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Ellen Agee hails from Richmond, Virginia . She transferred to UT from Virginia Commonwealth University. She should have graduated already, but as do many others, she is taking the long route. She has a major in English on the creative writing track. In addition to writing, she also enjoys creating art, especially through photography. Ellen hopes to have a career in writing, perhaps children's books, and she aspires to open a center for children focusing on art, music and drama. Matt Alexander is a senior in sculpture. He's kind of tall and works in the woodshop. Matthew Blondell is a senior in painting. Kara Borum is a third year creative writing student with a large collection of audacious hats-- partially so her friends can spot her easily in large crowds. She dreams of becoming an underpaid professor at a pretentious university and wearing corduroy patches on her elbows. She's already started to prepare for her future by way of a messy desk with poetry piled high in precarious, unorganized stacks, a must-have academic decorative scheme for any dorm room . Kelly Bryan is a 22 year old senior in media arts. She currently works for Speed magazine, the new entertain ment magazine for the Knoxville area, as a photographer and editor. She is mainly interested in portraiture and fash ion photography. She wishes to someday work in some sort of entertainment field . Beth Bucznski likes porches and cheap red wine. She

work she spends most of her time building her photography portfolio, but she also draws and paints a great deal. When she graduates she plans to get her MFA with a concentration in photography, but she's still not sure which school she wants to attend."

Lisa Krekelberg says, "I was born in a blizzard in Minnesota; my father named me when he heard Nat King Cole's "Mona Lisa" on the way to the hospital. I'm a tea -drinker-Oolong or Earl Grey with a little cream and sugar. Ben and Jerry's Brownie Batter is the best cure I know for a broken heart. I like hiking in the mountains, particularly in the autumn . Some day, I want to own an Italian villa complete with vineyards, marble fountains and rose gardens. I have beautiful handwriting, but my class notes are almost unintelligible." Lacresha McKinney is a junior in media arts. She says, "Driven by that which is greater than I, eyes wide, and still striving for completion ." Julian Rogers would prefer to use this space to talk about his painting rather than himself. He says, "Statue in the Steeple is basically about an atheist's temple within, freedom and confinement and planned spontaneity in painting."

Ben Rucker is a freshman with a love of music. He says, "I try to play the guitar as much as I can. I will be taking a drawing class next semester, and I will see if maybe I want to apply for the College of Art in the future. I also li ke to take photographs, and I hope to maybe take a class in that as welL"

is also a senior in creative writing .

Ashley Charlton is a senior with a major in English and a minor in journalism . She hopes to write for a magazine after she graduates this summer.

Norma Dycus is a media arts major with a love for large format photography. She is a local, originally from Sweetwater, TN and now lives in The Fort with her husband and daughter. You can reach her at . Adam Herrington is a 5th yea r senior at UT majoring in not much anything at all and plans to do about as much after graduating . What perils await our hero in the great big world? Will he find romance and adven ture or solitude and disappointment? Probably the latter.

Danny Scates is a senior who is working on his degree in media . He says, "so it invades me again, and I rummage through space and medium for substance to dissect and reconstruct in hopes of unmasking this unforgiving leech ... well I've never understood it myself and that's why I'll never be satisfied ... explains my motivation, my devotion, my life." Darius Antwan Stewart says, "I am deeply committed to the arts, especially the creative arts, and that is what motivates me to write. I study creative writing and literature because I have a spiritual connection to language and how it can be manipulated to exact an understanding of what it means to be human in this very complex world ." John Truex is a senior in sculpture.

Martin Jack is an English exchange student from the University of Kent in Canterbury. He is majoring in America n literature. He's 30 years of age, and has been published in the British small press, He also serves as co-editor for the University of Kent Literature Magazine 'Logos.' After he finishes his degree, he wants to do graduate work in Modern Poetry, and receive a Ph .D., to go on to teach in England or in the US. He mostly loves literature from the Modernist period in the 1920's, which is the era he wishes he had lived in, especially around the art movements happening in New York.

Stephan ie Kowal is a 21 -year-old Knoxville native. She is currently a junior at the University of Tennessee, majoring in media arts. When she's not at school or

Ashby Tyler says, "I am a Junior-ish English major, and this is my first publication . I am, indeed, married and my wife would follow me to the museum and beat my ass inside-out if I ever really cheated on her."

Eric White is 18 years old, and he's from Knoxville, TN . He's interested in life, fashion, and music-The Beatles, Nat King Cole and Frank Sinatra . Leslie Wylie is a senior in creative writing and a previous contributor to the Phoenix. Her poetry is primarily motivated by the Sunsphere, the moon and broken hearts.

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