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2012 Annual Report

The Seven Principles we affirm & promote The primary purpose of the Association is to serve the needs of its member congregations, organize new congregations, extend and strengthen Unitarian Universalist institutions and implement its principles. –UUA Bylaws

The inherent worth and dignity of every person. Justice, equity and compassion in human relations. Acceptance of one another and encouragement to spiritual growth in our congregations. A free and responsible search for truth and meaning. The right of conscience and the use of the democratic process within our congregations and in society at large. The goal of world community with peace, liberty, and justice for all. Respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part. These principles are the backbone of our religious community.

UUA Board of Trustees & LIAISONS TO THE BOARD The Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) Board of Trustees conducts the affairs of the Association and carries out policies and directives, acting for the Association between General Assemblies. The UUA is grateful for your dedication, commitment, insight, and shared expertise. Thank you! Gini Courter Moderator Dan Brody Financial Advisor Caleb Raible-Clark Youth Trustee-at-Large

The 2012 Unitarian Universalist Association Board of Trustees and Liaisons to the Board

Nancy Bartlett Mid-South District Trustee The Rev. Sarah Stewart Northern New England District Trustee Donna Harrison Southwestern District Trustee

Clyde Grubbs Trustee-at-Large

Linda Laskowski Pacific Central District Trustee

Charlie King Trustee-at-Large

The Rev. Elizabeth Greene Pacific Northwest District Trustee

The Rev. Jeanne Pupke Trustee-at-Large

Tom Loughrey Pacific Southwest District Trustee Secretary

The Rev. Catherine Cullen Ballou Channing District Trustee The Rev. Erik David Carlson Central Midwest District Trustee Jackie Shanti Clara Barton District Trustee First Vice Moderator Joan Lund Florida District Trustee Second Vice Moderator David Jackoway Heartland District Trustee Natalia Averett Joseph Priestley District Trustee Pat Manley Massachusetts Bay District Trustee The Rev. Michael Tino Metropolitan New York District Trustee The Rev. Susan Ritchie Ohio Meadville District Trustee

Graham Kreicker Prairie Star District Trustee Lew Phinney Mountain Desert District Trustee David Friedman St. Lawrence District Trustee The Rev. Jake Morrill Southeast District Trustee Abhimanyu Janamanchi Youth Observer The Rev. Peter Morales President Tim Brennan Treasurer/VP Finance UUA Staff Liaison to the Board Kathleen Montgomery Recording Secretary UUA Staff Liaison to the Board Nancy Lawrence Assistant to the Executive Vice President and Board of Trustees

Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations 2012 Annual Report


A Letter from the President Dear friend, I am delighted to present the annual report of the Unitarian Universalist Association for fiscal year 2011-2012 (FY12). This has been an exciting year that culminated in a General Assembly in Phoenix, AZ, focused on justice. Together with local partner organizations, we were able to be a highly visible religious presence in the pursuit of humane immigration practices and, at the same time, energize and equip our people to get involved in human rights issues in their own states. Also, this year has been remarkable for our successes in the area of Socially Responsible Investing and advocacy work. We continue to support Unitarian Universalist congregations with new education resources, ministerial placements, and administrative assistance. In a new era of collaboration with the UU Service Committee, we launched the UU College of Social Justice to allow for more service/learning opportunities and we are forging stronger interfaith partnerships. These are just a few ways that we are strengthening our religious movement. Our many accomplishments this year have helped us grow our spirits, strengthen our communities, and change the world. This annual report highlights some of the programs, projects, and initiatives that have helped to spread our values and principles in the world. As you read this report, I hope you will appreciate, as I do, the incredible achievements the UUA has made this year. I want to extend my deepest gratitude to every one of you who helped make this work possible. For working together, supporting each other, hand in hand—mano en mano—is how we will thrive. In faith, The Rev. Peter Morales President of the Unitarian Universalist Association Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations 2012 Annual Report


Grow Our Spirit We are called to work together to deepen our spirituality, however we define it, within ourselves, our congregations, and our denomination as a whole. The UUA has worked to develop connections between individuals and congregations and to share worship and worship resources.

“Spiritual development is about connecting with others and with the world. We begin with love for another person, then move to loving those around us; eventually we extend that compassion to all humanity.” –The Rev. Peter Morales


1. Celebrating Our Congregations: The UUA now has over 1,000 member congregations that join together in worship, ritual, and religious education. We are honored to be part of your community.

“Our faith is not interested in saving your soul— we’re here to help you unfold the awesome soul you already have.” -Andrea Lerner, quoted in The Unitarian Universalist Pocket Guide (2012) Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations 2012 Annual Report


“What a gift for our faith communities to offer: a home where people in all stages of life feel known and accepted as they truly are; a place to grow spiritually, live ethically, and find meaning and purpose in life.”


—Judith A. Frediani, “Our Religious Education,” The Unitarian Universalist Pocket Guide (2012)


2. The second year of the Leap of Faith initiative saw nine teams of aspiring and mentoring congregations across the country working together in learning communities. They committed to new buildings, learned how to maximize their sanctuaries, and began engaging more with their communities. Working with these teams allowed aspiring congregations to promote new programs and growth. 3. “I believe our Unitarian Universalist religious communities save lives. They have saved my life over and over again.”—Tandi Rogers has just begun her work as the Growth Specialist in the UUA Growth Strategies Office. 4. Worshipping together at GA 2012. The recent Faith Communities Today (FACT) study of US congregational life shows that UU congregations report more growth in worship attendance, more participation in social justice and membership activities, and more emphasis upon leadership development when compared to mainline religious groups or evangelical groups.




“Many paths are traveled on the way to Unitarian Universalism.” —Kathleen Montgomery, “Three Stories,” The Unitarian Universalist Pocket Guide (2012)


5. The UUA launched its first mobile app, “Illuminations,” for iPhone and Android! “Illuminations” has over 350 Inspirational Words, a Chalice Lighter with several chalice options, and a 7 Principles Guide in English and Spanish, along with examples of the Principles in action. 6. The UUA has also improved our online Worship Web, which contains meditations, readings, and quotations for worship service as well as music resources. The Worship Web also contains specific suggestions for multigenerational worship, young adult worship, and multicultural worship. 7. Earlier this year, President Morales wrote an essay entitled “Congregations and Beyond,” in which he points out that our core values appeal to far more people than are attracted to (or likely to be attracted to) our congregations. We are beginning a new series of initiatives to explore this concept and we look forward to many more conversations about it!

Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations 2012 Annual Report


Strengthen Our Communities As we live and grow with one another, we strengthen our congregations and our communities. These programs and initiatives take place in congregations and beyond them, and include empowering our leaders, supporting our youth, and publishing a wide range of resources.

“Religion is something we practice together. My religion isn’t about me; it is about us. It is through the practice of our religion that we create community, that we strengthen the bonds that sustain us, and that we build compassionate connection to the wider world.” –The Rev. Peter Morales


1. For this year’s Association Sunday, we partnered with the Unitarian Universalist Ministers Association (UUMA), the Unitarian Universalist Musicians Network (UUMN), and the Liberal Religious Educators Association (LREDA) to support scholarships, continuing education, and a comprehensive assessment of our ministries and their needs. During 2011, nearly 500 congregations participated in Association Sunday, raising over $300,000!

“We gather in community to celebrate a heritage of freedom, reason, and tolerance… We gather in community to celebrate a heritage of faith, hope, and love.” – Elizabeth M. Strong Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations 2012 Annual Report


“Give what you have. To someone it may be better than you dare to think.” —Henry Wadsworth Longfellow



2. This year, the UUA produced over a dozen recruiting videos to encourage those individuals interested in ministry (parish, community, or military), religious education, and music leadership. 3. Our dedicated staff created brand new Tapestry of Faith curricula for UUs of all ages! One of these new curricula is “From the High Hill: Odyssey Writing for Elders,” by The Rev. Anne Odin Heller. It engages elders in reflecting on the stories of their lives in order to share them with peers, loved ones, and cocongregants. 4. The Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministries was busy this year launching a blog for youth and young adult ministries, publishing a fundraising guide just for young adults, and developing a youth leadership recognition program called “Luminary Leaders”! Luminary Leaders recognizes outstanding leadership among UU youth and the great diversity of ways youth are involved in congregations, youth communities, districts, and more.



“Beacon Press is a gem… Remarkably, it steadfastly combines serious progressive content with inspired writing and beautiful design. In a world where market values have triumphed over most others, Beacon’s moral vision is a treasure.” – Juliet Schor, 2003 5




5. Standing on the Side of Love (SSL) is embarking on an exciting new initiative focused on promoting social justice and advocacy work on college campuses. In partnership with campus groups, we can increase students’ capacity to create change by providing tools for introspection and action. 6. In the last year, Beacon Press published books on a myriad of topics including: anti-racism and anti-oppression work; immigrants’ rights; LGBT equality; corporate responsibility; environmental and economic justice; the role of religion in progressive society; and social justice activism and grassroots organizing. 7. Reimagining Equality, by Anita Hill, speaks to both historical and present day issues of gender, race, and finding a home in America. 8. In God vs. Gay?, scholar-activist Jay Michaelson debunks the myth that the Bible forbids homosexuality and shows that the Bible’s message of love actually supports equality.

Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations 2012 Annual Report


“Unitarianism proclaims that we spring from one source; Universalism, that we share a common destiny. Unitarian Universalists are neither a chosen people nor a people whose choices are made for them by theological authorities-ancient or otherwise. We are a people who choose.” —The Rev. Forrest Church



9. The UU World magazine features inspiring stories about Unitarian Universalists, their congregations, and the living tradition they share. Highlights of the past year included an essay by 20-year-old Zach Wahls about his marriage equality speech to the Iowa legislature, a profile of an intergenerational book group at an Illinois church, and a history of the UUA’s sexuality education curricula. 10. The Publications Office published 14 new titles in 2011-2012, including the fifth edition of Skinner House’s Unitarian Universalist Pocket Guide. Edited by UUA President Peter Morales, this version features a foreword by MSNBC commentator and lifelong UU Melissa Harris-Perry as well as new essays from a variety of other contributors. The Pocket Guide is also available in Spanish.


“Men are judged by what is given, not what is withheld.” —Theodore Parker


“Without the abundance of the heart nothing great can happen.” —Paul Tillich

11. The Credentialing and Professional Development Office provides a continuum of support, certification programs, and advanced learning for UU ministers, religious educators, and musicians. This year, the Ministerial Credentialing Office supported 78 candidates for Ministerial Fellowship. Approximately 500 people are at some stage of preparation for UU ministry. 12. The first ever UU Military Chaplain retreat was held in Florida in February. We currently have 9 chaplains and 1 chaplain candidate serving our military ministry. Over the last two years we have distributed 20,000 free copies of our military handbook to service members. Bless All Who Serve is a collection of materials that provide encouragement and comfort to Armed Service men and women in their times of need.

Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations 2012 Annual Report


Change Our World As we grow our spirit and strengthen our congregations and communities, we also change the world. This year, the UUA has especially focused on connecting with people all over the world to work for social justice and to promote our values and principles.

“We are all in this life together. We want to help heal the world. We want compassion, understanding, and justice to guide our actions and our governments. We want to work together, hand in hand, to build a world beyond exploitation and violence.� –The Rev. Peter Morales





1. In the past year, Standing on the Side of Love (SSL) has continued to work to harness love’s power to stop oppression. Working with individuals and congregations, SSL supported marriage equality legislation, immigration reform actions, and many other social justice activities. In November, SSL partnered with the Church of the Larger Fellowship to put on the first-ever virtual Transgender Day of Remembrance service. 2. Raul Cardenas, pictured here with his daughter, was an undocumented immigrant scheduled for deportation when his wife Judy Cardenas reached out to SSL. SSL supporters generated thousands of faxes, emails, phone calls, and petition signatures to immigration officials on behalf of Raul with the goal of keeping his family intact. 3. The International Office launched a number of service/learning opportunities for UUs everywhere, including seminarians. In May, UUA President Peter Morales, along with seminarians, generous donors, and UUA staff, embarked on a journey to Ghana to see first-hand the important work of Every Child is Our Child. Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations 2012 Annual Report


Also, the UUA and the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC) have joined together to create the UU College of Social Justice. Want to go to Haiti? To India? To New Orleans? The Mexican border? Or Burundi? The college can make it happen. Currently, it has trips planned through the spring of 2013 to seven locations. In the coming year, the college hopes to sponsor 22 trips.

Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) ensures that our investments are reasonably consistent with our values. The UUA has been strongly committed to SRI for over forty years! Very recently, the UUA received a letter from Verizon saying that the company has agreed to add “gender identity or expression” to its non-discrimination policy, something the UUA has been urging for years. This is a significant victory for the UUA’s shareholder advocacy program!

*This is just a small representation of what the UUA has achieved this fiscal year thanks to your generous support. To keep up-to-date with all UUA activities throughout the year, sign up to receive our monthly Giving and Generosity E-Newsletter at or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations 2012 Annual Report


Justice General Assembly This year’s Justice General Assembly (GA) was a huge success! Nearly 4,000 people gathered in worship, attended workshops, witnessed for immigration justice, and tended to the business of the UUA. We welcomed speakers like broadcast journalist Maria Hinojosa, anti-bias educator Louise Derman-Sparks, and The Rev. Karen Tse, an international human rights attorney and Unitarian Universalist minister. This Justice GA demonstrated clearly that what makes us strong, in the words of UUA President The Rev. Peter Morales, is working with one another to nurture bonds of love and respect. There is still much to do, but we can change the world by working together! Video highlights from Justice GA are available on






1. Maria Hinojosa, the 2012 Ware Lecturer, is the anchor and managing editor of NPR’s Latino USA. She shared stories about her life and the immigrant experience in the United States. Watch the full lecture or read the transcript on! 2. Arizona Activists Carlos Garcia (standing), Lydia Guzman, and Daniel Rodriguez. We partnered with many local organizations, including Puente Arizona and the National Day Laborers Association (NDLON), to create witness events, workshops, and social justice activities at Justice GA. 3. Nearly 2,000 people stood in the heat, sang and chanted, and lit candles in a peaceful prayer vigil outside Tent City in Phoenix, AZ, to demonstrate against the inhumane conditions in the outdoor prison complex. 4. We had an unprecedented number of youth and young adults register for Justice GA. One of the young attendees related: “Seeing the power of everybody gathered at Tent City last night, it astounded me. I want to do more social justice projects like that – make people united and make a difference!” 5. At the closing worship ceremony for Justice GA, The Rev. John Crestwell (pictured on the left) spoke on the need for us to take home what we had learned throughout the week and to work for justice in our communities and world.



Strengthening OUR FAITH Thanks to your incredible support, the UUA is able to award scholarships so that our most promising candidates for the ministry can answer the call to serve and grow our vibrant tradition. For some recipients, like Shawna Foster, it is the gift of a scholarship which makes it possible to pursue ministerial training. Shawna was a 2011 recipient of the Martha and Robert Atherton Ministerial Scholarship and a student at Meadville Lombard Theological School who says: “Thank you for helping me to realize my dream, which is to change the world as a Unitarian Universalist.�





1. Daniel Gregoire received the President William G. Sinkford Scholarship, in 2011, to support ministerial students who identify as people of color, Latino/a, Hispanic, and multi-racial. For Daniel, who recently completed his degree at Union Theological Seminary, receiving this scholarship illuminated the interconnections among all Unitarian Universalists, and deepened his dedication to serving the faith we all share. 2. Gretchen Haley was a 2008 recipient of the Ingeborg C. Haseltine Scholarship for women pursuing UU ministry. Four years later, after graduating from the Iliff School of Theology and becoming a fellowshipped minister, Gretchen writes, “Thank you for your faith in the future of Unitarian Universalism, your willingness to give of your resources so that together we can create the world we dream about. With deep gratitude, I will carry forward your generosity into my ministry and throughout my life.” 3. Jamila Tharp, a 2010 recipient of the John A. Buehrens Ministerial Scholarship and graduate of the Starr King School for the Ministry, is now serving the First Unitarian Church of Salt Lake City. She shares: “I am deeply appreciative that you care as you do for our liberal religious faith and bringing our shared values, as expressed in our UU Seven Principles, to creation.” 4. The Rev. John A. Buehrens, President of the UUA,1993 – 2001.

Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations 2012 Annual Report


“We commit ourselves to walk together, to heal what is broken, to support each other in life’s journey, to make a difference in our lives and in the world.” —The Rev. Peter Morales, “Preface,” The Unitarian Universalist Pocket Guide (2012)

Thank you for your support of the UU-UNO! Dear friend, Thank you for your support of the UU-United Nations Office (UU-UNO)! During the past fiscal year, the UU-UNO has continued to represent UU values at the United Nations. We have advocated for issues such as LGBT rights, peacemaking, international rights for women and children, and environmental justice. We are delighted to announce that during the past year, the UU-United Nations Office merged with the UUA and is now a part of our International Office. This has been a remarkably successful transition, and we are looking forward to continuing our partnership and our advocacy work. Our UU-UNO programs are thriving. Our Love Beyond Borders campaign focuses on creating an allied response to global LBGT issues. The Every Child is Our Child initiative continues to support children made vulnerable by HIV/AIDS, guided by our partnership with the Queen Mothers Association in the Manya Krobo region of Eastern Ghana. And we continue to support women’s global security and peacebuilding efforts. We would like to extend our gratitude to everyone who generously supported the UUUNO during the past fiscal year. Your support allows the UU-UNO to exist as a strong liberal religious voice at the United Nations and to continue these excellent programs. Thank you for your generosity!

In gratitude,

Eric Cherry Director of the International Office

Bruce Knotts UU-UNO Director

Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations 2012 Annual Report


“Our religion is a religion of social concern, a religion of intellectual and ethical integrity, a religion that emphasizes the dynamic conception of history and the scientific worldview, a religion that stresses the dignity and worth of a person as a supreme value and goodwill as the creative force in human relations.” —The Rev. Lewis A. McGee

Celebrating Our Congregations This image represents our honor congregations. Thank you for your continued generosity!

Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations 2012 Annual Report


“We are not a faith tradition bound by theological beliefs but by covenant, by the relationship we build up with one another and by the promises we keep. The quality of relationship, the commitment we have to see our faith thrive, the way we show generosity with one another forms that covenant.” —The Rev. Jeanne Pupke, UUA Board Trustee

Annual Program Fund {Honor Roll} Thank you to all of our congregations for your generous contributions, which make a difference in our religious community and strengthen our covenant. Member congregations voluntarily join our Association of Congregations, covenanting with one another to affirm and promote our Unitarian Universalist principles and purposes in the wider world. As part of this relationship, congregations pledge financial support each year to the UUA’s Annual Program Fund (APF). APF contributions represent nearly 50% of our Association’s undesignated funding, providing for numerous and varied services, programs, and resources to our member congregations, to foster the health and growth of Unitarian Universalism, and to give public voice to UU values and principles. Annual Program Fund Giving Key Merit Level (shown in GREEN): for congregations giving at least 20% more than the prior year. Leadership Level (shown in BLUE): for the 50 highest contributing Honor Congregations each fiscal year.

