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WAS FIRST Sweden's oldest burger chain started in Luleå





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hat is your favourite image of Luleå? Is it sunny summer days or the ice rink in late winter, is it sport or culture? Perhaps you love nature and our beautiful archipelago. We have different images of Luleå, regardless of whether we have lived here for a long time, have just moved here or are here on a casual visit. This magazine will give you some new images and stories about Luleå that you may not have seen or heard before. You will get to meet researchers at Luleå University of Technology who deal with important environmental issues and you will find out why Facebook chose Luleå for its first computer centre outside the USA. We will tell you the story of the burger chain, Max, which started with a few small grill kiosks and is now Luleå's biggest company, a pioneer in many ways. Did you know that in the same year as Christopher Columbus discovered America, our church in Gammelstad was consecrated? This gives us a bit of perspective about Luleå's place in the world. Today, the Church Town is a Unesco World Heritage Site and is really worth a visit. The archipelago with its thousands of islands is a wonderful pearl in both summer and winter. The winter landscape with snowclad bays offers unique experiences. The late winter with car roads out on the ice to the

archipelago is unique and without counterpart; it is a dimension only found here. Did you know that some of the mostwidely-seen Swedish films were filmed here? We will tell you why. You will get to meet some young Luleå residents: Alexander Majorov, who is a world-class figure skater and already a certainty for the Winter Olympics in Sochi next year, Petter Nyberg, who is a sommelier and joint owner of the new restaurant Cg, Sophie Gunnarsson, who was involved in starting Luleå Pride, Annkathrin Lundqvist and Kevin Mukuri, who are designers, the musician Magnus Ekelund and professional basketball player, Frida Aili. We wish you a warm welcome to Luleå and hope you will enjoy reading this! Anna Degerman Development Manager, Luleå Municipality

CONTRIBUTORS FreDriK BroMan PHotograPHer On page 26, you have taken photos of food in the restaurant, Cg. What is your favourite from the Norrland larder? – Homemade lingonberry jam. Almost out of it. Can anyone get in touch and send a few jars to a poor lingonberryless photographer?

Per Pettersson PHotograPHer On page 34, you have photographed Alexander Majorov at Luleå ice rink. What do you usually do yourself on the ice? – A walk to Gråsjälören and waffles made by the Luleå Lions Club with coffee is a high point.

elin JÄrlstrÖM Writer In this edition, you have written about fashion and trends in depth. What is your favourite garment in the summer?

Vanessa CiCero Writer You have written a great deal about the archipelago. What do you personally like doing in the archipelago?

– My wardrobe will be packed with shorts and dresses of all types. Just a soft ice cream in your hand and you have a complete summer outfit.

– I think that Luleå's archipelago is fantastic in both summer and winter. One of my favourite things is taking the car track on ice out to Hindersön to get a waffle to heat me up!

original luleå story other photographers: Lars Johansson, Janåke Isaksson, Björn Karlsson, Tomas Bergman, Per Bergbom, Göran Wallin, Tobias Åkeblom, Kjell Öberg, Lena Pettersson, Andreas Nilsson, Gunnar Svedenbäck and Andreas Harnemo other writers: Jan Palo, Amanda Karlsson, Mats Ohlsson, Patrik Lindén, Åsa Svedjeholm and Johan Åkesson Produced by: The Development Office at Luleå Municipality and Yours Communication bureau translation: Semantix responsibility for publishing Anna Degerman /







The new computer centre will serve more than a billion Facebook users. PAGE 14


Luleå has the resources for a successful film industry. PAGE 22

All year round, people visit this historical site, which is one of Sweden's 15 world heritage sites. PAGE 16

The premier took place in 2012 and soon it will be time again. LULEÅ Meet project manager Sophie Gunnarsson. PAGE 24





NIGHTLIFE AND RESTAURANT GUIDE Gorge yourself among Luleå's various menus and read about the success story, Cg. PAGE 26

hours of sun in Luleå in 2012 PAGE 21

SHOPPING GUIDE 525 shops, 3 galleries, Luleå Homecenter and Storheden. PAGE 29

nd nicest

st a Luleaå's be








Green researchers from Luleå University of Technology find new solutions for a sustainable world. PAGE 38


providing for better care in a sparsely populated county. Norrbotten was early off the blocks with e-health and is at the leading edge in Europe today.




Ann, Klara and Sam dancing in new premises, reminiscing and dreaming about the future. PAGE 41

TREND FORECASTING AND DESIGN Annkathrin and Kevin are designers with knowledge. They reveal this summer's trends, speak about inspiration and revel in colour. PAGE 46



NORRBOTTEN BIG BAND The band is one of two professional big bands in Sweden. PAGE 44

JONAS RöNNqVIST After a successful time as a franchise owner for a playpark the winning mentality is back in ice hockey's drawing room. Now he has set his sights on Luleå's first gold since 1996. PAGE 49

THUMBS-UP FOR LULEÅ 2 493 Luleå residents created the world's biggest ice thumb to beat the world record. All to celebrate the city reaching the 75,000-inhabitant mark.




Motiv: LinnĂŠa is building the future LuleĂĽ Fotograf: Andreas Harnemo Kamera: Nikon D700 Exponering: ISO200, F11, 1/200s

Subject: Sandra Sundelin Photographer: Fredrik Broman Camera: Canon EOS 7D Exposure: 1/50 sec, f/16, ISO 100

Subject: Bistro Bar Brygga in the light of dusk Photographer: Jan책ke Isaksson Camera: Canon EOS 5D Exposure: ISO 16, ISO 100

7 1/200s ORIGINAL LULEĂ…ISO STORY Motiv: Agio Midnight sun raid Fotograf: Magnus Andersson Kamera: NIkon D700 Exponering: 800, F2,8,

photo: fredrik broman


Din egen lots till

Luleå skärgård

Sweden's biggest allyear-round archipelago with 1,312 is1

lands, plus a great number of islets and skerries. The Archipelago Book describes fifty of these islands. The book also contains hundreds of photographs, maps and approach instructions for sailing. You can also read about the archipelago's unique history and culture as well as its flora and fauna.

NFI North-Bothnian for incomers

This year sees the premier of the new free festival, the Luleå harbour Festival. A popular festival with musical entertainment, diversity, people, food and experiences. The festival will take place between 11 and 13 July in the centre of Luleå.

Other examples are ”gammfolk” (old people), ”nyhuset” (the new


house) and ”snyggtröjan” (the

Age: 29

nice sweater).

Job: Office trainee and professional basketball player

Something that is also common is quite simply putting an

Home town: ängelholm

"o" in front of a word to replace

How long living in Luleå: On and off since 2009

when you have just moved here

what it would take us "southern-

from Skåne in the south, you

ers" an entire sentence to say.

quickly discover that North-Both-

while we need an entire sentence

nian is a very economical lan-

to say: ”Jag har inte ätit” (I

guage where you try to save ef-

have not eaten) it suffices up

fort and make every word count.

here to simply be ”oäten” (un-

You either take away entire

eaten) or when we say ”knappen

food and a lot

words or a letter here and there.

är inte knäppt” (my button is not

The most common example is

fastened) someone from Norr-

of food at the right

saying "int" instead of "inte" for

botten can say ”knappen är oi"


the word "no".

(button is not fastened).

whether this is because of the

Another example of economic

cold or they just think it's a nui-

speech is when explaining that

sance having to speak is unclear,

something is finished, then you

but the first thing I discovered is

just take the thing that is finished

these shortened words and the

and put finished before it, for ex-

words that are strung together. It

ample: ”det är slut kaffe” (it is

is actually quite smart, instead of

finished coffee) or ”jag kan inte

saying "den lilla bilen" you can

ringa, jag har slut batteri” ( I

quite simply say ”lillbilen” when

can't phone, I have a finished

you talk about "the little car".


PUMLA – JULGRANSkULA (Christmas tree ball) VARS – VART (whERE) KASCHE – kASSE (CARRIER BAG) SHJoo – JO (pronounced while breathing in) (Means "indeed"). Used as an affirmative answer to most things HUMPA – kASTA. (Throw) For example, "humpa bollen till mig" (throw the ball to me) TUTTE – NApp (dummy) IdS – ORkAR (MANAGE) (e.g., jag ids



int) (I can't manage) BAKI – BAkOM (Behind) BäNgLA – kRÅNGLA (MAkE A FUSS) goRMIg – kLAddIG/kLETIG (messy/ sticky) (e.g., sluta gorma med maten) (stop making a mess with your food) HE – pUT/pLACE/LAY/pOSITION (e.g., var ska jag he dina nycklar?) (where will I put your keys?) SoM – LIkSOM (like) (usually as a filler practically anywhere, e.g.,: det är som bra) (it's good like) FARA – TO dEpART/GO (e.g., nu

Favourite North-Bothnian word: pumla (Christmas tree ball) Favourite expression from Skåne: Go mad, mö mad å mad i rättan ti (Good food, a lot of

THIS YEAR'S ICE SCULPURE ANIMAL white-backed woodpecker.


- ThE wINTER pARk Since 1986, Luleå City park has been decorated each winter with ice sculptures of animals. Bears, squirrels, cats and elks are just some of these. The latest in the series to act as both a work of art and a playground was the white-backed woodpecker. – The winter can be so dark and boring. The idea is to do something special to lighten things up for Luleå residents since we have such a good material in the form of the snow and cold, says hans Englund. he is the sculptor behind the attractions and also named as 2012 Lulea Resident of the Year for the much-discussed winter park. he is very aware of how popular the ice sculpture animals' matching chute is for the younger visitors. – Yes, it is a much appreciated feature. It is not meant to be just something to look at so it fulfils a function as well. Anyone wanting to have a look or a drive should make their way to the City park between the months of January and March.


måste vi no´ fara om vi ska hinna till grannen) (it's probably best we depart if we are going to have time to get our neighbour) BRoN – ThE ENTRANCE/STAIRwAY/ SMALL BALCONY (where you enter the house) PLäTTAR – pANNkAkOR (pancakes) SMåPLäTTAR – pLäTTAR (SMALL pANCAkES) PANNKAKA – UGNSpANNkAkA (BATTER pUddING) BoB – SNOwRACER

2013 White-backed woodpecker 2012 Frog 2011 Pig 2010 Black grouse 2009 Otter 2008 Lemming 2007 Salmon 2006 Reindeer 2005 Siberian jay 2004 Wolverine 2003 Ermine 2002 Capercaillie

The people's favourite, 2012

Luleå from its very lightest side Over a few of the darkest days of the year, Lulea is arranged in a new light. The Festival of Light lasts for just under a week and demonstrates the art of light at ten or so different locations in the city centre. The majority of these are along the walk from Hermelin Park to Floras Kulle. Visit Luleå In A New Light and you will see one of the most spectacular faces of Luleå. photo

/ per pettersson

T THE LIGHL A FESTIV ace in t takes pl

New Ligh twenty Luleå In A e festival, r. During th d in Novembe e displaye ar ks or w rent e or so diffe ery year, th ev d an re cent Luleå city voted for is " ite ur Favo "People's e festival e works. Th among th – 00 ,0 15 attracts sitors. 20,000 vi



Safer cars with technology from Luleå factory

Gestamp HardTech supplier to the world's automotive industry Do you drive a Swedish, German, Japanese or American car? Regardless of the car model, important parts of the car may be manufactured in Luleå. They will then come from the Gestamp HardTech engineering industry, which supplies safety components to the world's car manufacturers. This involves parts of the car body that can protect passengers in a collision. Their products are based on a technology invented in Luleå that has a world market. The technology is called press-hardening and involves shaping steel while hardening it. This makes is possible to design and manufacture body components that are both lighter and stronger than traditional techniques and steel grades.


he big challenge for the automotive industry is reducing fuel consumption and thereby emissions of greenhouse gases. Alongside new fuels and more effective engines, the focus is on the size of cars since there is a direct relationship between weight and fuel consumption. At the same time, consumers' requirements for safety and comfort are increasing. The press-hardening technique makes it possible to reduce the weight of cars without compromising on safety. The technique was developed in the late 1970s in cooperation between Luleå's steel industry and the University of Technology. From the outset, the focus was on manufacturing sustainable agricultural implements but, quite soon, they realised the potential the technology had for the automotive industry. That it was possible to manufacture parts of the body that needed to be extra strong and, at the same time, make them lighter. The technology was patented and HardTech became a world leader.


Breakthrough in the USA The first automotive product produced was side-impact protection for a new Saab model. In addition, an agreement was successfully reached with Rover and Jaguar in England. But the big international breakthrough came when HardTech won an order from Ford and was allowed to supply to the USA.

Becoming a supplier to the American automotive industry was an important step and recognition of quality. After this, the company was awarded supplier contracts with other leading car makes, such as Volkswagen, Porsche, Seat, Volvo, GM, Daimler, Chrysler, Mazda, Bentley, Land Rover and BMW. HardTech also built its own factory in the USA in the middle of the 1990s. Today, HardTech is owned by Gestamp Automoción, which is an interna-

tional group manufacturing metal components and systems for the automotive industry. The group has factories all over the world. Gestamp HardTech is the hub for press-hardening and has contributed knowledge and resources to expand the press-hardening capacity in Gestamp in China, the USA, Mexico, South Korea, Brazil, Germany, France, Spain, the Czech Republic and other countries. Research and development Nowadays, the press-hardening technique is no longer protected by patent, but HardTech is still the world leader in the area and is continuing to improve the technique at the group's research and development centre in Luleå. Car manufacturers' desire to decrease weight and increase safety means constantly developing new designs and body concepts. HardTech is an active part of this development and manufactures different components, from side-impact protection, door pillars and bumpers to more complex components and entire systems. ❖ text

/ jan palo / gestamp hardtech



GROUP TRAINING - a small selection of training facilities in Luleå Inpuls: Got the urge to run? Inpuls has already begun a running session on Thursday evenings. There are also plans for cycling so take a look at for further information.

your summer fitness

Once summer has taken a firm hold of Luleå, perhaps outdoor training will be more enticing. Fresh air and a vitamin D boost, at the same time as putting your muscles to use is a brilliant combination.

