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Magical Mystery Tour

The Unitarian Universalist Church of Elgin

2010 Service Auction February 27, 2010

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! It’s a good thing. Each year the experience of pulling together the annual service auction takes on more meaning. I suppose it is my background as a professional meeting producer that makes me want to do the work myself and invite the guests to come and enjoy. One thing I’ve learned is that this event is a community event. It is an event that brings the many talents and skills of our community into play for the good of all. What we’ve come to understand is that the job of the organizers is not so much to “produce” the event as it is to facilitate and orchestrate all the energies and interests of our group. So what you experience in the annual service auction is the result of so many people that we can’t even attempt to thank everyone who makes it possible. There are those who donate items and services to the auction, those who work on the computer programs that make for quick check in and out – Mike, Sharon and Kevin. And those who plan menus, purchase, prepare and serve a great dinner – Cheren and crew. Dan and Kathy who do a terrific bar! And raffle man Kevin. Those who design and decorate – Debbie, Sandy, Anne, Valerie, Elizabeth, Steve, Rusty, Doug, Todd and others. There is set up – clean up – Tim & Chris, Joe & Mary Alice, Dan, Doug, Rusty, Todd, and many others. Thanks to Dotty for the auction catalog and banners – to Mike, Phil and Sandy for the new paddles. There are so many others. In fact, all of us get a big thanks for coming together for an evening of fun and fund raising. Thank you for bidding and for cheering on the bidding excitement. We are so pleased to have the opportunity once again to be of service to our incredible church community. In the coming year the funds raised tonight will give back to each of us and to the needs of our community. For all that you make possible we extend our heart felt gratitude and thanks! The Magical Mystery Tour Continues ... Next stop Saturday, February 26, 2011!

Bob & Anne and your 2010 Service Auction Team

Table of Contents


Silent Auction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5–21

100 Jewelry . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5–8 200 Artwork . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9–12 300 For the Home. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12–14 400 Apparel . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14–15 500 Food. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15 600 Not Just For Kids . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15–17 700 Electronics. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17 900 Other Items. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17–21

Live Auction. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22–30

S ilent Auction Items Jewelry


Black & White “Art Men” Earrings

Louise Feraud clip earrings – gold leaf design Dennis and Bonnie Schwank Value: $50.00


Black and White Dancing Man Earrings Sandy Webster Value: $10.00


Silver & Blue, Green Earrings

Each earring shows a different continent Sandy Webster Value: $10.00

Clip-on Earrings


Clip-on Earrings

Swarovski Crystal Dennis and Bonnie Schwank Value: $50.00


Amethyst and Silver Pendant


Amethyst crystal wrapped with silver wire Kathy and Todd Underwood Value: $20.00

Carved “Pisces” medallion Sandy Webster Value: $15.00



Amethyst cut in a diamond shape Kathy and Todd Underwood Value: $8.00

Beads and wood drop earrings Sandy Webster Value: $5.00


Chinese Medallion Necklace

Drop Earrings


Vintage Lapel Pin

Trifari vintage pin – gold Dennis and Bonnie Schwank Value: $25.00

Amethyst Pendant

Necklace with Elgin Watch Faces

Pendant necklace on silk cord with Elgin watch faces Lydia Larrabee Value: $17.00 -5-

Silent Auction, continued



Tiny 14K gold rose pendant Alice Macy Value: $12.00

Roberta Nauman Value: $70.00

Rose Pendant


Boat Pin

Gold, multicolored Alice Macy Value: $20.00


Firefly Ankle Bracelet Cheren Waller Value: $5.00


Unicorn Earrings Cheren Waller Value: $10.00


Frog Pin

Cheren Waller Value: $15.00


Heart Earrings

Lavender Pearls Necklace and Earrings


Turquoise Necklace Roberta Nauman Value: $42.00


Silver and Garnet Necklace Roberta Nauman Value: $30.00


Lapis Pendant and Chain Roberta Nauman Value: $40.00


Stone and Turquoise Necklace

Heavy stone and turquoise necklace Roberta Nauman Value: $47.00

Cheren Waller Value: $13.00



Green fused glass on wire Roberta Nauman Value: $20.00

Beaded Gold Earrings Cheren Waller Value: $10.00 -6-

Fused Glass on Wire

Silent Auction, continued



Roberta Nauman Value: $45.00

Made with handcrafted silver bar, crystals and czech beads Susan Goldberg Value: $50.00