25+ Year Honor Congregations Contributing the full requested contribution for 25 years or more consecutive years

UU Fellowship of Fairbanks Fairbanks, AK

Live Oak UU Congregation Goleta, CA

Auburn UU Fellowship Auburn, AL

UU Fellowship of Laguna Beach Laguna Beach, CA

Eureka UU Fellowship Eureka Springs, AR UU Church of Little Rock Little Rock, AR UU Church Surprise, AZ Humboldt UU Fellowship Bayside, CA

UU Church of Palo Alto Palo Alto, CA UU Fellowship of Redwood City Redwood City, CA First UU Church of San Diego San Diego, CA

UU Fellowship of San Dieguito Solana Beach, CA

First UU Church of West Volusia Deland, FL

First Universalist Church of Denver Denver, CO

UU Fellowship of Bay County Panama City, FL

UU Fellowship of Durango Durango, CO

Unit. Univ. Fellowship of Marion County Summerfield, FL

UU Congregation of the Grand Valley Grand Junction, CO UU Church of Greeley Greeley, CO

UU Fellowship of Vero Beach Vero Beach, FL

Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations 2012 Annual Report


“Money is simply energy and nothing more. Money can be stuffed in the mattress, or kept in an offshore bank account, to provide a sense of security, or to move us just a bit closer to that ever-elusive sense of “enough.” Money can also be used to do great good in the world.” —The Rev. Vail E. Weller UU Fellowship of Columbus Fortson, GA

Thomas Jefferson Unitarian Church Louisville, KY

First Unitarian Church of St. Louis Saint Louis, MO

UU Congregation at Shelter Rock Manhasset, NY

UU Fellowship of Ames Ames, IA

Unitarian Church of Baton Rouge Baton Rouge, LA

Our Home Universalist Unitarian Church Ellisville, MS

UU Fellowship of Plattsburgh NY Plattsburgh, NY

Church of the Larger Fellowship Boston, MA

Billings UU Fellowship Billings, MT

Unitarian Church of Staten Island Staten Island, NY

The Peoples Church Cedar Rapids, IA UU Congregation of the Quad Cities Davenport, IA UU Fellowship of N Central Iowa Mason City, IA Pocatello UU Fellowship Pocatello, ID UU Church of Bloomington Normal Bloomington, IL Carbondale Unitarian Fellowship Carbondale, IL

UU Fellowship of Falmouth Falmouth, MA The North Parish of North Andover North Andover, MA First Parish Church UU of Stow & Acton Stow, MA UU Church of Greater Lynn Swampscott, MA UU Church of Annapolis Annapolis, MD

First Unitarian Society of Chicago Chicago, IL

UU Fellowshp of Harford County Churchville, MD

Dupage UU Church Naperville, IL

UU Fellowship of Greater Cumberland Cumberland, MD

Abraham Lincoln UU Congregation Springfield, IL

UU Fellowship at Easton Easton, MD

UU Congregation of Columbus Indiana Columbus, IN

UU Congregation of Castine Castine, ME

UU Fellowship of Elkhart Elkhart, IN

Keweenaw UU Fellowship Houghton, MI

UU Church of Evansville Evansville, IN

Northwest UU Church Southfield, MI

UU Church West Lafayette, IN

UU Fellowship of Rolla Rolla, MO

UU Fellowship of Bozeman Bozeman, MT UU Fellowship of Missoula Missoula, MT UU Congregation of the Outer Banks Kitty Hawk, NC UU Fellowship of Winston Salem Winston Salem, NC Bismarck Mandan UU Fellowship and Church Bismarck, ND Unitarian Church Lincoln, NE Durham UU Fellowship Durham, NH First UU Fellowship of Hunterdon County Baptistown, NJ The Unitarian Society of Ridgewood Ridgewood, NJ

UU Church of the Ohio Valley Bellaire, OH South Park UU Fellowship West Linn, OR UU Church of Athens and Sheshequin Athens, PA Main Line Unitarian Church Devon, PA First UU Church of Indiana Indiana, PA UU Fellowship Ligonier Valley Ligonier, PA UU Church of the Restoration Philadelphia, PA Allegheny UU Church Pittsburgh, PA UU Church of the South Hills Pittsburgh, PA

Unitarian Church of Los Alamos Los Alamos, NM

BuxMont UU Fellowship Warrington, PA

UU Fellowship of Chautauqua Chautauqua, NY

Unitarian Fellowship of West Chester West Chester, PA

UU Fellowship Briarcliff Croton Ossining Croton On Hudson, NY

UU Church of Spartanburg Spartanburg, SC

Bay Area UU Church Houston, TX Huntsville UU Fellowship Huntsville, TX UU Fellowship of Hidalgo County San Juan, TX UU Church of Victoria Victoria, TX

UU Fellowship of Waco Waco, TX

UU Church of Shenandoah Valley Stephens City, VA

UU Fellowship of Fredericksburg Fredericksburg, VA

Edmonds UU Church Edmonds, WA

Bull Run UUs Manassas, VA UU Fellowship of the Peninsula Newport News, VA

Olympia UU Congregation Olympia, WA

UU Fellowship of La Crosse La Crosse, WI UU Fellowship Marshfield, WI UU Fellowship of Laramie Laramie, WY

Bradford Community Church Kenosha, WI

10+ Year Honor Congregations Contributing the full requested contribution for 10 years or more consecutive years

Anchorage UU Fellowship Anchorage, AK

Sedona UU Fellowship Sedona, AZ

Juneau UU Fellowship Juneau, AK

UU Fellowship of Yuma Yuma, AZ

UU Church of Birmingham Birmingham, AL

UU Fellowship of Santa Cruz County Aptos, CA

UU Congregation of the Shoals Florence, AL UU Church Huntsville Huntsville, AL

Sierra Foothills UUs Auburn, CA UU Fellowship of Kern County Bakersfield, CA

UU Congregation of Tuscaloosa Tuscaloosa, AL

Emerson UU Church Canoga Park, CA

UU Village Church Hot Springs Village, AR

UU Fellowship in Chico Chico, CA

UU Congregation of Green Valley Amado, AZ

The UU Church of Fresno Clovis, CA

UU Church of the Verdugo Hills La Crescenta, CA

UU Fellowship of Sunnyvale Sunnyvale, CA

UU Church in Livermore Livermore, CA

UU Church of Ventura Ventura, CA

UU Church of Long Beach Long Beach, CA

UU Congregation of Whittier Whittier, CA

UU Fellowship of North Bay Napa, CA

Prairie UU Church Aurora, CO

Conejo Valley UU Fellowship Newbury Park, CA

Two Rivers Unitarian Universalist Carbondale, CO

Sepulveda UU Society North Hills, CA

Columbine Unit. Univ. Church Littleton, CO

UU Fellowship of Porterville Porterville, CA

UU Church of Davis Davis, CA

South Bay Unitarian Fellowship Redondo Beach, CA

Beacon UU Congregation Flagstaff, AZ

Mission Peak UU Congregation Fremont, CA

First Unitarian Church of San Jose San Jose, CA

Granite Peak UU Congregation Prescott, AZ

The UU Church in Fullerton Fullerton, CA

UU Church Santa Paula, CA

Prescott UU Fellowship Prescott, AZ

UU Church of Berkeley Kensington, CA

Valley UU Church Chandler, AZ

Summit UU Fellowship Santee, CA

Namaqua UU Congregation Loveland, CO Pagosah UU Fellowship Pagosa Springs, CO UU Society in Brooklyn Brooklyn, CT UU Society: East Manchester, CT UU Church in Meriden Meriden, CT

Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations 2012 Annual Report


First Universalist Society in New Haven New Haven, CT

UU Church of Tallahassee Tallahassee, FL

First Unitarian Church Sioux City, IA

All Souls UU Church Shreveport, LA

UU Church of Tampa Tampa, FL

Boise UU Fellowship Boise, ID

First Parish in Cambridge Cambridge, MA

UUs of Southern Delaware Lewes, DE

UU Church of Tarpon Springs Tarpon Springs, FL

UU Church of the Palouse Moscow, ID

The First Church of Deerfield Deerfield, MA

UU Society of Mill Creek (Delaware) Newark, DE

UU Fellowship of the Emerald Coast Valparaiso, FL

UU Churc in the Pines Brooksville, FL

UU Congregation of Atlanta Atlanta, GA

UUs of Clearwater Clearwater, FL

UU Church of Augusta Augusta, GA

River of Grass UU Congregation Davie, FL

UU s of Coastal Georgia Brunswick, GA

UU Community Church of Hendricks County Danville, IN

Canon UU Church Canon, GA

Oaklandon UU Church Indianapolis, IN

Georgia Mountains UU Church Dahlonega, GA

UU Fellowship of Kokomo Kokomo, IN

All Souls Church Unitarian Washington, DC

One Island Family: The Southernmost UU Congregation Key West, FL

Magic Valley UU Fellowship Twin Falls, ID UU Fellowship of Decatur Decatur, IL Third Unitarian Church of Chicago Oak Park, IL

UU Church of Muncie Muncie, IN

The UU Congregation of Lakeland Lakeland, FL

High Street UU Church Macon, GA

UU Congregation of Miami Miami, FL

Emerson UU Congregation Marietta, GA

First Unitarian Church of South Bend South Bend, IN

UU Congregation of Greater Naples Naples, FL

Northwest UU Congregation Sandy Springs, GA

UU Fellowship of Manhattan Manhattan, KS

University UU Society Orlando, FL

UU Church of Savannah, Troup Square Savannah, GA

Shawnee Mission UU Church Overland Park, KS

Community UU Church Port Orange, FL UU Church of Sarasota Sarasota, FL UUUnited Fellowship St Petersburg, FL UU Fellowship of Sun City Center Sun City Center, FL

UU Fellowship of Statesboro Statesboro, GA Unitarian Fellowship of Valdosta Valdosta, GA UU Fellowship of Dubuque Dubuque, IA

The UU Fellowship of Salina Salina, KS UU Church of Bowling Green Bowling Green, KY UU Fellowship of Madison County Richmond, KY

The Dover Church Dover, MA The Federated Church of Orleans East Orleans, MA First Universalist Church of Hardwick Preservation Trust Hardwick, MA Harvard UU Church Harvard, MA First Parish in Hingham Old Ship Church Hingham, MA First Church in Jamaica Plain Jamaica Plain, MA First Unitarian Society in Newton Newton, MA Unity Church of North Easton North Easton, MA First Universalist Church Orange, MA St Paul’s Church of Palmer Palmer, MA United First Parish Church in Quincy Quincy, MA UU Congregation at First Church in Roxbury Roxbury, MA Unitarian Church of Sharon Sharon, MA

“ ‘Planned giving’ is about standing on the solid ground of the present and leaning over time to touch the future. Planned giving is about coming of age.” — Victoria E. Safford

UU Society of Martha’s Vineyard Vineyard Haven, MA First Parish of Westwood United Church Westwood, MA Winchester Unitarian Society Winchester, MA Cedar Lane UU Church Bethesda, MD Goodloe Memorial UU Congregation Bowie, MD

Emerson Church Troy, MI

UU Fellowship of Franklin Franklin, NC

Headwaters UU Fellowship Bemidji, MN

UU Congregation of Hillsborough Hillsborough, NC

Michael Servetus Unitarian Society Fridley, MN Nora Church Hanska, MN UU Fellowship of Northfield Northfield, MN First UU Church Rochester, MN

Davies Memorial UU Church Camp Springs, MD

St Cloud UU Fellowship Saint Cloud, MN

UUs of the Chester River Chestertown, MD

Unitarian Church of Underwood Underwood, MN

UU Congregation of Columbia Columbia, MD

UU Fellowship of Winona Winona, MN

UU Congregation of Columbia Columbia, MD

UU Fellowship of Jefferson City Jefferson City, MO

The UU Society of Bangor Bangor, ME

First UU Church Springfield, MO

UU Church of Belfast Belfast, ME

UU Church of Jackson Jackson, MS

First Universalist Church of Norway Norway, ME

UU Congregation of Oxford Oxford, MS

First Universalist Church West Paris, ME

Big Sky UU Fellowship Helena, MT

UU Church of Greater Lansing East Lansing, MI

Glacier UU Fellowship Kalispell, MT

UU Fellowship of Central Michigan Mt Pleasant, MI Harbor UU Congregation Muskegon, MI UU Community Church of Southwest Michigan Portage, MI Berrien UU Fellowship Saint Joseph, MI

UU Congregation of the Swannanoa Valley Black Mountain, NC UUs of Transylvania County Brevard, NC Piedmont UU Church Charlotte, NC UU Church of Charlotte Charlotte, NC

Kearney UU Fellowship Kearney, NE Second Unitarian Church of Omaha Omaha, NE

UU Congregation of Las Vegas Las Vegas, NV First UU Society of Albany Albany, NY Auburn UU Society Auburn, NY UU Congregation Binghamton, NY

The Federated Church of Marlborough Marlborough, NH

UU Congregation of The South Fork Bridgehampton, NY

Starr King UU Fellowship Plymouth, NH

All Souls Bethlehem Church Brooklyn, NY

The Unitarian Society A UU Congregation East Brunswick, NJ

UU Church of Canandaigua Canandaigua, NY

UU Congregation of the Palisades Englewood, NJ UU Congregation of Monmouth County Lincroft, NJ The UU Congregation at Montclair Montclair, NJ

Muttontown UU Fellowship East Norwich, NY UU Congregation of Northern Chautauqua Fredonia, NY North Fork UU Fellowship Greenport, NY UU Church of Hamburg Hamburg, NY

UU Fellowship of Sussex County Newton, NJ

UU Fellowship of Huntington Huntington, NY

Central Unitarian Church Paramus, NJ

Fourth Unitarian Society of Westchester Mohegan Lake, NY

UU Congregation of Somerset Hills Somerville, NJ

Upper Delaware UU Fellowship Narrowsburg, NY

UU Church at Washington Crossing Titusville, NJ

Fourth Universalist Society New York, NY

Lakeland UU Fellowship Wayne, NJ

The Community Church of New York New York, NY

UU Fellowship of Otero County Alamogordo, NM San Juan Unitarian Fellowship Farmington, NM

First UU Church of Niagara Niagara Falls, NY UU Fellowship of Bellport Patchogue, NY

Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations 2012 Annual Report


“I’ve come to believe that most people will ask for help only as long as they need it, and—moreover—that giving is helpful to both the recipient and the giver: in helping, in giving, we come to see and appreciate our own resources more deeply.” — Erika A. Hewitt

UU Congregation of Rockland County Pomona, NY

UU Fellowship of Corvallis Corvallis, OR

UU Congregation of South County Peace Dale, RI

Unitarian Fellowship of Houston Houston, TX

First Universalist Church in Providence Providence, RI

UU Church of the Hill Country Kerrville, TX

First Unitarian Church Rochester, NY

UU Community Church of Washington County Hillsboro, OR

UU Fellowship at Stony Brook Stony Brook, NY

Mid Columbia UU Fellowship Hood River, OR

UU Fellowship of Beaufort Beaufort, SC

First UU Church Lubbock, TX

UU Congregation at Rock Tavern Washingtonville, NY

South Coast UU Fellowship North Bend, OR

All Souls Waccamaw Myrtle Beach, SC

Timberland UU Fellowship Lufkin, TX

Eastrose Fellowship Portland, OR

UU Church of Chattanooga Chattanooga, TN

Comal County UU Society New Braunfels, TX

West Hills UU Fellowship Portland, OR

Neshoba UU Church Cordova, TN

Community UU Church San Antonio, TX

Wy’east UU Congregation Portland, OR

First Unitarian Church of Memphis Memphis, TN

San Marcos UU Fellowship San Marcos, TX

UU Congregation of Greater Canton Canton, OH First Unitarian Church Cincinnati, OH West Shore UU Church Cleveland, OH

Umpqua UU Church Roseburg, OR

Miami Valley UU Fellowship Dayton, OH

UU Congregation of Salem Salem, OR

Southwest UU Church North Royalton, OH

The UU Church of the Lehigh Valley Bethlehem, PA

Oberlin UU Fellowship Oberlin, OH Hopedale UU Community Oxford, OH UU Fellowship of Erie County Sandusky, OH UU Fellowship of Wayne County Wooster, OH UU Fellowship of Yellow Springs Yellow Springs, OH Pacific UU Fellowship Astoria, OR

UUs of the Cumberland Valley Boiling Springs, PA UU Fellowship of Lower Bucks Langhorne, PA UU Congregation of Smithton Smithton, PA UU Fellowship of the Poconos Stroudsburg, PA UU Congregation of Wyoming Valley Wilkes Barre, PA

Unitarian Fellowship of Murfreesboro Murfreesboro, TN UU Church of Tullahoma Tullahoma, TN Amarillo UU Fellowship Amarillo, TX Arlington UU Church Arlington, TX UU Fellowship of Austin Austin, TX Horizon UU Church Carrollton, TX Live Oak UU Church Cedar Park, TX UU Church of the Brazos Valley College Station, TX Emerson UU Church Houston, TX

Henry David Thoreau UU Congregation Stafford, TX Northwoods UU Church The Woodlands, TX First Unitarian Church Salt Lake City, UT Accotink UU Church Burke, VA UU Community Church Glen Allen, VA Harrisonburg UUs Harrisonburg, VA UU Church of Loudoun Leesburg, VA First Unitarian Church of Lynchburg Lynchburg, VA UU Church of the Highlands Meadowview, VA

UU Church in Reston Reston, VA

Free Church Unitarian Blaine, WA

Lake Country UU Church Hartland, WI

UU Fellowship of Waynesboro Waynesboro, VA

Kittitas Valley UU Congregation Ellensburg, WA

Unitarian Fellowship of Milwaukee Milwaukee, WI

UU Church of Cheyenne Cheyenne, WY

Williamsburg UUs Williamsburg, VA

UU Congregation of Whidbey Island Freeland, WA

Prairie Lakes UU Fellowship Ripon, WI

UU Fellowship of Sheridan Sheridan, WY

Champlain Valley UU Society Middlebury, VT

Northlake UU Church Kirkland, WA

Universalist Society of West Burke West Burke, VT Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship Bellingham, WA

UU Fellowship of Morgantown Morgantown, WV

UU Society of River Falls River Falls, WI

Quimper UU Fellowship Port Townsend, WA

United Unitarian & Universalist Society Waukesha, WI

Westside UU Congregation Seattle, WA

Northwoods UU Fellowship Woodruff, WI

Woodinville UU Church Woodinville, WA

UU Congregation Charleston, WV

Honor Congregations Contributing the full requested contribution for the end of the fiscal year.

Kodiak UU Fellowship Kodiak, AK Sitka UU Fellowship Sitka, AK First Universalist Church Camp Hill, AL UU Fellowship of Montgomery Montgomery, AL UU Church of Hot Springs Hot Springs, AR UU Fellowship of Jonesboro Jonesboro, AR UU Fellowship of Mountain Home Mountain Home, AR

UU Church of Southeastern Arizona Sierra Vista, AZ

Antelope Valley UU Fellowship Lancaster, CA

UU Church in Anaheim Anaheim, CA

First Unitarian Church of Los Angeles Los Angeles, CA

Berkeley Fellowship of UUs Berkeley, CA UU Community of Cambria Cambria, CA UU Church of the Monterey Peninsula Carmel, CA Orange Coast UU Church Costa Mesa, CA Chalice UU Congregation Escondido, CA

West Valley UU Church Glendale, AZ

Starr King UU Church Hayward, CA

UU Congregation of Phoenix Paradise Valley, AZ

UU Community of Lake County Kelseyville, CA

Tapestry A UU Congregation Mission Viejo, CA Monte Vista UU Congregation Montclair, CA First Universalist Parish of Pasadena, DBA Throop Memorial Pasadena, CA

UU Community Church Sacramento, CA UU Fellowship Stanislaus County Salida, CA UU Fellowship Hemet & San Jacinto Valley San Jacinto, CA UUs of San Mateo San Mateo, CA UUs of Santa Clarita Valley Santa Clarita, CA UU Congregation Santa Rosa Santa Rosa, CA

UUs of Petaluma Petaluma, CA

UU Church of Studio City Studio City, CA

UU Church of the Desert Rancho Mirage, CA

UU Fellowship of Visalia Visalia, CA

Redding UU Fellowship Corporation Redding, CA

Mt. Diablo UU Church Walnut Creek, CA

Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations 2012 Annual Report


UU Church of Boulder Boulder, CO High Plains Church Colorado Springs, CO High Country UU Fellowship Dillon, CO The Boulder Valley UU Fellowship Lafayette, CO UU Congregation of Danbury Danbury, CT Unitarian Society of Hartford Hartford, CT UU Society New Britain, CT UU Church of Norwich Norwich, CT

UU Fellowship of Charlotte County Port Charlotte, FL Friendship Fellowship at Pineda Rockledge, FL UU Church of Saint Petersburg St Petersburg, FL

Peoples Church of Chicago Chicago, IL

UU Society of Amherst Amherst, MA

Prairie Circle UU Congregation Grayslake, IL

First Parish UU Arlington, MA

Unitarian Church of Hinsdale Hinsdale, IL

Treasure Coast UU Society Stuart, FL UU Congregation of Venice Venice, FL

Countryside Church Palatine, IL

UU Church of Brevard W Melbourne, FL

Federated Church Sycamore, IL

The First Parish Church in Billerica Billerica, MA

UU Fellowship of Athens Athens, GA

UU Church of Bloomington Bloomington, IN

The First Parish of Bolton Bolton, MA

Mountain Light UU Church Ellijay, GA

UU Congregation of Fort Wayne Fort Wayne, IN

UU Church Brockton, MA

UU Congregation of Gwinnett Lawrenceville, GA

Unitarian Fellowship of Storrs Storrs Mansfield, CT

UU Metro Atlanta North Congregation Roswell, GA

UU Fellowship of Boca Raton Boca Raton, FL

First Unitarian Church of Honolulu Honolulu, HI

UU Congregation of Cocoa Cocoa, FL

UU Society of Black Hawk County Cedar Falls, IA

Unitarian Fellowship of Lawrence Lawrence, KS

Northeast Iowa UU Fellowship Decorah, IA

Clifton Universalist Unitarian Church Louisville, KY

First UU Congregation of the Palm Beaches North Palm Beach, FL

First Unitarian Church of Des Moines Des Moines, IA

Unitarian Fellowship of Alexandria Alexandria, LA

UU Society of Iowa City Iowa City, IA

Mosaic UU Orange City, FL

North Idaho UUs Coeur D’ Alene, ID

North Shore UU Society of Louisiana Lacombe, LA

First Unitarian Church of Orlando Orlando, FL

UU Church in Idaho Falls Idaho Falls, ID

All Faiths Unitarian Congregation Fort Myers, FL

UU Society Daytona Beach Area Ormond Beach, FL

The First Church in Belmont Belmont, MA

UU Congregation of Woodstock Mchenry, IL

UU Society in Stamford Stamford, CT

UU Congregation of Lake County Eustis, FL

The First Church in Belmont Belmont, MA

All Souls Free Religious Fellowship Chicago, IL

First Unitarian Church of Hobart Hobart, IN First UU Congregation of Terre Haute Terre Haute, IN Heartland UU Church Zionsville, IN

UU Fellowship of Lafayette Louisiana Lafayette, LA Community Church New Orleans, LA First UU Church of New Orleans New Orleans, LA

First Parish Church Berlin, MA

First Parish in Brookline Brookline, MA First Parish UU Canton Canton, MA First Congregational Society Unitarian Chelmsford, MA First Parish in Cohasset Cohasset, MA First Parish Church Fitchburg, MA UU Society of Gardner Gardner, MA Independent Christian Church Universalist Gloucester, MA UU Society of Grafton & Upton Grafton, MA First Parish Church of Groton Groton, MA Second Parish UU in Hingham Hingham, MA Hopedale Unitarian Parish Hopedale, MA

“Real generosity towards the future lies in giving all to the present.” —Albert Camus

First Parish Unit Church of Hubbardston Hubbardston, MA Unitarian Church of Marlborough & Hudson Hudson, MA First Congregational Parish in Kingston Kingston, MA First Parish in Lexington Lexington, MA Follen Church Society Lexington, MA First Church Unitarian Littleton Littleton, MA

