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LEC/DEM OR HOW DO YOU SPELL FEMAPHOBIC Choreography: Gesel Mason Music: Sound score designed by Gesel Mason Dance Projects courtesy of Gesel Mason Dance Projects. Lighting Designer: Yi-Tai Chung Projection/Scenic Designer: Jon Haas Featuring Gesel Mason and Bonnie Cox with special guests from Dance Repertory Theatre: Raquel Baron, Gianina Casale, Haley Fuller, Claire Goodman, Allison Irby, Isaac Iskra, Kaitlyn Jones, D’Lonte K. Lawson, Jordyn March, Becky Nam, Oluwaseun Samuel Olayiwola, Tyrik J. Patterson, Jesus Quezada, Anna Starr, Georgina Wilson From the Choreographer Part TED Talk and deconstructed strip tease, Lec/Dem or How Do You Spell Femaphobic invites the audience to consider its gaze and navigate how labels and concepts placed upon the female body can shift from humorous and lighthearted to offensive and troubling. This performance is co-sponsored by the College of Fine Arts Diversity Committee.

PARAMODERNITIES #3 Choreography: Netta Yerushalmy Costume Designer: Jessi Rose Lowerre Lighting Designer: Yi-Tai Chung Projection/Scenic Designer: Jon Haas Cast: Camille Collins, Andrea Duong, Rasley Goode, Aminah Maddox, Morgan Mikes, Kanami Nakabayashi, Oluwaesun Samuel Olayiwola, Tabitha Pupo, Francis Rodriguez From the Choreographer Paramodernities #3 is a meditation on different tracks of modernism within and beyond the purview of dance. It is a series of dance experiments that I generated through systemically deconstructing landmark modern dance choreography. Performed alongside contributions by scholars from different fields in the humanities who situate these iconic works within the larger project of modernity, Paramodernities #3 explores foundational tenants of modern discourse such as sovereignty, race, feminism and nihilism, and includes public discussions as integral parts of each installment.


February 15-26, 2017 Oscar G. Brockett Theatre