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Tebow - The Day the Legend Died (Or Is It Just Beginning?)

Somehow, quarterback Tim Tebow had been getting a gigantic benefit of the doubt from Denver Broncos fans, and football followers in general, for years. But that all might have changed with Sunday’s 45-10 epic fail at the hands of the Detroit Lions. Wiser NFL observers, of course, had been predicting this moment since the Broncos made jaws hit the floor by trading up into the first round of the 2010 draft to take Tebow. Sure, he was one of the most successful players in college football history, but he also had that funky throwing motion and he played in a scheme at Florida that was perfect for his skills but wasn’t about to be adopted by any NFL offensive coordinators. And yet, despite all the giggles at Denver’s draft-day reach, despite all the predictions that Tebow would be a Te-bust, his legion of believers refused to let go of the dream that their Christian soldier would slay all the doubting dragons and return the Broncos to Super Bowl glory. Then Oct. 30 happened, with all of its wildly overthrown passes and painfully slow decision-making in the pocket. Tebow’s stat line – 18-of-39 passing for 172 yards, 56.8 passer rating, two turnovers returned for touchdowns – would have turned out worse if the Lions defenders hadn’t shown admirable restraint. But here’s why, instead of writing an epitaph for Tebow’s NFL career, you should be bracing yourself for the next blast of national Tebow-mania – the guy is relentless. Whenever the “experts” say he’s toast, he goes out and proves them wrong. When Tebow took over as a full-time starter at Florida in 2007, he was written off as a fullback masquerading as a quarterback. All he did was go out and win the Heisman Trophy. In the 2008 national championship game he was supposed to be outclassed by Oklahoma’s Sam Bradford. Instead, Tebow was the offensive star of the game. Last year he was written off as a joke before he ever got a real chance. When the Broncos finally turned to him, he posted a 100.5 passer rating in his first start and then rallied Denver from a 17-0 deficit to a victory over the Houston Texans. In his first start this season Tebow played like a white, left-handed and physically fit version of JaMarcus Russell for 55 minutes before summoning his mystical powers to lead the Broncos to an improbable overtime win. This guy is a bizarro horror-movie character. He keeps coming back time after time to kill you, only when he’s done he doesn’t go off to sharpen his hatchet or put fuel in his chainsaw – he heads to continue reading the rest of the article please, click here.

Tebow - The Day the Legend Died  

When Tebow took over as a full-time starter at Florida in 2007, he was written off as a fullback masquerading as a quarterback. All he did w...