Universalist Meeting House Provincetown, MA

UU Fellowship at Salisbury Salisbury, MD

Dakota UU Church Burnsville, MN

UU Area Church at First Parish in Sherborn Sherborn, MA

UU Church of Silver Spring Silver Spring, MD

Grand Forks UU Fellowship East Grand Forks, MN

UU Community Church Augusta, ME

Mesabi UU Church Virginia, MN

UU Church of Brunswick Brunswick, ME

UU Church Columbia, MO

Midcoast UU Fellowship Damariscotta, ME

Gaia Community Kansas City, MO

The First Parish in Portland Portland, ME

UU Congregation of Tupelo Tupelo, MS

First Universalist Church in Rockland Rockland, ME

UU Congregation of Asheville Asheville, NC

The UU Church of Sangerville & Dover-Foxcroft Sangerville, ME

The Community Church of Chapel Hill Chapel Hill, NC

The First Church in Sterling Sterling, MA Federated Church Sturbridge, MA First Parish of Sudbury Sudbury, MA First Church of Templeton Templeton, MA First Parish Church in Waltham Waltham, MA

First Parish Unitarian Universalist Medfield, MA

The First Parish in Wayland Wayland, MA

Melrose UU Church Melrose, MA

UU Society of Wellesley Hills Wellesley Hills, MA

First UU Society Middleboro, MA First Parish in Milton Milton, MA UU Parish Monson, MA First Parish in Needham Needham, MA First Religious Society in Newburyport Newburyport, MA Unitarian Society of Northampton & Florence Northampton, MA First Parish Church Northborough, MA First Parish in Plymouth Plymouth, MA

The First Unitarian Church of Baltimore Baltimore, MD Channing Memorial Church Ellicott City, MD UU Church of Hagerstown Hagerstown, MD

Ann Arbor Unitarian Fellowship Ann Arbor, MI UU Church of Flint Flint, MI

UU Congregation of Greenville Greenville, NC

Grosse Pointe Unitarian Church Grosse Pointe, MI

UU Fellowship Hendersonville Hendersonville, NC

People’s Church Kalamazoo, MI

UU Church of Catawba Valley Hickory, NC

UU Fellowship of Southern Maryland Leonardtown, MD

UU Fellowship of Midland Midland, MI

UU Church of Rockville Rockville, MD

New Hope Congregation New Hudson, MI

UU Church of Rockville Rockville, MD

UU Congregation of Petoskey Petoskey, MI

UU Congregation of the Chesapeake Saint Leonard, MD

UU Fellowship of Lake Norman Davidson, NC

UU Congregation of Grand Traverse Traverse City, MI

Unitarian Coastal Fellowship Morehead City, NC UU Fellowship of New Bern New Bern, NC UU Peace Fellowship Raleigh, NC UU Fellowship of Rocky Mount Rocky Mount, NC

Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations 2012 Annual Report


“It is not by perfection that we are sainted; rather it is by our presence. It is not by perfection that we are sainted; rather it is by our giving. It is not by perfection that we are sainted; rather it is by our living. It is not by perfection that we are sainted; rather it is by our gathering together in love, with love, to become a nurturing, welcoming, healing and faithful worshiping community. Welcome all you saints!” — Susan Brown UU Church of Fargo Moorhead Fargo, ND

UU Ocean County Congregation Toms River, NJ

UU Congregation of Central Nassau Garden City, NY

UU Church of Nashua New Hampshire Nashua, NH

UU Church of Las Cruces Las Cruces, NM

First Unitarian Society of Westchester Hastings On Hudson, NY

Newfields Community Church Newfields, NH Nottingham Community Universalist Church Nottingham, NH UU Fellowship of the Eastern Slopes Tamworth, NH Dorothea Dix UU Community Bordentown, NJ UU Church in Cherry Hill Cherry Hill, NJ Skylands UU Fellowship Hackettstown, NJ Morristown Unitarian Fellowship Morristown, NJ UU Congregation of the South Jersey Shore Pomona, NJ UU Congregation of Princeton Princeton, NJ The Unitarian Church in Summit Summit, NJ

The UU Congregation of Santa Fe Santa Fe, NM UU Fellowship of Northern Nevada Reno, NV Pullman Memorial Universalist Church Albion, NY UU Society of South Suffolk Bay Shore, NY UU Fellowship of Big Flats Big Flats, NY Brockport UU Fellowship Brockport, NY First Unitarian Congregational Society Brooklyn, NY UU Church of Buffalo Buffalo, NY

UU Congregation of Jamestown Jamestown, NY UU Congregation of the Catskills Kingston, NY UU Fellowship of Northern Westchester Mount Kisco, NY UU Fellowship of Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie, NY

Northern Hills Fellowship Cincinnati, OH St. John’s UU Church Cincinnati, OH UU Society of Cleveland Cleveland Heights, OH Delaware UU Fellowship Delaware, OH UU Church of Akron Fairlawn, OH UU Church of Blanchard Valley Findlay, OH First UU Society of Marietta Marietta, OH Harmony UU Church Morrow, OH

Adirondack UU Community Saranac Lake, NY

UU Church of Bartlesville Bartlesville, OK

The First Universalist Church of Southold Southold, NY

Channing UU Church of Edmond Edmond, OK

All Souls UU Church Watertown, NY

West Wind UU Congregation Norman, OK

UU Church of Buffalo Buffalo, NY

Community Unitarian Church White Plains, NY

UU Church of Canton Canton, NY

UU Church of Amherst Williamsville, NY

UU Church of East Aurora East Aurora, NY

UU Fellowship of Athens Athens, OH

UU Congregation of Queens Flushing, NY

All Souls UU Church Bellville, OH

Rogue Valley UU Fellowship Ashland, OR UU Fellowship of Central Oregon Bend, OR The UU Church in Eugene Eugene, OR

The UU Church in Eugene Eugene, OR Florence UU Fellowship Florence, OR UUs of Grants Pass Grants Pass, OR UU Fellowship of McMinnville Mcminnville, OR Atkinson Memorial Church Oregon City, OR Thomas Paine UU Fellowship Collegeville, PA

Ginger Hill UU Congregation Slippery Rock, PA UU Fellowship of Centre County State College, PA Towanda UU Fellowship Towanda, PA The UU Congregation of York York, PA First Universalist Church of Burrillville Harrisville, RI

WellSprings Congregation Exton, PA

Religious Society of Bell Street Chapel Providence, RI

UUs of Gettysburg Gettysburg, PA

Aiken UU Church Aiken, SC

First Universalist Church of Girard Girard, PA

Unitarian Church in Charleston Charleston, SC

Unitarian Church of Harrisburg Harrisburg, PA

The UU Fellowship of Clemson Clemson, SC

UU Church of Delaware County Media, PA

UU Congregation of Columbia Columbia, SC

UU Congregation of Susquehanna Valley Northumberland, PA

All Souls Church UU Sioux Falls, SD

First Unitarian Church of Pittsburgh Pittsburgh, PA UU Church of the North Hills Pittsburgh, PA First UU Church Berks County Reading, PA

UU Fellowship of Clarksville Clarksville, TN Holston Valley UU Church Johnson City, TN Tennessee Valley UU Church Knoxville, TN Westside UU Church Knoxville, TN

Foothills UU Fellowship Maryville, TN

Northwest Community UU Church Houston, TX

Greater Nashville UU Congregation Nashville, TN

UU Fellowship of Kerrville Kerrville, TX

Oak Ridge UU Church Oak Ridge, TN

UU Church of Midland Midland, TX

UU Fellowship Abilene, TX

UU Fellowship of Bell County Morgans Point Resort, TX

UUs of the Big Bend Alpine, TX Wildflower Church: A UU Congregation Austin, TX

Community UU Church Plano, TX First UU Church of San Antonio San Antonio, TX

Spindletop Unitarian Church Beaumont, TX

UU Fellowship of Tyler Tyler, TX

All Souls UU Church Brownsville, TX

Cache Valley UUs Logan, UT

The First Unitarian Church of Dallas Dallas, TX

UU Church of Ogden Ogden, UT

Red River UU Church Denison, TX Denton UU Fellowship Denton, TX UU Community of El Paso El Paso, TX

South Valley UU Society Salt Lake City, UT Mt Vernon Unitarian Church Alexandria, VA UU Congregation Blacksburg, VA

Westside UU Church Fort Worth, TX

Thomas Jefferson Memorial Church Charlottesville, VA

UU Fellowship of Galveston County Galveston, TX

Unitarian Church of Norfolk Norfolk, VA

San Gabriel UU Fellowship Georgetown, TX

UU Congregation of Fairfax Oakton, VA

First UU Church of Houston Houston, TX

First UU Church of Richmond Richmond, VA

“What we create in our coming together is the kind of power that calls us to combine our gifts and talents and visions in a way that will make a difference in our lives and in our world.” — Sara Campbell Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations 2012 Annual Report


UU Church of Roanoke Roanoke, VA UUs of Sterling Sterling, VA UU Fellowship of St Croix Kingshill, VI The UU Fellowship of St John St John, VI Mount Mansfield UU Fellowship Jericho, VT The Unitarian Church of Montpelier Montpelier, VT UU Congregation of the Upper Valley Norwich, VT UU Church of Rutland Rutland, VT

The Universalist Society of Strafford South Strafford, VT

Chequamegon UU Fellowship Ashland, WI

Universalist Unitarian Congregation St Johnsbury, VT

UU Congregation Eau Claire, WI

Unitarian Fellowship of Huntington Huntington, WV

UU Church of the Lakes Elkhorn, WI

UUs of Casper Casper, WY

Open Circle UU Fellowship Fond Du Lac, WI

UU Fellowship of San Miguel de Allende San Miguel De Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico

East Shore Unitarian Church Bellevue, WA All Souls UU Community Olympia, WA Community UU Church Pasco, WA Olympic UU Fellowship Port Angeles, WA UU Church of Vancouver Vancouver, WA UU Church of Yakima Yakima, WA

Unitarian Society of Menomonie Menomonie, WI Blue Hills UU Fellowship Rice Lake, WI UU Fellowship of Door County Sister Bay, WI First Universalist Unitarian Church Wausau, WI

“We are here that we might have life and have it more abundantly, so that we might share it with others. Come, let us join together as a generous people.” John C. Morgan

New River UU Fellowship Beckley, WV

Merit Congregations Contributing at least 20% more than the prior fiscal year.

First Unitarian Church of Oakland Oakland, CA

Foxborough Universalist Church Foxboro, MA

Outlaw’s Bridge Universalist Church Seven Springs, NC

Unitarian Congregation in Mississauga Mississauga, ON

UU Fellowship San Luis Obispo County San Luis Obispo, CA

All Souls UU Church Greenfield, MA

First Unitarian Church Omaha, NE

UU Congregation of Marin San Rafael, CA

First Church Unitarian Universalist Leominster, MA

Keene UU Church Keene, NH

Unitarian Fellowship of Sarnia & Port Huron Sarnia, ON

Unitarian Society of Santa Barbara Santa Barbara, CA

First Parish in Malden Universalist Malden, MA

Palomar UU Fellowship Vista, CA

UU Church of Marblehead Marblehead, MA

First Unitarian Society of Denver Denver, CO

River Road UU Congregation Bethesda, MD

UU Church of Jacksonville Jacksonville, FL

First Universalist Church Auburn, ME

Spirit of Life UUs Odessa, FL

Pilgrim House UU Fellowship Arden Hills, MN

UU Fellowship of Clinton Clinton, IA Beverly Unitarian Church Chicago, IL Second Unitarian Church Chicago, IL UU Church of Stockton Illinois Stockton, IL UU Fellowship of Topeka Topeka, KS First Parish Church in Beverly Beverly, MA

UU Society of Laconia Laconia, NH UU Congregation in Milford Milford, NH Peterborough UU Church Peterborough, NH First Unitarian Church of Albuquerque Albuquerque, NM UU Westside Congregation Rio Rancho, NM

UU Congregation of the Lowcountry Bluffton, SC UUs of the Blue Ridge Washington, VA First Universalist Church & Society of Barnard Barnard, VT First Universalist Society Hartland Four Corners, VT Kitsap UU Fellowship Bremerton, WA Saltwater UU Church Des Moines, WA

First Universalist Society of Central Square Central Square, NY

Evergreen UU Fellowship Marysville, WA

UU Congregation of Glens Falls Glens Falls, NY

University Unitarian Church Seattle, WA

UU Fellowship of Mankato Mankato, MN

First Unitarian Society of Ithaca Ithaca, NY

UU Church of Spokane Spokane, WA

First Unitarian Society of Minneapolis Minneapolis, MN

The First Universalist Church of Rochester Rochester, NY

UU Church of Minnetonka Wayzata, MN

First Universalist Church New Madison, OH

Emerson UU Chapel Ellisville, MO

First UU Church of Youngstown Youngstown, OH

UU Congregation of Duluth Duluth, MN White Bear UU Church Mahtomedi, MN

The Community Church of Boston Boston, MA

Hattiesburg UU Fellowship Hattiesburg, MS

All Souls UU Church Braintree, MA

UU Church of Greensboro Jamestown, NC

Green Bay Area UU Fellowship Green Bay, WI James Reeb UU Congregation Madison, WI

First Unitarian Church of Oklahoma City Oklahoma City, OK First Unitarian Congregation of Waterloo Kitchener, ON

Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations 2012 Annual Report


“There is no more concise or accurate metaphor to explain why I give as generously as possible than this: It you want to see the flowers bloom you have to water the roots. If we want a positive public presence in these troubled times, if we want world class educational programs for children and adults, if we want to thrive, we need to provide adequate funding for our hard working professional staff.” —Graham Kreicker, UUA Board Trustee

“My first General Assembly experience in 1968 turned me on to Unitarian Universalism beyond my congregation’s walls and the imperative to support the wider movement. Once you connect the dots between your local faith community and the big world of Unitarian Universalism, financial support for the UUA becomes a no brainer decision. I only wish I could give more.” —Denny Davidoff, Former UUA Moderator

UUA Giving Society {Honor Roll} A warm thank you to all our generous donors! Your support makes these programs possible and strengthens our denomination in the world. When you give to the UUA, you demonstrate your commitment to our values and our community of congregations. These Giving Societies are a way for us to honor our donors and to celebrate the culture of generosity that you and other friends of the UUA create by supporting our important work. Thank you!

Interdependent Web Fellowship $10,000 25 Recognized Donors / 1 Anonymous Donor Richard & Elaine Barrett Nancy C. Bechtolt

Val & Bert Harrop Lorella & Todd Hess

The Revs. Bob & Makanah Morriss

Robert & Patricia Slawson

Alfred Obrist

John F. & Susan B. Smith

Caroline Blanton Thayer Charitable Trust

James A. & Darien N. Smith

Karen & Ramon Urbano

Scott Bondurant

Carolyn & David Holstein

Julie & Brad Bradburd Barbara & Charles Du Mond

Kathy & John Kaufmann

Alice S. Schulman

Brock & Julie Leach

Lucia Santini Field & Bruce A. Field

Eva & Tom Marx

Reba & Pat Siniscalchi

The Peierls Foundation, Inc.

Anne Teall

John G. Sommer Arline & Jeffrey Sutherland

Peace & Liberty Fellowship ($5,000-$9,999.99) 23 Recognized Donors Winnie & David Alcorn

Rea Elias

Holly F. Kerr

Suzanne & Dan Boyce

Lawrence E. & M. Suzanne Hess

Edward Law

Yvonne Brown

Ernie & Shirley Hodas

John & Irene Bush Don Chery & Virginia Luke

John Hooper & Gail Pesyna

Ann & Jeff Lundberg Frank & June MacArtor Gordon Marshall

Milner Family Foundation

The Rev. Dr. Betty & Thomas Stapleford

Mary & David Overton

The Rev. Terry Sweetser & The Rev. Susan Milnor

John & Janet Pattillo John & Aline Schwob

Joan A. Voogel The Rev. Ned Wight

Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations 2012 Annual Report


Right of Conscience Fellowship ($2,500-$4,999.99) 21 Recognized Donors / 1 Anonymous Donors George W. Bauer

Martha Easter-Wells

Jeri A. Holloway

Smita Narula

Vickie & Dale Trott

J. Randolph Burnham & Linda G. Hudson

Fadel F. Erian

John S. Kellett

Les & Sue Polgar

Annabel Caner

Breege Farrell & Greg Oberschmidt

Bruce & Sandy Kirkman

Adrian & Carol Schmidhauser

The Rev. Dr. Walter & Janet Wieder

Ken & Lois Carpenter

Jon & Kimberly Hassinger

George W. Krumme

Lee H. Sullivan

Lynn & Bob Young

Truth & Meaning Fellowship ($1,000-$2,499.99) 117 Recognized Donors / 3 Anonymous Donors Robert P. & Judith Adelman

Laura & Dr. Barnett C. Cook

Howard J. Aibel

The Rev. Dr. Terasa G. Cooley

MaryHolly Allison Matthew D. Alspaugh & Elizabeth Hill

Barbara D. Crowell Roy & Leora Cummings

Roger & Suzanne Ames

Jacomina P. de Regt

Martha A. Atherton

Bonnie & Rick Dlott

Ms. Anne Baele & Mr. John Kouns

French & Janet Eason

Marta & Mike Bainum Nancy R. Bartlett Richard Bebermeyer & Randolph Tibbits Paul R. Beswick Lynda Shannon & Paul Bluestein Frank Blumenthal Taquiena V. Boston Tim & Nancy Brennan

Antonio Osata Elmaleh & Anne Williams Richard & Martha England David R. Finch Harold & Marilyn Fogelquist Barbara & Roy French David & Linda Friedman

Ellen S. Brettell

Mark & Marian Gutowski

Daniel S. & Julia Brody

John Hain & Jennifer Allen

Willard B. Brown

Robert Hansman & Carolyn Kvam

David G. Canzler Roshan Chaddha

Jill Hartman

Carolyn Chambers

Dean & Mary Kay Hassemen

Stanley D. Christianson

Beth & William Hillig

Robert C. Cobb Brian & Jessica Cole David & Mary Colton Elizabeth Cook

Seanan R. Holland, LT, USN The Rev. David H. Hunter & The Rev. Kirsten R. Mueller John R. Hunting

Kenneth G. Hurto

Asli Memisoglu

Ruth S. Huss

Peter O. Mierswa & Linda Clark

Laura Jackson Arthur Jones & Cliff Wiggens Jeffrey L. Keffer & Sue Costello Charles G. King Susan Kinney Martha D. Kirby Graham H. Kreicker Lawrence Ladd & Laurel Hallman Linda Laskowski H. Jeffrey & Carolyn Leonard Neil & Patricia Lichtman

MMG Foundation, Inc. Carol & James Montgomery The Rev. Peter & Phyllis Morales

Susan McGovern & Shel Lipsky Robert McLean Kok-Heong & Michael McNaughton Krishen Mehta

Mike Shonsey

Mary Beth & Stanton Kinnie Smith

Eugene & Dorothy Mulligan Kate Murashige & Chris Zones Alison Murchison Judith R. Norell

The Rev. Dr. Stephan R. Papa & Ms. Patricia Prevost

John & Carol Mathis

The Rev. Jim & Loretta Sherblom

Jane O. Moss

Rodney Lowe & Sarah Russell

Annette Marquis & Wendy DeGroat

Henry & Peggy Sharpe

Member of the UU Fellowship of Boca Raton

Janet Nussmann & Robert Cary

Curtis & Kathleen Marble

Richard & Vicki Schwartz

Mary Katherine Morn & John Rakestraw

Harlan G. Limpert & Christine Keane

Joan Lund & Gene Pizzo

Jackie Russell & Jane Miller

Clifford L. Pelton Raymond E. Perry

Linda Stehlik & John McCarthy Jan & Lowell Steinbrenner Sarah Stevens-Miles Susan & Arthur Stukey Gary E. Sukeforth Elizabeth T. Sympson Charitable Fund Robin J. Tartaglia & The Rev. John Hickey

The Rev. Dr. Lisa Presley & Amy Courter

John W. Thiemann

Thomas & Sandra Reece

Lane & Athena Tracy

Michele J. Reed The Rev. Meg A. Riley Warren Riley & Margery Abel Birgit & Albert Robbert

Aubrey C. Tobey Alfred O. Trumpler Martin Vanderlaan & Patricia Post Edwin & Kathleen Wilde Charles T. Wooldridge The Rev. Michael & Nancy Young

Spiritual Growth Fellowship ($500-$999.99) 223 Recognized Donors / 9 Anonymous Donors Beal Hyde

Jennifer Lieber

Stanley & Shirley Inhorn

Jan & Susan Lindberg

Albert Allen & Kathy Magelin

Joan & Charley Burleigh

Theodore & Jane Fetter

Ralph B. Allison

Marcia M. Bystrom

Laurel Amabile

Peter Calkins

Tomas Firle & Joan Cudhea

William S. Anderson

Victor & Catherine Carpenter

Paul & Danah Fisher

Theodore & Nancy Johnson

The Rev. Helen Carroll

Peter & Karin Fontneau

David & Laura Johnston

Janan & Alan Carter

Gail Forsyth-Vail & P. Stephen Vail

Patricia R. Kahn

Emalee Andre & Herbert Altholz Rajeev Arora Phillip & Ruth Backup Robert D. Bacon Sarah C. Bagby Jean S. Bamforth Benjamin F. Bauer & Susan Gonzalez

Philip Carter Donald V. Cavanaugh Katherine M. Cave Eric Cherry & Linda Rose Barbara Child

Katrina Bergmann & Patrick Foster

Robert & Suzannah Ciernia

Frances B. Bicknell

Lawrence & Catherine Claman

John & Sharon Blevins Donald & Nancy Bliss

Sarah & Mark Foster

Marjorie Cary

June Baumler & Ralph Dobiejko

Anne Black-Sinak & Lawrence Sinak

Margaret W. Fisher

Shawn Collins & Christine Given-Collins Barbara & Richard Corkey

Judith Frediani & Jack Mendelsohn Mary & Richard Freed Woodrow Gandy Betty & Gus Gendler Laura L. Good Gretchen & Roy Goodrich

Derek Larsen

Donald & Mimi Mayer

Eileen M. Degen

Benjamin & Ruth Hammett

Jeffrey R. & Jane Brune Barbara Buell & Paul Langner Wayne & Cynthia Bullaughey William Samuel & Linda Bunge