Actic: For those keen to walk or run, Actic arranges Walking and Running classes. The Crosscamp session is for those of you who love to sweat. This combines strength, fitness, mobility and balance. Nature's resources such as steps, hills and benches are used as aids. Keep an eye on CrossFit Holistic: From the month of May, Crossfit Holistic in Luleå will be running a large number of outdoor group sessions. Keep an eye out at or on Facebook (CrossFit Holistic). Sensia: If your dancing muscles are twitching, it may be time to visit Klubbviken this summer. From july onward, Sensia will be organising Zumba sessions at Klubbviken. For further information, visit Sensia on Facebook.

Schedules and sessions, not your thing?


Here are a few training tips using only the body and simple tools.



feet apart Stand and adopt a good posture with your by at the width of your shoulders and your hands your your side. Then take a big step forward so that e the rear knee almost touches the ground. Continu properly movement forward and lift up your rear leg that? before you take the next step. Can you manage . Stand on your toes in each intermediate position Training for: Front thighs, bottom and body



Find a suitably high bench or step. Stand with your legs apart at shoulder width and jump up with both feet at the same time. Go back down using one foot at a time and repeat. Can you manage that? Jump down.

Sit at the end of a bench with your hands outside your thighs. The more you stretch your legs out the more strenuous the exercise will be. It is important that you maintain a vertical back regardless of how far you stretch your legs. Allow your elbows to point back the way/outwards and then lower your body straight down until your shoulders are at the same height as your elbows and then push yourself up again. Bear in mind to maintain a good posture. Can you manage that? Allow your elbows to point more backwards for more strenuous exercise.

Training for: Bottom, front thighs and body

Training for: Arms, chest and shoulders



hold the broom. Tense Lie on your back with your feet in the air and your back against the your stomach and actively push the curve of each other, going as far as ground. Let your feet and the broom meet back. you can. Slow down the movement on the way




Position your hands a bit wide r than shoulder width on the bench at the same height chest. Tense your stomach as your and lower your upper body until you brush against the Push ups. Can you manage bench. that? Do it on a flat surface or with your feet on the benc h. Training for: Chest, arms, shoulders and body

Training for: Stomach




It feels important to be here



Magnus Ekelund & Stålet have just released the album Dödskult [Death Cult]. The front man moved from Jokkmokk to Luleå when he was 15 and a lot has happened since then. The editors have met with Magnus Ekelund to speak about music, life on tour and the future. Why did you begin to make music? – I noticed early in life that music was important to me. But, it wasn't enough just listening. I was forced to do something of my own so that it would be the way I wanted it. When did you find your Way? – It wasn't until Svart Flagg [Black Flag] in 2011 that I found my own voice. Someone else writing my songs has never been an option for me. It is not so much that I need praise as needing to express myself. hoW do you describe your music? – Explosive pop music. The lyrics are very important. Where do you get your inspiration from? – I am inspired more and more by my surroundings and by things I read and films I see. I no longer need to be inspired by other bands as much. What is dödskult about? – When I wrote the songs, I was really tired of all the partying. The album is a summing-up of my youth. It's over and now the rest of my life is beginning I suppose. you did about 100 gigs in 2012 and toured With markus krunegård. hoW Was that? – It is certainly very strenuous. The touring life also means forcing your way into others' private spheres. But, in the end, it is always worth it.

hoW is it Working as a musician in luleå? – It is interesting being here now. BD Pop are doing a lot of good things and it is really fun that Bistro Norrland have begun arranging gigs. Luleå is really driven by passionate people. It feels important to be here. hoW do you Work When you are making music? – I have realised that every way needs to be available. I can be the cliched artist who wakes up in the middle of the night and needs to write music. At the same time, I can decide to set my alarm clock to get up, get my guitar and just work. I have realised one thing though. I can't feel bad when I write music. Some musicians feel they need to suffer in order to be creative. That's not he way I work. If I'm down in the dumps, my head is like mashed potato. When do you feel at your very best? – When I find a calmness, which is quite rare. For example, when a song is finished and I listen to it as if it were someone else's, become touched and think, "God, this is great". Then I get a calmness that feels valuable. hoW do you see the future? – I want to be able to make a living out of music. I would be a worse person without it. So I need to be able to combine it with my future family life. ❖


/ vanessa cicero / lisa ekelund



Svart flagg [Black Flag] 2011

Sameblod [Sami Blood] EP 2012

Det definitiva drevet [The Definitive Drive] 2012

Dödskult [Death Cult] 2013


The Luleå region becomes The Node Pole

THE FACEBO When Facebook revealed that it had chosen Luleå as the location for its new computer centre, the news quickly spread throughout the world. In a short time, half a billion people had read, heard or seen the news and the reason for choosing Luleå. This is where the best conditions were for their European computer centre. At the same time, the fact that the news spread so rapidly shows how important the new media is and how dependent we are on secure data communications. The new computer centre will serve more than a billion Facebook users.


here were several reasons why, after visiting various

is 12,000 m2. The floor area of each server hall could hold five foot-

places in Europe and Sweden, Facebook chose Luleå

ball pitches. This says something about the size of the project.

as the location for its third computer centre, the first outside the USA. A brief summary; natural cooling, hy-

New industrial era

dro-electricity, low energy prices, high-class broadband and skilled

– This is the beginning of a new era, says Karl Petersen, municipal

IT competence. It sounds as if we are boasting, but the fact is that

commissioner in Luleå. The establishment of the computer centre is

Luleå came out on top in all areas.

a milestone in Luleå's history and marks the fact that we have now

Add the fact that there was suitable land at Luleå Science Park and Luleå University of Technology and that Luleå Municipality and

moved into the era of digital industry. Historically, Luleå is a port and industry city based on Norr-

Luleå Business Development AB mustered their strengths and

botten's iron ore. For a long time, the steel industry has been the

quickly worked together to produce all the plans and licences

economic engine. Nowadays, the university is an equally important

required to establish a major new industry.

source of power and one of the reasons for the establishment of

Luleå Data Center will consist of three gigantic server halls, each measuring 28,000 m2 . Compare this with the Friends Arena, which

the computer centre. But the basic industry has also been of great importance for the development of the IT sector in the region.

The server hall is gigantic. Compare the buildings and cars on the left.

A mega-like by Matz Engman, CEO Luleå Business Development and municipal commissioner Karl Petersen.


OK EFFECT OOK The basic industries of today are high-tech ones with processes that

the advantages the region can offer and follow in Facebook's foot-

require secure data communications and skilled IT competence.

steps, says municipal commissioner, Karl Petersen.

The processing industry's requirements for reliable energy supplies mean that there is a well-developed infrastructure, which the IT

New establishments

industry also needs.

The decision to build the computer centre has already had resulting effects. Five international companies specialising in server halls are setting up in Luleå to support Facebook. The growth of new

Energy from the river The hydro-electric power stations at the Luleå River mean that there is a supply of renewable energy, which Facebook requires. Since computer servers consume vast quantities of electricity, our relatively low electricity prices are also an important competitive factor.

companies at Luleå Science Park has increased. This attenOf course, the name is a play on words on the North Pole and the term, node

But one of the most important utilities is entirely

and contributed to an all-time-high number of applicants in 2012. Applications for the computer engineer courses doubled. The construction of the first server hall is well under

natural and free. The fresh air required to cool the computer servers. Here, our winter climate is a major, unutilised

tion also strengthened the university's power of attraction

way. It is to be ready for operation during 2013. At the same time, the marketing of The Node Pole to other world-leading com-

resource. By making use of the natural cold, both energy and money

panies continues. Contact is taking place with all parties observing

are saved.

strict confidentiality.

The climate, infrastructure and competence are what

The potential is huge. Data quantities around the world are ex-

distinguish the Luleå region, the best place for the IT industry's

panding rapidly, beeing moved from local servers and hard

growing need for safe data storage. Of course, the name is a play on

drives to the cloud (distantley located data centers, accessed

words on the North Pole and the term, node, which is a junction in a

through the internet). Investment in these data centers through-

computer network. Together with our neighbouring municipalities,

out the world is running into hundreds of billions of Swedish krona

Boden and Piteå, Luleå is now being marketed as The Node Pole to

a year. The Node Pole is ready to see more companies and data

the world's IT industry. – We hope and believe that other global companies will see

centers find a home in Luleå. ❖ text

/ jan palo / andreas nilsson/gunnar svedenbäck


Luleå made a thumbs up with an ice sculpture that got 100,000 Likes from all over the world.


In another part of Luleå

In the same year that Christopher Columbus discovered America, Nederluleå Church was completed. This is more than 500 years ago and, today, Gammelstad Church Town is a Swedish world heritage site. All year round people visit this historic location to wander among the small red church cottages and enjoy the tranquillity from another era and the events offered.


ederluleå Church and the church cottages surround-

In the meadows, goats, sheep and horses stroll and rabbits hop

ing it hold several hundreds of years of history. The

around freely in the grounds. The children's yard is just a stone's

church cottages were built so that people living

throw away, a perfect place for playing and where you can also try

far from the church would have somewhere to live

out walking on stilts.

during religious festivals. This was during the period when it was still compulsory to go to church in Sweden. When you enter a church cottage, you quickly get an idea of

Those who are brave can book a ghost walk in the church town. A ghost guide will take you on a tour through mystical environments where you will hear scary stories of olden days. Going by

how people used to live. The rooms are plainly furnished with a

what they say, you will also encounter ghosts and lost souls during

kitchen bench and dining table. There is a fireplace and stove in

the tour. Another event that is not to be missed is the living Advent

every room since a family lived in each room. Box beds were also

calendar and the opening of the windows in December. Between

common and their size reveals that people were smaller then. You

1 and 24 December, a window is opened every day, initiated by a

can feel in the walls, that this place has been lived in and you can

leading personality.

feel how people have been sitting on the kitchen bench drinking boiled coffee and discussing things. The Hägnan open-air museum is a couple of hundred metres

The world heritage area and surrounding environments show how Luleå once was. A contrast to the modern city and a bit of history that arouses warm feelings of Astrid Lindgren's Bullerby in most of us. ❖

from the world heritage site. At Hägnan, you get an insight into how country people actually lived in pre-modern times. You will get to meet the characters – maids dressed in clothes typical of the period and farmhands who will tell you about their time.



/ amanda karlsson / anders alm



A world heritage site is a cultural and natural monument that is so valuable that it is important for all mankind. A site, location or environment that tells us about the earth and mankind's history in a unique fashion. The UN organisation Unesco (the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) decides what will be a world heritage site. A world heritage site listing is a way of protecting the most important historic sites of cultural interest and natural environments against decline. In order to remain on the list, the world heritage site must be managed so that it maintains the same qualities that formed the basis for qualification.

Sweden'S 15 worLd Heritage SiteS

14 14


1. Drottningholm, Ekerö (1991)

14 14 8

photo: lars johansson


2. Birka and Hovgården, Ekerö (1993) 3. Engelsberg Ironworks, Fagersta (1993) 4. The rock-carving area in Tanum (1994) 5. Skogskyrkogården [The Woodland Cemetery],


Stockholm (1994) 6. Hansestaden [The Hanseatic Town] Visby, Gotland (1995)


7. Laponia, Lapland (1996) 8. Gammelstad Church Town, Luleå (1996)

12 3

2 5

9. Örlogsstaden [naval town] Karlskrona (1998) 1


10. Southern Öland's cultural landscape (2000) 11. Höga Kusten [the High Coast], Ångermanland (2000)


13 9


Aerial photo of Gammelstad Church Town.

12. Falun and Kopparbergslagen (2001) 13. Varberg's radio station in Grimeton (2004) 14. Struve Geodetic Arc (2005) 15. The decorated farmhouses of Hälsingland (2012)


Kafé Fägnan


Kafé Fägnan

Fräcka Fåtöljer

Kafé Fägnan is a cosy restaurant that gives you exactly the right feeling of bygone times.

Fräcka Fåtöljer creates unique, personal furniture and interior fittings from old furniture or gives them a new design.

Kaptensgården Here, you will find a mix of raw ingredients from Norrbotten with international influences and tastes. You can clearly feel the personal, cosy and genuine atmosphere and the overall feeling that is out of the ordinary.

Ullas Café

Ullas Café


A romantic country gift and interior fitting store with a large selection for children and adults.

Hägnans Lanthandel Hägnans Lanthandel

Ulla's Café is situated in the middle of the Gammelstad Church Town world heritage site. You can have a cup of coffee and a snack or a sandwich here when you are visiting the area. There are tables both inside and outside.

A genuine craft shop producing everything from metal utilities to art metalwork in the old-fashioned way.

Kafé Kulturgården

Ögonfröjd Souvenirs, gifts and postcards with the focus on Gammelstad related products.