Navajo Spring Oyster Pendant and Earrings


Zuni Turquoise and Silver Necklace Roberta Nauman Value: $45.00


Freshwater Pearl Coral and Silver Necklace Roberta Nauman Value: $125.00

“LOVE� Bracelet and Earrings Set


Sterling Silver Pendant Angel Mila Brinker Value: $20.00


Shell and Leather Necklace


Handmade shell and leather moon & star necklace Mila Brinker Value: $20.00

Roberta Nauman Value: $35.00


Brown Agate Necklace


Pink Quartz Necklace Roberta Nauman Value: $35.00


Bracelet and Earrings

Made by Susan Goldberg: Gemstones, Thai silver and crystals Susan Goldberg Value: $50.00

Holding Hands Pin Leslie Sawyer Value: $10.00


Lia Sophia Earrings

Genuine mother-of-pearl and abalone Leslie Sawyer Value: $30.00


Silent Auction, continued



Pink and purple crystals Leslie Sawyer Value: $18.00

Leslie Sawyer Value: $30.00

Lia Sophia Butterfly Pin


Lia Sophia Child’s Butterfly Necklace Leslie Sawyer Value: $19.00


Lia Sophia Butterfly Pin Pink and purple crystals Leslie Sawyer Value: $18.00


Lia Sophia Butterfly Pin Blue crystals Leslie Sawyer Value: $38.00


Lia Sophia Crystal Bracelet Multi-colored crystals Leslie Sawyer Value: $48.00


Lia Sophia Earrings Genuine abalone Leslie Sawyer Value: $28.00


Lia Sophia Gold Slide Pendant


Lia Sophia Flower Necklace Leslie Sawyer Value: $28.00


Lia Sophia Crystal Slide Pendant Leslie Sawyer Value: $40.00


Lia Sophia Cuff Bracelet Leslie Sawyer Value: $30.00


Onyx Earrings

Mexican silver with mother-ofpearl and abalone set in onyx Diana March Value: $30.00

Silent Auction, continued



Inlaid Small Hanging Tray

Possibly Toledo, Spain,1960s. Inlaid golden birds and flowers. Sandy Webster Value: $20.00


Iris Vase

Tall vase with Iris pattern Dennis and Bonnie Schwank Value: $25.00


Wall Hangings or Trivets Latte – Java ceramic Henny DuBois Value: $20.00


Matisse Print

Framed out-of-print Matisse print. 22” x 29” Dennis and Bonnie Schwank Value: $100.00


Shamrock Ornament

Small bell ornament with Trellis Shamrock. Royal Tara Fine Bone China Dennis and Bonnie Schwank Value: $15.00


Decorative Bowl

Handmade Ceramic Bowl and Wooden Spoons Andrea and Greg Schmidlin Value: $50.00



Table-top fountain Andrea and Greg Schmidlin Value: $15.00


Calligraphy Set

Calligraphy set in wooden box with calligraphy paper Andrea and Greg Schmidlin Value: $20.00


John Lennon Plaque

Wall hanging with lyrics for John Lennon songs in his handwriting Andrea and Greg Schmidlin Value: $10.00


Chinese Art Wall Hanging Fengyatang’s Model of Pelang Opera Character Andrea and Greg Schmidlin Value: $30.00


Silent Auction, continued



Ceramic flowers design in wood frame Andrea and Greg Schmidlin Value: $25.00

Small intricately carved wooden box from Bangalore with hinged top 4” x 4” Lydia Larrabee Value: $8.00

Ceramic Wall Hanging


Pewter Candlesticks

Carved Indian Trinket box


1 Pair Alice Macy Value: $25.00

Fertility Goddess



Wooden carved, gaily painted figure of an exuberant girl for wall decoration Lydia Larrabee Value: $10.00

Pair – framed and matted 8 x 10 Diane Graham Value: $40.00

Dancing Girl



Wooden carved gaily painted arrow for wall decoration Lydia Larrabee Value: $10.00


Red Flying Dragon Sculpture

Wooden carved dragon – Bali style red with gold accents – hangs from light or hook Lydia Larrabee Value: $20.00 -10-

Lydia Larrabee Value: $5.00

Resting Maiden


Irish Pub Wall Hanging

Wooden, 3-dimensional wall hanging Robert Jackson Value: $50.00


Painting: Mexican Farm Scene, Framed Robert Jackson Value: $30.00


Oil Painting: Rabbi

Oil painting of a Rabbi by Pelbam Mary Gaston Value: $100.00

Silent Auction, continued



Cheren Waller Value: $50.00

Anonymous Value: $25.00

Knight Print, Framed

Goddess Candle Holder



Crystal Bear with amethyst heart Cheren Waller Value: $15.00

Marble heart box with inlaid flowers Cheren Waller Value: $15.00

Crystal Bear


Photo Frame

Nova Soli Cheren Waller Value: $15.00


Apple Sculpture

Heart Box


Zebra Pattern Wooden Box Dramatic pattern Cheren Waller Value: $25.00


Metal apple sculpture Cheren Waller Value: $20.00

Flamingo Photo Frame



Framed Yosemite Valley print Cheren Waller Value: $25.00

Dramatic pattern Cheren Waller Value: $15.00

Yosemite Print

Cheren Waller Value: $12.00

Small Box With Curved Lid



Goldilocks and the Three Bears framed print Cheren Waller Value: $45.00

Giclee print of an original pastel painting by Dotty Carringi Dotty Carringi Value: $65.00