Thomas Harris & Doreen Kelly

Dale Hibner John & Deborah Hilke

The Rev. Dr. Terence H. Ellen & Ms. Amy Boscov

Wallace R. Hoggatt

Karen K. Eng

Collete Hoglund

Mary Lynn E. Fecile

Valerie & Donald Holton

Mary Mary Feldman & Rick Morris Martha F. Ferger

Bill Mangham & Beverly LaDuke

Gretchen & Ken May

Nancy Hall

Marilyn A. Durr

Kristin & Sarah Maier

Paul A. LaCombe

Ann W. Davis

Kristen & Jeffrey Brown

Robert & Ginny Mahlke

Hugh J. Matheson

Larry Bomar & Joyce Broyles

John & Helga Doucette

Robert & Ann MacPherson

Jean Kummerow

Don P. Haefner

Jeffrey Brown & Kate Hays

Bruce Knotts & Isaac Humphrie

Inna & John MacDougall

Mary & Peter Hepokoski

Denise T. Davidoff

Delight & Paul Dodyk

Daniel King & Mary Benedetto

Joanne Lyman

Julia C. Hemeyer

Nancy Boardman

Barb Brown & Linda McAffrey

Stan Kidder & Bobbie Poole

Shirley Lucas

Donald S. Groll

John Gubbings & Catherine Knapper

Fred J. Dietz

Ardith & A. Fred Kerst

R. Thomas & Nancy Loughrey

Margaret & Alan Grometstein

Jack & Hille Dais

Don B. DeStephano

Joseph Kelaghan

Wendy & Jeffrey Lott

Gregg R. Grisa

Arlene Bloom

Nels & Sally Broste

Virginia Karl

Susan G. Loring

Muriel Kowlessar

Stanley N. Griffith & Ann E. Schauffler

Susan K. Cummins

Lynn H. Bootes

Richard Kark

Ingeborg Lock

Edward Martoglio & Barbara HavlikMartoglio

Julia A. Gregory

Timothy & The Rev. Rebecca Blodgett

Elinor W. Cotts

Richard & Linda Jacke

Arnold W. Lau Kristen Leddy Richard & Anna Leonard

John David McClain Suzanne McDougal Shelly McGee

Mary & David Leonard

Elisabeth & Robert McGregor

Julie S. Howard

Susan & Bruce Leslie-Pritchard

Sara J. McKenzie

James & Ellen Hurst

Nancy Levinson

Alice & Hugh McLellan

Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations 2012 Annual Report


Dorothy & Alexander Meek Donna J. Melcher Mary & Donald Miles Robert Molla & James Mandrell

Barbara B. Prairie

Rose P. Ruze

Lenore Y. Snodey

Janet Prince & Peter Bergh

Gary Saaris & Carolyn Reid

Bruce Southworth & Kay Xanthakos

The Rev. Jeanne M. Pupke & Regina Largent

Elizabeth & Stanley Salett

Ms. Lynne Stanley & Mr. Christopher Elliott

Brian & Laura Putnam

Kathleen C. Montgomery

Richard & Carol Rader

Constance Murray

Paul & Barbara Ratzlaff

Sandra Myer Linda & Gordon Olson

Sam & Holly Raymond

Sheila Ording

Roger & Carol Reimers

Sarah R. Packard

John & Elizabeth Richards

Meda Lou Padden Emily G. Pardee Linda & Dale Peebles Wendy A. Pereira-Murphy

Mary Richards John Rizzi

George & Laurie Perry

The Rev. Thomas Anthony Rosiello & Mr. Malcolm Halliday

The Rev. Patti A. Pomerantz

Norma & George Ruptier

Paul Popenoe

Emily B. Rutherford

Jean E. Poppei

Violet E. Rutledge

Barbara Powell

The Rev. Margaret King Saphier & Dr. Jon Saphier Joyce P. Schneider Gail & James Seavey John & Elinor Severinghaus Bob Sharpe Mary Y. Shepherd Stephen & JoAnn Shick Mr. Kenneth E. Shilling & Ms. Karen Scrivo Cesarie M. Simmons Grace & David Simons Nancy Sims Joe Sirois & Anne Wood David Smith & Maria Mendoza Smith

Kurt & Patricia Steele

Eric & Laurie VanLoon Joey Vanschaik Suzanne N. Viemeister Francesca A. Vollaro Kate R. Walker

Mark Steinwinter Martha K. Straw

Jasmine & Rodney Walston

Michael L. Streams

Joel E. Weaver & Carol A. Taylor

Elwood & Roxanne Sturtevant

Frank & Barbara Weber

The Rev. Alan Taylor & Angelica TaylorCortes

Steve & Laurie Weymann Cynthia White Johnson & John Johnson

Paul H. Terry Barbara J. Thomas Ann K. Throop

Marshall Wilensky

Elizabeth & William Trought

Teresa C. Wilmot & Frank Dajka

Rita & Bernard Turner

Tom Wilson

Herbert and Karen Tyson

Ruth Wodock Margaret R. Woodward

Ruth G. Van Cleve Max Van Nuys

Alice C. Young

Justice & Compassion Fellowship ($250-$499.99) 535 Recognized Donors / 10 Anonymous Donors Lois A. Abbott

M. J. Austin

Will & Anne Biddle

Jay E. Abernathy & Eileen Schlemmer

Daniel L. Babcock

Sue Bielawski

Jane G. Bacon

Joan H. Bitar

Eleanor K. Baker

J. A. Blake

Dyan & Barton Alexander

Richard Baltaro & Laura E. Neece-Baltaro

Lucas & Judith Blanco

Geraldine C. Allen

Hope Barker & Daniel Huelster

Lucy G. Adams Joseph Akzam

Elizabeth Ames Godfrey & Janet Amphlett Stanford R. Amstutz John W. Andrews Melinda & Walter Andrews The Rev. Dr. Lynn Ashley & Mr. Lawrence C. Snyder

Fred S. Barker Malcolm & Barbara Bateson

George & Gerry Blomgren Marlene C. Blood Linda & Jeffrey Blum Janice Boughton & Mac Cantrell Stephen M. Boyd

Lauren Lee Beaudry & Jack Snider

Linda M. Bradford

Susan & Thomas Beck

Marcia Bradley

Perry Beider & Alida DeCoster

Mr. & Mrs. Doug Brainard

Amy & Gary Bennett

George & Ellen Brandenburg

Ron & Dorothy Brandt Dorothea & Robert Brayden Michael L. Brewer Lynn Broaddus & Marc Gorelick Joe Broderick Faith K. Brown Judith R. & Thomas J. Brown Harlean & Clifford Bruce Thomas & Wallace Brunner Rebecca M. Bryan Lawrence Bullen Robert & Mary Burdick

Helen C. Burkhardt Barbara C. Burnham David B. Burnham Lyn Burton Jerry D. Busch Rita Butterfield & Christopher Bell Allan Cairncross & Patricia Murdock Jim & Dot Caldiero Kathy & James Calhoun Ann & Hugh Calkins Jeanne & Malcolm Campbell E. June & W. Howard Card Richard Carlson

Marvin & Patricia Carlson Paula G. Carmichael & Richelle C. Russell Fanny & George Carroll Marjorie Carsen & David Durgin Robin Carter & John Kennedy John & Mary Cavallero Betty & Gerald Cavanaugh

Ruth E. Curtiss Patricia L. Dahl Dori Davenport Thexton & Arthur Thexton Ethan & Judith Davis

Barbara Ellison

Mary Emily S. Davisson

Katherine Ells

Bruce M. Gillam

Patricia & Keith Emery

June Z. Gillespie

Mimi Davisson & Steve Engh Richard & Ellie Dawson

William E. Clack

Pauline M. Delaney

Malcolm M. Clark

Sara Deshler & L. Bruce Delaplaine

Richard C. Cole Charles & Rose Marie Colletti Harriet & David Conkey Ruth A. Conn Philip & Ruth Ann Cooper Davalene Cooper Caroline N. Cornwell & Greg Redmond

Claire Ernhart & Edward Psotta Frank Evans & Janet Boles Susan E. Even & Steven C. Zweig Lucia Ewing & David Greenhouse Barbara Eyman

Gertrude & Robert Deyle

Gary & Ann Ezzell

Yvonne Dicecco

Donald & Barbara Fairfield

Alice Diebel & Robert Lewis Donna A. DiSciullo Phyllis Dogan Mary Helen Doherty & Lindi Ramsden Lynn Donaldson & Cameron Avery Nancy Donaldson Walter & Mable Dowdle Marian & Peter Downs

Gay Ann Gustafson

Megan L. Foley & Neil Donovan

Mary E. Guy

Cora Cronemeyer

Diane M. Duesterhoeft & Michael C. Phillips

James Galik & Jean Slusser

John M. Foster Anne S. Frantz

Norine Duncan

William J. & Pauline Gardiner

Jean Dunlap

Betty & Sid Garvais

Mary H. Dunn

Elinor & Richard Gentilman

Elizabeth & Clifford Earle

Nancy & Peter Heege James & Joan Henderson William & Connie Hendrickson Amy M. Hess Harlan & M. Joanne Heydon Jack & Sue Hickok Harry A. Hicks Mary T. Higgins Kenneth W. Hill & Regina Whitaker Margee Hills Abraham Hirsch

Alan & Susan Hollister

Beverly Fogle

Shirley Foss

Carrie L. Hedges

Jean Grem

John C. Gunn

Peter L. Fort

John & Annie Hedberg

James & Nan Hobart

Jane Flueckiger

Karen Follingstad

Thomas Healy & Erin Colcannon

W. Bradford & Catherine Greeley

Nancy A. Grover

Karen & John Franks

Sally Currier

Rosanne Greco & Higley Harmon

Dorothee B. Flippo

Lois & Ronald Dueltgen

John R. Crowley

Jim & Betty Grant

Jane & Ronald Gross

James & Lynn Crawford

Karen J. Curnow

Joni & Leslie Grady

Sean Fischer

Carol Cowles

Doris H. Crowley

Shari K. Gore

Linda J. Gross

Charles Foster

Philip Crowell

Allie & Matt Gooding

Judy Field

William O. Dudgeon & Carmen SimichDudgeon

Barbara D. Croswell

Robert & Deanne Glorioso

Robert & Olga Griffin

Jogn L. Fortier

Catherine M. Coult

William & Amanda Gillum

Dorothy & Howard Fairweather

Robert & Karen Drake

David & Sandra Cothrun

Fredrick Gilkey & Evelyn Bradley

Peggy S. Davison

Sharon DeCarr

Kelly H. & Mayre-Lee Clifton

Alan Egly

Brian Gill & Jennifer Lerner

Jim & Kay Cherry

W. McMaster & Marge Clarke

Paul & Adrienne Egan

Richard & Joyce Gilbert

Mr. & Mrs. Allen E. Eliot

Richard H. Dean

Pat Clark

William H. Edwards

Alphonse A. Gerhardstein & Miriam J. Gingold

Dorothy G. Davis

Harold & Lydia Chadwick

Barbara G. Clark

Beverly & Dr. Wyley E. Eaton

Olive Hobbs

Daniel & Edna Hollums Olivia Holmes Earl & Marilyn Holt Barbara Hopewell Eugene Horcher

Christine J. Hager

Barbara & Donald Hoskins

David & Nancy Haggard

Margaret & George Howard

Charles & Ethel Hamann

Tom & Amy Howard

Janet & John Hanauer Hans & Kristine Hansen Ruth H. Harrington Connie Hart Charles & Ellen Hartman Michael Hassett & Ilene Karpf Barbara Hayden Mark Hayes & Catherine Vandenberg

John & Teresa Howe Mark Howell James & Janice Howell Hillis L. Howie & Margaret Shaklee JoAnn Howse David & Cindy Hudson Doris Huffine Judith A. Hunt David Hurd John D. Hurley

Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations 2012 Annual Report


David & Marjorie Kroll

Robert & Chata Manley

Edith Jackson & Thomas Richardson

Oliver La Plant

Judy H. Manton

David C. Lacoss

Ben & Anne Manvel

Margaret Jacobs

John M. Lambert & Cecilia Bennett

Stephen E. Marston

Lois & Albert Hybl Holly & Merrill Ito

Therese S. Jervey & Joan Shaw

Sarah K. Lammert

Mary Ellen Johnson & Edward Rockman

Carol Jean Larsen

Janice M. Johnson

Janine Larsen & James Owens

Jean Johnson

Edwin & Margaret Laurenson

Kaaren Johnson Gary P. Johnson Margaret Johnston John G. Jones Margaret Joseph & Lucy Norton Richard M. Junge Helen L. Kafka Dave & Mary Kane Mark Kangas Allen & Gerda Keiswetter William S. Kenney & Suzanne Reitz

Sara J. Lawrence Tracy Leonard Bonnie Lepoff

Vincent C. Martin Mary & Floyd Martin James & Jacqueline Mason Steven & Jean Maurer Rob Mayer & Marion Corbin Mary Anne Mayo & Stephen Nelson Rachelle & Martin Mazar

Richard & Barbara Kohlhaas

Martha & Don Naber

Thomas Petrillo & William Reamy

Darrel & Blanche Nash

Lois Pettinger & Dianne Erickson

Roberta Nauman

Bill & Mary Phelon

Kimball Nedved

Mary & Charles Phillips

Riley & Valarie Neel Ms. Karen M. Neeley & Mr. C. DeLoach Art Neeley

Paul & Nancy Pinson John F. Pittman & Margot White

Nancy J. Nelson

Keith Lewis

Michael McGuire

Paul F. Newton

Barbara K. Lewis

Robert & Melanie McKennett

Anne L. Powers

Robert Nixon

Guy Quinlan & Mary-Ella Holst

Kate Liebhold Margaret A. Lloyd Eleanor M. Lukazewski

Mark Lukow & Luanne Frey Peter Lumia Clark & Brigid Lund Frederick & Nancy Lutgens Rex & Patricia Maddox Dolores M. Malvitz

Leslie Nelken & Ed Quinlin

Ronald L. Northrup

Joan & John Ponseigo

R. Michael McKinlay & Diana Barnes

James & Suzanne Null

Howard & Myrtle McMahan

Mary Ann & Godfrey Oakley

Carol M. McOwen

John Obermeier & Barbara Clowers

Suzanne R. Redfern-Campbell

Shirley & Ward Olander

Doris E. Reed Robert & Jeanne Reed

Joanne & Rocco Orlando

Rebecca & John Reeves

Anita & Jamie Orlikoff

Jane & John Reisman

Andrew M. Mertz

Fiona Knox

Erik Murer

Ralph & Helen Petersberger

Ms. Dorothy K. Powers & Dr. Erl Dordal

Kathe S. Merritt

Ellis G. Knox

William R. Muenster

Judy & Don Peters

Mary K. McGregor & Sidney K. Whiting

Mary H. Melville

Steven & Julie Knott

Bruce M. Moulton

Godfrey Pernell

Brinley & Dorothy Lewis

Phillip & Sheila Melville

Xina Kingshill

James Moskin

Richard McDowell

Patrick Meighan & Amy Thiel

Quentin C. King

Mary M. Morgan

Donald Pearson & Lynne S. Champion

Michael & Cara Leuchtenberger

Arthur & Susan McTighe

Elizabeth E. King

Craig Moore

Cynthia T. Ortiz Sue E. Otto

Susan Rak & Mary Chinery John B. Ray

Craig Reynolds & Joan Gosnell Hope Rice & John Lovell

Glenn A. Metcalf

J. Robert & Philippa Paddison

Mark & Mary Meyer

Stan Richards

William N. Page

Harley Miller

Kim T. Ricketson

E. Macdougall Palmer & Margery Fels Palmer

Martha & Thomas Rimmer

Karen & Michael Miller Cecilia & Timothy Miner Terry M. Mitchell Bonner Mitchell

Jeannette & Lewis Patrie Gordon & Alice Patterson

Cheryl Ring & Stefanie Barley Sharon R. Roberts Martha R. Robinson

Arnt Monge

Peggy R. PavlatSapienza

Sandy Robinson

Tamara & Michael Payne-Alex

Robert & Shirley Rock

Gerald & Ruth Korte

Dorothy Mammen

Ellen & David Moomaw

Michael & Beth Kramer

Harold & Dorothy Mandler

Janet Moore

Beau Rochte

“Out of the stewardship of our largess, our most important values are represented.” — Rev Gary Blaine

Margaret & Kurt Stege

Valerie & Davis Tolman

Susan & William Watkins

Bruce & Emily Toth

Donna J. Senkbeil

Robert Stelzer

Catherine Towbin

Trish Webb & Dean Dubofsky

Marion Seymour

J. Thomas & Susan Stenovec

Alice E. Trexler & Downing Cless

Barbara L. Stenstrom

Randy Trowbridge

Nancy & Bill Stephens

Samuel Trumbore & Philomena Moriarty

Allan Stern & Susan Scrimshaw

Howard G. Tucker

Patsy & Gordon Roe

Kathy & John Seaman

James H. Staton

Marianne H. Roffman

Raymond & Sue Seaver

Tandi K. Rogers Kermit Rohde Joann K. Roomes Ruth & Ken Ross Joel & Pamela Ross J. Barkley Rosser Paige & Bill Roth Christine L. Rothberg John & Margaret Russell John & Ann Rutter Jane & Charles Rzepka Karen & Theodore Saad Mark & Debbie Salerno

Susan Shaner Beverly Shaver Mary Shaw Margaret & John Sherman John Shugert & Linda Webb

Frank & Effie Stewart C. Thomas Stites & Alexandra Mezey

Mark C. Shults L. Gene & Lauralee Sidwell

Dotty & David Storer Elizabeth Stover

Carol & Martin Siegel

Karen S. Stoyanoff

Sandra Simon

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Straus

Margaret Simonsen Lockhart Simpson

Ann & David Strickler

Ellen Smaardyk

Michael E. Sallwasser & Maureen A. McHale

Bonnie Smith & Craig Allshouse

Nadine & Louis Sapirman

MaryAnn Somervill

Lana & David Sund

Harold Schmalfeld

Anne M. Spatola & Theresa J. Novak

MaryLou & Robert Sutter

Philip J. Spear

William Swain

Marguerite & Diana Spears

David Sweat & Kay Giese

Stuart & Marilyn Speedie

Brian K. Sweeney

Paul Spicer & Lori Jervis

Ronald C. Taylor

Glenn & Mary Schnadt Stephen Schnur Charlotte E. Schroeder Donald & Joan Schuette Michael & Trina Schuler Buddy Schutzman Edith P. Schwede Dr. Phebe M. Scott & Dorothy Lee

Gary Sydow

Lois Price Spratlen Daidee Springer & Steven Hollingsworth Patricia O. Spurr Carolyn K. Staley Bonnie Stanaitis Trina & Jack Stanfield Louis & Judith Starkweather

J. B. Weller Trudy & Bob Wendt Mary Lou Werner Janet West

Lois & Robert Whealey

Doris Van Alen

Dorothy & Gerald Wheeler

Gwen G. Van Ark

James A. VanderWeele

Edward L. Schieffelin

Ellen Wehrle & Richard Pokorny

Arthur Vaeni & Sally Gove

Richard G. Smith Kathleen & John Solu

Robert & Margaret Wegner

Herb West & Myrna Adams West

Nancy & Reinhardt Van Dyke

Eileen M. Sullivan

Frank & Patricia Weed

UU Women of Greater Lynn

Barbara & Charles Sturtevant Susan & Richard Sulc

William Schmidt

Steve & Susan Urbatsch

Joan Van de Workeen

James & Susan Snell

Robert Schmidt

Richard & Emily Uhl

Amanda & Douglas Strombom

Lyle Schauer

John & Ellen Schmidt

Adelbert & Sally Tweedie

Ralph O. Weber

Geraldine VanTassel & Tom Davies Edward Vigneau & Judith Greene Thomas & Sandra Wacht Ronald & Janice Waitt Susan G. Wake Douglas Walcerz

Roger C. Thielking

Doug & Mary Kathryn Wallace

Geoffrey C. Thomas

Dawn Walnut

Doris Thomas Browder

Robert Walsh & Kitty Ladd Walsh

William & Doris Thompson

Kenneth & Mary Ellen Walsh

Marion Thompson

Elaine W. Warner

Mark Thurber & Susan Galli

John & Deborah Washburn

Barbara Wheeler David & Alice White Bruce & Theresa Wiggins Elizabeth & Jim Williams Andrew & Janet Wilson Dale & Louann Winke Tedi Winnett & Russ Skewes Robert & Betsy Wones Alice J. Wong Teresa Woody & Rik Siro Joan & Will Wright Diana & William Wright Barbara L. Wymer Margy Levine Young & Jordan Young Barbara J. Young Allen Zeiner

Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations 2012 Annual Report


Worth & Dignity Fellowship ($100-$249.99) 2,791 Recognized Donors / 58 Anonymous Donors Seth & Lois Abbott

Nancy K. Anderson

Ruby M. Abrahams

Colin & Melody Anderson

Katherine D. Abreu Timothy W. Acton George & Beverley Adams Paul & Alexcia Adams Douglas A. Adams Mary L. Adams

Clyde & Mary Anna Anderson Jeffrey Anderson & Elizabeth Scanlin Claudia Anderson James E. Anderson

Mimi Adler

Rosemary & Milo Andre

Maurice & Barbara Aegerter

Neal Andreae & Nancy Mitchell

Jory Agate & M. Mays

Mr. & Mrs. Chris O. Andrew

Carol Agate

Dorothy A. Andrews

Jeanne & Phillip Agee

Anne Andrews

Lewis & Margaret Agnew

Jay & Judith Anglada

Charles D. Akers Laurie Albright & Brian Larson Joyce Alexander Alice & Philip Alexander

Jeffrey & Ellen Angley Richard Anliot Joann M. & Philip Anselone Robert & Jane Antoine