Kafé Kulturgården

A cultural centre with contemporary artists in an old-fashioned environment. In the summer, Kulturgården is a classic cafe with boiled coffee (made by boiling coffee grounds), seven kinds of cake and art books to read. Kulturgården also contains three artist's studios that open their galleries from time to time.



MAX wAs first New thinking behind Sweden's oldest burger chain

So the Americans weren't first on the scene. It was instead two young people from Norrbotten who invested in a new business concept and opened a hamburger stand in line with the American prototype. The grill kiosk was the start of what is today Norrbotten's biggest company with 90 or so restaurants, more than 3,000 employees and a turnover of SEK 1.7 billion. Max is a success story about the importance of being first and fresh thinking. This innovation was recently introduced in Luleå. Here, you can pay for your Maxburger with your mobile phone. But the Max story is also about the importance of taking environmental and social responsibility.

It all began in 1968 in Gällivare when 19-year old Curt Bergfors and

schnitzel and reindeer meat. It was even possible to get entrecôte

his girlfriend Britta Andersson started up a grill kiosk selling fast

with Béarnaise sauce through the kiosk hatch.

food. The kiosk was enclosed beside the Uno-X petrol station and given the name, X-grillen. Two years later, they opened a second

The first of many initiatives

kiosk in Skellefteå and, the following year, a third, in Luleå.

Max was, of course, first to have a drive-in in Sweden at the restaurant

The restaurant in Luleå was named Max after the founder's

in Piteå, Max Drugstore was another innovation. Max took over one

nickname. This was where the brand name that became Sweden's

of Luleå's petrol stations and increased the selection in the shop. A

first and most popular burger chain was born.

few years later, the station was rebuilt and became

McDonalds did not arrive until 1973, five years

Europe's most modern with all kinds of magazines,

after the young Norrbotten residents had cre-

sweets, fruit and vegetables, flowers, bread and a

ated the concept of ”hamburger in Swedish”.

delicatessen. A forerunner of the petrol stations and

Even today, the company is still owned by the

corner shops of today.

Bergfors family. The founder is the working

Le Bistro Petit Maxim was the next project. A

chairman and his sons, Richard and Christ-

French-inspired restaurant in the middle of Storgatan

offer are the CEO and vice CEO respectively.

in Luleå and the city's first real gourmet restaurant.

The company's registered office and head-

Max Video followed, which became Sweden's biggest

quarters also remain in Luleå, from where a

video store and then Max Solarium. That's right,

large part of the business is controlled.

Sweden's biggest solarium.

Their entrepreneurial and new thinking

In the 1980s, Max entered a completely new

has expressed itself in many ways. It began

sector and became Luleå's biggest hotel owner.

as early as in the first hamburger stand in Gällivare where there was actually too little customer potential.

The first one was, of course, given the name of Max Advert from 1979 describing how to tuck in to a meal at Max.

Hotel. Then they took over the main hotel in the city, which was in a bit of a mess, increased the quality

So, when they couldn't get more customers, existing customers

and increased turnover. Among other things, a new nightclub concept

needed to come more often. But you couldn't expect the local res-

was introduced, Roxy, with three dance floors, three bars and room for

idents to eat hamburgers with French fries every day. So the menu

4,000 patrons. Yes, indeed, Sweden's biggest place of entertainment. A

was extended to meatballs, hamburgers, grilled chicken, Wiener

few years later, they also bought the SAS hotel in Luleå.


Waitresses at Max in the 1980 s.

Richard och Christoffer Bergfors, CEO and deputy CEO.

Waitresses at Max in the 1990s.

Concentrating on restaurants

cheese and bacon burgers were launched, first in Sweden, of course,

The hotels were operated up until the end of the 1990s, when Max

and, at the beginning of the 1990s, a TexMex menu.

decided to focus on and fully invest in its hamburger business,

In 2002, the new generation of the Bergfors family took over op-

which had continued to expand with new restaurants. First along

erational responsibility and continued along the path of innovation

the Norrland coasts where Max advanced southward and met Mc-

by taking health aspects into account. Obesity in young people had

Donalds on its way northward. This battle ended with Max knocking

begun to be a social problem. Max took the criticism of greasy fast

out its competitor and taking over their premises in Luleå and

food seriously and began to report on how it was working on health

Umeå. It was the first time in world history that McDonalds had

issues in a "fat report".

given up against a local chain. But it was not the first time that Max had challenged McDon-

The following year, Max introduced Keyhole-labelled meals and new salads in its range. Then they were first with a Low Carb burger

alds. In the 1980s they fought over the names Big Max and Big

for those wanting fewer carbohydrates and a GI burger for GI disci-

Mac, their respective best-sellers. Max won in the district court and

ples, which gave customers the option of choosing a dark high-fibre

McDonalds in the court of appeal. That battle ended in a compro-

bread with their burgers.

mise. But Max was not content with Norrland. As early as in 1982, the

More healthy fast food

first restaurant opened in Stockholm at Drottninggatan, with three

The Fat Report provided results. Max used increasingly less fat. There

floors. In the 1990s, the march southward continued via Gävle, Sol-

was a reduction of hundreds of tonnes a year. Then they removed

na, Eskilstuna, Södertälje, Visby, Linköping and Jönköping. While

all added trans fats and changed frying oils. By increasing the

they were at it, they took over the Clock restaurants in Uppsala

percentage of rapeseed and sunflower oil, they achieved a healthier

and Örebro. By 2001, Max was a nationwide chain with 30 or so


restaurants from Gällivare in the north to Lund in the south.

The next test of new thinking involves the companies' social responsibility. They entered into an agreement with Samhall, who dealt

New tastes and concepts

with the cleaning at all restaurants. Samhall's task is to offer jobs to

At the same time as expanding, there had been continuing product

people with difficulty finding a place in the labour market. Through

development so as to be able to offer customers new, unique tastes

the agreement with Max many such jobs were created throughout

and menus. At an early stage, Max produced its own hamburger


meat which was to be juicier than its competitors'. A few years later,

This initiative was then further developed. For almost ten years,


Sweden's biggest Max opened in Midgårdsvägen in Luleå.

they have recruited serving staff directly from Samhall at the same

stream in. Last year, he was designated CEO of the Year in competition

time as training all restaurant managers to manage diversity. Max

against the managers of Skandia, SVT and Axfood, among others.

has received a positive response to this and been awarded several

But it is not just the CEO who has received awards. The Sus-

notable prizes. The company subsequently began cooperation with

tainability Manager, Pär Larshans, received the 2012 Intrapreneur

the Natural Step organisation about environmental issues in gener-

of the Year award for finding, time after time, synergies between

al. The vision is to become climate neutral. All products are given a

public benefit and business success. And, just recently, he featured

carbon dioxide footprint marking and the grading is shown on the

in a list of the world's 100 foremost leaders in the area.

menu boards. Max compensates for its total emissions by planting trees in Africa and only purchases wind-generated electricity for

Sweden's most satisfied customers

its restaurants. Now, they also began to produce annual climate

But the biggest award for Max is probably not the annual ranking of

reports to describe the company's total environmental impact.

Swedish burger restaurants but the most satisfied customers. This

Max also joined the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation's "Green Fork" campaign which has the target of encouraging more people to eat vegetarian one day a week. When the multinational fruit giant Dole sued the Swedish documentary-maker Fredrik Gertten for his film about workers' conditions on the banana plan-

44% prefer Max ahead of other burger chains

tation, Max stopped selling Dole's fruit salad and launched apple slices on the menu.

is topped by Max for the twelfth year in a row. This survey is one of the reasons for Max stating that it serves "Sweden's tastiest hamburgers". This confident assertion is based on winning a number of taste tests. The biggest and most representative was done by the survey company, ISI Wissing; Max gets 44% of the votes and is therefore placed well before Burger King (20%),

McDonald's (17%) and Sibylla (7%). This survey was done on the basis of a nationwide sample of more than 1,200 respondents.

The price of environmental and social responsibility

Two years ago, the first restaurant was opened outside Sweden,

In 2009, Max was awarded the global environmental prize, the Green

in Karl Johan in Oslo, and this has been followed by another two in

Awards, and attracted international attention for its sustainability

Norway. The first in Denmark was opened in March, at Ströget in

work. The CEO, Richard Bergfors, received the Veckans Affärer

Copenhagen and will be followed by more. Max recently reported

magazine's award, "Green Capitalist of the Year". The same year, they

that they were now also present in Dubai. In a short space of time,

were praised by both Samhall and Lions for their work on offering

a franchise holder has opened three restaurants. Today, there are

meaningful work to difficult-to-place manpower and, later, by Arla for

93 Swedish restaurants. The target is to have more than 100 Max

their purposeful environmental work.

restaurants in Sweden by 2014. ❖

At a conference in Denver, USA, Richard Bergfors received the ”Corporate Social Responsibility Award for Leadership” for his


leadership in the area of the environment. And the awards continue to

photo /per pettersson


/ jan palo


Luleå - always on top of the sun league. Here you are always close to a bathing beach. Some of these are small idyllic sports while others are larger facilities with heated pools. känGSön Bathing place, marina, playground and coffee and snack cafe in Råneå.

lulSundet Local bathing beach in area of great natural beauty with a sandy beach and large green meadows.

brändön Sea-bathing with a sandy beach and pier.



E4 norr

A large, sandy beach with shallow water, beach volleyball.



Outdoor swimming with a large and small pool, water chute, minigolf and kiosk. Free admission.

arcuSbadet Heated pools and wave machines, a restaurant and kiosk.

Luleå Gültzauudden A sandy beach, shallow water, pier and playground. Icecream kiosk and cafe in the area.

E4 söder

likSkär Sailing Centre with marina, sand Kallax dunes fpl and miles of beaches.



A small magical lake, sandy beach, pier and a kiosk that opens on sunny days.

Sea-bathing with sandy beaches. Restaurant, guest harbour, cottages and playpark. Boat tours several times a day.




A suitable place for a swim

Sea-bathing, shallow water, sandy beaches. Part of the beach is for naturists.

A small secluded sandy beach with a long pier. Shallow water, BBQs

with a dog without disturbing others.






324 322 319 315 311 276










437 435 417 397 379 365 364 348

The sun league 2012

includes seven weeks starting from Midsummer Eve.



Luleå has made a major contribution to the successes. The municipality has made a brave decision to invest in us and in the film industry in general Susann Jonsson, Filmpool Nord


Box-office hits films from


Over the last 20 years, hundred of films have been made in Luleå and surroundings. There is a first-class recording studio here and Sweden's second biggest regional production centre for film and TV production. What is it that actually makes the region so interesting to the film industry?


åt den rätte komma in [Let the Right

finished filming the movie Mig äger ingen [No One

One In], Hypnotisören [The Hypnotist],

Owns Me], agrees:

Så som i himmelen [As It Is In Heaven],

– The people here are open and generous. People

Grabben i graven bredvid [The Guy

like to do their bit and lend out their houses for the

In The Grave Next Door], En enkel till Antibes [A

film productions, which makes the work easier. I

One-Way Trip to Antibes], Jägarna 2 [The Hunters

have been involved in three movies in Luleå and I

2] and Hundtricket [The Dog Trick]. All of these are

really love the city. It is close to everything, at the

box-office hits that were entirely or partly filmed in

same time as having a wide range of facilities, for

Luleå. Over the past few years, the city has played

both film producers and visitors.

host to stars such as Mikael Persbrandt, Lena Olin,



directors have worked in Luleå. The feeling is that

Alexander Skarsgård.

they are really satisfied with the city, the surround-

An important stakeholder in Norrbotten's development as a film region is the Filmpool Nord production centre, which has been active for more than 20 years and has its headquarters in Luleå. – We create opportunities for film production by KIRUNA - RYMDVÄGEN / KIRUNA - SPACE ROAD En film av / A film by: Liselotte Wajstedt Producent / Producer: Anna G Magnúsdóttir Produktionsbolag / Production Company: LittleBig Productions I samarbete

Through the years, several prominent actors and

Peter Stormare, Tuva Novotny, Michael Nyqvist and

ings and the film people here. Susann Jonsson tells us: – Mikael Persbrandt has made a number of films here. On the latest occasion, while recording Mig äger ingen in the studio, he stated that Luleå had

co-producing and financing films, says the compa-

Sweden's best property manager in Daniel Ahlbäck.

ny's CEO, Susann Jonsson.