Goldilocks Print



Silent Auction, continued


Mourning Light

Giclee print of an original pastel painting by Dotty Carringi Dotty Carringi Value: $65.00


Tree in Winter

Framed photo of a tree in winter Roberta Nauman Value: $45.00


Water Scene on Cardboard

Early colored-pencil work from Bud Geister: small islands in water Bud Geister Value: $10.00


Wildlife Print

Endangered wildlife print with custom frame Darla and Charlie Musson Value: $150.00


Willow Tree Happiness Figurine

Diana March and Norm Wilkinson Value: $15.00

For the Home


Do-It-Yourself Photo Mug Add your own picture to the insulated mug Sheena John and Claire Dassy Value: $10.00


Cat Trivet

Ceramic and wood trivet with ginger cat on red background Sheena John and Claire Dassy Value: $10.00


Butterfly & Flower Lamp

Small metal lamp with candle bulb. Butterfly sits beside a white and purple gentian-style glass lamp shade. Sheena John and Claire Dassy Value: $25.00


Fine Wool Throw

Blue and Brown Woolrich fine weave wool throw Sheena John and Claire Dassy Value: $20.00


Terra Cotta Planter

For medium-sized to large plants Alice Macy Value: $20.00 -12-

Silent Auction, continued



Brown wicker with cloth insert Henny DuBois Value: $20.00

Halogen banker’s lamp Dennis and Bonnie Schwank Value: $80.00

Storage Basket

Banker’s Lamp



Small lamp. Green floral teapot design. Dennis and Bonnie Schwank Value: $20.00

Sauder brand. Light oak coloring Kathy and Todd Underwood Value: $125.00

Teapot Lamp


Mr. Coffee Coffee maker

Computer Armoire


Pottery Oil Lamp

Henny DuBois Value: $25.00

New pottery oil lamp with wick Lydia Larrabee Value: $6.00



Glass/Gold. Touch on - off lamp. Dennis and Bonnie Schwank Value: $20.00

Rechargeable with 2 light settings – 9 or 15 LEDs Robert Jackson Value: $25.00

Small Glass Lamp


Handmade Mugs

Wally mugs: who’s Wally? Who knows! Pure fun. Dennis and Bonnie Schwank Value: $40.00


Silver Photo Album

Mini Max photo album. 60 sleeves for pictures 4 x 6 Dennis and Bonnie Schwank Value: $18.00

Crank Lantern


Wall Clock

Large, flowered wall clock – battery operated Diane Graham Value: $20.00


2 Blue Glass Bowls Mary Gaston Value: $30.00


Silent Auction, continued



Thick, luxurious, warm Tim and Chris Davis Value: $25.00

Coasters with horse design Cheren Waller Value: $15.00

Handmade Afghan

Horse Coasters



Brand new complete brushed chrome Robert Jackson Value: $40.00

Set of 4 bar stools. Wood swivel with back support Leslie Sawyer Value: $200.00

Bathroom Faucet

4 Bar Stools



Ceramic teapot with frogs Cheren Waller Value: $25.00

Small Japanese Kyusu-style teapot with 2 teacups. Traditional Chrysanthemum design. Diana March and Norm Wilkinson Value: $30.00

Frog Teapot


Mexican Pot

Small brown decorated pot from Mexico 4” x 3” glazed inside Lydia Larrabee Value: $5.00


Peace On Earth Angel Cheren Waller Value: $10.00


Candle Holder

Tall Candle Stand for pillar candle black and gold Diane Graham Value: $15.00 -14-

Japanese Tea Set



Earth Shoes

“Freedom” Mouton (color) suede size 8 (run large). Never worn. Elizabeth Olson Value: $109.99


Jimi Hendrix T-Shirt Size: Medium Cheren Waller Value: $15.00

Silent Auction, continued



Size: XXL Roberta Nauman Value: $15.00

Created from scratch with the finest ingredients Kathy and Todd Underwood Value: $15.00

“Think Globally” T-Shirt


Hand knit Brightly Colored Sweater/Jacket

Homemade French Silk Pie


Dinner and a Movie


Vegetarian tacos, refried beans, tabouli salad, beer, popcorn and chocolate. Choice of movie on loan from Day. Day Waterman Value: $25.00

Brilliant green fashion scarf Lydia Larrabee Value: $10.00

Not Just For Kids

“Adamo” sweater: Pink, blue, red, yellow, orange Elizabeth Olson Value: $75.00

Crocheted/Knit Scarf



Black Leslie Sawyer Value: $125.00

Hardback edition of children’s book Sheena John and Claire Dassy Value: $10.00

Long Leather Coat



Homemade French Silk Pie Created from scratch with the finest ingredients Kathy and Todd Underwood Value: $15.00

Olivia Book: Olivia.