Mary Nell Allen

Ruth & Arvid Antonson

William & Karen J. Allen

Paula & Eric Apfelbach

Edna F. Allen

Shayna Appel

Carolyn A. Allen

Mary S. Applegate

Stephen C. Allerton

Robert Archer & Janie Evans

Mrs. Carla S. Allison & Mr. Brennan P. Simcock

Marilyn Archibald

Mical C. Allopenna

Ruth Armentrout

Danielle B. Almquist

Ann Arellano

Patricia Artis & Jack Phillips Marion & Jane A. Asche John & Barbara Ashby Diana Ashley Joyce B. Askew Mehr & Janet Aslani Kathleen & David Aspin Ethel Atkins Holly G. Atkinson Margaret S. Atkinson Barbara Atlas & Jerry Gaynor Judy Austermiller & Warren Betty Lydia & Wilburt Avery

Susan & Doug Bank Carla Banks Robert J. Banning Richard Barabino

Harry & Audrey Bedell Megan & Robert Beecher

Glen D. Barbaras

Larry & Mary Ann Beggs

John & Winona Barker

Shirley R. Beleff

George Barner Ruth A. Barr Elizabeth Barrett & Samuel Bates Mel & Timmy Barrington LaVone W. Bartine Dorothy W. Barton Lois Barucco Karla L. Bassler Josephine S. Bateman

Ann Bein Marion A. Bell Judith Bell Kathleen & Richard Bell John & Brenda Bell Ellen Bell & Philip Reiss Judy Bell Mary K. Bellamy George W. & Phyllis B. Belsey

Lucy Bates

Thomas Belz

Kathryn E. Bates

Pam W. Benedict

Jackie Batterson

Alan L. Benford

Arnold Babel

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond A. Baum

John E. Bennett

Fredric Bailey & Rita Lafferty

Fran Baumgartner

Stephen & Laura Axthelm Linda Ayer Marjorie L. Babcock

Bill & Samera Baird

Katherine Baxter

Laurel Baker

Robert & Sandra Baxter

Robert K. Baker & Charlotte Shivvers

Beverley Baxter

Helen H. Baker David E. Baker Al Bakhtiar Winton & Blanche Bakke

Susan Bayley

Sheldon & Mary Bennett Francesca Benson & George Cody Sally Benson & Steve Nichols Karen & Mark Benson

Ruth Beach

Jade Benson & Mary Ganz

Max D. Beason

Eleanor C. Bent

Virginia & Willard Beattie

Zaven P. Berberian Robert & Ruth Bercaw

Linda Balabanian

Alice & Roy Beauchene

Nancy Baldwin

Marci Beaudoin Kay & Ross Bebout

B. Douglas Anderson & Ed Wittrock

The Rev. Wayne B. Arnason & The Rev. Kathleen C. Rolenz

Thomas & Sarah Baldwin

Benita Berkson & Barbara Davenport

Fran Beck

Charles Berkstresser

Caroline Anderson

Claire Arnold

Carol Ballance

Thomas Beck

Marcia & Jack Berman

Susan K. Anderson

Victoria A. Arroyo

Elizabeth K. Berman

Meredith U. Anderson

Denny Arter & Tim Martin

Sara Ballard & R. Stonewall Ballard

Joyce S. Beck Marian E. Becker

Linda & Mark Bernstein

Betty Lou Anderson

Kevin F. Arthur

Joseph J. Anderko John & Trudance Anderson

Robert P. Armintor David & Connie Armstrong

Elaine Baldwin

Martha Ban

William S. Becker

Tom & Marsha Bergen

Karen & William Berry Betsy & Chuck Berry Marion D. Berry Kris Berthold Daniel & Barbara Beshers

Delorys Blume Walter Bobo Teresa J. Bobo William M. Bode Joyce L. Bode

Richard & Marguerite Bozian Robert Brackbill Maryann Bracken John Bradford Margaret Bradley

Joshua Boehme & John Stratton

Elizabeth Bradley

Kerry Boese

Carolyn B. Bradley

Robert Boileau

Rayna Bick & John W. Helsom

William M. Bolin

Lewis & Wilma Biegelsen

Linda Bonk & Richard Brown

Kaaren Biggin

Janet Bonner

Elmer Billman

Alexandra Bonshahi

Jerry A. Bilton

Susan K. Bookout

R. Mark & Mary Binderman

Judith & Charles Boothby

Alice Bird

Margaret Borden

Valez Bird & Richard Feuerborn

Carol Boris

Sally Betser & Floyd Roell Ann Beyer

Richard D. Bird Katherine Birdsall

Lois Bonamassa

Frances M. Bos Jason Bostron

Kathy Birnbaum

Steve Bottorff & Pat Moyer

Mrs. Gail Bishop & Dr. Allen Bishop

Roderic & Joy Botts

Bert Bishop & Kay Bowen

Shirley & Louis Bouchard

Kenneth Brame & Judy Mattox

Hugh & Lynn Brown

Andrea M. Bumpurs

Margaret & Bryant Brown

Fred & Barbara Bunger

Lora Brandis & Francisco Pena

Catherine D. Brown

Carol & Robert Bunting

Ann & D. David Brandon

Louise B. Brown

Amy Branaman

Ira & Dorothy Brandt William & Mary Brandum

David & Maureen Bovet

Jane S. Briggs Tim Bristow & Lindsay Morgan

Roger & Mary Blais

Don Bowden-Texera & Ron Texera

Valerie & David Blais

Elaine Bowditch

Virginia C. Blanco

Joan C. Bowen

Mr. Robert L. Blau & Ms. Kimberley Osmer

Richard & Marteh Bowen

Frances M. Brooks

Patricia & John Bower

Suzanne M. Broughton

Bruce & Jane Blumberg

Ann & Wilbur E. Boynton

Rebecca Bruce

Linda Lu & John E. Burciaga

Chris Buppert

Tommie Brent

John M. Blackmore

Lucy R. Boyle

Edward J. Buonopane

Janet Braskett

Joseph D. Brisben

H. Thomas & Christina Blum

Evanne Browne & Tom Prugh

Larry & Liz Bredeson

Lucy Bouton

Roger & Jeanne Boydston

Phyllis Bunting

Darryl & Laureen Branting

Caroline Blackmore

Heli & Thomas Blum

Virginia L. Brown

Donna Buja

Anita & Barney Brannen

Virginia Brickwedde

Margaret M. Boyajian

Bob Buesing

Michael R. Bulak

Richard & Janet Boutilier

Susan Bloomfield

Nell Buell Marilyn Bueltemen

Keith Brown & Joy Powell

James Bizer & Mary Jo Larson

Jeane U. Bloch

Michael & Diane Brown

David & Marie-Claire Bue

Leigh Bragg & Mary Yahnker

Brenda J. Briana

Jim & Betty Bowie

Roberta & Richard Brown

Daniel E. Budd

Max & Pat Buffington

Peter C. Boullata

Liane & George Bliss

Glenn & Catharine Brown

June & James Brady

Laurie Brewer

Bob Blair

Laura E. Brown

Susan Buckholz & James Dow

Alison Brown & Siegmund Haider

James Boulgarides

Franklin C. Bishop & Virginia Morgan

Marlene Brown

Joseph F. Brodley Margaret Brooke Linda Brooks Helen Brooks

Gabrielle Brouilette & Joseph DeGeorge Merilys P. Brown Thomas & Ruth Brown Martin Brown

Marsha Bruhn Darrell & Deborah Bruning Alan & Roberta Bruns Sally Bryan-Prell David A. Bryant Jane & Cyrus Bryant Lilly & Chris Bubser Scott Buchan & Jennifer Hickey Carrie Buchanan Mary BuchananKoontz & Steven Koontz Barbara & Ronald Buck

Barbara & Gregory Burdan Barbara Burke Judy Burnett Joan Burnett-Berman Joan & William Burns Steve Burns & Pat Moore-Pickett Ann & Richard Bury Holly Bussey & James Sanders Jan Bussler Larry G. & Suzanne Butcher Malia Butner

Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations 2012 Annual Report


Philip Buttaravoli

Gerda Carmichael

Daniel M. Byrd

Sandra & Lawrence Carr

Dixie Chapman

Deborah Carroll

Barbara H. Chapman

Jean M. Carter

Richard & Barbara Cheatham

Anne Byrd Michelina Cacciola Kelly & Jim Kelly Victoria & Gary Cagle

Cathryn J. Carver & Roger T. Hartley

Margaret J. Cain

Beth & James Casebolt

Ilse Calcagno Virginia Caldeira Bob Cane Marivel Cano Jeanne & Glenn Capachin

Bob & Carol Cashion Phoebe A. Cassidy H. Alexander Cassidy Meron Castain Sherri Casterline

Barbara & John Chaplik

Thomas F. Check & Nancy A. Witherell Janis Cheney & Stephen Crane Tina L. Chiginsky Gayle Childers & Rebecca DiNino Neil & Julia Chippendale Steve Chisholm Aileen Chitwood Jean R. Christensen Peter & Ann Christensen Richard S. Christian Lillian Christman & Hank Blakely Marilyn & William Christmann David S. Chu Forrest Chumley & Barbara Valent Eunyong Chung Abby & Jeff Chungath John W. Churchill Dorothy Churchill Aileen Chutter Margaret M. Cibulsky

James G. Capistrant

Sam & Joyce Cauffield

Paul Carbone & Farah Chandu

Ralph F. Cautley

The Rev. Burton Carley & Elizabeth Mandel-Carley

Jeanne Michael Cebulla & Virginia Michael

Howard Cincotta & Debby Conn Barry G. Clark Edith Clark Lorna & Jeffrey Clark Linda Clark

Sara F. Clark

Steve B. Colman

Rosalee & Bob Clarke

Catherine S. Colpetzer

Robert Clarke & Betty Sadowsky Cynthia Claus Sara B. Clavez Vidal Clay Joyce Clayton Roger Cleghorn

James & Claudia Colwell David Combies & Loretta Smith Laurent & Mia Comes Claudia Comins & Robert Friedman

Jamie & Karen Cleland

Leslie & Alan Comnes

The Rev. Jacqueline R. Clement & Mr. John B. Ford

Pamela M. Comstock

Carol & Warren Clements Tanya C. Clemons Carolsue & Roger Clery Evan Cline Kimberly Clugston Claudette C. Clunan Barbara F. Coburn Connie & Laurie Cochran Rebecca Cochran & Jim Guthrie Richard & Kathleen Cogen Helen & Donald Cohen

Lani A. Comp Cathy & Thomas Conahan Susan & Michael Conley Lyn Conley Pete & Amalia Connolly Delores W. Connors Hector Constantzos Roger & Kathy Cook Karen L. Cook & Robert A. Stortz David & Cynthia Cook Katherine & Thomas Cook Elizabeth Cook Linda Cook

David & Anne Cohen

Paul C. Coolidge

Marcia M. Colby

Christina & Steve Cooper

Fred Cole & Barbara Richards

Nancy Cooper

Lois Cole

Janet Cooper

Sue A. Cole

Jay Copel & Susan Beede

Maria Cole Iska Cole Leslie Colello John S. Colley Carol E. Collin

Richard & Laurie Corelle Elizabeth Cormier Bonnie & Alan Cornue

David & Katriya Carlson

Meghan & Chris Cefalu

Stacy & Steve Carlson

Yvonne V. Chabrier

Roslyn & Richard Clark

Ivor & Shirley Collins

Evelyn & Karen Carlson

Margaret W. Chalkley

Marie & Ned Clark

Melinda Collins

Jan Carlsson-Bull & Dan Bull

Safford Chamberlain & Sharyn Crane

Merrill & Bette Clark

Kathleen Cosgrove & Harry Parker

David & Annie Collins

William J. Coukos & Deborah Himelhoch

Tom Carlstrom

Irene Chanin

Elizabeth G. Clark

Carnzu A. Clark Richard N. Clark

Keturah A. Collins

Leo & Joan Collins

Susanne & Claude Corty

“I give as an essential part of my spiritual practice. For decades I have given away a tenth of my income, at least half of that to my local congregation. I wish I could convey what a positive experience this has been.”—The Rev. Arvid Straube Raymond & Eleanor Coulombe

James A. Cunningham

Jim & Deborah Davenport

Mary Delahanty & Richard Laura

Ginger Courtney

Margo W. Curl

Kathleen Davenport

Linda W. DeLap

Kathryn T. Covey

Jessica C. Curren

Carol & Doug Cowan

Jean Currie

Tom Davidson & Patricia Brown

Michael & Ann Delollis

Charlotte E. Cowtan

Hunter Currin

Ann W. Davis

Mary G. Deloria

Colleen Cox

Patrice Curtis & Nancy Jasa

Horace Davis

Anthony R. Delzingaro

Dorothy B. Cox Carol Cox Priscilla H. Crago Guy T. Craig Dave & Shirley Craig Helen Crain & James Hopson Dwight & Carol Cramer Cheryl L. Crawford Susan Crawshaw Cynthia Creager & Robert Q. Jones Susan & Rick Crenshaw Hal Cress Theo R. Crevenna Judith Crocker Nancy Crooker & George Siscoe Jerry Cross & Jayne Steffens Mary-Jane Cross & Bart Stuck Lilia I. Cuervo Charles & Ellen Culbertson Catherine Cullen Sarah & Andy Culver David Cuming Christine S. Cummings Nancy A. Cunningham & Marcia R. Payson

Paul & Faith Davis

Mary Rose Curtis Lawrence R. Custer Constance & Henry Cutter John & Anita Czachurski Claudia M. Daggett Beverly H. Dalley David & Bonnie Dalrymple William R. Dalsimer David & Sue Ellen Damour Paul & Aiko Damrow Vincent & Rosemary Daniele Barbara Daniels Paul Dansereau & Julie Miller Richard & Mar Dardano Nelson & Ruth Darling

Stuart Davis & Deborah Boehm-Davis

Richard H. Demarest

Peggy & William Davis

Kathleen Dempsey

Karen M. Davis

Stuart & Zoe Dalheim

Michele Demarest

Robert & Dorothy Davis

Sue & Joe Demb Michael & Mary Ann Denton Sue DePass

Elizabeth & W. Alan Davis

Peter & Frances Derks

Frank Davis

Elizabeth des Cognets

Morris Davis Glenn Davis Edgar K. Davis Niki Davis Stanley Dawson & Peggy NorthupDawson

Thomas V. Derthick

John A. DeSimone Julie E. DeSorgher Marvin & Terry DeTar Olive H. Detering Michael & Lane Devereux

David & Elizabeth Dawson

Garry D. DeVol

Sharon J. Dawson

Sidney Diamond

Ellen Dayton

Curt DiCamillo

Barbara W. de Leeuw

Edward R. DiCastro

Kathleen Dear

Douglas Dick & Ann Easterbrooks

George & Susan Darling

Franklin M. & Suzanne DeBeers

Helen Darrow

Michael & Alice DeBellis

Esther & Robert Dickinson

Caroline DeClerque

Sunny & Tony Didier

Claude & Becky Deegan

Patricia C. Diem

Charles & Rebecca Dees

John J. Diffley

John F. DeGregory

Richard & Karen DiGeorgia

John N. Dart Lynn & Jan Dash Dorothy W. Datel Jasper & Cynthia Daube Hubert & Reta Daugherty

Shirley Dickens

Bonnie Dietz

Mallory F. Digges Leeanne & David DiGiacomo Susan Dimock Sally & Garth Dimon Mary Dineen & Sue Masterson Randy Diner Deborah M. DiPlacido Laurence & Marjorie Disenhof Sharrill Dittmann Robert & Gretchen Dix Harold E. Dixler Cornelia Do Barbara J. Dobson Arden & Marilyn Dockter Mairi C. Doerr Audrey Dole James & Margaret Domangue Lorraine DomanSheydayi Joan R. Domike Rosemary & Brian Donahoe Judy Donahue Dan Donham Kristel Donner & Robert Leighty Nancy & Robert Doughty Becki & Cameron Douglas Sara Douglass-Cloe & John Cloe Richard Downer Robert W. Downie & Patricia Bourke

Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations 2012 Annual Report


McLane Downing

Frederick A. Eames

Ellen & Victor Doyno

Marilyn G. Eanet

Thomas & Angela Drake

Evelyn & Homer Eaton

Martha Drake

Leonard J. & Patricia Eaton

Dolores & Lynn Drayton

Darrell D. Ebbing

Michael Drayton

Sue & Ray Eberhardt

Henry Dreher

Kathryn Eberlein

Susan & Michael Dressel

Marlene Y. Ebert Irene A. Eckstrand

Walter & Elaine Ensign

Dianne Farrelly & Ben Sellers

James & Patricia Ephgrave

Frank A. Farris

Al & Judy Erickson MJ Erickson-Eger & George Eger Chris & Karen Erikson Linda R. Ermine John & Marian Ernst

Joan & Ted Edwards

Peter & Kristen Ersland

Laurence P. Eggers

Gaye A. Esperson

Maureen E. Driscoll

Arthur & Carol Ehlmann

Sue Esslinger

Hiroko Driver

Janet Eisenhauer

Dino J. Drudi

Leroy L. Eldredge

Ann Drury

Sue Eleuterio

Connie M. Drysdale

Mark Elkin

Margaret & Stephen Dubin

Steve Ellenwood

Julie & Steve Dressing Dave & Trudie Dreyer Cynthia Dries

Cathryn & Richard DuBow Richard & Jean Duda Susan H. Duda Patricia S. Duggan & Danny L. Hewett Elizabeth Duhig Margot Duley & Carol Haddad Amanda Dulin Jim & Lillian Duncavage

Myron Elliott John & Carol Elliott

Jeannine Feldman

Carol J. Ferguson

Christopher M. & Mary Flanagan

James & Susan Ferguson

Janice & Ronald Flaugher

Donna & Hal Estry

Robert Fernie & Conrad Egge

Susan E. Flaws

Ilse & Jim Evans

Louise G. Ferrell

Dolores Evans

Ruth Ann & Donald Ferris

Debra D. Eston

Ward & Ana Evans Pat Evans Julie Evonna & Ann Thal

Susan Fetzer Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Mary Fieber

Gary R. Fabian

Richard M. Fierberg

Lisa Ellis & Chris Young

Leone B. Fagan

Priscilla Fillebrown

Davis & Phyllis Fahlquist

Chris & Laurie Filstrup

Nina M. Fair

Gloria Finch

George Fairman

A. Barden & Caroline Finch

Melissa & Greg Durr

Lynnda J. Emery

Lois & Daryl Durran

Eleanor B. Emmons

Eleanor G. Dwight

Mavie Emmons

Janet Dwire & Francine York

Alex Engel Grace E. England Bernard & Evelyn Englander

Nancy Flann

Barbara & William Fernholz

Ruth Ellis

W. K. Elster

Richard & Nancy Fitts

Carol L. Flake

Nan Nelson

Barbara L. Elrod

Jeanne Fitch Jenny & Hilton Fitt-Peaster

Abbott Fenn

Garold & Joyce Faber

Celia M. & Curtis Ellison

Nancy E. Fiske

Barbara Fitzpatrick & Tomm Pickles

Joan L. Field

Jacqueline Ellis

David Fisher

Thelma M. Fellows

Lisa & Willoughby Elliott

Marion H. Emery

Edith Dzubay

Marshall Fausold Brent Feigenbaum

Cleopatra & Doug Ewing

Rebecca J. Elliott

Terry & Christine Durham

Eloise Dycus

Araya Fast & Lorinda Morimoto

Allan & Ellen Fisher

Nick Falzone Theresa A. Falzone Anita Farber-Robertson Angela Faria & Eileen Robison Marylou Faris Laurel Farnsworth Allison Farnum & Andrew Crossen

Mary & Curtis Finch Linda & Douglas Findlay Mary Finger Roberta & Barry Finkelstein Sandra L. Fisher Ellen L. & W. Burns Fisher

Jill Fleming & Steve Burrows Gisela Fleming Ann E. Fletcher Robert & Ann Flick Robert M. Flora Heather Flory Douglas & Ann Foard Gail Folaron & Marion Wagner Karen & Daniel Foley Katharine & Donald Foley Merrilee & Kenneth Follensbee Edwin S. Foote Mary P. Foran Elizabeth S. Ford Mary Jane Ford Robert & Juliette Ford Patricia Ford Natalie Forrest & Doug Sprague Marilyn Fortenberry Kathy L. Fosnaugh

Laurel & Don Fisher

“John and I are so excited to support the creative visioning that our leaders are doing. We want to be part of creating a sustainable future for our faith.” —The Rev. Mary Katherine Morn, Minister, UU Congregation of Fairfax, VA

Dutton & Caroline Foster

Jeff & Marcia Funderburk

Newton Foster

Mike & Cecilia Gabel

John B. Foster

Margaret & Charles Gabriel

Kathleen C. Fowler Ann Fox & Leo Brautigam Kim E. Fox Roberta Fox Carrol & Robert Foxall Mary Frandsen & Ted Messier Joseph L. Frango Mr. & Mrs. Stefan Frank Indra & Mark Frank Robert Franke Irv & Rochella Frankel Paula Franklin Alexa Fraser Warren Fraser

Joyce H. Gad Emily Gage & Karen McMillin Mary Gaggino Peter & Mary Gallagher Margaret Gallagher Carl M. Gallegos Ms. Janet G. Gallo & The Rev. Kathleen Owens Robert Galton Joe & Sylvia Gamboa Elizabeth B. Carter Doris & Martin Gannon Sally & John Garber

Christine H. Frazer

Angela B. Garcia-Sims

John Frechette & Lisa A. Martino

Laura & Grant Gardner

Glen & Pamela Frederick

William & Marjorie Gardner

Larry Freedman

Mary Gardner

Josephine Freedman

Lynn Garman & Karl Kolesnikoff

David & Sandra K. Freeman

Judith Gates Laurie & Scott Gauer Jim & Loma Gault Carl & Ruth Ellen Gaum John & Gail Gaustad Judith W. Gauthier David C. Gaynor & Bernice Goldman Fran Gebuhr Alexandra & Richard Geer

