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Welcome to Opening Night 2011 Here is the opening round of Service Auction items and services. More are on the way but now is the time to begin making your plans for the big night Saturday February 19th. The evening begins at 5:30 with appetizers and cocktails in the Green Room then upstairs for the spectacular Opening Night Auction

Waring Pro 3 HP Blender 00 $400 Used only 2 times. Great for Soups, Salsas, Sauces, Desserts, Dressings and Beverages Simple High, Low, Off and Pulse Paddle Switches

Heavy-Duty 3 HP Motor, 30,000+ RPMs One-Piece Dishwasher-Safe Removable Jar Pad 64 oz. Unbreakable Polycarbonate Container Included

Dave Zobott & Beth Cooper - Zobott

UUCE Opening Night


Basket of Mending


You know that pile of clothes with missing buttons, ripped seams, hems that have come undone, broken zippers (coats zippers excluded) ..... I will repair all that will fit in the basket I will provide. Shari Smagatz

UUCE Opening Night



Max & Benny’s & Botanic Hike $30 x 4

Enjoy a late afternoon visit in June/July to the Chicago Botanic Garden. After strolling through the beautiful gardens, we will head to Max & Benny's, a great delicatessen for dinner.

Tim and Chris Davis UUCE Opening Night


Flounder Day Celebration


$25 x 8

Actually it is Founders Days weekend in Algonquin but we like prefer to celebrate the Flounder on this last weekend in July. This is a fun evening of appetizers and dessert at Anne and Bob's cabin on the Fox River. At 9pm we head to the dock to watch the fireworks.

Sunday July 26th

Anne Ward & Bob Sandidge

UUCE Opening Night


Collection of Children’s Books 14

$200 A collection of about 50 books will be selected for any child ages 0-10 years.

Tim and Chris Davis UUCE Opening Night



An Evening of Turkish Delights

Enjoy the healthy flavors and colorful sights of Turkey. Begin with mezes (appetizers) served with Turkey’s national beverage, Raki, and/or yogurt drink. Dinner will include several vegetarian (not vegan) dishes and a couple chicken/meat dishes, followed by dessert and Turkish Delight. Then, watch a 1-hour showing of the best of the best photos of Barb & Ron’s recent trip to Turkey. See the fairy chimneys and underground cities of Cappadocia; the Topkapi Palace, Blue Mosque, and the Bospherus in exotic old Istanbul; and the ancient city of Ephesus, St. Paul territory and site of the Virgin Mary’s last home. Explore the layers of history and the natural beauty along the turquoise coastlines of the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas.

$25 x 6

Saturday April 30, 2011

Barbara Sugden & Ron Vargason

UUCE Opening Night


Food, Fire, and Confabulation 00

$25 x 4

Dinner at the Brosier’s home in front of the fireplace with lots of engaging enlightening enlivening conversation.

Dan and Katherine Brosier

UUCE Opening Night


5th Annual Winemaker’s Tasting Party!

00 Enjoy a variety of different wines (Kerry will choose 3 whites, 3 reds, and 2 dessert wines) with a large selection of appetizers and desserts, and also try some of Kerry's homemade rhubarb wine! While the wine flows, this event always promises some very stimulating conversation -and I think there was even some spontaneous singing last year! Come join the fun!

$25 x 8

Kerry Lantau

UUCE Opening Night


Sharks & Hustlers Pool Tourney


Dan and Kathy Hislip

$25 x 18

Spend an evening demonstrating your ability as a pool shark! The coveted prize is the SHARK HAT which can be worn with pride for a year, then the current champion gets to return and defend the title. Refreshments & casual dinner.

Saturday Feb. 4th 2012

UUCE Opening Night



Port Edward’s Neptune’s Comedy Club

4 Tickets for Thursday Night Comedy at Port Edward

$10 x 4

Anne Ward & Bob Sandidge

UUCE Opening Night


Career Coaching 00

$100 x 2 3 – 1 Hour Sessions. Help with making and fulfilling a career change and creating a career plan. Doug Pratt

UUCE Opening Night



Port Edward $100 International Seafood Buffet Friday Night International Sushi and Seafood Buffet for 2. Take your time and enjoy this Check, Please! Five Fork rated Celebration Destination restaurant. Feast on Bouillabaisse, Paella, Steamed Mussels, Hot & Cold Snow Crab Legs, Smoked Trout and Salmon, Halibut, Crawfish Etoufee, Grouper, Catfish, Tilapia, and many salads and Sushi Selection. Gift Card Good anytime for $100

Anne Ward & Bob Sandidge

UUCE Opening Night



iPod Touch 8GB

No longer able to whistle a happy tune? Are your soufflÊ’s no longer rising perfectly? Has the remote possibility of contracting Kreutzfeldt-Jacob Disease got you down? Then friend, you need to bid on a brand new 8-gigabyte iPod Touch. This portable Wi-Fi media player can relieve irritable vowels and put a spring in your step.


