjoy the best that our local agriculture has to offer! A meal featuring at Jason & Bridget Laflin's with locally raised food from our very own McQueen Station Farm. This is one meal where you can be confident of where your food came from‌ Dinner will feature: fresh vegetables, eggs, milk and cheese straight off the farm. Saturday, August 24 – 6:30 PM Jason & Bridget Laflin 27

KitchenAid Classic Mixer 00

In beautiful shape, this powerful mixer is a professional quality high performance mixer for batter, cookie and bread dough. Includes accessory wire whip and dough hook and stainless bowl.


Bonnie & Dennis Schwank 28

Oktoberfest! 00 - 25 max x $25 Join us for a rollicking good time as we enjoy local wines and beers and a feast of local foods prepared German style. Bonfire, weather permitting. Sat. October 5, 2013

Andrea & Greg Schmidlin 29

2013 Road Rally 00

10 x $20

Gather your friends and get ready to challenge your collective abilities to interpret clues while taking a self-guided tour of breathtaking holiday lights. Includes dinner beforehand, dessert afterwards, goodies and a prize for the winning group.

FINAL DETAILS TO FOLLOW Kathy and Todd Underwood


UU & Wii Bowling Tournament


10 ea. X $25

The ball and pins may be virtual, but the competition and the fun is real! You’ll thrill to curves, straight balls, hooks and full-rollers as you witness the first ever UU&Wii bowling tournament. You won’t have to cross-over to the Brooklyn side (because it will be held at the Moutrie/Carringi home in Cary) to enjoy this evening of strikes, spares, splits and even a few gutter-balls. With an instant pinsetter, no foul line foot-faults, and a fully functional beer frame (with better-than-bowling-alley food) to keep you in the pocket, you’ll be sure to have a perfect 300 night. See yourself in the virtual bowling world with the Mii Wii create for UU. Champion will maintain possession of the non-virtual trophy for one year. Some Saturday in September or October TBD

Dotty Carringi – Mike Moutrie


It's MAGIC! UUCE Service Auction Saturday February 9, 2013


UUCE MAGIC! Service Auction  
UUCE MAGIC! Service Auction  

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