Jan Troell is another person who speaks warmly of

med / In Co-operation with: Filmpool Nord, Sirel Peensaar & SVT Eva Sandelin Med stöd av / With support from: Svenska Filminstitutet / Swedish Film Institute, Tove Torbiörnsson & Norrbottens läns landsting

Norrbotten is of interest for the film industry. We

for the first time. He would probably have preferred

unique environments here. Susann expands:

to have stayed at home in Skåne but his week in

– Luleå has made a major contribution to the

the studio at Kronan was the best during the entire

successes. The municipality has made a brave deci-

filming. Now he wants to come here with all his

sion to invest in us and in the film industry in gener-


al. The recording studio at Kronan has also meant a


Luleå. He was not at all happy before he came here

have resources, competence, a modern studio and

Norrbotten has a strong narrative tradition. In

great deal. While filming, a great deal is controlled

order to convert all these narratives to film scripts,

by the weather and then things often need to move

Filmpool Nord is working on developing the com-

quickly. Being close to the studio and an effective

petences of narrative people. The goal is to be able

infrastructure means that filming is effective and

to produce films with stronger roots in Norrbotten.

economic. There is a unique hospitality here that

Who knows, perhaps the next Swedish box-office

means that the film team feels welcome. The Luleå

hit will be filmed in Luleå's winter archipelago or in

residents like to help out and appear to find it fun

Gammelstad Church Town. ❖

Ett spännande äventyr om mod vänskap och valar som simmat vilse

having filming around the corner. The producer Francy Suntinger, who has just


/ mats ohlsson



Artwork Ulf jansson



Pride city "Ah, it makes me happy just thinking about it". These words come from Sophie Gunnarsson, one of the project managers for Luleå's Pride festival. The thing she gets so happy thinking about. The editorial met her to talk about this years Pride.


ophie Gunnarsson is upbeat but looks back at the festival's debut with mixed feelings. – It felt really good arranging the festi-

val at the same time as not knowing how it

– Yes, and that you can live as an HBTQ person in Norrbotten. The Pride festival was to become like a meeting place when debate was generated at a

would turn out in the end. It was a nervous time but

local level. Where HBTQ persons did not need to be

it turned out so well, just the way we wanted. The

stamped as "them" or hidden away. It feels as if we

atmosphere over the weekend was really inclusive.

created a bigger "we" feeling after the festival and

Together with Linda Moestam, Sophie Gunnarsson is project manager at RFSL Luleå and North Norrbotten County. With the organisation behind

this led to the development of knowledge among Norrbotten residents. It was, however, far from obvious to many Luleå

them, they took on the role of festival arrangers

residents that the festival would be a success. The

when Luleå Municipality raised the question of a

sceptics were visible behind the scenes, in the com-

Pride festival. Sophie Gunnarsson tells us that they

ment fields online.

had clear requirements. The festival was to be for

– I eventually stopped reading. I tried instead to

everyone but emphasise HBTQ issues. Labels were

turn that anger into something good. If I could only

not to be important, but visitors were to be fed

change one person's negative thinking this would


motivate me.

– That is the way it really turned out, a popular


residents that things are happening in the city.

Her motivation was infectious. Sophie Gunnars-

festival without just being a party because of that.

son was keeping her fingers crossed that at least

We combined partying with debates and lectures. We

20 people would take part in the Pride parade. The

knocked down walls and did something good togeth-

result was completely different. More than 1,000

er. It was cool, Sophie Gunnarsson states.

participants walked together through the streets of

She tells us that one of the powerful driving forces

Luleå, there was a fantastic atmosphere and so the

was the importance of showing Luleå's younger

police presence was almost non-existent.

– This was awesome and probably what was most fun. Getting the opportunity to give something to Norrbotten and then get this result back. The kick you get from making people happy makes everything worth it. – It feels really good doing yet another year. A lot has happened in Norrbotten and we want to show Sweden that this is an awesome country. The festival will have the same organisation as last year with some adjustments, of course. Sophie Gunnarsson is careful to point out that everyone is welcome, it is not just RFSL Luleå and North Norrbotten (County) that is behind this, it is all the participants together. – I see this as a wonderful summer gift! ❖ text

/ vanessa cicero / fredrik broman, per pettersson


LULEÅ PRIDE 2013 WHAT: Sweden's most northerly Pride festival WHEN: 14-16 June WHERE: The City Park, RFSL's premises at Storgatan 13 and Lillan. See the entire programme at FoR: Mainly aimed at HBTQ (Homosexual, Bisexual, Trans and Queers) but everyone is welcome

SOPHIE GUNNARSSON Age: 31 Job: Project manager RFSL Luleå and North Norrbotten County Lives in: Örnäset, Luleå Interests: Snow activities, being out in nature, taking a sauna, politics social changes and hanging around with friends Education: Journalism course, Kalix Folk HighSchool Watches: TV programmes on her computer and films Reads: Daily newspapers on the Internet Listens to: A lot of different things, but preferably cool chicks Favourite bar in Luleå: Make Out Wishes: That Luleå's Pride 2013 will be at least as successful as 2012 and for Norrbotten to become Sweden's new HBTQ metropolis.

The Pride festival in Luleå 2012


Slow cooking, Souring and fermentation have come to town A passion for the raw ingredient and handicraft lies at the centre of Carnivore Grill, or Cg, the latest star in Luleå's gastronomic sky. Since opening, the restaurant has, in principle, been fully booked every evening and the restaurant is already listed in the White Guide. One of those behind the success story is the restaurant manager, joint owner and sommelier, Petter Nyberg.


mpty premises in a prime position at Storgatan 9 turned up in Luleå and high-profile restaurateur Johan Isaksson asked his colleague Petter Nyberg what he would do with the premises if he was given a free rein? The question could not have come at a better time. After having graduated top of his class in the sommelier course at the Restaurant Academy in Stockholm and being responsible for the wine at the Swedish Crown Princess's wedding, it felt as if things were standing still. Together, Petter, Johan Isaksson, the chef Thomas Larsson and bartender Henrik Gröntvedt began to sketch out their favourite restaurant – a place they would like to visit themselves. The restaurant would not cater for the trendiest but be a place that people would visit often. The catchword would be quality, of food, drink, reception and environment. The public was made privy to Johan Isaksson's reply on 19 October last year when the quartet's new restaurant concept was displayed for the first time. Customers encountered a restaurant environment over two floors with genuine fixtures – leather chairs, dark wood, a walnut-coloured floor and zinc details. As revealed in the restaurant's name (carnivore means meat eater), the focus is on meat. With the focus on classic workmanship with slow-cooking, fermentation, souring, drying and smoking. – Today the wine list consists of 140 wines, then I have about twenty for special occasions and when I want to surprise one of our regular customers. The fact that Mikael Persbrandt dropped by on the opening evening and left Cg stating that he had found his new favourite place was a happy coincidence.

What I am most proud of is that people think we have done something good for Luleå. Petter Nyberg sits inside Cg drinking coffee. It is two o'clock and it is a few hours until opening. Several of the personnel are already present preparing for the evening. Two ladies look in and ask if the restaurant is open. They are welcomed in and stand for a long time speaking to one of the waiters. It is not yet open, but the ladies get a tour of the restaurant and the waiter happily tells them: "On Saturdays, we have around 260 diners" ❖


/ amanda karlsson / fredrik broman


Petter Nyberg


restaurantGuIDe OUtSiDE




Sushi and salad bar


A meat restaurant focusing on a holistic experience where you will find the classic steakhouse, local raw ingredients and Italian finesse. At Cg, it is all about love, knowledge and respect. For the raw ingredient, the patron and colleagues at the restaurant.

A restaurant with a salad and sushi bar under the same roof. Enjoy Luleå's most popular sushi bar or order a fresh salad.

Uni:k café and bar is a meeting place with personality where you can relax and mix in a cosy environment. At Uni:k, you will find everything a modern cafe should provide. High-quality coffee, good snacks, magnificent sandwiches, salads and fresh food.

Kojis Luleå's smallest sushi restaurant in a cosy, genuine Japanese environment.



At Tallkotten, you will find food from the Italian cuisine together with well-cooked simple Swedish home cooking. In the wine cellar, there are opportunities for wine sampling and a dining room.

Bistro Norrland

At Malmudden in Luleå, you will find Harnet, the city's only Eritrean restaurant. Order the sour bread, Injera, dip it in the spicy casserole and enjoy.

Köpmannens Kök At Köpmannens Kök you can enjoy flavours from all around the world. At the same time, the living history and imaginative interior fittings will arouse your curiosity and tickle more than just your sense of taste.

Köpmangatan 16 Treat yourself to a fine dinner in a calm and cosy atmosphere. In cooperation with Rosenday Spa in Luleå, the restaurant can now also present some new exciting packages to enjoy.

Cook’s Krog Cook's always offers genuine cooking with its inspiration from the whole of Lapland. It has high ambitions with food and service always taking first priority.

Pastabacken A classic pasta restaurant in an Italian atmosphere where you can order a good pasta, pizza or piece of meat.

Locally produced Norrland food meets a pleasant bistro culture. At Bistro Norrland, you will find a high level of quality in both food and drink.

Kafelino A restaurant offering specialities from Greek cuisine. In the Chill Out lounge, you can enjoy a cup of coffee, a beer or a drink.

Waldorf Luleå's first and biggest Chinese restaurant serves a la carte, pizza and simple home cooking. You have a view of the water in the North Harbour from the terrace balcony.


Kaptensgården At Kaptensgården in Gammelstad Church Town, classic raw ingredients from Norrbotten are mixed with international influences and flavours. You can clearly feel the personal, cosy and genuine atmosphere that gives an overall feel that is out of the ordinary.

Restaurang Luleå

Margaretas Värdshus

Restaurang Luleå in Kulturens Hus makes good use of the Norrland pantry to get the inspiration for fine meals. A pleasant environment with a glorious view.

Margaretas Värdshus is situated in the Gammelstad world heritage site. The inn offers all kinds of delicacy. Specialities based on local ingredients are served in a guaranteed original environment.

Kyrkbyns Matsalar If you feel like simple Swedish home cooking with a Norrland stamp, served in a genuine environment in Gammelstad Church Town, you should visit the newly-opened Kyrkbyns Matsalar, The restaurant offers lunches, a la carte and sampling menus.

there is something for everyone in Luleå. In addition to these restaurants, there are also many other splendid places where you can have a nice bite to eat. Visit to find out more about Luleå's range of restaurants.



Afters months of wearing thick socks and cosying on the sofa watching TV on Friday, Luleå is waking up from its hibernation. Dark evenings will be but a memory and the down jacket and boots are dispatched once again to the very back of the wardrobe.


s the days get lighter and warmer,

their way and all you can hear is laughter, noisy

you can feel the city's pulse getting

discussions and pulsating beats. At the clubs it is the party peak hour. The dance floors

faster. In the summer in

are full of partying people letting their

Luleå, the weekends no

hair down to the vibrating music.

longer revolve around the Eurovision Song Contest, burning

If you want something to drink

candles and bowls of sweets.

you need to politely elbow your

The volume is turned up to

way to the bar to order.

the max, wine is poured and

At the hottest times of the

the new party hit fits like a

year, many decide to continue

cap. The summer city of Luleå

the party once the clubs close.

has come to life and we are

Our light summer nights in Luleå

ready to let go!

time to build up unforgettable memo-

looking for a glass of wine in a tranquil

ries together.

environment or a first-rate party night, Luleå

Because what actually is a party evening in

has something for everyone. But once the clock

Luleå? It may be deadly boring, tedious or

has struck midnight, it is no longer time for the quiet life. The small hours of the morning are on

absolutely... absolutely wonderful. ❖ text

/ elin järlström

BBB At Bistro Bar and Brygga, you can take a turn around Luleå's only dance floor on water. If it gets warm, it's only a few years to the pier, the fresh summer air and splendid thirst-quenchers at the bar. Minimum age Fri: 23 Sat: 25


open-air restaurants together with my friends. We then continue to one of the city's nightclubs where we dance into the small hours of the morning. I love the fact that Luleå is close to the water, so BBB is my very favourite place in the summer. When the snow is on the hill, it is nice that Luleå's outdoor spots are relatively close to each other. Then you can heat yourself up dancing from one place to the other or perhaps meet someone who wants to share their warmth. No matter how cold it is, it is always fun going out in Luleå. Particularly when you meet great people to share heart-warming laughter and memories with.

ALLSTAR The fabulous sports bar with some of the city's best seats in the stand. Later in the evening, sport is replaced by DJ-Bås, a dance floor and bars full of people. Minimum age: 20 O'LEARYS At O'Learys in Luleå, you will find the city's biggest place of entertainment. Bowling rinks, sport, a three-storey stand, a dance floor, you name it. Minimum age Fri: 20 Sat: 23


For me, Luleå is a mixture of an idyllic rural spot and the big city. It is a place close to both water and nature but also a city with a pulse and crowds. I think Luleå's nightlife is at its very best in the summer months. A perfect night out begins with a glass of wine at one of Luleå's

KAFELINO Do you like hit songs, house, dubstep or hiphop? At Kafelino, the events change from weekend to weekend. There is something for everyone here. Minimum age: 18

never close. They only give us more

Regardless of whether you are

Sara morén was born and grew up in Luleå and today she works as an accountant at KpmG.



"The waves rock me as I dance under the open sky." We must not forget to make the most of our beautiful, light summer nights. At Bistro Bar Brygga in Luleå, you can enjoy a nice bite to eat on the decking or pier, order a fresh summer drink in one of the boat's three bars and feel how the waves rock in time with the music. In towards the small hours of the morning, the pulse increases and Norrbotten's only dance floor on water comes to life. Set your sails for the boat this summer. See you there!

INVIT A lounge bar in a great environment with a wide selection of drinks. Walk around mingling or lean back on your chair and enjoy the music and throng of people. Minimum age: 23 BIShOpS ARmS A genuine pub that guarantees the city's widest selection of whisky and beer. A perfect start and end to a real pub crawl evening. Minimum age: 25



525 shops, 3 galleries, Luleå Homecenter and Storheden.

In Luleå we love shopping. With 10 kilometers of shops, there is something for everyone. Unique stores with Norrland influences, galleries with well-known brands and large department stores with the absolutely latest on the market as well as one of Sweden's most popular shopping areas.

