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It’s not classified information that the Polaris RZR XP 900 packs a punch when it comes to the speed department. Its power-to-weight ratio beats out its closest competitors like the Commander and the Wildcat, even though they both offer higher cc engines. In the sand or in wide-open desert runs they are no match for the XP, and they are seldom the last to get back to camp. This is all great news if you are one that just has to be first, but where does that leave you when your group of trail nuts have similar desires and equally matched machines? If you are searching for more power like Bill Nash was, then a turbo kit might be on your horizon. Bill is no stranger when it comes to the powersports industry. He currently is the Chief Operating Officer overseeing the daily operations of all the RideNow stores. RideNow is the leading powersports dealership in Arizona with dealerships in Nevada, California, Florida, Texas, North Carolina and Washington. With strong ties in the industry, he is in the know when it comes to aftermarket accessories for his personal build. Unlike most dealerships, RideNow Powersports offers many custom builds that you purchase off the showroom floor and Bill’s XP is a sample of what you may find at one of their dealerships. They offer many new units, fully customized and ready to load up and hit the trails. After completion of the build, which took place at their Chandler, AZ location -- mainly bolt-on accessories from their top suppliers -- it was time to add the power. Power delivery would bring the horsepower numbers from 88 to a whopping 165 horsepower. To reach these numbers, the unit was shipped off to MCX-Turbo in Lake Havasu City to get some boost. The MCX kit runs a Mitsubishi turbo, which utilizes the 5th Generation EFI fuel controller from MCX. The needed fuel is delivered through two secondary injectors mounted conveniently in the plenum. An air-to-air intercooler provides the needed intake temperature drops that, in addition to the lowered compression, allow 11 PSI of boost pressure to safely run on premium pump gas. While the kit comes complete with clutching to make the adjustments needed for the extra horsepower the engine is delivering, Bill opted for the trick billet clutch set-up from Supreme Tool. The Rage VIII dual stage primary allows for an additional 5-10mph top speed, runs cooler (increasing belt life) and can be fine-tuned to acquire the proper operating RPM. In addition, a secondary clutch was added for smoother upshift and backshift through a revamped helix design. D&M Racing in Glendale, AZ was called upon for final tuning of the of the new turbo/clutch combination. When Bill gave us the okay to test his ride solo, we jumped at the chance and picked up the XP from D&M Racing and headed out to the desert for some testing. His primary goal was to build a unit that could be driven anywhere and retain reliability with power in mind. Factory suspension is reliable, so all arms were left alone and added were a set of Elka Stage 4 shocks. The Elkas allow more finetuning through compression and rebound adjustments.





DRIVE IT We have driven turbo-charged RZRs in the past, but mainly in a sand dune setting, so this would be our first time out on the trail. This experience left us with one thought, “Power is awesome!” In slow speed areas it reacts much like any other factory XP, but turning a corner to find a wide open stretch “Game on.” Mashing on the accelerator you better hang on -- it accelerates like a cheetah chasing a gazelle. If you think a stock RZR XP is fast, try nearly doubling the horsepower. We know what you’re thinking… Too much, you say? Nah. You can use the extra power when you need it, and if you ride in the sand you will want more. Sand or dirt turbos are a blast and more reliable than turbo system of the past. The modern new ProStar 900 engine from Polaris handles turbo system very well. We wouldn’t put it past them to put out a factory RZR turbo running around the 115hp mark utilizing the ProStar 900. Any avid off-roader or racer will tell you that they prefer the comfort of suspension seats and harnesses, like the Triple X seats and Pro Armor belts. This combination keeps you firmly planted in hard corners, and once you experience this duo you will never go back.

The Precision Billet cage incorporates the spare tire mount which keeps the bed open for coolers or a fuel jug.

This RideNow-built Polaris is a great all around unit; it looks trick and can shred the dunes or take it easy on the trails. Everything worked as it should, and there were no surprises or odd noises, everything was tight and polished. The RZR XP suspension in stock form handles performance modifications well. If you are a thrasher, you might want to consider upgrading to aftermarket front A-arms and rear trailing arms. OEM Fox Shox can be upgraded at a fraction of the cost over Elka replacement shocks and offer the same adjustments. Having an extra 77 horsepower over stock on reserve enabled us to fly over bumps or jumps at a moment’s notice. MCX-USA turbos properly tuned and staying within the recommended 11psi boost level will give you thousands of miles of off-road entertainment. Check out a RideNow dealership near you. Visit for locations.



To protect the rear trailing arms, Pro Armor guards were employed. The XP arms take a beating from large rocks, especially on the trails of Moab.

DWT Racing’s Sector Wheels. These 3-piece wheels are fully serviceable and constructed of super strong, lightweight heat treated 6061 .190 aluminum.

Lighting the way for the occasional night ride, a Rigid Industries 10” LED light bar was mounted on top of the Precision Billet pre-runner aluminum bumper.

Triple X’s Black Ostrich X3 seats (look for our review in our August/September 2011 issue) were added for added comfort and containment. For added safety, passenger and driver are secured with Pro Armor’s 4-point 3” harnesses. Intergrated into the harness are pockets for phones, MP3 players, lights or keys.

Dragon Fire Racing has been at the top of the UTV Industry since its infancy, and they continue to offer great products --their new HighBoy doors are no exception. Doors are constructed with a steel frame and an aluminum skin and are removable at the hinge. What makes these doors a step above most doors are the slam shut automotive style latches with a built in locking mechanism for added safety while driving. These doors remained quiet while on our rough trail ride. 28


Interior modifications remain at a minimum with the exception of a kicking sound system provided by Duner Tunes. This system comes complete with everything needed to get rich sound out of your MP3 device. A pair of Infinity INF-612 6” marine speakers fills the holes of the SSV Works speaker pods on each side of the Subwoofer pod. A 10” Kicker marine subwoofer delivers deep base while on the trail. Powering the speakers, a Lighting Audio 1,600 Watt 4-channel amplifier is installed under the front hood.

MCX Turbo mounts their air-to-air intercooler up high just behind the front seats. This allows for optimal cooling when air is fed back into the engine. Just behind the driver’s seat, just above the bed is a UMP Air Intake, which allows for cleaner air intake before passing through the Donaldson filter inside the sealed container. Located underneath the bed, MCX uses a Mitsubishi Turbo and a high flow exhaust. This kit also includes an MCXpress EFI controller, boost gauge, an integrated blow off valve, fuel injector and intake plenum. RideNow installed DFR forged pistons at 9.5 to 1 compression. All this runs on 91 octane pump gas.

Factory suspension is reliable, so all arms were left alone and added were a set of Elka Stage 4 shocks. The Elkas allow more fine-tuning through compression and rebound adjustments. The shocks look like art on any UTV and perform with grace. Elka has a proven track record and is built for longevity. While on our test drive, we had the opportunity to give them a workout. And as we have tested in the past, they performed flawlessly. High speed or low speed hops, the 1200lb furry of fire lands like a marshmallow, keeping your spin in check.

• MCX-USA Turbo - • Precision Billet sport cage and front bumper • Elka Stage 4 shocks - • DWT Sector 3 piece billet wheels • Rigid Industries 10” light bar • Duner Tunes iPod stereo - • UMP air filter - • Dragonfire Highboy doors • DFR forged pistons at 9.5 to 1 • Triple X seats and top - • Pro Armor seat belts - • Wrap by Firefly Graphics - • Maier scooped hood - • D&M Racing - • Billet clutch • Built at RideNow Chandler



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