Giant Plush Donkey

Kristin and Kurt Wachholder Value: $15.00


Giant Plush Baby Simba Kristin and Kurt Wachholder Value: $15.00


Silent Auction, continued



Kristin and Kurt Wachholder Value: $15.00

Kristin and Kurt Wachholder Value: $11.00

Giant Plush Young Simba

Picture Dictionary



Kristin and Kurt Wachholder Value: $15.00

Kristin and Kurt Wachholder Value: $5.00

Giant Plush Bee

Lion King Book



Kristin and Kurt Wachholder Value: $15.00

Kristin and Kurt Wachholder Value: $5.00

Giant Plush Nemo

Colorforms Dress-Up Book



“Floatsuit” swimsuit USCG approved in most states. 40-50 lbs. Kristin and Kurt Wachholder Value: $30.00

Magnetic art board Kristin and Kurt Wachholder Value: $5.00

Body Glove Floatsuit


Yakima Bike Trailer

Yakima trailer for bicycle, seats two children Jim Howells Value: $250.00


3 Clifford Books

3 HC Clifford children’s books Kristin and Kurt Wachholder Value: $15.00


Magic Writer


Bag of Toys - 1 Cheren Waller Value: $10.00


Bag of Toys - 2 Cheren Waller Value: $10.00


Children’s Camera

National Wildlife Federation kid’s camera Roberta Nauman Value: $5.00

Silent Auction, continued



Chess pieces inside of box that doubles as chess board David and Gloria Yaeger Value: $10.00

i-Home rechargeable mini speakers for iPod Andrea and Greg Schmidlin Value: $40.00

Traveling Chess Set


Earthopoly Game

Environmental-themed version of Monopoly game Kerry Lantau Value: $25.00



Computer Speakers

2 Computer speakers with separate bass speaker Sheena John and Claire Dassy Value: $10.00


Panasonic TV/VCR

Panasonic 20” TV/VCR combo unit Jim Howells Value: $75.00


Computer Monitor

Mitsubishi 2060 U Computer monitor. 20” Max resolution 1600 x 1200 Jim Howells Value: $150.00

iPod Speakers



Antique Book: Twas the Night Before Christmas

Merrill Publishing Company 1938. Color illustrations, stapled oversized softcover. Book is in “good” condition only: wear to extremities, tape across spine, light tearing around edges. Book in similar condition sold on Ebay for Value: $52.00 Dec 2009. Dan and Katherine Brosier Value: $40.00


Manual of Herbaceous Ornamental Plants

Book: for perennial plant enthusiasts. This manual is THE bible for perennials used in the industry. Paperback edition (3” thick). Sheena John and Claire Dassy Value: $40.00


Silent Auction, continued



Book: recipes for toppings, waffles, and pancakes Sheena John and Claire Dassy Value: $10.00

Set of 19 Twilight Zone DVDs. All in perfect condition. Most have been played only once! Steve and Donna Askins Value: $171.00

Waffles and Pancakes


Twilight Zone DVDs

Dogtionary Photo Book



Homedics professional percussion massager. Therapist Select. Dennis and Bonnie Schwank Value: $50.00

Meaningful portraits of dogs Sheena John and Claire Dassy Value: $10.00

Twas the Night Before Christmas

Antique book: 1940, Eleanor Madsen Whitman Illustration. Printed on linen paper. Spine split and covers detached, held by tape. Gift inscription dated 1941. Dan and Katherine Brosier Value: $25.00


Memory Album

20 pages total, 10 sheet protectors, 10 scrapbook inserts plus refill pages. Red with frame on cover. Dennis and Bonnie Schwank Value: $25.00


Therapist Massager


Oral B Triumph

Rechargeable toothbrush with three different kinds of brushes: polisher, etc. for one person. Never used. Dennis and Bonnie Schwank Value: $100.00


Matching Double Eyeglass Case and Watch. Watchband matches eyeglasses case that holds two pairs of glasses. Watch with cloth band is Silver Bezel. Dennis and Bonnie Schwank Value: $25.00