Tim and Chris Davis

UUCE Opening Night


Sermon: Topic Of Your Choice


Dan Brosier


Destined for the all time … “Dan’s Greatest Hits” list

UUCE Opening Night


Dessert & Wine Tasting 00

$30 x 6

Savor Small Desserts and Several Wine Selections We’ll be by the Fox River Saturday July 14th

Anne Ward – Bob Sandidge

UUCE Opening Night


Fox Valley Folk Festival 00

Doug Pratt & Elizabeth Olson Shari Smagatz & Dan Kalkbrenner

$20 x 8

Admission & Lunch A day at the 34th Annual Fox Valley Folk Festival – Island Park in Geneva on Labor Day Weekend. All day passes for adults. Children are welcome – supervision is provided so adults can be in one place children in another. Music, Dancing, Lessons, Instruments, Story Telling – Children’s Tent – Vendors Galore! Delicious Picnic Lunch included. Labor Day Weekend

UUCE Opening Night


Trivial Pursuit Party # 18 00

Tim and Chris Davis

$25 x 8

Includes hor d'oeuvres, beverages (fermented and nonfermented) and desserts. We find out which gender knows the most trivia. This year's event is sanctioned by the Amalgamated Meatcutters & Butcher Workmen of America and the Moto Butu, a fierce Japanese bicycle gang.

Saturday January 14, 2012 UUCE Opening Night



Academy Awards Party

$10 x 10

Jim & Valerie Howells

The Oscars ! Enjoy the 83rd Academy AwardsShow!

Movie Trivia Pick the Oscars Contest

Appetizers and drinks

Sun. February 27, 2011 6:30

UUCE Opening Night


Holiday Road Rally 00

Kathy and Todd Underwood

$15 x 10

Gather your friends and get ready to challenge your collective abilities to interpret clues while taking a self-guided tour of breathtaking holiday lights. The fun happens on December 2011. Includes dinner beforehand, dessert afterwards, goodies and a prize for the winning group.

UUCE Opening Night


The INFAMOUS!!!!! Texas Hold ‘Em Poker Party 00

The River, the Flop, hold 'em or fold 'em… For 12 people. Includes casual supper. Grand prize is the right to the Texas Hold ‘Em Hat and Eyewear for one year. The current champion returns to defend the title!

$25 x 12

Dan & Kathy Hislip

UUCE Opening Night


Reserved Parking Space 00

Membership Committee

Front for church services.


Good for one year starting 3/01/11

UUCE Opening Night



Math Tutoring


5 Hours of Math Tutoring by Community College Math Teacher Any Level

Patty Doyle UUCE Opening Night


Reserved Name Tag Space 0 Membership Committee Priceless In Fellowship Hall at the top of the Name Tags. Easy to find ‌

UUCE Opening Night



Wild West Murder Mystery Dinner Party

Saturday May 5th, 2011 Howdy y'all! Dust off your cowboy boots and cowboy hat for an exciting Wild West Murder Mystery Party! Get all gussied up and come to a party in our saloon. Help welcome our new sheriff and his crew to our humble little town... But stay alert, there is a lowdown sidewinder among us. Will you be the one to catch them? Or are you that dirty varmint? Guests will be given a character to play (included in their invitation). Costumes are strongly encouraged, suggestions will be provided. The party will include dinner, drinks, games and mystery solving fun.

8 - $25

Bridget and Jason Laflin UUCE Opening Night



Chicago Blackhawks Tickets

2 Tickets to Hawks vs. Carolina Hurricanes

$175 Friday March, 4th

Gerry Mounsey UUCE Opening Night


Patti Digh Book Set 00 Autographed Famed Author and friend of UUCE sent a set of her books including her latest “Creative is a Verb” and Four Word Self Help”

Patti Digh UUCE Opening Night



Quick Books Set Up Install & Set Up Quick Books for Small Business. Some conditions apply. See Carl Before Bidding.

Carl Deitrick

UUCE Opening Night



Beef Barley Soup


1 POT Hearty Homemade Beef Barley Vegetable Soup

Patty Doyle UUCE Opening Night



Necklace – Bracelet Earrings


Custom made with your choice of colors, style, length from my stock.

Patty Doyle UUCE Opening Night



Spaghetti Sauce 1 POT of Delicious Homemade Spaghetti Sauce with Your Choice of Meat or Veggie

Patty Doyle UUCE Opening Night



THANK YOU! See you Sat. Feb. 18 for Service Auction 2012


UUCE - Service Auction Catalog - 2011  

UUCE Partical Service Auction Catalog

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