Lucinda & Ken Glover

Paul & Janice Goodwin

Myra & Ivan Gluckman

Carol & Fred Goodwin

Joel S. Godbey

Lorelei Goodyear

Phyllis P. Godwin

Charles N. Gordon

Pamela GoffinetMartinez

Hays Gorey

Charlotte & Alan Gold Elizabeth & Alan Gold

Sally Williams Gorrell Mary P. Gosling Ken Gould David Govoni

Merry N. Geil Barbara & David Geiser Mary J. Geissman Kathryn Gelder Mike & Mary Pat Gendelman John Genova Martin & Janneane Gent Julia Gentz & Joe Staskal Justin Gertler Marsha & William Gette Lewis H. Geyer Paul & Meri Gibb Frank & Karen Gibbs

Katy Garmany

Barbara Gibbs

Judy I. Freeman

Lucille B. Garmon

Gardner Gibson

Kathleen Frey & Bernice Husk

Giles & Dorothy Garmon

David & Sandy Gift

Kate Friedlob & Jim LaPointe Laura N. Friedman

The Rev. Dr. Meredith Garmon & The Rev. LoraKim Joyner

Janet & Joseph Friedman-Pizzo

Gordon & Joyce Garner

Janet R. Fritz

Patricia & Kenneth Garnjost

Lois Gilbert

Bert & Joan Golding

John V. Gilfrich

Paula & Jerold Goldman

Richard H. Graham

Kay Lynn & John Goldner

Carl V. & Eloise Granger

Gareth & Julie Gill Mary K. Gillespie

Robert Grafton & Kay Gottesman

Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Gillies

Alice M. Gonnerman

Martha F. Grant

Rae Gilson

Anne B. Gonzales

Laurel & Ross Fritz-Moren

Nancy & Jan Garrett

Bill & Fran Gimby

Lenora R. Good

Louisa & William Graver

Bill Fry

Ruth Garrity

Erin Gingrich

Royal Graves

Barbara A. & William Fuchsman

Gilbert & Edith Garshman

Evelyn C. Gioiella

Nancy & David Goode

Hilary Gray

Marian P. Goodman

Patricia & Gary Gray

Stephen Goodrich

Robert & Elise Gray

Robert Goodrich

Blair H. Gray

Elizabeth C. Goodson

Sidney & Patricia Greeley

Mrs. Yuka Fujikura

Jan Gartner

A. Roy Fuller

Joseph Gascho & Elena Tsai

Gilbert Fulmer

Thea J. Gast

George & Lila Girvin Lois Gish & Tim Kraus John A. Glasson & Tori Smith

Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations 2012 Annual Report


“Generosity, therefore, is one of the spiritual values we recognize as central to our personal and our institutional well-being.” —Victoria Weinstein Arthur J. Greendale

Paul Gunser

Roy P. Greene

Linda & John Gunther

Anne Greenwood & John Tucker Tom & Barrie Gregory Diane & Thomas Gregory Irvin & Nanette Greif Russell & Carol Greve

Hamalainen Charitable Trust Lois Hamilton & H. Alan Lando

Mr. & Mrs. Warren G. Guntheroth

John & Beth Hammer

Judy R. Guse-Noritake

Marcia L. Hams & Susan Shepherd

Robert & Barbara Guth

Judith R. Hance Carolyn & Bruce Hancock

Del Harr Larry & Jane Harred Michael C. Harris Catharine & Richard Harris Maria & Bernard Harris Dean & Helen Harris William & Bonnie Harris

Alice & Bob Gridley

Cathy Guzolek & John Meech

Dale C. Griffin

Merrily S. Haas

Peter & Barbara Griggs

Anne Haas & Paul Davis

Lynne Handy

Wilfred & Genevieve Harrison

Claudia P. Hanes

Goodwin Hart

Richard & Peggy Grigsby

Valerie & Martin Haber

Jay W. Hanks Curtis & Ruth Hanks

Geraldine & Paul Harter

Dr. J. Eugene Grigsby, Jr.

Anne Haber

Ellen T. Hanly

Michael & Margaret Haddad

Jill L. Hanna

Marilyn & Robert Grindley Barbara & Jay Grosmark Dorothy C. Grossman Thomas & Edna Groves Lavona Grow & Robert Denniston Robert Grubbs & Lucia Fouts Peter Grundfossen

Rosemary A. Hagen

Sue Hand

Barbara Hanneman

Agatha H. Hagepanos

Fred & Wendy Hansen

Charles E. Hatch

Sonja Hahn

Bruce Hansen

Mary Hatfield

Sharon Hale & Dawn Student

Penelope M. Hanshaw

Bud & Joy Haupt

Claire Hale

John Hansman & Jean Hirons

Patricia Hale Judith & John Hall Elizabeth C. Hall

Joan & Wallace Hanson

Dr. Karen S. Hall

Jerry & Terri Grzebielski

Yoma E. Hall

Joyce Harant

Lou Ann & John Hall

Joseph & Amy Haratani

Ralph Gunderman Helen D. Gunderson Neil K. Gunderson Mary Rebecca Gunn Jim Gunning John & Shirley Gunning

Pat Hartvigsen

Gary & Elizabeth Hansen

Sally & Gilbert Hanson

Sheila Baker Gujral & Gautam Gujral

William E. & Joan C. Hartung

Harlene Hagen

Christopher Gruner & Jeanne Young

David & Diana Guinnup

Rachel M. Hartig

Colleen Hall

Laura D. Harckham

Frank Hall & Lory Nurenberg

William M. Hardam

Henry Hall

Jan C. & Gail Hardenbergh

Joan H. Hall Jennifer & Alan Halperin

Iris & Clyde Hardin Joe & Carla Hardy

George & Margaret Halsey

Marni Harmony & Nancy Bauer

Ann & Charles Halsted

Robert Harper Cheryl A. Harper

Jean Hartzel Kia D. Hatch

Mena Hautau & Steve Debroux Kathryn E. Hawbaker

Norman & Marge Heckman George & Peg Heeschen Mary Heiderer Ann M. Heidkamp & Jim Gerber William & Andrea Heier Judy Heilig Cynthia A. Heinrich & Nick Payne Mr. & Mrs. William J. Heintzelman Joan P. Helde Hilary Helfant Judy Helgager James & Lynne Heltman Alice Jane Hendley Sarah Hendrickson & Gretchen Miller Suzanne T. Henig Peter Henning Nancy H. Henningsen Kirsten P. Henrickson

William S. Hayes

Woody & Susie Henry

William L. Hayes

Nancy Henry

Patricia A. Haynes & David Schimmel

Lynne Hensel & Larry Kameya

Gisela Haynes

Sam & Kathryn Hens-Greco

Richard Allen Hays & Pamela Hays

Beverly A. Henshaw

James & Anne Hays

Myrtle E. Hepler

Lois & John Hayward

The Rev. Patt Herdklotz & Kim Yasutake

Beth Hayward & Steve Parker Carl & Patricia Heath

Charlotte Herdman & Debbie Osborn

Natalie Hechter

Lucas K. Hergert

William Hecker & Marilyn KoppHecker

Dorothy Heroy Monty & Judy Herr

Andy Herriott Gary & Barbara Herrli Janet R. Hersey Dana & Nancy Hershey

John & Coralie Hoffman

Sherry & Robert Howd

Pat Hok

Norman & Cristine Howe

John & Peggy Holl

Patricia A. Hervey

Nancy Holland

Mary J. Hess

Sallie Holloway

Bernard Hickey

Patricia Holmes

Darlene H. Hicks

Marguerite G. Holmes

Frank & Susie Hider Patrick Higgins James Higgins Stephanie Highsmith Wendie & James Highsmith Winthrop & Dolores Hilding Charlotte H. Hill Harold & Shirley Hill Patricia W. Hill Brad Hillman Charles Hirsch Laura & Andrew Hirschfield Ron Hiser & Pat Palmiotto John B. Hitchcock Fran Hobbie Kathryn Hobbs & Craig Aldworth G. June Hoch Michael & Georganne Hoctor Joseph I. Hodge Carolyn & John C.F. Hodges Judith & Harry Hoehler Margaret S. Hoehn Mary J. & Paul Hoekstra

Roger & Nancy Howe

Andrea Holladay

Bradlee & Anne Howe Martha W. & Peter Howell Robert M. Howell

Donna Holmes Parks & Bill Parks Peter & Nancy Holt Eric Holtz & Dorothy Guth

Raymond C. Hopkins Barbara & Robert Hopkins Leon & Dorothy Hopper James & Susan Hopson David M. Horst & Alyson Gaylord-Loy David Horwitz Daniel & Susan Land Hotchkiss Katherine R. Hotchkiss & Grandon Tolstedt

Dorothy & Charles Hudson

Louise Ireland-Frey

Lisa & David Jennings Carol & Kurt Jensen Joanne J. Jessen Warren & Mary Jane Jessop Martha Johns & Charles O’Leary Robert L. Johnson & Linda D. Klein Sara & Walter Johnson Ruth Johnson Susan T. Johnson Roger & Jean Johnson

Sonja & Richard Irwin Susan Isgar

Dick & Joanne Johnson

Louise & Cecil Huey

Shirley Ivy

Virginia A. Johnson

Marylin Huff & Rich Cairncross

Harvey & Kiyomi Iwata

Ebba Johnson

Vicki Huff & Eric Boerwinkle

Elizabeth & Paul Jachim

Gail Huggett

Joanne P. Jackley

Michael E. Hugill & David Larson

David & Claire Jackoway

Mary Hulett

Naren & Daralyn Jackson

Helen Sewell Johnson & Don Johnson

Bill & Meg Jackson

Vernon L. Johnson

Lawrence R. Jackson

Sidney Johnson

Haziel B. Jackson

Andrea E. Johnson

Charles E. & Sandra Jaco

Lorna L. Johnson

Carol D. Humpage Thomas W. Hungerford James M. & Kathy Hungerford

Terry J. Jacobs

J. Timothy & Carol J. Johnson

Frances R. Johnson Barry & Karen Johnson Jillian & Knowlton Johnson

Marilyn Johnson Roberta Johnson

Karl Hunt

Caroline Jacobs

Linda Hunter

Stuart & Lucy Jaffe

Dr. Ted & Darlene Johnsrude

Warren H. James

Nancy H. Jones

Mark Jander

Colin & Joan Jones

Kathryn Jaques

David Jones & Donald Williams

Bettie Howard

Rob Huntington & Susan McCafferty

Leonora Howard

Mary K. Hurd

John G. Howard

Mary & Donald Hurdle

Frederic Hoffman

Judith Innes

Wanda & William Jennings

Margaret E. Hudson

Ann Hoey & Stephen Elgert

Rebecca L. Howard

Margaret Ingalls & David Lindsay

John Jenkins

Meg Hudson

Heather Howard & Roderick Cameron

J. Terrell & Edwina Hoffeld

Patricia L. & Anthony N. Infante

Louise Jeffrey

James P. Hudson

Larene Hoelcle

Jean R. Hoff

Lynn Hyndman

Ms. Teresa Jay Barker & Mr. Lawrence Barker

Karl & Elizabeth Irikura

Janet Humann

Robert & Mary Howard

Marjorie Hybels

Steve Imrich & Cynthia Smith

Douglas & Kelley Housman

Barbara Howald

Jeffrey W. Hutson

Ken & Jill Ihlo

Joseph P. Hull

Scott W. Hovey

Rebecca Hutfilz

John M. Hubbard

Thomas Houle

Peggy Houston

Jenna Rae & George Hutchinson

Karen Hsu Patterson

Morris Hudgins & Martha Toms

Katherine Hoover

Brad Huskinson

Bernie & Nancy Hyde

Richard & Lois Huddlestone

Beverly Hooker

Virginia Huschke & James M. Brown

Claire & Ralph Hruban

Louise M. Huddleston

Kathryn & Daniel Homblette

Ida M. Hurt

Elizabeth Hurley-Dasgupta

Marge Jarvis Bonnie & Jere Jay

Beth Jones & Ron Mosiello

Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations 2012 Annual Report


Roger D. Jones

Alex Kapitan

Kathleen A. Keenan

Burt & Mitzi Jones

Pam & Peter Kappelhof

Jesse W. Kehres

Giffin Jones Philip A. Jones Carolyn Jones Patricia & Karl Jonietz Dr. Maryalice Jordan-Marsh & Dr. David Marsh

James E. Karabin George & Shirley Karas The Rev. Susan Lynn Karlson & Mr. Alan Kindler Trudy Karlson

Anthony Keller Kathy & Wayne Keller Norman A. Kelley & Shannon T. Benson June Kelley Robert & Beth Kelley

Jill Karpf & Adele Gorelick

Frederick A. Kelley

John O. Joyce

Dave & Bobbi Karpinski

Eleanor Kafalas Leslie A. Kahn & Kathleen Yemm

Janet & Jerry Joseph Jan Josselyn

George & Muriel Kirkpatrick Ann Kirnig Gabor Kiss & Eva Andor

Carol A. Koepp Fredrick W. Koepp Alicia Koger & David Pasto Greg & Terri Kohnert Edward H. Kolner

David Kominz

Romeo Kassarjian

Deborah W. Kelsey

Wilfred R. Kizer

Margaret Kauffman

Kathy Keltz

Karl & Judith Klasson

Rosaria & Anatole Konstantin

Dale L. Kemmerer

Kimberly & Evan Kleber

Gloria J. Korsman

Michael Kennedy Andrew Kennedy & Lois Wesener

Catherine B. Kleiner

Bill Kepper

Ila J. Klion

Stephanie Klose & Jerald Friis

Colleen & Michael Kessler

Philip Kluge Ted M. Kluz

Ben Knecht Steve & Nancy Kneipple

Marjorie Kimbrough John & Folly King Edward P. & Nancy Kingsbury

Shirley Kovacs Len & Denise Kowalski Gary Kowalski & Dori Jones Francine Kozkodin Douglas & Erika Kraft Laura & Carl Krag Margaret & Eric Kranz Darlene R. Krato Janet & Steven Kreha Donna B. Kreisberg Mary L. Kretchmar Mary-Ellen Kreye Sandra E. Kroll Dorothy D. Krull & Bonnie A. Wagner

Sallie A. Killian

Marechal & John Kaytor

Mary Kortum

Ellen Klyce

Marie & Bill Kidder

John & Virginia Kimball

Richard S. Kopp

Jenny & Robert Kropf

J. Jeffrey & Karen Knapp

Don & Judy Killingbeck

Dorothy Koltnow

Walter Eric & Linda Kluz

Deborah A. Kibbel

Amanda E. Kaufman

Helen L. Keeler

William L. Klingelhoffer & Jill Brindel

Milton & Ellen Kerstein

Helen Kho

Martha P. Kazlo

Judy L. Kling

Colin C. Kerr

Phyllis M. Keyport

Irwin Kaufman

Glenn & Marcia Klepac

Anna & William Klock

Marcia Kesten & Alice Moyer

Mark & Elizabeth Kaufki

James & Annearle Klein Steven & Mariquit Klein

Elizabeth & Peter Kent

Albert & Dolores Kanner

Charlene & Mike Kirchoff

Susan & Scott Kitson

Sharon & Thomas Kennedy

Fay Kandarian & William B. Lipp

Andy Koenigsberg & Robin Fleming

Peter V. Kelsey & Ginger Ryan

Melissa & Rick Kennedy

Eric & Cathy Kaminetzky

Gloria Kinney

Harwood G. Kolsky

Eileen W. Kellner

Judith & Robert Kendall

Harold & Beverlee Kaminetzky

Leonard Koel & Lydia Broussard

Margaret & Christopher Kitchenham

Laura & Peter Kemper

Cholpady P. Kamath

Mark & Nancy Kinney

Margery D. Knight William Knipps Bruce Knoth Karen E. Knox Steve Knox & Lee Reid

Rick & Becky Krumwiede James & Barbara Kruszewski Randolph Kuehn & Margaret A. MacMorris Martha & Frank Kuhlman Karen A. Kuhn Arthur & Annelies Kull

“When we give generously, with authenticity and integrity, the Divine moves in us.” — Cecilia Kingman Miller Dale Kutnick

Shirley J. Larson

Benjamin & Linda Labaree

Dion J. LaShay

Gary & Robin LaBedz Hamer & Charlotte Lacey Elizabeth Ladd Jane & Robert Ladner

Brian & Miki Lasher Janis R. Latham Norman & Sally Lauben Catherine Lauritsen Joan O. Lautenberger

Joan & Thomas Leonard Virginia Leonard Ewing Joanne Leovy & Kurt Regner Barbara T. Lesar Laura R. Lesch

Craig H. Livingstone

Linda Lutes

Kim & John Lloyd

Phil & Carolyn Lynes

Bernard & Karen LoBracco

Jean & Richard Lyon

Ken & Carolina Lofgren Paul & Marie Long Walter Long

Ethel M. MacDonald Virginia S. MacDonald Evelyn Macedonia Sharon & Bruce MacFadden

Nancy F. Law

Jana & C. Wayne Leslie

Gary Lawrenson & Linda Rice

Rose Lew & Leroy Poff

Edward L. Loomis

Carol MacFarlane

Linda Laine

Mary J. Lord

Elizabeth & Reg Laite

Kevin J. Lawson

Tomas E. Lewis

Don & Doris Lorents

Ruth C. MacKenzie & Rebecca Flood

Patricia Lamar

Joan & Walter Lawson

Jane Lewis

Bryan & Patricia Lorge

Constance LaFerriere Arthur E. Laidlaw

Jay & Virginia LaMarche

Janet Leask

Doris & Huie Lamb

Marion & Burt Leavitt

Dawn Lampman

Mary R. Leber

Edward J. & Lee Lampo

Todd Leblanc

Melanie Landa & Michael Moulton

Robert & Barbara Lechner

Elizabeth B. Landauer

Judith & Norbert Lechner

Mary & Jack Lander

Edith Leckey

Nancy E. Landgren

Priscilla Ledbury & Rhoda Whitney

Susan Lane Sue Ann & Terry Lang David & Sandra Lange Diane Lange & Bill Garvey Daughon Langner Laurie & Christopher Lantz Iris Lanyon Jon Laramore & Janet McCabe David & Mary Lareau Kim Largen Verner Larsen Dennis & Mary Ann Larsen Ivar & Barbara Larsen

Betty A. Lewis Judy Licht Nancy K. Light Carole Light Sara G. Lightner Pat Lilligren Jerry & Maureen Lilly

James Long

Sarah & George Loring Jean B. Loring Susan & Robert Lotz Bud & Carol Louis Erika Love

Susan L. Limb

Robert & Kathryn Lovell

Karin Shu Lin & G. Cade Murray

Owen & Dorothy Lowe

Eric & Claudia Lindberg

Vanessa Lowe

Janice Lee & Charlotte Kylin

Helen P. Lindsay

Frances & Phillip A. Lowe

Stacey L. Lee

Philip L. Lindsley

Grace Lowney

Marta & Stanley Legan

Greg & Barbara Lines

Stuart Lowrie & Kenneth Dorph

Barbara & Thomas Leggat Judith & Ralph Lehman Charlotte Lehmann

Thomas Lingelbach Alice K. Lingswiler Virginia Link J. Marie Lipscombe & Douglas McCusker

James W. Lowry Ann & Jeffrey Lu Sherrie & John Lucas Claude & Ruth Lucchesi

Joseph Lipton & Donna Monturo

Lindalea Ludwick

Tera D. Little

Betty J. Luff

Lisa M. Lemble

Mr. & Mrs. Alfred C. Little

David K. Lugg

Steven Lenox

Ruth P. Little

Benjamin & Maxine Leon

Roberta & James Littlefield

Dienna A. Lehner Patricia N. Leiby Craig B. Leman

Ann C. Livingston

Beverly Lulow Roy & Shirley Lundin

Barbara MacLeod & Bruce Lawrence John & Ellen MacMillan Dianna MacPherson Alice R. Macy Margaret Madden & Thomas Sokol Gregory Maddox Anna Maderis Mary Kay Madsen Sally & Charles Magneson Peter Magoun Bevin Maguire & Craig Hunt Jane Makela & John Vogt Diane E. Malena Georgianna Mallard Karen Malley Mike Mallory Jody & Charles Malloy William Malm Charles & Jane Malme Sally & Terry Malone

Anne Lundin

Linda & Fred Mangelsdorf

Jan Lundstrom

Mary Manke

Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations 2012 Annual Report


“My hope for you is that next year at this time, you will have a chorus of answers about how the world’s needs and your unique gifts as a faith community can best bless this world.” — Beth Graham Doug & Sue McLeod

Patricia & Dwight Manley

H. John Mason & Barbara A. Kezur

Diane McConkey & Gary Bogle

John Mannheim

Mary & Robert Mason

Catherine M. McConkie

Joyce & Bashir Masoodi

Nancy McConn & Dr. Brenda Cole

Janet C. Massaro

Eugene McCoy

Jeff & Lucy Masters

Patricia McCracken

Mike McMullin & Audrey Weymiller

Pauline M. Masterton

Winifred A. McDonagh

Richard & Suzanne McNamara

Allysson McDonald & Graham Bell

Dick McNamara & Cheryl Houston

Betty M. McDonnell

John & Valerie McNee

Tom Manning Chuck & Barbara Manning Martha Manno & Philip Gruppuso Doak & Peggy Mansfield Harriet Marble Marion J. Marion Michael & Rachel Mark Lawrence & Marion Marks Yvonne Marlier Cynthia Marsh & Wendell Vandersluis Arlene Marshall

Jack K. Mates Margaret Mathies Allan F. Matthews Richard & Mary Ellen Matthies Rodger Mattlage & Pat Brinkman Jane B. Mattson Benjamin Maucere & Holly Horn Jeanne V. Mauk Fred & Beth Maurer