Silent Auction, continued



Meditation CD with cat purr sounds Valerie Howells Value: $30.00

New half apron and 4 cookbooks: Frugal Gourmet; Our Ethnic Heritage; Cooking for Change (menopause relief); Hungarian cook book. Jack Berry Value: $55.00

Cat’s Purr Meditation CD


On Creating Consciously

Four Cookbooks

CD workshop with Dr. Michael Ryce Valerie Howells Value: $40.00



Large coffee table book with many photos from the last century Jim Bottino and Louette Rogers Value: $60.00

Enjoying Weight Loss

Hypnosis weight loss program CD Anonymous Value: $60.00


Fishing Basket

Trout flies – 2 boxes. Fishing net, fly fishing video, several how-to books. Illustrated book on trout varieties. Fly focused magazines. Metal basket. Jack Berry Value: $85.00

The Century by Peter Jennings and Todd Brewster


Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffenegger

Newly released hardcover book by the author of Time Traveler’s Wife Jim Bottino and Louette Rogers Value: $26.99


3 Photo Albums

Each album holds 300 photos Alice Macy Value: $39.00


Silent Auction, continued



Picnic basket brand new from Boston Warehouse. Contains utensils. Dan and Katherine Brosier Value: $30.00

Rounded pliers, flat needle-nose pliers & wire cutter for making bead jewelry Lydia Larrabee Value: $15.00

Picnic Basket

Beadwork Tools



Handy container with ink pads and stamps, some slightly used, with many colors and shapes. A fun set to start with. Lydia Larrabee Value: $10.00

Kit has all tools and supplies to make felted stars – 5 different colors yarn, felting needle, foam pad, instructions Lydia Larrabee Value: $15.00

Stamps and Stamp Pad


Beading Supplies

Beads, needles and thread for peyote beading Lydia Larrabee Value: $7.00



John Grisham: The Appeal Philip and Sandra Webster Value: $15.00


Autographed Book

New Rules by Bill Maher, autographed by author Philip and Sandra Webster Value: $20.00 -20-

Needle Felting Kit


Native American Spirit Shield Kit

Kit includes all supplies to make a small leather shield – great project for older kids Lydia Larrabee Value: $5.00


Bliss in a Box

A weekend contemplative retreat at home. 2 audio CDs containing 3 yoga practices and 3 meditations, flash cards and book Mila Brinker Value: $10.00

Silent Auction, continued


The Cup of Destiny

A traditional fortune-teller’s cup and saucer plus illustrated book of interpretations Mila Brinker Value: $20.00


Purse Photo Holder Cheren Waller Value: $5.00


Multi-Color Plarn Tote

Tote bag crocheted out of grocery bags and newspaper delivery bags Valerie Howells Value: $15.00


Plarn Tote

Tote bag made from recycled good packaging plastic bags Valerie Howells Value: $15.00


UUCE Cookbook Our finest recipes Roberta Nauman Value: $6.00


Live Auction Items 001


Sharpen any type of scissors – as many as you have. Dan Kalkbrenner Value: $20.00

Have you ever wanted to join the hip crowd of knitters? Then this is your chance! During the threehour class, you will learn to cast on, knit, pearl and cast off. Saturday, June 12th – 1-4p.m. Joe and Christina Conway Value: $60.00 Quantity: 5

Scissor Sharpening


Two Planters Potted with Annuals

You provide the planters (up to 18” diameter each) I’ll fill them with soil and a beautiful mix of summer annuals, herbs, and vines, your choice of colors. Shari Smagatz Value: $50.00


Jewelry Making

A two-hour workshop including materials, instruction and use of tools. Susan Goldberg Value: $75.00 Quantity: 3


Monthly Loaf of Healthy Bread

On the first of each month I will deliver to the successful bidder a loaf of the finest healthiest homemade bread. Mitch Jacobs Value: $120.00 -22-

Knitting Lessons


Dinner at Norton’s & Botanic Hike

Enjoy an early meal at one of the best hamburger joints on the North Shore (they have a comprehensive menu), and then we’ll head over to the Chicago Botanic Garden for a lovely early evening stroll. Bring a camera to capture pictures of the diverse plant life and fauna. Tim and Chris Davis Value: $30.00 Quantity: 4


Private Dog Lesson Training I will come to your house for a 2-hour session to help you with any problems or issues you have with your dog. I can help with: House training, pulling on the leash, dog getting into the trash, dog eating your couch when

Live Auction, continued you’re gone, etc. Or if you have a well-behaved pooch, I can teach you some fun tricks or basic obedience to make him an even better household member! Jessica Frost Value: $90.00


