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I ndian Wear for a Wedding! When a wedding is around the corner, the primary question on the mind of one and all is- what to wear? Be it the bride or the groom, or even their families; the sartorial choices are greatly debated and discussed, so that when all is taken care of, there is not a false step fashion-wise. Weddings are thus, great fashion accomplices. Not only do they give you reasons to shop, they also serve as perfect occasions when you can dress up in all the Indian wear that has been sitting pretty in your wardrobe.

Answering ‘what to wear’ is not difficult when one has to choose from Indian Wear. After all, there are choices aplenty. One may in fact, find it a lot harder deciding what not to wear! The bride especially, may have an arduous task making up her mind if it is a Lehenga or a wedding saree that she should dress up in, for her big day. With such fantastic designs available, it is indeed difficult to settle down on one thing. B ridal wear is the perfect blend of tradition and modernity. With more and more designers focusing especially on Indian Bridal Outfits, there is never a dearth of options. Also, there is always something to suit everyone’s style. There are heavily embellished traditional wedding sarees that will make one look breathtakingly beautiful, gorgeous lehenga-cholis, and even Salwar kameezes for those who prefer comfortable dressing. In the lead up to the wedding, trousseau shopping is high priority and lots of fun. It is also the perfect excuse to splurge on all the traditional Indian dresses that have been on one’s wish list. There is a distinct allure in these Indian dresses that makes one look worth a million. One can choose from a wide range of clothes ranging from designer sarees to Indian suits, which give one a glamorous look. An immensely popular trend that has emerged of late is Wedding Sarees for the bride. They seem to have pushed Lehengas and other I ndian Wear to the background. It is because a saree in itself is very graceful and lends a lot of charm to the wearer. It enhances the best features of a woman and brings out her femininity. No wonder, it has caught the imagination of designers and brides alikedesigners who work their magic in crafting lovely wedding sarees, and more and more brides opting to wear them on their special day.

To put all doubts and questions to rest while planning for an important occasion like a wedding, one can bank on the range of Indian Wear. There is something for the bride, the groom as well as their families. Who said it is not easy to please everyone?!

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