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Edition 2: Spring 2013

The Houston Fill

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Welcome to the second UTSD ASDA Newsletter! With a new year upon us, there are many new events and socials for us to tell you about. As you read through the article, you will learn about the recent District Colorado Meeting and even a little about the DS1 Gross Anatomy course!

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Finally, thank you for all of the support from the staff and students at UT Houston School of Dentistry!

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Skiing and networking at the District 9 Meeting

Kelsey Edmondson A few of the ASDA officers went to Breckenridge, Colorado Feb 710 for the ASDA District 9 meeting. We met with representatives from OU, University of Colorado, UTHSC-SA, and Baylor, the other schools in D9. The weekend was full of meetings and getting to know each other, all while enjoying Breckenridge to boot. I think it’s safe to say we’ve all caught another case of ASDA Fever.

Most of the attendees arrived

mighty fine, and there are some other

Thursday evening, trickling in as flights

very busy and successful ASDA chapters

arrived and our wonderful hosts from the

in our district. Dinner Friday was

University of Colorado chauffeured us

sponsored by Heartland Dental. After

the 2 hour drive to the lodge that would

dinner, we listened to some great

serve as our weekend home. Friday

lectures by national ASDA vice presidents

morning and afternoon we were on our

Ben Youel (UIC) and Alex Barton

own to meet and ski with the other

(Virginia Commonwealth University) on

District 9 members. After getting to

developing your ASDA chapter’s brand

know several of them, I’d say D9 is

and involving your local pre-dental

The Houston Fill Spring 2013  
The Houston Fill Spring 2013  

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