Framed Photo of Your Pet

Custom framed 8 x 10 portrait of your fuzzy guy or gal (cat or dog). Cheren Waller Value: $150.00


Cat Angels

8” x 10” Art Photo In Frame and Mat 16” x 13” Henny DuBois Value: $50.00


Electronic Portable Keyboard

Yamaha Electronic Portable Keyboard with instruction and song books. All accessories. Like New. The Yamaha PSR 170 is the right keyboard for someone who really wants to have fun. The voices, styles and songs that it comes with will ensure this. With the popular Yamaha Education Suite 2 feature, you will find the Yamaha PSR 170 very easy to play. Dennis and Bonnie Schwank Value: $200.00


Flounder Day Celebration

It’s Founder’s Days weekend in Algonquin but we like fish so prefer to celebrate the Flounder on this last weekend in July. This event is for Sunday evening appetizers and dessert at Anne and Bob’s cabin on the Fox. At nightfall we’ll head to the dock to watch fireworks. Sunday, July 25th. Bob Sandidge and Anne Ward Value: $25.00 Quantity: 8


Garden Consulting

3 hours of garden consulting. Advice, research and assistance to help you with flowers, vegetables, container planting, shrubs and trees. Help with plant, soil and pest problems, selecting plants for particular spots, and starting new gardens. Glad to share my University of Illinois Extension Master Gardener training with you. Lydia Larrabee Value: $90.00 Quantity: 2


Live Auction, continued



Join Mila & Karl Brinker for a relaxing summer evening in our screened-in porch. We will serve appetizers, drinks (summer sangria), salad (fresh from our garden), dinner (our own smoked meat and/or fish), dessert, conversation and laughter. Event Date: Aug. 7th Mila and Karl Brinker Value: $22.50 Quantity: 6

Enjoy an evening Texas-style! Start with beer and sangria on the deck. Dine on gourmet Texas barbecue with all the fixin’s. All homemade with low-fat ingredients. Take a one-hour armchair journey through the many faces of Texas by viewing the best of the best photographs of Ron and Barb’s 2-month trip during January and February, 2010. (Barb and Ron’s lively and informative Travel Talks have been presented in local libraries to high praise.) Date: June 26 Barbara Sugden and Ron Vargason Value: $25.00 Quantity: 6

A Midsummer Night’s Dinner


Collection of Children’s Books

A collection of about 50 books will be selected for any child ages 0-10 years. Tim and Chris Davis Value: $200.00


Woodcock Watch & Dinner Saturday, March 13th (rain date, 20th) Witness the dramatic, aerial breeding display of American Woodcocks in Burnidge Woods and enjoy an enchilada dinner. NOTE THAT DATE IS SET. Mary Alice and Joe Masonick Value: $20.00 Quantity: 6 -24-

Just North of South of The Border


Food, Fire, and Confabulation

Dinner at the Brosier’s home in front of the fireplace with lots of engaging, enlightening, enlivening conversation. Dan and Katherine Brosier Value: $25.00 Quantity: 4

Live Auction, continued


Sycamore Leaf

Unique Sculpture! Beautiful, large – approx 6” x 6” Sycamore Leaf. This unique piece of nature has its fine detail preserved in copper. After being copper-plated for several hours, it is finished with patinas. One of a kind made by Sandy and Gordon James. Sandy and Gordon James Value: $110.00


4th Annual Winemaker’s Tasting Party!

Mark your calendars: this year’s wine tasting party is scheduled for Saturday, September 11th, at 2:00 p.m.! Kerry will select a variety of 8 different wines (3 whites, 3 reds, and 2 dessert wines), which will be accompanied by appetizers and desserts, and of course Kerry’s homemade rhubarb wine. Cheers! Kerry Lantau/Dan and Kathy Hislip Value: $25.00 Quantity: 8


Green Lunch Cruise On The Fox

A Summer lunch cruise up the Fox River on an all electric non polluting Duffy from Ericson Marine. On board lunch and wine from Port Edward. You will have a great time!!!

Sunday July, 11th Bob Sandidge and Anne Ward Value: $50.00 Quantity: 4


Sharks & Hustlers Pool Tourney

Spend an evening demonstrating your ability as a pool shark! The coveted prize is the shark hat which can be worn with pride for a year, then the current champion gets to return and defend the title. Refreshments and casual dinner. Dan and Kathy Hislip Value: $25.00 Quantity: 18


Door County Spring Get Away

Enjoy the colors of spring at The Rushes in Door County. Sleeps 6. Many amenities. Week is Saturday to Saturday. May 8 to 15 Roberta Nauman Value: $1,100.00