1 Galleries smedjan opened in 2002 and is Norrbotten's biggest gallery. On the total of four floors, there are 33 stores, a bakery and a cafe. In 2010 the award for Swedens best mall went to Smedjan. In the strand gallery, there are 21 stores with a cafe and restaurant. In the gallery you will find shops with magnificent products for you and your home.

shoppinG – the First mall in the World. Feel the joy of shopping every day of the week. The Shopping gallery has big, well-known brand names, the city's biggest selection of shoes, a popular cafe and a gym with generous opening hours.

2 storheden and luleå homecenter You will find Northern Norrland's biggest shopping area at storheden, 8 km from Luleå city

centre. It has a wide selection and it is easy to park. Here, you can find everything from home furnishings and car accessories to fashion and foodstuffs. On the way between Storheden and the centre of Luleå lies luleå homecenter. A long thoroughfare with shops and department stores with a wide range of building materials, furnishings, gardens and cars.

3 FaVourite spots hemmaGastronomi At Hemmagastronomi in Luleå, you will find a wide range of different gastronomical options for food and drink. if you are looking for unique experiences and want to explore the innovative cuisine, you have come to the right place. At Hemmagastronomi you can take a cookery course with professional chefs and take part in experience evenings with wine, beer, brandy, whisky, chocolate or cheese sampling. In the delicatessen, you will find everything from a wide selection of cheeses and cured meats to hand-painted chocolate creams and

matured vinegars. Everything you can imagine for a fussy gourmet.

Konst och hantVerK In Luleå's biggest arts and crafts store, you will find more than just gifts – the products have a "heart". Quality, design, artistry and, of course, the store's main theme is its Norrbotten character. At Konst och Hantverk, you can discover all the beautiful things Norrbotten has to offer. The shop accepts group bookings outside normal opening hours.

lapland Wild desiGn Lapland Wild Design makes good use of each horn's unique shape and produces products according to its properties. Chandeliers, candlesticks and furnishings made of reindeer horn. In the shop you can also find reindeer horn jewellery and Swarovski crystal.

BensByns BrödButiK och caFé Stone-baked sour dough bread and homemade marmalades in flavour combinations such as cherry, almond and rum. Is your mouth starting to water? Find your way to Kungsgatan 24 and enjoy genuine foodcraft baked with care. Everything is based on organic and Krav-labelled raw ingredients.

4 Beauty and Fashion Guapo The name, Guapo, is a Spanish expression for a handsome man. The objective of the store is to offer men a wider range of grooming products and accessories through a unique store concept, a hand-picked selection and focusing on personal service. Today, Guapo is Norrland's first and biggest shop for men. diVa is a Norrland boutique focusing on Scandinavian fashion. In the boutique, you will find a nice mixture of clothing, shoes and accessories. In the carefully selected range, denim is combined with casual and fashion items. Brands like ACNE, Filippa K, Dagmar, Rodebjer and BLK DNM can be found on the hangers. mosaiK is a clothing and interior design store that makes life less grey and more colourful, that is to say, a bit more fun. In the store, you will find both ordinary and unusual items for women of various ages, styles and sizes.


A fine dinner on the sea ice

Tired of the same old dinners day after day? Feel like experiencing something with your work colleagues? If the answer is yes, it may be an idea to book in Dinner on Ice on Brändön in your calendar.


his is a three-hour long event dinner organised by Brändö Konferens in Luleå. Göran Widén is one of the owners and the brain behind Dinner

on Ice. – I thought it would be great to do something different. That no one else has done before, he says. The result was a three-course dinner out on the frozen sea with everything associated with that. The winter dinners are organised in tents out on the ice in the Gulf of Bothnia from the middle of January to the beginning of April. – Having the sea as your floor is a unique experience. It is a totally sensory experience, says Göran. Once the guests arrive on Brändön, there is a 300-metre walk out to the tent. You don't need any head torches here as cressets show the way


instead. For those who are thirsty, cold drinks await, suitably located in a hole in the ice floor. Göran tells us that conference groups and other large parties can book this experience. On benches covered in reindeer hide, the guests then eat a Norrland dinner at a prepared table. – There are linen cloths, candelabras, fine wines and food served on hot plates. The twist is that the surroundings are below freezing point. Something Göran states has received a warm reception. – The response has been really good. It is something magnificent that is not expected, especially for tourists. ❖ text

/ vanessa cicero / per pettersson


Dinner on ice What Dinner event, 3 hours. Where Brändön, 20 km north of Luleå. For Groups of between 20 and 200 persons. SeaSoN Dictated by nature, but from the middle of January to the beginning of April. PaCKaGe This is included in the price: Winter equipment, welcome ceremony with a hot drink, a naturally illuminated tent without any visible electricity, beautifully laid tables and exotic environment, three-course dinner, WC shuttle. BooK

photo: fredrik broman

The archipelago in its winter dress

– a unique experience

The red ochre Jopikgården is encircled by vast expanses clothed in winter dress. In January, the guest house at Hindersön again came to life to receive regular guests and tourists.


otta Sundling has been welcoming guests through the door since 1998. She runs Jopikgården together with Bror-Einar Johansson and their philosophy is as obvious

as it is simple: Welcome to our home. – Guests should feel that they have been taken really good care of. We ensure that by providing good food, a pleasant welcome and good service, says Lotta. The building is a Norrbotten farmyard with its

– But, of course, anyone who wants to can pop in for a coffee on weekdays too, we can always arrange that. She is used to that. Arranging things, that is. Lotta tells us that fresh, local raw ingredients are a priority. At times the meat comes from the farmer on the island while fish and whitefish roe are landed directly from Lulea's archipelago. – You could safely say that there is a momentum here at the weekends. I think that it is the overall

kernel from the 18th century. The interior fittings have

experience that attracts our guests here. In the winter,

been preserved from a bygone age and there is room

it is magical. The island is covered in pure snow and the

here for 32 overnight guests and 80 dining guests.

air is fresh. Not to mention how quiet and beautiful it

During the summer, the guests make their way to the

is out here.

island by boat. The route is the same in winter, but

For those who like it when things are happening,

with frozen water under car tyres. An eight-kilometre

there is a host of activities to choose from. Scooter

long ice road takes the cars from the harbour in

tours and dog-team trips that end in a visit to a Lap-

Lövskär to Hindersön. It is also possible to get there

lander's tent are examples.

on cross-country skis or a scooter for those who prefer that. – It is really fun for the tourists to drive their car on the ice road. That alone is a unique experience, says

– Once we get there, we eat waffles, sandwiches with homemade gravlax and drink hot chocolate. We have snow shoes we hire out and there are good ski tracks out here. Everyone should visit Jopikgården! ❖

Lotta. On weekdays, it is conference groups and other parties that visit the guest house, while coffee week-


/ vanessa cicero / fredrik broman


ends are popular for individuals.

ip oat tr Find bices at serv e lulea.s

JOPIKGÅRDEN WHERE Hindersön in Luleå archipelago WHEN Summer and winter. Cafe weekends Sat–Sun 11.00–15.00. HOW Summer: Boat from South Harbour or Lövskärs Fiskehamn. Winter: Ice road and scooter track between Lövskär and Hindersön.


ICE ROADS Once the ice has frozen in Luleå, the snow is ploughed away and about 25 kilometres of ice road are opened up in the archipelago. The ice roads are 40–45 metres wide and the ice is up to a half metre thick. This means the roads can take a load of at least 2 tonnes per 10 cm2. Between Lövskär and Hindersön and on to Storbrändön, a 16-kilometre long ice road is opened. Just like on the 10-kilometer long section between Sandön and Junkön, it is nice and easy to get there by car. The maximum weight varies depending on where you drive but the speed limit of 30 km/h is the same. It is a great feeling driving a car across the frozen water and this is a simple and easy way of getting around the archipelago in the winter. As a general rule, the ice roads are opened at the beginning of February. Depending on the weather and ice conditions, however, the date may vary from year to year. If you would rather use ice skates, skis or go on foot, you can always take a refreshing trip along the ice road around Luleå city centre. From there you can even make your way out to the island of Gråsjälören and enjoy a cup of steaming coffee at weekends. At you will find further information about Luleå's ice roads and the opening and closing hours for the season.


Summer in

the archipelago The Luleå sun is high in the sky on a beautiful July day. A cooling dip is inviting, an icy drink would be delightful and a day in the kayak wouldn't go wrong. Desires made for a day at Klubbvikens Havsbad.


es, this is how a day out on Sandön can be.

– For groups who have booked, we open when the ice melts in

– It is Luleå archipelago's most beautiful island and

May. Of course, we can organise a bit of food or a beer if a private

our own Riviera, Johan Björklund feels.

individual finds their way out that early. But none of the tour boats

He is one of the owners of the company, Brändö Kon-

come to us at that time, says Johan.

ferens & Fritidsby, which, in turn, runs Klubbviken Havsbad. There

And you don't actually need to go home because there are sev-

is something for everyone here. Restaurant, cottages, playparks,

eral cottages for rent. There is a sauna for large parties and also

guest harbour, volleyball court and rental opportunities. On the

one for the public. The latter is located at the beach.

other side of the island, the visitor will find sandy beaches stretching for kilometres.

– On Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, we also arrange musical entertainment. Everything from dance bands to various

– We rent out both kayaks and pedalos. In the restaurant, we


serve food in a pleasant atmosphere with a fantastic view.

Johan Björklund tells us how it was in the summer of 2005 when

The Lule River glistens from the restaurant that beat its visitor

the business started up. Since then, the turnover has increased

record with 450 diners

every year.

for lunch last year.

– There has been an absolutely great response. It is mostly

– Not to mention the evening sun, that is the most fantastic thing ever, says Johan.

Luleå residents and others from Norrbotten who come here, rather than tourists. Everyone from families with children to elderly

For those without their own boat, there are boat trip services available. Both M/S Stella Marina and M/S Eskil depart several

guests. Last year was a record year for us. It has been a positive journey from the outset. ❖

times a day from the South Harbour. Klubbviken is open to the public from Midsummer Day until the middle of August.


/ vanessa cicero / fredrik broman


ther For fur visit io t a n inform b b klu v

Luleå ago archipelres treasu


THE BEST BEACHES INSIDE AND OUTSIDE THE CITY GüLTzAUUddeN The bathing beach is within comfortable walking distance of Luleå city centre. It is a child-friendly and relatively shallow bathing area at the Lule River with a great sandy beach and small pier. The bathing beach is suitable for those with disabilities. In the surrounding green area with large grassy surfaces, there are also exercise tracks, parking, BBQs, a playpark and cafeteria/kiosk. There is sometimes entertainment on the outdoor stage on summer evenings. The beach volleyball court also attracts guests during the day as well as in the evenings.



TRoLLTjäRN Småskär

As the name suggests, Trolltjärn is a magical small lake next to the housing estate at Trolltjärnsvägen in Bergnäset in Luleå There is a nice inviting sandy beach at the lake. The exercise track at Bergnäset runs just beside it, so it is easy just to jump in once you have finished your circuit. There are toilets, BBQs and parking here.

NoTviKeN Find b o servic at trip es lulea.s at e

KLUNTARNA Kluntarna is the island for those with an interest in animals and nature. There is a nature information room and a long-distance footpath, Naturstigen, takes the visitor around the island. In the route description that you can buy from either the cottage hosts or Luleå tourist office, visitors are informed of things worth seeing on the island that turn up along Naturstigen. Among these are ancient remains, mazes and animal and plant life. Rambling paths and fishing villages are some of the pearls on the island. There are three cottages for rent, BBQs to enjoy and two saunas to heat yourself up in. On the western side of the island lies Storviken, where there is a 50-metre long floating stage and a pier for tour boats. The guest harbour has 30 or so spaces. Deep within Storviken lies Albården, something for those looking for an environment resembling a jungle. The bathing bay, Kråkskäret, with its own family sauna is on the northern side of the island. In the high season, there are cottage hosts on site to provide a service to cottage guests but also guided tours. The cottages are booked via or Luleå tourist office.

SmåSKäR The oldest chapel in the archipelago, which was paid for through a collection taken by Lulea residents in the 1720s, is situated here. The old stone circle outside the chapel has been preserved, a stone enclosure where the harbour court presided and decided on fines and other punishments for those who did not follow the rules on high days and working days alike. In the summer, a service was held on the island on two occasions in July. The island was donated to the townspeople by Queen Kristina in 1652 and, since then, it has been a popular fishing village. Luleå municipality is the harbour landlord and has created a track that goes around the whole of Småskär for those who like to walk. A sauna, dry toilet and BBQs are available. There are 17 spaces for guest boats along the 35-metre floating stage. 120 private cottages concentrated at Idviken, Bullerhamnsviken, Bolinsviken, Kyrkviken, Skatamarksudden and the western part of Finnskär make Småskär one of Lulea's biggest leisure islands. Despite this, a large part of the natural surroundings are still untouched and make the island a popular excursion for boat tourists from near and far. There are two cottages available for those wishing to stay overnight on the island. The cottages are booked via or Luleå tourist office.

A small sandy beach just below the housing estate in Notviken offers sun and bathing in the Lule River. From the beach, you can see the silhouette of Luleå's North Harbour with the theatre shop, cathedral and Kulturens Hus acting as familiar landmarks.

LULviKeN Lulviken offers sea bathing about 15 km from Luleå city centre on the way out to Luleå Airport. It is a shallow bathing area with long sandy beaches. Part of the beach is a designated naturist area. There are toilets and BBQs. There is a large car park just beside the bathing area.