J. Kenneth & Louise Marshall

David R. Mauritson

Ingrid & James Marshall

Meta & Robert Maxim

Louise & Gordon Marshall

Carolyn Maxon

Porter L. Marshall Marile R. Marshall Gary & Karen Martin

Barbara C. Maxson David May Brian & Susan Mayall

Katherine L. Martin

David & Jane Maynard

Ronald A. Martin

Henry Mayo

Georgia & James Martin

Robert & Wanda McCaa

Mr. Willard Martin & Ms. Margaret Demos

Eileen McCallister

Emilia & Dr. Norman M. Martin

J. Ramon McCarus

Joy M. Martin

Ellen & Edward McClaran

Caroline W. Marvin Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Maslen

Diane McCarrick

Marshall R. McClintock James & Caroline McCloy

Jean McElroy Christine McElroy Charles & Isabelle McFarland Theresa McGee Mary & Mike McGlade Frances W. McGuire Donald & Jeannette McInnes Deborah H. McIntosh Julie McKane Nancy McKeever Henry & Sandra McKellar Gerre McKenna Mary K. McKenney David & Margaret McKeown The Rev. Carol D. McKinley Vincent & Nancy McKusick Debra McLaughlin & Suzanne Sinnott Barbara & Patrick McLaughlin Morgan R. McLean Miriam McLeod

Christopher J. McMahon Elaine F. McMillan Susan & Stanley McMillen

Claire & Robert McNeill Larry & Karen Medsker

Mrs. Kimberly Merritt-Kuo & John Kuo Bethany J. Mershon Kyle & Pete Mesrin Gerald Metz Arthur B. Metzger Ernest & Sally Metzger Elizabeth A. Metzler F.Lee Meyer Daniel Meyer & Eileen Kelly-Meyer Sally A. Meyer Barbara F. & Tom Meyers Judith P. Meyers

Diane A. Megahy

Bonnie S. Michael

Mary Lou Mehrling

Cecelia Michaelis

Wilda Q. Meier

Thomas Michie

Carol & Steven Meister

Jane Middleton

Kandace F. & Joseph Melillo Sara Mellen & Arthur Aspinall Alfred & Peggy Mello Gary & Barbara Melom Linda & John Melski Saul H. Mendlovitz The Rev. M. Francis Mercer Marc & Lesly Merlin Anita Mermel & Jan Christian Scow Theresa & Scott Merrick

Desiree & Richard Midgett Dolores M. Miera Esther & Gerald Miettunen G. Michael Milano Anne Milender David & Marilyn Miles Beth & Russell Milham Robert Miller David & Julia Miller Joel Miller & Wendy Bachhuber Rhoda E. Miller

James & Katherine Merrill

Alison Miller & David Snedden

Charles Merrill & Carol Rutter

John & Jane Miller

Gary Merritt

Jo Anne & Rick Miller

Mary Lou & Stephen Miller Beatrice A. Miller Phyllis Miller Tom Miller Mary Ellen Miller Marie L. Millett Terry & Doris Milligan Irene Milliken-Owens Elaine L. Mills & Robert M. Kline Debra Minard & Philippe Park

Raja Mukherjee & Ms. Heidi Knowlton

Joseph & Yasmin Neggers

Mark & Sandra Niblick

Deborah Neisel & August Sanders

Vernon & Susan Nichols

Linda & Hugh Mullenbach

Charles Neiss & Denise Soppas

Mercy B. Moore

Fredric & Karen Muir

Michael Moore Robert C. A. & Janie Moore Alan Moore & Carol Harden Rachel Moore & Harry Dodson

Bob Muller

Linda D. Nelson

Richard Mullineaux

Naomi C. Nelson

Linda & Gene Moore

Marlene & Paul Mulroney

Kay E. Nelson

Diana L. Moore Berkley L. Moore Patricia Moore-Howard Judith & Eldridge Moores

Kurt & Jo Munnich

Roberta & Christopher Nelson

David Munro & Eileen Hoffman

Keith & Donna Nelson

John B. Munson

Bruce Nelson & Barbara Watts

Jane S. Munson

Randy & Claudia Minnich

Jeff & Eileen Moran

David & Lois Murphy

Linda Minor

Donald H. Moran

Donald Mintz

Donna D. Morgan

Laurie & William Murphy

William & Yvonne Mitchell

Shawn Morgan

Marjorie Mitchell & Robert Cunningham Mardi Mitchell Howard Mitchell Dorothy B. Mitchell Emma B. Mobley David Mock Jean M. Moede Carol Mohler

Rod Morgan Claire F. Morgen Amy & Joy Morgenstern Jerry E. Morin David E. Morledge Vida Morley Janice & Richard Morris Richard & Barbara Morris

James S. Myers

John & Mary Morrison

Marilyn Montzka

Constance & Peter Nissley

Linda D. Nelson

Tom Nixon & Gail Riley

Drina & Gary Nemes

Nadine & Bernard Nizet

Marcia Mustoe & Jim Harvey

Mary Beth Mollica

Sarah B. Montgomery

Hirotoshi & Sumie Nishikawa

James & Debra Musselman

Ann & H. Joseph Myers

Wynn & Millie Montgomery

Doris C. Ninmann

Kathleen Murray & Laurence Pulgram

Mary Morris

Jane Montgomery

Virginia Nilles

Robert & Isobel Murray

Judith Morris

Daniel & Alison Montgomery

Pamela & David Niles

Judith B. Murphy

Don & Pat Mohr

Sonya Montana

Ralph Nielsen

Carol & John Murphy

Jenny Moldenhauer

Peter & Elsie Montalbano

Philip Nicolai

Keelin Murphy & Michael Vaughan

William & Fran Myers

Natalie Moloney

Jane E. Nelson

Jennifer Nichols Pearl & Gary Nickel

Paul Nemeth & Jean Flood

Barry & Maija Nobel

Frances F. Myers

Joan Netzbandt & Robert Darner

Constance K. Nolen

Douglas Myers

Margaret G. Neufer

Elizabeth Nordgren

Jodie & Jerry Nachison

Daniel Neuspiel & Cathy Canepa

Peter Norling & Barbara Dildine

Alice M. Moser

Nancy & Stan Nachman

Sally & Donald New

Jeff & Katie Norris

Juanita C. Moshier

Laura & Harry Nagel

Donna & Mitch Newcomer

Franklyn & Lois Norris

Jennifer Mossholder

Karen L. Nance

Jane Newell

Jane Norris

Nancy A. Mower

David & Nancy E. Napalo

John & Sally Newell

Irene E. Norton & Heather Millar

Robyn & Myron Morrison Madeline Morrow & Jim Rumbaugh

Ann Mowery & Allan Powers

Gabriel A. Nardie

Beverly & Gerald Moore

Michaela Moy

S. K. Nash

Eugene F. Mueller

Marina Natsis

Mr. & Mrs. Lansford J. Moore

Brian & Rebecca Muellers

Joanne & Paul Nay Miriam L. Neal

Gerald E. Newfarmer Marianne L. Newman Katharine Newman Zohir Dennis Neyman & Ellen Ballard

Jay & Jessica Noble

Elizabeth & Peter Norton Janet & Marlowe Nortrom Matt & Nadine Novak

Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations 2012 Annual Report


Deborah & Bernard Novgorodoff

Yildirim & Ferda Omurtag

Nancy & Leonard Nowak

Margret A. O’Neall

Andrew Nowick & Paul Scoggins Diane B. Nowicki Edward & Ann Noyes

Catherine D. Onyemelukwe Abraham & Bineke Oort Timothy & Carol Opdyke

Bill Nunan & Eve Ahlers

Mary M. Opheim

Timothy Nuttle

Sue & Peter Oppenheimer

Frank & Alison Nye Arliss Nygard & Murray Penney Karyn O’Beirne Robert W. Obrecht Barbara P. O’Brien Sarah O’Brien Mike & Linda O’Brien Richard Ochs & Susan Arnold Daniel O’Connell & Bonnie Vegiard Steven O’Connor & Ellen Koenig Grace O’Donnell Herbert G. Ogden & Catherine L. Thomas Roy & Maria Ogren Carol & John Ohlrogge Dan & Margi O’Keefe Daniel O’Keeffe Kathleen M. O’Laughlin & William C. Sasso Benjamin F. Olena Judy Oliver K.J. Oliver David & Julia Oller Edwin & Kathleen O’Loughlin Clark & Anna Olsen Robert D. Olson Judy M. Olson

Howard & Janice Oringer Susan Orlansky Lee Ormsbee Nancy A. Orr Anne Osborne

Mary Anne Parmeter Annie Parry Lynn & Anne Parsons

Carol A. Partington

Nancy Peterson & Ed Kautz

John Pastor & Robert Hall Cynthia Patterson

Dorothy Patterson

Ron Petrie

Vincent W. Patton

The Rev. David A. Pettee & Ms. Mindy Scharlin

Kevin & Jenny Patton Pamela A. Patton-Whalen

David & Karen Oulton

Lynette E. Payne

Charlotte Overbury

The Rev. Edgar C. Peara

Martin V. Overstreet

Juanita & Bob Peck

Alyson Owen & Craig Oliner

George & Karen Peck Arthur & Mary Pedersen

Jean Omelchuck

Don Parker Lindsay & Marc Parks

Nancy Plummer & Glen Schmiesing Mary Podzilni David & Martha Pohl Gertrude Pojman Frank Polach Joanne Polichetti & Alex Wolff Winona R. Ponder Mary E. Pope

Hugo & Marilyn Pfaltz

Elsa A. & Hink Porter

Carl & Linda Pfeiffer

Lucille Poskanzer

Roger A. & Linda Pfeiffer

Bobbie & Bill Potsic

Kenneth Pfluger & Kay Planting

Don & Lois Porter

Howard & Joan Poulter

Paul & Mary Praetz

Rocky & Christine Perham

Lori Renn Parker & Marsten Parker

Donald & Judy Plumb

Ms. Penny Phillips & Mr. John Shand

Mr. Robert Gray Palmer & Ms. Susan Sims

Robert W. Olson

Albert C. Plaush

Donald C. Pelz

Dick Peppers

Patricia W. Parker

Paul & Mary Jo Plante

Don & Regina Pound

Amy P. Palmer

Iris W. & Edward C. Park

Carolyn Pitts & Michael Pace

Jan C. & Susan Phillips

Judy Penniman

Ken Goggins

Denise A. Pitts

Robert & Elizabeth Peelle

Shelley E. Page

Nancy & Ted Pappas

Janice Pevide & Lynda Fritsch

Lucinda M. Pitcairn

Robert & Eleanor Pound

Tom Penchoen

Mark Pannell

Eric & Carleen Petterson

Louise Piranian

Alan Phillips

Wendy E. Page

Vincent S. Palmisano

Susan & Russ Peterson Barrie A. Peterson

Carolyn Payne

Richard & Beverly Palmer

Oren & Patricia Peterson

Mr. Russell W. Patterson & Ms. Candy Gale

Gerhard Otto

Marvin & Virginia Pace

Jack Peters Marjorie A. Petersen

Dan Paulson & Linda Hesketh

Susan Oxman

James P. Peters

Janis Parsons & Franklin Carl

Lance & Peg Oswald

Riley Owens

Lewis & Elisabeth Perry

Louis & Sandra Pradt

Jane & John Piazza

Julie Prandi

Mark I. Pickering

Shirley & Robert Pratt

Wendy & Jack Pickett

Doris B. Pree

Olivia Pickett

Ruth & Robert Premer

Audrey Perino

Patricia R. Pickford

Julie Prentice

Mr. & Mrs. J. C. Perkins

Elaine Piedra

Elizabeth F. Prestemon

Katharine Perkins

Janet & David Pierce

Jay M. Price

Jane E. Perkins

Daniel Pierce & Barbara Harrison

Donald W. Price

Jodi Perko

Nancy W. Pietila

Alta L. Price

Ronald & Barbara Perlik

J. Kenneth Pilkenton

Bruce & Virginia Pringle

Susan Pernia

Monica & Michael Pilman

Sandra P. Prins

Mitchell Pines

Jean Prinz D’Ann Prior

Barbara Perry

Edward Piper & Renee Herrell

Mark & Abigail Prior

James & Jaydee Perry

Ernest Pipes

Paul Pritchett

Alain & Janet Perregaux

Linda Proctor & Ralph Undercoffler Kenneth E. Proctor

William Reinhardt

Paul F. Randel

Marcia & William Reinke

Barb & Ed Rider

Katherine S. Reis

Frances & Donald Ridgley

Jean Prokopow

Janet Randolph Lowrey

Cecelia J. Prouty

Tabby Rappolt

Philip N. Reitz

Rose Provan

Mark U. Rarick & Diana Antoniskis

Gene Remmers & Cecile Batchelor

Khadijat K. Rashid

Nancy Renbarger & Clay Peal

D. J. Prowell Joy C. Przestwor Mr. Joseph A. Pucci, Jr. & Ms. Dara H. Lieberson Donna Pullo Ralph & Teresa Putnam Judith A. Putnam & Leonard F. Swanson

Kimberly Rask & Martin Sheline

Robert & Christy Renjilian

Jon & Aki Rasmussen

Leslie Rennie-Hill & Ken Hill

Paul & Julia Raspe Phillip A. Raspe

Alice & Ron Rathburn

Kay Puttock & Stan Henning

Henry & Susan Rauch

Crystal & Gary Reser

Verna Rausch

Kathleen Quenneville

Bob & Maria Ravenstein

M. Janneke & Robert Resnick

Elizabeth Quesada Jill & Brian Quick Lynne Quinto & Scott Umlauf

Michael & Judith Raymond

The Rev. John Rex

John & Bonnie Raymond

Roy Reynolds & Jean Lamer Lillian L. Rhodes

John M. Raby

Mr. Eric W. Read & Ms. Phyllis Savage

Stephen & Susan Rice

Jane Radcliffe-Dunn

Charles Read

Ken & Nancy Ragland

Maxwell O. Reade

Lyndall Rich

Caleb Raible-Clark Helen Raiser Henry & Nancy Rakoff Joan & Ed Raley Henry & Martha Ralph Stephanie Ralph Virginia Ralston David & Bridget Ralston

Janet E. Robbins & Gary C. Woodward

Brenda Rigby

John Robbins

Mr. David Rigg & The Rev. Elena L. Rigg

Lincoln E. Roberts

Jo & Thomas Roberts

Joan C. Roberts

Dianne L. Richard

Miriam Reading

Louise & William S. Richards

Luther Redmon

Timothy Richards & Constance McGuire

Hal C. Reed Carma E. Reed & Jiri Biciste John Reed

Michael L. Richardson

Carol & Don Reeder

Robert D. Richardson

Alice & Andy Reese

Alf & Carol Riggs

Nancy Richardson

Ruth M. Reeves

Herman & Jane Richey

Helen & Robert Ringlee

Wendell Refior & Marla Weisford

Kay Richter & Diane Wilson

Avis & William Rambo

Eric G. Reichert

Ken Richter

Jim Reid

Andi & Erich Richter

Penny & Earle Ramsdell

Karen J. Reilly

Priscilla P. Richter

Maryly M. Reinertson

Kathryn Rickey

Phyllis & Edward Reinfranck

Cindy Riddles

Colleen & Kenneth Rand

Mary Ann & Edgar J. Rizzo

Nancy & Brooks Rice

Laura J. Reger

Mary & Raj Raman

Esther J. Rigby

Robert E. Ritter Robert & Loretta Rittle

Charles & Vicki Rethy

Caroline A. Rayner

Mahmooda Qureshi

Rudy Rieple

Marita Eidt Ritsche

Katrina Replogle & Christine Eng John & Sandra Reschovsky

Ernest L. Quenon

Josephine & Herbert Ridgway

Jean & Joseph Ritok

Thomas Repasch

Rosemary Ratcliff & Buck DeWolf Penelope C. Rather

Marcelyn S. Putnam

J. Allen Rider & Karen Reagle

Carolyn Randall

Caroline & Kent Ringo Angela Risdon & Lloyd Liebes Mr. & Mrs. Don Rising Mary & Steve Riskind Carol & Karsten Rist Susan J. Ritchie

Barbara & George Roberts Sonya Roberts & Karen Allard Sharon & Robin Roberts Alice B. Robinson Naeda B. Robinson Nicholas & Shelley Robinson Patricia P. Robison

Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations 2012 Annual Report


Jan & Eva Rocek Lisa Roche & Randy Barbiero Stephanie & Paul Roche Kenneth & Bernadette Rock Elise & John Rockart Barbara C. Rodbell Patricia & Douglas Rodgers Rachel V. Rodman Elizabeth & Ronald Roel David Roelant Judith & Harlan Roepke Marcia M. Roger Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Rogers

Norman & Susan Roscoe

Renee & Randy Ruchotzke

Philomena & Frederick Sawyer

Connie & David Schuelka

Jill O. Rose

Mary & Jim Ruckh

Julia L. Sayles

Jacque Schultz

Sherri Rose

Mary S. Ruhoff

Brad & Elaine Schultz

Laura Rosen

Patricia H. Rusch

Diana Saylor & Tom Brookshire

Charles & Lisa Rosene

David Rush & Tamis Nordling Rob & Jean Russell

Kristin Rosenthal

Max Russell

Doreen B. Rosenthal

Lewis & Charlotte Russell

Julia N. Schauble

William M. Russell

Jim Scheffler & Katy Biron

Shelley Ross & Charles Perfetti Michael & Wendy Ross Amy A. Rossi Harold & Melissa Rosson Terry & Alyce Rossow Nancy S. Rotecki

Elayne Russell Neria K. Ryder

Maurice & Erna Sabath

Ruth Salter Monica Samec

James Schwing & Cynthia Murray

Jeff Schmid

Michael & Kelly Scott

Emily Schmidt

Catherine F. Scott

Anne L. Schneider

Nancy L. Scott

Daniel & Janet Schneider

Irma & Sylvia Scudder Robert & Patricia Scully

Ann & John Seed

Charles & Laurie Schott

Jack & Marguerite Seigel

Nancy G. Roman

Martin E. Rouse

Arlene Ronda

David Rovner & Margaret HolmesRovner

Andee Rubin

Eleanor L. Schwartz Marjorie Schweitzer

Robert Schopp & Aimee Ricciardone

Charles Sandmel & Barbara Simonetti

Jill F. Sarber

Bonnie Rowe

Marylyn Schwartz

Vernon K. Sandin

Joanne & Philip Roudebush

Esther Rosado

Lisa R. Schwartz

Harry H. Schomberg

Margaret & W.D. Rolph

Lisa Rowe

Mrs. Virginia R. Schwartz & Mr. Julius J. Schwartz

Albert B. & Virginia Sanders

Ilse Sangree

Linda Ropes

Tammy Schurr & Catherine Massey

Robert R. Scholz

J. H. Rothwell

Jean & Lackey Rowe

Suzanne Schulze

Jean C. Sanborn

Alan R. Rollow

Ed & Lorie Rowan

Joseph S. Schlotthauer

Barbara Schultz Mickey & Bruce Mickey

Robert & Gail Sampson

Alan & Pat Roles

John Roper & Valerie Vandenberg Roper

Bert & Beth Schlabach

Kenneth R. & Mary Schultz

Ms. Ellen SchoenfeldBeeks & Mr. David Schoenfeld

Gail A. RothmanMarshall & Gerald Marshall

Shirley Roof

Stephen J. Schewe Beth & Ronald Schilpp

Gene & Tracy Salter

Patrick & Jacqueline Rohan

Barbara K. Scherer

Cynthia Saalfield

Robert & Margie Sallies

Marie L. Rothenberger

Paula B. Schall

Margaret L. & Schilke

Judith A. Sadegh

Marjorie Roth

June & David Schafer

Marvin & Susan Rytting

Nancy Sahler

Kevin & Jane Rognlie

Helen & John Schaefer

Douglas & Margaret Rosene

G. Ann Sadler

Mary H. Rogers

Judith T. Scanlan

Virginia & Robert Sandstedt

Lessie N. Schontzler

Barbara Schott & John Stauffacher Barbara & Dick Schowen

James & Elizabeth Sargent

Marian Schreyer

Joan Sarney

Denny Schrock

Diane Sasaki & Robert A. Mitchell

Martha Schroeder

Carol Saunders & Reed Bailey Kenneth & Carol Sawyer

Carol & Dean Schroeder Marilyn Schroeder Hildegard & Paul Schubert

Scott Seale Stephen & Christine Sealy Philip & Carolynn Sears Bob Sehr

Margaret & Robert Seitz Wolf & Libba Seka Amy Selm Robert E. Senghas Lois Ann & Peter Sepez John & Elizabeth Serafini William Carr Servoss Sagar V. Sethi & Dolores Peregrino

Patricia & Jack Seubert

Madeleine M. Sifantus

Cynthia & Michael Sevilla

Sill Family Foundation

Susan Shannon

Stephanie Silver

Thomas R. Shannon

Kathleen W. Silver

John Sharp & Anne Raich

Peter & Pearl Silvernale

Chip Sharpe & Celestine Armenta

Betsy & Paul Silverstein

Ruth M. Shaw

John R. Simmonds

George & Paula Shaw

Hildred & Jack Simons

Megs G. Shea Priscilla Sheeley Robert Sheldon

Norma Simpson Jane Simpson Lisa P. Sinclair

Laura Shemick & Simon Rybalov

Suzanne E. Sinclair

Dardanella & Ray Shenefelt

John & Marion Sirman

Terence J. Sheridan

Mary M. Siuta

Phyllis H. Sherman

Virginia & David Sjoquist

Jane E. Sherman Betty Sherman Helen & David Sherwood Eric & Carolyn Shettle Kathie Shiba & Jeffrey Brooks Penny & Dave Shively Paul & Simone Shoemaker Lori Shore Edward Shorin Gil A. Shorr Sylvia L. Short Paula Shorten Shelley Shreffler Adrienne J. Shuter Winifred & William Shuttleworth

