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welcome The very essence of a Jewish day school education is in recognizing the uniqueness of each student – finding each child’s individual spark and helping fan those sparks into the fire of intellectual and creative exploration. At Tehiyah, each child and every family is welcome, appreciated, and respected. There is no right way to be Jewish at Tehiyah, just as there is no right kind of child. Our goal is to see each child for who s/he is, and who s/he might become.

“Tehiyah is a place where my daughter’s gifts are encouraged and her challenges are seen as opportunities for growth. She has a love for Judaism and an excitement to come to school each morning. Ultimately, what more could a parent want?” –Tehiyah Parent

Why Tehiyah? • Kehillah (Community): We promote a strong sense of community and ruach (spirit). Our families, teachers, and administrators work together to create an environment that is warm, safe, nurturing, inclusive, and welcoming. A significant aspect of our community is the diversity of religious observances; we honor all points of entry into the Jewish experience. People with secular beliefs and those with a more traditional outlook can find connections at Tehiyah. • L’midah (Lifelong Learning): We nurture the unique potential of all students and instill in them a capacity for creative thinking and an intellectual curiosity. • Menschlichkeit (Being a Good Person): We strive to raise “mensches,” creating a culture of derekh eretz (thoughtful conduct), kavod (treating each other with respect), chesed (kindness), and rachamanut (compassion). • Ruach (Connection to Judaism): We inspire our students to develop a personal connection to Jewish life and to understand and appreciate the wisdom, spiritual depth, and ethical guidance of Judaism. • Tikkun Olam (Social Responsibility): We prepare our students for responsible citizenship in the broader community, encouraging them through individual and collective action to make the world around them a more compassionate, just, and peaceful place.

“Be who you are.” ~ Dr. Seuss Viewbook_body_09_10.indd 2-3

• Yisrael (The Land of Israel): We foster an inextricable commitment to, and love for, the State of Israel, its culture, language, history, and land. We support Israel in a thoughtful way without lockstep support of any particular governmental position or political party. We support Israel by taking an unequivocal stand on its right to sovereignty, and by fostering many and varied connections to Israeli culture.

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The Tehiyah Campus Tehiyah Day School is situated on a lovely three-acre campus in the quiet El Cerrito Hills. Tehiyah’s facility boasts: • spacious light-filled classrooms • dedicated art room with a kiln and an etching press • science lab • music studio • library with a collection of over 19,000 books • kosher chef ’s kitchen • Beit Midrash (chapel) • central courtyard where the whole school gathers each morning to sing and welcome the day • two playgrounds • fully-equipped computer laboratory • outdoor basketball courts • state-of-the-art gymnasium/ multi-purpose hall When you visit Tehiyah, you’ll be able to see our student-created murals which reside on our walls as well as our enchanting Biblical garden, which blooms year round. Please call 510.233.3013 ext. 239 to schedule a personal tour of our campus – we welcome the opportunity to show you around!

Tehiyah provides a haven for exploration and inquiry. Children are exposed to the deep richness that a dual curriculum can offer – from exploring Jewish values to exploring the wonders of a butterfly emerging from its chrysalis. Children are encouraged to think independently, become compassionate, global citizens, develop an informed Jewish identity, and find the joy inherent in the learning process. Projects are developed to allow for cross-curricular study, and opportunities are created for all types of learners to show mastery of the material and engagement with the curricula. At Tehiyah, learning is not merely a classroom activity, but also an attitude toward life.

“Wonder…the root of knowledge.” ~ Abraham Joshua Heschel

“This school rejuvenated my career. I have a blast – it’s a perfect teaching situation. I have a great time every day!” –Tehiyah Eighth-Grade Humanities Teacher

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“The world is but a canvas to the imagination.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

Computers & Digital Media

Tehiyah’s fully-equipped computer laboratory provides our students with the opportunity to hone their skills in typing, basic spreadsheet use, Internet research, Web design, and a variety of creative multimedia applications, including sophisticated graphic design and video software applications. In addition to computer science instruction, students also receive regular reinforcement of computer skills through research and multimedia assignments from teachers across both the general and Judaic studies curricula. One of the year’s highlights is the Tehiyah Oscars, where middle school students present the movies they have created!

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From their earliest days at Tehiyah, our students experience the joy of creating art in all forms. The creative arts program includes musical and dramatic improvisation, writing stories for performance, creative drama games, puppet and mask work, imaginative play, storytelling, vocal performance, scene work, podcasting, and video production. A highlight of our drama program is the muchanticipated middle school play each spring and the lower school play for grades 3-5. In fact, drama enriches our entire curriculum, as teachers incorporate skits and plays across the disciplines in all grades. Our art program allows students to work in a variety of media, provides instruction in art history and the elements of design, exposure to local art resources, and opportunities to exhibit their work in the community. Music also infuses many areas of our curriculum. We start each day with song at our morning Modeh Ani assembly. Musical offerings include a middle school rock band, a middle school music ensemble, and lower school drum circles. To enhance our regular music curriculum, we offer formal after-school music instruction in a variety of instruments.

“Janet [Tehiyah’s art teacher] made me excited about what I could accomplish artistically. She was always able to see potential instead of the actual product. She saw what we were making and saw it for what it could be.” –Tehiyah Graduate 7/2/09 2:33:35 PM

Diversity at Tehiyah Day School As a Jewish community day school, Tehiyah adheres to the principle of pluralism in both Jewish and American living and respects the customs and traditions of all students. We are not affiliated with any denomination or movement, and welcome the diversity of Jewish experience and tradition.