SToRSANd Storsand consists of great sandy beaches with shallow water, which makes the bathing area very child-friendly. For those who don't want to lie about sunbathing, there is a beachvolleyball court. There are also toilets, BBQs and good parking at Storsand.

NiPoRNA Niporna in Karlsvik is a fine excursion for people of all ages. This is the beach for guests who want to avoid shallow bathing areas and enjoy fine sand between their toes. The steep sandy riverbanks (Swedish "nipor") make the location unique. The sun is here all day and if you need a break for coffee or a snack, you will find Kolarens Café nearby, at First Camp. Niporna

For further information, contact Luleå tourist office

Majorov - sets his sights high

He does three training sessions a day, is studying to be a physiotherapist at Luleå University of Technology and will be taking part in the Winter Olympics in Sochi in Russia in 2014. We are talking about figure skater Alexander Majorov.


n 19 July 1991, a boy was born in St

He is not interested in following in his father's

Petersburg, then part of the Soviet


Union and now Russia. He was given

– No, I want an ordinary job with normal lunch

the name Alexander and it would not

breaks. A job where I can leave my job at work when

be long before he visited an ice rink for the first time. With a father who was a figure skating trainer and a mother who was a choreographer, life on the ice obviously became part of his life. – I can't remember anything other than having always been on the ice, he says. The family moved to Sweden and their new home town of Luleå when he was one-year old. There, his father became a trainer at Luleå figure skating club.

I go home. That sounds good, he states. Alexander makes heavy demands on himself and what drives him on is the hunt for results. – To become better and better. My dream is to get just as far as I can. When I achieve one goal, I immediately set up a new one. I see every training session as a competition. I don't allow myself to make mistakes. The Russian attitude to sport is stricter, while the

It is not a great surprise that one of the skaters

Swedish attitude is more relaxed. It is the former

was his son Alexander. The duo have proved to be a

that has taken Alexander where he is today.

recipe for success. In 2014, the Winter Olympics in

– In Sweden, we think too much about everyone

Sochi in Russia await the 21-year old Alexander. A

being allowed to do what they want. You can't do

competition he qualified for by grabbing 18th place

that because then you get nowhere. Pushing your-

during the World Championships in March in 2013. It

self to the extreme gives you something, so why not

has, however, not always been easy having his dad

do so? You can choose to focus on the negative or

as trainer and mum as choreographer.

positive sides of hard training.

– It was pretty tiresome when I was about 15. My

He feels that it works well being a figure skater in

body wasn't behaving the way I wanted it to and I

Luleå. Even if it is a bit boring not having any direct

wasn't listening to what they told me. I have always

competition to spur him on.

been stubborn if I think I am right about something.

– It is good training-wise. We always have access

Now things are working much better and I appreci-

to time on the ice and it is close to home. Lately,

ate and take in information and advice they give me.

figure skating has also grown in Luleå, which is fun.

Alexander became one of the stars in Sweden's

It is still not very well known, but people are paying

figure-skating sky when, as first-placed Swede, he took the bronze medal during the Junior World Championships in 2011. Behind these successes are many hours of hard training. – I do two training sessions on ice a day six days a week and one physical training session a day. As if that wasn't enough, he also does jazz dancing once a week. – Otherwise you get so lazy, he laughs.

more attention now. On the other hand, he wishes that understanding

5 quickies

of the sport would increase. – Many people have the wrong idea. Many people think it is just dancing on ice. That is definitely not

Jeans or jogging pants

the case. Once I finish a freestyle programme, which

Meat or fish

is around 4:40 minutes, I am just as tired as when I

Lively in the morning

have run 10 kilometres in 38 minutes.

or a night owl

Now summer awaits and training will be rotated

That is not the end of it either. In between lacing

with rest. Then it is a straight road to the top for

Study or exercise

and unlacing his skates, lifting weights, running and

Luleå's Winter Olympics hope. ❖

Books or films

dancing – he is studying to be a physiotherapist at Luleå University of Technology. – It's fun, the medicine courses are particularly interesting. Studying is also fun since I get the time to meet my friends there. I can kill two birds with

/ vanessa cicero photo / per pettersson text

2011 3rd place Junior World Championships 2013 6th place European Championships 2013 18th place World Championships

one stone.


r o f g n i w S å e l u L

with festivals that nd! flower all-year rou

It is not all festivals that can offer the artists a sunset over the water as a backdrop, have PRO as area hosts or that are located in a city where the municipal commissioner happily dances up onto the stage and gives a speech that starts with: ”Hello music lovers” – but Musikens Makt (The Power of Music) is not any ordinary festival either.


n Facebook, film clips are being regularly uploaded

– The festival is characterised by our background in manu-

giving clues to which artists will be visiting this

facturing experiences and in the film and theatre branch, says

year's Musikens Makt [Power of Music]. In one

Elisabeth Rosenbrand.

video, Lillith Saaw is cooking gnocchi and cutting

Last year, the area was decorated with inspiration from Tim

a banana. She throws this into the bin and says: "No,

Burton. There were fires to heat yourself up at and a

that's right, no banana". As you will probably

lot of seating. During the day, visitors could try

5 tips from

be able to work out, this means that the rapper Gnučči (formerly Gnucci banana) will be playing at this year's festival. She is a typical Musikens Makt booking – fantastic but undiscovered by the great masses.

out zumba, yoga, climb on a climbing wall and jump on a bouncy castle. From the time

ElisabEth and lillith

when it began to get dark and into the

Take a picnic with you so that you can stay all day.

small hours of the morning, the artists took over from each other on the festi-

Don't forget your umbrella and rain gear – you never know.

Musikens Makt began in 2010 as

val's stages. What is new for this year is that the

Wear comfortable shoes.

an alternative to the city festivals. The initiator was BD Pop, who felt that Luleå needed a festival focusing on music

Don't miss the sunset on the beach stage (usually around 20.00).

festival will carry on for two days and Mattias Alkberg will be responsible for one

Take the whole family with you, everyone is welcome.

instead of the beer tent and alcohol sales.

an opening in the forest. The Bombettes and

Since then, the extremely picturesque Gültzau-

AC4, among others, will play on the stage.

udden has been decorated every summer with stages, artists and festival visitors of all ages. Lillith Saaw and

stage – The Potato Cellar, a tent stage up in

– It is fantastic working with Musikens Makt, which Luleå can be genuinely proud of, says Elisabeth Rosenbrand. ❖

Elisabeth Rosenbrand have been involved from the start and are responsible for the festival for the third year in a row.


/ amanda karlsson / anna hörnell


s l a iv st e f st e ic n d n a st Luleaå's be fEstival


thE fEstival in briEf



frEE Folk Musician's Rally in Gammelstad







advance booking

furthEr info

The festival consists of lectures, debates, nightclub evenings, music, performances, theatre, film, food and drink. Last year, Luleå's streets were filled with a large and colourful Pride procession which warmed the hearts of many people. This year, it will be even bigger.

WhEn: 14-16 June WEbsitE: startEd: 2012

For three days in June, Hägnan is livened up with music and dance. A place to meet up for those of you who like folk music, dance and to mix in a historical environment.

WhEn: 14-16 June WEbsitE: startEd: 1973

The Luleå Kalaset city festival has changed name and concept. This year, for the first time, Luleå's Harbour Festival is being arranged, in the middle of Luleå city centre. The festival will take place in July and offer many surprises.

WhEn: 11-13 July WEbsitE: – startEd: 2013

An outdoor festival that will take place under the Bergnäsbron bridge. The music is club-oriented and other events that will take place during the festival are a skateboarding display, round-robin ping pong and a jumble sale. Artists confirmed: LaFleur and Mayka.

WhEn: 7 July/27 July WEbsitE: startEd: 2012

Two-day music festival in August at Gültzauudden. Three stages, children's stage, activities during the day and eating-places Artists confirmed: Miriam Bryant, Labyrint, Maria Eriksson, Magnus Ekelund & Stålet and Gnučči.

WhEn: 16–17 August WEbsitE: startEd: 2010

For one day in September, the whole of Luleå is filled with cultural events of different forms. Most are free and this is a perfect occasion to discover new exciting talents and forms of culture.

WhEn: 7 September WEbsitE: startEd: 2006

Indoor festival in Kulturens Hus that takes place in March. Minus 30 grader (Minus 30 Degrees) has a wide range of music, dance, photographs, textile exhibitions and discussions. The festival is aimed at those 13 and over.

WhEn: March WEbsitE: startEd: 2008


Green Technology at Luleå University of Technology Green researchers working for a sustainable world Today, research into Green Technology involves 100 of the total of 700 researchers at Luleå University of Technology. The researchers develop technical solutions for the sustainable production of electricity as well as renewable materials and chemicals. Professor Kristiina Oksman and her research group produce bio-nano composites for use in packaging, spare parts for the body and in the automotive industry etc. The base is nanofibres from wood that are mixed with, for example, plastic. By means of a specially designed machine, the Luleå researchers spin new strong bio-nano fibres from the wood mixture.


ellulose is the most commonly occurring organic substance in nature and the basic material that Kristiina Oksman's research is based on. The cellulose is used in a number of different areas, such as the manufacture of paper, packaging, different kinds of textiles, pharmaceuticals etc. By breaking down and studying the cellulose at the nano level, the researcher can change its properties and use it in new kinds of bio-nano materials. The cellulose fibre then acts as, among other things, reinforcement in the new material. – The natural cellulose fibres are just a few millimetres long, which prevents us developing strong materials, Kristiina Oksman explains. We are trying to develop fibres that can, in principle, be any length we want and that would mean us being able to produce bio-nano composites that are extremely strong. Valuable nanomaterials from waste products Bio4Energy is a national research programme between LTU and Umeå University in cooperation with several research institutes and companies. The project mainly involves the production of biobased energy but they also work using renewable


materials from various waste products, e.g., from bioethanol production. Kristiina Oksman's research group has shown that waste products may contain a large proportion of valuable nanofibres that can be used to develop renewable biocomposite materials for various uses. Among other things, they work on developing different types of thin films intended to separate gases or act as a barrier layer in various applications. Postgraduate student Martha Herrera is working on the development of these materials, postgraduate student Saleh Hoosmand on the development of composite fibres and Doctor Yvonne Aitomäki on the process development of nanofibres and nanocomposites. Degradable packaging In an ongoing EU project (Eclipse), new bio-nano composites are being developed that are intended for use in the packaging industry. The Luleå researchers are developing the production process for these bio-nano materials. The aim is to replace plastic packagings with other materials that can be left to nature to run its course without affecting the environment.


180 900 600 professors

lecturers and researchers

Professor Kristiina Oksman and docent Aji Mathew surrounded by postgraduate students Narges Naseri, Saleh Hooshmand and Martha Herrera and research engineer Saad Ahmed Khan.

Spare parts for the human body As well as LTU, companies and universities from Colombia, Spain, Germany, Chile and Belgium are involved. The research group at LTU consists of Kristiina Oksman, docent Aji Mathew and postgraduate student Natalia Herrera. In an earlier EU project (Templant), the Luleå researchers developed ligaments and tendons made from bio-nano composites that combine cellulose and collagen, a protein that is also found in bone, skin, tendons and blood vessels. – The advantage of using collagen and cellulose is that both are compatible with the body, which leads to fewer rejections, says Kristina Oksman. The tests have shown that the ligaments work at high temperatures and in moist environments similar to the human body. Filters that purify polluted water In the NanoSelect project, which is led by her colleague Aji Mathew, cheap, effective and environmentally-friendly bio-nano filters are being developed for the purification of polluted water from industry. The new filter, which is also made from cellulose fibres has a great capacity for absorbing toxic chemicals, heavy metals and pesticides. The filter must also be able to store toxins, clean itself, be re-usable and be able to be composted without affecting the environment. In NanoSelect, the LTU researchers are working together with, among others, Imperial College in London, which is ranked as one of the world's leading universities. Prototypes of the filter are now being tested in cooperation with European companies. The first studies have been completed

and tests are showing positive results. It is expected that the bio-nano filter will be of great importance in handling polluted water, in both industrial countries and developing countries where cleaning drinking water is a central problem for the population. In addition to Aji Mathew the NanoSelect group at LTU consists of Professor Kristiina Oksman, Assistant Professor Xiaoyan Ji and postgraduate students Peng Liu and Zoheb Karim. Capturing carbon dioxide emissions In another project, researcher Xiaoyan Ji is developing a new technique for purifying gases and reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Despite all the environmental warnings, the use of fossil fuels is increasing in the production of energy and manufacture of vehicle fuels. The technology currently existing for purifying carbon dioxide emissions is expensive. Xiaoyan Ji is developing a new technique where ionic solutions are used to capture the carbon dioxide so that it remains in the solution and the rest of the gas is transported away. The research project, which is financed by the Swedish Research Council, will produce a model for a new energy-saving technology that can be

postgraduate students

LTU is Scandinavia's most northerly university and has 1,600 staff and 17,000 students over four campuses: Luleå, Piteå, Skellefteå and Kiruna. In addition to technical degree courses, there are also departments for economics and social science, health science, teacher training and music, media and theatre. The research is organised into multidisciplinary research areas. The focus is on applied research in cooperation with trade and industry. Seventy research areas have a total turnover of SEK 800 million. The research areas in which LTU is a leader are; mining technology and metallurgy, energy technology and renewable energy, information and communication technology and tribology (lubrication engineering). The research is conducted in close cooperation with companies like Shell, Ericsson, Scania, LKAB, SKF, Airbus, Volvo Aero and IBM as well as with leading international universities. Green Technology and also mining technology and metallurgy have been designated strategic area by the Government.

used on a full scale. ❖ text

/ åsa svedjeholm / per pettersson



is just a case of putting on more clothes. – I like being out in nature, picking berries, growing things in the garden, making food and walking the dog, the kind of things people do here in Sweden I am even trying downhill skiing, although it is difficult. – We keep in touch with our family in India by chatting online and through Skype. With the new technology, you can speak to each other quite often, wherever you are in the world. And then we usually travel home and meet them in July. But otherwise we live our life here. Aji prefers speaking English. She understands and reads Swedish, but since her colleagues come from different countries their day-today language is English and it is difficult to practice her Swedish every day. At home, she and her husband speak to each other in their Indian dialect. Her son understands but is better at English and really good

Aji and four-year old Sandy on a walk on Porsön.

at Swedish. There is a small Indian colony in Luleå, with about 50 or so people, most of whom are connected to the university. They meet and cele-

Her research led her from the south of India to the most northerly part of Europe

brate festivals together in order to maintain their traditions.

