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• • • 1n!I/~~(/f ~1Im~®»tE1Ufitl», ~fitl» m, UJJJ1!)hu/~ $ Pr'lufitl»d m'ff~11 IUfitl» ~I»~ ml(1!j)ff~l(1!j)m <@I f!fJiJ®»~l(1!j)(/f®»1 HUff~<@(/f' Here is a lifelike tableau of the human ancestor,

Homo Erectus.

Note his likeness to modern man, his upright walk, the proportion of his limbs and the alert expression of his deep-set eyes. His differences are almost comical; the diminutive stance, wide jaw,

supraorbital torus-his thick and heavy browand the odd absence of a mortgage.

I find myself imagining his weekday routine: hunting all day on the trail of mastodon, eyes gleaming the reflection of the newly mastered and deadly fire. Or kissing his wife hello after the long commute home, hoping she doesn't smell the incriminating perfume on his collar or Chardonnay on his breath.

Phoenix - Spring 2003  
Phoenix - Spring 2003  

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