From the moment I set foot onto the school grounds, I felt that I had found something very rare and precious – a true feeling of community. –Tehiyah Parent

We also welcome children of all cultural, religious, and economic backgrounds. Approximately 10% of our student population is of color, and we are dedicated to providing windows and mirrors for each student: windows into the experiences of other cultural realities, and mirrors of personal experience.

Every day at Tehiyah begins with the entire school community – students, faculty, and parents – gathering together in our central courtyard and greeting the day with Modeh Ani, a song of thanksgiving of life. The Tehiyah community is one of the most talked about and appreciated aspects of the school and is a large part of what makes this school so special. Our wonderful families, teachers, and administrators work together to create an environment that is warm and welcoming. However, our community is made up of more than just the people who are at school each day. It includes doting grandparents, involved alumni, special friends, and the greater Jewish community – all of whom care deeply about Tehiyah Day School and work together to make this school strong and vibrant.

Our community includes students with different learning styles as well as physical ability. All family structures, including traditional, blended, single parent, gay/lesbian, and adoptive celebrate the diversity of our population. Traditionally, approximately 40 percent of our students receive support through our generous tuition assistance program. The active participation of parents, many of whom bring an international flavor to the school, strengthens and enriches our community.

“We don’t accomplish anything in this world alone.” ~ Sandra Day O’Connor

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In order to foster our community spirit, we have regular events and holiday celebrations at which our entire community gathers for song, food, and festivity. We also come together during harder times to help support families in times of need. We are there for each other, and the relationships made at Tehiyah last long past the final day of school.

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“The real impact of Tehiyah goes far beyond the academic preparedness we have seen as the children finish the Lower School and the Middle School. ... Ultimately, our children are shaped most by the consistency between what they are taught about Jewish values in the classroom and the way these values are lived every day at school.” –Tehiyah Parent

“A good heart is better than all the heads in the world.” ~ Edward Bulwer-Lytton The Hebrew word tehiyah means renewal, a name which reflects the crucial role education plays in renewing our children’s connection to our heritage, and in renewing each generation’s commitment to tikkun olam – repair of the world we face today.

Compassion in Action At Tehiyah, children are instilled with a sense of a community; they know we have a responsibility to look after one another and to do what we can for the larger world. To this end, we have a “buddy system” in which each student is paired with a student from another grade. The older buddies serve as role models for the younger ones as they engage in projects together. In the lower school, we use a program called “Second Step,” which teaches the children conflict resolution and anger management skills. We talk about how this program mirrors, in many ways, the Jewish values of courtesy and respect. Our middle school community service curriculum takes over where Second Step leaves off – helping our older students understand the widening definitions of community and our responsibility to make the world a better place.

From the first day of kindergarten at Tehiyah Day School, every child learns about the importance of tz’dakah and serving the community. Students at all levels participate in annual drives, organized by our middle school student council, to collect items for our local community’s most needy. School-wide projects also include a yearly tree-planting event in a Bay Area watershed in celebration of the Jewish holiday of Tu b’Shvat. Seventh-graders spend an entire year learning and practicing the principle of tz’dakah, or charitable giving. And, our eighth-graders go out into the local community, volunteering in homeless shelters, soup kitchens, schools, and rescue missions. Viewbook_body_09_10.indd 10-11

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Field Trips Tehiyah students went to the following places last year: Angel Island Apple Orchard Ardenwood Historic Farm Ashland Shakespeare Festival Audubon Canyon Ranch Blake Garden Cal Performances Chabot Space and Science Center Coyote Hills Regional Park Emandal Environmental Camp “Hangtown 1851” (a.k.a. Camp Tawonga) Israel Lake Temescal Lawrence Hall of Science Lindsay Wildlife Museum Marin Headlands Marine Mammal Center Monterey Oakland Museum Oakland’s Chinatown “People Like Me” – International Dance Presentation Petaluma Adobe and Sonoma Mission San Francisco Museum of Modern Art San Francisco Symphony Slide Ranch South Berkeley Farmers Market Sunol Regional Park Tidepooling in Bolinas UC Botanical Gardens Washington, D.C. West County Landfill Recycling

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“Play is the exultation of the possible.” ~ Martin Buber

Children learn from a variety of experiences; formal classroom instruction in academic subjects is just one venue for their growth and development. So many lessons are learned outside of the classroom – on field trips, on the recess yard, and on sports teams. We take play seriously here at Tehiyah and make sure that students have opportunities to take advantage of the positive experience that these extra-curricular activities can provide. In addition to regular physical education classes for all grades, we offer an after-school athletic program in which our middle school students can participate in flag football, soccer, basketball, cross country, ultimate frisbee, and volleyball in a local independent school sports league. Sports activities for younger students are available as enrichment classes through our after-school program.

“You go on plenty of field trips and the teachers are very friendly! ... I think Tehiyah is definitely the best school to go to!” –Tehiyah Third-grader

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Tehiyah graduates are prepared both academically and emotionally for the challenges of high school. They leave with a solid understanding of the importance of Jewish values such as charity, honesty, respect, and responsibility as well as friendships and experiences that will last a lifetime. Tehiyah alumni go on to attend the finest high schools in the Bay Area and the best universities in the country. Wherever they go, they carry the love of learning, pride in their identity, and commitment to community nurtured at Tehiyah in their early school years. And they keep in touch! Alumni are on our board of trustees and are teaching in our classrooms. They serve as an integral part of the Tehiyah community.

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become “Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.” ~ Margaret Fuller “The climate of acceptance, of respect, of self-challenge, and of unconditional love for one another at Tehiyah helped me form the modern-day values and strengths that I use to make decisions in my life and my job every day. ... Investing in Tehiyah truly is investing in your child’s future.” –Tehiyah Graduate

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