Aji Mathew is a docent at LTU and has been a resident of Luleå for three years. She is a colleague of Professor Kristiina Oksman and a tutor for the postgraduate students in the research group working on wood and bio-nano composites.

friends, who we meet regularly. Luleå residents are curious. At first

What kind of contact do you have with Luleå residents, do you mix with others outside work? – Of course, we have good contact with neighbours and Swedish they can be a little reserved and cautious, but later they are very open and friendly. It depends a lot on how you are yourself and whether you are open and outgoing. Then it's easier to make friends. If you are a family, it is probably also easier to create more long-term relationships. But there is a gap between Luleå and the


university. We talk about this sometimes at work. LTU is a small

the university in Grenoble. After a year there, she returned to India

Is there anything you miss?

and became a chemistry teacher. Two years later she moved to

– Actually, no. To feel at home in a new place, you need to make

Norway and a research post at the university in Trondheim where she

the most of the opportunities existing rather than missing those

stayed for two years.

that don't exist. But if there is anything I would wish for, it would be

ji Mathew was born and grew up in India but has com-

isolated world of its own that Luleå residents feel no real affinity

muted between Europe and her homeland for the last

with. In other cities I have lived in, the university has been more at

twelve years. Following her studies at university home

the centre, both geographically and mentally.

in Kerala, she was given a research post in France, at

Then she returned home again, to Bangalore where her spouse

better international air connections from Luleå, like a direct route

and son had remained during her stays in Europe. Aji worked as a

to Copenhagen's Kastrup, so you could get out into the world more

laboratory engineer there for a couple of years before Kristiina Oks-

quickly. This would be good for many of us here at LTU, for both

man, who she had worked with in Norway, got in touch and offered

work and private use. ❖

her a job at WoodTech in Skellefteå, which is part of LTU. This time her entire family accompanied her, first to Skellefteå and then on to Luleå. Now the family lives in a villa in Porsöberget,


/ jan palo / per pettersson


within walking distance of the university. Her spouse Pradeep George works at the IT company Designtech in Aurorum and her son Akhil is in ninth grade at elementary school. The family also has a dog, a Welsh Springer Spaniel. – We are very happy here in Sweden and in Luleå, says Aji. With work, colleagues, neighbours and friends, with nature and everything you can do here, even the weather, she says laughing. At home in Kerala, which is just north of the equator, the climate is the same all year round. Here in Sweden there are several seasons, so you get more variety. Of course, it can be extremely cold at times, but then it


AJI MATHEW Position: A doctor in polymer chemistry, i.e., the science of plaster. Job: Docent at Luleå University of Technology, Department of Engineering Sciences, Material Science Department. From: Kerala, which is India's most southerly province. Studied and took her doctor's degree at Mahatma Gandhi University in the city of Kerala. Family: Her spouse Pradeep George, works at the IT company Designtech and their son Akhil is in 9th grade at Montessoriskolan. Lives in: Luleå, in a villa in Porsöberget.

Streetdance isn't a fad Exiled Dance Crew is celebrating ten years as a dance group and has moved into new premises at Köpmangatan 48. The editorial team met Ann Strandberg, Klara Nordström and Sam Huczkowski to speak about how everything started, the joy of dancing and their future plans. hoW did the idea of starting up

said: "Streetdance is a fad that will soon dis-

exiLed dance creW come about?

appear!" Streetdance has actually not boomed

ann: There is nothing complicated or odd

past. It is more a case of it having developed

about it. We thought: "We like dancing –

and taken in fresh influences.

that's what we'll do". There were no streetdance groups in Luleå when we began in

What does it mean to you having

2003. We were filling an empty space.

obtained your oWn premises? Klara: It does a lot for our solidarity. It is more

so, you started as a dance

personal and we don't have to fit in with other

group, hoW Long have you been

people's times.

offering dance course?

ann: It means that we can develop our

ann: We have been doing that for five


years. Just now we have 10 instructors and

sam: It increases the joy of dancing. I've been

about 230 pupils. The challenge is finding

here every day since we got the premises.

dance instructors that are good at it and really have something to give.

What are the advantages of operating in LuLeå?

is there a great deaL of inter-

sam: It is important that we are here for all

est in street and breaKdance in

those who live here who want to dance.

LuLeå? sam: Perhaps people don't see Luleå as

What are your visions for the

a dance city but there are many people


interested in dance. We can see that

ann: We have taken things one term at a time.

when we have our shows every year. Then

There have always been instructors wanting

it is packed in the audience and backstage.

to teach and I think this will continue in the future. I think we are cultivating good dancers

a feW years ago, there Was a

all the time. ❖

streetdance boom in sWeden. is this stiLL aLive?


ann: I once had a boss who didn't want to


/ amanda karlsson / per pettersson

start any more streetdance classes, she



Hair-raising activities for those who love adventure Deep in his heart lived an entrepreneur. A man who loved interacting with people. Hungry for adventure. In order to combine his interests, Love Rynbäck decided to start up his own business.


he result was CreActive Adventure.

He tells us how it is possible to buy everything from day

– I thought I would give it six months to begin with.

activities to longer experiences lasting several days. CreActive

That was in 2001, so things have moved on, he

Adventure welcomes groups of between 2 and 800 people and


deals with accommodation, eating and equipment matters.

Love Rynbäck, who has worked in the tourism industry for

– We customise the entire package. A day may begin with us

22 years, felt that there was a lack of activities offered at

picking up the customer, taking with us scooters and clothes

the adventure companies located in Luleå. Running his own

and taking them out on a scooter safari to Brändöskär. We stop

business, he was able to tailor CreActive Adventure to his own

there for jig-fishing, food and a sauna. Then we drive them back.

vision. The company is based in Gunnarsbyn, a small village

CreActive Adventure has also created a niche for longer, tough-

beside the Råne river, but its adventures span the whole of

er scooter expeditions.

Scandinavia. Although most are in Lapland. – If the customer can't get to us, we go to them. We are very flexible. The business caters for everything from a short scooter safari to adventures on a large cruise liner. – We provide all kinds of outdoor activity. We do a great deal of white-water rafting, which is the most popular activity in the summer. Then we have an average of between 400 and 600 guests every season, with white-water rafting in the Råne and Kalix rivers. In wintertime, it is snow scooter safaris that attract many customers and it is primarily tourists and international man-

– Yes, we can drive 1,500 km a week. We do real adventures, things others don't do. Love Rynbäck ensures us that the guides possess lengthy and thorough knowledge. – We are a damned good crew. We have JAS pilots, mountain rescuers and guides with a great deal of experience. We work with our hearts and deliver what we promise. He himself is a licensed white-water guide and responsible for all expeditions. Something he does gladly. – I have really great adventures every day, but my fascination is with the people. We have very many returning customers. We make friends for life. ❖

agement teams that throw themselves into adventures. – We have many returning guests from Holland, France and Italy.

More s: ie activitetr rafting

-wa ✓ White ooter safaris sc ✓ Snow limbing ✓C alking ✓ Hill-w aks y ka a e S ✓ ams ✓ Dog te ing sh fi s rt o p ✓S


/ vanessa cicero / pier rynbäck / fredrik broman



A trip along the Råne river valley offers different experiences. Popular fishing water, rich wildlife and historic places of cultural interest reveal themselves one by one. Here, you can have great adventures in the wilderness, eat good food and sleep overnight in cabins, holiday villages or camping sites...

Fishing Sea fiShing or pike On Kängsön in Luleå's northern archipelago where the Råne river meets the Gulf of Bothnia, the visitor is offered a variety of fishing. The location is excellent for fly-fishing and spinning and particularly well-known for its pike fishing with catches of more than 10 kg not uncommon. Make use of knowledgeable guides for advice on your choice of fly and bait.

CraYfiShing Beautiful scenery surrounds the Råne river, which has one of Sweden's best stocks of Swedish crayfish. It was Agricultural Society that planted out the Swedish crayfish at the beginning of the 1950s and, nowadays, about 50,000 crayfish are caught in the Råne river every year.

Summer activities The råne pool In summer 2011, the Råne Pool was opened close to the mouth of the Råne river. There is a 25 x 10 m pool there, a slide and a pool for children. The pool is heated and a so-called "sunbath", which means that a large part of the energy comes from solar cells that run the power supply. Those visiting the Råne Pool also have changing rooms, a kiosk and large grassy areas that are superb for sunbathing and playing nearby. Admission to the outdoor pool for a swim is also free!

Winter activities

Food and conference SörbYn TuriSM & konferenS At Sörbyn Turism & Konferens, the visitor will find the restaurant, Kallkällan Here, locally-produced raw ingredients will entice you into a taste experience by means of Lapland's delicacies. Cloudberries, reindeer, char and mushrooms dominate and are supplemented by well-known classics. In order to quench the thirst, water is supplied direct from Vitträsket's underground sources. Here, working parties can mix business with pleasure in peaceful environments rotated with action-packed activities. White-water rafting, dog-team trips and scooter tours are just a few of these. There are many options and you can either have a conference during the day or choose to stay overnight. Gerdas Fårhus serves coffee by a crackling fire and, towards the evening, those who feel cold can finish off by jumping into the wood-fuelled sauna down at the Vitträsket lake.

Cultural experiences The CounTrY Shop MuSeuM In Flakaberg, visitors encounter living traditions based on the lifestyle of the forest Sami. Reindeer-keeping, the country shop museum and fishing in the Gorgim lake are just some of the experiences awaiting you. Stay in charming cottages or spend the night in a Laplander's tent next to the lake if you wish. This is the place for those who want to enjoy the silence and nature and to top off the experience with a session in the wood-fuelled sauna.

Dog TeaM Siberian Huskies take you and your friends on an action-packed dog-team trip through the Norrbotten scenery starting at Vitträsket in Sörbyn. After a trip through wetland and valleys, lunch is enjoyed over an open fire in the tent in Vildmarksgården. A package deal for those who are curious, about both nature and historical anecdotes.

For more information:

photo: kjell öberg

THE BASE FOR ONE of Europe's best big bands Luleå, London, New York and Narvik. Norrbotten

Georg and Sara Riedel based on Georg's film music

Big Band is in demand all over the world and often

for Astrid Lindgren's classics.

tours. But, thanks to the band's good reputation,

At the end of the summer, Norrbotten Big Band is

this also means that world artistes come to Norrbot-

invited to London and the Royal Albert Hall to play

ten to appear at Kulturens Hus in Luleå alongside

in a Proms concert.

what many regard as one of Europe's best big bands. Through the years, the band has worked together with many great artistes. These include the jazz singer Dee Dee Bridgewater, the trombonist Nils Landgren,

The band is one of the two professional big

Norrbotten Big Band was nominated for a Grammy in the USA a few years ago.

drummer Peter Erskine, the Esbjörn Svensson Trio and the singer Rebecka Törnqvist,

bands in Sweden and the musicians are employed full-time by the county council's Norrbottensmusiken, which also runs the youth big band, Arctic Youth Jazz Orchestra, the Norrbotten Chamber Orchestra, Norrbotten NEO, the Norrbotten Youth Symphony Orchestra and

the choir, Arctic Light. ❖

to name just a few. In March, Norrbotten Big Band toured with the queen of African music, Angelique Kidjo. This cooperation has often led to recordings and Norrbotten Big Band was actually nominated for a Grammy in the USA a few years back. Another noteworthy album has been recorded together with



/ patrik lindén / tobias åkeblom



Medical students like it in Luleå For the past couple of years, medical students from Umeå University have been able to do the last six semesters of their medical degree in Luleå, at Sunderby Hospital. At the moment, there are about 50 medical students here. There are other reasons for the students applying to come here. Compared with Umeå, there are relatively few medical students here, which means more time with tutors and patients. The hospital is also a modern county hospital with a good reputation. For students from Norrbotten, it is, of course, appreciated being able to finish their studies on home ground. The fact that Luleå is also established as a student town also means good opportunities for a social life. The hope is that the medical degree will make it easier to recruit future doctors in Luleå and Norrbotten and that students who have been here and put down roots will stay. It is also good for Luleå and Sunderby Hospital with more students and lecturers in place to atrengthen the academic environment.