Denny Diamond Show

Neil Diamond Tribute Artist – 2 Tickets for dinner and The Denny Diamond show at Port Edward in Algonquin – Next Sat. March 6th. Includes Prime Rib or Fish dinner. Bob Sandidge and Anne Ward Value: $100.00 -25-

Live Auction, continued


Sewing Machine Tune-Up Clean, oil and check any type of sewing machine – home or industrial. Dan Kalkbrenner Value: $50.00


Resume Consulting

A 2-hr session with a profes­sional Career Counselor. My job is getting people hired. Let me give you the tips that have helped me succeed. Doug Pratt Value: $100.00 Quantity: 2


4 Hours of Gardening

Four hours of weeding, trimming – whatever is needed. Mary Gaston Value: $40.00


Trip to Chicago Botanic Garden

Trip to Chicago Botanic Garden in August. We’ll check out the collections on Evening Island, Spider Island, Sun Evaluation Garden, Native Plant Garden and the new Plant Science Center. Explore the plantings from a design aspect, identification and environmental significance. Bring -26-

your questions and a pair of comfy walking shoes. Exactly what we do can be tailored to the group. Picnic lunch included. Sheena John Value: $15.00 Quantity: 6


Starbucks for a Year!

The Coffee Lovers DELIGHT!!! 1lb of super fresh Starbucks Coffee a month for 12 months. Joe and Christina Conway Value: $150.00


Pure Prairie Farm Membership

Gift certificate membership to Pure Prairie U-Pick Farm in Wayne, IL, (Army Trail & Route 59) mostly berries and some vegetables and tree fruits. For 2010 we have about a half-acre of raspberries, a half-acre of strawberries and a half-acre of vegetables with some wild blackberries. In 2010 we will be adding thornless blackberries, Nanking cherries (bush cherries) and currants as well as expanding our strawberry and raspberry fields. Bill uses an advanced fertility program and controls insects and diseases through plant nutrition. Weeds are hand-pulled or mowed. No poisons on or near plants (not even organic ones).

Live Auction, continued Completely dependent on the biology in the soil, and everything I do is 1000% safe for the microbes. Bill Scheffler, grower – Valerie and Jim Howells Value: $100.00 Quantity: 2


Port Edward International Seafood Buffet

Friday Night International Sushi and Seafood Buffet. Take your time and enjoy this Check, Please! Five Fork rated Celebration Destination restaurant. Feast on Bouillabaisse, Paella, Steamed Mussels, Hot & Cold Snow Crab Legs, Smoked Trout and Salmon, Halibut, Crawfish Etoufee, Grouper, Catfish, Tilapia, and many salads and Sushi Selection. Gift Certs Good anytime for Value: $100 – Bob Sandidge and Anne Ward Value: $100.00


Wildflower Walk & Brunch

A hearty vegetarian breakfast will be followed by a hike in Burnidge Woods during which we’ll identify numerous spring wildflowers. Saturday, April 17th (Rain date April 18th) Mary Alice and Joe Masonick Value: $15.00 Quantity: 6


Garmin Nuvi 205w GPS

Portable and wide, Nuvi 205W is your personal travel assistant for life on the go. This navigator leads the way with turn-by-turn directions and optional MSN Direct services to get you there on time and keep you informed. Packed with millions of destinations and maps for the contiguous U.S., Canada. With Nuvi 205W’s widescreen display, you’ll always get the big picture. View map detail, driving directions, photos and more in bright, brilliant color. Its sunlight-readable, 4.3-inch display is easy to read – from any direction. Tim and Chris Davis Value: $150.00


Sermon: Topic Of Your Choice

Destined for the all time … “Dan’s Greatest Hits” list Dan Brosier Priceless


Monthly Muffins

Receive one dozen delicious homemade muffins on the first Sunday of each month for a year. They are made of healthful ingredients, and the flavors will -27-

Live Auction, continued vary, including blueberry, apple, banana, pumpkin, cranberry, etc. Mary Alice and Joe Masonick Value: $30.00


Indian Cooking Lesson

Manish will lead you through preparation and cooking of 3-4 vegetarian Indian dishes (your choice and/or his suggestion). Ingredients provided for 1-2 people. Your home (preferred) or his kitchen in Elgin. Manish Jyoti Value: $20.00 Quantity: 4


Valentine’s Day Dinner

“Valentine’s Day Dinner” for two ANY day of the year...A romantic dinner prepared just for you by Le Cordon Bleu Trained Chef Holly at your home...RED themed - Hearty Tomato & Beet Salad - Roasted Red Potatoes - Marinara sauce on Holly’s Homemade Meat or Cheese pasta (Ravioli?). Chocolate Dipped Strawberries or RED Velvet Cheesecake or both! All paired with RED Wine - Dessert Wine or Bubbly. Can be all veggie. Holly Haley Value: $250.00