Ron Skilton Betty A. Skipp & Jean LaDue

Deborah & Kenneth Solis

Katherine & Steven Stechschulte

Diane K. Smith

Les Solomon

Emily H. Smith

Natalie & Richard Somer

Debbi Steele & Dennis Daneau

Kathryn Smith & Regina Koffman

Mike & Allison Smith Pat Smith Robert & Susan Smith Jo Anne Smith Frank & Anne-Marie Smith D. Michael & Peggy Smith Shirley S. Smith Melissa Smith Susan M. Smith William & Alice Smith Eric & Janice Smith Dr. & Mrs. Hayden W. Smith Christine Smith & Ross Montgomery Christopher & Grace Smith

Cynthia A. Sommer & Andrew H. Balder

Susan F. Steinert

Epp Sonin

Edwin & Beverly Stennett

John Sonquist Barbara A. Sorlie Paul & Pam Southern

Don & Kathleen Southworth

Toni & Billy Stevens

Theodore Space

Alta Stevenson Lora & Paul Stewart

Mary Speare

Polly Stewart

The Rev. Dr. Richard Speck & Janet Tillman

Julia Stewart Charles W. Stewart

Richard & Janet Spencer

Truman M. Stickney

Jody Spencer

Patricia Stiffler

Richard & Gail Sphar

Frederick D. & Janet Stocker

David Slagle & Harry Gunn

Michael & Kaye Smith

Walter R. & Kathleen E. Spofford

Nancy B. Slavinsky

Hal & Jennifer Smith

Judy A. Spring

Christine Sleeter

Laura Smith

Cyrus W. Spurlino

Grayson Sless & David Lane

Kendra Smith

Steven D. & Kathleen K. Squires

Larry & Lois Small The Rev. Frederick Small & Julia Wormser Kenneth & Adair Small Joan W. Smalley

Richard & Martha Sider

Gayle Smalley & Judith Curby

Dick & Vicki Siefers

Bette B. Smirnoff

Paul A. Siegler

Virginia A. Smith

Elisabeth L. Siegmund

Nancy D. Smith Aubrey & Billye Smith

Joanne & James Smoker Sue A. Smolski Beverly & Duane Smrha Stephen Snell Elizabeth & Hill Snellings James E. Snodgrass Diane Snyder Judith K. Solarz

Lisa Stevens

Judith Spanberger

William Smith & Richard Kaplan

Jacqueline B. Smith-Miller

Judy Sterling & Mike Eisman Herbert Stevens

Linda Skye & Geri Knoebel

Erin Smith

Sally E. Stepp

Vanessa Southern & Rohit Menezes

Karen & Carl Skold

Penny & Jack Slingerland

Joan & Martin Steindler

R. Thomas & Elinore Sommerfeld

David & Barbara Smith

Ronald E. Smith

Dolores & Tom Stegman

Orlene Spinney

Katharine F. Sreedhar Ken St. John & Janet Nash

David W. Stickell

Sylvia Stocker & Stephen Wellcome Helen & Roger Stoddard Patience G. Stoddard Len & Jan Stoehr Johan & Donna Stohl Patricia & William Stone

Henry & Jan Staat

Edwin & Jean Stone

Anthony Stamper & Katherine Bielawa Stamper

Steven R. Storla

Frank Stone

Melissa Stanley

Thomas & Nancy Storm

Ruth Starman

Virginia F. Stout

Donna M. Starr

Daniel Stracka

Raymond Starrett & Joyce Taylor

Diana Strassmann

John Staudt

Carol & Dr. Arthur Straughn

Marilyn Stavinoha

Claudia D. Stravato Bette Sue Streng

Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations 2012 Annual Report


Chester & Virginia Strohecker

Charles & Anne Tatum

Elizabeth M. Strong

Tempie Taudte & Jay Hall

Esther & John Strongman Ms. Carole M. Stuart Cindy Stubblebine Chris & Jim Sturm Ivan H. Sublette Ruth & Mani Subramanian Sivakumar & Colleen Subramanian

Robert E. Thornhill John & Judy Thorpe Katherine Thorpe

Grayson & Catherine Tucker

Carole & John VanGorder

Kevin Tumey

Paula-Robin vanHaagen

Liz Turnage

Thomas & Anne Thorward

Frances B. Turner

John & Skipper Taylor

Anita Thurmond

Patricia Turner

Tom Tichenor

M. J. Taylor

Richard & Louise Tietjen

William Turner & Barbara Woshinsky

B. Lynn Tavormina & John Boettcher

Kris Taylor Ann Taylor Roxanne & Thomas Taylor

Steve Tipps & Becky Poplin Jill Titus Stuart Tobin

Eva Turner Danielle M. Turns Barbara Turrentine

Jane L. VanSant Steven & Mary VanSciver Roger VanTassel & Judith Love Shelley Varga Ron Vargason & Barbara Sugden

Lara E. Tushla

Gerry Veeder

Jane Tuttle

Manfred R. Vees

Janet Toigo

Ann Ulmschneider & Fred Hufford

Carol Ver Wiebe

Ellen Taylor Seldin

Virginia Tolk

Anne Ulrich

Rachel Teates

Jimmy Tolson

Jan M. Vidalin

Robert L. Sutherland

Betsy Temple

L. Karl Tong

Larry & Sally Underwood

John Sutterby

Tim Temple & Jerry Carden

Donald Torrey

Joseph & Penelope Sullivan Robert & Laurie Sullo Kurt Summersgill & Eric Baysinger

Woodruff & Jennifer Sutton Julia L. Swain Geoffrey Swain Edith W. Swallow Barbara Swan Barbara Swanson E. Lowell & Rachel Swarts Mary Lee Sweat & Thomas Gault Josh Swenson Leonard F. Swift Claire Szoke Brenda & Mark Szumski Jan & Russell Taddeo Anne Taft Paula & Michael Talarico The Rev. Karen B. Taliesin & Brian L. Taliesin John T. Tambornino Frances Tanaka Lynn Tanksley & Michael Alves Christine Tanner & Lisa Chickadonz

Barbara Taylor & Allen Monsarrat

Emily L. Todd

Romeyn Taylor

Phyllis G. Tortora

Larry S. Underwood

Stephan Viehweg & Jeradon Bledsoe Viehweg

Roger & Carol Upham

Frederick & Susan Vierow Ruth Viertel

Bryce & Dorothy Templeton

Elizabeth Tortorella

Carolyn & Steve Tew

Breck Tostevin

Alfred H. Usack & Edward F. Kobee

Marty & Kenneth Tharp

Allan & Barbara Tosti

Vera L. Uyehara

Imre & Eleanor Toth

Norman Vadner

Charles C. Thatcher

Angela & Hugh Tousey

Sally Vahle

Barbara Thayer-Bacon & Charles Bacon

Marilyn I. Vialle

Helene Villemure Audrey W. Vincent Jacqueline & Elgin Vines Judith Virnelli

Joyce P. Tovell

Marianne Vakiener & Paul Kohlbrenner

Cheryl Thieret

Susan G. Towne

Robert Vakiener

Ruth Thistlethwaite

Thomas H. & Margaret Townsend

Francisco Valdes & Carolyn Valdes

Betsy Townsend

E. M. Valentine

Gayle Voeller

Ms. Constance Valk

Charles Voll

Martin A. Thomas

Joan Downing & Wayne E. Toye

Ann-Catrin Van

John R. Thomas

Laura B. Tracy

Shirley & William Thomas

Evelyn B. Trageser

John Van Brunt & Carolyn Finnell

Marsha A. von Dessonneck

Charles F. Thomas Lewis & Patricia Thomas

Nadine Thomas Mr. David M. Thompson, Jr. & Ms. Janis Antonek Marilyn & Richard Thompson Marilee J. Thompson Tom & Susan Thomson Gof Thomson Nancy Thorngate

Al Vivona & C. Beckie Cowart-Vivona Martin Voelker

Meg Voorhes

Marcia & Ronald Trahan

Kathryn Van Buskirk

Stephen S. Wade

Emil J. Van Cura

Lynn Wadley

Van Tran

Mark Van Etten

Robert & Mary Wagner

DeeDee & Karl Traul William A. Trautman Amanda TrostenBloom & Barry Bloom Anne True & Richard Norman Stanley Truelson Sandra Trutt Charles & Patricia Tucker

Katherine Van Leuwen

Kenneth E. Wagner

Cynthia L. Van Riper

John & Elizabeth Waldhauer

Barbara & David Van Savage

Sidney Walker

Juliann van Woert

Gary L. Walker

Joan M. VanBecelaere

William Walker

James B. VanBokkelen

Kellie Walker

Kathryn Vanden Berk

Gretchen Walker

Marilyn H. Walker

John Webber

Ronald & Shirley Wallace

Ms. Barbara L. Weber

Ellen Wallace

Eleanor & Harris Webster

Betty & Douglas Wallace

Kenneth Wedding & Nancy Jo Ashmore

Madeline Walle

Debbie & Greg Weeter

George & Elissa Walsh

David & Edna Weigel

Michelle A. Walsh

Stuart Weinstein & Joan Zenzen

E. Landon Walston Jane Walter Margaret Walter Anna Walzem Emery & Tim Emery Su Waner Hallie E. Wannamaker Celia S. Ward Elizabeth N. Ward Rosemary L. Waring Barbara J. Warman Joan B. Warner William J. Wartmann Ron Wasem Suzanne Wasilczuk & Timothy Stratton Pamela M. Wat

Maurice & Gale Weir Lois J. Weir Jo Weisgerber & Roberta Welty Vail E. Weller Kathryn Wellington Dennis Wellnitz & Judith Rayner David & Alice Wells Marion C. Wells Lois & David Wells Sandy Welsh Joyce Werden & Paul Shaffer Joan Wesolowski The Rev. & Mrs. Robert N. West

Mark D. Watanabe

William West & Daniel Wilds

Frank C. Waterhouse

Brad & Kerri West

Colleen M. Waterhouse

Lisa West

Lou Watson Sally W. & Rick Watts Peter Wattson & Jo Berger Mary A. Waugh Glenna D. Wayenberg Oliver Weaver Susan K. Weaver & Eric A. Isaacson Jeanette & Robert Webber

David & Jacqueline Whipple James White F. Wayne & Alicia White Margaret White Carolyn White Brenda Whitmore Denis A. Whittaker Wendy L. Whittemore Diane Whittier-Neely Marilyn C. Wiebenson Martha M. Wiersma Elizabeth Wiggert

Jerry & Anne Wilson Richard & Sally Wilson

Margo & Curtis Wright Megan Wright

Margaret Wilson

Donald E. Wright

John B. Wilson

Janet A. Wuest

Suzan L. Windnagel

George J. Wulff

Harold & Jackie Winner

Larry Wuokko

Thomas & Alice Winner Vera & Paul Winston Kenneth C. Winterberger & Paula Smith David & Annette Winther Diana Wirt

Marge Wyckoff Bruce Wyman Wilda Wyse Jesse Yallof & Amy Penwell Peggy & Kevin Yard Warren G. Yates Jessica York

Georgiana M. Wise

Karen York & Tim Hartress

Richard A. Wilde

Dan & Sharon Wiseman

Janet E. Young

Katherine L. Wilen

Jeanne H. Wisner

Suzanne Wilhelm

W. Rex & Julia Withers

Thelda Wiggins Elizabeth F. Wiggins

Kelsey Wilkes Hugh Wilkinson Jeffrey & Sally Wilklow Richard B. Williams & Susan Pratt

Karen Withers

Irene & Leonard Yutkins

Elizabeth Ann & Ralph Woldt

Mike & Nancy Zajano

Janet & Don Wolf

Michael & Brenda Zanta

Judith A. Wolfe

Donna D. & Joseph A. Williams

Katherine M. Wolfram

James & Carole Williams

Gary & Judy Woll

Regina Westemeier

Linda & Robert Williams

Lucile Wheaton

Mark Williams

Betty & Dr. Brownell Wheeler

Ronald & Susan Williams

Ann M. Wheeler

Kenneth D. Williamson

Sandra Young Jennifer & Nathan Yumibe

Frederic Wollaeger Phyllis & Larry Wolverton Nancy M. Wood Woody & Ruth Woodruff Sue L. Woodruff

Larry Wheeler & Nancy Heath

Reginald L. Willis

Amy M. Wheeler

Eugenia Willner

S. R. Wheeler

John H. Wilms

William & Lillian Woolf

Joan Whelan

Carol & Jay Wilsey

Bob & Mary Worner

Leah & Rick Whigham-Grendell

Joan R. Wilson

Margaret U. Wright

Elizabeth Wilson & F. Joseph Uhrhane

Judith E. Wright

Gretchen Woods & Judith Finholm

Mitchell & Betty Zavon Holly C. Zeeb William P. Zelazny Phillip Zepp Suzanne Zilber & J. Adin Mann Mary Zimmer Dennis & Suzanne Zimmerman Tom & Claire Zimmerman Jean S. Zoerheide Beth Zydowicz

“I was saved by this faith when I was spiritually and religiously lost. I give in gratitude.” —The Rev. Laurel Hallman Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations 2012 Annual Report


“I have to do what I think is right to change the situation.” —Dr. Abby L. Marlatt of Lexington, KT

Dr. Marlatt was a passionate civil rights advocate who led protests to end segregation in Lexington, was deeply committed to anti-Vietnam War efforts, supported programs to eliminate poverty, and was honored for her many humanitarian deeds by being inducted into the Kentucky Civil Rights Hall of Fame in 2001. In 2002 Dr. Marlatt established a generous Charitable Gift Annuity with the UUA. When Dr. Marlatt died in 2010, she was confident that her devotion to supporting causes during her lifetime would live on because of her forwardthinking philanthropy toward Unitarian Universalist ideals. Her legacy gift ensures that her vision of a just and loving community will thrive and endure.

UUA Giving Society {Honor Roll} “We build on foundations we did not lay. We warm ourselves by fires we did not light. We sit in the shade of trees we did not plant. We drink from wells we did not dig. We profit from persons we did not know. We are ever bound in community.” –The Rev. Peter Raible

Unitarian Universalists have a long tradition of generosity that continues to sustain our movement and help it thrive. Our thanks go to more than 700 Legacy Society Members for helping the UUA provide vital resources to all sizes of congregations as well as develop and implement important programs and initiatives that strengthen our faith and deepen our commitment to each other. In Memoriam 2011-2012 The Rev. Dorris D. Alcott

The Rev. Robert “Rel” Davis

Roy D. Baker

Albert L. Elias

The Rev. Wells E. Behee

Lars E. Erickson

Clarence Brown

Lucie Hangstefer Jeannette Hopkins Helen Howe Patricia “Pat” Hughes

Charles G. Estey

The Rev. Mary M. Kapper

The Rev. James “Chan” Newton

The Rev. Dr. Virginia V. Sparling

Charlotte Palmer

Elizabeth & Martin Stark

Phyllis Peara The Rev. Dr. George Pennington

Leonard C. Brown, Jr.

Margaret “Peggy” Fisher

Ralph “Bill” Casey, Jr.

Charles Foster

The Rev. Dorothy W. Kimble

Dinka M. Chambers

Franklin Fowler

Geraldine R. Kohler

Daniel S. Cheever

The Rev. Dr. Sidney L. Freeman

The Rev. Dr. Roger O. Kuhrt

Newton C. Rochte

Dr. Paul Fryxell

Ernest Lehmann

Joan H. Rohan

The Rev. John M. Coffee, Jr.

Elizabeth Ann Garrison

The Rev. Dr. Ruppert L. Lovely

The Rev. Nancy M. Shaffer

The Rev. Dr. David H. Cole

The Rev. David Gilmartin

Charles Lutz

Dick & Vivian Shane

Alfred & Carolyn Conner, Jr.

Catherine M. Gordon

Elizabeth Macfarlane

The Rev. Dr. Wayne Shuttee

The Rev. Bruce M. Clary

Charles W. Davidson

Ruth Russell Gray The Rev. Lawrence M. Hamby

Priscilla Mayden The Rev. Richard R. Neff

Charlotte G. Petrikin David & Mary Ann Powers Louise B. Raggio

Elizabeth V. Simon The Rev. Dr. Roger H. Smith

Leon H. Stutzman The Rev. John A. Taylor The Rev. Robert A. Thayer Meg Thomas Karen Tyson Joan A. Voogel Frances S. White The Rev. Donovan E. White Ray Wilder Charlie & Marty Wilson Anne B. Wolfgang

Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations 2012 Annual Report


“Your gifts — whatever you discover them to be — can be used to bless or curse the world. You must answer this question: What will you do with your gifts? Choose to bless the world.” —Rebecca Parker, “Choose to Bless the World,” from Blessing the World: What Can Save Us Now

UU Veatch Program at Shelter Rock: The UU Veatch Program at Shelter Rock supports organizations that put Unitarian Universalist principles into practice. It draws upon a generous bequest from Caroline Veatch and funds Unitarian Universalist and community organizations working on a variety of issues across the country. Funding provided by the UU Veatch Program at Shelter Rock is essential for the UUA to tackle the greatest challenges of our time—allowing us to create and promote resources, support congregations, and be the public voice of our shared principles. Our deepest gratitude goes to the UU Veatch Program at Shelter Rock for all their generous support!

President’s Council: The UUA President’s Council was established in 1992 to provide the President of the UUA with suggestions and feedback on stewardship of the Association and the movement, to provide counsel and leadership for Association resource development efforts, and to help increase knowledge and support of the UUA and its programs through advocacy with individuals and congregations. We are very grateful for the Council’s time, dedication, and support for the Association. The Rev. Matthew D. Alspaugh & Elizabeth Hill Dave & Linda Anderson

Barbara Grosmark Jon & Kimberly Hassinger

Dr. Constance M. Baker

Lawrence E. & M. Suzanne Hess

Suzanne & Dan Boyce

Todd & Lorella Hess

Julie & Brad Bradburd

Betty V. Holcomb

Daniel & Julia Brody

John Hooper & Gail Pesyna

Yvonne Brown

The Rev. Dr. Paul Johnson & Carol Rowan

Don Chery & Virginia Luke Gini Courter The Rev. John Crestwell Denise T. Davidoff Charles & Barbara Du Mond

Brock & Julie Leach Bill Mangham Susan McGovern & Shel Lipsky

The Revs. Makanah & Bob Morriss Christopher A. Palm John Rakestraw & The Rev. Mary Katherine Morn Arthur H. Reublinger Pearl Samples Alice Schulman The Rev. Jim & Loretta Sherblom Edward A. Simmons

Thornton & Sherry Smith The Rev. Dr. Betty & Thomas Stapleford Jan & Lowell Steinbrenner Tom Stites & Alexandra Mezey The Rev. Karen S. Stoyanoff Ramon & Karen Urbano Scott & Charla Weiss The Rev. Dr. Walter & Janet Wieder

James A. & Darien N. Smith John F. Smith

Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations 2012 Annual Report


Matching Gift Challenge This year, the UU Veatch Program at Shelter Rock and members of the President’s Council issued a challenge to our donors: both groups would match every dollar donated between January and June. Thanks to their dedication and your generosity, we were able to reach our goal and raise a grand total of $300,000! This money will go to support our vital programs and to promote Unitarian Universalist principles in the world.

Sources of Funds 4% Bequest Income 5% Friends of the UUA 5% Endowment Income 9% Other Current Fund Income 11%

Administrative Fees

for Designated Purposes 39% Income Program Fund 27% Annual

Uses of Funds 3% Administration 6% Infrastructure (including ITS, 20%

Board and Volunteer Leadership

71% Programs

Internal Services, Stewardship and Development)

Program Services 4% UU Funding Program 7% International Office 8% Multicultural Growth and 9% Witness

Crisis Relief and Misc. Programs


and Faith Development 34% Ministries Life 22% Congregational


The financial statements of the Unitarian Universalist Association as of June 30, 2011 were audited by the independent certified accounting firm Mayer Hoffman McCann P.C., Boston, MA. Shown here are financial highlights that have been extracted from those audited financial statements. A complete set of audited financial statements is available upon request by email at

Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations 2012 Annual Report


Looking Forward This has been an exciting year at the UUA! Our new projects, programs, and initiatives are strengthening our faith and helping share our values with a larger audience. And we are looking forward to another great year ahead! We will continue to support individual congregations, create new resources for worship and religious education, and promote social justice in our communities and nationwide. And, as always, we will work to promote our shared values and principles in the world. In the year to come, we look forward to continuing this work in our congregations and beyond. Together, we can help our denomination thrive, inspire, and create a more harmonious world. With your support, we can truly make a difference. Your generosity allows us to expand our programs, explore new possibilities, and deepen our engagement for all who seek a liberal religious home. Thank you for your continued support and the gifts of time, talent, and treasure that make our work possible every day.

Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations 2012 Annual Report


Unitarian Universalism draws from many sources: •

Direct experience of that transcending mystery and wonder, affirmed in all cultures, which moves us to a renewal of the spirit and an openness to the forces which create and uphold life •

Words and deeds of prophetic women and men which challenge us to confront powers and structures of evil with justice, compassion, and the transforming power of love •

Wisdom from the world’s religions which inspires us in our ethical and spiritual life •

Jewish and Christian teachings which call us to respond to God’s love by loving our neighbors as ourselves 

Humanist teachings which counsel us to heed the guidance of reason and the results of science, and warn us against idolatries of the mind and spirit •

Spiritual teachings of earth-centered traditions which celebrate the sacred circle of life and instruct us to live in harmony with the rhythms of nature

2012 UUA Annual Report  

The Annual Report for the Unitarian Universalist Association for 2011-2012 (FY12). Learn more at\giving\report

2012 UUA Annual Report  

The Annual Report for the Unitarian Universalist Association for 2011-2012 (FY12). Learn more at\giving\report