Using ultrasound examinations and modern technology, paediatric cardiology specialists at Norrland's University Hospital can view ultrasound images and give advice on treatment to paediatricians at Sunderby Hospital.


provides for better care in a sparsely populated county

A relatively small population spread out over great distances

As a result of cooperation between the four most northerly county

makes special demands of the County Council to be able to pro-

councils, specialists from several different hospitals can also meet

vide equal care for all. For this reason, Norrbotten started early

by video conferencing and discuss diagnosis and treatment of

with e-health and is today at the forefront in both Sweden and in

cancer patients.

Europe. Many people from outside come here on study visits and

There are several factors behind Norrbotten coming so far in

the County Council is taking part in several European research

the area of e-health. For one thing, it has been a priority growth


area since the early 2000s. Secondly, a joint, uniform digital care

There are many examples of e-health in practice. For example,

administration system has been successfully created for the entire

parents of children born prematurely can use video conferencing

county council, which also gives nursing staff in the county's 14

equipment at home to maintain direct contact with personnel in

municipalities the opportunity to share certain information.

the neonatal ward. It increases their sense of security when they live far from the hospital. There is also a project underway in the area of what is known

In addition, it has been ensured that all care units in the county council and in the municipalities have good communications with each other and the rest of the world via fibre. There is also close

as "prescribed self-care" where diabetics and people with high-

cooperation with Luleå University of Technology, which has a

blood pressure can enter measurement values themselves at

special centre for innovations in the area of e-health.

home via the computer and, in the event of major deviations, a warning signal goes to the health centre. At several health centres, it is possible to consult a specialist in,

By actively using e-health, the quality of care increases and this means major time-savings as patients need not make so many unnecessary and often long journeys. ❖

for example, skin diseases, via a video link, who can then quickly determine whether the condition is something that can be treated


at the location or whether a referral to a specialist is necessary.


/ patrik lindén / anders alm

This shortens waiting times and decision-making channels.


Trend forecasters


Annkathrin Lundqvist and Kevin Mukuri are designers with their own brands and companies. Kevin creates his own unique style of clothing while Annkathrin runs a trend agency and scouts the world around. What is a trend to you? Kevin: A trend is something that is really in. This spring and summer, I think we will see a lot of leather and leather inspired garments on the streets. annkathrin: For me, a trend is a direction we move in, what is happening in the world and in our surroundings. We then sift that down into information that can be perceived as products or services. Trends are quite simply directions we all move in. hoW is a trend created? Kevin: Through inspiration. Last year, there was a lot of inspiration from nature, flowers and space, which meant this spreading and being in. annkathrin: A trend is created by people who are influenced by something. If it is strong enough, it often results in more people being influenced by similar things and then it becomes a trend that everyone follows. Kevin: It is like a magnet that everyone is attracted to. After a while, the magnet loses its power and then a new magnet comes along pulling in a different direction.

Where are hoW do you find inspiration in LuLeå? Kevin: I get my inspiration from many different directions. It may be through blogs or pictures I like and want to mix my own imagination with. From Luleå and Norrbotten, I get a lot of my inspiration from reindeer, leather and Sami fabrics. annkathrin: I am inspired by the Luleå winter. I am often out on the ice, basing and finding my inspiration on and from the beautiful colour changes in the sky. From my studio at Bergnäset, I have a really good view of Luleå and Bergnäsbron. What WiLL this summer's hottest trend and coLour be? Kevin: In addition to leather, I think the bomber jacket will be a hot trend. This trend is in the process of exploding just now, everyone wants a jacket. The colours I think we will see most of are red, green and black. Quite a lot of retro and strong colours. annkathrin: This year's colour is emerald green. We will probably see a lot of this since it often permeates many dif-

ferent products. We will also see a lot of softened pastel colours, white against a pale pink background and indigo. What is the trendiest thing about LuLeå? Kevin: In Luleå, we have a trendy music scene. There are a lot of innovative things going on in music. annkathrin: For me, it feels great that many young people in Luleå are daring to take responsibility for their own style. I think that is trendy and positive. We also have many creative companies working on design. This is trendy and cool bearing in mind the fact that Luleå is not a big city. ❖ text

/ elin järlström / per pettersson



Annkathrin Lundqvist started Arctic Trend five years ago and, since then, she has been offering product development and trend forecasting services. After many years in the USA, she chose to come back to her home district to share her experience and knowledge in the form of creating Sweden's most northerly trend agency.

Annkathrin's trend journey began at the San Francisco Fashion Institute in the USA. After her art course, she decided to train further to become a fashion designer and then remained in California while employed as a designer. When Annkathrin moved home to Luleå, she started up her own brand of clothes, Akenberg design, before the idea of Arctic Design was born. Today, Arctic Design is Sweden's most northerly trend agency, focusing on offering knowledge of trend forecasting and product development to other companies. This is where nature and the Arctic feature in the first instance. The design, natural colours in harmonic scales, and a great deal of the inspiration are taken from the culture and nature we live as part of up in the north. Arctic Trend's latest project can be seen at the world-famous Tree Hotel in Harads. Together with a design agency, they were commissioned to produce a new concept for the hotel's new shop and products. – It was an extremely exciting assignment where we were allowed to work from the original concept to actually being on site and building the entire shop. The interest in the Arctic niche has also opened international doors for Arctic Trend. Last year, Annkathrin had customers in places like Hong Kong. – Just now, we are right for the times up here and many people find Scandinavian themes very interesting. In the spring, Annkathrin is touring Sweden with Centeks Designpool. Together with thirteen creative designers working commercially in Norrbotten, she will be giving lectures and workshops as a forum for cooperation.


You have perhaps seen his design in the rap artist, Zacke's, music video for Minicall. Kevin Mukuri, founder of the retro and vintage brand Swääg knows how to get his name heard. Despite his young age, he has already attracted the attention of artists and clothes lovers throughout the entire country.

When Kevin was in eighth grade at senior level, he and his classmates got a new art teacher. During one lesson, the teacher showed them a website belonging to a clothes designer from Stockholm. – I remember thinking "wow", that's great! I also want to make my own clothes. Kevin's design heart had been woken to life but the question was just where to begin. At school, the teachers drew lots to decide which pupils would have woodwork or needlework. When Kevin ended up with a hammer and nail in his hands, he decided to devote some of his leisure time to taking up embroidering. Two years later, Kevin was accepted at the fashion and design upper secondary in Luleå. In second year, he decided to create something of his own and, from this, came the beginning of Swääg. – I have never been one to follow trends, I just create my own. Swääg, which stands for expressing yourself, was to become the starting point for Kevin's project work in third year. He created a collection of 20 garments, influenced by retro and vintage, which received a fantastic response and won the Best Collection of the Year award. Today, Kevin's career is moving at a quickening pace. Recently, he was tasked with designing a specially sewn jacket with reindeer hide details for the rap artist, Zacke's, release of his new album, Renhjärtat, the title of which is a play on the words Pure/reindeer hearted. A jacket that the rap artist, Timbuktu, also wore in Zacke's music video, Minicall.

In the Boston clothes store in Malmö, you will find Swääg on the hangers and, in Kevin's blog, newly designed clothes are regularly updated, ready to order. From june and forward, Kevins brand is called Belle Boy.



FRIDA AILI Frida is one of Sweden's best basketball players, born and bred in Luleå. She tells us here of memorable moments in her basketball career.

There are pictures of us throwing cakes and soaking the trainers in the shower.

Home sweet home

A proud moment

the national team

Two Fridas in national team colours

and proadventures

Frida Grahn and I have

team shirt on "home

through the years have

played together since

ground" in Södertälje

obviously led to me

we were 14. We got to

in a historic European

missing out on a lot

know each other through

Championship qualifier

that has happened on

basketball, we went to

in the summer of 2012.

my home ground over

the basketball college

That makes every

that time. Although

together, played in the

single blood, sweat and

it did not always feel

same club team and in

teardrop feel incredibly

like that, Luleå was

the national team. She is

worth it and I would

still there and even

a friend I will have with

definitely do exactly

nicer to come home to

me for the rest of my life.

the same thing all

every time. Everything

This is 2008 when we won

over again if it were

started here in Luleå,

the gold at the European

necessary to be able to

told to

a good base in Vråken

Championships, in the

experience something

amanda karlsson

BK at Tuna, then the

same photo album there

like that!


best training at the

are pictures where we


are throwing cakes and

[National Basketball

soaking the trainers in the

College] and then on to

shower. Everything we did

what was Luleå Basket

was such fun, we painted

at that time, Northland

our nails the same colour

Basket today.

as our match sweaters and

All the travelling with

had pretend tattoos of the Swedish flag.


The pride of wearing the senior national

The Sports Gala 2012

On a beach in Canada

That was a fun experience. I am not used to wearing a dress and high heels and then I had to go up onto the stage and read an explanatory statement. I was so nervous I was stammering. One of the evening's highlights was meeting Charlotte Kalla.

All the great places you get to experience and people I've met. Places I possibly would never have gone to if I had not been given the honour of playing with the Swedish national team. Here on one of the most visited beaches in Vancouver, Canada on a free afternoon.


/ frida aili


In sport, you become like a family. It is really great.

From ball pit

to play-offs At 31 years of age, he was forced to end his playing career due to a knee injury. Together with his friend, Joakim Gunler, he started up Leos Lekland shortly afterwards. He took his experiences from there with him into his current role.

When Jonas Rönnqvist took over as a trainer at Luleå Hockey

ice hockey teams. It is important for the leader to see all the

the team had missed out on the play-offs twice in three years.

individuals. Then you get better results. In sport, you win and

Over the past three years, with Rönnqvist at the rudder, the

lose together. You become like a family. It is really great. Sport is

team has been placed fourth, first and third in the premier

more extreme than the business world. In every way.

league. After the silver medal last spring, his sights are set on Lulea's first Swedish Championship gold in ice hockey since



That is perhaps not so strange when you are an ice hockey trainer in a city that is mad about ice hockey. He feels that new players coming


here usually react to this great interest. Jonas develops his point:

Luleå Hockey have decided to do something really good.

- People talk about ice hockey everywhere. Luleå Hockey is a big

- I believe in hard work and there are many people at the club who

brand that means a lot to very many people. The public always give

work really hard, says Jonas Rönnqvist with a determined look.

it all they have. That means an awful lot. The pressure from the

This determination has taken him to the NHL as a player, helped him to build up the successful company, Leos Lekland, from the

public gives us more strength. I think that the atmosphere releases endorphins in the body that help the players on the ice. ❖

bottom and led to him choosing the exposed job of ice hockey trainer. The media reports from all matches and if you don't put the


/ mats ohlsson / tomas bergman


effort in, you hear about it straight away. Ice hockey means a different kind of public life to business. Both good and bad. But I really enjoy my role. The trainer profession involves a great deal

Jonas Rönnqvist

of pressure and is very intense. You need to be able to handle

Age: 39.

this, or even be stimulated by it to manage.

Job: Head trainer for Luleå Hockey's first team squad.


Leisure time: My job takes up a lot of my time, so once I do actually get time off I try to spend time with my family.

Jonas sees great similarities between leading a company and a sports team. - It is all about getting people to become better and work together. I am convinced that it is possible to get more out of every individual, regardless of age and experience. Everyone in the group is important. That applies to both companies and

Lives in: In a villa in Bergnäset.

musical taste: It is often ridiculed by the players in the team. A lot of it is from the 80s and 90s. Best thing about Luleå: I have my family and pals here. The city is just the right size and there is a lot happening here. Greatest desire: For my family and I to continue to have a great life. It wouldn't be too bad either winning a Swedish Championship gold next season.



World record attempt When luleå residents gave the thumbs-up To mark Luleå passing the 75,000-resident mark, the residents

The fact that Luleå is passing 75,000 inhabitants in 2013 is

made an attempt at beating a world record. One Saturday in

worth giving a thumbs-up for. No sooner said than done. If you

March, we formed the world's biggest human hand on the ice in

ask Luleå residents to beat a world record, they come in their

the North Harbour.


2,493 Luleå residents filled the figure that had been outlined and waved to the photographer documenting the attempted record. The thumb has become something of a new symbol for Luleå.

The pictures of the human hand also spread quickly. The thumbs-up was shown by the Swedish and international press and spread via social media all over the world. The pictures have

It began with Facebook choosing Luleå as the location for its first

been viewed 300,000 times on Luleå Municipality's pages alone.

computer centre outside the USA. A decision that attracted the

Luleå residents' own pictures and films have been shared on

attention of news media all over the world, who also told how

Facebook and viewed in blogs and on YouTube. ❖

Facebook had chosen a location far to the north with natural cooling, renewable energy and a first-class computer network. As a gesture back to Facebook, Luleå made a Like thumb of ice and put this in the City Park. The picture of the ice thumb spread all over the world, particularly once Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg put it up on his own page. In an hour hundreds of thousands of people had seen and liked ”IcyLike in Lulea”. Of course, the human hand reflected the Like thumb but also the common Swedish "Thumbs-up".


/ jan palo / per pettersson


Next No. 2 edition 2013



A stuDENt IN LuLEå





Photographer : Per Pettersson

The heart of Northern Sweden Luleå is the heart of North Sweden with all the choices of the big city and the closeness of the small town, the University's energy and trade and industry's innovation. A real winter city with vast white expanses and a summery archipelago town that tops the sun league year after year. We are close to having 75,000 Luleå residents and still growing. That is the essence of Luleå. During the summer and autumn, we will be telling you more about Luleå's unique and best sides. The kind of thing that we can all tell visitors or those not living here yet. We call it the Original Luleå Story.

Original Luleå Story magazine. No 1 – 2013. English version.  

A magazine for those who want to discover Luleå.