Brunch and Drive to “Ginger Blossoms”

A healthy brunch will be served at Mila’s followed by a spring road trip to Ginger Blossom’s Fair Trade Store in Richmond, Illinois. We will wander the beautiful barn, out buildings and farmhouse full of fair trade items from Tibet, Turkey, Afghanistan, Russia and the Americas, including Zapotec and Navajo. You’ll find everything from handmade home furnishing to jewelry. All handcrafted. 9:30am to approximately 3:00pm – Event Date: May 8th Mila and Karl Brinker Value: $10.00 Quantity: 10


Dessert & Wine Tasting

Savor Small Desserts and Several Wines. Get ready for: Chocolate Lava Cake and Champagne, Tiramisu and Tawny Port, Brandy Ice with Brandy, Key Lime Pie and Reisling, Genuine New Orleans Beignets with handmade Chocolate dipping sauce and Coffee/Cappuccino or Espresso of your choice. Easily a $50 value – Saturday April 24th Bob Sandidge and Anne Ward Value: $30.00 Quantity: 6

Live Auction, continued



A day at the 33rd Annual Fox Valley Folk Festival – Island Park in Geneva on Labor Day Weekend. All-day passes for adults. Children are welcome – supervision is provided so adults can be in one place children in another. Music, Dancing, Performances, Lessons, Participation, Instruments, Story Telling – Children’s Tent – Vendors Galore! Delicious Picnic Lunch included. Event Dates: Sept. 6 & 7 Elizabeth Olson, Doug Pratt, Shari Smagatz & Dan Kalkbrenner Value: $50.00 Quantity: 6

Includes hors d’oeuvres, beverages and desserts. We find out which gender knows the most trivia. The Steroid & HGH-free event is sanctioned by the Ancient Mystical Order of the Rhododendron and Hermaphroditic Brachiopods. Tim and Chris Davis Value: $20.00 Quantity: 8

Fox Valley Folk Festival


Frog Dinner

Enjoy an enchilada dinner followed by an evening hike in Burnidge Woods, where we’ll identify the mating calls of various frog and toad species. The date is set for Saturday, May 15th (rain date: Saturday, May 22nd). Mary Alice and Joe Masonick Value: $20.00 Quantity: 6

Trivial Pursuit Party # 17


Academy Awards Party

Enjoy the Academy Awards with other film fans. Movie trivia and pick the Oscars contest. Appetizers and drinks will be served. Sunday, March 7, 2010 - 6:30 to ??? Valerie and Jim Howells Value: $10.00 Quantity: 10


Bad Movie Night

Join us for pizza, popcorn, refreshments, and BAD Movies. Our feature presentation will be Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter “The far-out story has Jesus finally returning to Earth – but he must contend with a world under assault by a band of vampires. Mary Magnum and the god of Mexican wrestling, El Santos, help -29-

Live Auction, continued Jesus fight evil in this oddball horror-comedy.” If you survive this, we have a second feature in store for you… Saturday, Sept. 4th, 6 p.m. to ? Joe and Christina Conway Value: $30.00 Quantity: 6


Holiday Road Rally

Gather your friends and get ready to challenge your collective abilities to interpret clues while taking a self-guided tour of breathtaking holiday lights. The fun happens on December 11th, 2010. Includes dinner beforehand, dessert afterwards, goodies and a prize for the winning group. Kathy and Todd Underwood Value: $15.00 Quantity: 10


Cocoa Communion

Cocoa Communion 3.0 Chocolate Drinks, Chocolate Appetizers, Chocolate Entrees, Chocolate Desserts, Chocolate Movies, and of course–Chocolate Potato Chips! Karen Leyba Value: $25.00 Quantity: 6



The INFAMOUS!!!!! Texas Hold ‘Em Poker Party

The River, the Flop, hold ‘em or fold ‘em… For 12 people. Includes casual supper. Grand prize is the right to the Texas Hold ‘Em Hat and Eyewear for one year. The current champion returns to defend the title! Dan and Kathy Hislip Value: $25.00 Quantity: 12


Simple Sampler Handmade Quilt

This 71 ½ x 72” Handmade quilt is an original design that has been machine pieced and quilted and embellished with original hand stitched red work embroidery. Finished with a scalloped edge. A hanging sleeve on the back makes it easy to hang this work of art. Or great as bed coverlet, on a sofa or as a napping quilt. A one-of-akind, made-with-love quilt. Pat Pecho Minimum $250. Appraised at $1350 – Papers included. Value: $1,350.00


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2010 UUCE Auction Catalog  

Silent and Service Auction Catalog from the 2010 UUCE Annual Auction